Section 38
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Biometrical data on a gravel pit lake population of the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha in a marginal occurrence of its area Biometrische Daten zu einer Baggersee-Population der Wandermuschel Dreissena polymorpha in Areal-Randlage

Reichholf, J.H.

Hessische Faunistische Briefe 21(2-3): 48-52


Accession: 037984617

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Biometrical Data on a Gravel Pit Lake Population of the Zebra Mussel Dreissena polymorpha in a Marginal Occurrence of its Area In a gravel pit lake near the airport of Frankfurt/Main a thriving population of the introduced Zebra Mussel was found in the summer of 2001. According to former mapping of the species' distribution in Hessia this location is in a marginal position and its rapid growth indicates mesotrophic conditions in the habitat (fig. 1). The increase of this population and its biomass development could influence the gravel pit's attractivity to water fowl and become, therefore, relevant to the bird strike risk at this topmost German airport, especially if takeoffs and landings are directed right overhead above this pit and others nearby.

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