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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38007

Chapter 38007 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ralfe, P.G., 1906:
Blackbird laying twice in the same nest

Rhodes, L.J.; Bush, C.W., 1955:
Blackbird rearing four broods in same nest

Chettleburgh, M.R., 1954:
Blackbird removing Dunnocks nest built in its own almost complete one

Brooks, JD., 1980:
Blackbird roosting by day

Schmidt, E., 1989:
Blackbird song in the stone jungle

Thomas, A., 1972:
Blackbird taking flatworms from the undersides of water-lily leaves

Raines, R.J., 1955:
Blackbird taking frog

Whitehouse, A.A.G., 1954:
Blackbird thrusting nesting-material into fledglings mouth

Westmacott, Barbara., 1996:
Blackbird to the rescue

Priddey, MW., 1977 :
Blackbird using tool

Chapman, GM., 1987:
Blackbird with a taste for cherries

Hodge, AR., 1987:
Blackbird with aberrant plumage

Herroelen, P., 1988:
Blackbirds nest Turdus merula on the ground

McFadzien, J.; McFadzien, M., 1975:
Blackbirds nest used three times

Kelly, L.H.D., 1948:
Blackbirds song in flight

Ainsworth, G.H.; Platt, A.E.; Chislett, R., 1955:
Blackbirds Turdus merula at Spurn in 1954

Hafsteinsson, HP., 1986:
Blackbirds Turdus merula nesting in Iceland 1985

Freeman, L.J., 1944:
Blackbirds adopting Dunnocks

Allen, A.A., 1934:
Blackbirds and Orioles, etc

Jarvis, Peter., 1996:
Blackbirds and cats down under

Fricke, R., 1983:
Blackbirds and smilax

Dolbeer, RA., 1984:
Blackbirds and starlings population ecology and habits related to airport environments

Meanley, B., 1971:
Blackbirds and the southern rice crop

Reichholf, Josef H., 2002:
Blackbirds and yellow crocus flowers Amseln Turdus merula und Krokusse

Taylor, D.A., 1946:
Blackbirds attempting to rear four broods from the same nest

English, R.D., 1957:
Blackbirds building unusually large nests

England, M.D., 1970:
Blackbirds death caused by snail

Beech, A., 1973:
Blackbirds feed on tadpoles

Burn, R.J., 1968:
Blackbirds feeding on ripening tomatoes

King, B., 1979:
Blackbirds feeding young on estuarine worms

Weller, JE., 1963:
Blackbirds fostering nestling Bull-finches

Leibak, E., 1981:
Blackbirds have become town birds

Green, RE., 1974:
Blackbirds in Cambridge

Broughton, I., 1973:
Blackbirds nest at lighthouse

Grenfell, HE., 1982:
Blackbirds nest in JCB

Pullen, A., 1970:
Blackbirds nesting in glasshouses

Finnis, R.G., 1968:
Blackbirds persistently feeding on ripening tomatoes

Mayer-Gross, H.; Perrins, C.M., 1962:
Blackbirds raising five broods in one season

Smith, JMB., 1994:
Blackbirds reach Barrington Tops, New South Wales

Henriksen, Keld., 1995:
Blackbirds roosting in old nests of magpies

Edelaar, P., 1991:
Blackbirds, a success story

Sperl, Juergen., 2000:
Blackbirds, crows and cats in the city Has the blackbird still got a chance of survival? Vom Amseln, Kraehen und Katzen in der Stadt Hat die Amsel da noch eine Ueberlebenschance?

Hudson, G., 1976:
Blackbrook bird survey

Singh, VN.; Sathyanarayana, MC.; Thiyagesan, K., 1993:
Blackbuck census at Point Calimere

Prasad, NLNS.; Ramana Rao, JV., 1990:
Blackbuck conservation in cultivated areas of Andhra Pradesh

Vasudeva Rao, V.; Ramana Rao, JV.; Prasad, NLNS., 1992:
Blackbuck habitats of Andhra Pradesh conservation strategies

Anonymous., 1977:
Blackbuck increase

Hussain, S.A., 1970:
Blackbuck, Antilope cervicapra Linnaeus swimming

Walker, A., 1959:
Blackbumian and Connecticut Warb-lers in Montana

Liebherr, James K., 2001:
Blackburnia gastrellariformis sp n Coleoptera Carabidae, from Molokai successful prediction of a new taxon by reconciled tree analysis

Morse, Douglass H., 1994:
Blackburnian warbler

Kenning, J.; Kenning, D., 1975:
Blackburnian warblers - first Colorado specimen

Herroelen, P., 1982:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla imitates other species

Billiau, R., 1981:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla purposely destroys a spiders web

Henry, P.-Yves.; Morand, I., 1999:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla eating tree buds Consommation de bourgeons par la fauvette a tete noire Sylvia atricapilla

Piechaud, Etienne., 2005:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla vocalisations during incubation Communication vocale chez la fauvette a tete noire Sylvia atricapilla en periode dincubation

Artazcoz, Alberto., 1997:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla with partial albinism Captura de una curruca capirotada Sylvia atricapilla con albinismo parcial

Claffey, Patrick., 1998:
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla, new to Benin

Baynes, G.K., 1913:
Blackcap and Swallow in England in winter

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 1996:
Blackcap as a survivor of a severe winter Svarthatta klarade den stranga vintern

Rabbitts, B., 1979:
Blackcap eating snowberries

Beatty, Barbara., 1994:
Blackcap feeding on Mahonia

Fisher, S., 1988:
Blackcap goes bananas

Reitan, O., 1984:
Blackcap imitating other bird species in Norway

Murdoch, C.C.I., 1954 :
Blackcap in Invernessshire in winter

Davidson, R.G., 1900:
Blackcap in Perthshire in December

Taylor, M., 1981:
Blackcap migration in Norfolk

Martin, AJ., 1988:
Blackcap migration through St Albans Head

Curber, R.M., 1969:
Blackcap mimmicking song of Lesser spotted woodpecker

Braven, J., 1991:
Blackcap singing at night

King, B., 1979:
Blackcap singing in winter

Marsh, PJ., 1996:
Blackcap survey winter 1995/96

Coward, T.A., 1912:
Blackcap wintering in Somerset

Forselius, S., 1984:
Blackcap, Sylvia atricapilla, using Fritillaria imperialis as foodsource

Grubh, B.R.; Panday, J.D.; Shekar, P.B., 1968:
Blackcapped kingfisher Halcyon pileata Boddaert at Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Radford, P., 1988:
Blackcaps and the wildlife sound recordist

Anonymous., 1993:
Blackcaps have changed their migratory habits

Harrison, HR., 1981:
Blackcaps in winter

Temperley, G.W., 1943:
Blackcaps in winter in Yorkshire, Northumberland, Gloucester and Monmouth

Ruttledge, RF., 1996:
Blackcaps in winter in the sea-board counties of the west of Ireland

Roome, H., 1988:
Blackchested prinia Prinia flavicans in breeding plumage at Satara, Kruger National Park

Corder, John., 2001:
Blackcock sighting

Dark, TA., 1979:
Blackcod investigations during 1976

Abell, AGW., 1992:
Blackcollared barbet Lybius torquatus sighting in Maseru, Lesotho

Penrith, Elgene., 2000:
Blackcollared barbet nest in Port Elizabeth

Steyn, P.; Scott, J., 1974:
Blackcollared barbets evicting a lesser honeyguide

Shivrajkumar, Y., 1969:
Blackcrowned finch-lark, Eremopterix nigriceps affinis Blyth in Gujarat

Smith, B.D., 1965:
Blackcurrant gall mite Cecidophyopsis ribis Nal its spread and control in relation to the virus reversion

Ussher, R.J., 1911:
Blacked tailed Godwits in Counties Wexford, Waterford and Cork

Needler, A.W.H., 1931:
Blackfish Globiocephalus stranded on the south coast of Prince Edward Island

McKee, M., 1981:
Blackfish Centrolophus niger Gmelin taken in the Irish Sea

Quigley, DTG.; Flannery, K.; O'Shea, J., 1997:
Blackfish Centrolophus niger Gmelin, 1789

Quigley, DTG., 1986:
Blackfish Centrolophus niger Gmelin, 1789 C pompilus Cuv Val in Irish waters a further record and a review of Irish records

Chace, L., 1954:
Blackfish bonanza

Andreasson, A., 1974:
Blackfisk och krill-nya vardefulla proteinkallor

Sprangauskaite, Rasa., 1998:
Blackflies Diptera, Simuliidae and some notes on their ecology in five rivers of the Dzukija National Park

Boklak, E.; Czylok, A., 1993:
Blackflies Diptera, Simuliidae of Pogorze Cieszynskie

Patrusheva, VD., 1978 :
Blackflies Diptera, Simuliidae of the Kuznetsk mountain region, Altai and western Sayan

Illesova, D.; Halgos, J., 2004:
Blackflies Diptera Simuliidae of the Turiec River

Jessen, JI., 1977:
Blackflies Diptera Simuliidae which affect sheep in southern Idaho

Watts, SB., 1977:
Blackflies Diptera Simuliidae a problem review and evaluation Pest Mgmt

Luoma, JR., 1984:
Blackflies everywhere

Twinn, C.R., 1938:
Blackflies from Utah and Idaho, with descriptions of new species Simuliidae, Diptera

Crosskey, Roger W., 2004:
Blackflies in Bougainville some amplifying notes

Crosskey, Roger W., 1995:
Blackflies in amber - what can they tell us?

Malmqvist, Bjorn., 2005:
Blackflies in the north - bloodthirsty but useful insects Knotten i norr - blodtorstiga men nyttiga smakryp

Olejnicek, Jiri., 1986:
Blackflies in the prospective Hnevkovice Dam Lake region Muchnicky oblasti budouci vodni nadrze u Hnevkovic

Rubtsov, I.A.; Violovich, N.A., 1965:
Blackflies of Tuva

Boklak, E.; Halgos, J.; Sepesova, V.; Czylok, A., 2001:
Blackflies of the brooks Mala Wisla and Kysuca in the Beskidy Mts in Poland and Slovakia Diptera, Simuliidae Meszki dorzeczy potokow Mala Wisla i Kysuca Diptera, Simuliidae

Brock, V.; Schlepper, R., 1993:
Blackflies of the northern Luneburger Heide Diptera Simuliidae Die Kriebelmuckenfauna der nordlichen Luneburger Heide Diptera Simuliidae

Jedlicka, L.; Stloukalova, V.; Halgos, J., 2001:
Blackfly biodiversity on the territory of Slovakia Diptera Simuliidae Biodiverzita muskovitych uzemia Slovenska Diptera Simuliidae

Alvarez Silva, Carlos., 1999:
Blackfordia virginica Leptomedusae Lovenellidae in coastal lakes of Mexican Pacific Blackfordia virginica Leptomedusae Lovenellidae en lagunas costeras del Pacifico Mexicano

Edwards, C.E.M., 1896:
Blackgame in Merionethshire

Holden, T.; Young, J., 1997:
Blackgame, pheasant and partridge feeding and roosting in a cornstack with passerines

Wernery, U.; Kinne, J., 2002:
Blackhead in Arabian red-legged partridge, stone curlew and spotted thick-knee dikkop

Greenham, R.; Greenham, LM., 1975:
Blackhead plover nesting

Cole, L.J.; Hadley, P.B., 1908:
Blackhead, A Coccidial Disease Of Turkeys

Hervey, A.C.C., 1951:
Blackheaded gull dropping and catching object in bill

Logie, Caryl., 2005:
Blackheaded heron preys on mousebirds

Rudnai, Judith., 1994:
Blackheaded oriole Oriolus larvatus nesting in a Langata garden

Barnes, E., 1992:
Blackheaded oriole in the Cape Peninsula

Symanski, Richard., 2000:
Blackhearts ecology in outback Australia

de Wet, F., 1977:
Blackie the zebra mishap

Berezan, Alexander P., 1993:
Blackistons fish owl in the Kunashir Island

Jerkovic, L., 1971:
Blackites balcanicus nov sp des coccolitho- phorides du Tortonien de Belgrade

Lehrer, Andy Z., 1997:
Blackithiana n g, a new Palaearctic genus and redescription of its type species Blackithiana ornatijuxta Richet et al, 1995 Diptera, Sarcophagidae Blackithiana n g, un nouveau genre palearctique et la redescription de son espece-type Blackithiana ornatijuxta Richet et al, 1995 Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Peacock, E.; Schauwecker, T., 2003:
Blackland prairies of the Gulf coastal plain nature, culture, and sustainability

Mallinson, D., 1964:
Blackmoorfoot-a five year review

Rossetti, J., 1980:
Blacknecked crane, Grus nigricollis, seen at Begnas Tal, near Pokhara, Nepal

Ryan, P., 1980:
Blacknecked grebes Podiceps nigricollis at sea in southern Africa

Shaughnessy, PD., 1983:
Blacknecked grebes Podiceps nigricollis at sea in the vicinity of Luderitz, south west Africa/Namibia

Williams, AJ., 1985:
Blacknecked grebes Podiceps nigricollis in the vicinity of Luderitz, south west Africa/Namibia, June 1984

Steyn, Peter., 1993:
Blacknecked grebes and Cape teal feeding commensally with greater flamingoes

Wigh, Russell J., 2003:
Blackpoll Warbler at sea

Davis, Andrew K., 2001:
Blackpoll warbler Dendroica striata fat deposition in southern Nova Scotia during autumn migration

Hollingworth, MA., 1975:
Blackpoll warbler Dendroica striata Isles Scilly

Fitzharris, JE., 1977:
Blackpoll warbler at Cape Clear Island - a bird new to Ireland

Johnson, R., 1982:
Blackpoll warbler at Superior

Wingate, D.B., 1965:
Blackpoll warbler banded in Bermuda recovered in North Carolina

Murray, B.G., 1966:
Blackpoll warbler migration in Michigan

Grace, K., 1983:
Blackpoll warbler, 24th-30th October, 1982 2nd Irish record

Catlow, G., 1986:
Blackpool Municipal Zoological Gardens 1486 - 31786

Williams, Tony., 2002:
Blackpool Zoo helps with ground-breaking elephant conservation project in India

Blackshaw, J.; Blackshaw, N., 1998:
Blackrumped buttonquail at Bettys Bay

Marchant, A., 1988:
Blackrumped buttonquail chicks

Parry, DE., 1989:
Blacks swans at Merauke

de Swardt, D., 1988:
Blackshouldered kite breeding in summer at Roodeplaatdam Nature Reserve, South Africa

Parker, V., 1989:
Blackshouldered kite feeds on a snake

Davidson, I., 1988:
Blackshouldered kite or pallid harrier?

Thomsett, S., 1990:
Blackshouldered kite road mortalities

Tyler, Stephanie J., 1998:
Blackshouldered kites Elanus caeruleus in Botswana 1996-1998

Barkhuysen, Adri., 2005:
Blackshouldered kites nesting on a pylon

Penry, EH., 1980:
Blacksmith plover Vanellus armatus breeding on the Copperbelt

Cooper, J.; Underhill, L.G., 2002:
Blacksmith plover Vanellus armatus on Prince Edward Island, Southern Ocean

Sharp, C., 1988:
Blacksmith plover belly-soaking eggs

Tree, AJ., 1981:
Blacksmith plover laying a blue egg

Bills, R., 2006:
Blackspot cimbing perch

Yan, X., 1989:
Blackspot development and phenolase in Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus

Bundy, G., 1986:
Blackstarts in southern Oman

Davis, L.B.; Saysette, J.; Batten, D.C.; Rittel, J.F., 1996:
Blacktail Cave a late-glacial to post-glacial faunal catchment at the southern outlet of the ice-free corridor, west-central Montana Rockies

Hardaker, T.; Smith, E., 1995:
Blacktailed godwit

Raymakers, S., 1992:
Blacktailed godwit at Iscor Bird Sanctuary

Leonard, Pete., 2001:
Blacktailed godwits in Zambia

Dharmakumarsinhji, RS., 1977:
Blackthroated weaver bird breeding near Bhavnagar Saurashtra

Hull, J.E., 1920:
Blackwalls Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland

Saunders, Jeffrey J., 1992:
Blackwater Draws mammoths and mammoth hunters in the terminal Pleistocene

Anonymous., 1978:
Blackwater wonderland

Ticehurst, N.F., 1911:
Blackwinged Stilt in Sussex

Lamba, B.S., 1969:
Blackwinged kite, Elanus caeruleus vociferus Latham taking in flight a wounded Green pigeon, Treron phoenicoptera Latham

Schoeman, S., 1991:
Blackwinged plovers in Lydenburg

Aspoas, BR., 1993:
Blackwinged pratincoles

Tripp, Mel., 1998:
Blackwinged stilt 295 breeding in numbers at Strandfontein Sewage Works

Hodgkin, EP., 1978:
Blackwood River Estuary An environmental study of the Blackwood River Estuary, Western Australia 1974-75

Quinn, Des., 1994:
Blackwoods make roosts for powerful owls

Sharp, C., 1985:
Blackwoods a weighty problem

Haeselbarth, E., 1992:
Blacus Ganychorus madli, sp n, eine neue Braconide aus der Turkei Insecta, Hymenoptera, Braconidae

Haeselbarth, E., 1976:
Blacus achterbergi nom nov Hym, Braconidae

Gruhl, K., 1967:
Blacus-Tanze, Erlebnisse und Studien Braconidae, Hymenoptera

Gruhl, K., 1967:
Blacus-Tsaas, Erlebnisse und Studien Braconidae, Hymenoptera 1 Fortsetzung

Gruhl, K., 1967:
Blacus-Twze, Erlebnisse und Studien Braconidae, Hymenoptera 2 Fortsetzung und Schluss

Indrambarya, B.C., 1939:
Blad-derwort Ulricularia as an insect trap

Fripp, P.J., 1966:
Bladder bilharziasis and the aetiology of bladdercancer

Brown, J., 1987:
Bladder cicadas Cystosoma saundersii Westwood

Toniollo, G.H.lio; Duarte, J.M.uricio Barbanti; Delfini, A.; Monreal, A.C.rlos Duenhas, 2004:
Bladder retroflexion a case report in Blastocerus dichotomus Cervo-do-Pantanal Retroflexao de bexiga Relato de caso em Blastocerus dichotomus Cervo-do-Pantanal

Cramp, A.C., 1956:
Bladder worms in the rabbit

Maillo Fernandez, J.M.nuel; Cabrera-Valdes, V.; Bernaldo de Quiros, F., 2004:
Bladelet production in the Final Mousterian of Cantabrian Spain the case of El Castillo and Cueva Morin Le debitage lamellaire dans le Mousterien final de Cantabrie Espagne le cas de El Castillo et Cueva Morin

Nielsen, B.O., 1969:
Bladhvepsen Cephalcia reticulata L Hymenoptera Pamphiliidae ny for Danmark

Heie, OE., 1973:

Schoyen, W.M., 1911:
Bladlus Meddelelser fra Statsentomologen No 6

van Frankenhuyzen, A., 1973:
Bladmineerders op bomen en struiken in de herfst

van Frankenhuyzen, A., 1974:
Bladmineerders op bomen en struiken in de winter 2

Wahlgren, E., 1951:
Bladminer-ande tenthredinidlarver II Hym Phyt

Wahlgren, E., 1963:
Bladminerande Tenthredinidlarver III Hymenoptera

Wahlgren, E., 1944:
Bladminerande tenthredinidlarver

Tragardh, S., 1914:
Bladminerare Upps

Gronlien, N., 1925:
Bladminerere fra Voss og Indre Hardanger I

Diakonoff, A., 1941:
Bladscheede-wants, een vijand van boorderrupsen 1941

Terslin, H.C., 1947:
Blaeksprutten Loligo forbesi fra sydostlige Kattegat

Chapman, R.F., 1961:
Blaesoxipha binodosa Curran Diptera Calliphoridae parasitising Cataloipus oberthuri I Bolivar Orthoptera Acrididae

Lehrer, Andy Z., 2006:
Blaesoxipha kafuenia n sp A new species of the fauna of Zambia Diptera, Sarcophagidae Blaesoxipha kafuenia n sp Une nouvelle espece de la faune de Zambie Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Aasen, O., 1966:
Blahaien, Prionace glauca Linnaeus, 1758

Leja, M., 1984:
Blahungen bei Amphibien Mogliche Ursachen und Behandlungen

Gunter, G., 1955:
Blainvilles beaked whale, Mesoplodon densirostris, on the Texas coast

Chen, C.; Taniuchi, T.; Nose, Y., 1979:
Blainvilles dogfish, Squalus blainville, from Japan, with notes on S mitsukurii and S japonicus

Dixon, C.H., 1977:
Blairs mocha Cyclophora puppillaria Hbn and other interesting moths in Hants in 1976

Chalmers-Hunt, JM., 1976:
Blairs mocha Cyclophora puppillaria Hubner in Kent

Holmes, PR., 1988:
Blairs shoulder knot Lithophane leautieri Bours in west Wales

Adams, A.E.C., 1977:
Blairs shoulder-knot Lithophane leantieri Boisd in east Sussex

Cook, N., 1997:
Blairs shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri lesperica in north-east England

Wormwell, Chris., 1998:
Blairs shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri - a new moth for the Isle of Man

O'Donnell, Michael., 2003:
Blairs shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri in Co Wicklow - a species new to Ireland

Littlewood, Nick., 1998:
Blairs shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri further range expansions

Tunmore, Mark., 1997:
Blairs wainscot Sedina buettneri and speckled footman Coscinia cribraria bivittata recorded in Dorset

Lafontaine, L., 1983:

Tully, John., 2004:
Blaise Woods, Bristol 25 years of the Common Birds Census

Wesolowska, W.; Tomasiewicz, B., 2003:
Blaisea Simon, 1902 synonymised with Tusitala Peckham et Peckham, 1902 Araneae Salticidae

Guernet, C.; Bellier, J.-Pierre., 2000:
Blake Nose Palaeocene and Eocene ostracods Leg ODP 171B and bathyal environmental evolution off Florida Ostracodes Paleocenes et Eocenes du Blake Nose Leg ODP 171B et evolution des environnements bathyaux au large de la Floride

Owens, NW., 1984:
Blakeneys new tourist attraction Norfolks seals

Masuda, Ryuichi., 1999:
Blakistons line and genetic characteristics of Carnivora in Japan

Masuda, Ryuichi., 1999:
Blakistons line and genetic investigation on biogeography of mammals in Japan

Wahlen, L., 1973:
Blamesen i Sdrmland 1973

Lindsay, EH.; Opdyke, ND.; Johnson, NM., 1984:
Blancan-Hemphillian land mammal ages and Late Cenozoic mammal dispersal events

Hay, Robert., 1998:
Blanchard s cricket frogs in Wisconsin a status report

Jung, Robin E., 1993:
Blanchards cricket frogs Acris crepitans blanchardi in southwest Wisconsin

Moniez, R., 1895:
Blanchardella raphaelis

Salvat, B., 1992:
Blanchissement et mortalite des scleractiniaires sur les recifs de Moorea archipel de la Societe en 1991

Schultz, GE., 1990:
Blanco local fauna and the Blancan land mammal age

Olsson, V., 1975:
Bland fagelfangare pa Malta

Tjeder, B., 1953:
Bland harkrank, mygg och annat pa Kullaberg

Ilani, G., 1986:
Blandfords fox in broad daylight

Jongbloed, Marijcke., 1995:
Blandfords fox, Arabian tahr found in Fujairah

Netting, M.G., 1932:
Blandings Turtle, Emys blandingii Holbrook, in Pennsylvania

Kiviat, Erik., 1997:
Blandings turtle habitat requirements and implications for conservation in Dutchess County, New York

Kiviat, E.; Stes, G.; Munger, K.L.; Heady, L.T.; Hoeger, S.; Petokas, P.J.; Brauman, R., 2004:
Blandings turtle response to wetland and upland habitat construction

Butler, Brian O., 1997:
Blandings turtles at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, USA a case of mutualism between turtles and tanks

Zvejska, F., 1944:
Blanensky prolom

Ilany, G., 1984:
Blanfords fox, Vulpes cana Blandford, 1877, a new species in Israel

Geffen, Eli., 2004:
Blanfords foxes evolution, behavioural ecology, and conservation of Blanfords foxes

Gardner, D., 2005:
Blanfords fringe-toed lizard Lacertidae Acanthodactylus blanfordii Boulenger, 1918 a new species record for the United Arab Emirates

Holland, T.H.W.T., 1906:
Blanford, A R S M, LL D, C I E, F R S

Morgan, IK., 1988:
Blaniulus guttulatus Fab - an unexpected carnivore?

Silva, F.; Vivar, C., 1976:
Blaniulus guttulatus Bosc, en Valparaiso V region Diplopoda, Blaniulidae

Nordman, A.F., 1943:
Blaniulus guttulatus Bosc, en for Finlands fauna ny myriopdart

Rossi, G., 1901:
Blaniulus guttulatus Gervais

Weber, M., 1882:
Blaniulus guttulatus nelle patate

Westerberg, H., 1975 :
Blank lens navigationsbeteende

Butterfield, W., 1903:
Blank-winged Pratincole Glareola melanoptera in Sussex

Taufflieb, R., 1969:
Blankaartia acuscutellans Acarina Trombiculidae et son extension au continent Africain

Finnley, D. ., 1979:
Blanket permit to ease international exchange of collectors specimens

Hyde, EM., 1986:
Blankets for blue tits

Solano, O.D.vid.; Suarez, G.N.vas.; Moreno-Forero, S.K., 1993:
Blanqueamiento coralino de 1990 en Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario Caribe, Colombiano

von Prahl, H., 1983:
Blanqueo masivo y muerte de corales en la Isla de Gorgona, Pacifico colombiano

Gilpin, H.G.B., 1971:
Blanus cinereus

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1996:
Blanus cinereus Vandelli, 1797 frisst Schneckeneier Squamata Amphisbaenidae

Langerwerf, B., 1985:
Blanus cinereus back after almost twelve years

Malkmus, Rudolf., 2006:
Blanus cinereus eats the fruit flesh of a banana Blanus cinereus frisst das Fruchtfleisch einer Banane

Delfino, Massimo., 1997:
Blanus from the Early Pleistocene of southern Italy another small tessera from a big mosaic

Zapatero, R.L.; Castano Fernandez, C.; Lopez Martinez, P.; Martin Rueda, J., 1991:
Blanusia pseudorhabditis n g, n sp Nematoda, Cosmocercidae parasito de Blanus cinereus Vandelli, 1797 Reptilia, Amphisbaenidae

Staton, J., 1945:
Blaok Tern victim-izing Coot

Boyd, A.W., 1943:
Blaok Wheatear in Cheshire

Schuster, A., 1914:
Blaps kolbei nov spec

Heller, C., 1971:
Blaps mucronata Latr Col Tenebrionidae in North London

Morgan, MJ., 1976:
Blaps mucronata Latr Col, Tenebrionidae in north Wales

Leech, AR., 1978:
Blaps mucronata Latr Col, Tenebrionidae near a modern building

Espanol Coll, F., 1967:
Blaps propheta fiorii subspecie nueva de la Tripolitania

Canzoneri, S., 1969:
Blaps sulcata ssp mercatii nov diagnosi preliminare 19 Contributo allo studio dei Tenebrionidae

Brendell, M.; J.D., 1971:
Blaps-a misidentification

Schatz, Irene., 1994:
Blapstinus desenderi sp nov from the Galapagos Islands Ecuador Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Hepper, H.C., 1966:
Blaptica aurorae especie nueva Dictyoptera, Blaberidae, Blaberinae

Hepper, H.C., 1967:
Blaptica fernandezi sp nov Dictyop-tera Blaberidae Blaberinae

Tzendsuren, A., 1975:
Blaptinae and Platyscelinae Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae on the fauna of the Mongolian Peoples Republic

George, SB.; Choate, JR.; Genoways, HH., 1986:
Blarina brevicauda

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