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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38010

Chapter 38010 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zdarek, J., 1981:
Blood-borne factors controlling pupariation in flies

Wakai, S., 1985:
Blood-brain barrier

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Blood-brain barrier damage and prolonged cerebral hyperemia following changes in cerebral perfusion pressure

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Blood-brain barrier in vertebrates

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Blood-brain barrier permeability during hypocapnia in halothane-anesthetized monkeys

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Blood-cell counts in Plasmodium durae infections

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Blood-cell counts in the African migratory locust Locusta migratoria migra-torioides Reiche Fairmaire

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Blood-clotting mechanisms of nonhuman Primates

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Blood-coagulation inhibition after snake bite

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Blood-feeding behaviour of Aedes aegypti in a rural village near Chachoengsao, Thailand

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Blood-feeding habits of Culex C quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 Diptera Culicidae Habitos de alimentacion de Culex C quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 Diptera Culicidae

Turner, D.S.; Olson, C., 2005:
Blood-feeding midges in Arizona new lizard hosts and range extension for Leptoconops californiensis

Srivastava, H.D., 1960:

Wells, RMG., 2005:
Blood-gas transport and hemoglobin function in polar fishes does low temperature explain physiological characters?

Hegner, R.W., 1920:
Blood-Inhabiting Protozoa For Class Use

McBride, T.J.; Smith, J.P.; Gross, H.P.; Hooper, M.J., 2004:
Blood-lead and ALAD activity levels of Coopers hawks Accipiter cooperi migrating through the southern Rocky Mountains

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Blood-meal sources of Anopheles aquasalis Diptera Culicidae in a south-eastern state of Brazil Determinacao das fontes alimentares de Anopheles aquasalis Diptera Culicidae no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, pelo teste de precipitina

Jarinova, G., 1937:
Blood-parasites of birds in the Uzbekistan Zoological Garden

Yakunin, MP., 1972:
Blood-parasites of wild birds in the south-east of Kazakhstan Trudy

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Blood-picture in domestic ducks under therapy against the infection of Porro-caecum

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Blood-protein allele frequencies and phylogenetic relationships in Macaca a review

Turner, A.H., 1935:
Blood-protein of fishes

Nozawa, K., 1985:
Blood-protein variations within between macaque species

Fantham, H.B., 1925:
Blood-smear showing Experimental Infection with Herpetomonas

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Blood-sucking Arthropods of Southern Sakhalin

Smatov, Z.S., 1966:
Blood-sucking Ceratopogonidae Diptera in the IIa river basin

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Blood-sucking Culicidae from inner Tyan-Shan

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Blood-sucking Diptera Nematocera of the left-bank Polesie in the Ukraine

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Blood-sucking Diptera and their trophic associations in ornithocenoses of western Siberia

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Blood-sucking Diptera and ticks studied as possible vectors of the spring-summer enceph-alitis

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Blood-sucking Diptera in the vicinity of the town of Abakan the Khakass Autonomous District, Krasnoyarsk Region Communication III Phenology and seasonal prevalence of the mass species of Culicidae

Alikhanov, ShA., 1987:
Blood-sucking Diptera of Karkaralinsk and Bajanaul Forest-mountain massifes central Kazakhstan

Dosybaeva, RA., 1987:
Blood-sucking Diptera of the zone of Kapchagai Reservoir and lower Ili River

Greve, L., 1984:
Blood-sucking Rhagionidae Diptera from the Palaearctic

Austen, E.E., 1907:
Blood-sucking and other flies known or likely to be concerned in the spread of disease

Alptekin, D.; Kasap, H., 1996:
Blood-sucking and parity rates of Anopheles sacharovi adults and seasonal densities of adult and pre-adult populations in Tarsus Icel region Tarsus Icel yoresinde Anopheles sacharovi erginlerinin mevsimsel kan emme ve parite oranlari ile ergin ve ergin oncesi populasyon yogunlugu

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Blood-sucking and supposedly blood-sucking Leptidae

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Blood-sucking biting midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae of Siberia

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Blood-sucking biting midges Diptera, Ceratoponidae in the reservation Kedrovaya Pad of the Primorsky district

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Blood-sucking black flies (Diptera simuliidae) of the Ukrainian Polesye

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Blood-sucking black flies in Norway

Evgeniev, M.B., 1970:
Blood-sucking butterfly

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Blood-sucking ectoparasites of shrew Soricidae, Insectivora in Hokkaido

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Blood-sucking flies - Carnidae and Hippoboscidae in birds of the Dniepr-Prutsk interfluve

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Blood-sucking flies - Carnidae, Hippoboscidae - of the birds and mammals in the Moldavian Republic

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Blood-sucking flies other than mosquitoes

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Blood-sucking gnats Diptera, Simuliidae of the River Irtysh area

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Blood-sucking insects mites - transmitters of naturally focalizing diseases in Afghanistan

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Blood-sucking insects and ticks in Kara-Kumas and their medical importance in the deserts

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Blood-sucking insects as transmitters of human disease

Kim, K.Chung., 2006:
Blood-sucking lice Anoplura of small mammals true parasites

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Blood-sucking midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae from Siberia Trudy biol Inst sib Otd

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Blood-sucking midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae of the Todzhinsk Depression of Tuva

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Blood-sucking midges Diptera, Heleidae of TranscaucasiaMorphology, biology, ecology, geographical distribution, harmfulness, control and fauna of the genera Cullcolder, Leptoconops and Lasiohelea

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Blood-sucking midges Diptera, Heleidae of the Transcaucasus

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Blood-sucking midges of the Upper Kama River

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Blood-sucking midges of the flood area of the river Ural

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Blood-sucking mite Dermanyssus hirundinis Herm Acari, Gamasida, Dermanyssidae found in a nest of swallow Hirundo rustica from the Faroes

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Blood-sucking mites of Kazakhstan edited by E N Pavlovski 1 Introduction to the study of mites

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Blood-sucking mites on house and field sparrows in Moscow and its environments Communication I

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Blood-sucking mosquito registration method with the use of dark bell and removable sacks

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes Culicidae and buffalo gnats Simuliidae from the European north of the USSR

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes Culicidae of the territory of Mogilev region

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae in northern Udmurtia

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes Diptera, Heleidae from the north-eastern parts of Azerbaidjan

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes from Naryn valley, Tyan-Shan interior, Kirgizia

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes in the Kindia region of Guinea Communication 3 Genus of Culex mosquitoes

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes of Bolshezemelskaya Tundra

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes of Dzhizak and Syr-Darya regions of Uzbek SSR

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes of hilly parts of the River Hi basin Izv

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes of north Olkhonsk region

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Blood-sucking mosquitoes of the flood plains of the middle and lower course of the River Ural

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Blood-sucking mosquitos Diptera, Culicinae in Norilsk area

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Blood-sucking mosquitos populating the area of the pioneer camp Druzhba in Udmurtia

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Blood-sucking moths

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Blood-sugar values in the marine crustacean, Libinia emarginata

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Blood-tests identify hybrid wild ducks new to science

Anonymous., 1982:
Blood-thirsty bedbugs Cimex lectularius Linnaeus

Mattisson, A., 1975:
Bloodcellers finstruktur

Bhalerao, G.D., 1948:
Bloodfluke problem in India Current

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Bloodless method for study of amphibian nutrition

Pant, CP.; Houba, V.; Engers, HD., 1987:
Bloodmeal identification in vectors

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Bloodmeal preference of Phlebotomus argentipes and Ph papatasi of north Bihar, India

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Bloodsuckers of wild birds in the lower reaches of the Ural River

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Bloodsucking Arthropoda as epidemiological factor in the flood-land of the Irtish river

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Bloodsucking Arthropods of the Dutch East Indian Archipelago x Further notes on Tabanids of India, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes and some of the Moluccas

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Bloodsucking Ceratopogonidae Diptera, Heleidae of the USSR fauna

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Bloodsucking Diptera as the intermediate hosts of Setaria cervi of red deer

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Bloodsucking Diptera in the mountain regions of Dzhizak region

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Bloodsucking Diptera of natural and drained landscapes

Ascoli, V.; Manno, D.; Guzzinati, S.; Tognazzo, S.; Zambon, P.; Arca, B.; Constantini, C.; Coluzzi, M., 2002:
Bloodsucking arthropod bites as a possible cofactor in the transmission of HHV8 Human Herpes Virus 8 and in the expression of Kaposis sarcoma La puntura di artropodi ematofagi quale possibile cofattore nella trasmissione di HHV8 Human Herpes Virus 8 e nellespressione del sarcoma di Kaposi

Hocking, B., 1971:
Bloodsucking behaviour of terrestrial arthropods

Zygutiene, M.; Sprangauskaite, R., 1998:
Bloodsucking blackflies Diptera Simuliidae in Lithuania Kraujasiurbiai masalai Diptera Simuliidae Lietuvoje

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Bloodsucking flies -Carnidae and Hippoboscidae from birds in the Dnester-Prut region

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Bloodsucking flies and gadflies - Diptera Families Ceratopogonidae, Simuliidae, Tabanidae, Hypodermatidae, Oestridae, Gasterophilidae, Hippoboscidae Nycteribiidae

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Bloodsucking insects fleas, bugs and lice of the pond bat in Netherlands

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Bloodsucking midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae from Turan-Vynkskaya hollow

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Bloodsucking midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae from the basin of the Lena River

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Bloodsucking midges from flood-lands of the River Sylva Ceratopogonidae

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Bloodsucking midges of the genus Culicoides Mg Diptera Ceratopogonidae from the valley of the middle current of the Desna

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Bloodsucking mites Common questions and working materials

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Bloodsucking mosquito Aedes Rusticoidus krymmontanus Alekseev, sp n a relic of the entomofauna of the Crimea

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Bloodsucking mosquitoes Culicidae from the south-western part of Taimir

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Bloodsucking mosquitoes from south-eastern and western Evenkia Culicidae

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Bloodsucking mosquitoes from the Komi ASSR and their biology

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Bloodsucking mosquitoes in the area of Ust-Khantaiski hydro-electric power station

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Bloodsucking parasites of birds in Ukraine in connection with the problem of transcontinental transportation of arboviruses by migratory birds

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Bloodsucking snails the Eulimidae

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Bloodsucking ticks and mites Parasitiformes and fleas Siphonaptera of squirrel in middle Sikhote-Alyn

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Bloodsucking ticks of Kazakhstan- 4 126-131

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Bloodsucking-blackflies from Priseleunguinskaya steppe

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Bloodthirsty baboons

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Bloodthirsty spiders syringes with wings

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Bloody law

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Bloom development and transport of toxic Alexandrium fundyense populations within a coastal plume in the Gulf of Maine

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Bloom dynamics and ecophysiology of Dinophysis spp

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Bloom dynamics and ecophysiology of the Gymnodinium mikimotoi species complex

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Bloom dynamics and physiology of Prymnesium and Chrysochromulina

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Bloom dynamics of Heterocapsa circularisquama in Ago Bay, Japan

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Bloom dynamics of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum, with emphasis on Tasmanian and Spanish coastal waters

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Bloom of Gonyaulax polygramma in the Galician Rias

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Bloom of filamentous green alga Spirogyra sp in Miya-gawa River, Mie Prefecture

Garate-Lizarraga, I.; Muneton-Gomez, M. del Socorro; Maldonado-Lopez, V., 2006:
Bloom of the dinoflagellate Gonyaulax polygramma occurred off Isla Espiritu Santo, Gulf of California, Mexico Florecimiento del dinoflagelado Gonyaulax polygramma frente a la Isla Espiritu Santo, Golfo de California, Mexico

Singh Thakur, S.; Mishra, RC.; Kumar, J., 1999:
Bloom visiting insects and their foraging behaviour on almond, Prunus amygdalus Batsch

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Bloom visiting insects and their foraging behaviour on broccoli Brassica oleracea L italica Plenck

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Blooming of Ceratium furca Peridiniales Ceratiaceae in a brackish environment Laguna de Sontecomapan, Mexico Florecimiento de Ceratium furca Peridiniales Ceratiaceae en un ambiente salobre Laguna de Sontecomapan, Mexico

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Blooming of the toxic flagellate Chrysochromulina polylepis in spring 1988

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Blooms and gloom

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Blooms in the desert?

ten Hoeve, HA., 1988:
Blooms in the sea

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Blooms of Alexandrium taylori in the Tyrrhenian Sea Vulcano, Aeolian Islands

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Blooms of Emiliania huxleyi Prymnesiophyceae in surface waters of the Nova Scotian shelf and the Grand Bank

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Blooms of Prorocentrum micans Dinophyta in the Galway Bay area

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Blooms of Uroglena americana in relation to concentrations of B group vitamins

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Blooms of medusae on the shores of Mar del Pata Argentina

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Blooms of phytoplankton including Emiliania huxleyi Haptophyta Effects of nutrient supply in different NP ratios

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Blooms of potentially toxic microalgae along Latium coast Fioriture di microalghe potenzialmente tossiche lungo le coste Laziali

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Blooms of surf-zone diatoms along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington 11 Regeneration of ammonium in the surf environment by the Pacific razor clam Siliqua patula

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Blooms of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi with respect to hydrography in the Gulf of Maine

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Blooms of the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca Cnidaria, Scyphozoa and the modifications of gelatinous zooplankton

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Blooms of the toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium fundyense in the Casco Bay region of the western Gulf of Maine Advection from offshore source populations and interactions with the Kennebec River plume

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Blooms of the toxic dinoflagellate Gymnodinium catenatum as evidence of climatic fluctuations in the late Holocene of southwestern Scandinavia

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Bloque de las respuestas a acetilcolina y al L-glutamo por fracciones toxicas obtenidas de Physalia physalis

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Blossiola pringlei, a new solifuge from the northern Cape Province of South Africa Daesiidae Solifugae

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Blossom birds and bird blossoms

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Blossom underwings Orthosia miniosa, Denis Schiff in Suffolk in 1999

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Blossom, badgers and bees Wildlife of a commercial orchard

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Blossoming of Prymnesium parvum Carter in the Varna lakes during the summer of 1959

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Blossoms and butterflies a new look at metamorphosis

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Blothrocrinus litvinovitschae sp nov a gigantic crinoid from the coal deposits of Kazakhstan

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Blouduikers in Oos-Transvaal

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Blouvlei Development is for the birds

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Blow flies Insecta Diptera Calliphoridae from Indochina

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Blow fly feeding behavior

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Blow fly studies

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Blow, blow, blow your horn

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Blow-flies of faunistic interest from oak-forest agroecosystems, and a catalogue of Iberian Polleniinae Diptera Calliphoridae Califoridos con interes faunistico en agroecosistemas de dehesa y catalogo de las especies ibericas de Polleniinae Diptera Calliphoridae

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Blowflies Diptera Calliphoridae of the Bialowieza Forest Muchowki z rodziny Calliphoridae Diptera Puszczy Bialowieskiej

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Blowflies Diptera Calliphoridae of the Zbocza Plutowskie reserve Plujki Diptera Calliphoridae rezerwatu Zbocza Plutowskie

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Blowflies as a case study in non-linear population dynamics

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Blowflies as parasites of New Zealand geckos

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Blowflies Spyfluer

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Blowfly Trypocalliphora braueri Diptera Calliphoridae larvae infestation in willow warblers Phylloscopus trochilus breeding in a hybrid zone

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Blowfly infestation upon house wrens

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Blowfly mylasis of sheep in Norway

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Blowfly parasite The red-legged Chalerd Stenosterys fulvo ventralis Dodd

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Blowout taphonomy non-cultural associations between faunal and stone artefact assemblages along the Cooloola coast, southeast Queensland

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Blows Downs spring migration watchpoint 1985-1990

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Bloxworth snout Hypena obsitalis Hb Lep Noctuidae hibernating in German wartime bunkers on Guernsey and Alderney

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Blubber thickness in harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena

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Blue Acara spawning

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Blue Crab as starvation food of oiled Eiders

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Blue Duck or Mountain Duck Eclipse of ducks of the southern hemisphere

Oordt, G.; Jvan., 1947:
Blue Geese in Hollnnd traced from Sweden

Hicks, L.E., 1945:
Blue Grosbeak breeding in Ohio p 314 Yellow-headed Blackbird p 314 Hooded Merganser p 315

Hicks, LE., 1944:
Blue Grosbeak breeding in west Virginia

Moseley, E.L., 1936:
Blue Heron colonies in northern Ohio

Casacuberta, Marcelo., 2000:
Blue Jack Dempsey

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Blue Jay anting with hot chocolate and soap suds

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Blue Jay attacks Red Bats

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Blue Jay feeding on termites

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Blue Jay in New Mexico

Miller, F.W., 1952:
Blue Jay, Cyanocitta cristata, anting with burning cigarettes

Clay, W.M., 1959:
Blue Jays attack a Red Bat

Laskey, A.R., 1954:
Blue Jays feed tent caterpillar pupae to nestlings

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Blue Petrels in Victoria Sea birds of Portland, Victoria Supplementary list

Berlijn, Max., 1999:
Blue Rosss goose

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Blue Snow-Geese in Co Wexford

Briden, H., 1961:
Blue Tit apparently asleep on ground

Stephenson, F.E., 1963:
Blue Tit lining and laying in nest of Blackbird

Macdonald, J.W., 1963:
Blue Tit with acarine mange

Mackenzie, J.M.D., 1959:
Blue Tits roosting time

Errington, F.P., 1961:
Blue Tits roosting in street lamps

Anon., 1950:
Blue Whale stocks in the Antarctic

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Blue Wren in Spiders web

Burrell, H., 1909:
Blue Wrens nesting in Ivy

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Blue amphiboles and microfossils from the Mesozoic basement of the Vienna Basin borehole Smolinske 27, Slovakia

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Blue and White Swallows in Mexico

Turk, F.A., 1964:
Blue and brown hares associated together in a Bronze Age fissure cave burial

Malowski, S.; Boodoo, D., 2001:
Blue and gold macaws back in Trinidad

Johnson, HM., 1985:
Blue and great tits after nectar

Macredie, Grant., 1996:
Blue and orange geckos of North Island, and a modified habitat for Naultinus

Davies, R.; Davies, V., 1990:
Blue and pink

Dzubin, A.; Boyd, H.; Stephen, WJD., 1975:
Blue and snow goose distribution in the Mississippi and central flyways

Kennerley, PR., 1989:
Blue and white flycatcher catching and swallowing dragonfly

Kato, Y.; Osawa, K.; Yamada, H., 1982:
Blue and yellow pigments in cocoons of the Japanese oak silkworm, Antheraea yamamai

Baskin, Yvonne., 1993:
Blue behemoth bounds back Population figures for the worlds largest creature differ, but the endangered animal appears to be inching away from extinction

Low, S.H., 1934:
Blue bird studies on Cape Cod

Moore, W.H., 1908:
Blue birds of the Maritime Provinces

Fletcher, N., 1982:
Blue blockbusters

Moller, Carl., 1997:
Blue blood at Bundaberg

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Blue blood in animals and other essays in biology

Tooley, S., 1985:
Blue bombers

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Blue bonnets

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Blue bull problem in Rajasthan

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Blue butterflies or bulldozers?

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Blue cheeked bee-eater Merops persicus

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Blue color anomaly in an Oklahoma crayfish Decapoda Cambaridae

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Blue coloration in reptiles; a matter of light?

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Blue cone input to the photopic electroretinogram of the turtle Pseudemys

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Blue crab Callinectes sapidus Decapoda Brachyura fishery in Lake, Maracaibo, Venezuela La pesqueria del cangrejo Callinectes sapidus Decapoda Brachyura en el lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela

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Blue crab larval culture methods and management

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Blue crab predation on clutchless oyster spat

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Blue crab predation on cultchless oyster spat

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Blue crabs in South Australia - their status, potential and biology

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Blue crane finds new stamping grounds

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Blue crane monitoring trends begin to emerge

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Blue cranes feed on bollworm

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Blue cranes nesting on an island

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Blue cup trapping of larch cone flies Strobilomyia spp

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Blue deep voices insights from the Navys Whales 93 program

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Blue duck-symbol of wild and untamed rivers

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Blue egg in a Pheasants nest

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Blue eggs of Terns and Gulls

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Blue feathers

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Blue fin tuna spawn in captivity

Anonymous., 1980:
Blue frog photo sparks responses from many readers

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Blue frogs familiar figures in strange apparel

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Blue frontier saving Americas living seas

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Blue fulmars at Flamborough Head

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Blue goose Chen c caerulescens in Wrangel Island

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Blue goose banded on Bermuda, recovered at Cape Hatteras, NC

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Blue gourami Trichogaster trichopterus gonadotropic subunits I and II cDNA sequences and expression during oogenesis

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Blue green and green light adaptations on photosynthetic activity in some algae collected from subsurface chlorophyll layer in the western Pacific Ocean

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Blue green frogs Rana esculenta and other herpetofauna on the Drulon estate dept Cher, France

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Blue groper - situation report

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Blue grosbeak Guiraca caerulea 2 June 1987, Iowa County

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Blue grosbeak at Long Point

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Blue grosbeak breeding in North Dakota

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Blue grosbeak breeds in Florida everglades

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Blue grosbeak in Fayette County

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Blue grosbeak in Olmsted County

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Blue grosbeak in Pine County

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Blue grosbeak nesting in New York State a first record

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Blue grosbeaks extend range in Minnesota

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Blue grosbeaks a response to habitat changes and a late nesting record

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Blue grouse brood hen - black bear confrontation

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Blue grouse census and harvest in the United States and Canada

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Blue grouse persists on Mount Pinos in southern California

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Blue grouse wing analyses methodology and population inferences

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Blue hare in Lewis

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Blue hill pigeons circle over the city nestling in garden

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Blue jay and Stellers jay

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Blue jay attacks cowbird nestling

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Blue jay attacks little brown bat

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Blue jay influx into Washington during the 1976-77 winter

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Blue jay kills nestling house sparrow

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Blue jay mimics osprey

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Blue jay preying on hoary bat

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Blue jay preys on young bats

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Blue jay rides on head of gardener

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Blue jay takes dead shrew

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Blue jay vocal behavior

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Blue jay vocalization resembles fish crow

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Blue jay with crossed bill

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Blue jay with crossed mandibles Bulletin Texas orn

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Blue jays

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Blue jays and blueberries

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Blue jays and tent caterpillars

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Blue jays mimic the calls of red-shouldered and broad-winged hawks

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Blue jays scavenging window-kills

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Blue lagoon

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Blue light as a medium to influence oscillatory contraction frequency in Physarum

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Blue limia - a livebearing fish

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Blue ling, Molva byrkelange Walbaum in the north-western Atlantic

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Blue macaws blue hope Guacamayos jacintos la esperanza azul

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Blue magpie as a foster parent of koel

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Blue manna crabs

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Blue marks on the map

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Blue marlin Makaira nigricans and white marlin Tetrapterus albidus caught off the Brazilian coast

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Blue marlin, Makaira nigricans

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Blue miracle - courtship of the Swedish swamp frog Blaues Wunder - die Balz der Moorfroesche

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Blue monkeys Cercopithecus mitis in Malawi condensed tannins and bark stripping

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Blue monkeys of Zomba Mountain

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Blue moons and brimstones

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Blue mussel cultures as a biomonitoring tool for lead, zinc and cadmium concentration

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Blue mussels Mytilus edulis as food of eider ducks Somateria mollissima on the North Sea islands of Langeoog and Spiekeroog Miesmuscheln Mytilus edulis als Nahrung von Eiderenten Somateria mollissima auf den Nordseeinseln Langeoog und Spiekeroog

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Blue oat mite control

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Blue or sun corals

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Blue over green, yellow over metal, is alive and well and ten

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Blue pan traps as a potential method for collecting Stephanidae Hymenoptera

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Blue peanut poisoning in a badger Meles meles

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Blue penguin attacked by fur seal

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Blue penguins becoming island refugees

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Blue perch

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Blue perch in Lake Holvandi Kivijarv

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Blue perches conclusion Kameleonvisjes slot

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Blue petrels Halobaena caerulea in Cape Seas

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Blue pigeons

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Blue poison Information on the blue-ringed octopus of the genus Hapalochlaena Blaues Gift Ueber die Blauring-Kraken der Gattung Hapalochlaena

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Blue ribbon bass in an urban pond a look at the effect of controlled access and harvest

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Blue rock thrush

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Blue rock thrush Monticola solitarius breeding in Haute-Maurienne Savoie Nidification du merle bleu Monticola solitarius en Haute-Maurienne Savoie

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Blue rock thrush Monticola solitarius philippensis First record for Australia

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Blue rock thrush Monticola solitarius predating on grass snake Natrix natrix Le monticole bleu Monticola solitarius predateur de la couleuvre a collier Natrix natrix

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Blue rock thrush at Westkapelle in September 2003 Blauwe Rotslijster bij Westkapelle in september 2003

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Blue rock thrush in Orkney

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Blue rock thrush Puscavec Monticola solitarius

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Blue rock trush Puscavec Monticola solitarius

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Blue rock trush Monticola solitarius

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Blue rock-thrush Monticola solitarius in territory of Czech Republic Skalnik modry Monticola solitarius na uzemi Ceske republiky

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Blue rock-thrush Monticola solitarius in the Gambia

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Blue rock-thrush Monticola solitarius first record for Australia

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Blue rock-thrush at Manokwari, a new record for Irian Jaya

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Blue rockthrush Monticola solitarius preys on lizards

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Blue rockthrush Puscavec

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Blue shark Prionace glauca length composition from the Venezuelan longline fleet in the northwestern Atlantic period 1994-2003

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Blue sheep die-off in Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan

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Blue shiner

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Blue specimens in the Rana esculenta-complex in Friesland Blauwe exemplaren van de groene kikker Rana esculenta-complex in Friesland

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Blue specimens of the stripeless tree frog Hyla meridionalis in Huelva province Individuos azules de ranita meridional Hyla meridionalis en la provincia de Huelva

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Blue spotted cichlids from Lake Maracaibo Blaupunktbuntbarsche aus dem Maracaibo-See

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Blue starfish Linckia laevigata

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Blue sticky traps for the monitoring of thrips on Eustoma grandiflorum Raf Shinn in greenhouses Trampas adhesivas azules para el monitoreo de trips en Eustoma grandiflorum Raf Shinn en invernadero

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Blue surgeonfish Paracanthurus hepatus Linnaeus 1766

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Blue swallow Hirundo atrocaerulea in Kenya status survey and conservation options

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Blue swallow protected

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Blue swallows Hirundo atrocaerulea near Busia the second record for Kenya

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Blue swallows at Inyanga

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Blue swallows at Ixopo

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Blue swallows over Chimanimani

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Blue tails and autotomy enhancement of predation avoidance in juvenile skinks

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Blue tit Parus caeruleus agonistic displays a reappraisal

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Blue tit Parus caeruleus as a helper in feeding nestling house martins Delichon urbica Blaumeise Parus caeruleus hilft beim Futtern nestjunger Mehlschwalben Delichon urbica

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Blue tit eating nylon filaments

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Blue tit feeding on pupae of Diptera in reed stem

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Blue tit laying and hatching egg in substitute site with no nest material

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Blue tit nests

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Blue tit territories in populations at different density levels

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Blue tit Plavcek Parus caeruleus

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Blue tits and blossom

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Blue tits and gulls feeding by artificial light

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Blue tits at Chew Valley lake

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Blue tits in Jordan

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Blue tits nesting in bus stop indicator

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Blue tits nesting in house martins nest

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Blue tits peck polystyrene tiles

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Blue tits raising young pied flycatchers

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Blue tits remove old nest

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Blue waxbill caught in a spiders web

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Blue waxbill, Uraeginthus angolensis

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Blue waxbills in Windhoek continued

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Blue whale

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Blue whale migration energetics

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Blue whale Balaenoptera musculus Linnaeus, 1758

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Blue whales Balaenoptera musculus from the State of Kuwait, Arabian Gulf

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Blue whales - past present

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Blue whales in the waters around Kerguelen Island

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Blue whales off California

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Blue whales off Peru, December 1982, with special reference to pygmy blue whales

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Blue whiting fishery by the German Democratic Republic in 1979

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Blue whiting of the Norwegian Sea and its autumnal fishery

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Blue wildebeest population trends in the Kruger National Park and the effects of fencing

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Blue winged teal ? green winged teal hybrid

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Blue winged teal at Stanford Warren 9th-12th May 1989 - a new bird for Essex

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Blue, white and red sides peaceful coexistence or competition?

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Blue-Fox farming in Alaska

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Blue-Tongued Lizards

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Blue-acara Aequidens latifrons Steindacher and its breeding

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Blue-and-yellow macaws feeding on soybeans in Brazils cerrado

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Blue-bearded bee-eater and other birds in Kaigal, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

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Blue-billed ducks

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Blue-bonnet fatality

Roy, C.R., 1938:

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Blue-breasted Cyornis in the Malay Peninsular a correction

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Blue-breasted Wrens at Mosman Park

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Blue-cheeked Bee-eater in Scilly a new British bird

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Blue-cheeked bee-eater - an inhabitant of the semidesert of south west Asia

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Blue-cheeked bee-eater has been recorded in Corsica Le guepier de perse Merops superciliosus persicus a ete note en Corse

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Blue-cheeked bee-eater on Terschelling in May 1998 Groene bijeneter op Terschelling in mei 1998

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Blue-crowned hanging parrot on Java

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Blue-eared glossy starlings Lamprotornis chalybaeus and wattled starlings Creatophora cinerea associating with livestock

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Blue-eggs of the Tree Pipit and Meadow Pipit

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Blue-eyed black lemur Eulemur macaco flavifrons Gray, 1867 - perspectives for in situ- and ex situ-research and conservation activities

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Blue-faced and red-headed parrot finches

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Blue-faced honeyeaters feeding yellow-throated miner nestlings

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Blue-finned tuna demographic structure determination from fish scraps captured by North Moroccan Atlantic madragues preliminary results of the fishing campaign of 2006 Determination a partir des dechets biologiques de la structure demographique du thon rouge capture par les madragues de lAtlantique nord marocain resultats preliminaires de la campagne de peche 2006

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Blue-footed Booby in the Pacific Northwest Albino Purple Martin at Seattle Martin roost

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Blue-footed Booby on Salton Sea

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Blue-footed baoby in northern California

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Blue-fronted robin

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Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Polioptila coerulea in Washington county, NY

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Blue-gray gnatcatcher at Grand Marais

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Blue-gray gnatcatcher nesting attempt in Clinton County

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Blue-gray gnatcatcher nests at Newton Hills State Park

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Blue-gray gnatcatcher on nest

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Blue-gray gnatcatchers at Marshall, Lyon County

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Blue-gray gnatcatchers in Hubbard County

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Blue-gray gnatcatchers nest in Otter Tail County

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Blue-grayslate coloured plumage of the Muscovy Duck Cairina moschata domestica L and the genetic value

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Blue-green algae in eutrophic fresh waters

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Blue-green algal and ostracod interactions in an Oregon hot spring

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Blue-green algalike cells associated with the tunic of Ciona intestinalis L

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Blue-green caterpillars; the origin and ecology of a mutation in haemolymph color in Colias Eurymus philodice

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Blue-gums Eucalyptus globulus in north-west Tasmania an important food resource for the endangered swift parrot Lathamus discolor

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Blue-headed Wagtail in Cumberland

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Blue-headed Wagtail in Nottinghamshire

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Blue-headed Wagtail nesting in Cornwall

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Blue-headed Wagtails in Denbighshire and Mon-mouthshire

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Blue-headed vireo Vireo solitarius

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Blue-hended Wagtail in Norfolk

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Blue-lined octopus Hapalochlaena cf fasciata collected from Osaka Bay

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Blue-mantled crested flycatcher at Seldomseen, Vumba

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Blue-mantled crested flycatcher near Mufulira Bulletin Zambian orn

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Blue-phase Ross geese and other blue-phase geese in western North America

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Blue-rayed limpets Helcion pellucidum L attached to turbot, Scophthalmus maximus L on a fish farm

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Blue-red reaches the end of line at nine

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Blue-ringed Teal in Gloucestershire

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Blue-rumped parrot Psittinus cyanurus Discovery of northernmost limit of its distribution

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Blue-rumped parrots - lovely birds from south east Asia Rotachselpapageien - Kostbarkeiten aus Suedostasien

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Blue-shouldered robin chats

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Blue-spotted salamander

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Blue-tailed damselflies on Groesbeek 3 An unfinished tale Lantaarntjes op Groes 3 Een onafgemaakt verhaal

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Blue-tailed emerald hummingbird Chlorostilbon mellisugus nesting and nestling development

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Blue-throated flycatcher in Ho Chung woods the first record for Hong Kong

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Blue-throated hummingbird

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Blue-throated macaw breeding and husbandry

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Blue-throated macaw conservation in Beni, Bolivia Critical steps toward the recovery of one of the worlds most threatened birds A proposal from the world parrot trust

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Blue-throated sunbird Anthreptes reichenowi in Thembe Elephant Park, Kwazulu-Natal

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Blue-throated sunbird at Mutare

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Blue-throated sunbird at the Vumba

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Blue-tongue Lizards in captivity

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Blue-tongued and stump-tailed skinks

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Blue-tongued lizards and instinct

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Blue-type larvae of the pierid butterfly, Eurema hecabe L

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Blue-water plankton

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Blue-winged Teal Querquedula discors breeding in North Iceland

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Blue-winged Teal taken in Ireland

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Blue-winged Warblers nest with six eggs A Sycamore Warblers nest in a pine tree

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Blue-winged X cinnamon teal hybrid?

Highsmith, RT., 1987:
Blue-winged and Lawrences warblers at Itasca State Park

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Blue-winged kookaburra

Kloot, Tess., 2003:
Blue-winged kookaburra Dacelo leachii Vigors Horsfield, 1827

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Blue-winged pitta on Cheung Chau A first record for Hong Kong

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Blue-winged teal at Abberton Reservoir 14th-21st September 1996 The second Essex record

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Blue-winged teal at Bavelaw Marsh

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Blue-winged teal at Moerdijk in May 1985

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Blue-winged teal at Pennington Flash, 19th Sep -13th Oct

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Blue-winged teal clutch augmentation

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Blue-winged teal in Egypt in March 1990

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Blue-winged teal in Orkney

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Blue-winged teal in Outer Hebrides

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Blue-winged teal observed diving

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Blue-winged teal Lound GP, april 26th-27th 2000

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Blue-winged warbler at Fort Meade

Beneke, Betsy., 1993:
Blue-winged warbler found at Tamarac Refuge

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Blue-winged warbler heard at Cedar Creek

Bergman, CA., 1977:
Blue-winged warbler in Lake County

Herriot, T., 1988:
Blue-winged warbler in Regina

Mason, W., 1978:
Blue-winged warbler nest in Barren County

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Blue-winged warblers Vermivora pinus recognize dialects in type 2 but not type 1 songs

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Blue/golden-winged warblers

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Blueback herring Alosa aestivalis in Lake Ontario first record, entry route, and colonization potential

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Bluebell Hill

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Blueberry insects in Maine

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Bluebills Os bicos-azuis

Martinak, G., 1975:

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Bluebird banding at Chesley, Ontario

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Bluebird belligerence

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Bluebird breeding in Los Angeles

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Bluebird days return

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Bluebird hatched and raised by chickadee

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Bluebird killed while establishing territory

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Bluebird nest box usage in southeastern Kentucky

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Bluebird nesting box project 1974

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Bluebird nesting box project 1975

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Bluebird on the rebound

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Bluebird populations and nest boxes

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Bluebird rescue

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Bluebird trail, Springton Reservoir, Delaware County, PA 1972-1983

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Bluebird-flicker conflict

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Bluebirds and bluebird trails

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Bluebirds and clearcuts

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Bluebirds and their parasitic parasites

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Bluebirds attracted by peanut hearts

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Bluebirds feeding mocking bird nestlings

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Bluebirds return to central Minneapolis

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Bluebirds vs house wrens some data

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Bluecheeked bee-eaters

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Bluecheeked bee-eaters feeding on migrant butterflies

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Blued around the edges

Anonymous., 1991:
Bluefin Thunnus thynnus amd swordfish Xiphias gladius

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Bluefin Year Program BYP progress achieved through 1999 future perspectives

Anonymous., 2001:
Bluefin Year Program BYP progress achieved through 2000 future perspectives

Anonymous., 2003:
Bluefin Year Program BYP progress achieved through 2002 future perspectives

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Bluefin and frigate tuna spawning off the Balearic Archipelago in the environmental conditions observed during the 2002 spawning season

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Bluefin management in the western Atlantic prior to 1982

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Bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus L and albacore Thunnus alalunga Bonn fishery in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea 1985-1989 surveys

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Bluefin tuna and associated species spawning grounds in the oceanographic scenario of the Balearic Archipelago during june 2001

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Bluefin tuna and its allies in captivity

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Bluefin tuna catches produced by different fishing gears

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Bluefin tuna egg and larval survey in the Balearic Sea June 2001 Tunibal 06/01

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Bluefin tuna in the eastern north Pacific Ocean

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