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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38026

Chapter 38026 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Klumov, S.K., 1957:
Breeding places of the fur seal Callorhinus ursinus and areas inhabited by the sea otter Enhydra lutris in the Kuriles and a tentative estimate of their numbers

Akihisa, S.; Sato, M., 1996:
Breeding plan for gorillas at Kyoto Municipal Zoo

Walker, S., 1986:
Breeding plot bears fruit a Nilgiri langur baby

Balbierius, A., 1990:
Breeding plover Charadrius hiaticula and oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus in Nemunas Delta

Andren, C.; Nilson, G., 1985:
Breeding pool characteristics and reproduction in an island population of natterjack toads, Bufo calamita Laur, at the Swedish west coast

Chernichko, Iosif., 1993:
Breeding population and distribution of seabirds gulls and terns on the northern coast of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov

Grimm, Herbert., 2004:
Breeding population and distribution of selected bird species in the municipal area of Erfurt after a census 2003 and 2004 Brutbestand und Verbreitung ausgewaehlter Vogelarten im Stadtgebiet von Erfurt nach Bestandserfassungen 2003 und 2004

Scarton, F.; Valle, R.; Borella, S.; Vettorel, M.; Utmar, P., 1993:
Breeding population and distribution of the oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus in Italy

Struwe-Juhl, Bernd., 1996:
Breeding population and feeding ecology of white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in Schleswig-Holstein with notes on the population trend in Germany Brutbestand und Nahrungsokologie des Seeadlers Haliaeetus albicilla in Schleswig-Holstein mit Angaben zur Bestandsentwicklung in Deutschland

Haga, A.; Hanssen, OJ., 1983:
Breeding population and habitat selection of the mute swan Cygnus olor in Ostfold County

Peters, J.; Klose, O.; Hempel, N.; Bornmann, R., 2000:
Breeding population and population density of the red kite in Schleswig-Holstein in the year 2000 Brutbestand und Siedlungsdichte des Rotmilans in Schleswig-Holstein im Jahr 2000

van der Meulen, W., 1980:
Breeding population census in Aalst during the 79 season

Tamis, AJW., 1978:
Breeding population census in the area of Verbrande Pan North Hollands Dune Nature Reserve in the district of Bergen NH, 1977

Sanz-Zuasti, J.; Velasco, T.; Soto-Largo, E., 1998:
Breeding population census of Ardeidae in 1996 in Navarra Censo de ardeidas nidificantes en Navarra Ano 1996

Wilkens, Sonke., 1999:
Breeding population census of coastal birds on Mellum critical review of the practicability and suitability of the planned methods Brutbestandserfassung von Kustenvogeln auf Mellum kritische Uberprufung der vorgesehenen Methoden auf Durchfuhrbarkeit und Eignung

Fjeldson, J., 1984:
Breeding population censuses for 1983

Deneckers, M., 1981:
Breeding population censuses of birds in the Zevendonk State Forest

Donath, Helmut., 2002:
Breeding population censuses of water birds in the Niederlausitzer Landruecken Nature Park Brutbestandserfassung von Wasservogelarten im Naturpark Niederlausitzer Landruecken

Costa, M.; Gustin, M., 1998:
Breeding population decrease in whiskered tern, Chlidonias hybridus, in Italy

Zhao Zhengjie.; W.J.ngcai.; Zhang Shuhua.; Piao Zhengji., 1993:
Breeding population density of Chinese merganser in Changbai Mountain

Braun, L.; Hokel, M.; Honeck, R.; Mies, H.; Hokel, R., 1998:
Breeding population development of the swallow and the house martin Hirundo rustica, Delichon urbica in Buch/Ahorn, Distelhausen and Edelfingen, Main-Tauber district Brutbestandsentwicklung von Rauch- und Mehlschwalbe Hirundo rustica, Delichon urbica in Buch/Ahorn, Distelhausen und Edelfingen, Main-Tauber-Kreis

Garthe, S.; Flore, B.-Olaf.; Halterlein, B.; Huppop, O.; Kubetzki, U.; Sudbeck, P., 2000:
Breeding population developments of gulls Laridae at the German North Sea coast in the second half of the 20th century Brutbestandsentwicklung der Mowen Laridae an der deutschen Nordseekuste in der zweiten Halfte des 20 Jahrhunderts

Leibl, Franz., 1999:
Breeding population dynamics of the great crested grebe in gravel pit lakes of eastern Bavaria Bestandsentwicklung und Brutbiologie des Haubentauchers Podiceps cristatus in einem ostbayerischen Kiesabbaugebiet

Gillings, S.; Newson, S., 2007:
Breeding population estimates for northern wheatear in Britain

Cowardin, L.M.; Blohm, R.J., 1992:
Breeding population inventories and measures of recruitment

Flousek, J., 1988:
Breeding population of Carduelis flammea in the Krkonose Mts - development, present distribution, abundance

Homes, R.C.; Sage, B.L.; Spencer, R., 1960:
Breeding population of Lapwings, Coot and Meadow Pipits

Berndt, R.K.; Bruns, HA., 2004:
Breeding population of bittern Botaurus stellaris in Schleswig-Holstein/north-Germany 1970-2001 Brutbestand der Rohrdommel Botaurus stellaris in Schleswig-Holstein 1970-2001

Sueur, F.; Dupuich, H., 1998:
Breeding population of common gull in France between 1990 and 1995 Effectifs francais du goeland cendre Larus canus de 1990 a 1995

Blums, P.; Bauga, I.; Leja, P.; Mednis, A., 1993:
Breeding population of ducks on Engure Lake, Latvia, for 35 years

Rost, Fred., 2002:
Breeding population of great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus 2001 in Thueringen Der Brutbestand des Haubentauchers Podiceps cristatus 2001 in Thueringen

Bluehdorn, Immogen., 2001:
Breeding population of lapwing Vanellus vanellus in northern Westphalia, Germany, in 1999 compared to 1972/73 and 1989/90 Zum Brutbestand des Kiebitzes Vanellus vanellus im noerdlichen Muensterland 1999 im Vergleich zu 1972/73 und 1989/90

Rost, Fred., 2000:
Breeding population of mute swan Cygnus olor and gulls Laridae in 1999 in Thuringia Der Brutbestand von Hockerschwan Cygnus olor und Mowen Laridae 1999 in Thuringen

Grimm, H., 2004:
Breeding population of northern wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe in 2002 in Thueringen, with notes on historical changes in the man-made landscapes of Thueringen and their suitability as habitat for open-country breeding birds Der Brutbestand des Steinschmaetzers Oenanthe oenanthe im Jahre 2002 in Thueringen mit Anmerkungen zur historischen Entwicklung der thueringischen Kulturlandschaft und ihrer Eignung als Lebensraum fuer im Offenland brutende vogelarten

de Pablo, F., 2005 :
Breeding population of peregrine falcon in Menorca Poblacion reproductora de halcon peregrino en Menorca

Havelka, P.; Mittmann, H.-Walter., 1996:
Breeding population of rook Corvus frugilegus in Baden-Wurttemberg, SW Germany an overview from 1957 to 1996 Bestand der Saatkrahe Corvus frugilegus in Baden-Wurttemberg eine Ubersicht von 1957 bis 1996

Hunnybun, DJ.; Hunnybun, MSD., 1999:
Breeding population of rook Corvus frugilegus in the Isle of Wight

Kartanas, Edmund., 1997:
Breeding population of starling Sturnus vulgaris L in agricultural area situated near Torun Populacja legowa szpaka Sturnus vulgaris L na obszarze zagospodarowanym rolniczo usytowanym kolo Torunia

Lee, K.-Gyu.; Yoo, J.-Chil., 2002:
Breeding population of streaked shearwaters Calonectris leucomelas and the effect of Norway rat Rattus norvegicus predation on Sasudo Island

Tubbs, C., 1984:
Breeding population of terns in the Solent during 1971-1983

Slinn, D.J., 1959:
Breeding population of the Great Black-backed Gull in Man in 1957

Cepak, J.; Musil, P.; Pykal, J., 2005:
Breeding population of the black-necked grebe Podiceps nigricollis in southern Bohemia in 1997-2004 and possible causes of changes in numbers Hnizdni populace potapky cernokrke Podiceps nigricollis v jiznich Cechach v letech 1997-2004 a mozne priciny zmen pocetnosti

Folkestad, AO., 1977:
Breeding population of the little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis in Norway Status 1973-1977

Ptaszyk, J., 2004:
Breeding population of the magpie Pica pica in Poznan in 1978-1997 Legowa populacja sroki Pica pica w Poznaniu w Latach 1978-1997

Andrees, S.; Schwarz, J., 2005:
Breeding population of the middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in the Dueppel Forest in south west Berlin in the year 2004 Brutbestand des Mittelspechts Dendrocopos medius im Dueppeler Forst im Suedwesten Berlins im Jahr 2004

Durrer, H.; Buner, F.; Rivera, C., 1995:
Breeding population of the nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos in the Petite Camargue Alsacienne Alsace, France Bestand der Nachtigall Luscinia megarhynchos in der Petite Camargue Alsacienne Ober-Elsass, F

Masatomi, H.; Momose, K.; Momose, Y.; Matsuo, T., 1995:
Breeding population of the tancho red-crowned crane in eastern Hokkaido, Japan, in 1992 and 1993

Duquet, Marc., 1996:
Breeding population of the white stork in France in 1995 La cigogne blanche Ciconia ciconia en France en 1995 Resultats du 5eme recensement international

Schneider-Jacoby, Martin., 1996:
Breeding population of white-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla and lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina in the alluvial wetlands of the river Save Croatia Brutbestand des Seeadlers Haliaeetus albicilla und des Schreiadlers Aquila pomarina in den Save-Auen Kroatien

Everett, W.T.; Koehler, C.E., 1998:
Breeding population parameters of wild San Clemente loggerhead shrikes Lanius ludovicianus mearnsi 1992-1995

Mehlum, F., 1991:
Breeding population size of the common eider Somateria mollissima in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, 1981-1987

Kooiker, G.; Oldekamp, H., 1999:
Breeding population size survey by four different observers in Burgerpark, Osnabruck Brutvogelbestandserfassungen durch vier verschiedene Beobachter im Burgerpark von Osnabruck

Seid-Rzaev, MM., 1993:
Breeding population structure of the carp and Chalcalburnus species in Mingechaur reservoir

Caldonazzi, M.; Marsili, A.; Torboli, C.; Zanghellini, S., 2001:
Breeding population trends of Acrocephalus spp, Cettis warbler Cettia cetti and the reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus in biotopes of Trento 1993-2000 Andamento delle popolazioni nidificanti di Acrocephalus spp, usignolo di fiume Cettia cetti e migliarino di palude Emberiza schoeniclus in biotopi trentini 1993-2000

Haapala, J.; Lehtonen, J.T.; Korhonen, J.; Saurola, P., 1993:
Breeding population trends of common raptors and owls in Finland in 1992

Stange, C.; Havelka, P., 2003:
Breeding population, nest site competition, reproduction and feeding ecology of Hoopoe Upupa epops in the upper Rhine valley, SW Germany Brutbestand, Hoehlenkonkurrenz, Reproduktion und Nahrungsoekologie des Wiedehopfes Upupa epops in Suedbaden

Kieckbusch, JJ.; Romahn, KS., 2000:
Breeding population, population development and breeding habitats of woodlark Lullula arborea and nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus in Schleswig-Holstein Brutbestand, Bestandsentwicklung und Bruthabitate von Heidelerche Lullula arborea und Ziegenmelker Caprimulgus europaeus in Schleswig-Holstein

Bruns, HA.; Hoetker, H.; Christiansen, J.; Haelterlein, B.; Petersen-Andresen, W., 2001:
Breeding populations and breeding success of meadow birds in the Beltringharder Polder Nordfriesland in relationship to vegetation succession, grazing levels, water levels and predators Brutbestaende und Bruterfolg von Wiesenvoegeln im Beltringharder Koog Nordfriesland in Abhaengigkeit von Sukzession, Beweidung, Wasserstaenden und Praedatoren

Jacobsen, Erik Mandrup., 1994:
Breeding populations in a man-made environment Koge Bugt Seashore Park

Szijj, J., 1973:
Breeding populations of Anatidae in the Federal Republic of Germany

Ottosson, U.; Johansson, K.; Pettersson, J., 1989:
Breeding populations of Anatidae, Laridae and Charadrii on Olands shoreline

Elgas, B., 1970:
Breeding populations of Tule White-fronted geese in North-western Alaska

Kupczyk, Michal., 1992:
Breeding populations of birds as an indicator of changes in the process of biological ageing of lake ecosystems

Grimm, Herbert., 1998:
Breeding populations of birds of prey Falconiformes in the city of Erfurt in 1998 Der Brutbestand der Greifvogel Falconiformes 1998 im Stadtgebiet von Erfurt

Wilson, John., 1998:
Breeding populations of black-headed gull at Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay Reserve 1964-1998

Koppen, Ulrich., 2000:
Breeding populations of coastal birds in protected areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1998 Brutbestande der Kustenvogel in Schutzgebieten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns 1998

Koppen, U.; Graumann, G., 1998:
Breeding populations of coastal birds in protected areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 1993, 1994 and 1996 Brutbestande der Kustenvogel in Schutzgebieten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns 1993, 1994 und 1996

Koppen, U.; Graumann, G., 1999:
Breeding populations of coastal birds in reserves of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1997 Brutbestande der Kustenvogel in Schutzgebieten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns 1997

Koppen, Ulrich., 1997:
Breeding populations of coastal species of birds in conservation areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1995 Brutbestande der Kustenvogel in Schutzgebieten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns 1995

Rost, Fred., 1999:
Breeding populations of geese Anser, Branta and ducks Anatidae in 1998 in Thuringen Der Brutbestand der Ganse Anser, Branta und der Enten Anatidae 1998 in Thuringen

Rost, Fred., 1998:
Breeding populations of grebes Podicipedidae in Thuringia in 1997 Der Brutbestand der Lappentaucher Podicipedidae 1997 in Thuringen

Czapulak, A.; Adamski, A.; Betleja, J., 2002:
Breeding populations of gulls Laridae and terns Sternidae in Silesia in 1990-2000 Populacje legowe mew Laridae i rybitw Sternidae na Slasku w latach 1990-2000

Meininger, P.L.; Schekkerman, H.; Atta, G.A., 1993:
Breeding populations of gulls and terns in northern Egypt

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Breeding populations of gulls in the inner Bristol Channel, 1980

Brucker, JW., 1975:
Breeding populations of house martins in the Oxford district 1930-1975 Report Oxf orn

Nijland, F.; Timmerman, A.; Hosper, U., 1996:
Breeding populations of meadow birds on cultivated land in the Dutch province of Friesland and the significance of grassland reserves Weidevogelpopulaties op de Friese cultuurgronden in 1991 en de betekenis van graslandreservaten

Nijland, Freek., 2003:
Breeding populations of meadowbirds in the province of Friesland in 1999 Weidevogelpopulaties in Friesland in 1999

Anonymous., 1986:
Breeding populations of nutcrackers

Koeppen, Ulrich., 2001 :
Breeding populations of the coastal birds in the protected areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the years 1999 and 2000 Brutbestaende der Kuestenvoegel in Schutzgebieten Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns in den Jahren 1999 und 2000

Fuller, RJ.; Baker, JK.; Morgan, RA.; Scroggs, R.; Wright, M., 1985:
Breeding populations of the hobby Falco subbuteo on farmland in the southern Midlands of England

Hitchins, PM., 1980:
Breeding populations of vultures in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve complex

Devos, K.; Meire, P.; Maes, P.; Benoy, L.; Gabriels, J. de Scheemaeker, F. de Smet, W. van Impe, J., 1991:
Breeding populations of waders in Belgium, 1989-1990

Sabathy, E.; Schuster, A., 2004:
Breeding populations of waterbirds in the Lower Inn valley Upper Austria in the year 2000 Brutbestund der Wasservoegel im unteren Inntal Oberoesterreich im Jahr 2000

Abi-Said, M.R., 2004:
Breeding potential of the striped hyaena, Hyaena hyaena syriaca Matschie, 1910 Carnivora in captivity

Vermylen, M., 1983:
Breeding pots - a means of saving the last marshes in the Nete Valley near Lier

Sels, Tannia., 2003:
Breeding prey animals at home Voedseldieren zelf kweken

Summers, RW., 1986:
Breeding production of dark-bellied Brent geese Branta bernicla bernicla in relation to lemming cycles

Martin, T.E.; DeSante, D.F.; Paine, C.R.; Donovan, T.; Dettmers, R.; Manolis, J.; Burton, K., 1995:
Breeding productivity and adult survival in nongame birds

Wolfaardt, A.C.; Nel, D.C., 2003:
Breeding productivity and annual cycle of rehabilitated African penguins

Tucker, J.W.; Jr;.; Robinson, W.; Douglas; Grand, J.B., 2006:
Breeding productivity of Bachmans sparrows in fire-managed longleaf pine forests

Underhill, LG.; Oatley, TB., 1995:
Breeding productivity of curlew sandpipers, 1990-1994

Walsh, PM.; McGrath, D., 1989:
Breeding productivity of kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla in southeast Ireland, 1983-88

Campbell, Cameron R., 1996:
Breeding program for the atlas beetle Chalcosoma caucasus at the Fort Worth Zoo Insectarium

Kuehler, C.; Lieberman, A., 1989:
Breeding programme for Chinese monal at the San Diego Zoo

Carey, Noel., 2007:
Breeding programme management for the Philippine spotted deer Cervus alfredi

Bloxam, QMC.; Tonge, SJ., 1986:
Breeding programmes for reptiles and snails at Jersey Zoo an appraisal

Grummt, W., 1980:
Breeding programmes in the GDR

Kohler, Gunther., 1998:
Breeding programmes of the IGUANA Association breeding of C bakeri and Ctenosaura oedirhina Zuchtprogramme in der AG IGUANA Nachzucht von C bakeri und Ctenosaura oedirhina

Teleki, G.; Baldwin, L., 1975:
Breeding programs aim to keep this a planet of the apes

Eisenberg, JF., 1970:
Breeding project helps restore Ceylon elephants

Anonymous., 1971:
Breeding project information exchange

Sehhatisabet, M.E., 2006:
Breeding pygmy cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus in Siahkeshim Protected Area, Anzali, southwest Caspian Sea

Bruning, D.; Sheppard, C., 1984:
Breeding pygmy geese of the genus Nettapus at the New York Zoological Park

Townson, S., 1977:
Breeding pythons

Dienemann, Peter., 1998:
Breeding rafts for common terns Sterna hirundo Schwimmkampen als Brutflosse fur Flussseeschwalben Sterna hirundo

Andreotti, F., 1977:
Breeding rainbow boas Observations of a pair of Epicrates cenchris

Haapanen, A., 1976:
Breeding range and migration of swans in Finland

Hofer, J.; Korner-Nievergelt, F.; Korner-Nievergelt, P.; Kestenholz, M.; Jenni, L., 2005:
Breeding range and migration pattern of tufted ducks Aythya fuligula wintering in Switzerland an analysis of ringing recovery data Herkunft and Zugverhalten von in der Schweiz ueberwinternden Reiherenten Aythya fuligula eine Ringfundanalyse

Cannon, RW.; Christisen, DM., 1984:
Breeding range and population status of the greater prairie chicken in Missouri

Leito, Aivar., 1993:
Breeding range expansion of the barnacle goose Branta leucopsis in the Baltic and Barents Sea areas

Walsh, J.J.; Cruz, A.; Berry, M.E.; Chace, J.F.; Evans, D.M., 1998:
Breeding range expansion of the blue-gray gnatcatcher along the northern Colorado Front Range

Smith, DG., 1975:
Breeding range expansion of the starling in Utah

Taylor, WK.; Anderson, BH.; Stevenson, HM., 1989:
Breeding range expansions of the indigo bunting, painted bunting, and blue grosbeak in Florida with new records for Seminole County

Edeburn, R.M., 1968:
Breeding range extension of saw-whet owl in West Virginia

Walley, WJ., 1985:
Breeding range extension of the lark sparrow into west-central Manitoba

Allen, R.P., 1933:
Breeding range of Herring Gull extended

Hazevoet, CJ., 1987:
Breeding range of brown-headed gull

Wilson, MG., 1999:
Breeding range of dark-throated thrush

Clark, H.W., 1932 :
Breeding range of the Yolla Bolly Fox Sparrow

Hallett, DL., 1987:
Breeding range of the ring-necked pheasant in Missouri an uptake

Jones, Edgar T., 2000:
Breeding range of yellow-rumped myrtle warbler extended to the Canadian Arctic coast

Kristin, Anton., 1998:
Breeding range trends of four shrike species in Slovakia

Belthoff, JR.; Gauthreuaux, S.A.; Jr.; Hilton, B.; Jr., 1990:
Breeding ranges of Carpodacus finches wintering in South Carolina

Kruszyk, R.; Zbronski, R., 2004:
Breeding raptors Falconiformes in the surroundings of Jastrzebie Zdroj Legowe ptaki szponiaste Falconiformes okolic Jastrzebia Zdroju

Lelov, E., 1991:
Breeding raptors and owls at Halinga, SW Estonia, in 1978-1989

Morton, Keith., 1995:
Breeding raptors in Scotland, 1991

Kumbera, J., 1987:
Breeding raptors in captivity and results of their reintroduction Falconers Club UV CMS

Sugino, Takashi., 1998:
Breeding rare Japanese freshwater fish

Grummt, W., 1986:
Breeding rare and endangered birds at the Tierpark Berlin, GDR

Anonymous., 1972:
Breeding rare species

Radford, E., 1989:
Breeding rat snakes

Bruins, E., 1996:
Breeding rat snakes Kweken met rattenslangen

Walker, SW., 1985:
Breeding ratio of blackcap to garden warbler in relation to habitat change in Shrawley Wood 1979-1983

Booth, CJ., 1975:
Breeding ravens on the mainland of Orkney in 1972

du Toit, P., 1990:
Breeding record

Sutton, R.; Sutton, A., 1994:
Breeding record for house sparrows Passer domesticus in Jamaica

Walter, A.; Walter, JP.; Brown, CJ., 1986:
Breeding record for the Cape eagle owl in Namibia

Lieberman, A.; Toone, W.; Kuehler, C., 1989:
Breeding record for the Zoological Society of San Diego, California, in 1988

Rintoul, D.; Cable, TT., 1990:
Breeding record for the black-shouldered kite in Kansas

Pickel, Rolf., 1996:
Breeding record for the great crested grebe in Visalp Lake/Tyrol in 1995 Brutnachweis fur den Haubentaucher Podiceps cristatus am Vilsalpsee/Tirol im Jahr 1995

Hall, K.R.L., 1965:
Breeding record for the pratincole Glareola pratincola in Uganda

Morris, J R.; Jr., 1974:
Breeding record for the semipalmated plover at Ocean Shores, Washington

Eng, RL., 1981:
Breeding record for the snowy plover for Montana

Lindblad, Thomas., 1998:
Breeding record for whooper swan in Lake Vassen Hackande sangsvan i Vassen

Olsen, Kjell Magne., 1994:
Breeding record of Geophilus proximus for Norway

Funakoshi, S., 1986:
Breeding record of Hyloicus pinastri morio Rothschild Jordan Sphingidae with description of its pupa

Utterback, W.I., 1916:
Breeding record of Missouri mussels

Arlt, Jorg., 1999:
Breeding record of Pantala flavescens Fabricius in Turkey Anisoptera Libellulidae Entwicklungsnachweis von Pantala flavescens Fabricius in der Turkei Anisoptera Libellulidae

Nakamura, M., 1990:
Breeding record of Peridroma saucia Hubner Noctuidae in summer

Stepanyan, LS.; Chyon Van La., 1985:
Breeding record of Pernis ptilorhyncus Accipitridae, Aves in southern Viet-Nam

Haydock, E.L., 1956:
Breeding record of Phalacrocorax carbo lucidus in Central Province of Northern Rhodesia

Sakulas, Harry., 1988:
Breeding record of Raggiana bird of paradise, Paradisaea raggiana

Pankratius, Udo., 2000:
Breeding record of Sympetrum meridionale in northern Bavaria, Germany Odonata Libellulidae Vermehrungsnachweis von Sympetrum meridionale in Nordbayern Odonata Libellulidae

Van Ee, C.A.E., 1957:
Breeding record of Yellow-billed Kite Milvus aegyptius near Bloemfontein

Verroken, L.; Verroken, D., 1996:
Breeding record of a black-headed wagtail Motacilla flava feldegg in western Hainaut Belgium Nidification dune bergeronnette printaniere des Balkans Motacilla flava feldegg en Hainaut occidental

Wakisaka, Hideya., 1998:
Breeding record of a pair of kingfishers in the holes of a retaining wall

Blondia, E., 1978:
Breeding record of a red-backed shrike Lanius collurio in east Flanders

Borrey, J.; Raes, D.; Tahon, R.; Vercruysse, B., 1983:
Breeding record of a ringed plover Charadrius hiaticula in Nieuwpoort in the spring of 1982

Oniki, Y.; Willis, EO., 1983:
Breeding record of birds from Manaus, Brazil 5 Icteridae to Fringillidae

van IJzendoorn, EJ., 1980:
Breeding record of black Chlidonias niger x white-winged black tern C leucopterus

Baryshnikov, ND., 2001:
Breeding record of black woodpecker Dryocopus martius in Khrenovsky Bor, Voronezh Region, central European Russia

D'Arcy, Peter., 2005:
Breeding record of bronze mannikin Spermestes cucullata at Tonota, March 2005

Borg, John J., 1999:
Breeding record of common swift Apus apus

Tada, Hideyuki., 2007:
Breeding record of eastern marsh harrier Circus spilonotus in Hotokenuma Marsh, Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan

Banerjee, A.; Deuti, K., 2006:
Breeding record of fourlined treefrog Polypedates leucomystax Gravenhorst, 1829 at Rajpur, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal

Malara, Giovanni., 1999:
Breeding record of golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos, in the Aspromonte Massif Calabria, south Italy Nidificazione dellaquila reale, Aquila chrysaetos, sullAspromonte

Sawa, Yusuke., 2007:
Breeding record of gray wagtail above the treeline

Wadewitz, Martin., 1998:
Breeding record of greenish warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides in the Harz Mountains in 1998 Brutnachweis des Grunlaubsangers Phylloscopus trochiloides im Harz 1998

Iida, Tomohiko., 1993:
Breeding record of hoopoe in nestbox

McCulloch, C.Y., 1955:
Breeding record of javelina, Tayassu angulatus, in southern Arizona

Asplund, M., 1985:
Breeding record of little bunting, Emberitza pusilla, in Padjelanta National Park, Swedish Lapland

Weissgerber, Rolf., 1996:
Breeding record of ravens Corvus corax on the grid mast of a power line near Wurchwitz, Nissma and Kriebitzsch Die Bruten von Kolkraben Corvus corax auf Gittermasten einer Hochspannungsleitung bei Wurchwitz, Nissma und Kriebitzsch

Kamata, M.; Tomioka, T., 1994:
Breeding record of red-crowned cranes at Mochida Bird Protection Area in Nemuro, eastern Hokkaido

Fenchuk, VA.; Bagdanovich, LA., 2004:
Breeding record of ringed plover Charadrius hiaticula in the far south west of Belarus

Mitsunaga, H.; Imamura, K., 1996:
Breeding record of the Chinese pond heron Ardeola bacchus in Kumamoto Prefecture

Grant, J.A., 1954:
Breeding record of the Solitary Sandpiper in central British Columbia

Brockhuysen, G.J., 1955:
Breeding record of the Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolor for the neighbourhood of Cape Town

Gschwandtner, Wolf., 2004:
Breeding record of the barred warbler Sylvia nisoria at Karres, north Tyrol/Austria Brutnachweis der Sperbergrasmuecke Sylvia nisoria bei Karres, Nordtirol/Osterreich

Gerdes, Klaus., 1997:
Breeding record of the bean goose Anser fabalis along the Ems river Brutnachweis der Saatgans Anser fabalis an der Ems

d'Hertefelt, H., 1980:
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Breeding seabirds of the Seychelles and adjacent islands

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Breeding seabirds of the Skelligs, County Kerry

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Breeding seabirds of the Solitary Islands, NSW

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Breeding seabirds on Brittany north coast Les oiseaux marins nicheurs du littoral nord de la Bretagne

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Breeding seabirds on Carnac Island, Western Australia

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Breeding seabirds on Ynysoedd Gwylan in 1989

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Breeding seabirds on the Blasket Islands, Co Kerry

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Breeding seabirds on the Isle of Muck, Co Antrim

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Breeding seabirds on the Yell Sound Islands, Shetland

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Breeding seabirds on the east Cork coastline

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Breeding season aggression of female and male eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis to models of potential conspecific and interspecific egg dumpers

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Breeding season and clutch size in the European pochard, Aythya ferina, and the tufted duck A fuligula, in Czechoslovakia

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Breeding season and egg morphology of echinoderms in Balsfjorden, northern Norway

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Breeding season and fecundity of birds in Turkmenistan - an indicator of ecologo-physiological adaptation to arid conditions

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Breeding season and fertility of the roof rat, Rattus rattus rattus, in two forest areas of New Zealand

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Breeding season and fertility of the wild rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus L in North Canterbury, New Zealand

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Breeding season and litter size in Hyracoidea

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Breeding season and multiple brooding of some common birds in west central Saudi Arabia

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Breeding season and subspecific variation in the redheaded quelea

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Breeding season and success in the Coot Fulicaatra on the Nfine?;tsk6 Rybniky ponds Czechoslovakia

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Breeding season attendance by black guillemots at Bangor, Co Down

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Breeding season birds of Long Hope Creek Valley, Watauga and Ashe Counties, NC

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Breeding season census of birds in sanctuary in Ecclesall Woods

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Breeding season census of birds in sanctuary in Ecclesall Woods Progress report 1979 and 1980

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Breeding season census of birds in sanctuary in Ecclesall Woods progress report 1978

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Breeding season census of pied oystercatchers Haematopus longirostris in Corner Inlet, Victoria

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Breeding season diet of northern goshawks Accipiter gentilis in the city of Hamburg, Germany

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Breeding season diet of the great grey shrike Lanius excubitor L in south east Westphalia Zum brutzeitlichen Nahrungsspektrum des Raubwurgers Lanius excubitor L in der Medebacher Bucht Sudost-Westfalen

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Breeding season diet of the merlin in County Antrim

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Breeding season distribution of cerulean warblers in Arkansas in the 1990s

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Breeding season distribution of declining farmland birds within natural areas of the Sorby recording area and an analysis of their landscape preferences using CIS landcover information

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Breeding season ecology

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Breeding season habitats of the golden-crowned kinglet in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains

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Breeding season in the east

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Breeding season in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos in north Kulunda and its dependence on external factors

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Breeding season influxes and the behaviour of adult male samango monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis albogularis)

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Breeding season of Kermadec petrels Pterodroma neglecta neglecta at Meyer Islands, Kermadec Group, New Zealand

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Breeding season of Lemurs

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Breeding season of a colonial ascidian, Didemnum psamathodes Sluiter 1895 of Tuticorin coast, India

Renganathan, TK., 1983:
Breeding season of a colonial ascidian, Eudistoma sp of Tuticorin coast, India

Renganathan, TK., 1984:
Breeding season of a fouling colonial ascidian Lissoclinum fragile of Tuticorin coast, India

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Breeding season of brushtail possums, Trichosurus vulpecula Marsupialia Phalangeridae, in Adelaide

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Breeding season of local marine invertebrates

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Breeding season of the Bustard Eupodotis australis in North Queensland

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Breeding season of the California sea lion Zalophus californianus in the Gulf of California, Mexico

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Breeding season of the Jews Nosed Sea Snake Enhydrina valakadyen Boie in Bombay Water

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Breeding season of the Maccoa duck in the south-western Cape

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Breeding season of the Sonora white-tailed deer

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Breeding season of the Striped Kingfisher in West Africa

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Breeding season of the hermit crab Petrochirus diogenes Anomura Diogenidae in the north coast of Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Breeding season of the lechwe Kobus leche

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Breeding season of the northern grasshopper mouse in Kansas

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Breeding season of the thylaoine

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Breeding season on the Island of Flores, Indonesia

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Breeding season ot Sagittarius serpentarius

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Breeding season range use of a Eurasian black vulture Aegypius monachus population in Dadia National Park and the adjacent areas, Thrace, NE Greece

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Breeding season record for the mourning warbler on Roan Mountain

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Breeding season records for gray-headed juncos in Oklahoma

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Breeding season sparrowhawks, buzzards and kestrels

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Breeding season sparrowhawks, buzzards and kestrels in Avon, 1980

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Breeding season survey of shelduck in Devon in 1992

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Breeding season, 1974 Northeastern maritime region

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Breeding season, June 1 - July 31, 1989

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Breeding season, June 1 - July 31, 1995

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Breeding season, June 1 - July 31, 1996

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Breeding season, June 1 - July 31, 1997

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Breeding season, clutch and brood sizes in Verreauxs eagle

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Breeding season, clutch size and reproductive success of the great spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos major in Poland - an analysis of nest cards Pora legowa, wielkosc zniesien i efektywnosc rozrodu dzicciota duzego Dendrocopos major w Polsce - analiza kart gniazdowych

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Breeding season, courtship behaviour, and territoriality of white and Japanese wagtails Motacilla alba and M grandis

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Breeding season, distribution and ecology of the Vesper sparrow in the southern Blue Ridge Mountain Province

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Breeding season, gestation period and litter size of the wild boar, Sus scrofa leucomystax, in captivity

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Breeding season, length-weight relationship and condition factor of introduced fish, Tilapia zillii Gervais 1948 Pisces Cichlidae in Lake Zwai, Ethiopia

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Breeding season, litter size and nestling mortality of the harvest mouse, Micromys minutus Rodentia Muridae, in Britain

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Breeding season, nesting success and nestling growth in Carnabys cockatoo, Calyptorhynchus funereus latirostris, over 16 years at Coomallo Creek, and a method for assessing the viability of populations in other areas

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Breeding season, population density and reproductive rate of the tree sparrow Passer montanus L in Barcelona, NE Spain

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Breeding season, sexual rate and fecundity of Basilichthys australis Eigenmann 1927, from Maipo River, Chile Atherinidae, Pisces

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Breeding season June 1 - July 31, 1999

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Breeding season June 1-July 31, 2000

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Breeding seasonality among long-tailed macaques, Macaca fascicularis, in Peninsular Malaysia

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Breeding seasonality in some commercially important trawl-caught species in southern Malawi

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Breeding seasonality of the African fish eagle in Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda

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Breeding seasons and double brooding of the little penguin Eudyptula minor in New Zealand

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Breeding seasons and fecundity of female gray squirrels in Ohio

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Breeding seasons and quantitative data on gonads and ova for certain fish species

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Breeding seasons and reproductive physiology of Tricolored blackbirds and Redwinged blackbirds

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Breeding seasons and sexual dimorphism in rockhopper penguins

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Breeding seasons in Somalia

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Breeding seasons of Deer

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Breeding seasons of Egyptian geese and South African shelducks in central South Africa

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Breeding seasons of Rhodesian francolins

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Breeding seasons of birds at Calicut, southwest India

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Breeding seasons of birds in north-eastern Australia First supplement, 1967-74

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Breeding seasons of land birds in the Australian monsoonal tropics diverse responses to a highly seasonal environment

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Breeding seasons of local marine invertebrates

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Breeding seasons of the garden snail Opeas gracile Hutton Gastropoda Subulinidae

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Breeding seasons of three estrildid species in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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Breeding second generation Lacerta lepida pater

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Breeding semi-aquatic and aquatic turtles at the Columbus Zoo

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Breeding sequence in pictures of the beautiful neon tetra, Hyphessobrycon innesi

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Breeding shelducks on the Severn in Gloucestershire, 1988

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Breeding shorebirds census 1995-1996 in Normandy Les limicoles nicheurs en Normandie resultats de lenquete 1995/1996

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Breeding short-eared owls Asio flammeus in Wales

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Breeding shrike populations in Turkey status in 1998-2003

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Breeding shrikes census 1999 Enquete piegrieches 1999

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Breeding shrikes in France distribution and status Les pies-grieches Lanius sp en France repartition et statut actuels, histoire recente, habitats

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Breeding silverbills

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Breeding site characteristics and breeding success in thick-billed murres

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Breeding site fidelity in a whip-poor-will

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Breeding site fidelity in the japanese toad, bufo japonicus formosus

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Breeding site fidelity of a male Louisiana waterthrush

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Breeding site fidelity of great tits Parus major in a central-European alder forest

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Breeding site of Trichaulax philipsii Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Hutson, AM., 1988:
Breeding site of one of the largest UK colonies of greater horseshoe bats lost

Ernst, Stephan., 1998:
Breeding site of the alpine swift Apus melba in Bicaz-Klamm in north east Romania Brutplatz des Alpenseglers Apus melba in der Bicaz-Klamm in Nordostrumanien

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Breeding site of the swift located behind a Virginia creeper Mauerseglerbrutplatz versteckt hinter wildem Wein Parthenocissus spec

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Breeding site selection in Berlin mallards Anas platyrhynchos Brutplatzwahl der Berliner Stockenten Anas platyrhynchos

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Breeding site selection of black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros

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Breeding site specificity in the domestic species of Drosophila Oecologia 293 223-232 Atmosoedjono, S, Part000, F, Dennis, DT Pnrnomo Anopheles barbirostris Diptera Culicidae as a vector of the Timor filaria on Flores Island preliminary observations

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Breeding site tenacity of the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs and the brambling F montifringilla in northern Finland

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Breeding sites and distribution of geese in the northwest Isfjord area, Svalbard, 1982

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Breeding sites of Neotropical Drosophilidae Diptera 1 Living flowers of Cestrum schlechtendalii Solanaceae

Vilela, CR.; Selivon, D., 2000:
Breeding sites of Neotropical Drosophilidae Diptera II Fallen fruits of Citharexylum myrianthum Cham Verbenaceae

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Breeding sites of amphibians Siedliska rozrodu plazow i ich zagrozenia

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Breeding sites of gulls, terns, and jaegers at Iles du Large, Resolution Bay, and along the west shore of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

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Breeding skuas in Orkney

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Breeding skuas in Orkney the results of the 1992 census

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Breeding skuas, terns and gulls in Orkney 2000

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Breeding skylarks in Aberdeen

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Breeding snakes in terraria

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Breeding snakes is as easy as ABC?

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Breeding songbird community structure influences of plot size and vegetation structure

Greenlaw, JS.; Miller, RF., 1982:
Breeding soras on a Long Island salt marsh

Daricheva, M.A., 1969:
Breeding sources of harmful Noctuidae in the irrigated agricultural zone

Meininger, P., 1991:
Breeding species of birds in the delta region

Alekseicheva, IA., 1989:
Breeding spectacled bears Tremarctos ornatus at the Moscow Zoo

McDonald, T., 1989:
Breeding spectacled bears at the Calgary Zoo

Illsley.; Gassor., 1976:
Breeding spicebirds

Kochetov, SM., 1993:
Breeding spiny eels

Anderson, A.B., 1968:
Breeding spreo starlings

Biesot, T., 1988:
Breeding springtails

Vermeer, J., 2002:
Breeding squirrel monkeys in european zoos

Rost, F., 2005:
Breeding state and passage of penduline tit Remiz pendulinus in Thueringen Brutvorkommen und Durchzug der Beutelmeise Remiz pendulinus in Thueringen

Cuthbertson, A., 1922:
Breeding stations of the Black headed Gull in Dumbartonshire

Gurney, R., 1920:
Breeding stations of the Blackheaded Gull in the British Isles

von Ludwiger, Klaus., 1996:
Breeding statistics evaluation for Aquila verreauxii 1991-1995 Folge der Brutstatistik von Aquila verreauxii 1991-1995

Angst, W., 1978:
Breeding statistics of Macaca fascicularis in Basel Zoo

Dyrcz, A.; Zdunek, W., 1993:
Breeding statistics of the aquatic warbler Acrocephalus paludicola on the Biebrza marshes, northeast Poland

Murphy, MF., 1982:
Breeding statistics of western lowland gorillas Gorilla g gorilla in United States zoological parks

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Breeding status affects motoneuron number and muscle size in naked mole-rats: recruitment of perineal motoneurons?

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Breeding status and breeding colonies of the grey heron Ardea cinerea in Belgium from 1982 to mid 1986

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Breeding status and distribution of the least tern in the Florida Keys

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Breeding status and ecology of the martial eagle in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, South Africa

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Breeding status and foods of the Japanese lesser sparrowhawk Accipiter gularis in residential areas of Utsunomiya city, central Japan

Miltschev, B.; Georgiev, V.; Kovatschev, A., 2002:
Breeding status and nest site selection of the barn owl Tyto alba in south-eastern Bulgaria Brutbestand und Brutplatzwahl der Schleiereule Tyto alba in Suedost-Bulgarien

Kato, A.; Ichikawa, H., 1999:
Breeding status of Adelie and emperor penguins in the Mt Riiser-Larsen area, Amundsen Bay

Parker, J., 1980:
Breeding status of British raptors

Pakulak, A.J.; Littlefield, C.D., 1969:
Breeding status of Whistling swans near Churchill, Manitoba

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Breeding status of burrowing petrels at Prince Edward Island

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Breeding status of common crane Grus grus in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania population density, distribution and breeding habitats Brutbestand des Kranichs Grus grus in Estland, Lettland und Litauen Siedlungsdichte, Verbreitung und Brutplatztypen

McLean, IG., 1985:
Breeding status of cuckoos on offshore islands of New Zealand some corrections

Cantera, Jean-Pierre., 1999:
Breeding status of moustached warbler in Corsica Statut de reproduction de la lusciniole a moustaches Acrocephalus melanopogon en Corse

Cromie, J., 2002:
Breeding status of red-throated diver Gavia stellata in Ireland

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Breeding status of selected bird species in the Niobrara Valley Preserve Area, Nebraska

Onrubia, A.; Jubete, F., 1998:
Breeding status of short-eared owl Asio flammeus Pontoppidan, 1783 in Spain - 1993/94- Status reproductor de la lechuza campestre Asio flammeus en Espana 1993-94

Kuresoo, A.; Leibak, E., 1994:
Breeding status of snipes in Estonia and in the eastern Baltic region

Zarudsky, JD., 1985:
Breeding status of the American oystercatcher in the town of Hempstead

Hatch, DRM., 1972:
Breeding status of the Forsters tern in Manitoba

Bunyard, P.F., 1933:
Breeding status of the Garganey in Essex

Goutner, V.; Isenmann, P., 1993:
Breeding status of the Mediterranean gull Larus melanocephalus in the Mediterranean Basin

Masatomi, H.; Momose, K.; Momose, Y.; Matsuo, T.; Koga, K.; Aoki, N.; Abe, S.; Inoue, M.; Kanai, Y., 1994:
Breeding status of the Red-crowned Crane Grus japonensis in eastern Hokkaido, Japan, in 1994

Yocom, C.F., 1951:
Breeding status of the Ring-necked Duck in Washington

Schwilling, M.D., 1952:
Breeding status of the White-necked Raven in Kansas

Murano, N.; Higuchi, T.; Okabe, T., 2000:
Breeding status of the barn swallow Hirundo rustica surveyed in Hokkaido, Japan

Adam, RG., 1997:
Breeding status of the barn swallow in Orkney

Azzolini, Maurizio., 2003:
Breeding status of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus of Stelvio national park Status riproduttivo del Gipeto Gypaetus barbatus nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Tarboton, W., 1982:
Breeding status of the black stork in the Transvaal

Paulussen, JA., 1982:
Breeding status of the black-headed gull Larus ridibundus L in Belgium

Seyffert, KD., 1989:
Breeding status of the black-necked stilt in the Texas Panhandle

Pitts, Irvin Jr., 1993:
Breeding status of the black-throated blue warbler in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, South Carolina

Bar, U.; Jochums, F., 1997:
Breeding status of the common tern Sterna hirundo in Bavaria 1992-1996 Zur Situation der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo in Bayern 1992 bis 1996

Cook, MJH., 1982:
Breeding status of the crested tit

Seyffert, KD., 1988:
Breeding status of the eared grebe in the Texas Panhandle

McNair, DB., 1984:
Breeding status of the grasshopper sparrow in the coastal plain of the Carolinas, with notes on behavior

Cink, CL., 1974:
Breeding status of the least bittern in North Dakota

Maxwell, TC., 1977:
Breeding status of the least bittern in the western plains of Texas Bulletin Texas orn

Mayer, Wolfgang., 2000:
Breeding status of the magpie Pica pica in Kuehkopf-Knoblochsaue nature reserve and surrounding area Brutbestand der Elster Pica pica im NSG Kuehkopf-Knoblochsaue und Umgebung

Hamlett, T.; Sellers, RM., 1989:
Breeding status of the meadow pipit in Gloucestershire

Lee, DS.; Irvin, EW., 1988:
Breeding status of the northern harrier in North Carolina

Watts, B.D.; Rottenborn, S.C., 2001:
Breeding status of the northern harrier in coastal Virginia

Poxton, IR., 1987:
Breeding status of the ring ouzel in southeast Scotland 1985-86

Isenmann, P.; Goutner, V., 1993:
Breeding status of the slender-billed gull Larus genei in the Mediterranean Basin

Masatomi, H., 1988:
Breeding status of the tancho in the Tokachi district and its wintering grounds since 1985

Martinez Vilalta, Albert., 1997:
Breeding status of waders in Spain Situacion de las poblaciones reproductoras de aves limicolas en Espana

Shiraki, S.; Nakagawa, H., 2005:
Breeding status of white-tailed sea eagles in the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido

Cleverly, D., 1973:
Breeding stick insects

Poulsen, H., 1965:
Breeding stilts Himantopus spp at Copenhagen Zoo

Lery, Richard., 2001:
Breeding stone curlew census 1996-1999 Recensement de lOedicneme criard 1996-1999 en plaine de caen

Bowler, John., 2005:
Breeding strategies and biology

Schiotz, A., 2004 :
Breeding strategies for African tree frogs Ynglestrategier hos Afrikas lovfroer

Kirschbaum, Frank., 2002:
Breeding strategies of South American knifefishes, Gymnotiformes Fortpflanzungsstrategien bei suedamerikanischen Messerfischen, Gymnotiformes

Carvalho, C.B.V.; Macedo, R.H.; Graves, J.A., 2006:
Breeding strategies of a socially monogamous neotropical passerine extra-pair fertilizations, behavior, and morphology

Ebbinge, Bart., 1999:
Breeding strategies of brent geese; choosing between several kinds of evil Broedstrategien van rotganzen kiezen tussen meerdere soorten kwaad

Jarvinen, A., 1983:
Breeding strategies of hole-nesting passerines in northern Lapland

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