Annotated list of fruit flies Diptera, Tephritidae in Santa Catarina State, Brazil Lista documentada das moscas-das-frutas Diptera, Tephritidae de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Garcia, F.R.berto Mello.; Campos, J.V.rgas.; Corseuil, E.

Biociencias 30 jun; 101: 139-148


Accession: 037848516

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The objective of this work was to document and up date the lists about Tephritidae species in Santa Catarina State. The list was based on literature review, flies collected and also in specimens deposited in several collections. A total of 62 species and two subspecies were identified, being 32 species already in the collections previous examined from Santa Catarina, Parana e Rio Grande do Sul. Anastrepha aczeli Stone, Blepharoneura poecilosoma (Schiner), Dioxyna chilensis (Macquart) and Hexachaeta socialis (Wiedemann), are new records to Santa Catarina, and Parastenopa elegans (Blanchard), and Pseudeutreta nobilis (Aczel) to Brazil. The list also includes the authors who first reported species to Santa Catarina, the main literature and the collections where the materials were kept.