Butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea of the Romincka Forest - results of preliminary studies Motyle dzienne Lepidoptera Papilionoidea i Hesperioidea Puszczy Rominckiej - wyniki badan wstepnych

Sielezniew, M.; Sachanowicz, K.

Parki Narodowe I Rezerwaty Przyrody 224: 581-592


Accession: 038034079

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67 species - 44% of Polish butterflies (151 species) - were recorded in the Romincka Forest (NE Poland) during the preliminary observations in 1996 - 1998. With the historical data from the early beginning of the last century, the list of butterflies known from the area counts 76 species - 50% of Polish fauna. A great value of the Romincka Forests for butterflies results from habitat diversity and low level of anthropogenic impact, like forest devastation and chemical pollution. The most interesting species are: Lopinga achine (widespread in the study area) and Parnassius mnemosyne, Boloria aquilonaris, Aricia eumedon (confined to small areas of suitable habitats), regarded as endangered or vulnerable in Poland.