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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38003

Chapter 38003 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Birds used in traditional medicine in Benin Oiseaux utilises en pharmacopee traditionnelle au Benin

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Birds useful and birds harmful Illustrated by T Coorgey

Ginn, PJG., 1986:
Birds using helpers at the nest

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Birds using their wings as a means of propulsion under water

Nichols, RCA., 1975:
Birds v DDT and other man-made hazards

McCaskill, L.W., 1967:
Birds v rats and red deer in New Zealand

Fuller, A.S., 1880:
Birds versus Insects

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Birds versus bats behavioral interactions at a localized food source

Brown, J., 1988:
Birds versus butterflies

Lane, F.W., 1946:
Birds versus planes

Sympson, MF., 1983:
Birds versus windows

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Birds visiting Cape York Peninsula and New Guinea

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Birds visiting a recently filled dam in Tanzania

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Birds visiting an isolated fig-tree in open landscape, Espirito Santo, Brazil Aves que visitam uma figueira isolada em ambiente aberto, Espirito Santo, Brasil

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Birds visiting oil rigs

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Birds visiting the Earith and Sutton Washes in the winters of 1940-41 and 1941-2 compared, with additional notes from the Nene Washes and the Wash

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Birds which are casual visitors to the State Reserve Obitochenskaya Kosa

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Birds which are never to be found

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Birds which are rare, anachronical or difficult to identify in Maine-et-Loire in 1998 Les oiseaux rares, anachroniques ou didentification delicate en Maine-et-Loire en 1998

Fosse, A.; Comite d'homologation departemental 49., 1999:
Birds which are rare, anachronical or of problematic identification in Maine-et-Loire in 1996 Les oiseaux rare, anachroniques ou didentification delicate en Maine-et-Loire en 1996

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Birds which build playhouses

Pfeifer, Robert., 2004:
Birds which cannot be kept - babblers Was man nicht unterbringen kann Timalien

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Birds which do not usually perch

Macpherson, A.; Holte., 1898:
Birds which nest in London

Argel-de-Oliveira, Maria Martha., 1998:
Birds which plant seeds frugivory and seed dispersal by birds Aves que plantam frugivoria e dispersao de sementes por aves

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Birds who make the rural forests

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Birds wintering in Poznan

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Birds wintering in an open agricultural landscape of the Siedlce Upland in 2002/2003 Zimowanie ptakow w otwartym krajobrazie rolniczym Wysoczyzny Siedleckiej w sezonie 2002/2003

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Birds wintering in the Vilsundi State Nature Reserve

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Birds wintering in the town of Riga

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Birds with Indian burials

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Birds with an Australian accent

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Birds with exotic relatives

de Lust, R., 1986:
Birds with ingenious plumage woodcocks

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Birds with legal protection, and birds of conservation concern

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Birds with neck bands, colour rings and wing markers - part 3

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Birds without wings

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Birds worth watching

Barnes, H.E., 1886:
Birds Nesting in Rajpootana

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Birds Nests and Eggs

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Birds beaks, legs and feet

Stasz, C.E., 1960:
Birds celestial navigation

Wait., 1932:
Birds eggs

Jourdain, F.C.R.Read, R.H., 1909:
Birds eggs from Corsica

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Birds eggs form and function

Hibbert-Ware, A., 1944:
Birds food

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Birds food in northwest Baltimore

Lorenzo, J.A.tonio.; Linares, R.; Abreu, N.J.vier., 1998:
Birds mortality by electric power lines on the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands Mortalidad de aves por tendidos electricos en la isla de Lanzarote, islas Canarias

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Birds names origin meaning

Medway, Lord., 1957:
Birds nest collecting

Johnson, A., 1979:
Birds nest soup

Medway, Lord., 1958:
Birds nesting among the Land Dyaks

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Birds nesting at Ootacamund

Whymper, S.L., 1910:
Birds nesting in Garhwal

Whymper, S.L., 1902:
Birds nesting in Kumaon

Harington, H.H., 1903:
Birds nesting in Southern Shan States of Burma

Betham, R.M., 1916:
Birds nesting round Ferozepore

Betham, R.M., 1902:
Birds nesting round Poona and elsewhere

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Birds nesting with a camera in India

Chapman, F.M., 1904:
Birds nests and eggs

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Birds nests and eggs Instructions to young ornithologists No 5

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Birds nests as a source of domestic insect pests

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Birds nests at Beechworth

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Birds nests at home

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Birds nests, eggs, and egg collecting

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Birds nests

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Birds of the Solomon Islands

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Birds orientation with homing at different distances

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Birds unusual nesting-sites

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Birds-Nesting in India A Calendar of the Breeding Seasons, and a popular Guide to the Habits and Haunts of Birds

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Birds-nesting in and around Lucknow

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Birds-nesting in and around Lucknow Additional notes taken in the season of 1896

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Birds-nesting notes from the Transvaal

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Birds-nesting on the Eastern Narra Additions and Alterations

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Birds-nesting a Handbook of Instruction in Gathering and Preserving the Nests and Eggs of Birds for the purpose of Study

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Birds, 1954-55

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Birds, BirdLife and biodiversity - BirdLife Internationals contribution to the global conservation agenda

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Birds, arboviruses, mosquitoes and man in South Africa

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Birds, bands and better broods?

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Birds, beaks, and breaks

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Birds, beasts, and fishes of the Norfolk Broadlands 2nd Ed

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Birds, berries and other fruits Mutual relationships Vogel, Beeren und andere Fruchten Eine Verbindung auf Gegeseitigkeit

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Birds, biodiversity of

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Birds, birdwatchers and the Bible

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Birds, bivalves, bogs and bathyergids

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Birds, books and money McCoys correspondence with John Gould 1857-1876

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Birds, bugs and berries Report Oxf orn

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Birds, bugs and bytes

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Birds, butterflies and land use in the Algarve

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Birds, conifers and money

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Birds, crocodiles, and perhaps? waterside safety

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Birds, dinosaurs and scientific paradigms Uccelli, dinosauri e paradigmi scientifici

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Birds, forests and conservation critical issues in Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan, India

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Birds, herbs and charcoal

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Birds, hollows and honeybees

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Birds, in Record of Bare Facts for the year 1917

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Birds, including a hybrid, new to Uganda

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Birds, including extinct species, encountered by the Malaspina expedition on Vavau, Tonga, in 1793

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Birds, mammals and reptiles of the Galapagos Islands an identification guide

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Birds, marine mammals and macrobenthic fauna around a potential gas-exploitation area at Q4 North Sea Vogels, zeezoogdieren en macrobenthos bij het zoekgebied voor gaswinning in mijnbouwvak Q4 Noordzee

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Birds, men and books A literary history of ornithology

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Birds, mice, and slaughter refuse from an Islamic mosque in Syria - a puzzling mixture at a peculiar location

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Birds, nests and eggs from Alberta

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Birds, observed and collected by De Nederlandse Spitsbergen Expeditie in west and east Spitsbergen 1967 and 1968-69; third and last part

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Birds, observed and collected by De Nederlandse Spitsbergen Expeditie in west and east Spitsbergen, 1967 and 1968-69; first part

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Birds, observed and collected by De Nederlandse Spitsbergen Expeditie in west and east Spitsbergen, 1967 and 1968-69; second part

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Birds, parasites, and disease

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Birds, plants, and macroinvertebrates as indicators of restoration success in New York marshes

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Birds, powder down and windows

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Birds, pt 3 Galliformes, Anseriformes, Pelecaniformes, Ciconiiformes, Phoenicopteriformes and Charadriiformes

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Birds, the design of studies and statistics

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Birds-and their observers

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Birds Introduction

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Birds North Sea

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Birds ethical value and the right on life

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Birds fitting in with humans

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Birdscaping the environment restoring the woodland systems of the Mt Lofty region, South Australia

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Birdsong and conservation

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Birdsong and evolution

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Birdsong and singing behavior

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Birdsong for neurobiologists

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Birdsong: from behavior to neuron

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Birdsong the acquisition of a learned motor skill

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Birdspeak - squawking or talking?

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Birdstrikes - lidt om flykollisioner - frail hinsidan

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Birdwalk at Muthaiga Golf Club, Nairobi 8 August 1985

Soper, T., 1985:

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Birdwatch 1994

Williams, Jacko., 1996:
Birdwatch 1995

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Birdwatch 2035 - the nexty fifty years

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Birdwatch Shetland

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Birdwatch around Scotland

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Birdwatch around the Emirates 13-18 October 1988 A brief report

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Birdwatch round Britain

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Birdwatcher at large

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Birdwatcher extraordinary

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Birdwatchers Britain The unique pocket guide to birdwatching walks

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Birdwatchers and the countryside

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Birdwatchers in Guyana

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Birdwatching - Snettisham Sunday 14th February

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Birdwatching and ornithology in Kazakhstan

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Birdwatching areas Caohai The Sea of Grass and Tuoda Forest, China

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Birdwatching areas Chiang Saen, northern Thailand

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Birdwatching areas Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

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Birdwatching areas Manusela National Park, Seram, Maluku, Indonesia

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Birdwatching areas Spotlight on Vietnam

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Birdwatching at Ambua Lodge

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Birdwatching at Georgetown

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Birdwatching at Loch Garten

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Birdwatching at Lochore Meadows Country Park

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Birdwatching at sea

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Birdwatching at the Danube delta Ornitoloska posmatranja u delti Dunava

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Birdwatching at the Hirsel

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Birdwatching at the Loch of Strathbeg

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Birdwatching by the disabled in WA

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Birdwatching etiquette the need for a developing philosophy

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Birdwatching event 17 May 2003 Tag plats 17 maj 2003

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Birdwatching for all seasons - Attenborough Nature Reserve

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Birdwatching highlights in Scotland 1978-1979

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Birdwatching in Alaska

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Birdwatching in Andalucia - May 1989

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Birdwatching in Ayrshire

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Birdwatching in Botswana

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Birdwatching in Brunei

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Birdwatching in Crete

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Birdwatching in Cyprus

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Birdwatching in Iceland

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Birdwatching in Inverness

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Birdwatching in Israel and adjacent areas, 1972-85

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Birdwatching in Jersey

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Birdwatching in Kent

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Birdwatching in Malawi

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Birdwatching in Mudumalai

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Birdwatching in Saudi Arabia

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Birdwatching in Sutherland

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Birdwatching in Taiwan

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Birdwatching in and around Perth

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Birdwatching in eastern Austria

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Birdwatching in south west Spain

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Birdwatching in the Algarve

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Birdwatching in the Bethsaida Valley and southern Golan Heights

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Birdwatching in the Cotswold Water Park

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Birdwatching in the Galapagos Islands

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Birdwatching in the Ivory Coast

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Birdwatching in the Mare Harbour area of East Falkland

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Birdwatching in the North Sea

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Birdwatching in the Sheffield area and the Peak district

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Birdwatching in the Sinai

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Birdwatching in the Summer Palaces of Beijing

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Birdwatching in the desert regions of Israel

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Birdwatching in the eighties - Fair Isle

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Birdwatching in the neighbourhood of the village Lipno

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Birdwatching in the seventies

Lavizzari, GB., 1988:
Birdwatching in un giardino suburbano

Abstracts., 2004:
Birdwatching itineraries The small Camargue, two steps from Modena The faunal oasis of Valli di Mortizzuolo at Mirandola Itinerari birdwatching La piccola Camargue a due passi da Modena LOasi Faunistica Valli di Mortizzuolo a Mirandola

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Birdwatching memories of Papua New Guinea

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Birdwatching on Loch Lomondside

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Birdwatching on Merseyside

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Birdwatching on Rhum

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Birdwatching on Rodrigues Island, west central Indian Ocean

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Birdwatching on a visit to Tasmania

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Birdwatching on estuaries, coast and sea

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Birdwatching on inland fresh waters

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Birdwatching on the Clyde islands

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Birdwatching on the Forth Estuary

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Birdwatching on the Gulf of Mexico

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Birdwatching on the Isle of Mull

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Birdwatching on the Kafue Flats

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Birdwatching on the Lomond Hills

da Prato, SRD., 1984:
Birdwatching on the east Lothian coast

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Birdwatching seminar, Israel

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Birdwatching sites in Nottinghamshire

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Birdwatching trip to Minsmere

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Birdwatching a backward glance

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Birdwing butterflies of the world New revised edition

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Birdwing butterflies or the genus Ornithoptera Lepidoptera Papilionidae

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Birdwing butterflies Ornithoptera

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Birdwing butterfly conservation does it have wider values?

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Birecik helps the bald ibis

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Birefringence of spermatozoa 1 Birefringence melting of squid, bull and human sperm nucleoprotein

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Birefringence signals in mammalian and frog myocardium

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Biremia ambocerca n gen, n sp, the first record of the marine isopod crustacean family Bathynataliidae from Australian waters

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Birendracoccus, a new genus for the sugarcane leaf mealybug Insecta Homoptera Coccoidea Pseudococcidae

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Birenis blandi Polychaeta Terebellidae, new genus, new species, caught by DSRV Alvin in the Tongue of the Ocean, New Providence, Bahamas

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Bireophaz, a new genus of the foraminiferal family Reophacidae

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Birgerius gen n Araneae Linyphiidae

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Birgt die Gebun denheit von gewissen Seetieren an eim bestimmte Wohnwassers ein Atmungs problem

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Birgus latro, Indias monstrous crab A study and an appeal

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Birhythmicity in a model for the cyclic AMP signalling system of the slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum

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Birkemusen i Jylland

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Birkemusen, ny for Norges fauna

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Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea cabaret als Brutvogel bei Hildesheim

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Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea cabaret als Brutvogel in Wilhelmshaven

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Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea - Brutvogel im Harz

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Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea als Brutvogel auf dem Brocken

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Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea wieder Brutvogel auf der Insel Spiekeroog

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Birth of four species of apes at Dallas Zoo

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Birth of two broods of Massasaugas

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Birth of white-tailed deer fawns

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Birth season and young of Crotalus scutulatus and Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctrix

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Birth sex ratio and infant mortality rates in captive western lowland gorillas

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Birth- and death-rate of the roe deer population in Estonia

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Birth-rate dependence of Ararat cochineal larvae from the ways of different origin eggs winter preservation

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Birth-rate in populations of Diaphanosoma brachyurum Levin and Bosmina crassicornis RE Mull in depending on nutrition sources

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Birth-season interactions of adult female Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata without newborn infants

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Birthand behavior of young copper-heads

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Birthday anniversary of Professor MVDr Karel Chroust, DrSc

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Birthday celebrations for Professor Dr Zdenek Veselovski

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Birthday symposium

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Birthplace of the eels a biological detective story

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Births and hatchings

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Births in the zoo

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Biruvilepis gen n Cestoda, Dilepididae - a new genus of cestodes from land birds of Eurasia

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Bis Messingham Nature Reserve

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Bis das Meer zum Himmel stinkt

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Bis wie weit in der historischen Zeit zuruck ist der Lowe in Griechenland nachweisbar?

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Bisalbuminaemia in the mountain tortoise Geochelone pardalis

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Bisallardiana replacing new name for Allardiana Rigout, 1994 Coleoptera, Cetoniidae Bisallardiana nom nouveau de remplacement pour Allardiana Rigout, 1994 Coleoptera, Cetoniidae

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Bisamratte Fiber zibethicus, alo Beute des Rotmilans Milvus mlvus

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Biselachista brachypterella sp n Lepidoptera, Elachistidae

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Bisexual population of Liophloeus tessulatus Mull at low altitude Liophloeus tessulatus Mull schon in geringer Hohenlage bisexuell Curcul

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