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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38005

Chapter 38005 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Currie, P.W.F., 1949:
Black Red-starts in the London area, 1948

Wadley, N.J.P., 1950:
Black Red-starts in the London area, 1950-1951

Bryant, C.H., 1900:
Black Redstart Ruticilla titis at Brighton in December

Clarke, W.; EAGLE., 1905:
Black Redstart Ruticilla titys and other rare birds at the Flannan Islands

Pickard-cambridge, O., 1903:
Black Redstart Ruticilla titys in Dorsetshire

Sim, G., 1900:
Black Redstart at Aberdeen

Marchant, S., 1938:
Black Redstart breeding in an eastern County of England

Jones, R.W., 1911:
Black Redstart in Carnarvonshire

Attlee, H.G., 1951:
Black Redstart in Sussex, 1932

Macpherson, H.A., 1900:
Black Redstart in the Solway Area

Rintoul, L.J.; Baxter, E.V., 1909:
Black Redstart in the Tay Area

Witherby, H.F., 1908:
Black Redstart near Dublin

Cook, F.C., 1944:
Black Redstart nesting at Lowestoft

Coward, T.A., 1924:
Black Redstart nesting in south England

Yeates, G.K.; Jeans, B., 1944:
Black Redstarts at home

Witherby, H.F.Fitter, R.S.R., 1942:
Black Redstarts in England in summer

Fitter, R.S.R., 1944:
Black Redstarts in England in the summer of 1943

Forrest, H.E., 1908:
Black Redstarts in Merioneth

Macpherson, A.H., 1941:
Black Redstarts in inner London

Fitter, R.S.R., 1944:
Black Redstarts in the London area in the summer of 1943

Currie, P.W.E., 1948:
Black Redstarts in tho London area 1947

Cooke, R., 1948:
Black Redstarts on Pett Level, East Sussex, pp 46-48 Bird life on the Pett Level Floods 1941-1943

Maruska, EJ.; Dresser, BL., 1984:
Black Rhino Species Survival Plan - summary report

Owen, R., 1947:
Black Rhino and White

Mackenzie, P.Z., 1950:
Black Rhino of the Twij

Larken, P.M., 1947:
Black Rhino or White

Pateman, B., 1984:
Black River Gorge Nature Reserve, Mauritius

Wilson, C.W., 1939:
Black River Group of Central Tennessee

Foerste, A.F., 1933:
Black River and other Cephalopoda from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario

Weeks, P.L.; Zimmer, J.T., 1954:
Black Robin

Hubbs, C.L., 1955:
Black Scoters reported from Baja, California

Olenin, Sergej., 2002:
Black Sea - Baltic Sea invasion corridors

Jeffreys, J.; Gwyn., 1882:
Black Sea Mollusca

Nicoara, Mircea., 2002:
Black Sea Mollusca distribution related to depth

Nicoara, Mircea., 2002:
Black Sea Mollusca distribution related to faces

Belofastova, IP., 2004:
Black Sea Sciaena umbra is the new host for the acanthocephalan Golvanacanthus blennii

Caspers, H., 1959:
Black Sea and the Sea of Azov

Konsulov, Asen ., 1998:
Black Sea biological diversity Bulgaria

Zaitsev, YuP.; Alexandrov, BG., 1998:
Black Sea biological diversity Ukraine

Lozovsky, VL.; Belofastova, IP., 2004:
Black Sea crab Pilumnus hirtellus is the new host for the gregarine Cephaloidophora rhithropanopei Eugregarinida Cephaloidophoridae

Anonymous., 1971:
Black Sea dolphins

Oguz, T., 2005:
Black Sea ecosystem response to climatic teleconnections

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Black Sea macrozoobenthos from a sanitary-biological aspect

Kleynenberg, S.E., 1951:
Black Sea marine mammals

Milyutin, DM.; Vilkova, OYu., 2006:
Black Sea mollusks-invaders veined rapa whelk and ark shell - present-day state of the population and stock dynamics off the Russian coast of the Black Sea

Izdar, E.; Murray, JW., 1991:
Black Sea oceanography

Mustata, G.; Nicoara, M.; Visan, L.; Palici, C.; Cojocariu, C., 1999:
Black Seas epibiosis and its role in biomass production

Anon., 1907:
Black Servals

Wignall, PB., 1994:
Black Shales

Whitehead, G.K., 1954:
Black Sika deer at Whipsnade

Miller, F.W., 1955:
Black Skimmer in north-central Texas

Fleay, D., 1937:
Black Snakes in combat

HiIl, W.C.O., 1946:
Black Stork in Scotland

Sukhinin, A.N., 1955:
Black Stork in Turkmenia

Bradney, R.J., 1957:
Black Stork in Worcestershire

Magyar, J., 1956:
Black Stork nesting near Lake Balaton

Ullman, Magnus., 1999:
Black Stork with white tail

Agardi, E., 1950:
Black Storks occurrence, Saker-Falcon breeding, Booted Eagle breeding in the Mountain-Mecsek, pp 186-188 Twelve eggs in a robin-nest, p 198

Knorr, O.A., 1962:
Black Swift-breeds in Utah

Oldham, C., 1903:
Black Tern Hydrochelidon nigra in Cheshire

Ralfe, P.G., 1903:
Black Tern Hydrochelidon nigra in the Isle of Man

van der Winden, Jan., 2002:
Black Tern Chlidonias niger starts primary moult in breeding areas Zwarte Stern Chlidonias niger start vleugelrui in het broedgebied

Phillips, C.L., 1913:
Black Tern at Marthas Vineyard Mass

Coward, T.A., 1908:
Black Tern in Cheshire

Baxter, A.P.; Baxter, R.L.P.rry, P.E., 1949:
Black Tern in Iceland

Evans, W., 1908:
Black Tern in Tweed and Forth

Donaldson, R.P., 1908:
Black Tern on the Tweed

Gillham, E.H.Homes, R.C., 1948:
Black Terns in north Kent

Schiejok, Herbert., 2002:
Black Turk scorpions Schwarze Tuerkenskorpione

Schiejok, Herbert., 1999:
Black Turkish scorpions Schwarze Turkenskorpione

Bent, A.C., 1903:
Black Vulture Catharista urubu at Taunton, Mass

Barkalow, F.S., 1940:
Black Vulture and Red Fox found in unusual association

Lovell, A.B., 1952:
Black Vulture depredations at Kentucky Woodlands

Burtch, V., 1911:
Black Vulture in Stuben county, NY-A correction

Bailey, H.H., 1911:
Black Vulture in Virginia

Smyth, T.; Jr., 1952:
Black Vulture nesting in Baltimore County

Hagopian, R.V., 1947:
Black Vultures and live prey

Lovell, H.B., 1947:
Black Vultures kill young pigs in Kentucky

Kenyon, KW., 1940:
Black Vultures perch on telephone wires

Romer, M.L.R., 1955:
Black Wheatear in Kent

Halter, B.L.; Kuzell, W.C., 1943:
Black Widow spider bites in the adult male

Tortzen, N.J., 1962:
Black Woodpecker Dryocopus martius L in Gribskov, North Sealand

Reid, D., 1986:
Black adder

Slack, RS., 1977:
Black and Cooks petrels surveyed on the Barrier Islands

Bailey, A.M., 1947:
Black and Mottled Ducks in Colorado

Lydekker, R., 1907:
Black and Red Buffaloes

Rea, G., 1945:
Black and White Warbler feeding young of Worm-eating Warbler

Campbell, A.J., 1919:
Black and White Wren-Warbler Malurus lecuopterus

von Richter, W., 1973:
Black and square-lipped rhinoceroses in Botswana

Rabenold, PP.; Decker, MD., 1989:
Black and turkey vultures expand their ranges northward

Balfour, E., 1975:
Black and white

Bergengren, G.; Tyrberg, T., 1983:
Black and white - melanism and albinism

Kuhlman, A.H., 1915:
Black and white Ayrahires

Bradshaw, C.; Steele, J.; Votier, S., 1993:
Black and white but very tricky

Larder, A., 1983:
Black and white cases

Bah, Babagalleh., 1995:
Black and white casqued hornbill in the Gambia

Gee, G., 1984:
Black and white display transparencies of histological sections

Jones, JMB., 1985:
Black and white flycatcher in Zimbabwe

Ryan, PG.; Cassidy, R.; Salinger, T., 1984:
Black and white flycatcher third record for Zimbabwe

Baylis, T., 1992:
Black and white in Madagascar Part 1

Savalli, UM., 1989:
Black and white mannikins Lonchura bicolor eating algae

Grenfell, HE., 1980:
Black and white photography Some notes on equipment

Hofmeyr, Markus S., 2006:
Black and white rhino capture in the wild

Booth, VR.; Jones, MA.; Morris, NE., 1984:
Black and white rhino introductions in north-west Zimbabwe

Dales, D.H., 1966:
Black and white rhinos in the Umfolosi Game Reserve

Alvarez, F., 2004:
Black and white tail markings in rufous bush chats Cercotrichas galactotes size, symmetry and the extent of seasonal abrasion

Morton, John., 1991:
Black and white totemism conservation, animal symbolism, and human identification in Australia

McDonnell, MR., 1986:
Black and white warbler a bird new to Norfolk

Bosch, Stefan., 2004 :
Black and white carrion crows Corvus corone corone with partly white plumage in Germany Schwarz und weiss Weisse Gefiederanteile bei Aaskraehen Corvus corone in Deutschland

Anonymous., 1983:
Black ants

Anonymous., 1979:
Black army worm Actebia fennica

Smith, FTH., 1973:
Black backed butcherbird

Richardson, L.L., 2004:
Black band disease

Kuta, KG.; Richardson, LL., 1997:
Black band disease and the fate of diseased coral colonies in the Florida Keys

Antonius, A., 1988:
Black bank disease behaviour on Red Sea reef corals

Jenkins, R.M., 1977:
Black bass crops and species associations in reservoirs

Harrison, A.C., 1933:
Black bass in the Cape Province Report on the early history of the acclimatization of American largemouth black bass Micropterus salmoides, Lacepede in the Gape Province

Weisman, L., 1970:
Black beam

Pelton, MR., 1982:
Black bear - Ursus americanus

Wu, J. et al., 1989:
Black bear - a new host of Chorioptes panda

Townsend, B., 1985:
Black bear - statewide harvest and population status

Sierra Corona, R.; Sayago Vazquez, I.A.; Silva Hurtado, M. del Carmen.; Lopez Gonzalez, C.A., 2005:
Black bear abundance, habitat use, and food habits in the Sierra San Luis, Sonora, Mexico

Onorato, D.P.; Hellgren, E.C., 2001:
Black bear at the border natural recolonization of the Trans-Pecos

Butler, D., 1990:
Black bear blues Ursus americanus is an unwelcome dinner guest

Erickson, A.W.; Martin, P., 1960:
Black bear carries cubs from den

Furtman, Michael., 1998:
Black bear country

Papageorgiou, S.; DeGhetto, D.; Convy, J., 2002:
Black bear cubs

Clark, J.D.; Clapp, D.L.; Smith, K.G.; Wigley, T.; Bently., 1991:
Black bear damage and landowner attitudes towards bears in Arkansas

Maddrey, R.C.; Pelton, M.R., 1995:
Black bear damage to agricultural crops in coastal North Carolina

Maser, C., 1967:
Black bear damage to douglas fir in Oregon

Barnes, V.G.; Jr.; Engeman, R.M., 1995:
Black bear damage to lodgepole pine in central Oregon

Switzenberg, D.F., 1955:
Black bear denning in tree

Eshelman, RE., 1974:
Black bear from the Quaternary deposits in Michigan

Lentz, WM.; Marchinton, RL.; Carlock, DM., 1980:
Black bear habitat in north Georgia some implications of wilderness designation

LeCount, A.L.; Yarchin, J.C., 1990:
Black bear habitat use in east-central Arizona, a final report

Kasbohm, J.W.; Vaughan, M.R.; Kraus, J.G., 1998:
Black bear home range dynamics and movement patterns during a gypsy moth infestation

Poelker, RJ.; Parsons, LD., 1980:
Black bear hunting to reduce forest damage

Zardus, MJ.; Parsons, DJ., 1980:
Black bear management in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Gill, RB.; Beck, TDI., 1990:
Black bear management plan

Lamontagne, Gilles., 1998:
Black bear management project in Quebec 1998-2002 Le plan de gestion de lours noir au Quebec 1998-2002

Horstman, LP.; Gunson, JR., 1982:
Black bear predation on livestock in Alberta

Schwartz, CC.; Franzmann, AW., 1981:
Black bear predation on moose

Schwartz, CC.; Franzmann, AW.; Johnson, DC., 1983:
Black bear predation on moose bear ecology studies

Frame, GW., 1974:
Black bear predation on salmon at Olsen Creek, Alaska

Blomme, C., 1983:
Black bear preys on nesting broad-winged hawk

Wooding, J.B.; Brady, J.R., 1987:
Black bear roadkills in Florida

Gaines, William L., 2003:
Black bear, Ursus americanus, denning chronology and den site selection in the northeastern Cascades of Washington

Chaulk, K.; Bondrup-Nielsen, S.; Harrington, F., 2005:
Black bear, Ursus americanus, ecology on the northeast coast of Labrador

Singer, FJ.; Bratton, SP., 1980:
Black bear/human conflicts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Anderson, Tom., 1992:
Black bear seasons in the wild

Hinman, RA., 1982:
Black bears and brown bears

Clarke, SH., 1982:
Black bears and campers

Weidensaul, S., 1992:
Black bears come back A Pennsylvania renaissance

Vaughan, M.R.; Pelton, M.R., 1995:
Black bears in North America

Kristensen, J.; Kristensen, T.J., 1999:
Black bears in Waterton Lakes National Park

Beck, TDI., 1991:
Black bears of west-central Colorado

Slee, John., 1997:
Black beauties More about little ravens

Brunner, Helwig., 1998:
Black birds, thrushes, finches and starlings The varied bird fauna of the Schlossberg Amsel, Drossel, Fink und Star Die vielfaltige Vogelwelt des Schlossberges

Beste, H.; Beste, J., 1977:
Black bittern - a Victorian record

McGough, K., 1990:
Black boneseed beetle

Gallacher, HP., 1981:
Black book of bird protection in Flanders

Workman, IK., 1982:
Black bottlenosed dolphin

Sedinger, J.S.; Stickney, A.A., 2000:
Black brant

Amstrup, O., 2004:
Black brant Branta bernicla nigricans 36 finds Sortbuget knortegas Branta bernicla nigricans 36 fund

Sparshott, GR., 2005:
Black brant Branta bernicla nigricans at Bembridge and foreland - the first record for the Isle of Wight

Davis, TH., 1975:
Black brant at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens Co, New York

Donner, C., 1987:
Black brant in NarVos

Wilson, A.; Guthrie, A., 1999:
Black brant in New York State

Dzubin, A.; Hook, N., 1966:
Black brant records from Western Saskatchewan

Nowak, J.H.; Monson, G., 1965:
Black brant summering at Salton Sea

Einarsen, A.S., 1965:
Black brant Sea goose of the Pacific Coast

McGeehan, A., 1992:
Black brant a goose worth watching

Ross, W., 1981:
Black bream and silver bream

Wirdheim, A., 1984:
Black brent goose, Branta bernicla nigricans, recorded on Oland

Murray, RJH., 1981:
Black browed albatross Diomedea exulans at Durlston Head

Gaston, AJ., 1972:
Black bulbuls Hypsipetes madagascariensis PLS Muller in Delhi

White, J., 1974:
Black bullhead

Shirihai, H., 1986:
Black bush robin in Israel

Johnstone, RE., 1983:
Black butcherbird in Western Australia

Ostrander, WA., 1990:
Black capped petrel in Horseheads, NY

Walker, P., 1977:
Black capped waxbills

Adamek, Z., 1998:
Black carp - Mylopharyngodon piceus Richardson, 1845 - a review Amur cerny - Mylopharyngodon piceus Richardson, 1845 - prehled

Sket, Boris., 1993:
Black cave shrimps join the black proteus

Anon., 1969:
Black cockatoos

Hutchinson, C., 1992:
Black cockatoos with red tails

Amat, JA.; Obeso, JR., 1991:
Black coots Fulica atra; Aves, Rallidae supplanting conspecifics from foraging sites

Kenyon, J., 1984:
Black coral off Cozumel

Bolton, HJC., 1977:
Black cormorant at 5000 ft

Randall, R., 1990:
Black coucals around Xaxaba

Smith, JN., 1995:
Black crake in the Batoka Gorge

Wooton, P., 1990:
Black crake robbing weavers nest

Zhordania, R.G., 1959:
Black crow in Georgia

Stone, Cathy., 2006:
Black crow preys on a dove chick

Wilkinson, Roger., 1993:
Black crowned cranes conservation and zoo breeding programmes

Rohloff, P., 1987:
Black crows 547 to flock or not to flock

Lightner, DV.; Colvin, LB.; Brand, C.; Danald, DA., 1977:
Black death, a disease syndrome of penaeid shrimp related to dietary deficiency of ascorbic acid

Naidenova, NN., 2001:
Black decay - a new disease of unknown etiology of Gammarus olivii Malacostraca, Amphipoda in the Black Sea

Ilani, G., 1982:
Black desert cobra in the mountains

Ilani, G.; Shalmon, B., 1983:
Black desert cobras in the Arava

Edgar, G.; Rose, A.L., 1929:
Black disease in sheep The cause of the discase and how losses may be prevented

Turner, A.W., 1931:
Black disease A short description of its nature and means of prevention

Maben, A., 1981:
Black drongo Dicrurus macrocercus

Richardson, CT., 1991:
Black drongo Dicrurus macrocercus records in the UAE

Young, L., 1989:
Black drongo taking wren-warbler sp at Mai Po

Osburn, HR.; Matlock, GC., 1984:
Black drum movement in Texas Bays

Henderson-Arzapalo, A.; Colura, RL., 1984:
Black drum x red drum hybridization and growth

Hall, P., 1977:
Black duck Anas sparsa on Mambilla Plateau, first record Bulletin niger orn

Goodwin, C.E., 1956:
Black duck and mallard populations in the Toronto area

Madge, SC., 1980:
Black duck at Fairburn Ings first Yorkshire record

Ryan, W., 1992:
Black duck blues

Luoma, JR., 1987:
Black duck decline an acid rain link

Clugston, DL., 1981:
Black duck in Renfrewshire

Davidson, Pete., 2001:
Black duck on Kingsbridge estuary - short report

Lockhart, P., 1971:
Black duck, Anas sparsa

Longcore, JR.; Corr, PO.; McAuley, DG., 1987:
Black duck-mallard interactions on breeding areas in Maine

Longcore, JR.; Stendell, RC., 1982:
Black ducks and DDE review and status

Corr, PO., 1985:
Black ducks are the stricter rules working

Spencer, H.E.; Jr., 1976:
Black ducks going, going?

Wilson, M.; Wright, R., 1992:
Black eagle Aquila verreauxii chick robbed from nest by hawk

Kopij, Grzegorz., 1995:
Black eagle Aquila verreauxii predation on southern bald ibis Geronticus calvus nestlings in South Africa

Schmidt, O., 1991:
Black eagle aerobatics

Head, V.; Gray, A.; Grundlingh, F.; Louw, K., 2004:
Black eagle at Nieuwoudtville

Jones, H.; Ayre, A., 2004:
Black eagle at Rooi Els

Banfield, GEA., 1994:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park - 1993

Banfield, GEA., 1997:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park - 1996

Banfield, GEA., 1990:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park 1989

Banfield, GEA., 1991:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park 1990

Banfield, GEA., 1996:
Black eagle breeding report, Matobo National Park - 1995

Banfield, GEA., 1988:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park 1987

Banfield, GEA., 1991:
Black eagle breeding report Matobo National Park 1991

Worth, D.; Worth, Z., 2006:
Black eagle carrying small antelope

Ade, B., 1986:
Black eagle challenged by rock dassies

Cummins, Dave., 2005:
Black eagle collides with powerline

Gargett, V., 1970:
Black eagle experiment no 2

Gargett, V., 1967:
Black eagle experiment Will a pair of black eagles raise two chicks ? Some observations on returning a second black eagle to its nest

Huelin, Astrid., 2002:
Black eagle nest in eucalyptus tree at Goromonzi

Anderson, Mark D., 2002:
Black eagle pair successfully fledges two young

Gargett, V., 1980:
Black eagle survey Matopos Excerpts from the 17th Annual Report, 1980

Gargett, V., 1981:
Black eagle survey, Rhodes Matopos National Park, excerpts from the 18th Annual Report, 1981

Gargett, V., 1974:
Black eagle survey Report for 1970 breeding season

Gargett, V., 1976:
Black eagle survey Rhodes Matopos National Park Report for the 1975 breeding season

Gargett, V., 1978:
Black eagle survey Rhodes Matopos National Park report for the 1977 breeding season

Hartley, Ron., 1999:
Black eagle taking tortoise in Matobo Hills

Malan, Gerard., 1993:
Black eagle transfers bird carcass between nests

McCrea, R., 1977:
Black eagle prolonged use of nest sites

Norton, PM.; Henley, SR., 1985:
Black eagles attacking leopards

Schmidt, RK., 1992:
Black eagles 131 at Tamboerskloof

Porter, C., 1984:
Black eagles R133 at Roodekranz Witpoortjie Falls

Penry, EH., 1975:
Black eagles and other species at, Mkushi Mountain, Mkushi District Bulletin Zambian orn

Thomas, B.; Brickhill, TGJ., 1999:
Black eagles at Riviersonderend

Dowsett, RJ.; Colebrook-Robjent, JFR., 1975:
Black eagles in the Victoria Falls gorges Bulletin Zambian orn

Munro, J.; Munro, K., 2000:
Black eagles kill lambs

Boshoff, A.; Fabricius, C., 1986:
Black eagles nesting on man-made structures

Hartley, R.; Ogilvie, J., 1996:
Black eagles preying on bushbabies in Zimbabwe

Starks, J., 1986:
Black eared miner campout

Fenwick, Helen., 1997:
Black egret at Strandfontein

Harebottle, D.; Starling, D., 1999:
Black egret in Lydenburg

Pooley, H., 1991:
Black egret on west coast

Sutro, A.G., 1967:
Black espada

Oatley, TB., 1986:
Black eyed bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus

Baxter, CI., 1983:
Black faced woodswallows on Kangaroo Island

Dawson, P., 1973:
Black falcon at Carbrook

Storr, G.M., 1967:
Black falcon in metropolitan area

Whelan, D., 1992:
Black falcon robs little eagle

Mack, KJ., 1973:
Black falcon takes kestrel

Raastad, JE.; Davies, DM., 1977:
Black flies Dipt , Simuliidae new to Norway

Strieder, M.Norberto, 2004:
Black flies Diptera, Nematocera, Simuliidae of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil geographic distribution Especies de simulideos Diptera, Nematocera, Simuliidae no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil distribuicao geografica

Kaplich, VM., 1985:
Black flies Diptera, Simuliidae as the main transmitter of cattle anaplasmosis

Illesova, D.; Halgos, J.; Jedlicka, L., 1995:
Black flies Diptera, Simuliidae in the lower basin of the River Morava

Kachvorian, EA.; Adler, P., 1999:
Black flies Diptera, Simuliidae of Armenia

Bacon, M.; McCauley, R.H.; Jr., 1959:
Black flies Diptera Simuliidae in a newly developed irrigation district Columbia Basin, Washington

Eckhart, P.; Snetsinger, R., 1969 :
Black flies Diptera Simuliidae of northeastern Pennsylvania

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Black flies Diptera Simuliidae of the Yukon, with reference to the black-fly fauna of northwestern North America

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Black flies Diptera Simuliidae of the forests of Quebec

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Black flies Simuliidae

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Black flies and other biting flies of the Adirondacks

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Black flies and the agents they transmit

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Black flies are a drag

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Black flies of Siberia and the Far East Annotated catalogue and handbook of species

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Black flies, Simuliidae Diptera, Nematocera from Madeira and the Azores

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Black flies, blood-sucking Diptera of the fam Heleidae Aids for zool studies in field and laboratory 3

All, SH.; Burbutis, PP.; Ritter, WF.; Lake, RW., 1974:
Black fly Simulium vittatum Zetterstedt densities and water quality conditions in red dag creek, Pa-Del

Parnell, GW., 1976:
Black flycatcher breeding in an old kurrichane thrushs nest

Anonymous., 1988:
Black footed ferret

Menzel, F.; Heller, K., 2006:
Black fungus gnats Diptera Sciaridae from National Park Hainich Thuringia with description of Scatopsciara andrei Menzel spec nov Trauermuecken Diptera Sciaridae aus dem Nationalpark Hainich Thueringen nebst der Beschreibung von Scatopsciara andrei Menzel spec nov

Johnston, G.W., 1967:
Black game and capercaille in relation to forestry in Britain

Sawyer, TK.; Lewis, EJ.; Galasso, M.; Bodammer, S.; Ziskowski, J.; Lear, D.; O'Malley, M.; Smith, S., 1983:
Black gill conditions in the rock crab, Cancer irroratus, as indicators of ocean dumping in Atlantic coastal waters of the United States

Elberg, Kaupo., 1991:
Black gnats

Worsnip, J., 1980:
Black grass snake in Gloucestershire

Keulen, C.; Houbart, S.; Ruwet, J.-Claude., 1998:
Black grouse Tetrao tetrix arenas in the Belgian Hautes-Fagnes landscape features and management proposals Les arenes de parade des tetras lyres Tetrao tetrix dans les Hautes-Fagnes de Belgique Caracteristiques paysageres et propositions de gestion

Porkert, Jan., 1999:
Black grouse and capercaillie hybrids as an indicator of environmental quality Kuvastaako korpimetson esiintyminen metsoympariston tilaa?

Baines, D., 1990:
Black grouse and forestry from pest to prize

Watson, A.; Nethersole-Thompson, D., 2006:
Black grouse and western capercaillie on upper Speyside in 1934-42

Valkeajarvi, P.; Ijas, L., 1983:
Black grouse at Petajavesi

Cayford, John T., 1993:
Black grouse census and monitoring

Sterwerf, Werner., 2004:
Black grouse courtship in Sweden Birkhahnbalz in Schweden

Kamieniarz, R., 2003:
Black grouse habitats in Poland

Sov, N., 1988:
Black grouse in 1986 and 1987

Lovel, T., 1983:
Black grouse in Europe today

Panov, GM.; Legeyda, IS.; Poluda, AM.; Dudkin, OV., 2002:
Black grouse number and possible reasons of its changes in the northern part of Zhytomyr region

Jansman, HAH.; Niewold, FJJ.; Bovenschen, J.; Koelewijn, HP., 2004:
Black grouse on the Sallandse Heuvelrug A population-genetic analysis of the ups and downs of the Netherlands last population Korhoenders op de Sallandse Heuvelrug Een populatie-genetische analyse van het wel en wee van Nederlands laatste populatie

Ellison, LN., 1979:
Black grouse population characteristics on a hunted and three unhunted areas in the French Alps

Blake, K.; Calladine, J.; Warren, P., 2001:
Black grouse recovery

Kask, Edgar., 1993:
Black grouse were singing

Kovyazin, VI., 1982:
Black grouse, Lyrurus tetrix

Bozic, L., 2004:
Black grouse Rusevec Tetrao tetrix

Hughes, J.; Baines, D.; Grant, M.; Roberts, J.; Williams, I.; Bayes, K., 1998:
Black grouse the challenge of reversing the decline

Gates, DA., 1998:
Black guillemot chick feeding on Papa Westray, Orkney

Moore, AS., 1989:
Black guillemots Cepphus grylle in the Isle of Man in 1987

Carnduff, D., 1981:
Black guillemots breeding in the inner Clyde Estuary

McKee, ND., 1979:
Black guillemots on Copeland

Palm, S.; Chikilev, V.; Datskiy, A., 1999:
Black halibut of the Anadyr-Navarin area

Winterbottom, JM., 1978:
Black harrier

Steyn, Peter., 2002:
Black harrier - nest site fidelity and a tale of two females

Boddam-Whetham, A.D., 1968:
Black harrier Circus maurus in eastern OFS

Curtis, O.; Simmons, R.E.; Jenkins, A.R., 2004:
Black harrier Circus maurus of the fynbos biome, South Africa a threatened specialist or an adaptable survivor?

Simmons, RE.; Curtis, O.; Jenkins, AR., 1998:
Black harrier conservation and ecology preliminary findings 2000

Winterbottom, J.M., 1965:
Black harrier in Bontebok National Park

Vernon, C.J., 1971:
Black harrier, Circus maurus

Skead, D.M., 1966:
Black harrier, Circus maurus, in the Orange Free State

Carter, D.L.; Wauer, R.H., 1965:
Black hawk nesting in Utah

Murphy, J., 1991:
Black headed bunting in Co Clare

Hansen, E., 1984:
Black headed great tit

de Roover, P., 1983:
Black headed gull Larus ridibundus found in trees

Scebba, S.; Moschetti, G., 1994:
Black headed gull Larus ridibundus recapture data analysis in Italy Analisi delle riprese di gabbiano comune Larus ridibundus in Italia

Pearson, DJ., 1972:
Black headed gulls

de Fraine, R., 1979:
Black headed gulls Larus ridibundus migrating on the Belgian coast Koksijde in the snow in December 1978

de Visser, E., 1979:
Black headed gulls Larus ridibundus with pink breast

Dobbs, A., 1992:
Black headed gulls and the River Trent A survey between Gunthorpe Bridge and Stoke Bardolph

Ilani, G.; Shalmon, B., 1984:
Black headed snake

Cronje, P.H., 1966:
Black heron Melanophoyx ardesiaca breeding at Potchefstroom

Dekker, RWRJ., 1981:
Black heron in Egypt in August 1980

Hodge, P., 1978:
Black holes in Norfolk - a sequel The habitat of Agabus striolatus

Foster, G.N., 1977:
Black holes in Norfolk, a journey into the unknown

Bourne, JM., 1987:
Black honeyeater breeding in the south east of South Australia

Grant, M., 1983:
Black honeyeaters - in the backyard

Pescott, T., 1985:
Black honeyeaters and charcoal

Salter, BE., 1982:
Black honeyeaters at Inglewood

Hutchins, BR., 1988:
Black honeyeaters feeding amongst charcoal and ash

Coate, K., 1985:
Black honeyeaters feeding on ash

Watson, David M., 1995:
Black honeyeaters in the Wimmera

Clark, B.; Brockett, R.C., 1999:
Black howler monkey Alouatta pigra reintroduction program population census and habitat assessment

Cerny, Michal., 2001:
Black iguanas Ctenosaura similis in southern Mexico Leguani Ctenosaura similis v jiznim Mexiku

Switak, KH., 1990:
Black iguanas

Koehler, Gunther., 2002:
Black iguanas life habit, care and breeding Schwarzleguane Lebensweise, Pflege, Zucht

Neelakantan, K.K., 1969:
Black jackals Canis aureus Linn in Kerala

Delpho, Manfred., 2001:
Black kite Milvus migrans as a guest in the flying programme of the Edersee Raptor Centre Schwarzmilan Milvus migrans zu Gast bei Flugprogramm der Greifenwarte Edersee

Conole, L., 1980:
Black kite Milvus migrans at Inverleigh Common, Victoria

Cade, M., 1981:
Black kite Milvus migrans at Lodmoor

Bommer, Klaus., 1997:
Black kite Milvus migrans plunders a fieldfare colony Turdus pilaris Schwarzmilan Milvus migrans plundert Wacholderdrosselkolonie Turdus pilaris

Debruyne, R., 1979:
Black kite - Milvus migrans

Bullock, ID.; Stoddart, AM.; Wylie, J., 1988:
Black kite - a first record for Gwent Gloucestershire

Anonymous., 2004:
Black kite - second county record Chippenham Fen May 18th 2001 Observer Kevin Warrington

Anonymous., 2004:
Black kite - third county record Trumpington June 1st 2003 Observers Chris Hewson and Dan Lamping

Bjornsson, H., 1983:
Black kite Milvus migrans found in Iceland

Cecere, J.G.; Ricci, S., 2003:
Black kite Milvus migrans in Castel di Guido Rome area - breeding and pre migration roosting data - 2003 year Il Nibbio bruno Milvus migrans a Castel di Guido Roma nidificazione e roosting premigratorio - Anno 2003

Chalmers, ML., 1988:
Black kite Milvus migrans takes black-faced laughing thrush Garrulax perspicillatus

Gillon, K.; Davison, C.N., 1997:
Black kite at Belhaven Bay

Beevers, MA., 1998:
Black kite at Carr Vale

Broome, A., 1986:
Black kite at Chisworth

Arlow, Steve., 2004:
Black kite at Gunners Park, Shoeburyness 24th April 2003

Robertson, KD., 1987:
Black kite at Worsbrough - a new species for the Barnsley area

Carey, GJ., 1996:
Black kite counts during 1995

Fitzharris, JE., 1982:
Black kite in Co Wicklow - a species new to Ireland

Balfour, E., 1970:
Black kite in Orkney

Pullan, Gary., 1996:
Black kite near Long Buckby - the first county record

Hursthouse, D., 1986:
Black kite near Osberton - a bird new to Nottinghamshire

Broome, AM., 1986:
Black kite over Mellor on 5th June 1985 a species new to Greater Manchester

Postelnykh, AV., 1982:
Black kite, Milvus korschum

Battisti, C.; Mari, C.; Tomassetti, M.; Zocchi, A., 2004:
Black kite, Milvus migrans, inside Rome urban area data on status, breeding and roosting La colonia suburbana di Nibbio bruno, Milvus migrans, a Roma attivita riproduttiva e roosting premigratorio

Wyllie, J., 1987:
Black kite, a new bird for the county

Vrezec, A., 2005:
Black kite Cnri skarnik Milvus migrans

Kozamernik, Joze J., 2000:
Black kite Crni skarnik Milvus migrans

Loncar, T., 2003:
Black kite Crni skarnik Milvus migrans

Bordjan, D., 2004:
Black kite Crni skarnik Milvus migrans

Wells, DR., 1979:
Black kites Milvus migrans in Sumatra

King, B., 1979:
Black kites feeding and preening whilst in flight

Iwami, Y.; Ikeda, S.; Yamazaki, S., 1998:
Black kites nesting on a power pylon tower in southwestern Hokkaido, northern Japan

Ilani, G., 1982:
Black kites on the upswing?

Gordon, M., 1943:
Black lace for the gold platyfish

Nadler, Tilo., 1997:
Black langur rediscovered

Berezovikov, N.N.kolaevich.; Scherbakov, B.V.silevich., 2000:
Black lark Melanocorypha yeltoniensis in Zaisan depression East Kazakhstan

Degnan, LJ., 2006:
Black lark - a new bird for Spurn and Great Britain

Lindroos, T.; Tenovuo, O., 2002:
Black lark - its identification in the field and distribution in Europe

Anonymous., 1984:
Black lechwe census, October, 1983

Priddy, R., 1977:
Black locust as a winter food of the bobwhite quail

de Leyser, EA., 1990:
Black lored cisticola in Nandi Hills

Shomirsaidov, Sh., 1983:
Black lucerne aphid and an integrated system for its control in Tadzhikistan

Steyn, Peter., 1999:
Black magic

Cotton, B.C., 1965:
Black magpies at Bull Creek

Short, LL., 1987:
Black mamba takes northern crombec from mobbing bird group

Temple-Parkins, E.A., 1962:
Black mambas

Kojima, A.; Izawa, M.; Matsuyama, M.; Nishi, Y.; Nishizuka, Y.; Yosida, TH.; Hanaichi, T.; Ito, S., 1987:
Black mammary tissues of male soft-furred rat, Millardia meltada Lipofuscin and iron deposition

Strahan, R., 1986:
Black man, white man, koala

Davies, Ben., 2005:
Black market inside the endangered species trade in Asia

Pawlikowski, T., 1986:
Black marks on clypeus and first gastral tergite in workers of the wasp Vespula germanica F from north Poland

Williams, F., 1959:
Black marlin British East African waters

Wetherall, JA.; Yang, R-T., 1980:
Black marlin, Makaira indica

Kebbe, G.E., 1956:
Black mule deer taken in southern Oregon

Anonymous., 1981:
Black muntjac discovery

Dhindsa, MS., 1980:
Black myna, Acridotheres ginginianus Latham a good predator of house-flies, Musca domestica L

Baker, NE.; Boswell, EM., 1989:
Black naped tern Sterna sumatrana first record for east Africa

Walkler, TA., 1986:
Black naped terns Sterna sumatrana on the southern Great Barrier Reef, 1985-1986

Geuens, A. van Winkel, J. van Ammel, J. van Hecke, A.; Maes, P.; Voet, H., 1983:
Black necked grebe Podiceps nigricollis, first breeding in the Province of Limburg, Belgium

Verroken, L.; Verroken, D., 1987:
Black necked grebe with chestnut red neck and breast

Elton, G., 1991:
Black necked grebes at Hilfield Park Reservoir

Anonymous., 1994:
Black necked grebes in Greater Manchester 1992 - a first breeding success

Elias, Jaroslav., 2004:
Black neons, Hyphessobrycon axelrodi Gery, 1961 Schwarze Neons, Hyphessobrycon axelrodi Gery, 1961

Hazevoet, CJ., 1985:
Black noddy in Mauritania in December 1984

Elwell, Norman., 1997:
Black oystercatcher breeding

Fraser, M.; McMahon, L., 1990:
Black oystercatcher brood of three chicks

von Korff, Joy., 1997:
Black oystercatcher count on Knysna lagoon

Hazlitt, Stephanie L., 2001:
Black oystercatcher population status and trends in British Columbia

Chan, Bosco., 1999:
Black paradise fish salvaged from Sham Chung

McVicar, AH., 1987:
Black patch necrosis of the skin of Solea solea L the role of sand in prophylaxis and treatment

Ely, David C., 1995:
Black phoebe Sayornis nigricans in Fort Collins another exciting southwestern vagrant

Faulkner, D.; Dexter, C.; Levad, R.; Leukering, T., 2005:
Black phoebe breeding range expansion into Colorado

Kayser-Wegmann, I.; Kayser, H., 1983:
Black pigmentation of insect cuticles a view based on microscopic and autoradiographic studies

LeGrand, H.E.; Jr., 1976:
Black rail and Virginia rail in summer in northwestern South Carolina

Miller, M.W.; Monroe, M., 1999:
Black rail in Berks County

Koella, JA., 1981:
Black rail in Jefferson County, Tennessee

Brogie, MA.; Brogie, EM., 1987:
Black rail in Knox County, Nebraska

Hansen, JL.; Fredrickson, LH., 1990:
Black rat snake predation on box nesting wood ducks

Aldrich, JW.; Endicott, CG., 1984:
Black rat snake predation on giant Canada goose eggs

Walsh, PM., 1988:
Black rats Rattus rattus L as prey of short-eared owls Asio flammeus Pontopiddan on Lambay Island, Co Dublin

Maclennan, D.; Ferguson, J.; Buxton, N., 2000:
Black rats Rattus rattus on the Shiant Islands A study of distribution and abundance

Zwank, PJ.; Layton, BW., 1989:
Black rats as potential Puerto Rican parrot nest predators

Yosida, TH.; Kato, H.; Tsuchiya, K.; Moriwaki, K.; Ochiai, Y.; Monty, J., 1979:
Black rats from Mauritius with a new karyotype involving the Robertsonian fission A preliminary note

Torp, Ernst., 1999:
Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros Gmel breeding on summer cottage by the North Sea Husrodstjert Phoenicurus ochruros Gmel ynglende pa sommerhus ved Vesterhavet

Nicolai, B.; Krone, O., 2003:
Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros with heavy burden of Plagiorhynchus paulus Acanthocephala, Nemathelminthes Hausrotschwanz Phoenicurus ochruros mit Massenbefall von Plagiorhynchus paulus Acanthocephala, Nemathelminthes

Walker, RB., 1973:
Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruruos

Kuam, H., 1985:
Black redstart - regular breeding bird in Oslo?

Thake, Martin A., 1995:
Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros feeding on berries of Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica

Plath, Lothar., 1996:
Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros in Kiev and Moscow Hausrotschwanz Phoenicurus ochruros in Kiew und Moskau

Thake, MA., 1991:
Black redstart and white wagtail using a building as shelter during a rain shower

Sperl, Jurgen., 1997:
Black redstart breeding in a furniture store Hausrotschwanze bruten in einer Mobelhalle

Kafoi, Matija., 2001:
Black redstart nested among the guests Smarnica je gnezdila med gosti

Neath, B., 1980:
Black redstart nesting below ground level

Olsson, Rolf., 1994:
Black redstart of Asiatic race - the first for Scania - found in Malmo

Jantunen, Jukka., 1996:
Black redstart on Ping Chau the first record for Hong Kong

Ham, I., 1986:
Black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros Gmelin, new breeding species in Beograd

Mihelic, Tomaz., 2001 :
Black redstart Smarnica Phoenicurus ochruros

Lowe, G., 1984:
Black redstarts

Meadows, B.S., 1964:
Black redstarts along the lower reaches of the River Lea

Anonymous., 1987:
Black redstarts breed at AWE

Fitter, R.S.R., 1971:
Black redstarts breeding in Britain in 1964-68

Fitter, RSR., 1976:
Black redstarts breeding in Britain in 1969-73

Lea, D., 1974:
Black redstarts breeding in Orkney

Youngman, RE., 1974:
Black redstarts breeding in newly developed town centres

Morgan, R., 1978:
Black redstarts in 1977

Parker, A.C., 1960:
Black redstarts in inner London, 1956-1957

Rogers, A.E.F., 1967:
Black restart taking blackberries

de Vos, V., 1980:
Black rhino Diceros bicornis minor mortality in the Kruger National Park

Anon., 1968:
Black rhino born

du Toit, Raoul., 2002:
Black rhino crisis in Zimbabwe

Borner, M., 1981:
Black rhino disaster in Tanzania

Anonymous., 1981:
Black rhino endangered

Natal Parks Board., 1988:
Black rhino for San Diego Gundwane

Haft, Adrian., 1995:
Black rhino husbandry and breeding at the Cincinnati Zoo

Williams, NL., 1985:
Black rhino in South Luangwa National Park their distribution and future protection

McCartney, P., 1970:
Black rhino in Zambia

Cleaves, Robert N., 1993:
Black rhino in crisis

Emslie, Richard H., 2001:
Black rhino management for private landowners in South Africa an introductory rhino management group guide

Dierenfeld, Ellen S., 1995:
Black rhino nutrition an overview

Goddard, J., 1970:
Black rhino of Tsavo

Walker, Clive H., 1994:
Black rhino on private land - the experience of Lapalala wilderness, South Africa

Verwey, J.E.M., 1971:
Black rhino rescue campaign in Rhodesia

Chaplin, Emma., 2005:
Black rhino training

Geldenhuys, L., 1993:
Black rhinoceros Diceros bicornis capture and translocation techniques and boma management as used in Namibia

Hall-Martin, A., 1979:
Black rhinoceros in southern Africa

Matipano, G., 2004:
Black rhinoceros mortality in Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe 1992-2003

BaiAercies, A. ., 1960:
Black rhinoceros survey1959to 1960

Frame, G.W., 1970:
Black rhinoceros vocalisations

Kask, Ilmar., 1989:
Black rhinoceroses

Ansell, WFH., 1992:
Black rhinos

Planton, Hubert., 1999:
Black rhinos from north west Africa Diceros bicornis longipes the countdown continues Rhinoceros noir du nord ouest de lAfrique Diceros bicornis longipes le compte a rebours continue

Kampamba, G., 2003:
Black rhinos reintroduced to North Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Anonymous., 1970:
Black rhinos tracked by radio

Taslim, LH.; Saleh, RM., 1979:
Black rice bug in lebak rice field, south Sumatra

Omura, H.; Ohsumi, S.; Nemoto, T.; Nasu, K.; Kasuya, T., 1969:
Black right whales in North Pacific

Foerste, A.F., 1932:
Black river and other cephalopoda from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario Part I

le S.; Milstein, P., 1977:
Black river duck eating minnow and trout

Bell, BD., 1977:
Black robin chick bred on Mangere Island

Cemmick, D.; Veitch, D., 1985:
Black robin country The Chatham Islands and its wildlife

Munn, A., 1984:
Black robin update

Anonymous., 1980:
Black robins may well be the most endangered species on earth

Wilkinson, Jennifer., 1999:
Black ruby barbs Puntius nigrofasciatus

Idelberger, C., 1980:
Black ruff, Lavalette, NJ

Bracken, B.; Lewis, C., 2002:
Black saddlebags Tramea lacerata - first records for Ottawa-Carleton and Prescott-Russell counties and possible range expansion

Hribar, L.J.; Hribar, M.N., 2006:
Black salt marsh mosquito, Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus Diptera Culicidae, larvae are attracted to colored lights

Saunders, CR., 1981:
Black saw-wing swallow in Selukwe

Lahrman, FW.; Scott, L., 1981:
Black scoter at Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Brown, A., 1989:
Black scoter in Gosford Bay

Blunk, DW., 1989:
Black scoters and white-winged crossbill in middle Tennessee

Bert, Didier., 2005:
Black shales of the Vocontian Cretaceous the Paquier level Black shales du Cretace vocontien Le niveau Paquier

Parnell, JF., 1990:
Black skimmer, Rynchops niger Linnaeus

Grant, GS., 1978:
Black skimmers in California

Gore, JA., 1987:
Black skimmers nesting on roofs in northwestern Florida

Thomsen, E., 1992:
Black slate and white chalk

Hurrell, HG., 1973:
Black slow-worms

Oettle, E., 1993:
Black sparrowhawk 158 repeat breeding attempt

Roy, Les., 1996:
Black sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus African hawk eagle Hieraaetus spilogaster at Hundred Waterhole, Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Kopij, G.; Esterhuizen, JR., 1994:
Black sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus in the Free State

O'Donoghue, Fin., 2002:
Black sparrowhawk and ovambo sparrowhawk in the same plantation

Barnes, JE., 1987:
Black sparrowhawk breeding in southeast Botswana

Oettle, EE., 1994:
Black sparrowhawk breeds on the Cape Peninsula

Pepler, D.; Martin, R., 2004:
Black sparrowhawk diet in the southwestern Cape

Lamont, GT., 1986 :
Black sparrowhawk hunting by sound

McFarlane, James., 2003:
Black sparrowhawk in the southern suburbs

Thomsett, S., 1990:
Black sparrowhawk rescues fallen young

Davey, Jonathan., 2004:
Black sparrowhawks and hadedas

Steyn, P., 1995:
Black sparrowhawks breeding in the Free State

Oettle, E.; Oettle, E., 1990:
Black sparrowhawks in Muldersvlei

Cameron, T.W.M., 1947:
Black spot and yellow grub in fleh

Rinaldo, RG.; Yevich, P., 1974:
Black spot syndrome of the northern shrimp Pandalus borealis

Neira, C.; Rackemann, M., 1996:
Black spots produced by buried macroalgae in intertidal sandy sediments of the Wadden Sea effects on the meiobenthos

Lopez Redondo, Javier., 1992:
Black spots Determining criteria and the first accident black spot listings Puntos negros Criterios de valoracion y primeros puntos catalogados

Meshkov, M.M., 1959:
Black spottiness Neodiplostomatosis of fishes in the Pskov-Peipus body of water

Fordham, W.H., 1950:
Black squirrels at Ashwell

Belcher, H.; Swale, E., 1995:
Black squirrels in Girton

Pierce, R., 1986:
Black stilt

Reed, Christine., 1994:
Black stilts 1993/94

O'Donnell, CFJ., 1988:
Black stilts nesting at Lake Ellesmere

Fincham, JE., 1974:
Black stocks breeding near Lalapanzi

Puzovic, S.; Sekulic, V.; Pavlovic, D., 1989:
Black stork Ciconia nigra L at Obedska Bara 1983-1987

Kalocsa, B.; Tamas,, 2004:
Black stork Ciconia nigra colour ringing and recoveries in Hungary, 1994-2000

Villarubias, S.; Brousst, P.; Seriot, J., 2004:
Black stork Ciconia nigra in France Revision of the effective breeding birds status

Roslyakov, A.G.; Voronov, B.A.; Darman, Y.A.; Parilov, M.P.; Gorobeiko, V.V., 2004:
Black stork Ciconia nigra in Northern Priamurye and adjoining territories of far eastern Russia

Vondracek, Jiri., 1995:
Black stork Ciconia nigra in northern Bohemia Cap cerny Ciconia nigra v severnich Cechach

Sackl, P.; Ilzer, W., 2002:
Black stork Ciconia nigra nesting on raised hide in south-eastern Austria Jagdkanzel als Horststandort des Schwarzstorchs Ciconia nigra L in Suedost-Oesterreich

Hemetsberger, J., 1996:
Black stork Ciconia nigra numbers in Upper Austria from 1990 until 1995 Der Schwarzstorchbestand Ciconia nigra in Oberosterreich in den Jahren 1990 bis 1995

Portier, B., 2004:
Black stork Ciconia nigra wintering in Nazinga Game Ranch - Burkina Faso

White, GJ., 1990:
Black stork - new to Hertfordshire

Gregori, J., 1987:
Black stork Ciconia nigra breeding at Ljubljana Morass

Mordente, F.; Rocca, G.; Salerno, S.; Serroni, P., 1998:
Black stork Ciconia nigra breeding in Calabria southern Italy Cigogne noire Ciconia nigra nidificatrice en Calabre Italie du sud

Gregori, J., 1980:
Black stork Ciconia nigra in Slovenia

Breife, B., 1982:
Black stork Ciconia nigra observed wing-spreading while feeding

Muzinic, J., 2006:
Black stork Ciconia nigra on the Island of Pag Dalmatia, Croatia

Bordjan, D., 2005:
Black stork Ciconia nigra Crna storklja Ciconia nigra

Collas, P., 2004:
Black stork and people La Cigogne noire et les hommes

Hardwick, M., 1991:
Black stork at Cheshunt - new to the London area

Stott, M., 1991:
Black stork at Old Hall Marshes RSPB Reserve 25th-26th August 1990

Johnson, G.; Smiddy, P., 1989:
Black stork in County Dublin - a new species to Ireland

Was, F., 1967:
Black stork in Forestry Chrzelice, Opole voivodship

Rossetti, JBO., 1980:
Black stork in Outer Hebrides

Huggins, J., 1986:
Black stork in south Devon, April 1985

Naylor, K.; Hopper, J., 2000:
Black stork in the Vale of Belvoir

Peat, L., 2004:
Black stork management and breeding at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Prieta, J.; Traverso, J.M.ria., 2000:
Black stork nesting site appropriation by raptors Apropiacion de nidos de ciguena negra por rapaces rupicolas

Patmore, Stephen., 2003:
Black stork over Newport, 15th May 2002, the seventh Essex record

de la Harpe, D. van Laeren, K., 1989:
Black stork taking over black eagles nest?

Firmanszky, G.; Horvath, M., 1997:
Black stork with white tail Rendellenes szinezetu fekete golya Ciconia nigra megfigyelese

Rosa, G.; Monteiro, A.; Carvalho, A.; Blanco, H.; Araujo, A., 1996:
Black storks Ciconia nigra situation in Portugal A situacao da cegonha-preta Ciconia nigra em Portugal

Bozic, Ivo A., 1994:
Black stork Crna storklja

Denac, Damijan., 2000:
Black stork Crna storklja Ciconia nigra

Vrh, P.; Vrezec, A., 2004:
Black stork Crna storklja Ciconia nigra

Krofel, M., 2005:
Black stork Crna storklja Ciconia nigra

Bordjan, D.; Vidmar, A., 2006:
Black stork Crna storklja Ciconia nigra

Cleeves, Tim., 1999:
Black stork The second Northumberland record

Kovacs, Gabor., 2003:
Black storks Ciconia nigra roosting on shadoofs in the puszta Pusztai gemeskuton ejszakazo fekete golyak Ciconia nigra

Van Den Bossche, W., 2004:
Black storks Ciconia nigra wintering in Northern Israel

Hauff, Peter., 2005:
Black storks Ciconia nigra at the Elbe Schwarzstoerche Ciconia nigra an der Elbe

Martin, R.; Pepler, D., 1999:
Black storks breeding in MontEco

Madsen, ST., 1990:
Black storks in Nepal and India

England, MD., 1974:
Black storks wing-spreading while feeding

Pitman, RL., 1976:
Black storm petrel breeds in the United States

Martin, R.; Pepler, D., 1996:
Black sunbird range extension

Sperling, Felix., 1996:
Black swallowtails of North America zelicaon, machaon and zen koan

Vasilik, Z., 2005:
Black swan Cygnus atratus

Laurenti, Stefano., 2000:
Black swan Cygnus atratus in S Liberato Lake Province of Terni, Central Italy Presenza di cigno nero Cygnus atratus al Lago di S Liberato TR

Beehler, BM., 1980:
Black swan Cygnus atratus A new species for the New Guinea region

Williams, MJ., 1975 :
Black swan Wildlife

Potter, Kim M., 1997:
Black swift Cypseloides niger colony at Rifle Falls

Johnson, PW., 1990:
Black swift Cypseloides niger nesting in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico

Knorr, Owen A., 1994:
Black swift Cypseloides niger nesting site characteristics some new insights

Hirshman, Sue., 1998:
Black swifts Cypseloides niger in Box Canyon, Ouray, Colorado

Davis, Donald., 1999:
Black swifts Cypseloides niger in Fulton Resurgence Cave

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