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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38030

Chapter 38030 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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British Birds, Key List Second Edition

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British Birds, their nests and eggs, and how to name them 1-158 81 illustr

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British Birds, written and illustrated by A T with eighty plates in colour, showing over four hundred species in four volumes

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British Birds-Editorial Note

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British Birds New ed Vol III

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British Birds New edition in four volumes Vol I

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British Breeds of Live Stock 5th Edit pp 1-141 many photos

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British Butterflies and Moths an Introduction to the study of our Native Lepidoptera

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British Caenozoic Fossils Tertiary and Quaternary, pp i-viii+1-133, 44 pls 2nd ed

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British Caenozoic fossils Tertiary and Quatemary, 3rd, edition

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British Caenozoic fossils Tertiary and Quaternary

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British Caenozoic fossils Tertiary and Quaternary 2nd edition

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British Caenozoic fossils Tertiary and Quaternary 3rd edition

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British Carboniferous non-marine Lamellibranchia

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British Carboniferous rocks

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British Central Africa

Johnston, H.H., 1897:
British Central Africa, an attempt to give some account of a portion of the territories under British influence north of the Zambezi

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British Central Africa, pp xix 544, illustrations, 8vo

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British Clausilia

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British Col-ombian records of tho Clay-colored Sparrow, pp 128-130 fig Taxonomy and distribution of tho Mexican Sparrow Xenoapiza baileyi, pp 199-203

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British Coleoptera corrections and supplementary notes, including addition of Axinotarsus marginalis Lap Melyridae to our list

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British Columbia Syrphidae, new species and additions to the list

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British Columbia White Bear Ursus kermodei

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British Columbia bird notes

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British Columbia dragonflies Odonata, with notes on distribution and habits

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British Columbia marine faunistic survey report on the Brachiopoda Technical Rep Fish

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British Columbia nest records scheme twenty-second annual report, 1976

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British Columbia record of skua in terrestrial habitat

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British Columbia shells

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British Columbias sea monsters

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British Columbia-bird migration

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British Columbian records of Carabidae and Hydrophilidae

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British Commonwealth collections of micro-organisms Directory of collections of micro-organisms maintained in the United Kingdom and Crown Colonies No1

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British Conchology, or an account of the Mollusca which now inhabit the British Isles and the surrounding seas

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British Cretaceous Belemnites, Pt 4

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British Deer

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British Deer and their horns

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British Diptera associated with fungi 2- Diptera bred from Myxomycetes

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British Diptera associated with fungi I Gall midges Cecidomyidae reared from the larger fungi

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British Diptera associated with fungi III Flies of all families reared from about 150 species of fungi

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British Diptera unrecorded or undescribed by English authors

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British Dipterological literature An annotated list of systematic monographs and books, published in English, dealing with British Diptera

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British Dipterological literature Supplement IV

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British Diving Ducks

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British Dragonflies Odonata

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British Echiurids Echiuroidea, Sipunculids Sipunculoidea and Priapulids Priapuloidea with keys and notes for the identification of the species Synopses of the British Fauna No 12

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British Ecological Society Tropical Group

Abstracts., 1968:
British Ecological Society Winter and Annual General Meeting, 2-4 January 1968

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British Enchy-traeids

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British Enchytraeids iii The genus Fridericia iv The genus Henlea

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British Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera in 1933

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British Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera in 1935

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British Ephemeroptora, Plecoptera and Trichoptera in 1934

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British Farm, Forest, Orchard, and Garden pests Second Edition

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British Fishes and Reptiles-Pliocene to Holocene

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British Folli-culinidae Ciliata, Heterotricha

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British Fossil Crinoids I II

Bather, F.A., 1890:
British Fossil Crinoids III Thenarocrinus callipygus, n g sp, Wenlock Limestone

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British Fossil Crinoids IV Thenarocrinus gracilis, n sp, Wenlock Limestone; and Note on T callipygus

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British Fossil Crinoids VIII Cyathocrinus C acinotubus, Ang, and C vallattus, n sp, Wenlock Limestone

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British Fossil Crinoids X Sycocrinus Austin Lower Carboniferous

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British Fossil Crinoids v Botryocrinus, Wenlock Limestone

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British Fossil Crinoids vii Mastigocrinus loreus, n g sp, Wenlock Limestone, Dudley

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British Fossils Blacks Young Naturalists Series

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British Fresh-Water Copepoda Vol ii

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British Fresh-water Copepoda Vol iii

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British Fresh-water Fishes Woburn Library of Natural History

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British Fresh-water Mites

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British Fresh-water Molluses

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British Freshwater Crustacea

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British Freshwater Fishes Illustrated with a coloured figure of each species, drawn from nature, by F Lydon, and numerous engravings

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British Gall Mites

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British Gall-flies

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British Grey Geese

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British Hake research

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British Helo-myzidae Diptera Additions and corrections

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British Hemiptera Additional species

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British Hemiptera Additions and Corrections

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British Hydracarina The genus Lebertia

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British Hydrachnidae The genus Piona

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British Ichneumons, additions and confirmations

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British Immigrant Butterflies and Moths

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British Indians and Bilharzia disease

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British Infusoria

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British Isopoda Chelifera

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British Isopoda of the families AEgidae, Cirolanidae, Idoteidae and Arcturidae

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British Lepi-dopterous cocoons with ventilation ? holes

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British Lepidoptera

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British Lepidoptera collecting, 1933 Parts I, II

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British Lepidoptera collecting, 1936

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British Lepidoptera collecting, 1937

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British Library of Wildlife Sounds - fifth anniversary address

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British Limnobiidae some records and corrections

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British Liriopeidae Diptera, Nematocera

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British Longicorn Col records

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British Lower Cretaceous coccoliths 1 Gault Clay

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British Lower Cretaceous coccoliths 1 Gault clay Part 1

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British Mammals The mammals of Devon

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British Mammals The polecat in Wales

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British Mammals introductory note

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British Marine Shells

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British Mesozoic Fossils, 2nd edn

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British Microlepidoptera rare and endangered species and forms

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British Micropezidae Diptera

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British Montagus Harriers What governs their numbers?

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British Museum NH Econ

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British Museum Natural History bird study collections

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British Museum Natural History First report on Economic Zoology

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British Museum Natural History Recent acquisitioas

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British Museum East Africa Expedition

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British Museum of Natural History

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British Neuroptera in 1914

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British Nocluae and their varieties Vol II

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British Ordovician graptolite zones and interregional correlation

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British Orthoptera

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British Orthoptera in 1917

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British Owls

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British Reptiles, Amphibians and Fresh-Water Fishes Popular

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British Salt-water Fishes

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British Schizopoda of the Families Lophogastridae and Euphausiidae

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British Slugs

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British Sphingidae in South Africa

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British Spiders Drassidae and Agalenidae

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British Spiders 2

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British Stalk-Eyed Crustacea and Spiders With an account of their Structure, Classification, and Habitats

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British Symphyla Scolopendrellidae

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British Taban-idae Diptera With an account of the principal variation, with descriptions of a number of new forms, and of some additions to the British list

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British Tachinid flies Tachinidae Larvaevoridae

Day, C.D., 1947:
British Tachinid flies Tachinidae-Larvacvoridae Calliphoridae

Day, C.D., 1948:
British Tachinid flies Tachinidae Larvaevoridae Calliphoridae

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British Tethinidae Diptera

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British There-vidae Diptora

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British Trap-door Spiders

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British Trichoptera caddis flies A modified family-key, and a key to the genera of the family Limnephilidae, with a check list of the species of the Limnephilidae

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British Trichoptera, Ephemeroptera and Pleco-ptera

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British Trichoptera, Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera in 1930-31

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British Trust for Ornithology surveys 2001 The Waterways Birds Survey WBS and the Breeding Bird Survey BBS

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British Trust for Ornithologys Great crested grebe census, 1975 Gloucestershire

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British Trust for Ornithology National rook survey 1975

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British Try-petidae

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British Trypetidae, additional notes

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British Tubificidae

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British Tyroglyphidae, Vol ii

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British Upper Tertiary Corals

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British Veterinary Zoological Society Proceedings of the Satellite Meeting 2007, 11th April, 2007, ICC, Birmingham How to cope with odd species zoo work, camelids, ratites, ferrets and wildlife casualties

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British Wild Cat Notes on status in Scotland

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British Willow-Tit in Lanarkshire

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British Willow-tit in Scotland and Lincolnshire

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British Willow-tits in Cheshire, Lancashire and Warwickshire

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British Zoos A study of animals in captivity

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British aberrations of the gatekeeper butterfly, Maniola tithonus Linnaeus 1771; meadow crown butterfly, Maniola jurtina Linnaeus 1758; and the small heath butterfly, Coenonympha pamphilus Linnaeus 1758

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British and American game birds

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British and Continental roe-heads

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British and European birds in colour

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British and Irish Marine Worms

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British and Irish Salmonidae

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British and Irish earthworms - a checklist of species updated from Sims Gerard 1999

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British and Irish plume moths

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British ants as at present known, with some remarks, and a list of the same

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British aquatic OligochaetaS

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British avicul-ture prospect and retrospect

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British bark-beetles

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British bass

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British bats and the law

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British bats at twilight

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British beetles Their homes and habits

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British bird life being popular sketches of every species of bird now regularly nesting in the British Isles

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British bird photographers 10 Harold Auger

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British bird-photographers 1 Seton Gordon

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British bird-photographers 3 J B and S Bottomley Brit

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British bird-photographers 7 T M Fowler

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British birds for cages, aviaries and exhibition 2 vols, 234 pp and many plates

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British birds on migration through Italy

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British birds on the Riviera

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British birds eggs and nests popularly described, revised, and re-edited

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British birds, their nests and eggs

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British birds being coloured illustrations of all the species of Passerine birds resident in the British Isles, with some notes in reference to their plumage

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British bivalve shells A handbook for identification

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British books on fish, fishing and fisheries

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British breeding ducks

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British butter-flies in 1930

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British butter-flies in 1936

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British butter-flies in 1939

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British butterflies and the climate

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British butterflies in 1932

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British butterflies in 1934

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British butterflies in 1935

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British butterflies, being a popular handbook for young students and collectors

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British butterflies-who cares?

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British carrion beetles

Street, P., 1958:
British chinchilla farming

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British coal measure labyrinthodont localities

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British cockroaches

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British conceptions of amebiasis and amebic dysentery

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British contri-butions to biologioal ooeanography

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British crickets

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British crows

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British deep-sea fishes

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British domestic Sheep

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British dragon-flies of the older English authors

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British dragonflies

Friend, H., 1923 :
British earth-worms and how to identify them

Stainforth, J., 1907:
British eggs of Pallas Sand Grouse

Parkin, T., 1909:
British example of Turdus atrigularis

Nicoll., 1903:
British examples of the White-spotted Bluethroat Cyanecula wolfi

Newton, I., 1968:
British finches

Johnstone, J., 1905:
British fisheries, their administration and their problems

Johnstone, James., 1905:
British fisheries, their administration and their problems A short account of the origin and growth of British sea-fishery authorities and regulations

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British fishery research in the Barents Sea

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British flies, vol VI Empididae pt I

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British flies Vol VIII Platypezidae, Pipuu culidae and Syrphidae of Great Britain

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British flios Vol v Stratiomyidae and succeeding families of the Diptera brachycera of Great Britain

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British fossil insects

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British fresh-water Rhizopods

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British fresh-water Rhizopods and Heliozoa Vol 2 Rhizopoda part ii

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British freshwater Mites A species new to Britain

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British freshwater Rhizopoda and Heliozoa Vol III

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British freshwater bivalve molluscs, with key and notes for the identification of species

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British freshwater fishes factors affecting their distribution

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British freshwater shrimps

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British fungus-gnats Diptera, Mycetophilidae With a revised generic classification of the family

Niblett, M., 1939:
British gall-causing Cynipidae II

Niblett, M., 1944:
British gall-causing Cynipidae III

Niblett, M., 1940:
British gall-causing Cynipidae-III

Niblett, M., 1945:
British gall-causing Cynipidae-IV

Niblett, M., 1933:
British gall-causing Cynipidae Some notes on their emergences

Elliott, JJ., 1970:
British goldfinch on Long Island

Sterry, P., 1990:
British grasshoppers

Burr, M., 1936:
British grasshoppers and their allies A stimulus to their study

Anonymous., 1974:
British gulls

Sankey, JHP.; Savory, TH., 1974:
British harvestmen Arachnida Opiliones Keys and notes for the identification of the species

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British heads at Dusseldorf

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British insects infested with Laboulbeniaceae

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British literature on European wild-fowl, 1957-60

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British literature on European wildfowl 1961-65

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British lizards

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British millipedes with special reference to Yorkshire species

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British mites of the genera Halolaelaps Berlese Trouessart, and Saprolaelaps Leitner Gamasina-Neoparasitidae

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British mites of the genus Pachylaelaps Berlese Gamasina-Pachylaelaptidae

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British mites of the genus Pachyseius Berlese,1910Gama-sina-Neoparasitidae

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British mos-quitos

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British mosquitoes

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British moths throwing light on a new conservation challenge

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British names of birds

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British naturalists in Brazil

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British nesting Terns

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British newts

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British oak galls

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British oil beetles

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British opisthobranch molluscs Mollusca Gastropoda Keys and notes for the identification of the species

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British oysters past and present Supplementary notes

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British pearls

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British pied wagtail Motacilla yarrellii becomes an independent species in avifauna of the Palearctic Konipas anglicky Motacilla yarrellii samostatnym druhem v avifaune Palearktidy

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British plant-galls

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British sawflies of the genus Tenthredopsis Hymenoptera Symphyta

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British section of the Society of Protozoologists,ninth annual meeting, 2 April 1970 Joint spring meeting with the British section for Parasitology

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British snakes and their diet

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British species of Diplazonini Bassini auctt with a study of the genital and postgenital abdominal sclerites in the male Hym Ichneum

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British species of Sphaerophosia Diptera, Syrphidae confused with S menthastri L including a key to the males of the seven species of Sphaerophoria found in the British lsles

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British wildlife get to know the natural world

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British woodlands

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British-ringed Manx Shearwater recovered in Australia

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Brittany forever Breizh a tao

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Brittle stars

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Brittle stars in the marine aquarium

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Brittle-star beds in Torbay, Devon

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Brittle-stars, new and old

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Broad features of ornithology in Essex

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Broad geographic, taxonomic and ecological patterns of interpopulation variation in the dietary habits of snakes

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Broad headed elk Alces latifrons in Siberia

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Broad-billed Roller around chimneys

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Broad-billed Sandpiper in Hampshire and Berkshire

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Broad-billed Sandpiper in Lancashire

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Broad-billed Sandpiper in Norfolk

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Broad-billed Sandpiper in Sussex Id

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Broad-billed roller Eurystomus glaucurus in Lobatse

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Broad-billed roller in Southland

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Broad-billed sand-piper in Co

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Broad-billed sandpiper Limicola falcinellus in South West Africa

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Broad-billed sandpiper at Sandbach, Cheshire

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Broad-billed sandpiper at Weaver Bend Cheshire

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Broad-billed sandpiper in the neighbourhood of Kolozsvar

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Broad-billed sandpipers migration in Ottenby - mapping a secretive species Myrsnappans flyttning vid Ottenby - kartlaggning av en doldis

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Broad-billed sandpiper A new bird for Spurn

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Broad-billed sandpipers and herring gulls wintering on the north Kenya coast

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Broad-billed sandpipers in Stirlingshire and Morayshire

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Broad-postmentum latigula-group species of termite genus Odonototermes Termitidae from the Orient with a new lndian species

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Broad-ribbed spiriferid brachiopods from Permo-Pennsylvanian of Northern Yukon Territory, Canada

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Broad-scale factors influencing the biodiversity of coastal benthic communities of the Ross Sea

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Broad-scale genetic population structure in blue duck Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos Pilot study of mitochondrial genetic variation

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Broad-scale interactions between fishing and mammals, reptiles and birds in NSW marine waters

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Broad-spectrum protection of lower vertebrates against secondary infections Sirospektra ochrana nizsich obratlovcu proti sekundarnim infekcim

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Broad-tailed hummingbird - unusual nestings

Wakefield, N., 1960:
Broad-toothed rat in south Gippsland

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Broad-winged Hawk Buteo platypterus feeds on evening bat

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Broad-winged Hawk-Symbol of the northern wilds

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Broad-winged hawk Buteo platypterus in Boulder first documented Colorado winter record

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Broad-winged hawk nesting and food habits

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Broadband analysis of acoustical scattering by individual fish

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Broadbill swordfish, spearfish, sailfish and marlins

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Broadbills Calyptomena viridis, Sumatra

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Broadening conservations constituency

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Broadening of the range of Polydora limicola Annenkova, a polychaete species new to the Black Sea

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Broadland Naturalist The life of A H Patterson Norwich

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Broadleaved woodland restoration in West Sussex using geographical information systems

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Broadscale surveys of crown-of-thorns starfish along the Great Barrier Reef 1993-2003

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Brochiloricaria macrodon, a well known species kept and bred for the first time in the aquarium Brochiloricaria macrodon ein alter Bakannter erstmals im Aquarium gepflegt und gezuechtet

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Brochis coeruleas

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Brochis coeruleus the emerald green catfish

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Brochure 3rd Ed

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Brodawczyca nutrii

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Broeckina Pastrikella balcanica, n subgen, n sp, nuovo macroforaminifero del Cenomaniano dell Europa meridionale

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Broeckina alaouitensis foraminifere, nouvelle espece du Cenomanien

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Broed biologische waarnemingen van de baardmees Panurus b biarmicus L IV

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Broedbiologische gegevens van Alauda a arvensis L en Phoenicurus ph phoenicurus L

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Broedbiologische waarnemingen bij Soemoerkondang, Cheribon, Java

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Broeden van Phalacrocorax carbo subcormoranus Brehm op den grond

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Broedende divergmeeuwen in de Lauwerszeepolder

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Broedgeval van Pijlstaart Anas acuta in Gelderland

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Broedgeval van de Pijlstaart Anas acuta op Ameland

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Broedgeval van een kruisbek Loxia curvirostra to Bilthoven

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Broedgevallen van de Wespendief Pernis apivorus in Twente 1958-1960

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Broedgevallen van havik Accipiter gentilis in kunstnesten

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Broedpoging van de Grauwe Moeras-Zwaluw, Quidonias hybrida Pallas, in Belgie

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Broedpoging van een Turkst tortel in januari

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Broedtijden in de houtvesterij Tjiledoek Java

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Broedvogels van de Wieringermeer in1945en 1946 ; 1947

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Broiliellus, a new genus of amphibians from the Permian of Texas

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Broinowskis Birds and Mammals of Australia

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Broken eggs in nests of Sparrowhawk

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Broken eggs in the nests of Sparrow hawk and Golden Eagle

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Broken pheasant wing mends

Wood, P.J., 1955:
Brolga breeding in the Geelong District

Neal, J., 1972:
Brolgas extend southerly range State WAN

Jacquat, M.S.; Michel, J., 2000:
Bromadiolone and water voles Arvicola terrestris a new disastrous campaign in Franche-Comte Bromadiolone et campagnols terrestres Arvicola terrestris une nouvelle campagne desastreuse en Franche-Comte

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Bromalites from the Soom Shale Lagerstaette Upper Ordovician of South Africa palaeoecological and palaeobiological implications

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Bromatology in the service of the insect-prognosis

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Bromberg Vortr

Varassin, I.G.; Sazima, M., 2000:
Bromeliaceae resource used by hummingbirds and butterflies in eastern Brazilian Atlantic forest Recursos de Bromeliaceae utilizados por beija-flores e borboletas em Mata Atlantica no sudeste do Brasil

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Bromide flame retardants are they the next environmental problem? Bromerade flamskyddsmedel nasta miljoproblem?

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Brominated cyclodipeptides from the marine sponge Geodia barretti as selective 5-HT ligands

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Brominated flame retardants and halogenated phenolic compounds in North American west coast bald eaglet (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) plasma

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Brominated oxylipins and oxylipin glycosides from Red Sea corals

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Bromodeoxyuridine incorporation as a probe for studying the nature of radiation response of the slime mold Physarum polycephalum

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Bromotyrosine derivatives from the marine sponge Suberea aff praetensa

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Bronchial asthma and dermatophagoid mites Literature survey

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Bronchial diverticula in short-tailed shrews pulmonary adaptation to dust contaminated environment

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Bronchitis verminosa der Rinder und die verschiedenen Behandlungsmethoden derselben

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Bronci z trouchu kastanu obecneho v koloni mravence Lasius brunneus Latr

Deiana, S., 1953:
Bronco-polmonite da Schistosoma bovis Sonsino, 1876 nei ruminanti

Rojo Vazquez, FA., 1973:
Bronconeumonias verminosas ovinas en Leon, con especial atencion al cido Biologicode Neostrongylus linearls Marotel, 1913 Gebauer 1932

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Broncopolmonite verminosa da nematodi in una Phoca vitulina

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Broneopolmonite verminosa o strongilosi suina

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Bronislaw Przyczynek do znajomosci fauny kredowej w Mialach pod Grodnem na Litwie

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Bronna Klassen und Ordnungen des Thierreichs

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Bronns Klassen and Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs vi Abth 2

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Bronns Klassen u Ord Tierreichs 6

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Bronns Klassen u Ordn

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen der Tier-Reichs, wissenschaftlich dargestellt in Wort und Bild, vol III Mollusca, Weichtiere

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs VI 1

Lonnberg, E., 1903:
Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs VI I Pisces Fische

Lonnberg, E., 1901:
Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs VI I Pisces Fische 1 Liefer

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-Reichs vi Abth i

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thier-reichs Bd IV Wurmer

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Thierreichs i

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Bronns Klassen und Ordnungen des Tier-Reichs wissenschaftlich Dargestellt in Wort und Bild

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Bronns Klasseu und Ordnungen des Tier-Reichs, wissenschaftlich dargestellt in Wort und Bild Vol II, pt 3, Echinodermen Stachelhauter Book 5 Die Seelilien

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Bronn, Klassen, und Ordnungen des Thierreichs Bd iii, Supp Tunicata Mantelthiere Lief 1

Gallitelli, E.M., 1956:
Bronnimannella, Tappanina, and Trachelinella, three new foraminiferal genera from the Upper Cretaceous

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