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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38036

Chapter 38036 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Moffat, J.A., 1899:
Butterfly wing structure

Hogue, C.L., 1968:
Butterfly wings Living pointillism

Freitak, Dalial., 2002:
Butterflys wings as a network? Liblika tiivad kui vorgustik?

Kershaw, J.C.W., 1905:
Butterfly-deatroyers in Southern China

Barlow, Dato HS., 2005:
Butterfly-eating raptors

Gibbs, A.E., 1913:
Butterfly-hunting in the Balkans

Derijst, Eddy., 2005:
Butterflyfishes of the genus Heniochus Cuvier, 1816 Wimpelvissen genus Heniochus Cuvier, 1816

Mauny, R., 1957:
Buttes artificielles de coquillages de Joal-Fadioute

Colani, M., 1933:
Buttes artificielles en valves de Lamellibranches Annam septentrional

Pelikan, J., 1990:
Buttinh in phlaeothripid larvae Thysanoptera

Anon., 1956:
Button Corals are Rare Oklahoma Fossils

Wager, V.A., 1949:
Button spiders have short but busy lives

Needham, J.G., 1903:
Button-bush insects

Mathiak, HA., 1974:
Buttons to pearls to chips or a new use for clams

Goreau, T.F., 1959:
Buttressed reefs in Jamaica, British West Indies

Berry, J., 1934:
Buturlins Goose Anser carneirostris - its possible occurrence in Scotland

Grote, H.S., 1930:
Buturlins Neubeschreibungen aus dem nordlichen Kaukasusgebiet

Harino, H.; Yamamoto, Y.; Kawai, S.; Miyazaki, N., 2003:
Butyltin and phenyltin residues in water, sediment and biological samples collected from Otsuchi Bay, Japan

Huemer, P., 2001:
Buvatina tineiformis Leraut, 1984, a remarkable new record for the fauna of Austria Lepidoptera, Oecophoridae Buvatina tineiformis Leraut, 1984, ein bemerkenswerter Neufund fuer die Fauna Oesterreichs lepidoptera Oecophoridae

Kempkes, Michael., 2006 :
Buxeus, a new colour gene in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 Teleostei, Cyprinodontiformes

Pfretzschner, Hans-Ulrich., 1999:
Buxolestes minor n sp - a new pantolestid Mammalia, Proteutheria from the Eocene Messel formation Buxolestes minor n sp - ein neuer Pantolestide Mammalia, Proteutheria aus der eozanen Messel-Formation

Lubinsky, G., 1957:
Buxtonella sulcata Ciliata Holotricha, a parasite of Bos indicus and Bubalus bubalus in the Western Punjab

Becker, E.R.; Hsiung, T.S., 1929:
Buxtonella sulcata Jameson, 1926 Protozoa, Ciliata cysts and cyst formation

Sogaard, P., 2004:
Buy poison dart frogs and save the rain forest Kob pilegiftfroer og red regnskov

Costa, Massimiliano., 1998:
Buzzard Buteo buteo L and grey heron Ardea cinerea L breeding together Nidificazione di poiana Buteo buteo L in prossimita di airone cenerino Ardea cinerea L Vertebrata Aves

Marik, Pal., 2004:
Buzzard Buteo buteo wintering in town centre Varosban telelo egereszolyv Buteo butero

Taylor, J., 1947:
Buzzard and Goshawk nesting in proximity

Insley, H.; Dugan, D., 1973:
Buzzard and golden eagle feeding on other avian predators

Blezard, E.; Laidler, R., 1964:
Buzzard as golden eagle food

Williams, GA.; Coen, D., 1973 :
Buzzard attacking observers at nest

Haigh, R., 1973:
Buzzard breeding attempt 1973

Turk, J., 1973:
Buzzard hovering

Wooltorton, G.C., 1956:
Buzzard killing Tawny Owl

Bright, G., 1955:
Buzzard killing Tufted Duck

Pounds, H.E., 1967:
Buzzard stooping at human being

Chapman, AF., 1977:

Diesing, Peter., 2003:
Buzzards Buteo buteo exploit earthworms Maeusebussarde Buteo buteo erbeuten Regenwuermer

Schmidt, Ulrich., 1996:
Buzzards Buteo buteo try to snatch away prey from osprey Pandion haliaetus Mausebussarde Buteo buteo versuchen Fischadler Pandion haliaetus Beute abzubetteln

Bosch, Stefan., 2004:
Buzzards Buteo buteo on motorways deadly turbulence Maeusebussarde Buteo buteo an Autobahnen Toedliche Turbulenzen

Leitch, G.F., 1953:
Buzzards destroying Emu eggs The wedge-tailed Eagle Eagles acquired technique of capturing hares Drongos nesting

Smith, K., 1955:
Buzzards following the plough

Nicholas, B.M., 1950:
Buzzards in Britain

Fenn, C.M., 1964:
Buzzards in Central Wales-1946-1954

Buchan-Hepburn, I., 1951:
Buzzards in Surrey

Davis, T.A.W.; Saunders, D.R., 1965:
Buzzards on Skomer Island, 1954-1964

Ruck, G.H., 1944:
Buzzards J Soc Preserv

Anonymous., 2002:
Buzzing up the wrong tree Discovery Institute caught out on a limb

Hora, S.L., 1956:
By Chandy, M An appreciation

Knight, F.A., 1889:
By Leafy Ways

Kennion, Major R.L., 1911:
By Mountain, Lake, and Plain; Sport in Eastern Persia

Steele, H., 1953:
By air to save the caribou

Circle, H,., 1971:
By any other name

D.Z.o, V.; Pastorelli, AM.; Rositani, L., 2000:
By catch of blue shark Prionace glauca L during large pelagic fishery in southern Adriatic Sea 1984-1998 Catture accessorie di Prionace glauca L durante la pesca dei grande pelagici nel basso Adriatico 1984-1998

Fenech Farrugia, A.; Tawil, MY. de la Serna, JM.; Macias, D., 2004:
By catch of surface long line fishing of red tuna Thunnus thynnus in the central-eastern Mediterranean By-catch de la pesqueria de palangre de superficie dirigido al atun rojo Thunnus thynnus en el mediterraneo centro-oriental

Kolbe, Wolfgang., 1997:
By catches of bark beetle pheromone traps in Wuppertal forests Part 2 Beifange aus Borkenkafer-Pheromonfallen in Wuppertaler Waldern Teil 2

Oudemans, A.C., 1915:
By de platen van Tarsonemus spirifex Marchal

Newton, R., 1937:
By mountain tarns in the Cameroons

Anonymous., 2005:
By the Wayside - Fall 2004

Lange, Kenneth I., 2004:
By the Wayside - Winter 2003-2004

Anonymous., 2004:
By the wayside - Spring 2004

Anonymous., 2006:
By the wayside - fall 2005

Abstracts., 2005:
By the wayside - spring 2005

Anonymous., 2005:
By the wayside - summer 2004

Anonymous., 2007:
By the wayside - summer 2006

Bettie, R.; Harriman, N.A., 2006:
By the wayside - winter 2005-2006

Cooke, C.H., 1945:
By ways in the history of bird migration

Panten, K.; Rippe, L.; Fleck, M., 2003:
By-catch and discard of the German fishery in the North Sea Beifang und Discard der deutschen Fischerei in der Nordsee

Soykan, O.; Kinacigil, H.; Tuncay; Tosunoglu, Z., 2006:
By-catch in Tasucu Bay eastern Mediterranean shrimp trawls Tasucu Korfezi Dogu Akdeniz Karides Trollerinde Hedef Disi Av

Tassito Correa Ivo, C.; Erones Santiago, M.; Monteiro-Neto, C., 1997:
By-catch in the fishery for lobsters Panulirus argus and Panulirus laevicauda, in Ceara State, Brazil Fauna acompanhante na pesca das lagostas Panulirus argus Latreille e Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, no estado do Ceara, Brasil

Isaac, V.J.; Braga, T.M.rcos P., 1999:
By-catch in the marine fisheries off northern Brazil Rejeicao de pescado nas pescarias da regiao norte do Brasil

Caddell, R., 2005:
By-catch mitigation and the protection of cetaceans recent developments in EC law

Bonanno, A.; Basilone, G.; Palumbo, V.; Goncharov, S.; Rollandi, L.; Aronica, S.; D.N.eri, A.; Sposito, P., 2005:
By-catch of pink dentex Dentex gibbosus in the Strait of Sicily Cattura accidentale di dentice corazziere Dentex gibbosus nello Stretto di Sicilia

Lunneryd, S.; Konigson, S.; Sjoberg, N.B., 2004:
By-catch of seals, harbour porpoises and birds in Swedish commercial fisheries Bifangst av sal, tumlare och faglar i det svenska yrkesfisket

de Carvalho Braga, M.S.vio; Adauto Fonteles-Filho, A., 2001:
By-catch of the shrimp trawlnet fishery on the coastal zone of Fortaleza county, Ceara State, Brazil Ictiofauna acompanhante da pesca de camaroes com rede-de-arrasto na zona costeira do municipio de Fortaleza, estado do Ceara, Brasil

Engstrom, Henri., 2003:
By-catches in fishing nets is a growing problem Bifangster vid fiske ett vaxande problem

Lear, WH.; Christensen, O., 1975:
By-catches of harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena in salmon driftnets at west Greenland in 1972

Burton, F.; Carroll, A., 2005:
By-product mutualism conservation implications among monkeys, figs, humans, and their domesticants in Honduras

Dendy, A., 1913:
By-products of organic evolution Presidents address

Wakida Kusunoki, A.T., 2005:
Bycatch analysis in seabob shrimp Xiphopenaeus kroyeri small-scale fishery on the Campeche Coast, Mexico Analisis de la captura incidental en la pesqueria riberena del camaron siete barbas en Xiphopenaeus kroyeri en las Costas de Campeche, Mexico

Walker, Ryan CJ., 2005:
Bycatch associated with the artisanal tuna fishery of Bunaken National Park, north Sulawesi, Indonesia

Matthews, T.R.; Cox, C.; Eaken, D., 2005:
Bycatch in Floridas spiny lobster trap fishery

Bache, S.Jayne, 2003:
Bycatch mitigation tools selecting fisheries, setting limits and modifying gear

Vooren, C.M.ria.; Coelho, L., 2004:
Bycatch of oceanic birds by long line fishing Captura incidental de aves oceanicas na pesca com espinhel-de-fundo

Hjelset, A.M.rete.; Sundet, J.H.; Fermann, B.; Hammer, A.-Rita., 2005:
Bycatch of red king crab in net, longline and trawl fisheries in 2004 Bifangst av kongekrabbe i garn, line og tral i 2004

Diamond, S.L., 2004:
Bycatch quotas in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawl fishery can they work?

Christensen, O.; Lear, W.H., 1977:
Bycatches in salmon drift-nets at west Greenland in 1972

Hattour, A.; Macias, D. de la Serna, JM., 2005:
Bycatches of Tunisian trap and purse seine fisheries Les prises accessoires des Madragues et des Sennes tournantes Tunisiennes

Lebedev, B.I., 1969:
Bychowskicotylinae subfam n and some notes on the system of monogeneans of the family Gastrocotylidae Price, 1943

Nagibina, L.F., 1968:
Bychowskya drepane, a new genus and species of the Family Calceostomatidae Monogenoidea

van der Merwe, N.J., 1942:
Bydrae tot ons kennis van die lewenswyse van die akkedis Acontias

Waalewin., 1872:
Bydrage tot de Histologie van den Vischdarm

Leefmans, S., 1919:
Bydrage tot de biologie van de wandluis, Cimex lectularius L en tot zyne bestryding

Eecke, R. van., 1915:
Bydrage tot de kennis der Nederlandsche Lycaena-soorten

Raadt, O.L.E. de., 1914:
Bydrage tot de kennis der onderscheidingskenmerken tusschen Javaansche huisen veldratten met betrekking tot de epidemiologie der pest op Java

Douma, S., 1917:
Bydrage tot de kennis van de Sklerostomiasis by het paard

Klasen, H.J., 1916:
Bydrage tot de kennis van de anatomie van het pancreas van de geit

Rodenhuts, Y., 1919:
Bydrage tot de kennis van de joodeysten on hunne amoeben

Botke, J., 1916:
Bydrage tot de kennis van de phylogenie der vleugelteekening by de Lepidoptera

Bonnema, J.H., 1914:
Bydrage tot de kennis van hot geslacht Kloedenella, Ulrich en Bassler

Leefmaas, S., 1916:
Bydrage tot het Helopeltis-vraagstuk voor de thee

Leefmans, S., 1916:
Bydrage tot het Helopeltis-vraagstuk voor de thoe

Redeke, H.C., 1914 :
Bydragen tot de kennis van de teelt der ansjovis in de Zuiderzee 2e stuk Over den groei der Zuiderzee-ansjovis

Moretto, Philippe., 2005:
Bye, Jean-Louis Adieu, Jean-Louis

Fee, AC., 1975:
Bye, bye, blackbird

Graham, F.; Jr., 1971:
Bye-bye black birds

Botnen, H.B.; Hjohlman, S.; Johannessen, P.J., 2000:
Byfjord exploration Survey of fjords around Bergen Environmental studies in 1999 Byfjordsundersokelsen Overvaking av fjordene rundt Bergen Miljoundersokelse i 1999

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Heggoy, E.; Botnen, H.B.; Vassenden, G.; Johannessen, P.J., 2004:
Byfjord research survey of fjords around Bergen - Environmental research in 2003 Byfjordundersokelsen overvaking av fjordene rundt Bergen - Miljoundersokelse i 2003

Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 1999:
Byfjord studies survey of fjords around Bergen Environmental studies in Store Lungegardsvann, Solheimsviken, Byfjorden, Skuteviken, Puddefjorden, Vestrepollen, Vagsbopollen, Kviturdvikspollen, Grunneosen up to and including Fagernes in 1998 Byfjordsundersokelsen overvaking av fjordene rundt Bergen Miljoundersokelse i Store Lungegardsvann, Solheimsviken, Byfjorden, Skuteviken, Puddefjorden, Vestrepollen, Vagsbopollen, Kviturdvikspollen, Grunneosen og ved Fagernes i 1998

Heggoy, E.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Vassenden, G.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2005:
Byfjord study - survey of fjords round Bergen Marine biological environmental studies in 2004 Byfjordsundersokelsen - overvaking av fjordene rundt Bergen Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i 2004

Botnen, H.B.; Heggoy, E.; Vassenden, G.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Johannessen, P.J., 2002:
Byfjord study survey of fjords around Bergen Environmental studies in 2001 Byfjordsundersokelsen overvakning av fjordene rundt Bergen Miljoundersokelse i 2001

Schoyen, W.M., 1885:
Bygaalen Tylenchus hordei, sp n en ny, for Bygget skadelig Planteparasit blandt Rundormene

Lovlie, A., 1964:
Bygning, utvikling og funksjon av uparrete oyne hos hvirveldyrene

Bronsted, H.V., 1931:
Bygningen af snuden og ansigtsmuskulaturen hos nogle Pinnepedier med saerligt hensyn till oppustningssaekken hos klapmydsen

Sheppard, Thomas., 1907:
Bygone Hull Naturalists iii William Spence 1783-1860

Vetano, A., 1940:
Bynchophorua palmarum L

Callomon, Paul., 2002:
Bynes disease - questions and answers

Crocombe, Jeff., 2005:
Bynoes gecko Heteronotia binoei caresheet

Smith, JR.; Farr, WE., 1975:
Bypass and collection system for protection of juvenile salmon and trout at Little Goose Dam

Johnson, C., 1967:
Bypocyphtus nitidus Palm Col Staphy-linidae in Oxfordshire an addition to the British list

Fiori, G., 1965:
Byrrhobolus nuovo genere asiatico di Pedilophorinae VIII Contributo alia conoscenza della familia Byrrhidae Coleoptera

Fabbri, R.A.; Putz, A., 1997 :
Byrrhus Pseudobyrrhus focarilei n sp, from the Orobic Prealps Lombardia, Bergamo Coleoptera, Byrrhidae Byrrhus Pseudobyrrhus focarilei n sp, endemita delle Prealpi Orobie Lombardia, Bergamo Coleoptera, Byrrhidae

Reitter, E., 1916:
Byrrhus nigrostignum, n sp

Paulus, H.F., 1971:
Byrrhus s str grandii G Fiori 1948 Synonym mit B numidicus Normand 1935, mit einer kurzen Zoogeographie der Art Col, Byrrhidae

Murray, S.; Hoppenrath, M.; Larsen, J.; Patterson, D.J., 2006:
Bysmatrum teres sp nov, a new sand-dwelling dinoflagellate from north-western Australia

Ryder, Ja., 1889:
Byssus of young of Common Clam

Bieler, R.; Mikkelsen, P.M.; Prezant, R.S., 2005:
Byssus-attachment by infaunal clams seagrass-nestling Venerupis in Esperance Bay, Western Australia Bivalvia Veneridae

Hald-Mortensen, P., 1975:
Bysvalens redebygning paa Mons Klint

Sjoberg, K., 1975:
Bytesval och predationseffekivitet hos skraker i laboratorieforsok

Habe, T., 1961:
Bythindla Moria kikuchii sp nov a new minute freshwater snail from Japan

Hadl, G., 1967:
Bythinella austriaca als Bewohnerin eines Voralpensees Prosobranchia, Hydrobiidae

Boeters, H.D., 1967:
Bythinella brevis avct und die Gattung Avenionia Nicolas 1882 Prosobranchia, Hybdrobiidae

Haas, F., 1914:
Bythinella compressa montis-airum, cine neue Quellschnecke aus dem Vogelsberg

Gloeer, P.; Pesic, V., 2006:
Bythinella hansboetersi n sp, a new species from Bulgaria

Reischutz, P.L.; Falkner, G., 1998:
Bythinella intermedia Mahler 1950 and Microna saxatilis intermedia Mahler 1950 sensu Boeters 1970 Bythinella intermedia Mahler 1950 und Microna saxatilis intermedia Mahler 1950 sensu Boeters 1970

Boeters, H.D.; Falkner, G., 2001:
Bythinella occasiuncula n sp, a new small prosobranch mollusc from Turkey Gastropoda Hydrobiidae Bythinella occasiuncula n sp, ein neuer Kleinprosobranchier aus der Tuerkei Gastropoda Hydrobiidae

Welch, R., 1908:
Bythinia Leachii, an addition to the Irish Fauna, with, some notes on its Distribution and also on that of Planorbis carneus

Geissert, F., 1964:
Bythinia crassitesta Broemrne dans les argiles Quaternaires de Jockgrim Palatinat

Latchford, F.R., 1925:
Bythinia tentaculata Linn

Rambousek, F.J., 1909:
Bythinus comita n sp, novy Pselaphid ze stredn Makedonie

Stolz, H., 1924:
Bythinus monstrosetibialis Stolz sp n

Bourguignat, J.R., 1882:
Bythiospeum, ou description dun nouveau genre de Mollusques aveugles

Arai, R., 1969:
Bythites matsubarai, a new Brotulid fish from Japan

Jorgensen, NO., 1976:
Bythoceratina dania, a new ostracode from the Maastrichtian white chalk Denmark

Grundel, J., 1973:
Bythocystheridae Ostracoda aus dem Oberderon/Dinant des Thiiringer Schiefergebirges

Tavora, Vladimir de Araujo., 1994:
Bythocytheridae, Cytherideidae and Cytheruridae Crustacea Ostracoda of the Pirabas Formation Eomiocene - Para State Bythocytheridae, Cytherideidae e Cytheruridae Crustacea-Ostracoda na Formacao Pirabas Eomioceno - Estado do Para

Hrab?, S., 1934:
Bythonomus Sulci, eine neue Lumbriculiden-Art aus einer Hohle der Herzegowina

Steinwender, J., 1935:
Bythotrephes longimanus in den Steinbruchen Striogaus Sohlesien

Leuze, Marg., 1912:
Bythotrephes longimanus Ein neuer Fundort

Dregolskaya, JN.; Korotneva, NV.; Serdyukova, LN., 1990:
Bytinia mussel from the zone of thermal water release hyperthermia sensibility at two levels of organization, that of a definitive individual and reproductive-embryonic one

Swaen, A.E.H., 1917:
Byzonderheden betreffende de gierzwaluw

Swaen, A.E.H., 1916:
Byzonderheden betreffende de gierzwaluw Apus apus L

Jasiolek, Z.; Kania, C.; Sobota, G., 1974:
Bzygowate Syrphidae, Diptera niszczace mszyce na kukurydzy

Nelson, B., 1969:
C Bird ectoparasites from Norfolk Island

Bubel, H., 1967:
C Protein leakage from mengovirus-infected cells

Ehrstrom, M., 1946:
C The sea eagle in the Parish of Foglo land ,

Foster, A.O.; Clark, H., 1937:
C Verminous aneurysm in equines of Panama

Griffiths, R.J., 1964:
C chinensis and C tortirostris

Griffiths, R.J., 1964:
C eburnea and C miliaris

Bailey, D., 1964:
C globulus

Griffiths, R.J., 1964:
C hammondae

Kennelly, D.H., 1964:
C marginalis

Pravoslavlev, P., 1902:
C voprosu o kharakter Aralo-Kaspiiskikh obrazovanii nizovagh povolzhya predvaritelnoe soobshchenie

Peyerimhoff, P. de., 1927:
Coleopteres halophiles ou sabulicoles recoltes par ML-G Seurat sur le littoral tunisien avec la description dune espece nouvelle

Williamson, GR., 1973:
Counting and measuring baleen and ventral grooves of whales

Samko, KP., 1932:
C, II Some notes on Coleoptera, Cicindelidae and Carabidae, of the Tobolsk fauna

Savchenko, E.M., 1933:
C, E M Uebersicht der Podolischen Blatthornkafer Coleoptera, Scarabaei-dae

Axmann, M., 1947:
C, Morphological studies on glycogen deposition in schistosomes and other flukes

Sinitza, T.I., 1937:
C, T II Zur Biologie einiger Vertre-ter der Schlammchironomiden

McMahon, G.; Huber, LJ.; Moore, MJ.; Stegeman, JJ.; Wogan, GN., 1990:
C-K-ras oncogenes prevalence in livers of winter flounder from Boston Harbor

Balseiro, E.; Albarino, R., 2006:
C-N mismatch in the leaf litter-shredder relationship of an Andean Patagonian stream detritivore

Wu, D.; Zhang, S.; Zhuang, Z.; Pang, Q.uxang; Wang, C.; Wan, R., 2006:
C-banding pattern and nucleolar organizer regions of Cynoglossus semilaevis Gunther, 1873

Zhang, S.; Wang, C.; Chu, J., 2004:
C-banding pattern and nucleolar organizer regions of amphioxus Branchiostoma belcheri tsingtauense Tchang et Koo,1936

Grozeva, S.; Nokkala, S., 2003:
C-heterochromatin and extra (B) chromosome distribution in six species of the Nabis (Heteroptera, Nabidae) with the modal male karyotype 2n = 16 + XY

Roberts, F.L., 1965:
C-mitoses in the Centrarchidae Osteicnthyes 3

Fletcher, TC.; Balder, BA., 1976:
C-reactive protein-like precipitins in lumpsucker Cyclopterus lumpus L gametes

Anonymous., 1975:
C-type virus of Primates

Drake, C.J.; Froeschner, R., 1962:
C 1 A new myrrne-cophilous lacebug from Panana Hemiptera Tingidae

Caubet, Francois., 2001:
C Chrysocarabus auronitens festivus natio crassepunctus Lapouge, 1924 Coleoptera Carabidae Individual forms and teratology cases C Chrysocarabus auronitens festivus natio crassepunctus Lapouge, 1924 Coleoptera Carabidae Formes individuelles et cas teratologiques

Lepneva, S.G., 1947:
C Larvae of Trichoptera of the subfamily Macronematinae Trichoptera, Hydro-psychidae in the USSR

Ackert, J.E.; Lysenko, M.G., 1957:
C A Herrick

Sclater, P.L., 1907:
C A Wright

Cartier de Marchienne., 1927:
C Akeley Memorial number

Oudemans, A.C., 1929:
C D Sherborn en de Acarologie

Pinto., 1930:
C Eimeria carinii, nova especie Parasita de Mus E norwegicus do Brazil

Chalazonitis, N.; Chagneux, R.; Takeuchi, H.; Ducreux, C., 1969:
C Enregistrement simultane des pH, pCO2 et activite electrique des neurones geants en hypercaprie neurones identifiables dAplysia

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C F Laserons letter re Cowries

Bengtsson, S., 1900:
C G Thomson Minnesteckning With portrait

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C II On the significance of cold-resistance indices

Alexander, H.G., 1918:
C J Alexander

Sjostedt, Y., 1902:
C J Emil Haglund

Beecher, C.J., 1968:
C J P Ionides

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C J Sundevalls Einleitung zu seinem Versuch einer natur lichen Eintheilung der Vogelclasse

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C L An electrical apparatus for herpetological collecting

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C L Bramson

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C L E Perrotts selection of British Birds

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C L Notes on the Pipe-Fishes of California

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C L The Geology of the White Sands of Mexico

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C M NWhite on Australian Birds

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C M Wenyon, CMG, CBE, MB, BS, BSc, FRS Obituary portrait

D.A., 1956:
C Mathis

Schmitt, W.L., 1964:
C McLean Fraser an appreciation

Verco, Jos., 1913:
C Note on Harpa Eocithara punctata, Verco

Verco, Jos., 1912:
C Notes on South Australian Marine Mollusca with Des-criptions of Now Species-Part xv Adelaide S

Verco, Jos., 1909:
C Notes on South Australian Marine Mollusca with Descriptions of New Species Parts x xi xii Adelaide S Aust

Verco, Jos., 1910:
C Notes on South Australian Marine Mollusca with des-criptions of new species-Part xiii, Adelaide S

Verco, Jos., 1912:
C Notes on the Marino Shells of Western Australia with Descriptions of New Species

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C O Waterhouses list of insects from Silchester with a note on early identifications of insects in archaeological contexts

Lindroth, C.H., 1967:
C P J Petterssons coleoptersamling

Todd, K S.; Jr.; Hammond, DM., 1975:
C Protozoa Coccidia of Anseriformes, Galliformes and Passeriformes

Liebe, K.; Th., 1894:
C R Hennicke

Gheyselinck, P.F., 1937:
C R Permian Trilobites from Timor and Sicily with a Revision of their Nomenclature and Classification

Herman, C.M.; Schroder., 1939:
C R Treatment of amoebic dysentery in an Orang-Utan

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C Sempers Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen ii Malacologische Untersuchungen II Supplementheft iii Die Marseniaden

Verco, Jos., 1912:
C Shells from the Great Australian Bight

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C Sinistral Helix nemoralis at Bundoran

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C The Grasshopper Warbler Locustella naevia Bodd Danish breeding-bird

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C Toxicity of formic acid to ants

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C fraudactrix Ev jetzt auch in der Umgebung Lubecks

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CAT Survey of Portuguese Terrestrial Breeding Birds project The present situation O projecto CAT Comunidades de Aves Terrestres - um balanco possivel

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CDactylolabis Eudactylolabis vestigipennis Alexander, a xerophytic subapterous crane-fly new to California Diptera Tipulidae

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CEvoluoion de Trypanosoma cruzi en la cavidad celomica de Trialoma infestans

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CF Adams - An American taxidermist at Auckland Museum, 1885-86

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CG Thompsons collection of Coleoptera, with a complete list of Coleoptera described by him

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CM Wenyon

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C/C ratios as natural isotopic tracers elucidating calcification processes in reef-building and non-reef-building corals

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C14 dating of mammoth and woolly rhinoceros remains from the permafrost of Siberia

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C14 determination of the extent of chemosynthesis in the water of the Rybinsk water-reservoir

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C14-datering av molluskskae fran Fjaras bracka

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C14O2 production in the boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis, after injection of CM-1-acetate

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C20-carotenoids on the ocelli of Spirocodon saltatrix

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C3-3 Sea-cucumbers, sea-urchins, Ascidians, etc

Paulsen, I., 1976:
CAM - Zentrum der Meeresarchitektur

Bone, D.; Croquer, A.; Klein, E.; Perez, D.; Losada, F.; Martin, A.; Bastidas, C.; Rada, M.; Galindo, L.; Penchaszadeh, P., 2001:
CARICOMP program Long-term monitoring of marine ecosystems at Morrocoy National Park, Venezuela Programa caricomp Monitoreo a largo plazo de los ecosistemas marinos del parque Nacional Morrocoy, Venezuela

Not given., 1879:
CATALOGO della collezione di insetti italiani del R Museo di Firenze Serie ii Coleotteri

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CBSGs participatory approach to great ape conservation in Africa

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CCAMLR ecosystem monitoring and management future work

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CCAMLRs approach to managing Antarctic marine living resources

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CCGS W E Ricker Gulf of Alaska Salmon Survey, February 28 - March 27, 2006

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CCTAs annual conference 1963 Another milestone in progress toward pan-African wildlife management

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CD Rom of the Saturniidae/Sphingidae of Nicaragua CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae CD Rom Saturniidae/Spingidae

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CDNA cloning and characterization of type II procollagen 1 chain in the skate Raja kenojei

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CDNA cloning and expression analysis of molt-inhibiting hormone in the mud crab Scylla serrata

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CDNA cloning and functional expression of jerdostatin, a novel RTS- disintegrin from Trimeresurus jerdonii and a specific antagonist of the 11 integrin

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CDNA cloning and mRNA expression of the translationally controlled tumor protein TCTP gene from Japanese sea perch Lateolabrax japonicus

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CDNA cloning and phylogenetic analysis of growth hormone genes from the mullet Mugil platanus Mugilomorpha, Mugilidae and the halfbeak Hemiramphus brasiliensis Atherinomorpha, Hemiramphidae

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CDNA cloning, purification, properties, and function of a -1,3-glucan recognition protein from a pyralid moth, Plodia interpunctella

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CDNA sequencing of vitelline envelope protein and gene expression in Cichlasoma dimerus Teleostei, Perciformes induced by xenoestrogens

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cDNA-based gene mapping and GC3 profiling in the soft-shelled turtle suggest a chromosomal size-dependent GC bias shared by sauropsids

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CEGB Ladywalk Nature Reserve

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CES comes of age

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CES-project Sweden 2004 CES-Sverige 2004

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CETAS Wild Bird Screening Centre a means of fighting against animal trade CETAS uma ferramenta no combate ao trafico de animais

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CFAA, a fixing agent for insect tissue

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CFE 2004 summary report of the killiphile expedition to Cameroon - July 2004 CFE 2004 rapport du synthese sur lexpedition killiphile au Cameroun - Juillet 2004

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CGMP-stimulated protein kinase phosphorylates pyruvate kinase in an anoxia-tolerant marine mollusc

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CIESM atlas of exotic species in the Mediterranean Volume 3 Molluscs

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CIFT - TED construction, installation and operation

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CISNIAR artificial nest boxes made of cement and expanded clay I nidi artificiali in cemento e argilla espansa del CISNIAR

Baroni, Roberto., 2001:
CISNIAR cement/expanded clay artificial nest box for small Chiroptera Il nido artificiale in cemento-argilla espansa del CISNIAR per piccoli Chirotteri

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CITES - the protection and management of parrot keeping in Germany CITES - Schutz und Handhabung fur die Papageienhaltung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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CITES and DNA banking

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CITES and fruit bats

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CITES and other regulations regarding reptiles and amphibians in the United States

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CITES and reintroduction statements and risks CITES en herintroductie bepalingen en risicos

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CITES trade regulation of tortoises and freshwater turtles - a help or hindrance to conservation? CITES Handelsregulierungen fuer Schildkroeten - Hilfe oder Hindernis fuer den Artenschutz?

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CIxiidae nouveaux da Congo Beige Homoptera

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CNRS international meeting environmental constraints and instability adaptive strategies of recent and fossil organisms Lyon, France, 7-8 November 1995 Colloque international du CNRS contraintes et instabilite de lenvironnement strategies adaptatives des organismes recents et fossiles Lyon, France, 7-8 Novembre 1995

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CNS regulation of body temperature during hibernation

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CNS regulation of body temperature in euthermic and hibernating marmots (Marmota flaviventris)

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CNS regulation of body temperature in euthermic hibernators

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CNS regulation of metabolic rate in the kangaroo rat Dipodomys ingens

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CNS, CSF, and extradural fluid uptake of various hydrophilic materials in the dogfish

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CO 2 inhibition of Hydra growth

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CO binding by hemocyanins of Limulus polyphemus, Busycon carica, and Callinectes sapidus

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CO2 and water loss in scorpions

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CO2 concentration in the cavity of undried cocoon 2 Comparison between the observed and the theoretical values

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CO2 emissions from red wood ant Formica rufa group mounds Seasonal and diurnal patterns related to air temperature

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CO2 fixation in the nervous system 1 CO2 fixation in the sciatic nerve of the bullfrog

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CO2 fixation in the nervous system 2 Environmental effects on CO2 fixation in lobster nerve

Cheng, S.C.; Mela, P., 1966:
CO2 fixation in the nervous system 3 Effect of acetylcholine on CO2 fixation in lobster nerve

Oberhuber, Theo., 1995:
CODA launches a campaign to protect the last Iberian lynxes La CODA lanza una campana para proteger a los ultimos linces ibericos

Wilhelmsson, D., 2005:
CORDIO - Coral Reef Degradation in the Indian Ocean

Cose, W.I.C.Cosew, C., 2002:
COSEWIC Assessment and update status report on the long-billed curlew Numenius americanus in Canada

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CPE for post-hatchling loggerheads captured at the western Gulf Stream off Florida

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CPUE indices used in Soviet krill fishery statistics from 1977 to 1992 and their possible utility for evaluation of relative changes in krill biomass

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CS-records 1951-1960 CS-verslag 1951-1960

Perk, Frank., 2000:
CS-records 1961-1970 CS-verslag 1961-1970

Perk, Frank., 2000:
CS-records 1971-1980 CS-verslag 1971-1980

Perk, Frank., 2000:
CS-records 1981-1990 CS-verslag 1981-1990

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CS-records CS-verslag

Verkuil, Joop., 1999:
CS-report CS-verslag

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CSIRO division of wildlife research 1970-72 State WAN

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CT sectional and macroscopic examinations of the hip joint structure in the carcass of an adult and a fetus Orang-Utan

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Tomescu, N., 1972:
Ca 45 assimilation from food and its distribution in the body of some species of terrestrial isopods Revue roum

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Ca a Gigantic Polyzoan referable to Lichenopora, from the Miocene of Aireys Inlet, Vic-toria

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Ca++ controlled contraction-relaxation cycle in glycerinated amoeboid cells

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Ca et la en Egypte et dans lo Soudan anglo-egyptien

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Ca metabolism in the cuticle of diplopods Juloidea and woodlice Oniscoidea during intermoulting period

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Ca movements at rest and during potassium contracture in Mytilus ABRM

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Ca salts as skeleton material of invertebrates in relation to the passage of animals from sea-to fresh-water

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Ca-induced arrest response in triton-extracted lateral cilia of Mytilus gill

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Ca/Ba/Sr-induced conformational changes of ciliary axonemes

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Ca2+ and K+ ion effects on ultrastructure of isolated flounder kidney tubules

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Ca2+ uptake H+ ejection and respiration in sea urchin eggs on fertilization

Valkanov, MA.; Boev, KK., 1990:
Ca2+-channels in the somatic membrane of the N-mechanosensory neurons from medicinal leech

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