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Arthropods and trace fossils from the Lower Devonian Emsian of the west Eifel region/Germany and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Poschmann, M.; Franke, C.

Ferrantia 46: 97-115


Accession: 037879497

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Fossil-Lagerstatten in Lower Devonian marine to nonmarine deltaic transitional facies from the Ardenno-Rhenish Massif are presented. Some fossil associations as well as morphological details of some arthropod remains are briefly described, including the scorpion like postabdomen of the eurypterid Rhenopterus diensti and the type B genital appendage of a Parahughmilleria hefteri specimen. The latter is the first eurypterid from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A centipede myriapod, the arthropod trackway Diplichnites gouldi, and the 'fish' swimming trail Undichna isp. are for the first time recorded from the Lower Devonian of the Ardenno-Rhenish Massif and the possible producers of the trace fossils are discussed.

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