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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38035

Chapter 38035 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Buthraupis aureocincta and B melanochlamys spp n described

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Bution to the hydrobiology of pans and other inland waters of South Africa

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Butlers Garter Snake

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Butlers Garter Snake in New York

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Butlers Garter-Snake, Thamnophis butleri, in Ontario

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Butlers garter snake in Canada a review of previously recorded and newly recorded colonies

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Butoxyethanol ester of 2, 4-D in the control of eelgrass Zostera marina L and its effects on oysters Crassastica virginica Gmelin and other benthos

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Butschli et la Conjugation des Infusoires

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Butschlis Protozoa

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Butschlis Untersuchungen uber den Bau quellbarer Korper und die Bedingungen der Quellung Zusammenfassende Uebersicht

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Butter-Hies from NW Yunnan

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Butter-flies from Virginia

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Butter-flies of Rhodesia with a short intro-duction to the insect world

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Butterflies dragonflies recorded in 1974 at some sites in the Lee Valley

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Butterflies Insecta, Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera from Vitosa

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Butterflies Lep, Hesperioidea et Papilionoidea in the area of the state capital Duesseldorf around 1900 and around 2000 - an example of alarming species impoverishment in the 20th century Tagfalter Lep, Hesperioidea et Papilionoidea im Gebiet der Landeshauptstadt Duesseldorf um 1900 und um 2000 - ein Beispiel fuer alarmierende Artenverarmung im 20 Jahrundert

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Butterflies Lepidoptera considered as threatened in Minas Gerais, Brazil Borboletas Lepidoptera ameacadas de extincao em Minas Gerais, Brasil

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Butterflies Lepidoptera in Devinska Kobyla hill Sudwest Slovakia part 2 Motyle Lepidoptera Devinskej Kobyly Juhozapadne Slovensko 2 cast

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Butterflies Lepidoptera in the area of the nature reserves Bangser Ried and Matschels Vorarlberg diversity, ecology, protection Schmetterlinge Lepidoptera im Bereich der Naturschutzgebiete Bangser Ried und Matschels Vorarlberg Diversitat- Okologie- Gefahrdung

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Arctiidae of the northeastern part of the Primorye Territory

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera from Ukok Plateau south-eastern Altai

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera in the Aladag mountains Turkey in summer 1997

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera occuring in the Pro-Mata Research and Conservation Centre 3 Nymphalidae Borboletas Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera ocorrentes no centro de pesquisas e conservacao da natureza pro-mata 3 Nymphalidae

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera occurring at the Centre for Mata Nature Research and Conservation 1 Papilionidae Borboletas Lepidoptera, Rhophalocera ocorrentes no Centro de Pesquisas e Conservacao da Natureza Pro-Mata 1 Papilionidae

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera of Vladivostok

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra in the northeast of the European part of Russia

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera of the Sakhalin Island

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Butterflies Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera present at Pro-Mata Research Nature Conservation Centre 2 Pieridae Borboletas Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera ocorrentes no Centro de Pesquisas e Conservacao da Natureza Pro-Mata 2 Pieridae

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea of the Cuyas Forest, Ayabaca, Peru Las mariposas diurnas Lepidoptera Hesperioidea y Papilionoidea del Bosque de Cuyas, Ayabaca, Piura, Peru

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea of the Moneron Island

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea of the Romincka Forest - results of preliminary studies Motyle dzienne Lepidoptera Papilionoidea i Hesperioidea Puszczy Rominckiej - wyniki badan wstepnych

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea of Cerro Saslaya, Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, Nicaragua Mariposas Lepidoptera Papilionoidea del Cerro Saslaya, Reserva de la Biosfera Bosawas, Nicaragua

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperiidea of Kazakhstan

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea of the National Nature Reserve Vysenske kopce Denni motyli Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Narodni prirodni rezervace Vysenske kopce

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Hesperiidae 1 A Red List of Lower Austrian endangered species Tagfalter Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Hesperiidae 1 Eine Rote Liste der in Niederoesterreich gefaehrdeten Arten

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera from Hazaribagh National Park, Bihar, 1 Dry season forms

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Butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera from man-made changed landscapes in the Crimea

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Butterflies Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea in the Knyszynska Forest as well as in the environs of Bialystok Motyle dzienne Papilionoidea i Hesperioidea Puszczy Knyszynskiej i okolic Bialegostoku

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Butterflies Rhopalocera in the mountainous region of Zagnansk Gory Swietokrzyskie

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Butterflies Rhopalocera observed at Anderlecht west of Brussels in 1970-1972

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Butterflies Rhopalocera Papilionidae, Pieridae y Nymphalidae of the high tropical evergreen forest of the region of Calakmul, Mexico, with new records Las mariposas Rhopalocera Papilionidae, Pieridae y Nymphalidae de la selva alta subperennifolia de la region de Calakmul, Mexico, con nuevos registros

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Butterflies 2001

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Butterflies 2005

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Butterflies along the boundary of the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe Vlinders langs de rand van het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe

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Butterflies and Ants

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Butterflies and Moths Descriptions of two new Butterflies and nine new Sphingidae or Hawk-moths found in Queensland

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Butterflies and a kitten

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Butterflies and angels of the Sea of Cortez

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Butterflies and birds as soul carriers of living and dead people Schmetterlinge und Voegel als Seelen-Uebertraeger bei Lebenden und verstorbenen Menschen

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Butterflies and burnets of the dry grasslands near Willebadessen Hoexter district Tagfalter und Zygaenen der Trockenrasen bei Willebadessen Kreis Hoexter Lep, Diurna et Zygaenidae

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Butterflies and dragonflies under the measuring rod Dagvlinders en libellen onder de meetlat

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Butterflies and helicopters

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Butterflies and hilltops in East Africa

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Butterflies and insecticides a review and risk analysis of modern Dutch practice

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Butterflies and moths Lepidoptera of the Babia Gora Massif Motyle Lepidoptera masywu Babiej Gory

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Butterflies and moths as botanists

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Butterflies and skippers crossing the James River in spring

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Butterflies and skippers of Kgaswane Mountain Reserve Rustenburg Nature Reserve, North West Province, South Africa

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Butterflies and the Auburn Dam

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Butterflies as bioindicators for climate change effects

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Butterflies as bioindicators in nature conservation planning Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Hesperiidae Tagfalter als Bioindikatoren in naturschutzrelevanten Planungen Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Hesperiidae

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Butterflies as food for squirrels

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Butterflies as food of necessity for the barn owl Tyto alba Schmetterlinge als Notnahrung fuer Schleiereule Tyto alba

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Butterflies as model systems for understanding and predicting climate change

Rey, A.; Wiedemeier, P., 2004:
Butterflies as target and model species Planning aid for network projects and landscape development concepts in the agricultural landscape Les papillons diurnes comme especes cibles et especes caracteristiques Guide pour la conception et la realisation de projets de mise en reseau et damenagement du paysage en milieu agricole

Rey, A.; Wiedemeier, P., 2004:
Butterflies as target and model species Planning aid for network projects and landscape development concepts in the agricultural landscape Tagfalter als Ziel und Leitarten Planungshilfe fuer Vernetzungsprojekte und Landschaftsentwicklungskonzepte im landwirtschaftlichen Kulturland

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Butterflies associated with an army aut swarm raid in Honduras the feeding hypothesis as an alternate explanation

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Butterflies at rest

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Butterflies at sea

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Butterflies attracted by brilliant colours

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Butterflies attracted by moist earth

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Butterflies attracted to amber glass

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Butterflies attracted to light at night

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Butterflies between Gent and Bruges Vlinders tussen Gent en Brugge

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Butterflies found on Mt Takao

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Butterflies from Saramao of Central Formosa

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Butterflies from Simbalbara Wildlife Sanctuary, District Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh

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Butterflies from Taiwan in August 2 - Nymphalidae

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Butterflies from a small locality Sommerfugle pa en lille lokalitet

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Butterflies from afar Verre vlinders

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Butterflies from the German Moselle Papillons le long de la Moselle allemande

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Butterflies from the Herzog Mts, eastern New Guinea

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Butterflies from the Hindukush, Karakorum, Kashmir and Ladak with descriptions of two new species and six subspecies

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Butterflies from the Japanese lslands in the Osaka Museum, of Natural History part 2 Libytheidae, Lycaenidae, and Hesperiidae

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Butterflies from the Kempen Dagvlinders van de Kempen

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Butterflies from the Sudan

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Butterflies from the suprafamilies Bombycoidea, Sphingoidea and Noctuoidea Insecta, Lepidoptera from Vitosa

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Butterflies in Cornwall

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Butterflies in France and Spain August-September 1966

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Butterflies in Japanese history

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Butterflies in Kopacki rit Dagvlinders in Kopacki rit

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Butterflies in Kurdistan

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Butterflies in Macedonia

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Butterflies in the Crimea USSR, 1967

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Butterfly portrait - the red admiral Vlinderportret de atalanta

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