Are there any adders Vipera berus in the mountainous areas of southern Westphalia, Bergisches Land and its natural surroundings? Kreuzottern Vipera berus im Suederbergland und angrenzenden Naturraeumen?

Schluepmann, M.; Geiger, A.

Zeitschrift fuer Feldherpetologie. Oktober; 92: 143-167


Accession: 037875535

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There has not been - and this beyond any doubt - any proof of locating any adders in the mountainous areas of southern Westphalia and Bergisches Land for the last 150 years. There are frequent confusions with the widely unknown species of the smooth snakes. We can definitely assume, that the particular mountainous areas of southern Westphalia have been very unsettled. In addition, the early-alleged occurrences in the Wahner Heide (near Cologne) are based on mistaken identities. However, the marginal mountainous areas of southern Westphalia and Bergisches Land in the north west have at least been partially settled before the turn of the century. Proofs have been located near Dusseldorf and Mulheim at the river Ruhr to convey an impression of occurrences near Elberfeld. The authority on snakes R. OTTO, who actually had proof of such a specimen in the lower Sauerland near Hohenlimburg in 1869 appears to be credible - according to WESTHOFF (1891, 1893) and based on the land-scape structure, which had a characteristic environment for that particular time. A first assumed certain proof around 1950 near Hohenlimburg, however, in the mountainous area of western Sauerland, based on an old proof photo, had to be clearly revised. The adder in the mountainous areas of southern Westphalia and Bergisches Land has been extinct. The Red Data Book of Northrhine-Westphalia has to be corrected accordingly.