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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38009

Chapter 38009 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Namikawa, T.; Amano, T.; Okada, I.; Hasnath, MA., 1988:
Blood groups and genetic variants of blood protein-enzymes in the Bangladesh native cattle and gayals

Vikhman, AA.; Sakharov, RS.; Generalova, LP.; Pankrateva, EV., 1998:
Blood groups as genetic markers in the carp Cyprinus carpio and the catfish Ictalurus punctatus

Osterhoff, D.R., 1962:
Blood groups in bovines II Normally occurring antibodies in cattle blood

Jover, A.; Rodero, A., 1966:
Blood groups in chickens of Spanish strains and breeds

Sasikala, K., 1980:
Blood groups in fishes

Schmitt, J., 1965:
Blood groups in non-human primates

Moor-Jankowski, J.; Socha, WW., 1979:
Blood groups of Old World monkeys, evolutionary and taxonomic implications

Socha, W.W.; Moor-Jankowski, J.; Ruffié, J., 1984:
Blood groups of primates: present status, theoretical implications and practical applications: a review

Socha, WW.; Ruffie, J., 1983 :
Blood groups of Primates theory, practice, evolutionary meaning

Socha, WW.; Moor-Jankowski, J., 1979:
Blood groups of anthropoid apes and their relationship to human blood groups

Wiener, AS.; Moor-Jankowski, J., 1977:
Blood groups of apes and Old World monkeys, human-type and simian-type, and their importance for reproduction and perinatal studies and for breeding in captivity

Moor-Jankowski, J.; Wiener, A.S.; Gordon, E.B., 1964:
Blood groups of apes and monkeys

Wiener, A.S.; Moor-Jankowski, J.; Gordon, E.B., 1966:
Blood groups of apes and monkeys 6 Further studies on the human blood group factors a b h and Le in monkeys

Wiener, A.S.; Moor-Jankowski, J.; Gordon, E.B., 1966:
Blood groups of apes and monkeys 7 The human-type ABH factors in Gelada monkeys Theropithecus geladd

Wiener, A.S.; Moor, J.Nkowski, J.; Gordon, E.B., 1963:
Blood Groups Of Apes And Monkeys. Ii. The A-B-O Blood Groups, Secretor And Lewis Types Of Apes

Socha, WW.; Weiner, AS.; Moor-Jankowski, J., 1978:
Blood groups of apes and monkeys their use and value in experimentation and breeding of primate animals

Yergaliyev, KKh.; Polie, SB.; Stepanov, VM., 1990:
Blood groups of great gerbils Rhombomys opimus Licht as supposed indicators of population resistance to infection

Moor-Jankowski, J.; Socha, WW.; Wiener, AS., 1978:
Blood groups of nonhuman Primates new concepts, their applications and conclusions of forty years of research

Socha, WW., 1984:
Blood groups of pygmy and common chimpanzees A comparative study

Burhoe, S.O., 1947:
Blood Groups of the Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) and Their Inheritance

Wiener, AS.; Socha, WW., 1975:
Blood groups of the pigmy chimpanzee Pan paniscus further observations

Krishnan, V.; Ramalingam, K.; Krishnan, M., 1985:
Blood haemoglobin of the freshwater snake Cerberus rhynchops

Newlin, ME.; Ballinger, RE., 1976:
Blood hemoglobin concentration in four species of lizards

Noguchi, Y.; Arai, T., 1954:
Blood humidity of the frog, Rana japonica G. during development

Nuttall, G.H.F., 1904:
Blood immunity and blood relationship a demonstration of certain blood-relationships amongst animals by means of the precipitin test for blood, including original researches by G S GRAHAM-SMITH T S P STRANGEWAYS

Afifi, AA.; Ibrahim, TM.; Arif, HF., 1979:
Blood in relation to identification of sex in farm animals 1 By general laboratory stained method Pappenheims panoptic

Chernikova, V.V., 1967:
Blood indexes in freshwater fish during the summer-autumn period

Khamiev, SKh., 1979:
Blood indices during su-auru infection of camels

Grabowski, M.; Rutkowiak, B., 1989:
Blood indices in the guanaco, Cameroon goats and Asiatic buffalos raised in a zoo

Ivanova, ZA., 1973:
Blood indices of carp Cyprlnus carplo L in ontogenesis and in relation to rearing conditions

Naich, M.; Bilqees, F.M.jib., 2004:
Blood infection caused by the Trypanosoma sp in Salmo trutta L at the River Test Hampshire, UK

Boyle, J.A., 1970:
Blood intake in the reproductive cycles of Glossina austeni Newst. in relation to pupal weight

Drebkina, B.M., 1951:
Blood investigation in young sturgeons in connection with food differences

Drabkina, B.M., 1958:
Blood investigations in parental stock and fry of Kura salmon

Rimsh, EYa.; Adamova, LG., 1971:
Blood investigations of herbivorous fish under artificial propagation

Smith, T.L.; Kardong, K.V., 2005:
Blood is a not a cue for poststrike trailing in rattlesnakes

Evans Ogden, L.J.; Hobson, K.A.; Lank, D.B., 2004:
Blood isotopic 13C and 15N turnover and diet-tissue fractionation factors in captive dunlin Calidris alpina pacifica

Fluri, P.; Sabatini, AG.; Vecchi, MA.; Wille, H., 1981:
Blood juvenile hormone, protein and vitellogenin titres in laying and non laying queen honeybees

Gronlund, W.D.; Hodgins, H.O.; Simon, R.C.; Weber, D.D., 1968:
Blood lactate concentrations and mortality in sockeye and chinook Oncorhynchus nerka and O tshawytscha after exercise

Arrieta, MA.; Peri, SI.; Apartin, C.; Rosenberg, CE.; Fink, NE.; Salibian, A., 2000:
Blood lead concentration and -aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity in adult Bufo arenarum

Peters, M.S.; Afton, A.D., 1993:
Blood lead concentrations and ingested shot in ring-necked ducks at Catahoula Lake, Louisiana

Mauser, DM.; Rocke, TE.; Mensik, JG.; Brand, CJ., 1990:
Blood lead concentrations in mallards from Delevan and Colusa National Wildlife Refuges

Dauth, J.; Dreyer, MJ.; Raubenheimer, EJ.; Mare, LK. de Vos, V., 1987:
Blood lead levels in African elephant in the Kruger National Park

Anderson, WL.; Havera, SP., 1985:
Blood lead, protoporyphyrin, and ingested shot for detecting lead poisoning in waterfowl

Berger, P.J., 1962:
Blood letting from the eye of an amphibian

Solomkina, NV., 1983:
Blood leucogram of the goral

Black, E.C., 1956:
Blood levels of hemoglobin and lactic acid in some fresh-water fishes following exercise

Carantona S., T.M.; Arias, J.F.ancisco.; Correa-Viana, M., 1997:
Blood levels of the white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Cervidae in the llanos of Venezuela Niveles sericos del venado caramerudo Odocoileus virginianus Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Cervidae en los llanos de Venezuela

John, T.M.; Ronald, K.; George, J.C., 1987:
Blood levels of thyroid hormones and certain metabolites in relation to moult in the harp seal (Phoca groenlandica)

Dively, JL., 1973:
Blood lipid, protein, and carbohydrate changes in brook trout Salvelinus fontinalls exposed to sublethal levels of acidity

Zuckerman, A., 1958:
Blood loss and replacement in plasmodial infections II Plasmodium vinckei in untreated and mature rats

Zuckerman, A.; Spira, D., 1961:
Blood loss and replacement in plasmodial infections V Positive antiglobulin tests in rat anemias due to the rodent malarias Plasmodium berghei and Plasmodium vinclcei, to cardiac bleeding, and the treatment with Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride

Zuckerman, A., 1956:
Blood loss and replacement in rats infected with Plasmodium berghei

Das, B.C.; Sharma, T., 1983:
Blood lymphocyte culture system: quantitative analysis of X-ray-induced chromosome aberrations in man, muntjac and cattle

Patra, UC.; Lenka, MR., 1988:
Blood meal analysis of certain biting flies anophelines from the foot hill areas of Keonjhar, Orissa, India

Hati, AK., 1986:
Blood meal analysis of six medically important mosquito species collected from two different biotopes

Kern, M.; Bacon, W.; Long, D.; Cowie, R.J., 2005:
Blood metabolite and corticosterone levels in breeding adult pied flycatchers

Murie, O.J., 1956:
Blood money for school children

Maity, HS., 1982:
Blood of Cirrhinus reba

Cuenot, L., 1888:
Blood of Invertebrata

Nazarova, SD.; Bogdanova-Berezovskaya, IG.; Turdyev, AA., 1986:
Blood of Testudo horsfieldi in early ontogenesis

Banerjee, V., 1975:
Blood of a common Indian weaver bird Ploceus bengalensis Linnaeus

Vacek, T., 1931:
Blood of normal Rabbits and its changes under the influence of sexual hormones

Banerjee, M.; Banerjee, V., 1981:
Blood of some migratory birds 3 Haemoglobin

Banerjee, M.; Banerjee, V., 1977:
Blood of some migratory birds 6 Absolute values

Banerjee, M.; Banerjee, V., 1984:
Blood of some migratory birds coagulation and prothrombin time

Tripathi, A.K.; Chanchal, A.K.; Pandey, B.N.; Munshi, J.S., 1979:
Blood of two siluroid fishes during different respiratory conditions

Matsumasa, M.; Kikuchi, S.; Takeda, S.; Poovachiranon, S.; Yong, H.-Sen.; Murai, M., 2001 :
Blood osmoregulation and ultrastructure of the gas windows tympana of intertidal ocypodid crabs Dotilla vs Scopimera

Mangum, CP.; Amende, LM., 1972:
Blood osmotic concentration of blue crabs Callinectes sapidus Rathbun found in fresh water

Snyder, L.R.; Born, S.; Lechner, A.J., 1982:
Blood oxygen affinity in high- and low-altitude populations of the deer mouse

Payne, H.J., 1957:
Blood oxygen capacity in turtles

Novakova, JM.; Pristoupil, TI.; Veselovsky, Z.; Kucera, K., 1987:
Blood oxygen dissociation curve of diving and non diving ducks

Ishimatsu, A.; Itazawa, Y., 1983:
Blood oxygen levels and acid-base status following air exposure in an air-breathing fish, Channa argus: the role of air ventilation

Bartels, H.; Bartels, R.; Baumann, R.; Fons, R.; Jürgens, K.D.; Wright, P., 1979:
Blood oxygen transport and organ weights of two shrew species (S. etruscus and C. russula)

Jones, R.E.E., 1962:
Blood pH and mortality in rainbow trout Salmo gairdnerii and sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka

Baines, GW., 1974:
Blood pH effects in eight fishes from the teleostean fam Scorpaenidae

Baines, G.W., 1975:
Blood pH effects in eight fishes from the teleostean family Scorpaenidae

Howell, B.J.; Bondi, K.; Baumgardner, F.W.; Rahn, H., 1967:
Blood pH-temperature relationship in cold blooded vertebrates

Couch, A B.; Jr., 1954:
Blood para-sites of some common Texas birds

Stabler, R.M.; Ellison, L.N.; Holt, P.A., 1965:
Blood para-sites of the Alaskan Spruce grouse

Ingermann, RL.; Terwilliger, RC., 1982:
Blood parameters and facilitation of maternal-fetal oxygen transfer in a viviparous fish Embiotica lateralis

Perez, JE.; Cortes, H.; Gonzalez, D.; Ojeda, G., 1984:
Blood parameters in fishes 1 Hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit and the number of red blood cells in some marine fishes of eastern Venezuela

Perez, JE.; Boada, A.; Ojeda, G., 1988:
Blood parameters in fishes 3 Hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit and the number of red blood cells in some freshwater fishes of eastern Venezuela

Perez, JE.; Ojeda, G.; Anton, A., 1990:
Blood parameters in fishes 4 Oxygen affinity, root effect, pH and the number of hemoglobins in some freshwater fishes of eastern Venezuela

Perez, JE.; Ojeda, G.; Rylander, MK., 1986:
Blood parameters in fishes 5 Activity level and type of respiration in some marine estuarine and freshwater fishes of Venezuela

Barnett, JL.; How, RA.; Humphreys, WF., 1980:
Blood parameters in natural populations of Trichosurus species Marsupialia Phalangeridae 1 Age, sex and seasonal variation in T caninus and T vulpecula

Barnett, JL.; How, RA.; Humphreys, WF., 1980:
Blood parameters in natural populations of Trichosurus species Marsupialia Phalangeridae 2 Influence of habitat and population strategies of T caninus and T vulpecula

Murad, A.; Mustafa, S., 1988:
Blood parameters of catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch, parasitized by metacercariae of Diplostomulum sp

Bryden, M.M.; Lim, G.H.K., 1969:
Blood parameters of the Southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina, Linn in relation to diving

Nirchio, M.; Gaviria, JI.; Perez, JE., 1991:
Blood parameters of the grunt Orthopristis ruber Cuvier, 1830 Pisces Pomadasyidae

Yadav, AN.; Sharma, SN.; Guha, G.; Singh, BR., 1978:
Blood parameters of two hill stream cobitids in relation to their habitat

Sassuchin, D.N., 1946:
Blood parasitca of rodents in south-eastern RSFSR

Zuckerman, A.; Ristic, M., 1968:
Blood parasite antigens and antibodies

Muratov, E.A., 1966:
Blood parasite belonging to the genus Nuttallia Franca

Uilenberg, G.; Perie, NM. van Vorstenbosch, CJAHV.; Rombach, M., 1978:
Blood parasites supposed blood parasites of small ruminants in the Netherlands

Smith, VW.; Cox, FEG., 1972:
Blood parasites and the weights of palaearctic migrants in central Nigeria

Ermatova, DU.; Abidzhanov, AA.; Varentzova, RA., 1973:
Blood parasites and their effect on the blood spectrum of the rock partridge

Borg, Karl., 1992:
Blood parasites and their modes of spread among birds

Peirce, M.A., 1971:
Blood parasites found in imported birds at postmortem examination

Coles, A.C., 1914:
Blood parasites found in mammals, birds and fishes in England

Cooper, JE., 1973:
Blood parasites from a red-chested owlet Glaucidium tephronotum

Farmer, JN.; Vesole, DH., 1975:
Blood parasites from birds of the Lake Okoboji region, Iowa

Mohamed, A.H.; Saoud, M.F.A., 1964:
Blood parasites from some Egyptian mammals

Stabler, R.M.; Limberg, P.S., 1950:
Blood parasites in Colorado band-tailed pigeons

Robinson, R.M.; Kuttler, K.L.; Emerson, H.R.; Jones, L.P.M.rburger, R.G., 1968:
Blood parasites in Texas deer

Hull, R.W.; Camin, J.H., 1956:
Blood parasites in reptiles

Rabie, S.A.; Mandour, A.M.; Hassan, A.A., 1999:
Blood parasites in wild birds in Upper Egypt 4 - Plasmodium and Haemoproteus in carrion crow Corvus corone and pied king fisher Ceryl rudis

Mandour, A.M.; Rabie, S.A.; Hassan, A.A., 1999 :
Blood parasites in wild birds in Upper Egypt 1 - Malarial parasites from falcon Falco tinnuculus rupicolaeformis

Pipano, E.; Tadmor, A., 1978:
Blood parasites in wild mammals imported from east Africa

Merino, S.; Perez, JC.; Nogueras, I.; Llama, JM.; Arenas, A., 2001:
Blood parasites infecting woodland bats from central Spain Parasitos sanguineos en murcielagos forestales de Espana Central

Manwell, R.D.; Herman, C.M., 1935:
Blood parasites of Birds and their relation to migratory and other habits of the host

Gardner, RA., 1984:
Blood parasites of British bats

Guseinov, MA., 1982:
Blood parasites of Esox lucius and Perca fluviatilis from the Divichi Firth of the Caspian Sea

Garnham, P.C., 1960:
Blood parasites of hippopotamus in Uganda

Ray, R., 1986:
Blood parasites of Indian toads

Dilko, M.I., 1968:
Blood parasites of Insectivora

Herban, N.L., 1971:
Blood parasites of Lygosoma laterale Say, 1823, from Louisiana

Herman, C.M., 1968:
Blood parasites of North American waterfowl

Glushchenko, V.V., 1961:
Blood parasites of amphibia and reptilia in the region of the mid-course of the northern Donetz

Oosthuizen, J.H.; Markus, M.B., 1967:
Blood parasites of birds

Notananda, V.; Nilubol, S., 1960:
Blood parasites of birds and fowls of Northern Thailand

Subkhanov, M., 1975:
Blood parasites of birds depending on their migration

Sousa, O.E.; Herman, C.M., 1982:
Blood parasites of birds from Chiriqui and Panama Provinces in the Republic of Panama

Herman, C.M.; Reeves, WC.M.Clure, H.E., 1948:
Blood parasites of birds from Kern County, California

Desser, S.S.; Fallis, A.M.; Khan, R.A., 1970:
Blood parasites of birds in Algonquin Park Proc 2nd Int Congr Parasit Washington 6-12 Sept 1970

Dilko, M.I., 1966:
Blood parasites of birds in Belorussia

Kucera, J., 1981:
Blood parasites of birds in Central Europe. 1. Survey of literature. The incidence in domestic birds and general remarks to the incidence in wild birds

Musaev, MA.; Zeiniev, NR., 1974:
Blood parasites of birds in north-east Azerbaidjan and changes in their numbers depending upon the hosts age

Podshivalov, AA., 2002:
Blood parasites of birds in the Orenburg Region

Subkhonov, M.; Abdusalyamov, IA., 1986:
Blood parasites of birds of southern Badakhshan Pamir

Manwell, R.D., 1934:
Blood parasites of birds of the Syracuse NY region

Abdusalyamov, IA.; Subkhanov, M., 1975:
Blood parasites of birds of the Yavansk Valley

Valkiunas, Gediminas., 2001:
Blood parasites of birds some obstacles in their use in ecological and evolutionary biology studies

Galuzo, I.G.; Tshetaev, I.A.; Bespalov, V.M., 1935:
Blood parasites of bovines in the Gissar Valley and the diseases caused by them

Karaseferyan, E.T., 1968:
Blood parasites of frogs in the environs of Erevan

Williams, N.A.; Calverley, B.K.; Mahn, J.L., 1977:
Blood parasites of mallard pintail ducks from central Alberta and the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories

Subhanov, M.; Abdusalyamov, IA.; Muratov, RSh., 1981:
Blood parasites of migratory birds from the source of the Vakhsh River

Andrushko, A.M.Markov, G.S., 1956:
Blood parasites of reptiles from Kara-Korum Desert

Zhanturiev, MK.; Shabdarbaeva, GS., 1982:
Blood parasites of sheep from south east Kazakhstan

Zhanturiev, MK., 1981:
Blood parasites of sheep of the Turgaisk Province

Bystrov, IV.; Ni, GV., 2002:
Blood parasites of small rodents and insectivores in the Orenburg Region

Nandi, NC., 1989:
Blood parasites of some Indian birds

Ermatova, DU.; Abidzhanov, AA., 1974:
Blood parasites of some species of wild mammal on the flood plain of River Syrdarya

McLaughlin, E.T., 1968:
Blood parasites of the cowbird, grackle, redwing and starling in New Jersey

Logie, JW.; Bryant, DM.; Ashford, RW., 1998:
Blood parasites of the dipper Cinclus cinclus in Scotland

Thomson, J.D., 1906:
Blood parasites of the mole, including a new form of intracorpuscular parasite

Burtikashvili, LP., 1978:
Blood parasites of wild birds in Georgia

Kajrullaev, K., 1979:
Blood parasites of wild birds in the area of the central flow of the River Ural

Kairullaev, KK., 1990:
Blood parasites of wild birds in the lower reaches of Turgai River

Kajrullaev, KK., 1979:
Blood parasites of wild birds of the tribes of the central flow of Ural River

Stone, WB.; DeGraff, LW.; Eaton, SW.; Weber, BL., 1972:
Blood parasites of wild turkeys in New York

Zmeev, G.J., 1935:
Blood parasites of wild vertebrates in Tadjikistan

deMent, S.H.; Graczyk, T., 2002:
Blood parasites of wintering birds of prey in South Carolina

Prigioni, C.; Sacchi, L., 1984:
Blood parasites recorded in Italian birds

Gallazzi, D.; Peccati, C.; Granata, R.; Grilli, G.; Vigorita, V.; Sacchi, L.; Sironi, G.; Mandelli, G., 1996:
Blood parasites recorded in spring and autumn in migratory birds in Italy Emoparassitosi riscontrate in Italia in uccelli migratori durante il passo primaverile ed autunnale

Nandi, NC., 1999:
Blood parasitism in wild Indian birds

Yakurin, M.P.; Jazyltaev, T.A., 1977:
Blood parasitofauna of domestic and wild birds in Kazakhstan

Zhang, L.-ping.; Hu, C.-qun.; Wu, Z.-he., 2000:
Blood pathological study on Penaeus monodon experimentally infected by WSBV

Quadri, MY.; Mir, S., 1974:
Blood pathways in the gills of Oreinus plagistomus

Brull, L.; Cuypers, Y., 1955:
Blood perfusion of the kidney of Lophius piscatorius L III Action of CO3, cyanide and fluoride IV Magnesium excretion

Jia, C.-xi.; Sun, Y.-hua.; Liu, X.-sheng.; Yang, Y.-xiang., 2000:
Blood pheasant survey in isolated and fragmented habitat in the Lianhuashan mountains

Anon., 1966:
Blood pheasants Ithaginis

Ito, T., 1953:
Blood phenoloxidase in Bombyx mori I Effect of inhib-itors

Riedesel, M.L., 1977:
Blood physiology

Kunzmann, A., 1991:
Blood physiology and ecological consequences in Weddell Sea fishes Antartica

Qi, W.; Shen, D.; Lin, H. et al., 1996:
Blood picture and biochemical composition of Lophura nycthemera

Butkus, J., 1961:
Blood picture changes in the silver fox cubs ill with helmintthiasis

Pawlak, H., 1969:
Blood picture in crossbred cattle 2 Electrolytes in blood and in its components

Tochilina, LV., 1997:
Blood picture in pelagic and near-bottom marine fishes under the different speed of the swimming

Magon, VK.; Garg, SK., 1991 :
Blood picture of house sparrow Passer domesticus on exposure to lead

Svilha, A.; Bowman, H.; Pearson, R., 1955:
Blood picture of the American black bear, Ursus americanus

Pujman, V.; Prokopova, S.; Reichlova, R., 1956:
Blood picture of the dog

Fox, H.M., 1949:
Blood pigment

Tammert, M., 1974:
Blood plasma phenotypes of the rainbow trout on the basis of starch gel electrophoresis

Horowitz, M.; Bornt, A., 1971:
Blood plasma proteins in three rodent species during acute dehydration colloid osmotic pressure and synthesis, Int

Murrish, DE.; McMahon, BF., 1975:
Blood plasma proteins of Antarctic birds

Dale, B., 1973:
Blood pressure and its hydraulic functions in Helix pomatia L

DuBois, AB.; Fox, RS.; Wilner, RS.; Lambertsen, RH., 1976:
Blood pressure and locomotion in bluefish Potatomus saltatrix

Pexieder, T., 1969:
Blood pressure in the third and fourth aortic arch and morphogenetic influence of laminar blood streams in the development of the vascular system of the chick embryo

Stephens, GA., 1977:
Blood pressure regulation in pond turtles, Pseudemys scripta elegans and Chrysemys picta absence of an arterial baroreceptor reflex

Mathur, CS.; Johnson, S., 1987:
Blood profile of house rats naturally infected with Rictularia jodhpurensis

Bolten, A.B.; Bjorndal, K.A., 1992:
Blood profiles for a wild population of green turtles Chelonia mydas in the southern Bahamas size-specific and sex-specific relationships Blood profiles for a wild population of green turtles Chelonia mydas in the southern Bahamas size-specific and sex-specific relationships

Ronald, K., 1965:
Blood properties of aquatic vertebrates 1 Total blood volume of the Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua L

Jones, G.F., 1963:
Blood protection in three Southern California species of pelecypod Cardila

Laufer, H.; McNamara, T., 1962:
Blood protein changes in Crustacea

Eassa, YEE.; Hilmy, AM.; El-Domiati, N., 1972:
Blood protein estimation in the African migratory locust, Locusta migratoria migratorloides R F Orthoptera Acrididae

Fry, J.C., 1969:
Blood protein groups in relation to animal taxonomy

Birgel, E.H. de Araujo, L.M., 1968:
Blood protein levels in female goats Capra hircus raised in the state of Soo Paulo, Brazil

Maeda, Y.; Okada, I.; Hashiguchi, T.; Hasnath, MA., 1988:
Blood protein polymorphism of native fowl and red jungle fowl in Bangladesh

Jensen, J.N., 1969:
Blood protein polymorphisms in natural populations of the Brush mouse Peromyscus boylei

Amano, T.; Yamada, K.; Namikawa, T.; Zhang, X-L., 1990:
Blood protein polymorphisms of Tibetan native cattle, yaks and their hybrids

Amano, T.; Namikawa, T.; Shotake, T.; Cyril, HW., 1986:
Blood protein polymorphisms of water buffaloes in Sri Lanka

Ishimoto, G., 1972:
Blood protein variation in Asian macaques 2 Red cell enzymes

Schreiber, A.; Fakler, P.; Osterballe, R., 1997:
Blood protein variation in blackbuck Antilope cervicapra a lekking gazelle

Skow, L.C., 1977:
Blood protein variation in eight stocks of channel catfish

Newcomer, R.J., 1969:
Blood protein variation in salamanders of the family Ambystomatidae

Ishimoto, G., 1973:
Blood protein variations in Asian macaques 3 Characteristics of the macaque blood protein polymorphism

Ishimoto, G., 1972:
Blood protein variations in Asian macaques l Serum proteins and hemoglobin

Shotake, T.; Nozawa, K.; Tanabe, Y., 1977:
Blood protein variations in baboons 1 Gene exchange and genetic distance between Papio anubis, Papio harnadryas and their hybrid

Shotake, T.; Nozawa, K., 1984:
Blood protein variations in baboons 2 Genetic variability within and among herds of Gelada baboons in the central Ethiopian plateau

Hashiguchi, T.; Okamoto, S.; Nishida, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Goto, H.; Cyril, HW., 1986:
Blood protein variations of the Ceylon jungle fowl and native fowl in Sri Lanka

Koshimoto, C.; Amano, T.; Nozawa, K.; Tanabe, Y.; Munkhtoyaa, B.; Tumennasan, H.; Zhanchiv, T., 1999:
Blood protein/enzyme polymorphism in the two humped camel Camelus bactrianus of Mongolia

Gibbons, L.V.; Kaplan, H.M., 1960:
Blood proteins and mineral chemistry in frog red leg disease

Jamieson, A.; Thompson, D., 1972:
Blood proteins in North Sea cod Gadus morhua L

Laufer, H., 1960:
Blood proteins in insect development

Koehn, R.K., 1968:
Blood proteins in natural populations of catostomid fishes of western North America

Rajuln, G.S., 1967:
Blood proteins of Cingalobolus bugnioni, a diplopod

Summerfelt, R.C., 1965:
Blood proteins, their pattern, variations and functions in the golden shiner, Notemigonus crysoleucas, Cyprinidae

Manwell, R.D., 1954:
Blood protozoa of 15 species of Fringillidae

Markov, G.S., 1959:
Blood protozoa of reptiles in the light of the doctrine of natural foci of diseases

Manwell, R.D., 1956:
Blood protozoa of the English Sparrow Passer domesticus, with certain biological implications

Levine, N.D.; Hanson, H.C.; Kossack, C.W., 1952:
Blood protozoa of the mourning dove

Keymer, I.F., 1963:
Blood protozoa of wild animals in Northern Rhodesia

Anonymous., 1974:
Blood protozoan diseases in animals

Hooshmand-Rad, P., 1974:
Blood protozoan diseases of ruminants

Menon, MN., 1974:
Blood protozoan diseases of ruminants in lndia Epizootiology, diagnosis and control

Madeira de Carvalho, L.; Costa Pereira, M.; Caroco dos Santos, N.; Canavilhas de Melo, P., 1996:
Blood protozoan of diurnal raptors in Portugal - first data collected in rehabilitation centres Os hemoprotozoarios da ordem Falconiformes em Portugal - primeiros dados colhidos em centros de recuperacao

Sorensen, Mikael., 1993:
Blood python Python curtus

Even, Eddy., 1997:
Blood pythons, Python curtus; subspecies, care and breeding

Mathes, K.A.; Holz, A.; Fehr, M., 2005:
Blood reference values of four species of terrestrial tortoises Testudo spp in Germany

Mathes, KA.; Holz, A.; Fehr, M., 2006:
Blood reference values of terrestrial tortoises Testudo spp kept in Germany Blutreferenzwerte in Deutschland gehaltener europaeischer Landschildkroeten Testudo spp

Avrech, V.; Kalabouchov, N., 1937:
Blood relationship of the Mountain and Plain Wood Mice Apodemus sylvaticus and of some of the other Mouse-like Rodents

Abe, AS., 1981:
Blood respiratory properties in aquatic and terrestrial colubrine snakes

Brix, O., 1983:
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Blood sampling and other collection techniques in marine mammals

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Blood sampling in juvenile buff-breasted sandpipers movement, mass change and survival

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Blood serum nitrogen contents in the Russian sturgeon with different levels of muscle lamination disorder

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Blood sharing by the vampire bat Desmodus rotundus a case for reciprocity and kin selection

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Blood sucking mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae in areas of mass migration and nesting of birds in the Barabinsk Depression

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Blood sucking mosquitoes

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Blood sucking ticks Ixodoidea in the transmission of disease to man and animals

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Blood sucking ticks carriers of Q fever in various landscape zones of the USSR

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Blood sugar estimation in the estuarine crab Scylla serrata Forskal

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Blood values of two American carnivores

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Blood vascular system of the eye of a deep water fish, Ophiodon elongatus, considered as a pressure mechanism

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Blood vessel structure in the circulatory system of the Przewalski horse

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Blood vessels and thermoregulation

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Blood vessels in the olfactory organ of the rainbow trout Salmo irideus Gibb Zesz

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Blood vessels in the walls of Barbus petenyi Heckel, intestine

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Blood vessels of the genitalia and accessory genital organs of swine Sus scrofa domesticus 2 Veins

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Blood vessels of the ovary of the pond-loach Misgurnus fossilis L

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Blood vessels of the ovary of the rainbow trout, Salmo irideus Gibb

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Blood viscosity of animals

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Blood volume of a freshwater field crab as a function of salinity adaptation

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Blood volume of the rhesus monkey

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Blood volume of the roach Periplaneta americana determined by several methods

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Blood volume of two Antarctic fishes

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Blood volumes of the golden hamster

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Blood will tell (won't it?): a century of molecular discourse in anthropological systematics

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Blood, sex, and the mosquito The mechanisms that control mosquito blood-feeding behavior

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Blood-aqueous-lens barriers a biochemical study on glucose, fructose and lactic acid in the vertebrate series

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Blood-aqueous-lens barriers biochemical study on the free amino acid level in the vertebrate series

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