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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38004

Chapter 38004 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weinkauff, H.C., 1885:
Bissoina and Rissoa in Kusterg Conch Cab concluded

Thies, D., 1985:
Bissspuren an Seeigel-Gehausen der Gattung Echinocorys Leske, 1778 aus dem Maastrichtium von Hemmoor NW-Deutschland

Riegraf, W., 1973:
Bissspuren auf jurassischen Belemnitenrostren

Mehlmann, HJ., 1979:
Bissverletzung durch eine mittelamerikanische Vogelspinne

Gonzales, D., 1979:
Bissverletzungen durch Malpolon monspessulanus Reptilia Serpentes Colubridae

Grasshoff, M., 1979:
Bissverletzungen durch die einheimische Dornfingerspinne

Kresling, Biruta., 1998:
Bistability as a necessary condition for the deployment and stabilization of structures in nature and engineering

Jacklet, JW., 1986:
Bistability of membrane potential and anomalous rectification in neuron LP1 of Hermissenda

Kirschfeld, K., 1981:
Bistable and photostable pigments in microvillar photoreceptors

Lorenz, Felix Jr., 1995:
Bistolida owenii vasta in Tanzania

Fedoryak, VE., 1983:
Biston Lycia hirtaria in the Kustanay region

Foltin, H., 1949:
Biston Poecilopsis isabellae Harr

West, BK., 2006:
Biston betularia L ab albapicata Cockayne Lep Geometridae in Kent

Chalmers-Hunt, J.M., 1971:
Biston betularia L ab grisea Smith in Kent

Bond, K.G.M., 1977:
Biston betularia Linn ab Carbonaria Jordan and other Lepidoptera in Ireland in 1976 and 1977

Pastukhov, ES., 1985:
Biston cinerarius and measures of its control

Clarke, C., 1980:
Biston herefordi male betularia x female strataria the HBD Kettlewell 1974 hybrids, a report

Sacharov, N., 1915:
Biston hirtarius Cl und seine Bekampfung

Kuhne, E., 1907:
Biston hispularius aberr nov obscura

West, BK., 2005:
Biston strataria Hufn Lep Geometridae Melanic forms in north-west Kent

Koch, M., 1949:
Biston strataria Hufn mut melanaria

Kishida, Y.; Kawashima, Y., 1984:
Biston takeuchii Matsumura Geometridae captured at Akeno-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture

Yazaki, Mituhiko., 2000:
Biston takeuchii Matsumura Geometridae taken in Gifu Prefecture

Sato, R.; Naito, T., 1996:
Biston thoracicaria Oberthur Geometridae from Kashiwazaki in Niigata Pref

Jensen, L.P., 1922:
Biston zonarius som Skadedyr

Pastare, S., 1976:
Bisu fauna Gaujas senleja pie Siguldas

Helmdach, FF.; Ramalho, M., 1976:
Bisulcocypris algarbiensis n sp, un nouvel ostracode du Malm portugais

Mancini, G., 1937:
Bisultati scientifici delle missioni del Prof G Paoli in Somalia

Kumar, Ajith., 1998:
Biswamoyopterus biswasi Saha 1981 or Ichthyophis tricolor Annandale 1909?

Plotnikova, LF., 1978:
Bitaxia - a new genus of Foraminifera from Tithonian and Berriasian of the mountain Crimea

McKinstry, DM., 1988 :
Bite by Octopus joubini a case report

Newbery, R., 1980:
Bite by a Kalahari garter snake

Pase, H.A.; Jennings, D.T., 1978:
Bite by the spider Trachelas volutus Gertsch (Araneae: Clubionidae)

Kiltie, RA., 1982:
Bite force as a basis for niche differentiation between rain forest peccaries Tayassu tajacu and T pecari

O'Connor, C.F.; Franciscus, R.G.; Holton, N.E., 2004:
Bite force production capability and efficiency in Neandertals and modern humans

Rein, Siegfried., 1994:
Bite infractions on ceratite casts Bissverletzungen auf Ceratitensteinkernen

Florez D., E.; Ortiz, A.; Montoya, M., 2003:
Bite injuries by the banana spider Phoneutria boliviensis Aranae Ctenidae in the Uraba region, Colombia Accidentes por mordedura de la arana de las bananeras Phoneutria boliviensis Aranae Ctenidae en la region de Uraba, Colombia

Avilla, L.S.; Fernandes, R.; Ramos, D.F., 2004:
Bite marks on a crocodylomorph from the Upper Cretaceous of Brazil evidence of social behavior?

Everhart, M.J., 2005:
Bite marks on an elasmosaur Sauropterygia; Plesiosauria paddle from the Niobrara chalk Upper Cretaceous as probable evidence of feeding by the lamniform shark, Cretoxyrhina mantelli

Therrien, F.; Henderson, D.M.; Ruff, C.B., 2005:
Bite me Biomechanical models of theropod mandibles and implications for feeding behavior

Amarasekera, N.; Jayawardena, A.; Ariyaratnam, A.; Hewage, U.C.; de Silva, A., 1994:
Bite of a sea snake (Hydrophis spiralis): a case report from Sri Lanka

Meaden, C.W., 1892:
Bite of the Tarantula Mygale Spider

Mao, S.H., 1966:
Bite patterns of Taiwan venomous and non-venomous snakes

Mao, S.H., 1967:
Bite patterns of Taiwan venomous and non-venomous snakes Part 2

Tinkham, E.R., 1956:
Bite symptoms of the red-legged widow spider Latrodectus bishopi

Tichy, G.; Urbanek, E., 2004:
Bite traces of a saurian on Pinacoceras parma Mojsisovics, an ammonite from the Hallein Upper Triassic Bissspuren eines Sauriers an Pinacoceras parma Mojsisovics, ein Ammonit der Halleiner Obertrias

Husak, J.F.; Lappin, A.; Kristopher; Fox, S.F.; Lemos-Espinal, J.A., 2006:
Bite-force performance predicts dominance in male venerable collared lizards Crotaphytus antiquus

Nichol, J., 1989:
Bites stings the world of venomous animals

Parrish, H.M.; Donnell, H.D., 1967:
Bites by cottonmouths (Ancistrodon piscivorus) in the United States

Warrell, DA.; Ormerod, LD.; Davidson, NM., 1977:
Bites by puff-adder Bitis arietans in Nigeria, and value of antivenom

Szyndlar, Z., 1981:
Bites caused by the adder, Vipera berus L in Poland

Barker, DJP.; Foster, KJ., 1976:
Bites from black snakes

Barten, Stephen L., 1996:
Bites from prey

Blagodarnyi, I.A., 1956:
Bites of the karakurt symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis

Decker, C.E.; Gold, I.B., 1957:
Bithecae, gonothecae and nemato-thecae on Graptoloidea

Bartsch, D.; Tschorsnig, H.-Peter., 1996:
Bithia demotica Egger - first host record Dip, Tachinidae Bithia demotica Egger - erster Wirstfund Dip, Tachinidae

Couri, M.S., 2005:
Bithoracochaeta Stein descriptions and first records from Colombia Diptera, Muscidae, Coenosiinae

Verdcourt, B., 1951:
Bithynia alberti Smith in Lake Kivu

Gloeer, Peter., 2002:
Bithynia leachii troschelii Paasch 1842 - the eastern race of B leachii Sheppard 1823 Gastropoda Orthogastropoda Bithyniidae Bithynia leachii troschelii Paasch 1842 - die oestliche Rasse von B leachii Sheppard 1823 Gastropoda Orthogastropoda Bithyniidae

Pilsbry, H.A., 1932:
Bithynia lentaculata L in the Potomac

von Proschwitz, Ted., 1997:
Bithynia tentaculata L in Norway - a rare species on the edge of its western distribution, and some notes on the dispersal of freshwater snails Bithynia tentaculata L i Norge - en sjelden snegleart ved randen av sin vestgrense, samt litt om spredning av ferskvannssnegler

McMillan, N.F., 1948:
Bithynia tentaculata L in closed ponds

Alexandrowicz, Stefan Witold., 1999:
Bithynia tentaculata Linnaeus, 1758 as an indicator of age and deposition environment of Quaternary sediments

Falniowski, A.; Gloeer, P.; Szarowska, M., 2004:
Bithynia troschelii Paasch, 1842, a giant of unknown origin?

Huang, W.; Li, Z., 1989:

Starobogatov, Y.I.; Zatravkin, MN., 1987:
Bithynioidea Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia in the fauna of the USSR

Fransen, CHJM., 1990:
Bitias stocki, a new genus and new species of pandalid shrimp Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea in the eastern Atlantic Ocean

Cheong, WH.; Chiang, GL.; Loong, KP.; Mahadevan, S.; Samarawickrema, WA., 1988:
Biting activity cycles of some mosquitoes in the Bengkoka Peninsula, Sabah State with notes on their importance

Kawamura, G.; Ikezaki, Y., 1976:
Biting activity, both in light and in dark of Japanese mackerel, Pneumatophorus japonicus and horse mackerel, Trachurus japonicus

Krecsak, L.; Toth, T., 2005:
Biting among male steppe vipers Vipera renardi Christoph, 1861

Senthilkumar, R.; Pandian, R.; Selvaraj.; Ismail, M., 2002:
Biting and breeding behaviour of mosquitoes in Devakottai, Tamilnadu, S India

Balfour, A., 1904:
Biting and noxious insects other than mosquitoes

Wilson, L., 2001:
Biting and screaming behavior in parrots

GodziƄska, E.J.; KorczyƄska, J., 1992:
Biting behaviour as a tactic of escape in two bumblebee species with different nesting habits, Bombus terrestris L. and B. pascuorum Scopoli (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

El-Said, S.; Sobhi, A.; Gad, A., 1982:
Biting behaviour of Anopheles pharoensis and Anopheles coustani var tenebrosus in the Canal zone and Kafr el Sheikh Governorate, Egypt

Tanaka, I.; Okazawa, T.; Yamagata, Y.; Juarez, ELO. de la Roca, O., 1981:
Biting densities of anthropophilic blackflies and the distribution of their breeding sites in the onchocerciasis pilot control area in Guatemala

Marks, EN., 1988:
Biting flies of Carlisle Island

Lake, RW., 1973:
Biting flies of the Delaware salt marsh

Chen Qingwei. et al., 1988:
Biting habit of Anopheles sinensis in human populations of different blood groups

Dossou-Yovo, J.; Diarrassouba, S.; Doannio, J.; Darriet, F.; Carnevale, P., 1999:
Biting indoor cycle of Anopheles gambiae ss and malaria transmission in the Bouake area Cote dIvoire Its importance in the use of impregnated bed net Le cycle dagressivite dAnopheles gambiae ss a linterieur des maisons et la transmission du paludisme dans la region de Bouake Cote dIvoire Interet de lutilisation de la moustiquaire impregnee

Martin, Steve., 2002:
Biting is not for the birds

Zlotorzycka, J., 1956:
Biting lice Mallophaga from Corvidae of Lower Silesia

Fedorenko, IA., 1975:
Biting lice Mallophaga of Passeriformes of the Ukraine Polesye

Zhuk, EYu.; Nikolaeva, EN., 1987:
Biting lice Mallophaga of the tree and house sparrow in south-east Byelorussia

Modrzejewska, M., 1982:
Biting lice in pheasant Phasianus colchicus L in Lower Silesia

Ward, R.A., 1955:
Biting lice of the genus Saemundssonia Mallophaga Philopteridae occurring on terns

Bullmore, CC., 1983:
Biting louse infestation in cockatiel

Mordue, J.; Mordue, B., 2003:
Biting midge chemical ecology

Whelan, P.; Hayes, G.; Montgomery, B., 1997:
Biting midge surveillance in Darwin Harbour, Culicoides ornatus Diptera Ceratopogonidae abundance and dispersal

Boorman, John., 1993:
Biting midges Ceratopogonidae

Borkent, A., 1996:
Biting midges Ceratopogonidae Diptera feeding on a leatherback turtle in Costa Rica

Borkent, Art., 2000:
Biting midges Ceratopogonidae Diptera from Lower Cretaceous Lebanese amber with a discussion of the diversity and patterns found in other ambers

Henry, LG., 1974:
Biting midges Culicoides spp of coastal South Carolina

Orszagh, I.; Selnekovicova-Huckova, A., 1986:
Biting midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae at the farms in south-western Slovakia

Krzywinski, J., 1988:
Biting midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae new to the Polish fauna

Galukhoya, V.M., 1962:
Biting midges Diptera, Heleidae of Karelia

Reye, E.J., 1968:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae at Fraser Island, April-May 1967

Kitaoka, S.; Saito, K., 2003:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae caught around men in Hokkaido, Japan

Dominiak, Patrycja., 2005:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae developing in hollows and sap of various species of trees Kuczmany Diptera Ceratopogonidae rozwijajace sie w dziuplach i soku roznych gatunkow drzew

Sun, W.K.C., 1968:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae from Kinmen Quenoy

Szadziewski, R.; Schluter, T., 1992:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae from Upper Cretaceous Cenomian amber of France

Szadziewski, R.; Gwizdalska, M.; Dominiak, P., 2004:
Biting midges Diptera Ceratopogonidae new for the Polish fauna Nowe dla Polski gatunki kiczmanow Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, R., 1990:
Biting midges Insecta Diptera Ceratopogonidae from Sakhalin amber

Holbrook, Frederick R., 1996:
Biting midges and the agents they transmit

Szadziewski, R.; Grogan, W.L.; Jr., 1994:
Biting midges from Dominican amber 1 A new fossil species of Baeodasymyia Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, R.; Grogan, W.L.; Jr., 1997:
Biting midges from Dominican amber 2 Species of the tribes Heteromyiini and Palpomyiini Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, R.; Grogan, W.L.; Jr., 1998:
Biting midges from Dominican amber 3 Species of the tribes Culicoidini and Ceratopogonini Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, R.; Grogan, W.L.; Jr., 1998:
Biting midges from Dominican amber 4 Species of the tribes Dasyheleini and Forcipomyiini Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Tokunaga, M., 1940:
Biting midges from Japan and neighbouring countries, including Micronesian Islands, Manchuria, North China and Mongolia Diptera, Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, Ryszard., 1996:
Biting midges from Lower Cretaceous amber of Lebanon and Upper Cretaceous Siberian amber of Taimyr Diptera, Ceratopogonidae

Tokunaga, M., 1940:
Biting midges from the Micronesian Islands Diptera, Ceratopogonidae with biological notes by Teiso Esaki

Reye, E., 1989:
Biting midges in Queensland - twenty five years on

Paimpali, TM., 1996:
Biting midges of Kerala - a preliminary report

Orszagh, I.; Mraz, R., 1995:
Biting midges of genus Culicoides Diptera, Ceratopogonidae of the right-bank districts of Bratislava

Mraz, Radoslav., 1998:
Biting midges of the genus Atrichopogon Diptera, Ceratopogonidae of Little Carpathians Mts Pakomariky rodu Atrichopogon Diptera, Ceratopogonidae Malych Karpat

Sinha, S.; Mazumdar, A.; Das Gupta, SK.; Chaudhuri, PK., 2003:
Biting midges of the genus Bezzia Kieffer Diptera Ceratopogonidae from the coastal areas of West Bengal, India

Orszagh, Ivan., 1992:
Biting midges of the genus Culicoides Diptera, Ceratopogonidae in the environs of the Czechoslovak sector of the Danube

Orszagh, I.; Minar, J., 1986:
Biting midges of the genus Culicoides Diptera, Ceratopogonidae of south-western Bohemia Pakomariky rodu Culicoides Diptera, Ceratopogonidae juhozapadnych Ciech

Wirth, W.W.; Blanton, F.S., 1959:
Biting midges of the genus Cuticoides from Panama Diptera Heleidae

Dominiak, P.; Szadziewski, R., 2006:
Biting midges of the genus Dasyhelea Kieffer, 1911 Diptera Ceratopogonidae collected from Polish peat-bogs Kuczmany rodzaju Dasyhelea Kieffer, 1911 Diptera Ceratopogonidae z torfowisk Polski

Navai, Shahin., 1994:
Biting midges of the genus Dasyhelea from Afghanistan, with descriptions of new species Diptera, Ceratopogonidae

Szadziewski, R., 1985:
Biting midges of the genus Eohelea Petrunkevitch Insecta, Diptera, Ceratopogonidae from Baltic amber in the collection of the Museum of the Earth

Murray, MD., 1989:
Biting midges, Culicoides spp Diptera Ceratopogonidae of Tasmania

Boorman, JPT., 1975:
Biting midges Report Camberley nat Hist

Cooke, P., 1978:
Biting of human skin by species of Coccinellidae

Vanamail, P.; Ramaiah, KD., 1991:
Biting periodicity index of Culex quinquefasciatus its relationship with microfilaria periodicity in Pondicherry

Pradeep Kumar, N.; Sabesan, S.; Panicker, KN., 1989:
Biting rhythm of the vectors of Malayan filariasis, Mansonia annulifera, M uniformis M indiana in Shertallai Kerala State, India

Moon, A.E., 1943:
Biting spiders

Wheatley, B.P.; Putra, D K.; Harya., 1994:
Biting the hand that feeds you monkeys and tourists in Balinese monkey forests

Standfast, H.A., 1967:
Biting times of nine species of New Guinea Culicidae (Diptera)

Meaney, Peter., 2005:
Biting, stinging insects and other arthropods their control

Konurbaev, xCO., 1965:
Biting-midges Diptera, Heleidae of the Issyk-Kul hollow in Kirghizia

Branch, William R., 1999:
Bitis arietans peghullae Stewart 1973 Serpentes Viperidae a valid race of puff adder?

Branch, D.; Branch, W.R., 2004:
Bitis arietans Puff adder Arboreal behaviour

Phelps, T., 2006:
Bitis armata A smith, 1826 southern adder prey items

Haagner, GV., 1991:
Bitis atropos

Haagner, GV., 1990:
Bitis atropos Berg adder Reproduction and sperm retention

Haagner, G., 1987:
Bitis caudalis horned adder reproduction

Burger, M., 1992:
Bitis cornuta complex

Baard, EHW., 1990:
Bitis cornuta cornuta

Phelps, Tony., 2003:
Bitis gabonica gaboon adder unusual mortality

Slegers, H., 1996:
Bitis gabonica rhinoceros, the gaboon viper

Donovan, Paul., 2002:
Bitis gabonica, the Gaboon viper

Mertens, R., 1958:
Bitis heraldica, eine oft verkannte Otter aus Angola

van den Elzen, P., 1980:
Bitis peringueyi Boulenger

Toros, S., 1973:
Bitki patojen viruslarinin aphidlerle nakil mekanizmasi

Galle, A.; Weyer, D., 1973:
Bitraia gen nov Anthozoa Rugosa aus dem Mitteldevon der cSSR

Anonymous., 2003:
Bitta Nath Nayak 1940-2003

Tjeder, B., 1973:
Bittacidae from Burma, collected by R Malaise Mecoptera

Ansorge, J.; Schroder, F., 1999:
Bittacomorphinae Diptera Ptychopteridae from the Upper Paleocene/Lower Eocene Fur-Formation Moler of Denmark Bittacomorphinae Diptera Ptychopteridae aus der alttertiaren Fur-Formation Moler von Danemark

Byers, GW., 1983:
Bittacus banksi bitacido, bittacid, hanging fly

Chladek, F., 1985 :
Bittacus hageni Brauer, 1860 - neu fur die Tschechoslowakei Mecoptera, Bittacidae

Dobosz, R.; Hadas, T.B., 1999:
Bittacus italicus OF Muller, 1766 Mecoptera Bittacidae in Poland and in Ukraine Bittacus italicus OF Muller, 1766 Mecoptera Bittacidae w Polsce i na Ukrainie

Londt, JGH., 1981:
Bittacus livingstonei, a new species from Malawi Mecoptera Bittacidae

Klapalek, Frant., 1912:
Bittacus tipularius L-Prspevek k morfologii genitalnch segmentu

Schenkling, S.; Horn, W., 1934:
Bitte des Deutschen Entomologischen Institutes um Mitarbeit an der Herstellung einer bibliographischen Kartothek uber die gesamte entomologische Literatur der Welt ab 1864

Berghegger, H., 1971:
Bitte ofter futtern

Berghegger, H., 1971:
Bitte ofter futtern Schluss Haltung von Piranhas, Serrasalmo brandti

Altena, C.O. v R., 1956:
Bitte um Nachricht

Warnecke, G., 1925:
Bitte urn Mitarbeit an der Feststellung des Vorkommens der beidens Anaitis-Arten plagiata L und efformata Guen in Mittelecuropa Lep Geometr

Lons, H., 1906:
Bitte, die Wirbeltiere Hannovers betreffend

Lons, H., 1906:
Bitte, die Wirbeltiere Hanonvers betreffend

Heeg, J., 1954:
Bitten by Gaboon Viper

Franklin, L., 1978:
Bitten by a parrot snake, and I lived

Goddard, D.L.H., 1951:
Bitten by adder

Bond, R.M., 1947:
Bitter Cherry and Serviceberry as food for birds, p 37 Food items from Red-tailed Hawk and Marsh Hawk nests, p 84

Meyers, TR.; Eaton, B.; Short, S.; Botelho, C.; Koeneman, T.; Sparks, A.; Morado, F., 1990:
Bitter crab dinoflagellate disease overview of the causative agent and its importance and distribution in the Alaskan tanner crab Chionoecetes bairdi, C opilio fisheries

Love, D.; Thomas, R.; Moles, A., 1996:
Bitter crab hemolymph studies indications of host physiological condition

Etter, A.G., 1955:
Bitter sanctuary

Freeman, Jennifer., 2003:
Bitter sweet Sugarbirds pay the price of perfection

Kleinschmidt, O. u.; Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen, V., 1913:
Bitter v Parus salicarius submontanus form nov

Jones, W.B., 1976:
Bitterbrush-a key browse species

Urban, Jens., 2000 :
Bitterfeld amber Bitterfelder Bernstein

Perkins, LE., 1974:
Bitterling behaviour

Aquaticus., 1954:
Bitterling estab- lished in British waters

Orme, F., 1976:
Bitterling for the aquarium

Barnes, B.O.; Kanter, A.E.; Klawans, A.H., 1936:
Bitterling Ovipositor Lengthening Produced By Adrenal Extracts

Noll, F.C., 1869:
Bitterling und Malermuschel

Fiedler, W., 1992:

Nieuwenhuizen, Avan den., 1961:
Bitterlingsbarbe, Puntius titteya

Weiss, W., 1986:
Bitterlingsbarben Pflege und Zucht von Barbus titteya

Lewis, S., 1906:
Bittern Botaurus stellaris in Somerset

Kolland, Heinz., 1996:
Bittern Botaurus stellaris wintering near Hohentauern Niedere Tauern, Styrian Alps at a height of 1230 m Uberwinterung einer grossen Rohrdommel Botaurus stellaris bei Hohentauern Niedere Tauern, Steiermark

King, M., 1989 :
Bittern at Frampton Pools

Cox, S.A., 1949:
Bittern breeding in Lincolnshire

Harlow, R.C., 1913:
Bittern breeding in New Jersey

Wright, H.W., 1920:
Bittern displaying its white nuptial plumes

Evans, W., 1908:
Bittern in East Lothian

Lunn, J., 1992:
Bittern perching and adopting protective stance in a tree

Harley, B., 1983:
Bittern ringed at Leavenheath

Figelj, Jernej., 2004:
Bittern Bobnarica Botaurus stellaris

Endicott, W.E., 1869:

Buxton, A., 1951:

Vanderydt, Carlo., 2002:
Bitterns Botaurus stellaris using social tree-roosts during frosty weather Roerdompen Botaurus stellaris gebruiken gemeenscahppelijke slaapplaatsen in bomen tijdens vorstperiodes

Bonar, N.; II., 1908:
Bitterns in East Lothian

Broberg, Lars., 2002:
Bitterns in Sweden Result of state population censuses in 2000 Rordrommen i Sverige Resultat av riksinventeringen 2000

Bosch, H., 1991:
Bitterns in sand dune areas

Spalding, D.A.E., 1964:
Bitterns in the Sheffield area

Andersen, LN., 1989:
Bitterns in winter

Roy, M.; Fischer, H., 1995:
Bitterroot grizzly recovery a community-based alternative

Knoz, J.; Olejnicek, J.; Gelbic, I., 2004:
Bitting midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae in the late domestic refuse dump Svabuv Hradek near Ceske Budejovice Pakomarci Diptera, Ceratopogonidae na zrusene skladce komunalnihoodpadu Svabuv Hradek u Ceskych Budejovic

Llop, I.; Martinell, J. de Renzi, M., 1990:
Bittium reticulatum sl en comunidades fosiles y actuales 1 Aplicacion de tablas de contingencia al estudio de la abertura

Llop, I.; Martinell, J.; D.R.nzi, M., 1991:
Bittium reticulatum sl in fossil and recent communities 2 growth study allometry and isometry Bittium reticulatum sl en comunidades fosiles y actuales 2 estudio del crecimiento alometria e isometria

D.A.geli, A.; Garassino, A., 2003:
Bittnerilia, new genus for Lambrus eocaenus Bittner, 1883 Decapoda, Brachyura, Calappidae from the Middle Eocene of Veneto N Italy

Cushman, J.A., 1935:
Bitubulogenerina howei, a new species from the lower oligocono

Doguzhaeva, L.A.; Mutvei, H.; Summesberger, H.; Dunca, E., 2004:
Bituminous soft body tissues in the body chamber of the Late Triassic ceratitid Austrotrachyceras from the Austrian Alps

Froesch, P., 1967:
Bitus nasicornus, ein Problem-Pflegling?

Murai, E.; Sulgostowska, T., 1983:
Biuterina cordifera sp n Cestoda Paruterinoidea from Sylviinae Aves Passeriformes in Hungary

Lutaenko, KA., 2003:
Bivale molluscan fauna of Amursky Bay Sea of Japan/east Sea and adjacent areas Part 2 Families Trapezidae-Periplomatidae Ecological and biogeographical characteristics of the fauna

Allen, P.E.; Bushway, L.; Confer, J.L.; Cruso, W.; Fisher, J., 1993:
Bivalent singing by a blue-winged warbler

Cooper, K.W., 1941:
Bivalent Structure in the Fly, Melophagus Ovinus L. (Pupipara, Hippoboscidae)

Colombera, D.; Tagliaferri, F.; Ferrari, C., 1985:
Bivalenti spermatocitari e cromosomi spermatogoniali in Dentalium vulgare Scaphopoda, Mollusca

Xu, Fengshan., 1997:
Bivalve Mollusca of China Seas

Skarlato, O.A., 1960:
Bivalve Mollusca of the Far Eastern Seas of the USSR Order Dysodonta

Filatova, Z.A., 1959:
Bivalve Molluscs of the abyssal zone of the North Western Pacific

Novozilov, N.I., 1953:
Bivalve Phyllopoda of the Devonian of Kursk Province

Novozhilov, N.I., 1954:
Bivalve Phyllopods belonging to the family Leaiidae from coal deposits of Kazakh-Stan

Nevesskaya, LA.; Ilina, LB., 1983:
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Black Duck nesting in old nest of Eagle-hawk

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Black Ducks as ice breakers

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Black Grouse ? Tetrao tetrix

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Black Mesa Excursion

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Black Red-starts in the London area in the summer of 1945

Fitter, R.S.R., 1947:
Black Red-starts in the London area in the summer of 1946

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