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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38031

Chapter 38031 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hoffmann, H., 1939:
Bronns Klassen u

Vitzthum, G.H.; Acarina., 1940:
Bronns Klassen- und Ordnungen des Tierreiches 5 Bd 4 Abt 5 Buch 1-4 Lief

Haas, F., 1931:
Bronns Tierreichs, 3 Abt 3 Bivalvia Liefv 3

Kleine, R., 1921:
Bronthidolo-gisches aus dem Museum Zoologieum Universitatis zu Helsingfors

Uhmann, E., 1951:
Brontiapa chalybeipennis Zacher und Brontiapa palauenaia Esaki Chujo

Kjellesvig-Waering, EN., 1972:
Brontoscorpio anglicus a gigantic Lower Paleozoic scorpion from central England

Gil-Santana, H.R.; Costa, L.A.; Marques, O.M.ira, 2004:
Brontostoma bahiensis sp nov of Ectrichodiinae Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae from the State of Bahia, Brazil Brontostoma bahiensis sp nov de Ectrichodiinae Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae do Estado da Bahia, Brasil

Huang, X.-Shi.; Zheng, J.-Jian., 2004:
Brontotheres Perissodactyla, Mammalia from the Middle Eocene of Lunan, Yunnan

Manhart, H.; Driesch, A., 2004 :
Bronze Age and Iron Age animal remains from Kinneret Tell el-Oreme, Israel

Choate, T., 1977:
Bronze cuckoo adult feeding black cuckoo juvenile

Hartmann, Gunther., 1996:
Bronze mannikins Lonchura molucca Wellenbauch-Bronzemannchen Lonchura molucca

Banage, WB., 1973:
Bronze mannikins feeding on a green alga

Krabbe-Paulduro, U.; Paulduro, E., 2003:
Bronze reptiles and colourful plastic reproductions Testudo marginata Schoepff, 1792 Breitrandschildkroete

Smith, J.L.B., 1963:
Bronze whaler shark of Australia comes to South Africa

Hill, R.W., 1946:
Bronzed Grackie anting with mothballs

Axtell, H.H., 1955:
Bronzed Grackle Quiscalus quiscula versicolor nesting on beaver lodge

Laskey, A.R., 1948:
Bronzed Grackle anointing plumage with orange-skin

Ludwig, C.C., 1953:
Bronzed Grackles

Follett, W.I., 1957:
Bronzed grackles feeding on emerald shiners

Persson, Hakon., 2002:
Brood amalgamation in the greylag goose Anser anser Kullsammanslagning hos gragas Anser anser

Albrecht, C.; Glaubrecht, M., 2006:
Brood care among basommatophorans a unique reproductive strategy in the freshwater limpet snail Protancylus Heterobranchia Protancylidae, endemic to ancient lakes on Sulawesi, Indonesia

Quiguango-Ubillus, Alexandra., 2000:
Brood care by dart poison frogs Brutpflege bei Pfeilgiftfroschen

Schmidt, J.; Donoso-Buechner, R., 2006:
Brood care helpers in fighting fish Brutpflegehelfer bei Kampffischen

Donoso-Buechner, R.; Schmidt, J., 2006:
Brood care helpers in fighting fishes Part 3 Brutpflegehelfer bei Kampffischen Teil 3

Siegfried, WR., 1974:
Brood care, pair bonds and plumage in South African Anatini

Donoso-Buechner, R.; Schmidt, J., 2006:
Brood carers in fighting fish Brutpflegehelfer bei Kampffischen

McHugh, R., 1964:
Brood clusters of Araneus diadematus Clerck

Falk, Steven., 2004:
Brood dimorphism in male Cheilosia cynocephala Loew Diptera, Syrphidae and separation of the first generation from C vernalis Fallen

da Silva Araujo, M.; Castro Della Lucia, T.M.ria. da Silva Araujo, F.; Simoes Bento, J.M.uricio., 1996:
Brood discrimination of Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 Hymenoptera, Formicidae by nestmates or non nestmates Discriminacao da prole por operarias companheiras e nao companheiras de ninho em Atta sexdens rubropilosa Forel, 1908 Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Parrish, B.B., 1950:
Brood fluctuations in the North Sea haddock population

Ciach, M., 2003:
Brood of Mediterranean gull Larus melanocephalus on the Sulejowski reservoir Leg mewy czarnoglowej Larus melanocephalus na zbiorniku Sulejowskim

Wilkens, Sonke., 1997:
Brood of spoonbill Platalea leucorodia 1996 for the first time on the island Mellum Wadden Sea Nationalpark Lower Saxony 1996 erstmals Loffler Platalea leucorodia-Brut auf der Insel Mellum Nationalpark Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer

Menge, BA., 1975:
Brood or broadcast? The adaptive significance of different reproductive strategies in the two intertidal sea stars Leptasterias hexactis and Pisaster ochraceus

Becker, D.; Tolkmitt, D., 2003:
Brood overlapping between nuthatch Sitta europaea and wryneck Jynx torquilla Schachtelbrut zwischen Kleiber Sitta europaea und Wendehals Jynx torquilla

Krueger, O.; Brooke, M. de L., 2007:
Brood parasitism in birds

Vlug, Jan J., 1998:
Brood parasitism in grebes Brutparasitismus bei Lappentauchern

Yosef, R.; Zduniak, P., 2005:
Brood parasitism in the green-backed heron Butorides striatus

Massoni, V.; Winkler, D.W.; Reboreda, J.C., 2006:
Brood parasitism of white-rumped swallows by shiny cowbirds

Tucker, B.W., 1943:
Brood patches and the physiology of incubation

Nummi, P.; Poysa, H., 1997:
Brood production of ducks in southern Finland Sorsakantojen poikastuotanto Evolla

Tehsin, Raza H., 2005:
Brood protection by greater painted-snipe Rostratula benghalensis

Lalli, CM.; Wells, F.E.; Jr., 1973:
Brood protection in an epipelagic thecosomatous pteropod, Spiratella Limacina inflata DOrbigny

Ansell, A.D.; Trevallion, A., 1970:
Brood protection in the stenoglossan gastropod Bullia melanoides Deshayes

de Souza,; Della Lucia, T.M.ria Castro; Errard, C.; D'Ettorre, P.; Mercier, J.L.c, 2003:
Brood recognition by workers of Acromyrmex laticeps nigrosetosus Forel, 1908 Hymenoptera, Formicidae Reconhecimento da prole por operarias companheiras e nao companheiras de ninho em Acromyrmex laticeps nigrosetosus Forel, 1908 Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Roulin, Alexandre., 1998:
Brood size and body-mass growths in barn owl Tyto alba chicks Importance de la nichee et croissance ponderale chez les jeunes chouettes effraies Tyto alba

Gallup, F.N., 1949:
Brood size in the Barn Owl

Houston, C.S., 1971:
Brood size of the great horned owl in Saskatchewan

Klaoudatos, SD.; Klaoudatos, DS., 2004:
Brood stock formation of the hermaphodite finfish species Pagellus erythrinus common Pandora from fish reared in captivity

Veley, V.F.C., 1952:
Brood strength fluctuations in the sprat

Vlug, JJ., 2005:
Brood success and brood size of the red-necked grebe Podiceps grisegena in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg 1969-2002, and comparative reproductive strategies of grebes Podicipedidae Fortpflanzungsstrategie, Bruterfolg und Familiengroesse des Rothalstauchers Podiceps grisegena, insbesondere in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg 1969-2002 - im Vergleich zu Hauben- Podiceps cristatus und anderen Lappentauchern Podicipedidae

Dow, R., 1937:
Brood xi is not extinct-yet

Webster, F.M., 1897:
Brood xv of Cicada septendecim in Ohio

Schwertner, T.; Wayne.; Peterson, M.J.; Silvy, N.J.; Smeins, F.E., 2003:
Brood-count power estimates of Rio Grande turkey production in Texas

Ball, J.N., 1962:
Brood-production after hypophysectomy in the viviparous teleost Mollienesia latipinna Le Seuer

Clark, H.L., 1909:
Brood-protection and Sexual Dimorphism among Echinoderms

Hansen, B., 1968:
Brood-protection in a deep-sea holothurian, Oneirophanta mutabilis Theel

Brian, M.V., 1953:
Brood-rearing in relation to worker number in the ant Myrmica

Greeney, H.F.; Wetherwax, P.B., 2005:
Brooding behaviour and nestling growth of the lyre-tailed nightjar Uropsalis lyra

Archard, G.A.; Robertson, R.J.; Jones, D.; Painter, J.; Crozier, R.; Clarke, M.F., 2006 :
Brooding behaviour in the cooperatively breeding bell miner Manorina melanophrys

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Brooding behaviour of a six-rayed star-fish Leptasterias hexactis

Kneis, P.; Gorner, M.; Baum, H.-Gunther., 1990:
Brooding birds in eastern Thuringia Dynamics of species and population in the course of 150 years and protective measures to be taken in the Gera district Die Brutvogel Ostthuringens Arten- und Bestandsdynamik in 150 Jahren und notwendiger Schutz im Bezirk Jena

Brooks, M., 1947:
Brooding habitats of certain Wood Warblers in the un-glaciated Appalachian legion

Emson, R.H.; Crump, R.G., 1976:
Brooding in Asterina gibbosa Pennant

Bos, G.; Philippona, F., 1947:
Brooding of harm canus L in a pine-troo

Strom, R., 1977:
Brooding patterns of bryozoans23-55, illust

Trauth, S.E.; McCallum, M.L.; Jordan, R.R.; Saugey, D.A., 2006:
Brooding postures and nest site fidelity in the western slimy salamander, plethodon albagula caudata plethodontidae, from an abandoned mine shaft in arkansas

Haymes, GT.; Morris, RD., 1977:
Brooding size manipulations in herring gulls

Kooiker, Gerhard., 1996:
Broods of Egyptian goose in Lower Saxony Nilgansbruten Alopochen aegyptiacus in Niedersachsen

Arens, H.; Rebling, H., 2006 :
Broods of ruddy shelducks Tadorna ferruginea in lower Saxony Rostgansbruten Tadorna ferruginea in Niedersachsen

Arnold, Peter., 2000:
Broods of the hobby Falco subbuteo 1988-1999 in the old district of Geithain/West Saxony Bruten des Baumfalken Falco subbuteo 1988-1999 im Altkreis Geithain/Westsachsen

Anderwald, D., 2002:
Broods of the osprey Pandion haliaetus, white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla and eagle owl Bubo bubo in artificial nests in the Bory Tucholskie forest in the 20th century Legi rybolowa Pandion haliaetus, bielika Haliaeetus albicilla i puchacza Bubo bubo na sztucznych gniazdach w Borach Tucholskich w 20 wieku

Goddard, M.J., 1962:
Broods of the speckled wood Pararge aegeria aegerides Stgr Lep Satyridae

Baskar, N.; Vijaya.; Mariappan, S.; Surendraraj, A.; Venkataramani, VK., 2004:
Broodstock development in freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii by artificial insemination

Yao, H.; Mao, G.; Shi, H., 2006:
Broodstock rearing, spawning and hatching of Hapalogenys mucronatus

Kirk, E., 1922:
Broohsina, a new Pentameroid genus from the Upper Silurian of Southeastern Alaska

Gibson, F.A., 1953:
Brook lamprey, Lampetra branchialis Day, in a Westmeath stream

Lohnisky, K., 1967:
Brook lamprey, Lampetra planeri Bloch, 1784 from the basin of the water reservoir Lipno on the River Vltava

Rabe, F.W., 1970:
Brook troot population in Colorado beaver ponds

Rabe, F.W., 1970:
Brook troot populations in Colorado beaver ponds

Knight, J., 1937:
Brookes Geno-type designations and new names for invalid homonyms among Paleozoic Gastropod Genera

Knight, J., 1932:
Brookes The Gastropods of the St Louis, Missouri, Pennsylvanian Oertlier IV The Pseudomelaniidae

Schmidt, W.; Simon, H., 1990:
Brookesia minima, the smallest, best known chamaeleon species of all

Glaw, F.; Bohme, W.; Vences, M., 1996:
Brookesia nasus Boulenger, 1887 Family Chamaeleonidae Brookesia nasus Boulenger, 1887 Familie Chamaeleonidae

Kuijpers, MG., 1997:
Brookesia species in the wild and captivity Dwergkameleons, geslacht Brookesia, in het wild en in het terrarium

Mertens, R., 1951:
Brookesia stumpffi, ein Madagass, Zwergchamaleon, in Gefangenschaft

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Brookhart, J M Symposium on cerebral and cerebellar motor control; report

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Brooks of the Rhine-Main in the face of environmental pollution Bache des Rhein-Main-Gebietes im Spiegel unterschiedlicher Umweltbelastungen

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Brooks, A N Perry, V G The sting nematode, Belonolaimus gracilis, a parasite of major importance on strawberries, celery, and sweet corn in Florida

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Brooks Concho-peltis Walcott, an Ordovician genus of the Conulariida

Drevermann, F., 1925:
Brooksella rhenana Kinkelin=Pleurodictyum sp

Kinkelin, F., 1903:
Brooksella rhenana, n sp Das erste Medusenfossil aus dem Devon

Kramer, B.; Topp, W., 1999:
Broom Sarothamnus scoparius, a structured habitat for a rich insect fauna Contributions to the insect fauna of Eifel villages 19 Der Besenginster Sarothamnus scoparius, ein strukturierter Lebensraum fur eine reiche Insektenfauna Beitrage zur Insektenfauna der Eifeldorfer 19

Troughton, E., 1967:
Brooms pygmy possum

Watson, D.M.S., 1914:
Broomia perplexa, gen et sp n, a fossil Reptile from South Africa

Landin, B.O., 1967:
Bror H Hanson- in memoriam

Sloane, T.G., 1893:

Morita, S., 1990:
Broscine carabid beetles of the genus Eobroscus Coleoptera, Carabidae

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Broscus cephalotes L Col, Carabidae found inland

Last, H., 1975:
Broscus cephalotes L Col, Carabidae taken inland, a very old record

Freude, Heinz., 1999:
Broscus portugalus sp n, a previously undescribed Broscus from Portugal Coleoptera, Carabidae Broscus portugalus sp n, ein bisher unbeschriebener Broscus aus Protugal Broscus portugalus sp n, ein bisher unbeschriebener Broscus aus Protugal Broscus portugalus sp n, ein bisher unbeschriebener Broscus aus Protugal Broscus portugalus sp n, ein bisher unbeschriebener Broscus aus Protugal Broscus portugalus sp n, ein bisher unbeschriebener Broscus aus Protugal Broscus portugalus s

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Brostiatigraphy and fauna of the Upper Cambrian and its boundary layers New reports on the Asian territory of USSR 22 Monoplacophora

Campos, R.; Amato Nets, V.; Campos, L.L., 1969:
Brote de isosporosis en ninos de un orfelinato

Gonzalez Sponga, MA., 1973:
Broteas mingueti Scorpionida Chactidae nueva especie en el Territorio Federal Amazonas Venezuela

Gonzalez-Sponga, MA., 1975:
Broteochactas racenisi Scorpionida Chactidae nueva especie de la Guayana de Venezuela

Gonzalez Sponga, MA., 1974:
Broteochactas sanmartini Scorpionida Chactidae nueva especie del Rio Caura, en la Guayana de Venezuela

Hutchinson, Raymond., 2002:
Brother Joseph Ouellet, Clercs-de Saint Viateur, educator and entomologist 1869-1952 - a portrait Le frere Joseph Ouellet, csv, educateur et entomologiste 1869-1952 - un portrait

Bryan, E.H., 1969:
Brother Matthias Newel

Timms, C., 1966:
Brother of the leaves

Mikuz, V.; Pavsic, J., 2000:
Brotia Tinnyea escheri Brongniart from Miocene beds at Tunjice, Central Slovenia Brotia Tinnyea escheri Brongniart iz miocenskih plasti pri Tunjicah

Wenz, W., 1932:
Brotia escheri inornata n subsp aus Susswasser-ablagerungen des Tortons von Hidasd Kom Tolna, Ungarn

Cuturic, S.; Topolnik, E., 1975:
Brotkafer Stegobium paniceum L als Salmonella - Trager in Futtermitteln und Mischfutter

Miller, Wde W., 1919:
Brotogeris ferrugineifrons Lawrence

Silva Moraton, Derian AL., 2005:
Brotogeris parakeets and other feral parrots in southern Florida

Anonymous., 1970:
Brotulid from the Bahamas

Nielsen, J.G.; Nybelin, O., 1963:
Brotulidae Pisces, Percomorpha from tropical West Africa

Nybelin, O.; Poll, M., 1958:
Brotulidae des cotes africaines de lAtlantique sud avec description dune espece nouvelle de Lamprogrammus

Simecek, J., 1975:
Brouci u epigeonu na pomezi polniho a lesniho biotopu Coleoptera

Zeman, J., 1909:
Brouci zijc v kurnku a holubnku

Werner, Uwe., 2004 :
Brought back from Ghana The lion-headed cichlid Steatocranus irvinei Trewavas, 1943 Aus Ghana mitgebracht Volta-Stromschnellencichlide Steatocranus irvinei Trewavas, 1943

Braun, M.; II., 1893:
Brouns Klasson und Ordnungen des Thierreichs

Kritzler, H., 1950:
Broussonets goby from the brackish water of the lower St Johns river, Florida

Corroy, G., 1924:
Brouzet, La Serbe du Bouquet, Seynes, Klippe de la Liquiere Excursion du 15 septembre

Corroy, G., 1924:
Brouzet La Serre du Bouquet Seijnes Klippe de la Liquiere Excursion du 15 Septembre

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Broves notas acerea de nidos y huevos de algunas aves de la Cordillera de Mendoza

Adlerberg, G., 1935:
Brown Bears of the Caucasus a systematic study

Stein, P.A.S., 1952:
Brown Booby in the Hauraki Gulf

Money, Damian., 2005:
Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata aberration

Hall, G.A.; Laitsch, N., 1963:
Brown Creeper nesting in West Virginia

Betts, Norman de W., 1909:
Brown Creepers nesting near St Louis

Christemseii, N.H., 1960:
Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa latirostris Raffles at Blavand, West Jutland, autumn 1959

Chubb, E.C., 1946:
Brown Goodes principles of museum administration

Sohroeder, W.L., 1929:
Brown Hydra infested with Ciliates

Nichols, J.T., 1914:
Brown Pelican regular off North Carolina

Jackson, H.D., 1971:
Brown Snake Eagle Circaetus cinereus

Blanshard, R.H., 1964:
Brown Teal Anas castanea chlorotis at Little Barrier Island

Williams, H.C., 1913:
Brown Thrasher Toxostoma rufum wintering near St Louis, Mo

Jones, L., 1912:
Brown Thrasher at Grinnell, Iowa, in the years 1870 to 1890

Wauer, R.H., 1960:
Brown Thrasher in Death Valley, California

Mason, E.A., 1962:
Brown Thrasher life history data

Abstracts., 2004:
Brown Treesnakes 2001 Conference - Oceanview Conference Center, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam - 6-10 August 2001 - Abstracts

Blix, AS.; Grav, HJ.; Ronald, K., 1975:
Brown adipose and the significance of the venous plexuses in pinnipeds

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Brown adipose tissue in young mice: activity and role in thermoregulation

Lindberg, O., 1970:
Brown adipose tissue, a source of extra heat production

Panlsrud, J.R., 1968:
Brown adipose tissue temperature related phenomena

Potena, G.; Sammarone, L.; Posillico, M.; Petrella, A.; Latini, R., 2005:
Brown bear Ursus arctos impact on livestock and agricolture in the southern LAquila Province, Italy Limpatto dellorso Ursus arctos sullallevamento e lagricoltura nella provincia de lAquila

Palomero, G.; Aymerich, M.; Callejo, A.; Garcia-Gaona, J.F.lix.; Rasines, J.; Roy, E., 1993:
Brown bear conservation in the Cantabrian Mountains Conservacion del oso pardo en la Cordillera Cantabrica

Sato, T., 2005:
Brown bear cranium excavated from Ikushina-Kita Kaigan site

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Brown bear demography in the Cantabrian Mountains Demografia del oso pardo en la Cordillera Cantabrica

Naves, J.; Palomero, G., 1993:
Brown bear hibernation ecology in the Cantabrian Mountains Ecologia de la hibernacion del oso en la Cordillera Cantabrica

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Brown bear in the Leningrad oblast

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Brown bear management report of survey-inventory activities 1 July - 30 June 2002

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Brown bear population assessment in Asturias during the 19th century Estimacion de poblacion del oso pardo en Asturias durante el siglo 19

Swenson, J.E.; Dahle, B.; Sandegran, F., 2001:
Brown bear predation on moose in Scandinavia Bjornens predasjon pa elg

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Brown bear tracking campaign in the Cantabrian Range Campana de seguimiento del oso pardo en la cordillera Cantabrica

Curry-Lindahl, K., 1958:
Brown bears Ursus arctos and foxes Vulpes vulpes living together in the same enclosure

Cetto, E.; Fraquelli, C.; Zanghellini, P., 2005:
Brown bears and human activities in Trentino means and actions adopted for reducing conflict Critical areas Orso bruno e attivita antropiche in Trentino strumenti e azioni volte a mitigare i conflitti Criticita

Gerstl, N.; Rauer, G., 2002:
Brown bears in Austria Braunbaeren in Oesterreich

Bosch, Stefan., 1995:
Brown bears were native to Stromberg Braunbaren waren im Stromberg heimisch

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Brown birds in colourful lands Brauner Vogel in bunten Brachen

Saotome, Y., 1968:
Brown boobies observed near Ogasawara Islands Bonin Is

Gaze, PD., 1975:
Brown booby in Wellington Harbour

Steyn, P.; Cain, T., 2006:
Brown booby sighting

Hansen, K.; Jensen, J.K.aergaard., 2005:
Brown bullhead Ameiurus nebulosus, Telostei, Ictaluridae with a breeding population in Denmark Dvaergmalle Ameiurus nebulosus ynglende i det fri i Danmark

Christensen, DA., 1976:
Brown eared pheasants

Eckert, John., 2003:
Brown falcon subdued by prey

Appleby, R., 1976:
Brown falcons and grasshoppers

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Brown fat and its possible significance for hibernation

Smith, R.E., 1964:
Brown fat in the rat adaptive changes in cold

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Brown fruit mite Bryobia redikorzevi Reck, 1947 Taxonomic position, morphology and biology

Watson, I., 1966:
Brown gannet

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Brown gannet near Point Lonsdale, Victoria

Andersson, G., 2005:
Brown hare sets boundaries Falthare satter granser

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Brown hares Lepus europaeus on Orford beach, 1964-6

Sheppard, Ralph., 2004:
Brown hares Lepus europaeus Pallas in NW Ireland

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Brown hares and blue Where are the hybrids?

Booth, C.; Booth, J.; Johnson, J., 2004:
Brown hares and water

Brown, M., 1964:
Brown hooded kingfisher

Brandl, P.; Capova, B.; Kucera, J., 2001:
Brown hyenas Parahyaena brunnea in Prague Zoo - a short recapitulation on the occassion of 33 years of breeding Hyeny cabrakove Parahyaena brunnea v prazske zoo - kratka rekapitulace k 33 vyroci chovu

McLennan, JA., 1990:
Brown kiwis

Haverschmidt, F., 1965:
Brown noddy Anous stolidus near the coast of Surinam

Slack, RD., 1975:
Brown pelican from Somerville Lake, Burleson and Washington Counties, Texas Bulletin Texas orn

Meyerriecks, A.J.; Meyerriecks, R., 1965:
Brown pelican is victim of gull piracy

Simmons, G., 1974:
Brown pelican on the brink

Orr, R.T., 1966:
Brown pelicans

Lindo, P.; Warner, G., 2006:
Brown pelicans Pelecanus occidentalis occidentalis in Kingston harbour, Jamaica

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Brown pelicans in north-central coastal California

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Brown pelicans: improved reproduction off the southern California coast

Sudbury, A., 1977:
Brown pigeon - a new Victorian bird

Anonymous., 1977:
Brown planthopper symposium

Pedler, LP., 1976:
Brown quail near Auburn

Matheson, C., 1962:
Brown rats

Keijl, GO.; Mostert, K., 2000:
Brown rats Rattus norvegicus on Vlieland and Terschelling Bruine ratten Rattus norvegicus op Vlieland en Terschelling

Sandidge, J.S.; Hopwood, J.L., 2005 :
Brown recluse spiders a review of biology, life history and pest management

Chow, G.K.; Woo, L.C., 2004:
Brown shrike feeding a juvenile long-tailed shrike

Kayser, Y.; Rault, G.; Larousse, A.; Gfeller, E., 2004:
Brown shrike, a species new for France Une pie-grieche brune Lanius cristatus sur lile dHoedic, Morbihan premiere mention francaise de lespece

Boshoff, A.; Boshoff, M., 2006:
Brown snake-eagle in the north-eastern Cape

Lendrum, AL., 1976:
Brown snake-eagles breeding in the Matopos hills, Rhodesia

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Brown snakes and ring necked snakes in the terrarium Braunnattern und Halsbandnattern im Terrarium

Sodeman,, C.W.A.kins, J.A.; Flynn, J.E., 1958:
Brown spider bites in the Midwest

Cometti, RH., 1975:
Brown teal on Kawau lsland

Cooper, WT., 1976:
Brown thombill feeding at Xanthorrhoea flowers

Browning, MR., 1973:
Brown thrasher encounter with snake

Coffey, J.W., 1965:
Brown thrasher found nesting on the ground

Indedon, C.S.L., 1968:
Brown thrasher in Dorset a species new to Britain and Ireland

Lomas, M.W.; Gobler, C.J., 2004:
Brown tides caused by Aureococcus anophagefferens

Brashear, J., 1976:
Brown towhee reported Nebraska Bird

Solewski, W., 1963:
Brown trout Salmo trutta m fario L in the Rogoznik stream

Lane, E.D., 1964:
Brown trout Salmo truttd in the Hinds River

Stuart, T.A., 1950:
Brown trout in Highland streams

Rasmussen, O., 1977:
Brown trout in September

Soes, M.; Spaans, P., 2005:
Brown trout in the Heelsum Brook Beekforellen in de Heelsumse Beek

Swan, M.A., 1957:
Brown trout of Loch Kernsary

Healy, A., 1957:
Brown trout of the Fergus system, County Clare, Ireland

Alva,; Arosemena, X.; Angel, R., 2007:
Brown wood-rail Aramides wolfi at El Canclon Lagoon, Manglares-Churute Ecological Reserve, Ecuador

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Browns Coppice A Survey

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Browns river road near Hobart notes

Alexander, H.G., 1957:
Brown-and-white Willow Warbler breeding in Ross-shire

Witherby, H.F., 1911:
Brown-backed Warblers, not Grey-backed Warblers, in Sussex and Kent

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Brown-breasted grass finches - peaceful birds for group and large group care Braunbrust-Schilfamadinen - ruhige Voegel fuer Gruppen- oder Schwarmhaltung

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Brown-eared woodpeckers Campethera caroli in Mwinilunga a species new to Zambia Bulletin Zambian orn

Nedergaard, J.; Golozoubova, V.; C.on, B., 2004:
Brown-fat-derived and thyroid-hormone thermogenesis mechanisms and interactions

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Brown-headed Cowbird fledged in Barn Swallow nest

Nickell, W.P., 1958:
Brown-headed Cowbird fledged in nest of Catbird

Whitehurst, GT., 1977:
Brown-headed cowbird behaviour

Jones, M V.; III., 1975:
Brown-headed cowbird brood parasitism on the eastern phoebe

Brown, CR., 1975:
Brown-headed cowbird flock aggression toward a purple martin Bulletin Texas orn

Holt, JP., 1973:
Brown-headed cowbird increases in North Carolina mountains

Hatch, DRM., 1971:
Brown-headed cowbird parasitism on spotted sandpiper and Wilsons phalarope

Nero, RW., 1971:
Brown-headed cowbird parasitizes Baltimore oriole

Hunt, LB., 1977:
Brown-headed cowbirds form a pair bond for three seasons

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Brown-tailed Mongoose Salanoia concolor in the Betampona Reserve, eastern Madagascar photographs and an ecological comparison with ring-tailed mongoose Galidia elegans

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Brown-tailed flycatcher in the Northern Territory

Sherry, BY., 1975:
Brown-throated golden weaver nesting in Rhodesia

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Brown-throated sand martin, a new species for France Premiere mention de lhirondelle paludicole Riparia paludicola en France

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Browne 1887, not Douglas 1888, the author of Orthezia insignis Homoptera Coc-coidea

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Brownhooded kingfisher nesting in urban area

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Browning and natural science

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Browning of chrysanthemum leaves infested with Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi

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Brownsea birds

Follett, J., 1975:
Brownsea heronry report for 1974

Follett, J., 1977:
Brownsea heronry report for 1976

Follett, J., 1977:
Brownsea heronry report for 1977

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Browse use by deer in an east Texas forest

Stickney, P.F., 1966:
Browse utilization based on percentage of twig numbers browsed

Eisenmann, Vera., 1998:
Browsers and grazers symphyseal shapes in equids and tapirs Perissodactyla, Mammalia Folivores et tondeurs dherbe forme de la symphyse mandibulaire des equides et des tapirides Perissodactyla, Mammalia

Haker, M.; Myrberget, S., 1969:
Browsing by Lyrurus tetrix on Pinus mugo var arborea

Skinner, M.P., 1936:
Browsing of the Olympic Peninsula Elk in early winter

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Browth and biomass of bivalve molluscs on a shallow, sandy bottom in Gullmar Fjord Sweden

Hendricks, DP., 1977:
Browu-capped rosy finch nesting in New Mexico

Isenmann, P., 1962:
Bruant des neiges Plectophrenax nivalis et Milan royal Milvus milvus pendant lhiver 1961-62 a Strasbourg

Laty, M., 1968:
Bruant des neiges, Plectrophenax nivalis, en Camargue

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Bruce L Clark

Clark., 1915:
Bruce L Fauna of the San Pablo Group of Middle California

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Bruce W Halstead 1920-2002

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Bruce Neocene record in the Semblor Basin, California, and Neocene deposits of the San Juan District, San Luis Obispo County

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Brucella suis af gesonder uit die vruguliese van n bok in Suidwes-Afrika

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Brucellocis in elk

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Brucellose beim Wasserbuffel

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Brucellose bovitio, trypanosomiase et premunition

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Brucellosis in Muridae

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Brucellosis in hare

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Brucellosis transmission between elk and domestic cattle

Thorne, E.T.; Morton, J.K., 1977:
Brucellosis transmission between elk and domestic cattle January 1, 1974 to June 30, 1975

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Brucelosis en alpacas

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Bruceomyia saegerae nov spec from the Congo,with notes on the status of the genus Diptera Muscidae, Stomoxyinae

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Bruch wasserlaufer Tringa glareola

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Bruchelidae; Anthribidae; Rhinomaceridae; Attelabidae

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Bruchid and chrysomelid species list from Berlin and Brandenburg Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae, Bruchidae Liste der Blatt- und Samenkafer von Berlin und Brandenburg Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae, Bruchidae

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Bruchid beetles Coleoptera Bruchidae from the Megri District in Armenia

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Bruchidae Col

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Bruchidae Coleoptera Chrysomeloidea recoltes aux Iles Galapagos par N et J Leleup

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Bruchidae Coleoptera Phytophagoidea

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Bruchidae Coleoptera from Argentina VI Genus Meibomeus Bridwell, 1946 Bruchidae Coleoptera de la Argentina - VI Genero Meibomeus Bridwell 1946

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Bruchidae Coleoptera of Argentina III Genus Stator Bridwell 1946 Bruchidae Coleoptera de la Argentina - III Genero Stator Bridwell 1946

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Bruchidae Coleoptera of Argentina lI Genus Rhipibruchus Bridwell 1932 Bruchidae Coleoptera de la Argentina - lI Genero Rhipibruchus Bridwell 1932

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Bruchidae Coleoptera of Argentina Genus Megacerus Fahraeus 1839 Bruchidae Coleoptera de la Argentina - I Genero Megacerus Fahraeus 1839

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Bruchidae Coleoptera of Argentina IV Genus Pectinibruchus Kingsolver 1967 Bruchidae Coleoptera de la Argentina - IV Genero Pectinibruchus Kingsolver 167

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Bruchidae en partie nouveaux de lAmerique meridionale

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Bruchidae of Argentina V Genus Scutobruchus Kingsolver 1968 Bruchidae de la Argentina - V Genero Scutobruchus Kingsolver 1968

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Bruchidae type-specimens deposited in United States Museums, with lectotype designations

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Bruchidius dispar Gyll, parasite of Trifolium striatum L in Lot Bruchidius dispar Gyll, parasite de Trifolium striatum L dans de Lot

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Bruchidius niger, a new species from southwestern Mediterranean region Coleoptera Bruchidae Bruchinae

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Bruchidius species feeding in the seeds of the legume genus Dichrostachys and of the allied genus Alantsilodendron in Africa and Madagascar Coleoptera, Bruchidae Les Bruchidius consommateurs des graines de Dichrostachys et du genre allie Alantsilodendron en Afrique et a Madagascar Coleoptera, Bruchidae

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Bruchidius type specimens described by Emile Blanchard Coleoptera, Bruchidae Les types de Bruchidius decrits par Emile Blanchard Coleoptera, Bruchidae

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Bruchidius varius Olivier, 1795 Bruchidae new to Oxfordshire

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Bruchidius varius, first record from the Netherlands Coleoptera Bruchidae Bruchidius varius, eerste melding uit Nederland Coleoptera Bruchidae

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Bruchomyiinae in North America with a description of Nemopalpus nearcticus n sp Diptera Psychodidae

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Bruchophagus Eurytoma gibbus Boh

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Bruchstucke aus Emin Paschas lletztem Tagebuch

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Bruchstucke einer Infusorienfauna der Kieler Bucht

Mobius, K., 1888:
Bruchstucke einer Rbizopodenfauna der Kieler Bucht

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Bruchstueke zur Naturgeschichte der Bopyriden

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Bruchus sermtus OL, 1790, espece-type du genre Caryedon Schonherr, 1823

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Bruchus venustus Fahreus, 1839 in Saarland Col, Bruchidae Bruchus venustus Fahreus, 1839 im Saarland Col, Bruchidae

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Bruchwasseriaufer Tringa glareola brutet im Emsland

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Bruchwasserlaufer Tringa glareola auf dem Ohlsdorfer Friedhof

Anonymous., 1974:
Bruckenechse als World Wildlife-Fund-Medalle

Wermuth, H., 1956:

Parmalee, P.W.; Manning, A.P., 1953:
Bruellia illustris Kellogg and other ecto-parasites from the Bobwhite quail in Texas

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Brugde, Cetorhinus maximus Gunnerus, 1765

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Brugden, Cetorhinus maximus Gunnerus fra Dybso

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Brugdhaj fangad i Halland

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Bruggennea, ngen, proposed for Recent streptaxids from Borneo Gastropoda Streptaxidae

Orihel, T.C., 1967:
Brugia guyanensis from the Grison Grison vittatus in Guyana

Orihel, T.C., 1964:
Brugia guyanensis sp n Nema-toda Filarioidea from the Coatimundi JSfasua nasua vittata in British Guiana

Pilsbry, H.A., 1933:
Bruguieres connection with the name Coretus

Hoffmann, Roland., 1998:
Bruguiere, 1792 Heard of him? Who was he? Bruguiere, 1792 Schon einmal gehort? Wer war das eigentlich?

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Bruin Collected studies on the insect transmission of Trypanosoma evansi

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Bruine kiekendief - Circus aeruginosus

Jousseaume., 1909:
Bruit de clappement produit par des Limaces-Differents modes de locomotion chez les Mollusques pulmones

Jourdain, S., 1901:
Bruit particulier produit par les Gasteropodes pulmones

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Bruk av injeksjonsgevaer og muskellammende midler i moderne viltforskning

Mehlum, F., 1976:
Bruk av vingeformelen i trekkfuglforskningen

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Bruktererpeton fiebigi n gen n sp Amphibia Gephyrostegida der erste Tetrapode aus dem Rheinisch-Westfalischen Karbon Namur B; W-Deutschland

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Brulles Odontochila aus dem Baltischen Bernstein und die Phylogenie der Cicindeliden

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Brumus tricittatus

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Brun karrhok Circus aeruginosus och bl g karrhok Circus cyaneus pa Oland

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Brun karrhok Clrus aeruginosus och rordrom Botaurus stellaris i T$kern 1972-1974

Persson, T., 1973:
Bruna karrhoken Circus aeruginosus som bytesrovare

Lonnfors, F., 1917:
Bruna karrhoken, Circus aeruginosus L

Wahlgren, E., 1922:
Brunbandade inalmatarens Eupithecia sinuosaria Ev nordiska utbredning

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Brune husskader Pica pica

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Brunft, Tragzeit und Umvelt

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Brunft- und Setzzeiten von Capra aegagrus Erxleben, 1777 Saugertierk

Arndt, H., 1975:

Borup, B.; Krogh, P., 1968:
Brunhovedet Vaerling Emberiza brunicepi pa Mykines, Faeroerne

Hansen, O.; Birkholm-Clausen, F., 1968:
Brunhovedet vaerling Emberiza bruniceps ved Henne

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Brunnen der Branntweinmonopolanstalten Forts

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Brunner von Wattenwyl with portrait

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Brunner von Wattenwyl, Betrachtungen uber die Farbenpracht der Insekten

Lilford., 1895:
Brunnichs Guillemot in Cambridgeshire

Harting, J.E., 1895:
Brunnichs Guillemot on the Yorkshire coast

Miller, J.H., 1901:
Brunnichs Murre Uria lomvia in Lewis and Jefferson Counties, New York

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Brunnichs murre Kortbekzeekoet in Belgisch binnenland

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Brunnich, Inddelingen af Danienet i Danmark og Skaane The fauna of the different groups of Danion strata in Denmark and Scania

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Brunnich Brachiopoderne i Danmarks Kridtaflejringer

Nielsen, K., 1911:
Brunnich Brachiopoderne i Faxe

Nielsen, K., 1912:
Brunnich Cirripedierne i Danmarks Danien-Aflejringer

Nielsen, K., 1914:
Brunnich Moltkia isis, Steenstrup og andre Octocorallia fra Danmarks Kridtaflejringer Moltkia isis and some other Octocorallia in the Danish cretaceous deposits Kobenhavn Mindeskrift for Japetus Steenstrup

Briolini, Giovanni., 2005 :
Bruno Bonelli 1920-2005

Geoffroy, Jean-Jacques., 2004:
Bruno Conde 1920-2004 Bruno Conde 1920-2004

Bareth, C.; Juberthie, C., 2004:
Bruno Conde 5 March 1920-11 February 2004 Bruno Conde 5 mars 1920-11 fevrier 2004

Werner, F., 1909:
Bruno Klaptocz Nachruf

Corliss, JO., 1969:
Bruno M Klein, 1891-1968

L.Greca, M., 1966:
Bruno Monterosso 1887-1965

Moltoni, E., 1957:
Bruno Parisi 1884-1957

Rigato, Fabrizio., 2004:
Bruno Poldi 1920 - 2002

Sabathy, E.; Sackl, P., 1998:
Bruno Weissert, academically trained engineer 9th July 1912 - 27th December 1996 Rentmeister Dipl-Ing Bruno Weissert 9 Juli 1912 - 27 Dezember 1996

Lobl, I.; Kurbatov, S.A., 2004:
Brunomanseria faceta gen n, sp n from Borneo Coleoptera Staphylininidae Pselaphinae

Fahlander, B., 1969:
Brunsangare Phylloscopus fuscatus antraffad vid Ottenby 1968 Meddelande nr 50 fran Ottenby fagelstation

Ree, V., 1976:
Brunsanger, Phylloscopus fuscatus, patruffet for forste gang i Norge

Kupfer, M., 1927:
Brunst und Ovulationsturms bei Vertreten in Sudafrika lebender Equiden

Frank, F., 1957:
Brunstgeruch beim Erdmaus-Mannchen, Microtus agrestis L

Tschirch, W., 1975:
Brunstinduktion bei weiblichem Rehwild

Martens., 1966:
Bruntvorkommen end Zugverhalten des Weissstorchs Ciconia ciconia in Griechenland

Ladeiro, J.M., 1950:
Bruqudeos, Antribideos, Brentdeos e Nemoni-qudeos Portugueses do Museu Zoologico de Universidade de Coimbra

Riddle, L.C., 1905:
Brush Lake Protozoa

Jerrard, C.H.H., 1933:
Brush Turkeys and their young

Preston-Mafham, K., 1976:
Brush and shine time

Sedgwick, E.H., 1970:
Brush bronzewing Phaps elegans in the South-west

Ingram, G., 1973:
Brush bronzewings in southeast Queensland

Rogers, Colin., 2006 :
Brush cuckoo Cacomantis variolosus third record for South Australia age and habitat

Morris, AK., 1973:
Brush lsland revisited

Gander, F.F., 1960:
Brush rabbits

Seth-Smith, D., 1934:

Meyer, A.B., 1891:
Brush-Turkeys in the Smaller Islands North of Celebes

Lutken, P., 1947:
Bruskskelet og Epifyisiproblem

Bogoljubsky, S., 1914:
Brustbein- und Schultergurtelentwicklung bei einigen Lacertilien

Faust, I., 1970:
Brut and Aufzucht einer Weisshals-Stelzenkrahe Picathartes gymnocephalus Temminck im Zoologischen Garten Frankfurt am Main

Barth, E.K.; Mysterud, I., 1964:
Brut av giftstoffer i naturen Use of toxic chemicals in nature

Kuhnast, O.; Lille, R.; Moritz, V., 1977:
Brut der Brandgans Tadorna tadorna und sommerdaten der Bergente Aythya marila auf der Billwerder Insel Hamburg-Moorfleet

Thybusch, D.; Stiefel, A., 1959:
Brut der Brandsee-schwalbe und Brutversuch der Schwarzkopfmowe1958auf der Fahrinsel

Jacobs, W., 1977:
Brut der Heckenbraunelle in der Voliere

Blindow, H., 1973:
Brut der Reiherente Aythya fuligula im Kreis Friesland

Piechocki, R., 1956:
Brut der Ringeltaube Columba palumbus am Gebaude

Wilke, H.; Morling, K., 1965:
Brut der Rotdrossel, Turdus iliacus, in der Niederlausitz

Anderegg, K., 1969:
Brut der Schwarzkopfmowe Larus melanocephalus im Kaltbrunnerried

Konig, D., 1964:
Brut der Singdrossel und Amsel in einem Keller

Schnebel, G., 1968:
Brut der Sperbergrasmucke Sylvia nisoria im Kreis Uelzen

Hauri, R., 1973:
Brut der Tafelente in der Weissenau am Thunersee

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