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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38019

Chapter 38019 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Satija, R.C.; Sud, S., 1967:
Brain during postembryonic life of Anopheles stephensi Listen

Satija, R.C.; Kaur, R.P., 1967:
Brain during postembryonic life of Callosobruchus maculatus F

Ramon, F.; Hernandez-Falcon, J.; Bullock, T.H., 2002:
Brain electrical signals in unrestrained crayfish

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Brain estrogen biosynthesis and estrogen conjugating systems in the sculpin Myoxocephalus

Welker, W., 1977:
Brain evolution in mammals a review of concepts, problems, and methods

Tobias, PV., 1975:
Brain evolution in the Hominoidea

Campbell, C.B.G., 1976:
Brain evolution in the Order Primates

Oxnard, C.E., 2004:
Brain evolution mammals, primates, chimpanzees, and humans

Falk, D.; Hildebolt, C.; Vannier, MW., 1996:
Brain expansion and rotation during hominid evolution

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Brain function and macromolecules, 2 Site of increased labelling of RNA in brains of mice during a short term training experience

Rahmann, H.; Hilbig, R.; Marx, J.; Beitinger, H.; Mehlfeld, R., 1987:
Brain gangliosides and hibernation

Rahmann, H.; Hilbig, R., 1980:
Brain gangliosides are involved in the adaptation of Antarctic fish to extreme low temperatures

Muhleisen, M.; Geiser, F.; Hilbig, R.; Rahmann, H., 1983:
Brain gangliosides in hibernators

Rahmann, H., 1986:
Brain gangliosides neuromodulator for synaptic transmission and memory function

Sato, S.; Kawamura, N.; Taketomi, T., 1979:
Brain glycolipids of a wild Japanese adult bear

Bieber, M.; Fuldner, D., 1979:
Brain growth during the adult stage of a holometabolous insect

Nicol, SC.; Shah, SKH., 1989:
Brain heat exchangers in marsupials?

Rowe, Timothy., 1996:
Brain heterochrony and origin of the mammalian middle ear

Kobayashi, M., 1962:
Brain hormone in insects

Hofmann, DK.; Schiedges, I., 1984:
Brain hormone levels and feed-back regulation during gametogenesis, metamorphosis and regeneration in Platynereis dumerilii - an experimental approach

Srivastava, GJ.; Sriwastwa, VMS.; Gupta, PK., 1978:
Brain in relation to feeding habits in two fishes

Ohara, A., 1980:
Brain induction in variously aged presumptive ectoderms by head organizer in Cynops pyrrhogaster

Nath, I.; Sahoo, N.; Pattanaik, TK.; Bose, VSC.; Panda, SK., 2006:
Brain injury in a common langur Semnopithecus entellus

Bondareva, VM.; Leibush, BN., 1997:
Brain insulin and its receptors in starving fishes and cyclostomes

Davey, NJ.; Seller, TJ., 1987:
Brain mechanisms for respiratory control

Takahashi, JS.; Menaker, M., 1979:
Brain mechanisms in avian circadian systems

Pinneo, L.R. ., 1968:
Brain mechanisms in the behaviour of the squirrel monkey

Aĭrapet'iants, E.Sh.; Konstantinov, A.I.; Matiushkin, D.P., 1968:
Brain mechanisms of echolocation and bionics

McGinty, DJ.; Drucker-Colin, R.; Morrison, A.; Parmeggiani, PL., 1985:
Brain mechanisms of sleep

Parmeggiani, PL.; Morrison, A.; Drucker-Colin, RR.; McGinty, D., 1985:
Brain mechanisms of sleep an overview of methodological issues

Roy, BB., 1969:
Brain mechanisms responsible for ACTH release in the fish

Emirbekov, EZ.; Lvova, SP., 1986:
Brain metabolism during winter dormancy

Kreps, E.M., 1959:
Brain metabolism in the evolution of vertebrates

Eleftheriou, B.E.; Boehlke, K.W., 1967:
Brain monoamine oxidase in mice after exposure to aggression and defeat

Toyoda, J.; Uematsu, K., 1994:
Brain morphogenesis of the red sea bream, Pagrus major (teleostei)

Sudoh, T.; Minamino, N.; Kangawa, K.; Matsuo, H., 1988:
Brain natriuretic peptide-32: N-terminal six amino acid extended form of brain natriuretic peptide identified in porcine brain

Kimmel, C.B.; Powell, S.L.; Metcalfe, W.K., 1982:
Brain neurons which project to the spinal cord in young larvae of the zebrafish

Nanda, DK.; Chakravarty, LN., 1985:
Brain neurosecretory cells of aphid Myzus persicae

Satija, RC.; Sumal, K.; Gupta, S., 1972:
Brain of Bruchocida with special reference to tractus connections

Sriwastwa, V.M.S.; Kumar, A., 1977:
Brain of Labeo bata

Mishra, KD.; Saxena, BD.; Sharma, PK., 1979:
Brain of Xenentodon cancila with reference to its feeding habits

Satija, RC.; Abuja, R., 1977:
Brain of an isopod, Nerocila

Kenyon, F.C., 1896:
Brain of the bee

Reep, R.L.; Bhatnagar, K.P., 2000:
Brain ontogeny and ecomorphology in bats

Dubbeldam, JL., 1993:
Brain organization and behaviour A discussion of neuronal systems in birds

Bauchot, R., 1982:
Brain organization and taxonomic relationships in Insectivora and Primates

Northcutt, RG., 1978:
Brain organization in the cartilaginous fishes

Sato, Y.; Takatsuji, K.; Masai, H., 1983:
Brain organization of sharks, with special reference to archaic species

Smith, Austin Paul., 1908:
Brain parasite in white-necked raven

Bhatt, JP.; Singh, HR., 1980:
Brain pattern in Puntius chilinoides McClelland in relation to its feeding habits

Davis, B.J., 1967:
Brain patterns in fishes of the genus Hybopsis in relation to feeding habits and habitat

McCollum, RH.; Goodman, IJ., 1974:
Brain perturbation and memory disruption a comparison between classes

Northcutt, RG., 1985:
Brain phylogeny Speculations on pattern and cause

Jorgensen, C.B., 1965:
Brain pituitary relationships in amphibians, birds and mammals on the origin and nature of the neurons by which hypothalamic control of pars distalis functions are mediated

Will, B.; Schmitt, P.; Dalrymple-Alford, J., 1985:
Brain plasticity, learning and memory historical background and conceptual perspectives

Peter, RE.; Trudeau, VL.; Sloley, BD., 1991:
Brain regulation of reproduction in teleosts

Delgado, J.M., 1967:
Brain research and behavioural activity

Barrett, R., 1970:
Brain responses of boid snakes to stimulation of infra-red receptors

Popova, NK., 1984:
Brain serotonin and reaction of the organism to the effect of cold

Fenwick, J.C., 1970:
Brain serotonin and swimming activity in the goldfish, Carassius auratus

Jerison, HJ., 1988:
Brain size

Martin, RD.; Harvey, PH., 1985:
Brain size allometry Ontogeny and phylogeny

Passingham, RE., 1978:
Brain size and intelligence in Primates

Jerison, HJ., 1991:
Brain size and the evolution of mind

Mlikovsky, J., 1989:
Brain size in birds 2 Falconiformes through Gaviiformes

Reader, SM., 2007:
Brain size in primates as a function of behavioral innovation

van Dongen, PAM., 1998:
Brain size in vertebrates

Iwaniuk, A.N.; Pellis, S.M.; Whishaw, I.Q., 1999:
Brain size is not correlated with forelimb dexterity in fissiped carnivores (Carnivora): A comparative test of the principle of proper mass

Towe, AL.; Mann, MD., 1991:
Brain size/body length relations among myomorph rodents

Andersen, P., 1981:
Brain slices, a neurobiological tool of increasing usefulness

Garamszegi, László.Zsolt.; Eens, M., 2004:
Brain space for a learned task: strong intraspecific evidence for neural correlates of singing behavior in songbirds

ten Donkelaar, HJ. de Boer-van Huizen, R., 1988 :
Brain stem afferants to the anterior dorsal ventricular ridge in a lizard Varanus exanthematicus

Aitken, LM.; Byers, M.; Nelson, JE., 1987:
Brain stem auditory nuclei and their connections in a carnivorous marsupial, the northern native cat Dasyurus hallucatus

Cruce, W.L.; Newman, D.B., 1981:
Brain stem origins of spinal projections in the lizard Tupinambis nigropunctatus

Brown, JL., 1974:
Brain stimulation parameters affecting vocalization in birds

Mobbs, PG., 1985:
Brain structure

Gibson, K.; R,., 1977:
Brain structure and intelligence in macaques and human infants from a Piagetian perspective

Senn, DG., 1976:
Brain structure in Calamoichthys calaharicus Smith 1865 Polypteridae, Brachiopterygii

Erokhina, N.M., 1968:
Brain structure in Polychaeta

Kirka, A., 1963:
Brain structure in the Danube representa-tives of Perciformes and the role of brain study for the systematics and ecology of fish

Gahr, Manfred., 1994:
Brain structure causes and consequences of brain sex

Hopkins, W.D.; Pilcher, D.L.; Cantalupo, C., 2003:
Brain substrates for communication, cognition and handedness

Richards, S.A., 1970:
Brain temperature and the cerebral circulation in the chicken

Withers, PC.; Crowe, TM., 1980:
Brain temperature fluctuations in helmeted guineafowl under seminatural conditions

Satoh, T., 1968:
Brain temperature of the cat during sleep

Massa, R.; Bottoni, L.; Lucini, V., 1983:
Brain testosterone metabolism and sexual behaviour in birds

Balthazart, J.; Schumacher, M.; Pröve, E., 1986:
Brain testosterone metabolism during ontogeny in the zebra finch

Fox, M.W., 1966:
Brain to body relationships in ontogeny of canine brain

Tsvileneva, VA.; Titova, VA.; Kvashina, TV., 1985:
Brain topography of the shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus

Johnson, J.I.; Kirsch, J.A.; Switzer, R.C., 1984:
Brain traits through phylogeny: evolution of neural characters

Snyder, S.P.; Davies, R.B.; Stevens, D., 1981:
Brain tumors in two free-ranging elk in Colorado

Kotrschal, K.; Krautgartner, W-D.; Lametschwandtner, A.; Adam, H., 1987:
Brain ventricles and ependyma in the ray-finned fishes

Rylander, MK., 1981:
Brain volume and cell density in two kangaroo rats, Dipodomys merriami and D ordii

Rosenthal, M.; Feng, Z-C.; Sick, TJ., 1988:
Brain vulnerability and survival during anoxia protective strategies of hypoxia-resistant vertebrates

Platel, R., 1979:
Brain weight - body weight relationships

Dobrinskaya, LA.; Bajmuratov, AB., 1974:
Brain weight as an index of growth potential of carp

Zorina, ZA.; Markina, NV., 1987:
Brain weight changes in crow during postnatal ontogenesis

Hrdlicka, A., 1905:
Brain weight in Vertebrates

Myagkov, NA., 1984:
Brain weight in cartilaginous fish

Soucek, B.; Carlson, AD., 1986:
Brain windows in firefly communication

Jerison, HJ., 1979:
Brain, body and encephalization in early Primates

Coppens, Yves., 1995:
Brain, locomotion, diet and culture how a primate, by chance, became a man

Heilbronn, E., 1984:
Brain, nerves, muscles and toxins

Irsigler, FJ., 1973:
Brain, race and the fundamental dilemma

Pilleri, G.; Gihr, M., 1972:
Brain-body weight ratio in Pontoporia blainvillei

Platel, R.; Delfini, C.; Diagne, M., 1987:
Brain-body weight ratio in holocephalan fishes

Bauchot, R.; Platel, R.; Ridet, J-M., 1976:
Brain-body weight relationship in Seachii

Lazzari, M.; Ciani, F.; Franceschini, V., 1991:
Brain-capillary architecture of the newt, Triturus cristatus carniflex Caudata Salamandridae scanning electron-microscopical study of vascular corrosion casts

Kurzanov, SM., 1976:
Brain-case structure in the carnosaur Itemirus n gen and some aspects of the cranial anatomy of dinosaurs

Milner, R.J.; Bloom, F.E.; Sutcliffe, J.G., 1987:
Brain-specific genes: strategies and issues

Manzi, Giorgio., 1991:
Braincase architectural morphology of the Neandertal cranium from Grotta Guattari and the nature of the archaic-modern transition

Gower, David J., 2002:
Braincase evolution in suchian archosaurs Reptilia Diapsida evidence from the rauisuchian Batrachotomus kupferzellensis

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Braincase of Enaliornis, an Early Cretaceous bird from England

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Braincase of Mesozoic birds 1 New preparation of the London Archaeopteryx

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Braindance Revised and expanded edition new discoveries about human origins and brain evolution

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Brains and birdsong

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Brains and cells - communication and results Hjerne og celler - kommunikasjon og paverknad

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Brains of Australian Chiroptera 1 Encephalization and macromorphology

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Brains of New World and Old World Monkeys

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Brains of Rats and Men A survey of the origin and biological significance of the cerebral cortex

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Brains of vespertilionids 3 Comparative cytoarchitectonics of the hippocampus

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Brains on two legs group size and the evolution of intelligence

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Brains to cells the neuroanatomy of selected gastropod species

McGrew, William C., 1993 :
Brains, hands, and minds puzzling incongruities in ape tool use

Niven, J.E., 2006:
Brains, islands and evolution: breaking all the rules

Braitenburg, V., 1988:
Brains, structural symmetries of

Wilczynski, W., 1988:
Brainstem auditory pathways in anuran amphibians

Gebber, GL., 1984:
Brainstem systems involved in cardiovascular function

Harnischfeger, G., 1980:
Brainstem units of echolocating bats code binaural time differences in the microsecond range

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Brainwash experiments with mollusks

Rukavishnikova, T.B., 1962:
Brakhiopodui Nizhnegho Ordvika Knrebta Kehduiktas

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Brakvandsfaunaen i Banders Fjord The brackish water fauna in Randers fjord Jutland

Gutierrez, E.; Fernandez, A.; Hernandez, R., 2005:
Brama caribbea Pisces Bramidae, a new record for Cuban waters Brama caribbea Pisces Bramidae, un nuevo registro para las aguas cubanas

Porter, K., 1984:
Brambles, bricks and bugs

Jakubzik, A.; Colln, K., 1996:
Brambles, the centre of life habit associations of stinging Hymenoptera Aculeata described from examples in Greater Cologne Brombeerhecken, Zentren einer Lebensgemeinschaft von Stechimmen Hymenoptera, Aculeata, dargestellt anhand von Erhebungen im Grossraum Koln

Krake, Kenneth V., 1994:
Brambling Fringilla montifringilla

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Brambling Fringilla montifringilla breeding in the Faeroes

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Brambling - a new species for South Dakota

Anderson, J.; Marsh, H., 1994:
Brambling - a third record for Minnesota

Widemo, U., 1977:
Brambling Fringilla montifringilla January to April 1977

Hughes, SWM., 1972:
Brambling feeding from suspended nut-basket

Wallis, AJ., 1984:
Brambling feeding on peanuts

Coward, T.A., 1907:
Brambling in June in Yorkshire

Russell, H., 1906:
Brambling in Surrey

Henderson, J.T., 1909:
Brambling in West Sutherland

Jacobs, M., 1989:
Brambling observed in East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Elder, DH., 1984:
Brambling new to Ontario

Widemo, U., 1977:
Bramblings Fringilla montifringilla Jan-Apr 1977 sex and age distribution, winglength and change of weight

Prainsson, G., 1989:
Bramblings Fringilla montifringilla nesting in 1986

Goodfellow, Peter., 1995:
Bramblings in a north Plymouth garden in 1994

Egidius, Hans., 2005:
Bramblings in the garden aviary Bergfinken in der Gartenvoliere

Vaughan, R., 1971:
Bramblings on the fringe of Hull

Collins, T. ., 2005:
Brampton Wood a natural history

Woskoboinikoff, M.M., 1940:
Bran chial hearts of fishes

Ehrstrom, K.E., 1914:
Bran fargvarietet af Picus martius

Brown, John., 1993:
Brancaster Harbour turnstones

Dietrich, W.O., 1928:
Brancatherium n g ein Proplacentalier aus dem obersten Jura des Tendagaru in Deutsch-Ostafrika

Hanks, E.S., 1953:
Branch Reports

Naylor, EJ., 1983:
Branch news Dwyfor

Dunagan, TT.; Bozzola, JJ., 1992:
Branch pattern for anterior proboscis nerves in Macracanthoryhnchus hirudinaceus Acanthocephala

Shaish, L.; Abelson, A.; Rinkevich, B., 2006:
Branch to colony trajectory in a modular organism: pattern formation in the Indo-Pacific coral Stylophora pistillata

Haddon, A.C., 1895:
Branched Worm-tubes and Acrozoanthus

Romero-Wetzel, MB., 1989:
Branched burrow-systems of the enteropneust Stereobalanus canadensis Spengel in deep sediments of the Voring-Plateau, Norwegian Sea

Romero-Wetzel, MB., 1989:
Branched burrow-systems of the enteropneust Stereobalanus canadensis Spengel in deep-sea sediments of the Voring-Plateau, Norwegian Sea

Brindley, H.H., 1918:
Branched forceps in an earwig

Caudell, A.N., 1904:
Branched hairs of Hymenoptera

Hladil, J., 1989 :
Branched tabulate corals from the Koneprusy Reef Pragian, Lower Devonian, Barrandian

Florence, L., 1922:
Branched tubular and flask-shaped intestinal glands in some domestic animals

Pauls, S.M.; Provenzano R., F., 1999:
Branchellion torpedinis Savigny, 1822 Hirudinea Piscicolidae first report of a marine leech from Venezuela Branchellion torpedinis Savigny, 1822 Hirudinea Piscicolidae primera cita de una sanguijuela marina para Venezuela

Holt, W.L., 1907:
Branchellion torpedinis, Savigny

Lucas, Ian., 1993:
Branches everywhere?

Fernandes Cortellini, L.M.rcel.; Fernandes Machado, M.R.ta.; Singaretti de Oliveira, F.; Miglino, M.A.gelica.; Baraldi Artoni, S.M.rtinez., 2000:
Branches of the aortic arch of buffaloes Ramos do arco aortico de bubalinos

Ho, S-M.; Chan, DKO., 1980:
Branchial ATPases and ionic transport in the eel, Anguilla japonica - 1 Na+-K+-ATPase

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Branchial Na+-K+-ATPase activity in freshwater or saltwater acclimated tilapia, Oreochromis Sarotherodon mossambicus effects of cortisol and thyroxine

Kumar, S.; Pant, SC., 1993:
Branchial and hepatic pathology in the fish Puntius conchonius Ham following acutely lethal and sublethal exposures to monocrotophos

Krishnaveni, S.; Chezhian, A.; Ramesh, M.; Manavalaramanujam, R., 1998:
Branchial and plasma Na+, K+ - ATPase activity in a freshwater teleost Cyprinus carpio var communis under methomyl toxicity

Piccolo, RS., 1981:
Branchial area and vascular pressure of air-breathing fish Synbranchius marmoratus - Bloch 1760

Piccolo, RS., 1981:
Branchial area and vascular pressure of air-breathing fish Synbranchus marmoratus - Bloch, 1760

Nelson, G.J., 1967:
Branchial arteries of the teleostean fish Elops hawaiiensis

Verbost, P.M.; Flik, G.; Fenwick, J.C.; Greco, A.M.; Pang, P.K.; Wendelaar Bonga, S.E., 1993:
Branchial calcium uptake: possible mechanisms of control by stanniocalcin

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Branchial circulation and gill morphometrics in the sturgeon Acipenser transmontanus, an ancient chondrosteian fish

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Branchial derivatives in Turtles

Ikeda, Y., 1933:
Branchial derivatives of the Green Frog, Rhacophorus schlegelii

Choe, K.P.; Havird, J.C.; Claiborne, J.B.; Evans, D.H., 2005:
Branchial expression of COX-2, nNOS, and transporters following rapid transfer of Fundulus heteroclitus from fresh water to seawater

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Branchial glands and the problem of chlorideregulation in the gills of a freshwater cobitid fish, Lepidocephalichthys guntea Ham

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Branchial innervation and ciliary control in the ascidian Corella

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Branchial ion transfer processes as mechanisms for fish acid-base regulation

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Branchial mechanisms of acclimation to metals in freshwater fish

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Branchial mould in carp in certain fisheries of the RSFSR

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Branchial muscles and their workings in some fresh-water teleosts

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Branchial muscles in representatives of five eel families

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Branchial muscles of a hill-stream siluroid fish, Glyptothorax telchitta Ham

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Branchial nerve homologies

Miscalencu, D.; Mailat, F., 1986:
Branchial nerves and their encephalic centers in vertebrates series

Nash, G.; Porter, C., 1985:
Branchial osteochondroma in a gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata L, cultured in the Gulf of Aqaba

Vieira, VLA.; Sawaya, P., 1981:
Branchial respiratory area in the tropical fish Plecostomus plecostomus L, 1758 Pisces, Loricariidae

Keys, A.Bateman, J.B., 1932 :
Branchial responses to adrenaline and to pitressin in the eel

Payan, P.; Maetz, J., 1973:
Branchial sodium transport mechanisms in Scyliorhinus canicula evidence for Na/NH 4 +++

Bhaskar, M.; Sobharani, P.; Bharathi, D.; Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S., 1984:
Branchial tissue lipid profiles on acclimation of freshwater fish to sublethal acidic and alkaline media

Rankin, JC.; Harrison, B.; Airey, AC., 1987:
Branchial vascular anatomy in the icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus Lonnberg

Eshky, AA.; Al-Wassia, AH.; Atkinson, RJA.; Taylor, AC., 1990:
Branchial ventilation in the ghost crab, Ocypode saratan Forskal

Felgenhauer, BE.; Abele, LG., 1983:
Branchial water movement in the grapsid crab Sesarma reticulatum Say

Pandey, AK.; George, KC.; Peer Mohamed, M., 1997:
Branchial, renal and hepatic lesions in an estuarine mullet, Liza parsia Hamilton-Buchanan, induced by sublethal exposure to BHC

Wenig, J., 1922:
Branchialni ryhy a stitna zlaza ryb kruhoustych Sur les gouttieres branchiales et le corps thyroile des Cyelostomes

Birshtein, Y.A. ., 1968:
Branchiata Crustacea

Vialli, M., 1925:
Branchie e pseudo-branchie dello Storione

Anthony, J.; Robineau, D., 1968:
Branchies et arteres branchiales de Latimeria chalumnae poisson coelacanthide

Roubaud, E., 1907:
Branchies rectales chez les larves de Simulium damnosum Theob Adaptation dune larve de simulie a la vie dans les ruisseaux de lAfrique equatoriale

Stammer, H.J., 1963:
Branchima sowerbyi Beddard in Franken

Cesar, II., 1986:
Branchinecta achalensis sp nov Crustacea Anostraca de la Pampa de Achala Cordoba, Republica Argentina

Lynch, JE., 1972:
Branchinecta dissimilis n sp, a new species of fairy shrimp, with a discussion of specific characters in the genus Transactions Am micros

Vekhov, NV., 1990:
Branchinecta gaini Branchiopoda, Anostraca from the reservoirs of the Antarctic and subantarctic

Fryer, G., 1966:
Branchinecta gigas Lynch, a non-filter-feeding raptatory anostracan, with notes on the feeding habits of certain other anostracans

Maeda-Martinez, A.M.; Obregon-Barboza, H.; Dumont, H.J., 1993:
Branchinecta mexicana, new species Branchiopoda Anostraca, a fairy shrimp from central Mexico

Lundblad, O., 1915:
Branchinecta och Polyartemia i Harjedalen

Fugate, Michael., 1998:
Branchinecta of North America population structure and its implications for conservation practice

Vekhov, NV., 1990:
Branchinecta orientalis GO Sars, 1901 - a rare for the USSR fauna species of bare fairy shrimp Anostraca

Gajl, K., 1934:
Branchinecta palu-dosa aus der Tatra als eine neue Art betrachtet ihre Morphologie, Okologie und geographische Verbreitung

Seiler Maynard, S., 1976:
Branchinecta paludosa Muller Crustacea Anostraca in northern Utah with some notes on its ecology

Gajl, K., 1933:
Branchinecta paludosa du massif des Tatra considere comme espece nouvelle Remarques but la morphologic, lecologie et la repartition zoogeographique de cette espece

Cesar, II., 1988:
Branchinecta santacrucensis sp nov Crustacea Anostraca de la Patagonia

Vekhov, NV., 1989:
Branchinecta tolli GO Sars Anostraca, Branchinectidae from the waterbodies of the Arctic area of Yakutia

Brtek, J., 1959:
Branchinectaferox M Edw na Slovensku a Poznansky k Nicktorym paiearktickym Druhom rodu Branchinecta

Vekhov, NV., 1990:
Branchinectella media Schmankewitsch, 1873 Anostraca from shallow salt water bodies of steppe zone - a rare species for the USSR fauna

Tiwari, K.K., 1965:
Branchinella kugenumaensis Ishikawa 1894 Phyllopoda Anostraca in Rajasthan, western India

de Amorim Junior, A.A.onso.; Prada, I.L.iza de Santis.; Miglino, M.A.gelica., 1996:
Branching and distribution of the phrenic nerves in the diaphragm of Brazilian northeast asses Asinus asinus Ramificacao e distribuicao dos nervos frenicos no diafragma de jumentos do Nordeste brasileiro Asinus asinus

Heerz, Daniel., 2000:
Branching beauty in the reef aquarium Part 1 Verzweigte Schonheiten im Riffaquarium Teil 1

Heerz, Daniel., 2000:
Branching beauty in the reef aquarium Verzweigte Schonheiten im Riffaquarium

McKinney, Michael L., 1998:
Branching models predict loss of many bird and mammal orders within centuries

Fujisawa, H.; Tani, N.; Watanabe, K.; Ibata, Y., 1982:
Branching of regenerating retinal axons and preferential selection of appropriate branches for specific neuronal connection in the newt

Tautu, P., 1984:
Branching processes with interaction as models of cellular pattern formation

Haccou, P.; Jagers, P.; Vatutin, V.A., 2005:
Branching processes variation, growth, and extinction of populations

Stadelmaier, M.; Nose, M.; May, A.; Salerno, C.; Schroeder, S.; Leinfelder, R.R., 2005:
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Brassolis isthmia, a lepidopterous insect highly injurious to cocoanut culture in the Panama canal zone

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Brasudol and isobrasudol two bromosesquiterpenes from a sea hare Aplysia brasiliana

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Brat des Stelzenlaufers Himantopus himantopus bei Braunschweig

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Kishimoto, T.; Shimada, T., 2003:
Brathinus satoi sp nov Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, a new species of peculiar omaliine beetle from Sichuan, China

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Bratislavia gen nov, a new genus for Pristina elegans Finogenova, 1966 Oligochaeta Naididae

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Bratislavia unidentata Oligochaeta Naididae a redescription

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Bratislavsky lekarsko-prrodovedny spolok 1856-1945

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Bratnachweis der sumpfohreule Asio flammeus Pont in der Mark

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Brauchen die Entomologen eine hobby?

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Brauchen die Stechmucken zur Reifung ihrer Eier Blat als Nahrung?

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Brauchen die jungen Vogel den Unterricht der Eltern ?

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Brauchen wir einen neuen Namen fur Gomphus flavipes Charpentier, 1825? Spezielles und Allgemeines uber Namensanderungen

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Brauchen wir internationale Empfehlungen zur Handlung der Klassifikation in der zoologischen Systematik?

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Braucht es auch submarine Naturschutzreservate? Schweiz

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Braudgans Tadorna tadorna brutet in einer Baumhohle

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Brauer on generic values in the Muscoidea

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Brauer, Ueber den Zwischenwirth des breiten Bandwurms

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Braui di Elmintologia tergestina

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