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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38017

Chapter 38017 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cunningham, M.P. van Hoeve, K., 1966:
Bovine trypanosomiasis ; the immune response of the infected animal and the antigenic variation of the infecting organism

Grange, J.M.; Collins, C.H., 1987:
Bovine tubercle bacilli and disease in animals and man

Butchko, P.H.; Schmitt, S.M., 2004:
Bovine tuberculosis in Michigan the work on the wildlife side

Suleman, MA.; Tarara, R.; Kamunyi, RG.; Runyenje, RN., 1983:
Bovine tuberculosis in a baboon colony

White, P.C.; Harris, S., 1995:
Bovine tuberculosis in badger Meles meles populations in southwest England an assessment of past, present and possible future control strategies using computer simulation modelling

Anonymous., 1987:
Bovine tuberculosis in badgers Eleventh report by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Delahay, RJ.; Wilson, G.; Rogers, LM.; Cheeseman, CL., 2003:
Bovine tuberculosis in badgers can culling control the disease?

Hofmeyr, M.S.; Buss, P.; D.K.erk-Lorist, L.-Mari.; Bengis, R.G., 2006:
Bovine tuberculosis in buffalo and current projects in the Kruger National Park

Evans, HTJ.; Thompson, HV., 1981:
Bovine tuberculosis in cattle in Great Britain 1 eradication of the disease from cattle and the role of the badger Meles meles as a source of Mycobacterium bovis for cattle

Williams, D., 1987:
Bovine tuberculosis in deer what to look for and what to do

Little, TWA.; Swan, C.; Thompson, HV.; Wilesmith, JW., 1982:
Bovine tuberculosis in domestic and wild mammals in an area of Dorset 2 The badger population, its ecology and tuberculosis status

Little, TWA.; Swan, C.; Thompson, HV.; Wilesmith, JW., 1982:
Bovine tuberculosis in domestic and wild mammals in an area of Dorset 3 The prevalence of tuberculosis in mammals other than badgers and cattle

Frolich, K., 1993:
Bovine viral diarrhoea/mucosal disease in deer in different populations on free range and in enclosures seroepizootiological investigations and virus isolation

Rognon, X.; Lefevre, C., 2006:
Bovines from domestication to rearing Study days of the Ethnozootechnology and Man and Animal Society, Society of Interdisciplinary Research, 16th and 17th November 2006, National Natural History Museum Les bovins de la domestication a lelevage Journees detude de la Societe dEthnozootechnie et LHomme et lAnimal, Societe de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, 16 et 17 novembre 2006, Museum National dHistoire Naturelle

Flatters, E., 1985:
Bovington Training Area, Dorset Ornithological report

Hejlicek, K.; Vitovec, J.; Vladik, P., 1973:
Bovinni tuberkuloza u nork3

Guittin, P., 1986:
Bow leg syndrome in ratite birds

Poljakovic-Pajnik, L.; Petrovic-Obradovic, O., 2004:
Bow-legged fir aphid Cinara curvipes Patch Aphididae, Homoptera new pest of Abies concolor in Serbia

Nielsen, Ole Fogh., 1993:
Bow-winged grasshopper Chorthippus biguttulus Linnaeus, 1758 Orthoptera, Acrididae found in a old breakwater trench on Fur Island

Anon, R.; Dr., 1909:
Bowdler Sharpe

Boyce, Nell., 1998:
Bowels of the beasts

Oliver, W.A.; Jr., 1989:
Bowenelasma rugose coral from the Emsian and Early Eifelian? Devonian of New York

Bell, H.L., 1967:
Bower painting by Lauterbachs bowerbird

Wakefield, N.A., 1957:
Bower bird visits Melbourne

Zupanc, D.; Klein, S., 1998:
Bower birds - masters of construction Laubenvogel - Meister der Baukunst

Becker, Peter-Rene., 2001:
Bower birds - twixt magic and science Laubenvoegel - zwischen Zauber und Wissenschaft

Galbraith, J., 1967:
Bower birds in winter

Solomon, S.; Minnegal, M.; Dwyer, P., 1986:
Bower birds, bones and archaeology

Graham, R.E., 1969:
Bower cave studies Part 3 The vertebrate fauna of the outer vault

Graham, R.E., 1969:
Bower cave studies Part 3 The vertebrate fauna of the outer valut

Guy, Kate., 1998:
Bower in suburban Canberra

Plomley, K.F., 1935:
Bower of the Regent Bower-bird

Campbell, A.J., 1920:
Bower or Striped-breasted Shrike Thrush Colluricincla boweri Ramsay The Small-billed Tit-Warbler Acanthiza morgani

Frith, C.; Frith, D., 1998:
Bower power

Chaffer, N., 1958:
Bower-builder and decorator

Vellenga, R., 1986:
Bower-building behaviour of immature satin bowerbirds Ptilonorhynchus violaceus

Humphries, S.; Ruxton, G.D., 1999:
Bower-building coevolution of display traits in response to the costs of female choice?

Smith, Ian., 1999:
Bowerbirds - natures finest architects?

O'Grady, DM., 1973:
Bowerbirds in the garden

Andersson, S., 1991:
Bowers on the savanna display courts and mate choice in a lekking widowbird

Polunin, N., 1978:
Bowhead and sperm whale quota see-saws

Braham, HW.; Krogman, BD.; Carroll, GM., 1984:
Bowhead and white whale migration, distribution, and abundance in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas, 1975-78

Marquette, WM., 1978:
Bowhead whale

Braham, HW., 1980:
Bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus 1 migration, distribution and population enumeration

Carroll, GM.; George, JC.; Lowry, LF.; Coyle, KO., 1987:
Bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus feeding near Point Barrow, Alaska, during the 1985 spring migration

Moore, SE.; Clarke, JT.; Ljungblad, JT., 1989:
Bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus spatial and temporal distribution in the central Beaufort Sea during late summer and early fall 1979-86

Hazard, KW.; Cubbage, JC., 1982:
Bowhead whale distribution in the southeastern Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf, summer 1979

Richardson, W.J. .; Thomson, D H. ., 2002:
Bowhead whale feeding in the eastern Alaskan Beaufort Sea update of scientific and traditional information

Marquette, WM., 1976:
Bowhead whale field studies in Alaska, 1975

Johnson, JH.; Braham, HW.; Krogman, BD.; Marquette, WM.; Sonntag, RM.; Rugh, DJ., 1981:
Bowhead whale research June 1979 to June 1980

Reeves, RR.; Leatherwood, S., 1985:
Bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus Linnaeus, 1758

Gambell, R., 1983:
Bowhead whales and Alaskan eskimos a problem of survival

Reeves, RR.; Ljungblad, DK.; Clarke, JT., 1984:
Bowhead whales and acoustic seismic surveys in the Beaufort Sea

Reeves, RR.; Mitchell, E., 1991:
Bowhead whales in Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, and Foxe Basin a review

Kuyt, E., 1974:
Bowhead whales in the Beaufort Sea

Melnikov, VV.; Bobkov, AV., 1993:
Bowhead whales migration in the Chukchee Sea

Doroshenko, NV., 1996:
Bowhead whales of the Okhotsk Sea

Rugh, D., 1990:
Bowhead whales reidentified through aerial photography near Point Barrow, Alaska

Jonsgard, A., 1981:
Bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus, observed in Arctic waters of the eastern north Atlantic after the Second World War

Vaughan, R., 1986:
Bowhead whaling in Davis Strait and Baffin Bay during the 18th and 19th centuries

Winchcombe, R.J.; Ostfeld, R.S., 2001:
Bowhunter observations versus spotlighting as an index to deer abundance

Wolgast, L.J.; Kuser, J.E., 1993:
Bowhunting stabilizes a New Jersey white-tailed deer population

Jung, P., 1989:
Bowie Christmas bird count, 1982

Mitchell, WR.; Robinson, J., 1972:
Bowland sika deer observations of a feral population

Mitchell, WR., 1984:
Bowland sika some notes on the deer and their habitat

da Silva, V.M.A.P., 1971:
Bowmaniella Bowmaniella atlantica, new name for Gastrosaccus brasiliensis da Silva 1970 Crustacea Mysidacea

da Silva, V.M.A.P., 1971:
Bowmaniella Bowmaniella recifensis nsp of Crustacea Mysidacea

da Silva, VMAP., 1972:
Bowmaniella Coiffmanniella inarticulata sp n de Crustacea Mysidacea

Schleicher, Alfred., 1999:
Bowsprite tortoises Observations on the life habit, care and breeding of the angulate tortoise Chersina angulata Schweigger, 1812 Afrikanische Schnabelbrustschildkroten Bermerkungen zur Lebensweise, Haltung und Zucht der Afrikanischen Schnabelbrustschildkrote Chersina angulata Schweigger, 1812

Hall, R., 1896:
Box Hill Birds in July, 1896

Buxton, J., 1974:
Box Hill bat roost

Stebbings, RE., 1973:
Box Tunnels

Anon., 1933:
Box Turtles begin to hibernate

Lindgren, L.A.H., 1942:
Box boops L an en gang jamte nagot om orsaken till den under senare ar iakttagna okningen av antalet sydfiskar i nordiska farvatten

Lindgren, L.A.H., 1940:
Box boops L, en for Sverige ny havsfisk

Thomas, Herve., 2000:
Box of interesting bugs La boite a bonnes bebetes

Anonymous., 2001:
Box of little bugs La boite a bonnes bebetes

Bustard, R., 1960:
Box tortoises

Huber, J.J., 1962:
Box trap census method for rabbits

Mount, RH., 1986:
Box turtle

Boyer, TH., 1992:
Box turtle care

Belzer, William., 1997:
Box turtle conservation issues

Eaton, T.H.; Jr., 1947:
Box turtle eating a homed toad

Murphy, T.D., 1964:
Box turtle, Terrapene Carolina, in stomach of copperhead, Agkistrodon contortrix

Prescott, B., 1990:
Box turtles at Wellfleet Bay

Christiansen, J., 1980:
Box turtles of the genus Cuora

Traill, BJ., 1991:
Box-ironbark forests tree hollows, wildlife and management

Currie, B.; Ho, S.; Alderslade, P., 1993:
Box-jellyfish, Coca-Cola and old wine

Valanne, K.; Patomaki, J.; Kalela, O., 1968:
Box-nesting birds in timber-line forests at Kilpisjarvi, Finnish Lapland

Garback, M.; Andria.; Spamer, E.E., 1992:
Boxes for dry shell collections

Dewar, S.M.; Shawyer, C.R., 1996:
Boxes, baskets and platforms artificial nest sites for owls and other birds of prey

Millson, P., 1982:

Ulrich, Theresa., 2003:
Boxfish ostracitoxin

Roberts, MB.; Parfitt, SA., 1999:
Boxgrove a Middle Pleistocene hominid site at Eartham Quarry, Boxgrove, West Sussex

Hansen, K.; Swan, S., 1996:
Boxing Day tucker

Barker, G., 1977:
Boxing bats

Huys, R., 1988:
Boxshallia bulbantennulata gen et spec nov Copepoda Misophrioida from an anchihaline lava pod on Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Denmark, HA., 1974:
Boxwood bud mite, Phytoptus canestrinii Nalepa, in Florida Acarina Eriophyidae

Morris, P.A., 1959:
Boys book of snakes

Farid, H., 1942:
Boy Wigeon-Teal hybrid

GSksu, K.; Alibadolu, M.; DinYer, S., 1972:
Boyaz fareler Mus musculus var albinos ve beyaz kemelerde Rattus norvegicus var albinos helminthiasisler

Ticehurst, N.F., 1910:
Boyd Alexander

Ogilvie-Grant, W.R., 1910:
Boyd Alexander and his Ornithological work

Zwinenberg, AJ., 1974:
Boyds forest dragon, Goniocephalus boydii Macleay

Watt, H., 1908:
Boyd Scottish Heronries

Eyndhoven, G.L. van., 1955:
Boydaia jordani sp n, a new endoparasitic mite Acarina Speleognathidae

Ford, H.G., 1959:
Boydaia tyrannis n sp Acarina, Speleognathidae, a new mite from the nasal cavity of the eastern kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus Linnaeus

Kunz, B., 2005:
Boyeria irene in Tunisia Odonata Aeshnidae Boyeria irene in Tunesien Odonata Aeshnidae

Trimm, W., 1977:
Boyers birds

Cressey, RF., 1977:
Boylea longispica n g, nsp and other parasitic copepods from Pacific fishes Transatious Am microsc

Leneham, LJ., 1975:
Boyne estuary

Sands, D., 1988:
Boys from Brazil

Whaley, R., 1979:
Boysen - not for trout only

Verdcourt, B., 1961:
Boysia boysii Pfeiffer Pupillidae in Africa

Kotlan, S., 1948:
BozoganyfejuekAcanthocephala es fregatkakLinguatuloidea Dudich E Az Allatok Gyujtese

Kawamura, Tamiji., 1910:
Bozumira to Katsuonoeboshi

Grandi, G., 1959:
Bozzolo metallico costraito dalla larva di una Cerura bifida Hbn Lepidoptera-Notodontidae

Crowe, DM., 1976:
Brer possum

Atkinson, A.A., 1953:
Brer possum, hermit of the lowlands North Americas only pouched mammal, slow-moving survivor of an ancient Order, leads a relaxed, solitary life

Burt, W.H., 1965:
Brer possum an invader from the South

Salanki, J.; Vadasz, I.; Elekes, K., 1972:
Br-tipusu neuron fiziologiai es morfoligiai jellemzoi Helix pomatia L kozponti idegrendszereben Biologiai Kozl

Tanner, W.W., 1964:
Br Charles E Burt, of Topeka, Kansas 12 August 1904-13 July 1964

Prigioni, CM., 1983:
Br Ricardo Trabal Torres de la Llosa 1951-1982

de Leeuw, E., 1973:
Braakballenanalyse mogelijkheden en metoden

van Winkel, J., 1973:
Braakballenonderzoek - verspreide gegevens

van der Straeten, E., 1973:
Braakballenonderzoek in de Kempen

van Goethem, JCF., 1976:
Braamsluiper - Sylvia curruca

Deflandre, G., 1947:
Braarudos-phaera nov gen, type dune famille nouvelle de Coccolithophorides actuels elements composites

Scarparo Cunha, A.A.; Shimabukuro, S., 1997:
Braarudosphaera blooms and anomalous enrichments of Nannoconus evidence from the Turonian South Atlantic, Santos Basin, Brazil

Martini, E., 1960:
Braarudosphaerideii, Diseoasteriden und verwandte Formen aus dem Rupelton des Mainzer Beckens

Nielsen, T.H., 1965:
Braband So

Kraatz, G., 1890:
Brachagenius nov gen Trichiadarum

Jarrige, J., 1952:
Brachelytres nouveaux ou mal connus de la faune circamediterraneenne

Jarrige, M.J., 1965:
Brachelytres recoltes en Nouvelle-Caleedoniepar M Y

Jarrige, J., 1963:
Brachelytres recoltes par M le Pr P A Remy dans le sud de lInde et a Ceylan

Atoji, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Sugimura, M., 1987 :
Brachial and lumbosacral plexuses and brains of the Japanese serow

D'Otaviano de Castro Vilani, R.G.; Montiani-Ferreira, F.; Ribas Lange, R.; Venturin Samonek, J.F.ancisco, 2006:
Brachial plexus block in birds

Jit, I.; Pramod, K., 1988:
Brachial plexus of Herpestes javanicus auropunctatus

Stains, H.J.; Stuckey, D., 1960:
Brachial-antebrachial stripes on a striped skunk

Avis, V., 1963:
Brachiation the cruciai issue for mans ancestry

Fleagle, J.G., 1977:
Brachiation and biomechanics the siamang as example

Macfarlane, RP.; Pengelly, DH., 1978:
Brachicoma spp Sarcophagidae and Melittobia chalybii Eulophidae as parasites of the brood of Bombus spp Apidae in southern Ontario

Stasek, C., 1959:
Brachidontes or Hormomya ?

Kabata, Z., 1966:
Brachiella chevreuxii Van Beneden, 1891 Copepoda, Lernaeopodidae; a taxonomic problem

Kabata, Z., 1973:
Brachiella impudica Nordmann, 1832 and B bispinosa Nordmann, 1832 Copepoda Lernaeopodidae redescribed from type specimens

Gnanamuthu, C.P., 1951:
Brachiella trichiuri n sp A copepod parasitic in the mouth cavity of the ribbon tish

Radulescu, II.; Nalbant, T.T., 1969:
Brachignathism in some species of Gadidae and Zoarcidae from western North Atlantic

Gajl, K., 1934:
Brachinecta paludosa aus der Tatra als eine nue Art betrachtet; ihre Morphologie, Okologie und geo graphische Verbreitung

Reichardt, H., 1967:
Brachinini neotropicais duas novas especies e notas Coleoptera Carabidae

Tessier, Frangois., 2006:
Brachinus Brachynidius maublanci Colas, 1942, a synonym of Brachinus Brachynidius variventris Schaufuss, 1862 Coleoptera Carabidae Brachininae Brachinus Brachynidius maublanci Colas, 1942, un synonyme de Brachinus Brachynidius variventris Schaufuss, 1862 Coldopteres Carabidae Brachininae

Bordy, B., 1973:
Brachinus ganglauberi Apfelbeck en Franche-Comte Col carabique

Arribas, Oscar., 1993:
Brachinus olgae sp nov del Pirineo de Huesca Espana Col Caraboidea, Brachinidae

Jones, Richard A., 2006:
Brachinus sclopeta Fabricius Carabidae confirmed as a British species

Goscicka, D.; Glinska, B., 1986:
Brachiocephalic trunc in mink Mustela vison

Starobogatov, YaI., 1983:
Brachiocoel hydrocoel hypothesis of the coelom origin

Bather, F.A., 1895:
Brachiocrinus and Herpetocrinus

Schultze, A., 1897:
Brachiodontus nov genus Zur Kenntniss der bisherigen schwarzen Amalus-Arten und deren Ausscheidung aus diesem Genus

Korts, A., 1989:
Brachiolar plates of Bockia Eocrinoidea from the Middle Ordovician of Estonia and Leningrad region

Collin, J., 1887:
Brachionopoder, Muslinger og Snegle fra Kara-Havet in, Dijmphna-Togtets zool bot Udbytte

Rousselet, C.F., 1897:
Brachionus bakeri and its varieties

Kutikova, LA., 1995:
Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas Rotatoria in Inland Waters of Tropical Latitudes

Seaman, MT.; Gophen, M.; Cavari, BZ.; Azoulay, B., 1986:
Brachionus calyciflorus Pallas as agent for the removal of E coli in sewage ponds

Kutikova, LA.; Kosova, AA.; Khodorevskii, OA., 1976:
Brachionus charini sp n Rotatoria, a commensal of phyllopods

Kutikova, LA.; Kosova, AA.; Khodorevskii, OA., 1976:
Brachionus charini sp n Rotatoria, a commensul of phyllopods

Hauer, J., 1966:
Brachionus gillardi n sp Rotatoria

Cre, H., 1951:
Brachionus plicatilis Muller 1786 Rotifere nouveau pour la Belgique

Varga, L., 1954:
Brachionus sessilis n sp a new rotifer species from Lake Balaton

Silva-Briano, M.; Adabache-Ortiz, A., 2000:
Brachionus species in Aguascalientes State, Mexico

Ovie, SI., 1997:
Brachionus species of some inland waters in Nigeria with a note on a new record and zoogeography

Coussement, M.; D.H.nau, AM.; Dumont, HJ., 1976:
Brachionus variabilis Hempel and Asplanchia girodi De Guerne, two rotifer species new to Europe and Belgium, respectively

Krau, L., 1962:
Brachionus variegatus, nova especie de Rotatoria Brachionidae

Kanbe, Akio., 1995:
Brachionycha albicilia Sugi Noctuidae from Yashajin Pass, Yamanashi

Miyata, W.; Sugi, S., 1996:
Brachionycha albicilia Sugi Noctuidae, Cuculliinae again from Takase Valley, type-locality

Gibeaux, ChrA., 1998:
Brachionycha nubeculosa Esper, 1785 found again in Ile-de-France Lep Noctuidae Cuculliinae Brachionycha nubeculosa Esper, 1785 retrouve en Ile-de-France Lep Noctuidae Cuculliinae

Sucic-Protic, Z., 1966:
Brachiopes Liasiques de la chalne Carpatho-Balkanique en Yugoslavie

Zeng, Q., 1987:

Blake, R.W., 1977:
Brachiopod nests from the marlstone rock-bed Jurassic of Warwickshire Mercian

James, N.P.; Bone, Y.; Kyser, T.; Kurtis., 1997:
Brachiopod 18O values do reflect ambient oceanography Lacepede Shelf, southern Australia

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Brachiopod Anatomy

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Brachiopod Ecology and Paleoecology

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Brachiopod Homoeomorphy Spirifer glaber

Buckman, S.S., 1906:
Brachiopod Homoeomorphy Pygope, Antinomia, Pygites

Buckman, S.S., 1907:
Brachiopod Morphology Cincta, Eudesia, and the Development of Ribs

Thomson, J.A., 1915:
Brachiopod Morphology ; types of folding in the Terebratulacea

Lamont, A., 1934:
Brachiopod Morphology in Relation to Environment

Buckman, S.S., 1906:
Brachiopod Nomenclature

Buckman, S.S., 1907:
Brachiopod Nomenclature Seminula, c

Buckman, S.S., 1908:
Brachiopod Nomenclature The Terebratulidae of the Crag

Buckman, S.S., 1907:
Brachiopod Nomenclature the Genotype of Terebratula

Gaspard, Daniele., 1997:
Brachiopod anchoring strategies Shell-substrate relationships Strategies de fixation et de positionnement chez les brachiopodes Relation avec le substrat

Afanasjeva, GA.; Morozova, IP.; Beznosov, VN., 1997:
Brachiopod and bryozoan diversity during the Late Devonian Frasnian-Famennian extinction event

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Brachiopod and conodont distribution at the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary on Lithuania

Johnson, JG.; Klapper, G.; Trojan, WR., 1980:
Brachiopod and conodont successions in the Devonian of the northern Antelope Range, central Nevada

Mancenido, M O. ., 1993:
Brachiopod and molluscan biogeography, palaeoecology and stratigraphy A tribute to Derek Ager

Tetreault, Denis K., 1994:
Brachiopod and trilobite biofacies of the Rochester Shale Silurian, Wenlockian Series in western New York

Zeng Yong., 1991:
Brachiopod assemblages from the Chihsia Formation of Huayingshan, Sichuan

Ratcliffe, KT., 1999:
Brachiopod assemblages from the Much Wenlock Limestone Formation of England and Wales

Brice, D., 2003:
Brachiopod assemblages in the Devonian of Ferques Boulonnais, France Relations to palaeoenvironments and global eustatic curves

Nikitina, OI., 1989:
Brachiopod associations of the Llanvirnian layers of the Chu-Ili mountains southern Kazakhstan

Torok, Akos., 1993:
Brachiopod beds as indicators of storm events an example from the Muschelkalk of southern Hungary

Hansen, J.; Harper, D.A., 2006:
Brachiopod bio- and ecostratigraphy in the lower part of the Arnestad Formation Upper Ordovician, Oslo Region, Norway

Jendryka-Fuglewicz, Bronislawa., 2003:
Brachiopod biodiversity and best methods of its assessment Bioroznorodnosc ramienionogow i metody jej najlepszego rozpoznania

Yolkin, EA.; Yolkina, VN.; Talent, JA.; Gratsianova, RT.; Kipriyanova, TP.; Kipriyanov, A A.; Jr., 2000:
Brachiopod biogeography of the Asia-Australia hemisphere during Pragian Early Devonian times

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Brachiopod biostratigraphy of the Middle Ordovician Cow Head and Table Head groups, western Newfoundland

Alberstadt, L.P., 1967:
Brachiopod biostratigraphy of the Vida and Fernvale formations Ordovician, Arbuckle Mountains, South-Central Oklahoma

Curry, GB., 1983:
Brachiopod caeca - a respiratory role?

Shen Shuzhong.; Fan Bingheng.; Zhang Xiaoping., 1994:
Brachiopod communities from Changxingian to Triassic basement in Sichuan-Guizhou and their controlling factors

Wright, J.A., 1952 :
Brachiopod communities in Avonian reef limestones of the Pennines

Musteikis, P.; Paskevicius, JJ., 1999:
Brachiopod communities of the Lithuanian Silurian

Paskevicius, Juozas., 2000:
Brachiopod communities of the Lithuanian facies zone in the Baltic Ordovician basin Baltijos ordoviko baseino Lietuvos faciju zonos brachiopodu bendrijos

Stepanova, GA., 1989:
Brachiopod complexes of the Zdimir zone on the eastern slope of the southern Urals

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Brachiopod distribution in the Upper Palaeozoic of the Arctic zoogeographical region

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Brachiopod distribution survey, 1986-1987

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Brachiopod distributions and the palaeogeographic reconstructions for the Carboniferous

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Brachiopod events in the European Middle Cretaceous Aptian-Cenomanian

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Brachiopod fauna and age of the Keyser Limestone of Maryland and adjacent areas

Wang Chengwen., 1995:
Brachiopod fauna from Kangkelin Formation in Akesu, Xinjiang Autonomous Region

Chen Yuanren., 1990:
Brachiopod fauna from Tudiling Member of Bailiuping Formation Early Devonian in the Longmenshan area of Sichuan, China

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Brachiopod fauna of the Shashishan Formation mid Famennian in Kruktag, South Tianshan

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Brachiopod faunae of Upper Devonian in Haerza region, Qinghai Province

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Brachiopod faunal replacement across the Ordovician-Silurian extinction event in Missouri

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Brachiopod faunas at the proposed mid-Carboniferous boundary stratotype, Arrow Canyon, southern Nevada, USA

Balinski, A.; Racki, G., 1999:
Brachiopod faunas extinction and recovery during the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisis Wymieranie i odradzanie sie faun ramienionogowych a kryzys na granicy fran-famen

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Brachiopod faunas from the Middle Jurassic Mughanniyya Formation of Wadi Shaban, Jordan

Anonymous., 1990:
Brachiopod finds, Part 3

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Brachiopod fossils from the Upper Permian Gujo Formation of the Maizuru Group, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Thomson, J.A., 1915:
Brachiopod genera the position of shells with Magaselliform loops, and of shells with Bouchardiform beak characters

Popiel-Barczyk, E., 1980 :
Brachiopod genus Cryptopora Jeffreys from the Miocene deposits of the Lublin Upland

Curry, GB., 1984:
Brachiopod growth and climate

Gad, Juergen., 2004:
Brachiopod habitats in the Rhenish Massif - a model Brachiopodenhabitate in Rheinischer Fazies - ein Modell

Labarbera, M., 1986:
Brachiopod lophophores functional diversity and scaling

Sheehan, PM., 1982:
Brachiopod macroevolution at the Ordovician-Silurian boundary

Thomson, J.A., 1919:
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Brachiopods or Brachiopoda?

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Brachiopods or Lamp-shells Native Animals of New Zealand

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Brachiostimata Molluscoidea Bryozoa Polyzoa

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