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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38006

Chapter 38006 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tyler, S.J.; Hearn, R., 2007:
Black swifts Apus barbatus in the Okavango?

Mathews, G.M., 1909:
Black tailed God wit

Browning, R., 1980:
Black temper Why do black fish show extra aggression?

Dunn, E.H.; Agro, D.J., 1995:
Black tern

de Fraine, R., 1982:
Black tern Chlidonias niger and wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe migrating in a large group

de Silva, R.I.; Perera, E.; Perera, L.; Samarasinghe, K., 1993:
Black tern Chlidonias niger a new species for Sri Lanka

Dowsett, R.J., 1968:
Black tern Chlidonias nigra at Lake Chad, and its distribution in Africa

Whitt, A L.; Jr., 1974:
Black tern at Buckhorn Lake

Sangha, Harkirat S., 1994:
Black tern at Point Calimere, Tamil Nadu

Iversen, M., 1977:
Black tern breeding in the salt marsh

McDonald, R., 1988:
Black tern chases northern harrier

Mazzocchi, I.; Muller, S., 1991:
Black tern counts from eastern Lake Ontario

Tostain, O.; Dujardin, J-L., 1987:
Black tern in French Guiana

Smith, Fred TH., 1998:
Black tern in southern Victoria

Ashman, Philip., 1995:
Black tern migration in Dane and Columbia County

Paine, ARJ., 1977:
Black tern movement of Sept 15th 1974 London

Baker, R.; Hines, J., 1996:
Black tern sightings in Minnesota 1990-1995

Steinhaus, GH., 1980:
Black tern with bright red legs

Finch, BW., 1986:
Black tern, Chlidonias niger, at Moitaka Settling Ponds, Central Province - first record for the New Guinea region

Alexandersson, H., 1992:
Black terns - a reply

Alexandersson, H., 1991:
Black terns - an Oland species in retreat

Edwards, S., 1983:
Black terns in Wiltshire

Schmitt, MB.; Milstein, P. le S.; Hunter, HC.; Hopcroft, CJ., 1973:
Black terns in the Transvaal

Turner, M., 1991:
Black terns influx, spring 1990

White, J., 1971:
Black tetras

Elias, Jaroslav., 2005:
Black tetras The care and breeding of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Der Trauermantelsalmler Zur Pflege und Zucht von Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Postma, P.; Brix, M., 1999:
Black throated Brent goose family overwintering in Europe Schwarzbauchige Ringelgans-Familie uberwintert in Europa

Stegeman, Leo. den Ouden, Jan E., 1995:
Black throated divers along the Dutch coast

Brazier, F.H., 1965:
Black throated grey warbler- a Saskatchewan first

Dormer, G., 1976:
Black throated thrush Vagrant from the Taiga Forest Transactions Norfolk Norwich Nat

Torrey, L., 1980:
Black tide from the Bay of Campeche

Capper, S., 1914:
Black tigers Felis tigris

Steyn, P., 1966:
Black tit Parus niger Vieillot holding food with feet

Hansen, RW.; Switak, KH.; Szewczak, JW., 1994:
Black toad

Osburn, R.C., 1925:
Black tumour of the catfish

Alvarado, J.; Figueroa, A.; Alarcon, P., 1988:
Black turtle project in Michoacan, Mexico plastic vs metal tags

Resendiz S.; Hidalgo, A.; Hernandez, J.L., 1993:
Black turtles confiscated, released

Iwata, T., 1972:
Black type in the green rice leafhopper, Nephotettix cincticeps Uhler

Wang, Z.; Di, N., 1985:
Black variation of Mus musculus caught in Xining

Norton, J., 1984:
Black velvet angelfish

Steffan, J., 1981:
Black vulture

Silva, L.; Rocha, P.; Monteiro, A., 1996:
Black vulture Aegypius monachus situation in Portugal Situacao do abutre-preto Aegypius monachus em Portugal o seu passado, situacao actual e perspectivas de futuro

Anonymous., 1987:
Black vulture at Kafr Qassem

Lind, James W., 2005:
Black vulture in Lake County

Bridges, Joseph T., 1998:
Black vulture in New York State - confirmed nesting and observations of early development

Appak, BA., 2001:
Black vulture in the Crimea

Lugovoy, AE., 1998:
Black vulture in the fauna of Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine

Rabenold, P., 1990:
Black vulture, Coragyps atratus Bechstein

Magnusson, WE.; Lima, AP., 1983:
Black vultures Coragyps atratus a side benefit for trees with buttress roots?

Meriwether, J., 1981:
Black vultures Coragyps atratus in Panama

Marsh, BN., 1991:
Black vultures dip for food

Anonymous., 1995:
Black vultures from Andalucia are reintroduced to Europe Buitres negros andaluces estan siendo reintroducidos en Europa

Consejo Iberico para la Defensa de la Naturaleza., 1995:
Black vultures harmed by forest management in Sierra Pelada Buitres negros danados por la gestion forestal de Sierra Pelada

Waters, E.; Prythereh, R.J., 1968:
Black vultures in Majorca

Richford, AS., 1976:
Black vultures in Mallorca

Northeimer, John E., 1998:
Black vultures overwinter in Blackwater Canyon, Tucker County, West Virginia

Ashton, R.E.; Jr.; Peavy, J., 1986:
Black warrior waterdog

Hetz, Stefan K., 2005:
Black water - from the point of view of fish Schwarzwasser - aus der Sicht der Fische

Mitropolsky, OV., 2005:
Black wheatear Oenanthe opistoleuca Strickland, 1849 in Southern Kazakhstan

Heselden, RG.; Parr, J.; Berrow, S.; Cobley, N., 1996:
Black wheatear killing lizard by dashing it against stone

Knowlton, G.F., 1955:
Black widow spider

Semans, F.M., 1941:
Black widow spider Latrodectus mactans Fab distribution in Ohio

Ushkaryov, YuA.; Grishin, EV., 1986:
Black widow spider neurotoxin and its interaction with rat brain receptors

Williams, J., 1989:
Black widowfinch reporting

Ashby, G.J., 1954:
Black widows and Tarantulas

Anonymous., 1972:
Black wildbeest

Vrahimis, Savvas., 2001:
Black wildebeest Connochaetes gnou conservation success an historical perspective

Bekaert, L., 1986:
Black winged stilt sighted at Moerbeke - possible origin from a breeding pair at Kallo

Brown, B.; Hellyer, P., 1991:
Black winged stilts at Al Ghar Lake

Joubert, CSW., 1974:
Black winged stilts breeding on Lake Kariba

Petersen, P.J., 1967:
Black woodpecker Dryocopus martins breeding in Gribskov, North Zealand

Colmant, Laurent., 2002:
Black woodpecker Dryocopus martius and middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Flemish Belgium habitat use and conservation measures Pic noir Dryocopus martius et pic mar Dendrocopos medius en Wallonie Belgique Habitats en mesures de conservation

Colmant, Laurent., 2003:
Black woodpecker Dryocopus martius population breeding sites and cavity-holding trees in the Viroin-Hermeton natural park French-speaking Belgium area Population, sites de nidification et arbres a lodge du pic noir Dryocopus martius dans la region du parc naturel viroin-hermeton Wallonie, Belgique

Utmar, P.; Padovan, P., 2005:
Black woodpecker, Dryocopus martius, breeding in the plain in Friuli Venezia Giulia NE Italy Il picchio nero, Dryocopus martius, nidificante in Pianura nel Friuli Venezia Giulia

Salamun, Zeljko., 2001:
Black woodpecker Crna zolna Dryocopus martius

Christ, Otto., 2007:
Black woodpeckers in the Ardey mountains Schwarzspechte im Ardey-Gebirge

Standley, S., 1990:
Black, brown mongoose lemurs

Jonkel, C., 1978:
Black, brown grizzly, and polar bears

Spreinart, Andreas., 2006:
Black, yellow and strong - the Turkish gold cichlid part 1 Schwarz, gelb, stark - der Tuerkisgold-Buntbarsch Teil 1

Leivo, M.; Kapanen, M., 1995:
Black- red-throated divers Lentavien kuikkien ja kaakkureiden maaritys kevaalla

Holliman, A., 1975:
Black- and-white warbler Mniotilta varia Isles Scilly

Sibley, C.G., 1951:
Black-and-white Warbler in Santa Clara County, California

Pulich, W.M.; Gullion, W., 1953:
Black-and-white Warbler, Dick-cissel, and True Sparrow in Nevada

Coburn, J., 2006 :
Black-and-white cuckoo Jacobin cuckoo breeding at Lake Baringo

Johnston-Stewart, N.; Atkins, JD., 1989:
Black-and-white flycatchers in Lengwe National Park

Salewski, V.; Goeken, F., 2001:
Black-and-white mannikin Lonchura bicolor, new for Comoe National park, Ivory Coast

Carter, WA., 1992:
Black-and-white warbler nest failure in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

Shackford, J.S., 2004:
Black-and-white warbler nest in habitat also used by black-capped vireos, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Sedgwick, L.E., 1967:
Black-and-white wren ? on Peron Peninsula

Lewis, Alan., 1993:
Black-and-yellow grosbeak Mycerobas icterioides a new species for Nepal

Staton, J., 1943:
Black-backed Gull breeding in Nottinghamshire

Taylor, R.H.; Wodzicki, K., 1958:
Black-backed Gull-a gannet predator

Boehm, E.F., 1956:
Black-backed Magpie extends its range

Gottschalk, Thomas., 2001:
Black-backed cisticola Cisticola eximius a new species for Tanzania

Oliver, J., 1983:
Black-backed gull

Kaplan, Jay., 1999:
Black-backed gull catches a skate

Cook, Willie., 1994:
Black-backed gull eats sparrow

Clark, RG., 2001:
Black-backed gulls Larus dominicanus and their role in the spread of Salmonella Brandenburg

Eigenhuis, Klaas J., 1996:
Black-backed gulls already breeding in the Netherlands in earlier centuries? Mantelmeeuwen Larus marinus/fuscus reeds in vroegere eeuwen broedvogel in Nederland?

Rowe-Rowe, DT., 1983:
Black-backed jackal Canis mesomelas ecology in Giants Castle Game Reserve

Hadley, D., 1966:
Black-backed jackal at Livingstone

Rowe-Rowe, DT., 1983:
Black-backed jackal diet in relation to food availability in the Natal Drakensberg

Rowe-Rowe, DT., 1984:
Black-backed jackal population structure in the Natal Drakensberg

Mullins, M.; J,., 1976:
Black-backed jackals

Kolar, B., 2005:
Black-backed jackals hunt seals on the Diamond coast, Namibia

Phillips, NA., 1977:
Black-backed magpies kill a little raven

Korotev, R., 1978:
Black-backed three-toed woodpecker

Haig, S., 1980:
Black-backed three-toed woodpecker in Forest County

Elsen, D., 1977:
Black-backed three-toed woodpecker in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Potter, P.E., 1964:
Black-backed three-toed woodpecker in Washtenaw County, Michigan

Wickman, B.E., 1965:
Black-backed three-toed woodpecker, Pieoides arcticus, predation on Monochamus oregonensis Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Carter, Mike., 1998:
Black-backed wagtail Motacilla lugens

Pulcinella, Nick., 2002:
Black-backed woodpecker Picodes arcticus Pike County

Frank, JC., 1986:
Black-backed woodpecker in Taylor County

Pollock, Oney., 2005:
Black-backed woodpecker nests near La Ronge, SK

Dixon, R.D.; Saab, V.A., 2000:
Black-backed woodpecker Picoides arcticus

Scott, T.G.; Sheldahl, R.B., 1937:
Black-banded Skink in Iowa

Kocak,; Kemal, M., 2002:
Black-banded beauty in Turkey Colobochyla platyzona Lederer, 1870 Noctuidae, Lepidoptera Turkiye de bir Karakusakli Guzel, Colobochyla platyzona Lederer, 1870 Noctuidae, Lepidoptera

Hull, Mike., 1999:
Black-banded moth Polymixis xanthomista statices Gregson Lepidoptera Noctuidae on Anglesey

Anthony, D., 1948:
Black-banded sunfish

Nevin, W.S., 1955:
Black-bellied Dipper in Kent

Archer, A.; Bower, C.; Clegg, T.M., 1964:
Black-bellied Dipper in South Yorkshire

Anon., 1952:
Black-bellied Dippers in the British Isles, 1950-51

Despott, G., 1916:
Black-bellied Sand-grouse Pterocles arenarius L and White Storks Ciconia alba Bechst in Malta

Yocom, C.F., 1951:
Black-bellied and Golden Plovers in Eastern Washington

Rockingham-Gill, Alice., 1992:
Black-bellied bustard eating little bee-eater

Penry, EH., 1977 :
Black-bellied seedcracker Pyrenestes ostrinus in Chinsali District Bulletin Zambian orn

Fanshawe, JH.; Prince, P.; Irwin, M., 1992:
Black-bellied storm petrel Fregetta tropica, Antarctic prion Pachyptila desolata, and thin-billed prion P belcheri three species new to Kenya and East Africa

Harrigal, D.; Laurie, P.; Floyd, C., 1995:
Black-bellied whistling ducks observed in Colleton County, South Carolina

Svingen, Peder., 1996:
Black-bellied whistling-duck in Roseau County

Norman, JL.; Hayes, E., 1988:
Black-bellied whistling-duck a new species for Oklahoma

Janssen, RB., 1987:
Black-bellied whistling-ducks in Meeker County

Harrigal, D.; Cely, J.E., 2004:
Black-bellied whistling-ducks nest in South Carolina

Hudson, G.E., 1952:
Black-billed Cuckoo Coccyzus erythropthalmus at Grays Lake, Bonneville County, Idaho

Palmer, E.C.; Robertson, T., 1951:
Black-billed Cuckoo in Kintyre

Sims, R.W., 1954:
Black-billed Cuckoo in Shetland

Rogers, G., 1945:
Black-billed Cuckoo nesting in Oklahoma, p 632; Costa Rica Sparrow near Canal Zone, p 641

Black, M.S., 1956:
Black-billed Gulls of Rotorua

van Beirs, Mark., 1997:
Black-billed barbet Lybius guifsobalito, new to Cameroon and west Africa

Fischer, DH., 1979:
Black-billed cuckoo Coccyzus erythropthalmus breeding in south Texas

Van Veizen, W.T., 1967:
Black-billed cuckoo records in California

Foreman, GG., 1973:
Black-billed gull colony at Wairoa

Allen, GG., 1984:
Black-billed gull food preferences

Drake, J., 1978:
Black-billed gulls nesting on the upper Manawatu River bed

Weekes, K., 1984:
Black-billed magpie

Watola, GV., 1993:
Black-billed magpie Pica pica a new species for Thailand

Mueller, HC.; Mueller, NS.; Berger, DD.; Allez, G.; Kasper, JL., 1983:
Black-billed magpie at Cedar Grove

Paul, J., 1987:
Black-billed magpies

Stanley, G.A., 1967:
Black-billed magpies in Roseau County

Price, N.; Price, B., 1991:
Black-breasted button-quail

Smyth, A.K.; Noble, D.; Wiley, C., 2001:
Black-breasted button-quail in open eucalypt forest in south-eastern Queensland

Clancy, Greg P., 1994:
Black-breasted buzzard record at Iluka

Garnett, S., 1985:
Black-breasted buzzard robbing little tern nests

Cupper, L., 1976:
Black-breasted buzzards on Marrapinna Station, N SW

Bednall, D.K., 1956:
Black-browed Albatross at Mombasa

Macdonald, J.D., 1953:
Black-browed Albatross in Derbyshire

Degnan, Lance., 2003:
Black-browed albatross

de Bruijne, J.W.A., 1970:
Black-browed albatross Diomedea melanophris in the Caribbean

Fiszer, Mick., 2004:
Black-browed albatross - an addition to the county list

Scarborough, T., 1987:
Black-browed albatross and giant-petrels from South Georgia

Offringa, H.; Witbaard, R., 1990:
Black-browed albatross in FRG in October 1988

Lassey, PA., 1973:
Black-browed albatross in Fife

Janich, K.; Janich, M. van Swelm, N., 1970:
Black-browed albatross in Orkney

Saunt, Mick., 2006:
Black-browed albatross off Sheringham - the second county record

DuMont, PG., 1973:
Black-browed albatross sightings off the United States east coast

Waterston, G., 1968:
Black-browed albatross summering on the Bass Rock

Watt, I., 1982:
Black-browed albatross, Diomedea melanophris

Segergren, Jesper., 2001:
Black-browed albatross, Hovs hallar 19/5, new species for Skane Svartbrynad albatross, Hovs hallar 19/5, ny art for Skane

Mensink, Gerben., 2001:
Black-browed albatross Wenkbrauwalbatros langs Vlieland

Shi Haitao. et al., 1998:
Black-browed reed warbler, Acrocephalus bistrigiceps, a record new to Hainan Province

Abdulali, H., 1945:
Black-capped King-fisher Halcyon pileata Bodd nesting in India

Allen, J.A., 1904:
Black-capped Petrel OEstrelata hoesitata in New Hampshire

Jenkins, J., 1970:
Black-capped and other petrels near the Kermadocs

Smith, Susan M., 1993:
Black-capped chickadee

Gammon, D.E., 2004:
Black-capped chickadee dawn chorus and subsequent sexual activity

Kaplan, Jay., 2002:
Black-capped chickadee feeding on carrion

Bolgiano, N.C., 2004:
Black-capped chickadee irruptions in Pennsylvania

Goldberg, M., 1969:
Black-capped chickadee takes over bluebird nest

LeGrand, H.E.; Jr., 1990:
Black-capped chickadee, Parus atricapillus practicus Oberholser

Diggs, H.; Diggs, F., 1986:
Black-capped chickadees

Phillips, AR.; Speich, S.; Harrison, W., 1973:
Black-capped gnatcatcher, a new breeding bird for the United States; with a key to the North American species of Polioptila

Kudo, K., 1981:
Black-capped kingfisher straggles to Iwate Prefecture, Honshu

Morzer Bruyns, W.F.J., 1967:
Black-capped petrels in the Caribbean

Clapp, RB.; Mehner, JF., 1992:
Black-capped petrels in the mountains of Virginia

Cameron, CAC., 1973:
Black-capped sittella - an extension of range ?

Guilfoyle, M.P., 2002:
Black-capped vireo and golden-cheeked warbler populations potentially impacted by USACE reservoir operations

Chester-Master, L.A.C., 1945:
Black-caps in the Azores

Borrett, R., 1974:
Black-checked waxbill at Birchenough Bridge

Shepherd, G.E., 1907:
Black-cheeked Falcon and Pigeon

Warburton, Louise., 2002:
Black-cheeked lovebird Africas most threatened lovebird

Warburton, Louise., 1999:
Black-cheeked lovebirds in the wild

Colahan, Brian D., 2000:
Black-chested prinias Prinia maculosa breeding in old red bishop Euplectes orix nests in the southeastern Free State

Hsu, W.W.; Collar, NJ., 2005:
Black-chinned fruit-dove Ptilinopus leclancheri and scaly thrush Zoothera dauma on Taiwan

Crossley, Richard., 1997:
Black-chinned hummingbird Archilochus alexandri First New Jersey record

Moeliker, CW.; Heij, CJ., 1996:
Black-chinned monarchs Monarcha boanensis on Boano Island

Tenney, Chris R., 1997:
Black-chinned sparrow

Brouwer, J., 1988:
Black-cockatoos in Western Australia

Penry, EH., 1979:
Black-collared bulbul Neolestes torquatus in an unusual habitat

Elkin, JA.; Mann, CF.; Ozog, AC., 1993:
Black-collared starling Sturnus nigricollis, a species new to Borneo and the Sundas

Tyler, JD., 1989:
Black-crested titmouse in Comanche County, Oklahoma

Tapia, G.J., 1952:
Black-crowned Night Heron breeds in heart of Mexico City

Allen, R.P., 1938:
Black-crowned Night Heron colonies on Long Island

Beckett, T.A., 1963:
Black-crowned Night Heron feeding behavior

Drinkwater, H., 1958:
Black-crowned Night Heron using bill motion to lure prey

Donahue, J.P.Phillips, C.J., 1964:
Black-crowned Night Herons in Durango, Mexico

Davis, W.E.; Jr., 1999:
Black-crowned and yellow-crowned night-herons

Richards, JM., 1978:
Black-crowned night heron Nycticorax nycticorax nesting in the regional municipality of Durham, Ontario

Whittow, GC., 1992:
Black-crowned night heron nest on Manana Island

Andrews, S., 1981:
Black-crowned night heron predation on black-necked stilt

Erhart, F.C.; Kurstjens, G., 2000:
Black-crowned night herons Nycticorax nycticorax as a breeding bird in The Netherlands in the twentieth Century Aantalsontwikkeling van de kwak Nycticorax nycticorax als broedvogel in Nederland in de twintigste eeuw

McKee, D., 1992:
Black-crowned night-heron in Wichita County, Texas, in winter

Smith, MG., 1989:
Black-crowned night-herons nesting in eastern Rockingham County

Remington, Warwick., 2000 :
Black-crowned parrot Pionites melanocephala

Boczek, J. leska, W., 1968:
Black-currant gall mite Cecidophyopsis ribis Westw Acarina Eriophyidae 1 Morphology and distribution in Poland

le Brocq, P.F., 1955:
Black-eard Wheatear in Hampshire

Patten, C.J., 1916:
Black-eared Wheatear at the Tuskar A new bird for the Irish List

Campbell, M., 1954:
Black-eared Wheatear in Berkshire

Holme, H.C.; Simms, E., 1953:
Black-eared Wheatear in London

Nicholls, CA.; Spence, T.; Thorpe, AG., 1977:
Black-eared cuckoo in the Perth metropolitan area

Kuhlman, F., 1981:
Black-eared kite populations in Kobe City, Japan

Considine, M., 1986:
Black-eared miners - a forgotten species

Ridett, I., 1991:
Black-eared wheatear - a new Isle of Wight species

Sultana, J.; Gauci, C., 1981:
Black-eared wheatear erroneously recorded as pied wheatear

Smith, E.M.; Smith, R.W.T.; Stark, D.M. , 1970:
Black-eared wheatear in Caithness

Heselden, R., 1992:
Black-eared wheatear in Co Cork

Anonymous., 1979:
Black-eared wheatear on Fair Isle

de Bruin, A.; Ebels, E.B. van Dijken, K.; Steenge, W., 1994:
Black-eared wheatear on Rottumeroog in June 1991 Blonde Tapuit op Rottumeroog in juni 1991

Rose, J.; Wallen, M., 1993:
Black-eared wheatear A first for Buckinghamshire

Jancar, Tomaz., 2001:
Black-eared wheatear Sredozemski kupcar Oenanthe hispanica

Polak, S., 2003:
Black-eared wheatear Sredozemski kupcar Oenanthe hispanica melanoleuca

Harwin, RM., 1994:
Black-eyed bulbuls feeding on buildings

Sedgwick, E.H., 1955:
Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike caught in flocks of Starlings

Bigalke, R., 1957:
Black-faced Impala Aepyceros melampus petersi Bocage in South-West Africa

Stones, AJ.; Bean, NAJ. van Balen, S., 1997:
Black-faced bunting Emberiza spodocephala on Taliabu Island, Sula Island Group; the first record for Indonesia

Speight, GJ.; Gibson, A., 2000:
Black-faced bunting at Spurn Point

Solbakken, K.A.; Myklebust, M., 2000:
Black-faced bunting in Titran in October 1999 - the first record for Norway Grahodespurv pa Tiitran i oktober 1999 - det forste funnet i Norge

Conings, Anton ME. van Loon, Andre J., 1994:
Black-faced bunting on Schiermonnikoog in October 1993

Steele, Jimmy., 2000:
Black-faced bunting The first for Northumberland and second for Britain

Vincent, Joan., 1999:
Black-faced cuckoo shrikes Nesting habits

Anonymous., 1983:
Black-faced cuckoo-shrike Coracina novaehollandiae

Smith, F.T.H., 1969:
Black-faced flycatcher west of Melbourne

Swart, PS., 1981:
Black-faced impala in south west Africa

Aston, Paul., 1996:
Black-faced laughing thrush and black-necked starling attempting to eat asian painted frog

Lane, SG., 1980:
Black-faced shags breeding on islands off Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

Chong Jong Ryol., 1995:
Black-faced spoonbill

Won, H.G., 1966:
Black-faced spoonbill and its protection

Chalmers, Michael L., 1998:
Black-faced spoonbill nest-building at Mai Po

Sheehan, D.; Burrell, P., 1989:
Black-faced swee waxbill at Nyanga

Symons, FB., 1992:
Black-faced wood-swallow, Artamus cinereus, at Wau Morobe Province

Deane, C.D., 1963:
Black-fish Centrolophus niger Gmelin in Ulster waters

Kovachev, SG., 1990:
Black-flies Insecta, Diptera, Simuliidae from Vitosa

Van Riper, W.; Niedrach, R.J., 1946:
Black-footed Ferret

Crabb, W.D.Watson, G.W., 1950:
Black-footed Ferret in Montana

Sanger, GA., 1974:
Black-footed albatross Diomedea nigripes

Cousins, KL., 1998:
Black-footed albatross population biology workshop

Young, S.P., 1954:
Black-footed ferret Mustela nigripes in South Dakota

Bright Martin, J.; Martin, L.D., 1995:
Black-footed ferret Mustela nigripes in the Late Pleistocene, Illinoian, of Nebraska

Harvey, L., 1970:
Black-footed ferret Mustela nigripesA bibliography

Reading, R.P.; Clark, T.W.; Vargas, A.; Hanebury, L.R.; Miller, B.J.; Biggins, D.E.; Marinari, P.E., 1997:
Black-footed ferret Mustela nigripes conservation update

Graves, G.; Luyster, J., 1995:
Black-footed ferret captive propagation, reintroduction, and impact on a participating zoo

Garst, W.E., 1954:
Black-footed ferret in South Dakota

Belitsky, D., 1986:
Black-footed ferret program - Wyoming update

Maguire, LA.; Clark, TW.; Crete, R.; Cada, J.; Groves, C.; Shaffer, ML.; Seal, US., 1988:
Black-footed ferret recovery in Montana a decision analysis

Richardson, L.; Clark, TW.; Forrest, SC.; Campbell, T.M.; III., 1986:
Black-footed ferret recovery a discussion of some options and considerations

McDonald, P.M.; Plumb, G.E., 1996:
Black-footed ferret reintroduction in the Conata Basin/Badlands of southwestern South Dakota

Vargas, Astrid., 1999:
Black-footed ferret reproduction and reintroduction in 1998

Fagerstone, KA., 1987:
Black-footed ferret, long-tailed weasel, short-tailed weasel, and least weasel

Lock, RA., 1980:
Black-footed ferret, whooping crane, and bald eagle protected in Nebraska

Henderson, FR., 1983:
Black-footed ferrets

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Black-necked grebe Crnovrati ponirek Podiceps nigricollis

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Black-necked grebe Crnovrati ponirek Podiceps nigricollis

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Black-necked stork jabiru off course

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Black-necked stork fishing

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Black-shouldered kite

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Black-shouldered kite with bumblefoot

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Black-tailed Godwits Limosa l limosa at Sierra Leone The Lesser Flamingo Phoenicopterus minor in the Cameroons

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Black-tailed godwit at the Tinicum National Environmental Center

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Black-tailed godwit colour-ringing on the Wash

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Black-tailed godwit in Namibia

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Black-tailed godwit influx

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Black-tailed godwit sighted near Regina - first for interior North America

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Black-tailed godwit, oystercatcher and whimbrel morning flights inland from roosting sites Spring observations on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein Morgens vom Schlafplatz landeinwarts fliegende Uferschnepfen, Austernfischer und Regenbrachvogel Fruhjahrsbeobachtungen an der Westkuste Schleswig-Holsteins

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Black-tailed godwits fighting in autumn

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Black-tailed godwits in Oxfordshire

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Black-tailed godwits on the Wash

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Black-tailed godwits, ruffs and Black terns breeding on the Ouse Washes

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Black-tailed grey waxbill at Usisya

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Black-tailed gull Larus crassirostris in New Jersey

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Black-tailed gull sighting

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Black-tailed gulls at the state fur farm Kraskinskiy in the South Primorye Territory

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Black-tailed jackrabbit carcasses on the highways in Nevada, Idaho and California

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Black-tailed native hen in desert country

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Black-tailed yellow cockatoo

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Black-throated Blue Warbler at Santa Barbara, California

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Black-throated Diver Colymbus arcticus at Woburn

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Black-throated Diver in Richmond Park

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Black-throated Diver in summer plumage 268 Increase of House-Martin in the city of Gyor 299 Teal in 1,300 year-old grave 311

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Black-throated Divers in Warwick-shire, Worcestershire and Berkshire

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Black-throated Gray Warbler in Michigan

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Black-throated Gray Warbler in Ohio

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Black-throated Grey Warbler at Miami, Florida

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Black-throated Oriole Icterus gularis nesting in Texas

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Black-throated Sparrow in Kansas

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Black-throated Thrush in Kent

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Black-throated Thrush, Thrush Nightingale, Serin and Rustic Bunting at Fair Isle

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Black-throated apalis Apalis jacksoni, a new bird for Gabon

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Black-throated blue and Cape May warblers killed in central Florida

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Black-throated butcher-bird at Woodmans Point

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Black-throated diver

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Black-throated diver Gavia arctica in Blekinge

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Black-throated diver Gavia arctica catches a common frog Rana temporaria on an inner alpine resting place Prachttaucher Gavia arctica erbeutet an inneralpinem Rastplatz einen Grasfrosch Rana temporaria

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Black-throated diver in Greece in July 1981

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Black-throated diver, Gavia arctica, attacking and eating a goldeneye, Bucephala clangula, duckling

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Black-throated diver Polarni slapnik Gavia arctica

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Black-throated divers Gavia arctica in summer plumage observed on the Noord-Holland coast

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Black-throated divers and throat straps

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Black-throated divers displaying in Gerrans Bay

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Black-throated gray warbler at Greensboro, NC

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Black-throated gray warbler at Oliver Reservoir

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Black-throated gray warbler at Shanks Lake, Alberta

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Black-throated gray warbler at Wilmington, NC

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Black-throated green warbler

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Black-throated green warbler, new to Iceland Graenskrikja finnst a Islandi

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Black-throated grey warbler at Central Park, New York, N Y

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Black-throated honey guide and Abyssinian scimiter bill

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Black-throated loon Polarni slapnik Gavia arctica

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Black-throated sparrow

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Black-throated sparrow banded in Omaha, NE

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Black-throated sparrow banded in Omaha, Nebraska

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Black-throated sparrow in Moorhead, Clay County

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Black-throated sparrows breeding in Idaho

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Black-throated sunbirds at Frasers Hill

Wesolowski, T., 1980:
Black-throated thrush Turdus ruficollis ruficollis x T r atrogularis in Poland

Bristow, P., 1993:
Black-throated thrush Turdus ruficollis

Goodwin, AG., 1983:
Black-throated thrush Turdus ruficollis atrogularis St Marys, 7th-14th October 1982

Swart, MJ., 1983:
Black-throated thrush Turdus ruficollis atrogularis on Schiermonnikoog

Brouwer, R.E.; Halff, R.A.; Harder, N., 1997:
Black-throated thrush at Den Helder in January-March 1996 Zwartkeellijster in Den Helder in januari-maart 1996

Kelly, DJ., 1990:
Black-throated thrush at Prestongrange

Hill, Richard D., 1996:
Black-throated thrush at Redmires

Shaughnessy, JP., 1984:
Black-throated thrush at Sale Meadows on 24th November 1983 a species new to Greater Manchester

de Vries, K.; Ouwerkerk, A., 2000:
Black-throated thrush on Terschelling in April 1998 Zwartkeellijster op Terschelling in april 1998

Butcher, Rael., 2006 :
Black-throated thrush; 10th record

Mayer, Gertrud T., 1995:
Black-throated thrushes Turdus ruficollis atrogularis Jarocki as winter guests in Steinhaus am Semmering Aves, Turdidae Schwarzkehlige Bechsteindrosseln Turdus ruficollis atrogularis Jarocki als Wintergaste in Steinhaus em Semmering Aves, Turdidae

Waring, Paul., 2000:
Black-veined Siona lineata UK BAP priority species

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Black-wheatear-new breeding record for Malta

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Black-white discrimintation and orienting behaviour ibn the desert iguana Dipsosaurus dorsalis

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Black-winged Pratincole in Yorkshire

Norris, A.S., 1953:
Black-winged Stilt breeding in Arabia

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Black-winged Stilts in Ireland

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Black-winged Stilts in the British Isles

Couve, E.; Vidal, C., 1999:
Black-winged ground dove, Metriopelia melanoptera Molina 1782, new avian species in the Magellan region Tortola cordillerana, Metriopelia melanoptera Molina 1782, una nueva especie de ave para la region de Magallanes

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Black-winged kite Elanus caeruleus Desfontaines in Bulgaria

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Black-winged kite Elanus caeruleus

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Black-winged monarch near Cairns, North Queensland

Thomas, RN., 1979:
Black-winged petrels in the far north

Charlton, TD., 1987:
Black-winged pratincole

Dean, TR., 1994:
Black-winged pratincole - second for Suffolk

Stipcevic, M., 1992:
Black-winged pratincole Glareola nordmanni confirmed in Croatia

Holmes, Robert., 2000:
Black-winged pratincole at Cley - third for Norfolk

Guziak, R.; Stawarczyk, T., 1992:
Black-winged pratincole at Mietkow Reservoir

Cardno, R., 1979:
Black-winged pratincole in Aberdeenshire

Firmin, J., 1980:
Black-winged pratincole a memorable north Essex rarity

Ravno, Bernard., 2001:
Black-winged pratincoles on the move

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus at the northern limit of its area in the Left Bank Ukraine

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus in Dnepropetrovsk country and perspectives of its protection

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus nesting at Kanosia Lagoon, Central Province - a new breeding species for the island of New Guinea

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus in Sado estuary movements recorded with the help of colour marked birds O perna-longa Himantopus himantopus no estuario do Sado movimientos observados com o auxilio da marcacao com anilhas de cor

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Black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus wintering population recent changes in range and numbers

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Black-winged stilt at Hollingworth Lake, 3rd June 1993

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Black-winged stilt at Ladys Island, County Wexford

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Black-winged stilt at Undy, a new bird for Gwent

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Black-winged stilt bred in Lorraine Nidification de lechasse blanche Himantopus himantopus en Lorraine

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Black-winged stilt breeding at Ploegsteert

Hamel, J.; Baptiste,, 2001:
Black-winged stilt breeds in Calvados in spring 2001 Nidification de lechasse blanche Himantopus himantopus dans le Calvados

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Black-winged stilt head bobbing

Kocevar, Boris., 1998:
Black-winged stilt Polojnik Himantopus himantopus

Blankert, H., 1980:
Black-winged stilts Himantopus himantopus near Almere

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Black-winged stilts at Old Hall marshes, 15th 31st May 2005 the 15th to 20th Essex records

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Black-winged stilts at Willen

Boyd, B., 1988:
Black-winged stilts breeding at Holme

Hirschfield, E., 1990:
Black-winged stilts breeding for the first time in Bahrain

Petrov, VY., 2005:
Black-winget on plain Kulundinskoj and Priobskoe a plateau distribution, habitat distribution, a condition of a population and size of birds

Smith, AHV., 1999:
Blacka Moor in South Yorkshire - an area of moorland fringe habitats a 12 year study of selected bird species

Pedersen, RJ.; Adams, AW.; Williams, W., 1975:
Blackbear predation on an elk calf

Fairley, J.S., 1970:
Blackberries as food of Pine marten

Pritekelj, A., 1990:

Godfrey, R., 1903:
Blackbird Merula merula laying on tho ground

Gloe, Peter., 1996:
Blackbird Turdus merula pursuit of wood pigeon Columba palumbus Amsel Turdus merula verfolgt Ringeltaube Columba palumbus

Dyck, J., 1965:
Blackbird Turdus merula singing at an unusual time

D.Coninck-Verdonck, Monica., 2003:
Blackbird male and female using a dead leaf Wat een curieus gedrag?

Klenk, G., 2005:
Blackbird Turdus merula feeding nestlings of black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros Amsel Turdus merula fuettert Nestlinge des Hausrotschwanzes Phoenicurus ochruros

Osterblad, P., 1980:
Blackbird Turdus merula feeding young on newts, Triturus

Brazil, M.; Suzuki, T., 1988:
Blackbird Turdus merula new to Ishikawa Prefecture

Billett, D.F., 1956:
Blackbird alighting on the sea

Taylor, Moss., 1999:
Blackbird and Eurasian jay with abnormal mandibles

Freeman, M.S.; Batten, L.A., 1970:
Blackbird and Song thrush incubating eggs in same nest

Wild, O.H., 1944:
Blackbird attacking grass-snake Glossy Ibis in Gloucestershire

Paterson, AM., 1989:
Blackbird attacking scorpion Blackbird attacking scorpion

Slimmon, JA., 1975:
Blackbird banding results

Shanks, R., 1953:
Blackbird behaviour

Batten, L., 1974:
Blackbird boom in suburbia

Benson, S.V., 1963:
Blackbird breaking snails

Pilkington, A., 1967:
Blackbird building four nests and rearing brood on tractor in regular use

Southern, J., 1947:
Blackbird building seven nests and laying clutches of two eggs,

Hodson, N.L., 1962:
Blackbird dead on nest after grass fire

Mienis, Henk K., 1994:
Blackbird eating young specimen of Cornu aspera Merel eet juveniele segrijnslakken

Oakey, N., 1973:
Blackbird eats egg

Walker, A., 1973:
Blackbird eats paint

Clemens, J.H., 1956:
Blackbird feeding brood of tits

Baker, N., 1990:
Blackbird feeding fledgling with large yellow underwing moth

Ellison, N.F., 1951:
Blackbird feeding frog to young

Sharrock, J.T.R., 1963:
Blackbird feeding in association with grey squirrels

Gervis, G.R., 1968:
Blackbird feeding in association with mole

Pitchford, G.W., 1954:
Blackbird feeding on Arion subfuscus

Russell, M., 1973:
Blackbird feeds wagtail

Palmer, L., 1973:
Blackbird fishing

Taylor, J., 1980:
Blackbird killing and eating nestling house sparrow

Meadows, B.S., 1965:
Blackbird killing small mammals and a fledgling bird

Tayler, F.H., 1966:
Blackbird laying clutch of eggs on bare earth

Elkins, N., 1967:
Blackbird laying eggs on bare brickwork

Read, Robert., 1903:
Blackbird laying on the ground

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