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Breeding biology of rock pipit Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu in Brittany Yearly chronology of clutches and general demographic parameters Biologie de reproduction du pipit maritime Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu en Bretagne Chronologie annuelle des pontes et parametres demographiques generaux

Garoche, J.; Sohier, A.

Alauda 681: 11-25


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-4619
Accession: 038021056

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A study of Rock Pipits (Anthus petrosus petrosus) biology started in 1993 in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc (NW France). This new publication, after 6 seasons of data collection, aims to present the clutch laying chronology and to analyse some demographic parameters linked with the breeding biology of the species in France, more precisely in Brittany where the vast majority of the French population breeds.

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