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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 37967

Chapter 37967 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous., 2002:
Biodiversity in Laguna San Rafael national park, Aisen region, Chile Biodiversidad en el Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael, region de Aisen, Chile

Boettger, Klaus., 2001:
Biodiversity in a natural brook originating at a lake outflow in the northern German lowlands Unterer Schierenseebach, Schleswig-Holstein An ecologically commented preliminary inventory of animal and plant species Biodiversitet in einem naturnahen, mit einem Seeabfluss beginnenden bach des norddeutschen tieflandes Unterer Schierenseebach, Schleswig-Holstein Eine oekologisch kommentierte Zusammenstellung der bislang nachgewiesenen pflanzen- und tierarten

Fry, G.; Dramstad, W., 1997:
Biodiversity in agricultural areas - landscape-ecological perspectives Biologisk mangfold pa jordbruksmark - landskapsokologiske perspektiver

Irmler, U.; Hanssen, U.; Notzold, R.; Schroter, L., 2000:
Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes importance of landscape structure and alteration of land use Biodiversitat in der Agrarlandschaft Bedeutung von Landschaftsstrukturen und Nutzungsanderungen

Giampietro, M. .; Paoletti, M.G. .; Bukkens, S.G.F. .; Han, C. ., 1997:
Biodiversity in agriculture - for a sustainable future Selected papers from an international symposium on Biodiversity in Agriculture for a Sustainable Future, 19-21 September 1995, Beijing, PR China

Pita, M.T.; Ilharco, F.A.bano., 1998:
Biodiversity in aphids noxious, useful or indifferent? A new concept Homoptera, Aphidoidea Biodiversidade em afideos prejudicial, util ou indiferente? Novo conceito Homoptera, Aphidoidea

Kratochwil, A. ., 1999:
Biodiversity in ecosystems principles and case studies of different complexity levels

Kratochwil, Anselm., 1999:
Biodiversity in ecosystems some principles

Aagaard, K.; Baekken, T., 2002:
Biodiversity in freshwater habitats Regional assessment of rare animals and plants Biologisk mangfold i ferskvann Regional vurdering av sjeldne dyr og planter

Casco, S.L.rena; Neiff, M.; Neiff, J.J.se, 2005:
Biodiversity in rivers of the fluvial litoral Use of PULSO software Biodiversidad en rios del litoral fluvial Utilidad del software PULSO

Dudley, Joseph, P., 1996:
Biodiversity in southern Africa an overview

Degerman, E.; Johlander, A.; Sers, B.; Sjostrand, P., 1994:
Biodiversity in streams - monitored with electrofishing

Williams, WD., 2000:
Biodiversity in temporary wetlands of dryland regions

Jones, Peter, J., 1994:
Biodiversity in the Gulf of Guinea an overview

Bocharnikov, VN.; Kachur, AN.; Gluschenko, YuN., 2001:
Biodiversity in the Russian and Chinese parts of the Khanka Lake watershed

Li, Z.; Hafeeze, M., 2002:
Biodiversity in the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve of China

Murphy, D.D.; Fleishman, E.; Stine, P.A., 2004:
Biodiversity in the Sierra Nevada

Mathew, G.; Rahamathulla, VK., 1995:
Biodiversity in the Western Ghats - a study with reference to moths Lepidoptera Heterocera in the Silent Valley National Park, India

Verneaux, J., 1995:
Biodiversity in the assessment of freshwater quality

de la Guardia, E.; Angulo, J.; Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Aguilar, C.; Gonzalez-Diaz, P., 2004:
Biodiversity in the diving zone of the National Park of Punta Frances, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba Biodiversidad en la zona de buceo del Parque Nacional de Punta Frances, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Angel, MV., 1991:
Biodiversity in the oceans

Clergeau, Philippe., 1997:
Biodiversity in the urban habitat from concepts to applications Biodiversite dans le paysages urbains des concepts aux applications

L.Yide., 1995:
Biodiversity in tropical forest and its protection strategies in Hainan Island, China

Inoue, Tamiji., 1996:
Biodiversity in western Pacific and Asia and an action plan for the first phase of DIWPA

Vasantharaj David, B., 1993:
Biodiversity in whiteflies Aleyrodidae Homoptera

Riede, Klaus., 2003:
Biodiversity informatics in Germany ongoing projects and their possible contribution to the global taxonomy initiative GTI

Chapman, Arthur, D., 2001:
Biodiversity informatics, Biota/FAPESP and the future a personal view

Mawdsley, N., 1996:
Biodiversity loss and ecosystem function in tropical forests

Ghazoul, J.; Didham, R.K., 1996:
Biodiversity loss and ecosystem function in tropical forests Reply from J Ghazoul and RK Didham

Moyle, PB.; Williams, JE., 1990:
Biodiversity loss in the temperate zone decline of the native fish fauna of California

Lugo, Ariel, E., 2001:
Biodiversity management in the 21st century El manejo de la biodiversidad en el siglo XXI

Greco, S.; Giusti, M.; Salvati, E.; Cardinali, A.; Angiolillo, M.; Fabroni, F.; Canese, S., 2006:
Biodiversity monitoring along Calabrian coasts Monitoraggio della biodiversita marina in Calabria

Devai, G.; Miskolczi, M.; Olajos, P., 1998:
Biodiversity monitoring with dragonflies Odonata Biodiverzitas-monitorozas szitakotokkel Odonata

Simon, HR., 2004:
Biodiversity monitoring arthropods of an apple crown according to observations in south Hesse 1999-2002 Monitoring von Biodiversitaet Die Arthropoden einer Apfelbaumkrone nach Beobachtungen in Sued-Hessen 1999-2002

Huang Wenzhong.; L.Y.nhong.; Zhang Jianfeng.; Xiao Weiliang.; Fan Guokuan.; Jiang Haisheng., 1996:
Biodiversity of Acridoidea at Nanwan Nature Reserve, Hainan

Rodriguez, J.J.se; Ruokolainen, K.; Soini, P.; Salo, J. ., 2003:
Biodiversity of Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve, Loreto, Peru relationships between distribution, abundance and habitats La diversidad biologica de la zona reservada Allpahuayo-Mishana, Loreto, Peru relaciones entre distribucion, abundancia y habitats

Lee, HJ.; Van de Velde, J., 1999:
Biodiversity of Antarctic nematodes

Timoshkin, Oleg, A., 1997:
Biodiversity of Baikal fauna state-of-the-art preliminary analysis

Hernandez Sabourin, E.L.; Torres Zamora, S.A.; Remon Castillo, H.F., 2001:
Biodiversity of Cabo Cruz reserve Granma province, Cuba Biodiversidad de la Reserva Natural de Cabo Cruz Provincia de Granma, Cuba

Penor, J.R.; Karlin, A.A.; Heidt, G.A., 1996:
Biodiversity of Camp Joseph T Robinson Military Installation North Little Rock, Arkansas 1994-1995

Jaworska, T.; Wiacek, U., 2006:
Biodiversity of Carabidae in crop cultivations and neighbouring land Bioroznorodnosc biegaczowatych Carabidae, Coleoptera upraw zbozowych i sasiadujacego urogu

Rougon, D., 2001:
Biodiversity of Carabidae of large scale cultivations in the Centre region Biodiversite des Carabidae des grandes cultures en region Centre

Haeussermann, V., 2006:
Biodiversity of Chilean sea anemones Cnidaria Anthozoa distribution patterns and zoogeographic implications, including new records for the Fjord region

Wang, Z.; Fu, C.; Lei, G., 2002:
Biodiversity of Chinese icefishes Salangidae and their conserving strategies

Pille, L.; Blieck, A.; Cronier, C., 2004:
Biodiversity of Early Devonian vertebrates based on the study of deposits at Wiheries and Paliseul Belgium Biodiversite des vertebres eodevoniens a partir de letude des gisements de Wiheries et de Paliseul Belgique

Yan, K.; Li, J.; Liu, J., 2005:
Biodiversity of Early-Middle Ordovician acritarchs and sea level changes in South China

Coffin, J.; Matocq, A., 2004:
Biodiversity of Heteroptera Miridae from department of Vaucluse Commented inventory Hemiptera, Heteroptera Biodiversite des Heteropteres Miridae dans le departement de Vaucluse inventaire commente Hemiptera, Heteroptera

Kumagai, A.F.mi.; Graf, V., 2002:
Biodiversity of Ichneumonidae Hymenoptera and monitoring of the species of Pimplinae and Poemeniinae from Capao da Imbuia, Curitiba, Parana Biodiversidade de Ichneumonidae Hymenoptera e monitoramento das especies de Pimplinae e Poemeniinae do Capao da Imbuia, Curitiba, Parana

Anonymous., 1993:
Biodiversity of Indias wetlands

Spina, F.; Cardinale, M.; Macchio, S., 2001:
Biodiversity of Italian avifauna morphologial variability of passeriforms Part I Biodiversita dellavifauna italiana variabilita morfologica nei passeriformi Parte I

Trematerra, P.; Gentile, P., 1999:
Biodiversity of Lepidoptera Tortricidae in some mountains of central Apennine Biodiversita di Lepidoptera Tortricidae in alcuni gruppi montuosi dellAppennino centrale

Spitzer, K.; Jaros, J., 1997:
Biodiversity of Lepidoptera of Sumava/Bohemian Forest Moutains Bohemian part Czech Republic Insecta Biodiversitaet der Schmetterlinge der Sumava/Boehmerwald-Berge boehmischer Teil CZ Insecta Lepidoptera

Mauries, J.-Paul.; Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, M., 2001:
Biodiversity of Myriapoda on the Hyeres islands Porquerolles and Port-Cros, France Contribution a letude de la biodiversite des iles dHyeres Porquerolles et Port-Cros, Var Diplopodes et Chilopodes

Hasan, Syed Azhar., 2003:
Biodiversity of Pakistan status and issues

Ezcurra de Drago, I., 2004:
Biodiversity of Porifera of the Argentina Mesopotamia Biodiversidad de Porifera en el Litoral Argentino Grado de competencia con el Bivalvo invasor Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 Bivalvia, Mytilidae

Carmen Cartagena, M.; Vinolas, A.; Galante, E., 2002:
Biodiversity of Tenebrionidae Coleoptera in salt-marshes of the Iberian Peninsula Biodiversidad de tenebrionidos Coleoptera Tenebrionidae en saladares ibericos

Vides-Amonacid, R.; Ayarde, H.R.; Scrocchi, G.J.; Romero, F.; Boero, C.; Chani, J.M.ria., 1998:
Biodiversity of Tucuman and northwestern Argentina Biodiversidad de Tucuman y el noroeste Argentino Aportes de la Fundacion Miguel Lillo a su conocimiento, manejo y conservacion

Prat, N.; Munne, A.; Rieradevall, M.; Carceller, F.; Fons, J.; Chacon, G.; Ibanez, J.; Font, X.; Carmona, J.M.ria.; Romo, A., 2000:
Biodiversity of a Mediterranean stream drainage network

Bazmi, SH.; Akhtar, SMS.; Ahmad, MS.; Siddiqui, EN.; Hussain, MA., 1996:
Biodiversity of a tropical wetland of Madhubani, North Bihar

Rasiga, A.; Momeu, L.; Peterfi, S.; Kozma, A., 1999:
Biodiversity of algae of the upper and middle course of the Olt River

Baloge, Pierre-Alain., 1998:
Biodiversity of ammonite faunal assemblages in the Upper Callovian of Montreuil-Bellay Maine-et-Loire Biodiversite des spectres fauniques dammonites dans le Callovien superieur de Montreuil-Bellay Maine-et-Loire

Navas, Carlos Arturo., 2000:
Biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles in the paramo an ecophysiological view Biodiversidad de anfibios y reptiles en el paramo una vision eco-fisiologica

Barjadze, S.; Kvavadze, E., 2005 :
Biodiversity of aphids Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha in the Rv Tedzami Ravine East Georgia

Jadhav, BV.; Sathe, TV., 2006:
Biodiversity of aphids order - Hemiptera from Poona district of Western Ghats

Timms, B V.; Watts, CHS., 2003:
Biodiversity of aquatic beetles Insecta Coleoptera in the middle Paroo, arid-zone Australia

Valladares, L.F.; Vega, FJ.; Maze, RA.; Regil, JA.; Garcia-Criado, F., 2002:
Biodiversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Natural Park of Valderejo Alava implications for conservation Biodiversidad de los macroinvertebrados acuaticos del Parque Natural de Valderejo Alava implicaciones en conservacion

Rau, J.R.; Zuleta, C.; Gantz, A.; Saiz, F.; Cortes, A.; Yates, L.; Spotorno, A.E.; Couve, E., 1998:
Biodiversity of arthropods and terrestrial vertebrates of the Chiles Norte Grande Biodiversidad de artropodos y vertebrados terrestres del Norte Grande de Chile

Gappa, J.L.pez; Alonso, G.M.; Landoni, N.A., 2006:
Biodiversity of benthic Amphipoda Crustacea Peracarida in the southwest Atlantic between 35S and 56S

D.B.asi, AM.; Gai, F.; Pacciardi, L., 2003:
Biodiversity of benthic assemblages in the catini of the Meloria Shoals Biodiversita del popolamento bentonico dei catini delle Secche della Meloria

Sharma, SK.; Mudgal, LK.; Balsare, DK., 2002:
Biodiversity of benthic communities of Sirpur Lake, Indore

Kanada, S.; Fukushima, S., 1999:
Biodiversity of benthic macro-invertebrates in urban rivers and streams

Ran, J.; Liu, S.; Lin, Q.; Liu, S.; Wang, Y., 2001:
Biodiversity of birds in the Three Gorges Reservoir region of Chongqing

Huemer, P., 2004:
Biodiversity of butterflies and moths Lepidoptera at the river Etsch South Tyrol Biodiversitaet von Schmetterlingen Lepidoptera an der Etsch Suedtirol

Gonzalez, J.A.; Gayubo, S.F.; Strumia, F., 2000:
Biodiversity of chrysidid wasps in an horticultural zone from the natural region Las Arribes del Duero Salamanca Province, W-Spain Hymenoptera, Chrysididae Biodiversita dei crisididi di un ambiente orticolo del territorio Las Arribes del Duero Provincia di Salamanca, Spagna occidentale Hymenoptera, Chrysididae

Gogala, M.; Trilar, T., 2004:
Biodiversity of cicadas in Malaysia-a bioacoustic approach

Murenu, M.; Pais, A.; Mura, F.; Addis, P.; Olita, A.; Ferrari, A.; Ortu, A., 2005:
Biodiversity of coastal rocky fish fauna in two Marine Protected Areas of eastern Sardinia La biodiversita dellittiofauna costiera di substrato roccioso in due Aree Marine Protette della Sardegna orientale

Ramanujam, SN.; Lalthanzara, H.; Jha, LK., 2004:
Biodiversity of earthworms in Mizoram

Baran, E., 2001:
Biodiversity of estuarine fish faunas in West Africa

Venkateshwarlu, M.; Shanmugam, M.; Chinchana, NV., 2003:
Biodiversity of fish fauna of Mudogodu Tank, Rangenahalli

Fayaz, FA.; Angchook, T.; Qureshi, TA.; Borana, K., 2006:
Biodiversity of fish fauna of district Doda of Jammu Province J K State

Mirzaev, UT., 2000:
Biodiversity of fishes in Uzbekistan species diversity and endemism levels

Mirzaev, UT., 2001:
Biodiversity of fishes in Uzbekistan strategy of conservation of diversity of species

Chandra Das, M.; Kanta Konar, S., 1998:
Biodiversity of fishes in the river Mathabhanga-Churni in Nadia District, West Bengal

Charubhun, B.; Charubhun, N., 2000:
Biodiversity of freshwater Protozoa in Thailand

Bhide, Mangla., 2003:
Biodiversity of freshwater bivalve malaco-fauna of Damoh and Sagar Districts

Rumi, A.; Gutierrez Gregoric, D.E.; Nunez, V.; Tassara, M.P.; Martin, S.M.; Lopez Armengol, M.; Fernanda; Roche, A., 2004:
Biodiversity of freshwater mollusks in Mesopotamian Region, Argentina Biodiversidad de moluscos de agua dulce de la Region Mesopotamica, Argentina

Sharma, R.K.; Sharma, S., 2005:
Biodiversity of freshwater rotifers Rotifera, Eurotatoria from North-Eastern India

Sharma, M.S.dan.; Liyaquat, F.; Barbar, D.; Chishty, N., 2000:
Biodiversity of freshwater zooplankton in relation to heavy metal pollution

do Bomfim, D.A.; Uchoa-Fernandes, M.A.; Braganca, M.A., 2007:
Biodiversity of fruit flies Diptera, Tephritoidea in native forests and orchards in two counties of the State of Tocantins, Brazil Biodiversidade de moscas-das-frutas Diptera, Tephritoidea em matas nativas e pomares domesticos de dois municipios do Estado do Tocantins, Brasil

Uramoto, K.; Walder, J.M.; Zucchi, R.A., 2004:
Biodiversity of fruit flies of the genus Anastrepha Diptera, Tephritidae at the ESALQ-USP campus, Piracicaba, Sao Paulo Biodiversidade de moscas-das-frutas do genero Anastrepha Diptera, Tephritidae no campus da ESALQ-USP, Piracicaba, Sa Paulo

Rimsaite, J., 2004:
Biodiversity of fungus gnats Diptera, Sciaroidea excluding Sciaridae and their parasitoids Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Orthocerinae in Lithuania

Gobbi, M.; Fontaneto, D.; Guidali, F., 2004:
Biodiversity of ground arthropods in meadows with different agriculture conduction in the Adda Sud Regional Park Lombardy Biodiversita degli artropodi terrestri in prati a differente conduzione agricola nel Parco Regionale Adda Sud Lombardia

Packiajothi, D.; Thangamani, A., 2002:
Biodiversity of ichthyofauna and insect fauna of Ayyanar hill stream in western ghats of Rajapalayam Range

Proni, E.Aparecido, 2000:
Biodiversity of indigenous stingless bees Hymenoptera Apidae Meliponinae in the Tibagi River Basin, Parana State, Brazil Biodiversidade de abelhas indigenas sem ferrao Hymenoptera Apidae Meliponinae na Bacia do Rio Tibagi, Estado do Parana, Brasil

Balakrishna, P., 1993:
Biodiversity of insects

Pholpunthin, C.; Watanasit, S.; Permkan, S., 2002:
Biodiversity of insects at Ton-Nga-Chang Wildlife Sanctuary, southern Thailand

Jonaitis, V.; Ivinskis, P., 2003:
Biodiversity of insects in strict nature reserves in Lithuania

Kurzynski, J.; Mielnicka, B., 2001:
Biodiversity of landscape parks in the Beskids Outer Carpathians and its conservation Bioroznorodnosc parkow krajobrazowych Beskidow Karpaty Zewnetrzne i problemy jej ochrony

McCreadie, J.W.; Ihle, D.T.; Adler, P.H., 2005:
Biodiversity of larval damselflies and dragonflies Insecta Odonata in the lower Mobile/Tensaw Delta, Alabama

Ramachandra Rao, K., 1993:
Biodiversity of leafhoppers Homoptera Cicadellidae with reference to Khasi Hills and Western Ghats

Hamada, Y., 2005:
Biodiversity of macaques in southeast Asia

Sonoda, T.; Nakao, S.; Kunii, H., 1999:
Biodiversity of macrobenthos in Japanese brackish-water lakes

Khan, RA., 2003:
Biodiversity of macrobenthos on the intertidal flats of Sunderban Estuarine region, India

Malmquist, H.J.; Antonsson, T.; Gudbergsson, G.; Skulason, S.; Snorrason, S.S., 2000:
Biodiversity of macroinvertebrates on rocky substrate in the surf zone of Icelandic lakes

Grall, J.; Glemarec, M., 1997:
Biodiversity of maerl beds in Brittany functional approach and anthropogenic impacts Biodiversite des fonds de maerl en Bretagne approche fonctionnelle et impacts anthropiques

Harmelin, J., 2003:
Biodiversity of marine cryptic habitats of Port-Cros National Park Mediterranean, France Bryozoan assemblages of a submarine caves and undersides of stones Biodiversite des habitats cryptiques marins du parc national de Port-Cros Mediterranee, France Assemblages de bryozoaires dune grotte sous-marine et des faces inferieures de pierres

Godefroit, Pascal., 1996:
Biodiversity of marine reptiles of the Lower Jurassic of Belgium and Luxembourg Biodiversite des reptiles marins du Jurassique inferieur belgo-luxembourgeois

Godunko, R.J., 2006:
Biodiversity of mayflies Insecta Ephemeroptera in the Ukrainian section of the Tysa River basin

Coineau, N.; Albuquerque, EF.; Boulanouar, M.; Boutin, C., 1999:
Biodiversity of microcerberides crustaceans Isopoda from Morocco Biogeographic aspects Biodiversite des microcerberides crustaces isopodes du Maroc Aspects biogeographiques

Thung, D.Cong., 2001:
Biodiversity of molluscs in Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Islands

Hashizume, Kazuyoshi., 1998:
Biodiversity of morphology, ecology and life history of Crustacea

Sathe, TV.; Girhe, BE., 2002:
Biodiversity of mosquitoes in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra

Hong, J.; Yoon, S., 2004:
Biodiversity of nearshore benthic habitats in Gwangyang Bay, Korea

Manachini, B.; Landi, S.; Tomasini, V., 2005:
Biodiversity of nematofauna of oilseed rape Brassica Napusl

Solano, P. de la Rocque, S.; Reifenberg, JM.; Cuisance, D.; Duvallet, G., 1999:
Biodiversity of pathogenic trypanosomes for cattle and epidemiological importance Biodiversite des trypanosomes pathogenes pour le betail et importance en epidemiologie

Joniak, T.; Kraska, M., 2006:
Biodiversity of phytoplankton in hydrochemically different types of humic lakes in the Drawienski National Park Roznorodnosc gatunkowa fykoflory w zroznicowanych hydrochemicznie typach jezior humusowych Drawienskiego Parku Narodowego

Shaikh, N.; Yeragi, SG., 2003:
Biodiversity of plankton in Tansa River of Thane District, Maharashtra

Bohra, P.; Baqri, Q.H., 2005 :
Biodiversity of plant and soil nematodes from Andaman and Car Nicobar Islands

Sundararaju, P., 2005:
Biodiversity of plant parasitic nematodes associated with banana in northern parts of Tamil Nadu, India

Novozhilov, Y.K.; Schnittler, M.; Zemlianskaia, I.; Fefelov, K.A., 2000:
Biodiversity of plasmodial slime moulds Myxogastria measurement and interpretation

Curcic, B.P.M.; Dimitrijevic, R.N.; Curcic, S.B.M.karov, S.E.; Curcic, N.B.; Rada, T.; Ilie, V.; Guirginca, A., 2006:
Biodiversity of pseudoscorpions from the Carpathian Arc in Romania ecology and evolution of some cave-dwelling taxa

Scarbrough, AG.; Kuhar, T., 1992:
Biodiversity of robber flies Diptera Asilidae in Maryland and Delaware part 1 Subfamily Leptogastrinae

Schedl, W., 2000:
Biodiversity of sawflies Hymenoptera Symphyta in the nature reserve Ibmer Moor Upper Austria and adjacent localities species combination, host plants and significance in the ecosystem Die Biodiversitat der Pflanzenwespen Hymenoptera Symphyta des Naturschutzgebietes Ibmer Moor Oberosterreich und angrenzender Gebiete Artengarnitur, Wirstpflanzen und Bedeutung im Okosystem

Gambi, MC.; Dappiano, M.; Iannotta, A.; Esposito, A.; Zupo, V.; Buia, MC., 2002:
Biodiversity of some coastal areas of the Gulf of Naples Tyrrhenian Sea historical and actual aspects Aspetti storici ed attuali della biodiversita del benthos un esempio in alcune aree costiere del Golfo di Napoli

Casellato, S.; Sichirollo, E.; Cristofoli, A.; Masiero, L.; Soresi, S., 2005:
Biodiversity of some rocky outcrops in the Gulf of Venice Tegnue Biodiverista delle Tegnue di chioggia, zona di tutela biologica nel nord Adriatico

Manikandan, R.; Shunmugavelu, M., 2003:
Biodiversity of spider fauna in Vivekananda College campus, Tiruvedakam West, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India

Alayon Garcia, Giraldo., 1999:
Biodiversity of spiders Arachnida Araneae state of knowledge in Cuba Biodiversidad de las aranas Arachnida Araneae estado del conocimiento en Cuba

Volkmar, C.; Kreuter, T., 2006:
Biodiversity of spiders Araneae and carabid beetles Carabidae on fields in Saxony Zur Biodiversitaet von Spinnen Araneae und Laufkaefern Carabidae auf saechsischen Ackerflaechen

Bouchereau, Jean-Luc., 1997:
Biodiversity of tactics used by three Gobiidae Pisces; Teleostei Pomatoschistus minutus Pallas, 1770, P microps Kroyer, 1838, Gobius niger Linnaeus, 1758, to survive in a Mediterranean lagoon environment

Cordero-Rodriguez, Gerardo, A., 1993:
Biodiversity of terrestrial vertebrates in northern Venezuela

Acenolaza, F.G., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Argentine fluvial coast Temas de la biodiversidad del litoral fluvial Argentino

Cesar, I.I.; Armendariz, L.C.; Becerra, R.V.; Liberto, R., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Crustacea Anostraca, Notostraca, Spinicaudata, Laevicaudata, Ostracoda, Amphipoda y Brachyura Trichodactylidae of the Argentine Mesopotamia Biodiversidad de Crustacea Anostraca, Notostraca, Spinicaudata, Laevicaudata, Ostracoda, Amphipoda y Brachyura Trichodactylidae de la Mesopotamia Argentina

Grubert's, D.; Paidere, J.; Prieditis, J.; Skute, A.; Druvietis, I.; Poppels, A.; Parele, E.; Engele, L., 2005:
Biodiversity of the Daugavas floodplain lakes in south-east Latvia

Timberlake, J.; Bailey, M.; Mundy, P., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Four Corners Area Bibliography

Timberlake, J.; Childes, S., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Four Corners Area technical reviews

Andrei-Ruiz, M.-Cecile.; Villemant, C., 1999:
Biodiversity of the Ichneumonoidea Hymenoptera in the green oak forest of Fango Corsica Biodiversite des hymenopteres Ichneumonoidea de la chenaie verte du Fango Haute-Corse

Mizzan, L.; Hansen, H.; Ratti, E.; Busato, L.; Uliana, M.; Fabbri, R.; Vienna, P.; D.M.rtin, P., 2002:
Biodiversity of the Lagoon of Venice Records 1-143 Biodiversita della Laguna di Venezia Segnalazioni 1-143

Kawano, Shoichi., 1998:
Biodiversity of the Naka-ikemi wetland Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture and its significance for conservation

Kharchenko, TA., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Ponto-Caspian relic fauna in the Danube basin a review

D.B.oyer, C.; Guerra-Garcia, J.M.nuel; Takeuchi, I.; Robert, H.; Meerhaeghe, A., 2004:
Biodiversity of the Southern Ocean a catalogue of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Caprellidae and Cyamidae Crustacea Amphipoda with distribution and ecological data

Lehmann, T., 2006:
Biodiversity of the Tubulidentata over geological time

Wolff, WJ.; Dankers, N.; Dijkema, KS.; Reijnders, PJH.; Smit, CJ., 1994:
Biodiversity of the Wadden Sea Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands recent changes and future projections

Ravichandran, MS., 1998:
Biodiversity of the amphibian fauna of Tamil Nadu

Lachaud, J.-Paul.; Garcia Ballinas, J.; Alvaro., 2001:
Biodiversity of the ant fauna Ponerinae and Cerapachyinae in Mexican coffee and cocoa agroecosystems Biodiversite de la myrmecofaune Ponerinae et Cerapachyinae dans les agroecosystemes de cafe et cacao au Mexique

Nguyen Lan Hung Son., 2004:
Biodiversity of the birds in the Vanlong Wetland Nature Reserve, Ninhbinh Province Ket qua dieu tra buoc dau ve da dang sinh hoc cua cac loai chim o khu bao ton thien nhien dat ngap nuoc Van Long tinh Ninh Binh

Andrade-C., M.; Gonzalo, 2002:
Biodiversity of the butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera of Colombia Biodiversidad de la Mas Mariposas Lepidoptera Rhopalocera de Colombia

Saiz, F.; Yates, L.; Nunez, C.; Daza, M.; Varas, M.E.; Vivar, C., 2000:
Biodiversity of the canopy arthropods associated to vegetation of the north of Chile, II region Biodiversidad del complejo de artropodos asociados al follaje de la vegetacion del norte de Chile, II region

Martinez-Sanchez, A.; Marcos-Garcia, M.; Angeles; Rojo, S., 2005:
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