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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38028

Chapter 38028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bonney, S.; Crotty, MJ., 1979:
Breeding the mountain tapir Tapirus pinchaque at the Los Angeles Zoo

Vakhrusheva, GV.; Meshik, VA., 1989:
Breeding the mouse lemurs Microcebus murinus at the Moscow Zoo

Yadav, R.N., 1969:
Breeding the mugger crocodile Crocodylus palustris at Jaipur Zoo

Eisenberg, J.F.; Maliniak, E., 1967:
Breeding the murine opossum Marmosa sp in captivity

Graff, H., 2004:
Breeding the musk turtle Sternotherus odoratus Opdraet af moskusskildpadden Sternotherus odoratus

Garside, F., 1980:
Breeding the neon and glowlight tetras

Lee, J., 1972:
Breeding the neon tetra

Cribb, P.W., 1967:
Breeding the new clouded yellow butterfly

Sles', I.S., 1963:
Breeding the nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus Blainville Bovidae at Askania-Nova

Parrish, R., 1983:
Breeding the noisy pitta

Lowe, P., 1981:
Breeding the olive or Cape thrush Turdus olivaceus olivaceus at the West Country Wildlife Park, Cricket St Thomas Chard, Somerset

Zukal, R., 1971:
Breeding the opaline or Cosby gourami

Sweeney, Roger G., 1994:
Breeding the orange-breasted fig parrot at Loro Parque

Zukal, R., 1976:
Breeding the ornate tetra

Milne, S., 1992:
Breeding the painted finch Emblema picta

Swain, A.J., 1966:
Breeding the painted spurfowl

Griffiths, A., 1986:
Breeding the pale-headed mannikin Lonchura pallida

Muller, KA., 1975:
Breeding the palm cockatoo Probosciger aterrimus at Sydney Zoo

Low, R., 1992:
Breeding the palm cockatoo at Palmitos Park

Wilke, H., 1984:
Breeding the pancake tortoise Malacochersus tornieri at Frankfurt Zoo

Cribb, F.W., 1967:
Breeding the pasha with four tails, Charaxes jasius

Hadgkiss, IM., 1978:
Breeding the peach-fronted conure at Waddesdon Manor

Rodriguez, Carlos Simon., 1996:
Breeding the perfect lorikeet Trichoglosus euteles Psittacidae Loriinae Criando el lorito perfecto Trichoglosus euteles Psittacidae Loriinae

Fiala, Ladislav., 1996:
Breeding the pheasant species Aphyosemion striatum Chov africkeho halancika Aphyosemion striatum

Bath, C., 1981:
Breeding the pied butcherbird Cracticus nigrogularis at the Paignton Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Devon

Harrison, GJ., 1984:
Breeding the pileated parrot Pionopsitta pileata

Murray, H., 1966:
Breeding the pileated song sparrow Zonotrichia capensis

Brickell, N.; Koen, C., 1996:
Breeding the pin-throated twinspot

LandowsM.T., 1962:
Breeding the pine marten Maries mattes L in captivity

Roles, DG., 1975:
Breeding the pink crested turaco, Tauraco erythrolophus at the Jersey Zoological Park

Roles, DG., 1975 :
Breeding the pink-crested turaco at Jersey zoological park

Newlands, W.A., 1967:
Breeding the pinnated grouse or prairie chicken Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus

Catania, Aldo., 1993:
Breeding the plain tiger Danaus chrysippus Breeding the plain tiger Danaus chrysippus

Valletta, A., 1988:
Breeding the plain tiger, Danaus chrysippus

Coles, D., 1978:
Breeding the plush-capped jay at Padstow Bird Gardens

Blake, E., 1987:
Breeding the poison-arrow frog Dendrobates auratus

Malyov, AV.; Andreyevskaya, VS.; Egorov, IV.; Nekrasova, GM.; Golubenzeva, TM.; Tkachenko, YD.; Lysenko, TY., 1989:
Breeding the polar bear Ursus maritimus at the zoos of the Soviet Union

Hauser, D., 1990:
Breeding the princess parrot

Restall, RL., 1975:
Breeding the purple combassou, Hypochera chalybeata ultramarina

Smith, A.; Schofield, J., 2005:
Breeding the purple glossy starling Lamprotornis purpureus

Grey, PR., 1972:
Breeding the purple hairstreak butterfly Thecla quercus Linn

Grantham, Bob., 2000:
Breeding the purple-bellied parrot Triclaria malachitacea

Kuah, Lawrence., 1993:
Breeding the purple-naped lory

Dempsey, W., 1986:
Breeding the quaker or monk parakeet

Cattermole, R., 1992:
Breeding the racket-tailed roller

Cygal, J., 1988:
Breeding the rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria crassus in a home vivarium

Strange, A., 1984:
Breeding the rainbow cichlid

Franco, P.S., 1969:
Breeding the rainbowfish

Low, Rosemary., 1993:
Breeding the rajah lory at Palmitos Park

Sweeney, Roger., 1995:
Breeding the red blue lory, Eos histrio

de Ruiter, Maarten., 2001:
Breeding the red and yellow barbet in captivity

Todd, W.; Berry, RJ., 1980:
Breeding the red bird of paradise Paradisaea rubra

Wilkinson, R.; McLeod, W.; Langford, D.; Morris, P., 2004:
Breeding the red bird of paradise at Chester Zoo

Richter, H-J., 1989:
Breeding the red chromide, Etroplus maculatus

Sosnovskii, I.P., 1967:
Breeding the red dog or dhole Cuon alpinus at Moscow Zoo

Vokins, AMA., 1977:
Breeding the red footed tortoise Geochelone carbonaria Spix 1824

Roberts, MS., 1980:
Breeding the red panda Ailurus fulgens at the National Zoological Park

Scott, Colin., 2005:
Breeding the red-and-yellow barbet Trachyphonus e erythrocephalus

de Ruiter, Maarten., 1997:
Breeding the red-and-yellow barbet a success story?

Roles, DG., 1975:
Breeding the red-backed mousebird at Jersey zoological park

Low, R., 1987:
Breeding the red-bellied macaw Ara manilata at Loro Parque

Low, Rosemary., 1993:
Breeding the red-bellied parrot

Garnham, Carl., 2006:
Breeding the red-billed buffalo-weaver Bulbalornis niger intermedius

Simmons, J., 1979:
Breeding the red-billed hornbill Tockus erythrorhynchus at the Cotswold Wildlife Park

Roots, C., 1968:
Breeding the red-billed hornbill at the Winged World Tockus erythrorynchus

Kaiser-Benz, M., 1975:
Breeding the red-billed oxpecker Buphagus erythrorhynchus at Zurich Zoo

Lowe, P., 1982:
Breeding the red-breasted blue-bill Spermophaga haematina

Sindel, Stan., 1993:
Breeding the red-browed fig parrot, Cyclopsitta diophthalma macleayana

Smith, GA., 1977:
Breeding the red-capped parrot Pionopsitta pileata

Trollope, J., 1966:
Breeding the red-crested finch Cory-phospingus cristatus

Barnden, R., 1984:
Breeding the red-eared bulbul Pycnonotus jocosus

Myers, David., 1999:
Breeding the red-eared firetail finch Stagonopleura oculata

Lehr, E., 1989:
Breeding the red-eared slider

Curzon, M.; Meeke, J., 1996:
Breeding the red-faced liocichla at the Tropical Bird Gardens, Rode

Cooke, Dulcie., 1992:
Breeding the red-flanked lorikeet Charmosyna placentis in a small indoor aviary

England, MD., 1973:
Breeding the red-fronted barbet Tricholaema diadematum

England, MD., 1975:
Breeding the red-headed barbet Eubucco bourcieri

Ellis, M., 1977:
Breeding the red-headed blue-bill Spermophaga ruficapilla

Timmis, WH., 1973:
Breeding the red-headed bunting Emberlza bruniceps at Chester Zoo

Coles, D., 1979:
Breeding the red-headed laughing thrush at Padstow Bird Gardens

Cooke, D., 1991:
Breeding the red-spotted lorikeet

Curzon, Mike., 1995:
Breeding the red-tailed Amazon at the Tropical Bird Gardens

Haines, CM., 1989:
Breeding the red-tailed laughing thrush Garrulax milnei at Padstow Tropical Bird Gardens Cornwall

Kapralski, A., 1989:
Breeding the red-top Trematocranus

Mann, R., 1982:
Breeding the red-topped Amazon parrot Amazona dufresnia rhodocorytha

Lieberman, A., 1984:
Breeding the red-winged laughing thrush Garrulax formosus at the San Diego Zoo

Mare, JJ., 1982:
Breeding the red-winged starling Onycognathus morio

Peat, Louise., 2004:
Breeding the red-winged starling, including an attempt to start a breeding colony

Chhapgar, B.F., 1968:
Breeding the redtailed shark

Bowthorpe, G.; Voss, G., 1968:
Breeding the rhea and the emu Rhea americana and Dromiceius novaehollandiae at Winnipeg Zoo

Schutz, P.; Urban, R., 1997:
Breeding the rhinoceros hornbill Buceros rhinoceros at the Houston Zoo

Reilly, SE., 1988:
Breeding the rhinoceros hornbill Buceros rhinoceros at the Audobon Park and Zoological Garden

Baylan, T., 1984:
Breeding the rhinoceros iguana Cyclura c cornuta at Sydney Zoo

Shaw, C.E., 1969:
Breeding the rhinoceros iguana Cyclura cornuta cornuta at San Diego Zoo

Kimura, Takashi., 1994:
Breeding the ring-tailed coati Hand raising and natural reproduction

Healy Smith, M., 1981:
Breeding the roadrunner Geococcyx californiana at Columbia Zoo

Grant, J., 1987:
Breeding the rock pebblar

Atchison, Nick., 1996:
Breeding the rose-crowned fruit dove at the Territory Wildlife Park

Zukal, R., 1975:
Breeding the ruby barb

Ward, BS., 1975:
Breeding the rufous-chinned laughing thrush at winged world

Peratino, WS., 1979:
Breeding the salmon-crested cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis

Berry, RJ.; Todd, W.; Plasse, R., 1982:
Breeding the scarlet cock-of-the-rock Rupicola peruviana at the Houston Zoological Gardens

Low, R., 1980:
Breeding the scarlet cock-of-the-rock at Houston Zoo

de Azevedo, C.S.hetini; Faggioli, A.B.rnadete; Ferraz, J.B.sco, 2002:
Breeding the scarlet ibis Eudocimus ruber at Belo Horizonte Zoo, Minas Gerais, Brazil

de Tarso Zuquim Antas, P., 1979:
Breeding the scarlet ibis Eudocimus ruber at the Rio de Janeiro Zoo

Reed, B.E., 1965:
Breeding the scarlet-chested sunbird Chal-comitra senegalensis gutturalis

Zukal, IL., 1974:
Breeding the scissortail

Brosseau, C.; Johnson, ML.; Johnson, AM.; Kenyon, KW., 1975:
Breeding the sea otter Enhydra lutris at Tacoma Aquarium

Mackerras, M.J.; Smith, R.H., 1960:
Breeding the short-nosed marsupial bandicoot, Isoodon macrourus Gould, in captivity

Gibson, L., 1987:
Breeding the silver-beaked or maroon tanager Ramphocelus carbo

Haynes, Norma J., 2003:
Breeding the silvery-cheeked hornbill

Hunter, DCE., 1996:
Breeding the singing starling Aplonis cantoroides

Louwman, JWW., 1982:
Breeding the six-footed tortoise Geochelone emys at Wassenaar Zoo

Tell, M., 1983:
Breeding the siy parrot, Pionus maximiliani siy

Gibson, L., 1978:
Breeding the skylark in Canada

Meyer, H., 1968:
Breeding the smallest barbs

Yadav, R.N., 1967:
Breeding the smooth-coated Indian otter Lutra perspicillata at Jaipur Zoo

Travnicek, Jiri., 1995:
Breeding the snake Bitis cornuta K chovu zmije Bitis cornuta

Kojima, Yoshinori., 1994:
Breeding the snowy owl

Restall, R., 2005:
Breeding the sooty grassquit Tiaris fuliginosa, with some observations on comparative behaviour

Neugebauer, W., 1967:
Breeding the southern elephant seal Mirounga leonina at Stuttgart Zoo

Nunziata, C.A., 2005:
Breeding the southern sheepshead minnow, Cyprinodon variegatus variegatus

Podvesky, F.; Elias, J., 2003:
Breeding the spanner barb Barbus lateristriga Cuvier Valenciennes, 1842 Rozmnozovani parmicky pruhoocase Barbus lateristriga Cuvier Valenciennes, 1842

Poley, D., 1981:
Breeding the sparkling violet-ear hummingbird Colibri coruscans at Heidelberg Zoo

Platt, N., 1989:
Breeding the speckled kingsnake, Lampropeltis getulus holbrooki

Calvin, CA.; Buckley, S., 1992:
Breeding the spectabiled mannikin

Clarke, P., 1982:
Breeding the spectacled white-fronted Amazon parrot Amazona albifrons nana

del Toro, M.A., 1969 :
Breeding the spectacled caiman Caiman crocodylus at Tuxtla Gutierrez Zoo

Smith, Andrew., 1994:
Breeding the spiketailed paradise fish

Thissen, Rainer., 1992:
Breeding the spiny-tail monitor Varanus acanthurus Boulenger

Sawyer, RCJ., 1982:
Breeding the splendid starling Lamprocolius splendidus splendidus

Schubert, T.J., 1948:
Breeding the spotted Caliichthys

Gadug, S., 1989:
Breeding the spotted dove

Marshall, Ian., 1996:
Breeding the spotted eagle owl

Reitz, FHH., 1972:
Breeding the spotted hyaena Crocuta crocuta at Flamingo Park Zoo

Cribb, PW., 1988:
Breeding the spring ringlet, Erebia epistygne

Krahe, RG., 1981:
Breeding the striped owl Rhinoptynx clamator

Egan, V.T.; Grant, W.; Stewart., 1993:
Breeding the striped puff adder Bitis arietans inbreeding avoidance

Berry, RJ.; Coffey, B., 1976 :
Breeding the sulphur-breasted toucan Ramphastos sulfuratus sulfuratus at Houston Zoo

Haye, L., 1989:
Breeding the sun-bittern Eurypyga helias at the San Diego Zoo, USA

Lawrence, KJ., 1975:
Breeding the superb spreo

Coles, D., 1978:
Breeding the tacazze sunbird at Padstow Bird Gardens

Louwman, JWW., 1973:
Breeding the tailless tenrec Tenrec ecaudatus at Wassenaar Zoo

Banks, C., 1984:
Breeding the taipan Oxyuranus scutellatus at the Royal Melbourne Zoo

Hartley, RR., 2002:
Breeding the taita falcon in captivity

Krasenky, Pavel., 2002:
Breeding the tarantula species Tapinauchenius purpureus Odchov sklipkana Tapinauchenius purpureus

Goudswaard, R., 1983:
Breeding the tawny frogmouth Podargus strigoides at the Wellington Zoological Gardens, New Zealand

Keynes, T., 1987:
Breeding the tawny frogmouth in captivity

Ure, J.M., 1963:
Breeding the ten-spined stickleback

Field, David A., 1994:
Breeding the thick-billed parrot Rhynchopsitta p pachyrhyncha at Edinburgh Zoo

French, Hilary., 1996:
Breeding the thick-billed parrot Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha at Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust

Callaghan, Eric., 1997:
Breeding the three-banded rosefinch Carpodacus trifasciatus

Schwanke, Horst., 1999:
Breeding the three-coloured parrot finch Zucht der Forbes-Papageiamadine

Nawalkar, PL., 1971:
Breeding the tiger barb

Seibels, RE., 1979:
Breeding the toco toucan Ramphastos toco at Columbia Zoo

Sherbourne, Paul., 1996:
Breeding the toucan barbet at the Tropical Bird Gardens, Rode

Meaden, F., 1968:
Breeding the tree creeper Certhia famittaris

Seisun, G., 1991:
Breeding the trumpeter hornbill Bycanistes bucinator at the Animalpark Gettorf, Germany

Hansen, Ed., 1992:
Breeding the trumpeter hornbill Bycanistes bucinator at the Reid Park Zoo Tucson, Arizona

Wilkinson, R.; Merry, R., 1991:
Breeding the trumpeter hornbill at Chester Zoo

de Ruiter, Maarten., 1996:
Breeding the trumpeter hornbill an overview

Tintinger, V., 1987:
Breeding the tuatara Sphenodon punctatus at Auckland Zoo

Harrap, K., 1965:
Breeding the turquoise-tumped parrotlet Forpus cyanopygius lutescens

Bent, N., 1988:
Breeding the violet touraco Musophaga violacea at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, USA

Scamell, K.M., 1967:
Breeding the violet-eared hummingbird Colibri coruscans

Robertson, T.S., 1970:
Breeding the wall butterfly Pararge megera Linn

Meaden, F., 1964:
Breeding the waxwing Bombycilla garndus

Minnemann, D.; Busse, H., 1984:
Breeding the wedge-tailed eagle Aquila audax at East Berlin Zoo

Koch, I.; Seitz, T., 2001:
Breeding the weedy sea dragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, a first successful attempt

Hamilton, N., 1981:
Breeding the welcome swallow Hirundo neoxena and the fairy martin Petrochelidon ariel in captivity

Isert, G.; Isert, H. , 1980:
Breeding the western race of the Cape parrot Poicephalus robustus fuscicollis Kuhl

Wilson, C.; Hamilton, N., 1986:
Breeding the western spinebill Acanthorhynchus superciliosus

Wayre, P., 1966:
Breeding the wheatear Oenanthe o oenanthe L

Bardgett, I.; Bardgett, D., 1999:
Breeding the whiskered lorikeet

Slemmer, G., 1975:
Breeding the white albino corn snake Newsletter Philad herpet

Marshall, Ian., 1997:
Breeding the white faced scops owl Otus leucotis

Owen, Andrew., 2006:
Breeding the white-bellied go-away bird Corythaixoides leucogaster at Waddesdon Manor

Grogan, Ivor., 2000:
Breeding the white-breasted amazilia Amazilia amazilia leucophoea

Gibson, Derek., 2006:
Breeding the white-browed coucal Centropus superciliosus at Exmoor Zoological Park

Hewston, N., 1983:
Breeding the white-browed laughingthrush Garrulax sannio

Zimmerman, R., 1983:
Breeding the white-capped parrot Pionus senilis

Everitt, C., 1965:
Breeding the white-cheeked touraco

Hewston, N., 1984:
Breeding the white-cheeked touraco Tauraco leucotis leucotis

Gibson, L., 1982:
Breeding the white-crested jay thrush Garrulax leucolophus

Bralsford, Gary., 2004:
Breeding the white-eared bulbul

Marshall, Ian., 1999:
Breeding the white-faced scops owl

Wilkinson, R.; McLeod, W., 1994:
Breeding the white-headed Bohms buffalo weaver and the taveta golden weaver at Chester Zoo

Schifter, Herbert., 2000:
Breeding the white-headed mousebird Colius leucocephalus in the USA and Europe Zucht des Weisskopfmausvogels Colius leucocephalus in den USA und Europa

Andrews, Bryan., 2006:
Breeding the white-headed mousebird Colius leucocephalus

Toone, W., 1988:
Breeding the white-necked laughing thrush

Barber, M., 1975:
Breeding the white-spotted bluethroat Luscinia svecica cyanecula

Woodley, B., 1992:
Breeding the white-tailed blue robin

Wylie, SR., 1973:
Breeding the white-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla at Kansas City Zoo

Visser, GJ., 1981:
Breeding the white-throated monitor Varanus exanthematicus albigularis at Rotterdam Zoo

Preuss, B., 1973:
Breeding the whooper swan Cygnus cygnus cygnus at Rostock Zoo

Low, Rosemary., 1994:
Breeding the wrinkled hornbill at Palmitos Park

Amos, SH., 1985:
Breeding the yellow cardinal Gubernatrix cristata at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Restall, Robin., 2005:
Breeding the yellow-bellied seedeater Sporophila nigricollis

Benson, PA., 1983:
Breeding the yellow-bellied toad in outside ponds

Marshall, B., 1984:
Breeding the yellow-billed hornbill Tockus flavirostris

Bohmke, Bruce., 1993:
Breeding the yellow-breasted fruit dove

Arman, J.; Arman, J., 1980:
Breeding the yellow-crowned amazon Amazona ochrocephala

Low, Rosemary., 1993:
Breeding the yellow-faced amazon Amazona xanthops at Palmitos Park

Smith, C., 1967:
Breeding the yellow-fronted amazon Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephald

Oderkerken, P., 1972:
Breeding the yellow-fronted kakariki of golden-headed parakeet

Curzon, M.; Curzon, N., 1996:
Breeding the yellow-fronted tinkerbird

Roles, DG., 1991:
Breeding the yellow-headed blackbird at the Tracy Aviary

Dolton, KW., 1994:
Breeding the yellow-naped amazon

Kyme, RT., 1979:
Breeding the yellow-streaked lory Chalcopsitta scintillata

Anonymous., 1982:
Breeding the zebra danio

Udell, CC., 1981:
Breeding the zebra duiker Cephalophus zebra at the Los Angeles Zoo

Vermeer, J., 2004:
Breeding titi monkeys at La Vallee Des Singes

Crowe, S.G. ., 1964:
Breeding to a plan

de Ruiter, Maarten., 1999:
Breeding toco toucans in the Netherlands

Eady, B., 1984:
Breeding tortoises

Palmer, TSJ., 1983:
Breeding tortoises in captivity

Berry, RJ.; Todd, WW., 1982:
Breeding touracos at the Houston Zoological Gardens, Texas, USA

Martin, RD., 1975:
Breeding tree-shrew Tupaia belangeri and mouse lemurs Microcebus murinus in captivity

Curik, Petr., 1995:
Breeding tropical beetles 3 Dicronorhina micans

Curik, Petr., 1995:
Breeding tropical goliath beetles 4 Additional species Chov tropickych zlatohlavku 4 Dalsi druhy

Wood, D., 1967:
Breeding tuataras Sphenodon punctatus at Auckland Zoo

Newman, DG., 1982:
Breeding tuataras, Sphenodon punctatus, in captivity

Ahnelt, H.; Keckeis, H., 1994:
Breeding tubercles and spawning behavior in Chondrostoma nasus Teleostei Cyprinidae a correlation?

Oliver, PJ., 1985:
Breeding tufted ducks in the London area

Gensch, W., 1963:
Breeding tupaias Tupaia glis Diard

Low, R., 1987:
Breeding two species of Brotogeris parrakeets at Loro Parque

Larsen, T.; Tombre, I., 1988:
Breeding two-barred crossbills near Bergen

Bjarvall, Anders., 2004:
Breeding underground Hackning under jord

Seier, J.V., 1986:
Breeding vervet monkeys in a closed environment

Partridge, JK.; Smith, KW., 1992:
Breeding wader populations in Northern Ireland, 1985-87

Blokhin, AY., 1998:
Breeding wader populations on the marine coasts of north-eastern Sakhalin

Morton, R.; Livingstone, I., 1987:
Breeding wader study

Holzer, TJ.; Beardall, CH.; Dryden, RC., 1989:
Breeding waders and other waterfowl on Suffolk estuaries in 1988

Holzer, TC.; Beardall, CH.; Dryden, RC.; West, RB., 1993:
Breeding waders and other waterfowl on the coastal marshes and saltings of Suffolk in 1988 and 1989

Nairn, RGW.; Herbert, IJ.; Heery, S., 1988:
Breeding waders and other wet grassland birds of the River Shannon Callows, Ireland

Kube, J.; Grube, B., 1992 :
Breeding waders and terns around Burgas Bay, Bulgaria, in 1990

Shepherd, KB.; Stroud, D., 1991:
Breeding waders and their conservation on the wetlands of Tiree and Coll, Inner Hebrides

Tubbs, C.R.; Tubbs, J.M., 1996:
Breeding waders and their habitat in the New Forest, Hampshire, England

Frikke, J., 1991:
Breeding waders and wet grassland habitats in Denmark

Radford, DJ., 1995:
Breeding waders around the Duddon Estuary in 1994

Tulp, I.; Schekkerman, H.; Piersma, T.; Jukema, J. de Goeij, P. van de Kam, J., 1998:
Breeding waders at Cape Sterlegova, northern Taimyr, in 1994

Tulp, I.; Bruinzeel, L.; Jukema, J.; Stepanova, O., 1997:
Breeding waders at Medusa Bay, Western Taimyr, in 1996

Schekkerman, Hans. van Roomen, Marc., 1995:
Breeding waders at Pronchishcheva Lake, northeastern Taimyr, Siberia, in 1991

Piersma, T., 1986:
Breeding waders in Europe A review of population size estimates and a bibliography of information sources

Deceuninck, B.; Maheo, R., 1998:
Breeding waders in France A summary of the national survey 1995-1996 and population trends since 1983-1984 Limicoles nicheurs de France Synthese de lenquete nationale 1995-1996 et evolution des populations sur 12 ans

Deceuninck, Bernard., 2001 :
Breeding waders in France populations, trends and distributions 1984-1996

Dominguez J.; Barcena, F.; Souza, JA.; Villarino, A., 1987:
Breeding waders in Galicia, north-west Spain

Smith, K., 1984:
Breeding waders in Hertfordshire

Tinarelli, R.; Bacetti, N., 1989:
Breeding waders in Italy

Vogrin, Milan., 2000:
Breeding waders in Slovenia

Williams, Graham., 2005:
Breeding waders in Wales

Bartovsky, V.; Kletecki, E.; Radovic, D.; Stripcevic, M.; Susic, G., 1987:
Breeding waders in Yugoslavia

Weaver, Dave., 1997:
Breeding waders in the Broads ESA

Tubbs, C.R.; Tubbs, J.M., 1996:
Breeding waders in the New Forest, Hampshire, in 1993 1994

Sueur, F., 1982:
Breeding waders in the Somme estuary area France

Pienkowski, MW.; Fuller, RJ.; Jackson, DB.; Percival, SM., 1986:
Breeding waders of blackland, moorland and agriculturally improved moorland in the Uists and Benbecula

Buczek, T.; Buczek, A., 1993:
Breeding waders of carbonate marshes near Chelm

Henderson, ACB., 1984:
Breeding waders of grasslands in Kent

Madden, B.; Cooney, T.; O.D.noghue, A.; Norriss, DW.; Merne, OJ., 1999:
Breeding waders of machair systems in Ireland in 1996

Nairn, RGW.; Sheppard, JR., 1985:
Breeding waders of sand dune machair in north-west Ireland

Reed, TM.; Langslow, DR.; Symonds, FL., 1983:
Breeding waders of the Caithness flows

Green, G H. ., 1984:
Breeding waders of the Hebridean machair A survey of the waders breeding on the west coast of the Uists and Benbecula Outer Hebrides 1983

Vilalta, AM., 1985:
Breeding waders of the Iberian Peninsula

Green, RE., 1986:
Breeding waders of the Somerset Moors factors affecting their distribution and breeding success

Klestov, NL., 1988:
Breeding waders of the reservoirs on the Dnieper River cascade

Martin, PN., 1983:
Breeding waders of wet meadow

Steventon, DJ., 1984:
Breeding waders of wet meadows in Hampshire

Murfitt, RC.; Weaver, DJ., 1983:
Breeding waders of wet meadows in Norfolk

Knight, R., 1983:
Breeding waders of wet meadows in Oxfordshire

Briggs, KB., 1983:
Breeding waders of wet meadows survey 1982

Wright, Mick., 2003:
Breeding waders of wet meadows survey 2002

Davidson, N., 1991:
Breeding waders on British estuarine wet grasslands

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Breve Resena de los Progresos del Museo la Plata durante el Segundo Semestre de 1888

de Toledo, RC., 1986:
Breve apreciacao sobre a secrecao cutanea dos anfibios

Perez Chiscano, J.L., 1969:
Breve asomo de un ornitologo peninsular a la avifauna de Canarias

Amaral, ACZ., 1980:
Breve caracterizacao dos generos da familia Capitellidae Grube Annelida, Polychaeta e descricao de Nonatus longilineus gen sp nov

de Armas, LF.; Arminana, R.; Travieso, JE.; Grande, LO., 1990:
Breve caracterizacion de la artropofauna de tres cuevas calientes de la provincia Villa Clara, Cuba

Garcia, ME.; Rodriguez, D.; Godinez, E. de Arazoza, F.; Morales, J., 1986:
Breve caracterizacion de la avifauna de una localidad de la Peninsula de Zapata, Matanzas

Mugica, L.; Acosta, M., 1992:
Breve caracterizacion de la comunidad de aves de Cayo Largo y Cayo Hicacos Grupo Insular de los Canarreos

Giolioli, Enrico Hillyer., 1870:
Breve cenno sulla distribuzione geografica dell Emittero Halobates Esch

Herberigs, H., 1954:
Breve communications

Migues, C., 1923:
Breve comunicacion sobre un protozario flagelado que hemos encontrado en lesiones papuloeas de la piel en le ombre

Osorio, Balthazar., 1906:
Breve contribuYao para o conhecimento da fauna carcinologica de Portugal

Campos, F., 1931:
Breve contribucion al conocimiento de los Escorpionidos Alacranes del Ecuador

Gomes Alves, M.L., 1951:
Breve contribuiYao para o inventario entomologico da Guine portuguesa

Gomes Alves, M.L., 1954:
Breve contribuicao para o conhecimento de Dicronychidae e Elateridae de Mocambique

Vidano, C., 1970:
Breve cronaca del Congresso Nazionale di Apicoltura

Silvestri, F., 1899:
Breve descrizione comparativa di Lepidocampa Oudms con Campodea Westw

D.Stefani Perez., 1905:
Breve descrizione dei Zoocecidii Siciliani sino ad oggi conosciuti

Trotter, A., 1909:
Breve descrizione di alcune galle europee ed esotiche

Risch, J-P., 1984 :
Breve diagnose de Paradactylodon, genre nouveau durodele de lIran Amphibia, Caudata, Hynobiidae

Piazza, M.; Verdin, R., 1969:
Breve esquisse de linvasion du cassenoix Nucifraga caryocatactes en Europe en 1968

Sokoloff, D.; Mooser, O., 1940:
Breve estudio de los principales ele-mentos de la sangre de la culebra de Agua Thamnophis megalops y de su Parasito, Haemogregarina thamno-phium

Sokoloff, D.; Mooser, O., 1940:
Breve estudio de los principales elementos de la sangre de la culebre de agua Thamnophis megalops y de su parasito Haemogregarina Thamnophium Sokoloff y Mooser

Islas S.F., 1951:
Breve estudio morfologico del imago de la mosca prieta do los citricos Aleurocanthus woglumi Ashby Insecta-Homoptera-Aleyrodiidae

Portela Feijao, M.S., 1950:
Breve estudo morfologico do Pseudococcus citri Risso

de Block, P., 1982:
Breve exsistence dun jeune dauphin souffleur

Agenjo, R., 1940:
Breve historia de Euxoa mendeli Frndz

Maldonado-Koerdell, M., 1958:
Breve historia de los estudios oceanograficos en Mexico hasta 1957

Rusconi, C., 1962:
Breve historia del paleozoica de Mendoza

de Almeida, F.M.; Carvalhosa, A.B.E., 1974:
Breve historia dos Servicos Geologicos em Portugal

Anonymous., 1981:
Breve historia y actividades del Instituto de Limnologia de la Plata ILPLA

Costa, JM., 1989:
Breve historico sobre Newton Dias dos Santos

Real, P., 1989:
Breve mise au point sur Herrichia excelsella Staudinger, 1870 Lepidoptera, Oecophoridae

Herrera, M., 1924:
Breve monografia del Megasoma elephas Gemm

Porter, C.E., 1932:
Breve nota acerca de los Escolitidos

Briceno-Iragorry, L., 1947:
Breve nota acerea de simulidos colombianos

Bisacchi, J., 1932:
Breve nota intorno alla Gibbula sismondae Issel

Bacallado, JJ.; Oromi, P., 1978:
Breve nota ornitologica y herpetologica sobre las Islas Salvajes

Malcevschl, S.; Zullini, A., 1973:
Breve nota per un veloce montaggio di nematodi in glicerina

Briceno-Iragorry, L., 1949:
Breve nota sobre Culicoides Bol

Teixeira de Freitas, J.F., 1958:
Breve nota sobre alguns nematodeos de repteis e anfbios

Vaughan, R,., 1969:
Breve nota sobre ayes acuaticas en el Delta del Ebro, 10-17 Agosto 1969

Pena G., LE., 1981:
Breve nota sobre el Brucheiser penai Riek

Nogales, M.; Hernandez, E.; Delgado, G.; Quintero, A., 1990:
Breve nota sobre el Roque Grande de Salmor El Hierro, Islas Canarias y su poblacion de Gallotia galloti caesaris Lehrs 1914 F Lacertidae

Yela, JL., 1991:
Breve nota sobre la presencia en la Peninsula Iberica de Noctua janthe Borkhausen, 1792 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, una especie confundida con Noctua janthina Denis Schiffermuller, 1775

Porter, C.E., 1925:
Breve nota sobre los Hesperophanes chilenos

dos Santos Junior, JR., 1979:
Breve nota sobre nidificacao na Reserva Ornitologica de Mindelo Vila do Conde

Gomes de Moraes, R., 1939:
Breve nota sobre o Ornithocoris toledoi Pinto,1927Insecta-Hemiptera

Sazlma, I., 1975:
Breve nota sobre o comportamento do peixe Bathygobius soporator em seu ambiente natural

Terron, C.C., 1925:
Breve nota sobre un caso curioso de ictiofagia en sel robalo Centropomus undecimalis Bloch

Forattini, O.P., 1964:
Breve nota sobre variacoes era especies de Anopheles Diptera Culicidae

Porter, C.E., 1932:
Breve nota sobre zooplancton

Raineri, Valter., 1995:
Breve nota su alcuni interessanti geometridi raccolti in Grecia Lepidoptera Geometridae

Manfredi, P., 1925:
Breve nota su di un Rotifero nuovo per lltalia Apsilus vorax

Gregorio, A.; De., 1891:
Breve nota su talune conchiglie Mediterranee

Toniolo, A.; Soncini, G.; Micheletti, R., 1982:
Breve nota su una indagine sierologica condotta per valutare la toxoplasmosi in alcuni allevamenti della provincia di Varese

Storace, L., 1965:
Breve nota suifa forma eritrea di tipo niavioides Kheil pseudomimetica del Papilio dardanus antinorii Obertfaiir

Contreras, JA., 1987:
Breve nota sul genere Granulina e sulle sue specie nei mari europei Gastropoda Marginellidae

Tringali, L.; Ardovini, R., 1993:
Breve nota sul rinvenimento di Odostomia silesui Nofroni, 1988, dalle acque Laziali Mollusca; Gastropoda; Heterobranchia

Tringali, L., 1990:
Breve nota sul ritrovamento di due interessanti micromolluschi nel Mar Tirreno

Canzoneri, S., 1964:
Breve nota sullOochrotus glaber Dem XIII Contribute allo studio dei Tenebrionidi

Ba, O.; Prost, A., 1983:
Breve note complementaire sur laire de repartition de Tetrapetalonema streptocerca en Afrique de louest

Demoulin, G., 1955:
Breve note sur la position systematique de Siphluriscus chinensis Ulmer 1920 Ephemeroptera

Hecht, M.K.; Ruibal, R., 1959:
Breve notica sobre el hallazgo de anuros en el denominado complejo porfirico de la Patagonia extraandina con eonsideraciones acerca de la composicion geologica del mismo by P N Stipanincic and O A Reig

Osorio, Balthazar., 1905:
Breve noticia acerca de alguns Peixes e Crustaceos colhidos nas Possessoes Portuguezas da Africa occidental

Goldi, E.A., 1894:
Breve noticia acerca de alguns vermes interessantes do Brazil

Ortoneda, Vicente., 1901:
Breve noticia acerca de los Miriapodos de la Republica del Ecuador conocidos hasta el dia

Tolledo Piza, S. de jr., 1950:
Breve noticia acerca dos cromosso-mios de Ischyra punctinervis Brunner Philophyllia guttulata Stal Orthop-tera, Phaneropteridae

Cisneros, D.J. de., 1924:
Breve noticia de los yacimientos del Collado de la Campana

Villada., 1911:
Breve noticia de un viaje de exploracion a diversos lugares del Estado de Veracruz

Pardo, L., 1949:
Breve noticia histdrica de la Seccion de Biologia de las Aguas continentales

Velho, P.P.P., 1923:
Breve noticia sobre a Ornis do Caparao

Falcao, EC., 1975:
Breve noticia sobre a vida cientifica de Afranio do Amaral

Goeldi, E., 1894:
Breve noticia sobre alguns vermes interessantes do Brazil

Mercadal, B., 1959:
Breve noticia sobre el haliazgo de un incisivo de Myotragus en una cueva menorquina junto a ceramico neolitica

Roxo, M.; Gde O., 1924:
Breve noticia sobro de fosseis Terciarios do Alto Amazonas

Borri, C., 1934:
Breve notizia di catture di pesci non comuni nell alto Tirreno

Arcangeli, A., 1934:
Breve notizie sopra Isopodi marini del Mediterraneo

Clerici, E., 1935:
Breve notizie sul sottosuolo di Pontinia

Fiorentino, DC.; Diodato de Medina, L., 1991:
Breve panorama de las plagas entomologicas forestales argentinas

Clement, P., 1984:
Breve presentation de quatre theories sur levolution des cellules visuelles

Caroli, E., 1949:
Breve rassegna dei Bopiridi addominali parassiti di Caridei

Sobral, M.P.eciosa.; Carvalho, M.; Sobral, M.; Costa Monteiro, C.; Dias, D., 1989:
Breve referencia a exploracao de moluscos bivalves na zona litoral da costa continental portuguesa

Ambrosioni, P., 1937:
Breve relazione sulle recerche eseguite negli anni 1935-1936 su materiale patologico del Giardino zoologico di Roma

Pagezy, H.; Trotignon, J., 1972:
Breve resena de un censo de aves acuaticas en las costas de Portugal invierno 1968-69

Bernis, F., 1972:
Breve resena geografica, migratologica y demografica sobre algunas avec acuaticas censadas

Sanchez y Roig, M., 1926:
Breve resena historica de la paleontologia cubana y sus mas recientes investigaciones

Roig, M.S., 1930:
Breve resena historica de la paleontologia cubana y sus rnas recientes investigaciones

Olivera, MT.; Polaco, OJ., 1991:
Breve resena historica y bibliografia basica de las investigaciones sobre los moluscos continentales mexicanos

Porter, C.E., 1928:
Breve resena historica y bibliografica acerca de las agallas del Colliguay Colliguaya odorifera Mol

Olivier, S.R., 1961:
Breve resena historica y proyectiva de los estudios limnologicos en Argentina

Aravena, R.O., 1927:
Breve resena sobre el desarrollo del Lepidoptero Mallocephala deserticola Berg

P.Dionisio, Lidia., 1992:
Breve resumo sobre a pesca e a investigacao pesqueira em Mocambique

Pierantoni, U., 1922:
Breve rettifica alia nota critica del Prof Levi su Condriosomi e Simbioti

Riedl, T., 1975:
Breve revision des especes du groupe dEteobalea beata Walsingham Insecta Lepidoptera Cosmopterigidae

Fernandez Marron, MT., 1982:
Breve semblanza biogeografica del Profesor D Bermudo Melendez y Melendez

Fazzini, P., 1991:
Breve storia della Societa dei Naturalisti e Matematici di Modena in occasione dei 125 anni di vita

Tricot, J., 1968:
Breve synthese des donnees concernant le Cassenoix lors de linvasion 1968 periode juillet a septembre

Bocage, J.V.; Barboza Du., 1889:
Breves ConsideraYoes sobre a Fauna de S Thome

Dollius, R.P., 1962:
Breves additions a la connaissance ichtyologique du Maroc Atlantique

Stuardo, C., 1926:
Breves anotaciones sobre Apion tenebricosum Gem

Marcuzzi, G., 1950:
Breves ap intes sobre alguros lagartos de Venezuela septentrional

Mendez, J.L.; Martin, S.F., 1949:
Breves apuntes para la coleccion y clasificacion de las aves

Fesquet, A.E., 1930:
Breves apuntes sobre la constitucion y descripcion de los apendicos del langostin Pleoticus muleri Bate 1888

Barquez, RM., 1983:
Breves comentarios sobre Molossus molossus Chiroptera-Molossidae de Bolivia

Ringuelet, RA., 1974:
Breves commentarios sobre und pez cavernicola de Bolivia Pygidium chaberti Durand, 1968

Rappe, A., 1953:
Breves communications

Tricot, J., 1975:
Breves communications - aberrations de plumage

Catthoor, A., 1958:
Breves communications Korte medede-lingen

Marques, E., 1954:
Breves consideraYaes sobre plancton copepodes da Guine

Gamboa Amaral, L.S. de., 1950:
Breves consideraYoes sobre Mantdeos

Schollaert, M.C., 1965:
Breves consideraciones sobre siete Tylosurus sp, especie denominada vulgarmente Pez espada, Aguja de rio o Piratimbucu

Balech, E., 1954:
Breves datos sobre la distribucion geografica y estacional del plancton marino de la Argentina

Carlo, J.A.; De., 1939:
Breves datos sobre los Belostomidae Hemipteros de la Argentina

Matthiesen, FA., 1980:
Breves esclarecimentos sobre um escorpiao da Amazonia Opisthacanthus manauarensis Scorpiones

Blanchard, E.E., 1936:
Breves indicaciones para la recoleccion y pre servacion de los Afidos

Luquet, GC., 1991:
Breves indications faunistiques sur quelques neuropteres du Mont-Ventoux Vaucluse Neur Hemerobiidae et Chrysopidae

Porter, C.E., 1901:
Breves instrucciones a cerca de la recoleccion de Crustaceos

Porter, C.E., 1905:
Breves instrucciones para la recoleccion y conservacion de los Aracnidos y Miriopodos

Porter, C.E., 1903:
Breves instrucciones para la recollection do objetos de Historia naturae 2a Edicion, aumentada

Ferreira, A.M., 1924:
Breves noY?ea a preparacao de esqueletos para estudo e para Museus, baseados nos trabalhos feltos no Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro

Guimaraes, Jde A., 1946:
Breves noYoes sobre anatomia a fisiologia dos insetos

Guimaraes, J.A., 1945:
Breves noYoes sobre morfologia geral dos insetos

Reed, C.S., 1924:
Breves notas biologicas referentes a las aves Chilenas

Ruiz, H.F., 1929:
Breves notas biologicas sobre Exoprosopa erythrocephala Fabr

Torrealba, J.F., 1932:
Breves notas para el estudio de algunas parasitosis intestinales en Zaraza y otras poblacionea del Guarico y Anzoategui

Lucientes, J., 1976:
Breves notas sobre Anatidae en Aragon

Vizeu Pinheiro, M.F., 1963:
Breves notas sobre Bixadus sierricola White

Matthiesen, F.A., 1964:
Breves notas sobre alimentaYao de escorpioes brasileiros

Salazar, JA., 1990:
Breves notas sobre dos poblaciones de Papilio cacicus Lucas, 1852 en Colombia Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Bruch, C., 1936:
Breves notas sobre ectoparasitos de roedores Coleoptera-Staphylinidae

Olrog, C.C., 1949:
Breves notas sobre la Avifauna del Aconquija, 7 1949 pp 139-159 Notas ornitologieas sobre la coleccion del Instituto Miguel Lillo Tucuman

Bordon, C., 1959:
Breves notas sobre la fauna entomologica de la Cueva del Guacharo

Bennett, A.G., 1920 :
Breves notas sobre las aves antarticas

Handford, PT., 1983:
Breves notas sobre las aves del valle de Tafi provincia de Tucuman

Morales Agacino, E., 1951:
Breves notas sobre los Podismini de la pennsula iberica Orth Acrid

Borros, R.D., 1947:
Breves notas sobre reptiles Chilenos

Donoso Barros, R., 1948:
Breves notas sobre reptiles Chilensos

Riera, F., 1980:
Breves notas y primera cita del espinosa Gasterosteus aculeatus L en sAlbufera, Mallorca

Maack, R., 1947:
Breves notcias sobre a geologia dos estadoa do Parana o Santa Catarina

Boudoint, Y.; Laferrere, M., 1955:
Breves notes dobservation dans les Pyrenees centrales

Paulian, R., 1954:
Breves notes sur divers ennemis des cultures II

Balech, E.; Motti, F.A., 1941:
Breves observaciones planotonicas realizades en la Estacion Hidrobiologica de Puerto Quequen

Bruch, C., 1934:
Breves observaciones sobre costumbres de Eciton Holopone dulcius For var jujuyensis For y descripcion del macho Hym Formic

Reed, C.S., 1918:
Breves observacionie acerea de la biologia de la Phulas nymphula

Ridoutt, C.A., 1945:
Breves observaeiones sobre el vuelo de algunns aves

Anthony, R., 1922:
Breves observations sur la Praniza forme larvaire de Gnathia dans la baie de Douarnenez

Borda P., MR., 1979:
Breves referencias a la sistematica, bio-ecologia y morfologia externa de los triatomineos, en especial de Triatoma infestans y Triatoma sordida

Dalocq, A., 1959:
Breves reflexions dun embryologiste sur le probleme de levolution

Luquet, GC., 1991:
Breves remarques a propos de lhibernation des imagos de Micromus angulatus Stephens Neuroptera Hemerobiidae

Maubeuge, PL., 1974:
Breves remarques biostratigraphiques sur lHettangien clans lEst du Bassin de Paris Memoires Bur

de Beaumont, G., 1969:
Breves remarques sur Plioviverrops Kretzoi Carnivora

de Beaumont, G., 1982:
Breves remarques sur la dentition de certains ursides mammiferes

Demoulin, G., 1955:
Breves remarques sur le genre Metamonius Eaton Ephemeropteres Siphlonuridae

Kreuder, C.; Mazet, J.A.; Bossart, G.D.; Carpenter, T.E.; Holyoak, M.; Elie, M.S.; Wright, S.D., 2001:
Brevetoxicosis in double-crested cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus along the Florida Gulf coast

Shimizu, Y.; Krishna Prasad, AV.; Chou, H-N.; Wrensford, G.; Alam, M., 1992:
Brevetoxins and related polymeric ether toxins structures and biosynthesis

Naglieri, F., 1933:
Brevi annotazioni sullanatomia del Nutria, Myopotamus coypus Adattamenti morfologiei in rapporto a specifiche attivita funzionali

Manfredi, P., 1929:
Brevi appurti rotiferologici

Storace, L., 1966:
Brevi cenni sulle popoiazioni di Papilla phorcas Cramer dellAlto Congo e del Tanganica Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Monticelli, F.Sav., 1914:
Brevi communicazioni sulle Temnocefale

Barnabo, V., 1904:
Brevi considerazioni e ricerche sulla conformazione dello stomaco umano e di altri mammiferi a proposito di una rara anomalia in questo viscere nel Lepus cuniculus

Tortonese, E., 1957:
Brevi considerazioni sui Pesci Mediterranei del Sottordine Sgombroidi

Vienna, P., 1986:
Brevi considerazioni sul genere Epitoxus Lew e descrizione di una nuova specie della Tailandia Coleoptera, Histeridae

Vienna, Pierpaolo., 1993:
Brevi considerazioni sul genere Xestipyge Marseul, 1862 e descrizione di una nuova specie del Malawi Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae

Beaux, O. de., 1927:
Brevi considerazioni sull Apodemus Abruzyese-Molisano

Pilati, G.K., 1919:
Brevi considerazioni sulla fauna di Vallebiaia Colline pisane

Ortu, S.; Prota, R., 1986:
Brevi considerazioni sulle recenti introduzioni in Sardegna di entomofagi a protezione della colture agrumicola

Berlese, Antonio., 1910:
Brevi diagnosi di generi e specie nuovi di Acari

Brandolini, A., 1953:
Brevi note

Silvestri, A., 1923:
Brevi note Paleontologiche

Vanni, S., 1986:
Brevi note corologiche su alcuni anfibi urodeli della Toscana

Poggi, R., 1971:
Brevi note corologiche su due Scopaeus dellItalia meridionale Coleoptera Staphylinidae Boll

Carruccio, A., 1913:
Brevi note di craniologia sui Paradoxurus e sulle Viverre

Galgano, M.; Corte, F. della., 1957:
Brevi note di teenica e di citologia ipofisaria con proiezione di micro-fotografie a colori

Scaramella, D., 1980:
Brevi note etologiche tra luomo ed il marabu Leptopidos crumeniferus, Lesson lungo il basso corso del fiume Scebeli in Somalia Alcune segnalazioni sulla fauna ittica della zona

Manfredi, P., 1927:
Brevi note intorno alla Fauna della Cova di Butonico Adda

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