Analysis of male meiosis in five species of Indian Diplopoda Myriapoda

Achar, KP.

Caryologia 374: 373-386


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-7114
DOI: 10.1080/00087114.1984.10797715
Accession: 037835726

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A sequential study of male meiosis of 5 spp. of south Indian Diplopoda (Myriapoda), namely Cingalobolus sp., Trigoniulus sp. (Family Trigoniulidae), Carlogonus palmatus, Thyropygus sp., and T. alienus (Family Harpagophoridae) was made by the use of air drying technique. The pretreatment of mitotic and meiotic tissues with colchicine (0.05%) and hypotonic Na citrate (0.016-0.021M) and KCl (0.125-0.150M) has enabled to secure well-spread mitotic and meiotic chromosomes, which, otherwise were found to be cytologically difficult to obtain. Some significant cytological features, such as heteropycnosis, premetaphase stretching of chromosomes, nonstaining gaps in the chromosomal bivalents and ring formation by the sex-chromosomes (XY) were discussed.