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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38037

Chapter 38037 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Malucelli, P., 1937:
Caai teratologici osservati nel Bombyx mori

Lebedev, BI., 1972:
Caballeraxine nom nov, - a new game for Axinella Lebdev, Paruchin et Roitman, 1970 Monogenoidea Trudy biol-pochvenn

Bussieras, J.; Bandin-Laurencin, F., 1971:
Caballerocotyla abidjani nsp Monogenea, Capsalidae, parasite des opercules du thon albacore, Thunnus albacares

Stunkard, H.W., 1962:
Caballerocotyla klawei sp n, a monogenetic trematode from the nasal capsule of Neolhurmus macropterus

Chaturvedi, Y.; Khera, S., 1977:
Caballeroides olitorius gennov sp nov Nematoda Aphelenchoididae from the rhizosphere of jute

Steinbacher, J., 1977:
Cabanisweber baut im Freiland

Kimball, S.A.; Bechard, M.J., 2003:
Cabarton bald eagle territory

Floch, H.; Lajudie, P. de., 1942:
Cabassus lugubris et Didelphis cancrivara naturellement infectees par S cruzi en Guyano FranYaise Triatoma rubrofasciata vecteur naturel

Martin, P.B., 1977 :
Cabbage looper, soybean looper, and tobacco budworm populations near Quincy, Florida seasonal abundance, host preference and suppression by natural enemies

Martin, P.B., 1977:
Cabbage looper, soybean looper, and tobacco budworm populations near Quiney, Florida seasonal abundance, host preference, and suppression by natural enemies

Mason, P.G.; Baute, T.; Olfert, O.; Roy, M., 2004:
Cabbage seedpod weevil, Ceutorhynchus obstrictus Marsham Coleoptera Curculionidae in Ontario and Quebec

Warnock, R., 2006:
Cabbage white butterflies in Regina

Morgan, R., 1967:
Cabbage white caterpillars

Ellis, E.A., 1944:
Cabbage-white butterflies in 1943

Lempke, B.J., 1945:
Cabera exanthemata Scop, and its forms

Lempke, B.J., 1939:
Caberapusaria L et ses formes

Klausewitz, W., 1975:
Cabillus anchialinae, eine neue Meergrundel von der Sinai-Halbinsel Pisces Gobiidae Gobiinae

Wagstaffe, R.; Williamson, K., 1947:
Cabinet changes in bird skins and their bearing on racial segregation

Anon., 1967:
Cables bend for tortoises

Toponce, D., 1973:
Cabo Pulmo reef

Timberlake, Jonathan., 2002:
Cabora Bassa annotated bibliography

Menu, S., 2005:
Cabot Head Bruce Peninsula bird observatory 2004 annual report

Heagy, Audrey., 2002:
Cabot Head Migration Monitoring Station 2001

Loetscher, F.W.; Jr., 1955:
Cabots Sandwich Tern in New Jersey

Pearson, T.; Gilbert., 1908:
Cabots Tern Sterna sandvicensis acuflavida breeding in North Carolina

Wayre, P., 1962:
Cabots Tragopan

Bangs, O., 1915:
Cabots types of Yucatan birds

Nosea, M.P., 1964:
Cabra serrana variedad barrena

Perez-Rivera, Raul A., 1998:
Cacatua alba - new record for Puerto Rico Cacatua alba - nuevo informe para Puerto Rico

Bhaduri, J.L.; Biswas, B., 1947:
Cacca of some Indian birds,

Bolasco, Gaido., 1906:
Caccia all Agrypuas notodonta Latr

Arrighi-griffoli, G., 1904:
Caccia alle Anitre con reti

Sturani, M., 1949:
Caccia grossa fra le erbe

Costantini, Alessandro., 1911:
Caccie ed osservazioni lepidotterologiche fatte nel 1907 a Montegibbio, Prov di Modena

Costantini, A., 1911:
Caccie lepidotterologiche nelle Alpi centrali

Fiori, A., 1905:
Caccie nuove e vecchie

Mancini, G., 1947:
Cacco invornali nei dintorni di Perugia Hemiptora

Veinger, G.M., 1970:
Cachalot colour from small grouping in the north part of the Pacific

Budker, P., 1958:
Cachalots pois dans les cables sous-marins

Preston, S.D.; Jacobs, L.F., 2005:
Cache decision making: the effects of competition on cache decisions in Merriam's kangaroo rat (Dipodomys merriami)

G.imaraes Jr, P.R.; Gomes, B.Z.; Ahn, Y.J.e; Galetti, M., 2005:
Cache pilferage in red-rumped agoutis Dasyprocta leporina Rodentia

Conreur, C., 1915:
Cachexia ossea dos equidos-Cachexia verminosa dos equideos-Cylicostomose

Chaltein, F., 1930:
Cachexia verminose dos bovinos

Rogers, L., 1904:
Cachexial fever in India associated with Cunningham-Leish man-Donovan bodies

Conreur, Ch., 1916:
Cachexie osseuse des Equides, Cachexie vermineuse des Equides, Cylicostomose

Lehman, J.G., 2003:
Caching of prey by northern hawk owl

Larsson, Hans., 2000:
Cachinnans for general birdwatchers Cachinnans for vanliga skadare

Balech, E., 1977:
Cachonina niei Loeblich Dinoflagellata y sus variaciones

O'Connor, JP.; Bond, KGM., 2005:
Cacoecimorpha pronubana Hb Lep Tortricidae in a Dublin glasshouse

Bello, A.; Belart, C., 1975:
Cacopaurus pestis Thorne, 1943 Nematoda Criconematoidea en Espana

Thorne, G., 1943:
Cacopaurus pestis nov gen, nov spec Nematoda Criconematinae, a destructive parasite of the walnut Fuglans regia Linn

Williston, S.W., 1910:
Cacops, Desmospondylus new genera of Permian vertebrates

Tedeschi, R.; Bondaz, F.; Alma, A., 2004:
Cacopsylla melanoneura Forster Homoptera Psyllidae as a vector of Apple Proliferation phytoplasma Cacopsylla melanoneura Forster Homoptera Psyllidae vettore del fitoplasma agente dellApple Proliferation

Burckhardt, D., 1999:
Cacopsylla pulchella Low, a jumping plant louse of the Judas tree, also recorded in Basel Hemiptera, Psylloidea Cacopsylla pulchella Low, eine Blattflohart des Judasbaums, auch in Basel Hemiptera, Psylloidea

Pujiula, R.P., 1945:
Cacos tera-tologicos, su descripcion, el mecanismo de su formacion explicacion cientifica

Topsent, xC., 1930:
Cacospongia scalaris Phakellia robusta

Julliard, C., 1947:
Cacoxenus indagator Loew Dipt Drosophilidae Contribution a la biologie dun parasite dOsmia rufa L

Muniz V., Raul., 1998:
Cactophagus spinolae Gyllenhal, 1838 Coleoptera Curculionoidea Rhynchophoridae, the prickly pear weevil Cactophagus spinolae Glyllenhal, 1838 Picudo del Nopal Coleoptera Curculionoidea Rhynchophoridae

Bailey, F.M., 1922:
Cactus Wrens nests in southern Arizona

Anteus, A., 1947:
Cactus Wrens use Extra nest, Towhee helps Cardinals feed their fledglings

Keasey, M S.; III., 1974:
Cactus birds

Hill, J.E., 1942 :
Cactus-paved runways of Neotoma albigula

Pignataro, C.; Vicidomini, S., 2006:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae in Agro-Nocerino-Sarnese SA Campania Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae nellAgro-Nocerino-Sarnese SA Campania

Vicidomini, S.; Francesco, R.; Roberto, V.; Antonio, C., 2006:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae in Benevento Provincie Campania Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae in provincia di Benevento Campania

Russo, Lucio., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 in Puglia and Campania southern Italy Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 en Pouille et Campanie Italie meridionale Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Mark, Hans-Georg., 1999:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, a new lycaenid species for Lanzarote Spain, Canary Islands Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, eine neue Lycaenidenart fur Lanzarote Spanien, Kanarische Inseln Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Merit, X.; Merit, V., 2002:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, a new species for the French departments of Drome and Loire Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, espece nouvelle pour les departements de la Drome et de la Loire Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Binon, Michel., 2005:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, the little beast that goes up in the Loiret Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, la petite bete qui monte dans le Loiret Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Hornemann, Andreas., 2004:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 first record from Fuerteventura Canary Islands Lepidoptera Lycaenidae and additional observations Erstnachweis von Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 fuer die Kanareninsel Fuerteventura Lepidoptera Lycaenidae and weitere Beobachtungen

Thorette, Jean., 1999:
Cacyreus marshalli - Butler Lepidoptera - Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli - Butler lepidopteres - Lycaenidae

Quivron, Damien., 2000:
Cacyreus marshalli Btlr in Haute-Provence Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Btlr en Haute-Provence Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Tropiano, Flavia Grazia., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae on geraniums in Campania Cacyreus marshalli Butler Lepidoptera Lycaenidae su gerani in Campania

Pasquier, Georges., 1998:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler 1897 Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, a new species from Gironde Une nouvelle espece apercue en Gironde Cacyreus marshalli Butler 1897 Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Fournal, Martin., 2001:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler at Tanneron Var Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler dans le Tanneron Var Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Gallet, Jean., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler in the Yonne region Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Btlr dans lYonne Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Acosta-Fernandez, B., 2005:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria Canary Islands, Spain Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 en Fuerteventura y Gran Canaria Islas Canarias, Espana Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Barbut, Jerome., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, observed in Paris Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Polyommatinae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, observe a Paris Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Polyommatinae

Blanchemain, J., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, out to conquer the Rhone-Alpes region Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, la conquete de la region Rhone-Alpes Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Torralba Burrial, Antonio., 1996:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 Lep, Lycaenidae The invasion of Huesca an achieved objective Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 Lep, Lycaenidae Invasion de Huesca objetivo conseguido

Yela, Jose Luis., 1996:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae in western Andalucia Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae en Andalucia Occidental

Suarez Fernandez, Avelino L., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 recorded from Asturias Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Registro de Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 en asturias Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Tarrier, Michel., 1998:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, a new species for France, Portugal and Morocco Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, espece nouvelle pour la France, le Portugal et le Maroc Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Verdugo Paez, Antonio., 1997:
Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 continuation of its peninsular expansion Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Polyommatinae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 continua su expansion peninsular Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae, Polyommatinae

Poot, J.; Wijnen, C.; Veling, K., 2003:
Cacyreus marshalli is now breeding in the Netherlands Voortplantend geranium-blauwtje in Nederland

Saggese, Pasquale., 2006:
Cadborosaurus willsi attributive inquiry

Raczynska, M.; Zurawska, J.; Czachorowski, S., 2000:
Cadddis flies of Rurzyca and Tywa Rivers at the Szczecin Lowlands north-western Poland Chrusciki rzeki Rurzycy i Tywy na Nizinie Szczecinskiej polnocno-zachodnia Polska

Cios, Stanislaw., 2006:
Caddis and anglers X Glossosomatidae Chrusciki i wedkarze X Glossosomatidae

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Caddis flies Trichoptera and pitcher plants

Malicky, H., 1998:
Caddis flies Trichoptera from Java and Sumatra, with a revision of some Ulmer types from the Hamburg Museum Kocherfliegen Trichoptera von Java und Sumatra, mit Revision einiger Ulmer-Typen aus dem Hamburger Museum

Majecki, Janusz., 2000:
Caddis flies Trichoptera from kettle holes of the Kujawy region Chrusciki Trichoptera zaglebien srodpolnych poludniowej czesci Kujaw

Majecki, J.; Majecka, K., 2002:
Caddis flies Trichoptera in springs of the nature reserve Struga Dobieszkowska Chrusciki Trichoptera zrodlisk w rezerwacie Struga Dobieszkowska

Shubina, V.N., 2006:
Caddis flies Trichoptera in the benthos and food of fish from streams of the Pechora-Ilych State biosphere Reserve, the northern Urals

Czachorowski, Stanislaw., 1998:
Caddis flies Trichoptera of the Bialowieza Forest - the state of knowledge Chrusciki Trichoptera Puszczy Bialowieskiej - stan poznania

Tobias, Wolfgang., 1999:
Caddis flies - new records from the Lower Main in Hesse Trichoptera Kocherfliegen-Neufunde vom unteren Main in Hessen Trichoptera

Lepneva, S.G., 1961:
Caddis flies Rhyacophila forcipulata Mart and Rh bacurianica Lepn Trichoptera, Annulipalpia in the Caucasus

Czachorowski, S.; Gruzewski, M.; Pakulnicka, J., 2000:
Caddis flies Trichoptera and water beetles Coleoptera from springs and runoffs in the vicinity of Drozdowo north-eastern Poland Chrusciki Trichoptera i chrzaszcze wodne Coleoptera zrodel i ich odplywow okolic Drozdowa polnocno-wschodnia Polska

Czacharowski, S.; Buczynski, P., 2004:
Caddis flies in an agricultural landscape the larvae of Trichoptera of the Krzczonow Landscape Park south-astern Poland Chrusciki w krajobrazie rolniczym larwy Trichoptera Krzczonowskiego Parku krajobrazowego poludniowo-wschodnia Polska

Riedel, W., 1960:
Caddis flies new to the fauna of Poland Trichoptera

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Caddis flies of Germany and adjacent regions 4th Conference in Bad Bevensen 16 - 18 March 2001 Koecherfliegen Deutschlands und angrenzender Regionen 4 Fachtagung in Bad Bevensen 16 bis 18 Maerz 2001

Krusnik, Ciril., 1995:
Caddis flies of the Pohorje Pohorske mladoletnice

Lepneva, S.G., 1964:
Caddis flies of the tribe Baicalinini Mart Trichoptera, Limnophilidae Larval stages

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Caddis flies Phryganeida

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Caddis fly fauna in the big rivers of Latria

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Caddis fly larvae Trichoptera of the family Rhyacophilidae Morphology and description of species

Dalrymple, G.H., 1970:
Caddis fly larvae feeding upon eggs of Ambystoma t trigrinum

Pietrzak, L.; Zawal, A., 2005:
Caddis larvae in the vicinity of Szczecinek north-west Poland Larwy chruscikow z okolic Szczecinka zachodniopomorskie

Czachorowski, S.; Serafin, E.; Buczynski, P., 2002:
Caddis-flies Insecta Trichoptera of the Lublin province - the state of knowledge Chrusciki Insecta Trichoptera wojewodztwa Lubelskiego - stan poznania

Majewski, T., 2004:
Caddis-flies Trichoptera of Lake Babiety Wielkie Chrusciki Trichoptera Jeziora Babiety Wielkie

Riedel, W., 1966:
Caddis-flies Trichoptera of the streams of the Bieszczady Mts

Czachorowski, S.; Pietrzak, L., 2002:
Caddis-flies Trichoptera of Pomerania - state of knowledge of their regional distribution Chrusciki Trichoptera Pomorza - stan poznania rozmieszczenia regionalnego

Spuris, SD., 1972:
Caddis-flies in Latvian lakes

Ilyushina, TL., 1972:
Caddis-flies, new additional hosts of Prosthogonimus ovatus Trematoda, Prosthogonimidae

Ilyushina, TL., 1973:
Caddis-flies, new definitive hosts of Prosthogonimus ovatus Trematoda, Prosthogonimidae

Swinton, A.H., 1883:
Caddis-fly Hunting in 1882

Tsuda, M.; Akagi, I., 1963:
Caddis-fly larvae from Karakoram

Milne, M.J.; Milne, L.J., 1938:
Caddis-worms Trichoptera as ideal indicator organisms for respirational studies of small animals

Krecker, F.H., 1920:
Caddis-worms as agents in distribution of freshwater sponges

Clarke, C.H., 1891:
Caddis-worms of Stony Brook

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Caddis A short account of the biology of British Caddis flies with special reference to the immature stages Field Study Books 5

Malicky, Hans., 2003:
Caddisflies Insecta, Trichoptera in a light trap near the Schlaegl Monastery Muehlviertel, upper Austria, with remarks on the caddisfly fauna of the Austrian side of the Bohemian Forest Lichtfallenfang von Koecherfliegen Insects, Trichoptera beim Stift Schlagl Muehlviertel, Oberoesterreich, mit Bemerkungen ueber die Trichopterenfauna des oesterreichischen Anteils des Boehmerwaldes

Robert, B., 1998:
Caddisflies Insecta Trichoptera as typical inhabitants of springs in Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany Quelltypische Kocherfliegen Insecta Trichoptera in Nordrhein-Westfalen Deutschland - Ein Uberblick

Tillyard, R.J., 1925:
Caddisflies Order Trichoptera from the Chatham Islands

Ross, E., 2006:
Caddisflies Trichoptera collected from Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire and Minsmere, Suffolk during 2004-2005

Malicky, Hans., 2003:
Caddisflies Trichoptera from Kullu valley India, Himachal Pradesh emergence studies and faunistics Koecherfliegen Trichoptera aus dem Kullu-Tal Indien, Himachal Pradesh Emergenzuntersuchungen und Faunistik

Malicky, H., 1996:
Caddisflies Trichoptera from the Island of Brissago, Ticino Southern Switzerland Kocherfliegen von der Insel Brissago, Kanton Tessin Trichoptera

Malicky, Hans., 1999:
Caddisflies Trichoptera from the Marchfeld Canal Lower Austria Kocherfliegen Trichoptera vom Marchfeldkanal Niederosterreich

Malicky, Hans., 2004:
Caddisflies Trichoptera from the South Urals Russia Koecherfliegen Trichoptera aus dem Suedurai Russland

Malicky, H., 1999:
Caddisflies Trichoptera from the Visperterminen area, 800-1400 m Switzerland, Wallis canton Kocherfliegen Trichoptera aus der Umgebung von Visperterminen, 800-1400 m Schweiz, Kanton Wallis

Arefina, TI., 2006:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of Moneron Island

Czachorowski, Stanislaw., 2006:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of protected areas in Belarus Chruoeciki rezerwatu Zvanec Bialorus

Beketov, Mikhail A., 2006:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of south-western Siberia new zoogeographical records, aquatic habitat preferences and flight periods

Lukas, J.; Krno, I., 2003:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of the Gidra River basin

Gullefrs, B.; J.hansn,, 2007:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of the Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea Gotlands nattslandor Trichoptera

Czachorowski, S.; Buczynski, P.; Stryjecki, R., 2000:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of the Janowskie Forests Landscape Park Chrusciki Trichoptera Parku Krajobrazowego Lasy Janowskie

Uherkovich, A.; Nogradi, S., 2005:
Caddisflies Trichoptera of the Mecsek Mts, a low, isolated mountain range in south Hungary

Nozaki, T.; Nakamura, S., 2007:
Caddisflies Tricoptera collected from Hiroshima Prefecture, western Honshu, Japan II

Cios, Stanislaw., 2005:
Caddisflies and fishing VIII Phryganeidae Chrusciki i wedkarze VIII Phryganeidae

Haase, Peter., 1998:
Caddisflies as characteristic species in calcareous brooks in the central mountainous area of Germany Kocherfliegen als Charakterarten colliner und submontaner Kalkbache in den deutschen Mittelgebirgen

Szczepanski, Witold., 2005:
Caddisflies from Biskupiec Bishoffsburg, NE Poland - first report Pierwsze doniesienie o chruscikach z Biskupca

Graf, W.; Hutter, G., 2004:
Caddisflies from Vorarlberg II - contribution to the knowledge on the Trichoptera of the Alter Rhein - a comparison of two different ecomorphic sites Koecherfliegen aus Vorarlbert II- Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Trichopteren des Alten Rheins - ein Vergleich zweier oekomorphologisch unterschiedlicher Standorte

Adamek, H., 2006:
Caddisflies from springs of Lake Kubek and some notes on the habitat preferences of Crunoecia irrorata Chrusciki zrodlisk jez Kubek i kilka uwag o preferencjach siedliskowych Crunoecia irrorata

Cohen, Santiago A., 2004:
Caddisflies from the Instituto-Fundacion Miguel Lillo Province of Tucuman, Argentina Tricopteros depositados en la coleccion del Instituto-Fundacion Miguel Lillo Tucuman, Argentina

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Caddisflies from the inner city of Landshut at the River Isar, 1985-2000 Koecherfliegenfaenge in der Innenstadt von Landshut an der Isar, 1985-2000

Buczynska, Edyta., 2006:
Caddisflies from the vicinity of Dubiecko Przemysl Foothills Chrusciki okolic Dubiecka Pogorze Przemyskie

Hoffsten, Per-Ola., 2000:
Caddisflies new to Halsingland - with information on places of capture and rarity For Halsingland nya nattslandor - med uppgifter om fangstplatser och sallsynthet

Wichard, Wilfried., 2000:
Caddisflies of Dominican amber XI Ochrotrichia aliceae n sp nov, a new fossil hydroptilid specimen Insecta, Trichoptera Koecherfliegen des Dominikanischen Bernsteins XI Ochrotrichia aliceae n sp, eine neue fossile Hydroptilidae Insecta, Trichoptera

Graf, W.; Schmidt-Kloiber, A.; Moritz, C., 1998:
Caddisflies recorded from Austria Kocherfliegenfunde aus Osterreich

Kawase, N.; Matsumura, T.; Kuranishi, R.; Hisamatsu, M., 2004:
Caddisfly Insecta, Trichoptera fauna of upstream area of Koise river basin in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, collected by malaise traps

Skuja, A., 2005:
Caddisfly Trichoptera communities in the microhabitats of small streams in Latvia

Buczynska, E., 2006:
Caddisfly assemblages Insecta, Trichoptera of valley water bodies of Wieprz and Tysmienica Rivers marginal stream valley Wieprz

Mey, W., 1998:
Caddisfly fauna of the Fan Si Pan Massif in north Vietnam 3 Descriptions of further new species Trichoptera Die Kocherfliegenfauna des Fan Si Pan-Massivs in Nord-Vietnam 3 Beschreibung weiterer neuer Arten Trichoptera

Kobayashi, M., 1973:
Caddisfly fauna of the vicinity of Yamagata Prefecture with descriptions of thirteen new species

Kobayashi, M., 1959:
Caddisfly fauna of the vicinity of Yoshii-Machi, Fukuoka Prefecture, with descriptions of five new species

Gutjahr, Axel., 2002:
Caddisfly larvae Koecherfliegenlarven

Hsu, J.; Chen, P.; Bibi, R., 2005:
Caddisfly nest size in different water flow rates

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Caddisfly records Insecta, Trichoptera from north and central Germany Koecherfliegenfaenge Insecta, Trichoptera aus Nord- und Mitteldeutschland

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Caddisfly records for Leicestershire Transactions Leicester lit phil

Malicky, H., 2003:
Caddisfly records from Gotthard pass area 2090-2120 m, canton Ticino Trichoptera Koecherfliegenfaenge vom Gotthardpassgebiet 2090-2120 m, Kanton Tessin Trichoptera

Tomo, A.P., 1970:
Cadenas troficas observadas en la bahia de Puerto Paraiso Peninsula Antarctica en relacion con las variaciones de la fertilidad de sus Aguas

Tomo, A.P., 1970:
Cadenas troficas observadas en la bahia de Puerto Paraiso Peninsula Antarctica en relation con las variaciones de la fertilidad de sus Aguas

Labitte, A., 1960:
Cadence et capacite de ponte chez quelques oiseaux

Lemche, H., 1965:
Cadlina Bergh, 1878 Gastropoda proposed validation under the plenary powers ZN S 582

Opinion 812., 1967:
Cadlina Bergh, 1878 Gastropoda validated under the plenary powers

Pranskevicius, A.A., 1971:
Cadmea, a new ostracode genus from Lower Silurian of South Baltic

Saglamtimur, B.; Cicik, B.; Erdem, C., 2004:
Cadmium accumulation in liver, kidney, gill and muscle tissues of freshwater bream Oreochromis niloticus L 1758 after a short-term exposure to copper-cadmium mixture Kisa Sureli Bakir-Kadmiyum Etkilesiminde Tatlisu cipurasi Oreochromis niloticus L 1758 nin Karaciger, Bobrek, Solungac ve 1991 ve Kas Dokularindaki Kadmiyum Birikimi

Jang, S.; Kim, S.-Gil; Kang, J., 2002:
Cadmium accumulation in tissue of olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaeus during long term exposure

Nuorteva, P.; Nuorteva, S.-Liisa.; Tuliaho, E.; Tamminen, P., 2001:
Cadmium and its metal antagonists in the ecophysiology of insects Kadmium ja sen antagonistimetallit hyonteisten ekofysiologiassa

Kim, S.; Lee, J.; Lee, D., 2006:
Cadmium and lead levels of loons wintering in Korea

Nuorteva, P.; Nuorteva, S.-Liisa.; Soderman, G.; Tulisalo, E., 2006:
Cadmium and manganese as dangers for bumblebee biology Kadmium ja mangaani vaarana kimalaisten menestymiselle

Rouabah, L.; Descamps, M., 2001:
Cadmium bioaccumulation in three Oligochaeta species Lumbricus terrestris, Allolobophora chlorotica and Dendrobaena pygmea Bioaccumulation du cadmium chez trois oligochetes, Lumbricus terrestris, Allolobophora chlorotica et Dendrobaena pygmea

Kwak, H-s., 1990:
Cadmium bioaccumulation of the crab Macrophthalmus Mareotis japonicus de Haan - low level calcium and salinity effects in the carapace

Radhakrishnan, MV.; Arul Jothi, B.; Hemalatha, S., 2006:
Cadmium chloride induced toxic effects on the skin of Channa striatus Bloch

Jeelani, S., 1990:
Cadmium chloride intoxication on hexokinase in vital organs of three freshwater teleosts

Cuthbert, KC.; Brown, AC.; Orren, MJ., 1976:
Cadmium concentrations in the tissue of Bullia digitalis Prosobranchiata from the South African west coast

Schulz-Schroeder, G.; Bracht, S.; Neumann-Mumme, U.; Geuchen, P., 1999:
Cadmium contamination of hares Lepus europaeus Pallas in agriculturally used ares of the southern Lower Rhine Cadmiumbelastung von Feldhasen Lepus europaeus Pallas in landwirtschaftlich genutzten Gebieten des sudlichen Niederrheins

Kim, S.; Jang, S.-Woo; Kang, J., 2003:
Cadmium elimination in tissue of olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus after long-term exposure

Muller, G.; Prosi, F., 1977:
Cadmium in Fischen des mittleren und unteren Neckars Veranderungen seit 1973

Talbot, VW.; Magee, RJ.; Hussain, M., 1976:
Cadmium in Port Phillip Bay mussels Marine Pollut

Norheim, G.; Nilssen, K., 1990:
Cadmium in Svalbard reindeer

Miramand, P.; Guyot, T.; Huet, V.; Pigeot, J., 2001:
Cadmium in planktonic and suprabenthic species collected in Gironde estuary and plume Le cadmium dans les especes planctoniques et suprabenthiques collectees dans lestuaire et dans le panache de la Gironde

Chakrabarti, P.; Ghosh, AR., 2004:
Cadmium induced alterations in the testes of freshwater teleost Mystus vittatus Bloch during growth, maturation and spawning phases

Rengel-Zambrano, I.; Salas-Auvert, R.; Chavez, M.; Gonzalez, A.; Borges, B.; Bonalde, E., 1997:
Cadmium induced, histological and genetic damage in red tilapia Pisces Cichlidae, Oreochromis sp Respuestas histologicas y geneticas inducidas por el cadmio en la tilpia roja pisces Cichlidae, Oreochromis sp

Shore, R.; Carney, G.; Stygall, T., 1975:
Cadmium levels and carbohydrate metabolism in limpets Marine Pollut

Sikorska, J.; Wolnicki, J., 2006:
Cadmium toxicity to rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus L larvae after short-term exposure

Voloz, J.; Simm, M.; Jankovski, H.; Kotta, I., 1990:
Cadmium, lead, copper and zinc concentrations in Mesidotea entomon in the Gulf of Finland southern coast

Muller, G.; Forstner, U., 1973:
Cadmium-Anreicherung in Neckar-Fischen

Shakoori, AR.; Ali, T.; Iqbal, MJ.; Ali, SS., 1990:
Cadmium-induced biochemical changes in liver and muscle of a freshwater fish, Cirrhina mrigala

Zhang, C.; Huang, F.; Li, M.; Lu, S.; Zhu, J.; Wu, Y., 2006:
Cadmium-induced changes in the markers of erythrocyte mincronulei and peroxydases in liver of Boleophthalmus pectinirostris

Tafanelli, R.; Summerfelt, RC., 1975:
Cadmium-induced histopathological changes in goldfish No

Courville, P.; Marchand, D.; Bonnot, A.; Raffray, M.; Doublet, S., 1996:
Cadoceratinae ammonites of boreal origins from the Middle and Upper Callovian of Haute-Marne and the Cote-d Or Cadoceratinae ammonites d origine boreale dans le Callovien moyen et superieur de la Haute-Marne et de la Cote-d Or

Abdullah, M., 1964:
Cadogenius iquitosensis, a new species of Eurygeniini Coleoptera, Anthicidae, Pedilinae from Peru

Seyed-Emami, K.; Schairer, G.; Ali Aghanabati, S.; Fursich, F.T.; Senowbari-Daryan, B.; Reza Majidifard, M., 1998:
Cadomites from the lower Baghamshah Formation Late Bathonian, Middle Jurassic of SW Tabas Central Iran Cadomites aus der unteren Baghamshah-Formation Oberbathon, Mittlerer Jura SW Tabas Zentraliran

Scheibner, E., 1967:
Cadosinopsis, nouveau genre du Cretace superieur de la zone des Klippes Carpathes occidentales

Forel, A., 1917:
Cadre synoptique actuel de la faune universelle des fourmis

Emerson, W.K., 1971:
Cadulus Gadila perpusillus Sowerby, 1832,an earlier name for C G panamensis Sharp and Pilsbry, 1898

Osborn, H.F., 1923:
Cadurcotherium from Mongolia

Curtean-Banaduc, A.; Ciubuc, F.; Ciubuc, C., 2006:
Cadysfly Insecta, Trichoptera larvae communities of Barbat River basin Retezat Mountains, Romania

Moorhouse, S., 1950:
Cadzow Wild Cattle

Mohteda, S.N., 1956:
Caecal trichomonads in a chick

Lewis, JJ.; Bowman, TE., 1977:
Caecidotea carolinensis, n sp the first subterranean water slater from North Carolina Crustacea Isopoda Asellidae

Hofer, Daniel., 1998:
Caecilians in the wild and in captivity Observations from 20 years of amateur research Amphibia Gymnophiona Blindwuhlen im Freiland und in Gefangenschaft Beobachtungen aus 20-jahriger Amateurforschung Amphibia Gymnophiona

Bernhardt, Karl-Heinz., 1997:
Caecilians Familiarization with these strange caudates Blindwuhlen Wer kennt schon diese merkwurdigen Schleichlurche?

Grensted, L.W., 1926:
Caeciliodes acicula Mull in an unusual locality

Pearman, J.V., 1925:
Caecillus corticis Pearman synonymy and notes

Luling, K.H., 1957:
Caecobarbus geertsi Boulenger-seine Entdeckung, Verbreitung und Lebensweise-und nochmals Anoptichthys jordani Hubbs und Innes

Coineau, Y.; Haupt, J., 1976:
Caeculiden im mitteldeutschen Raum Caeculus echinipes Acari, Actinotrichida, Actinedida

Pilsbry, HA., 1951:
Caecum biminicola, new species

Weinberg., 1906:
Caecum des Singes inferieurs

Anonymous., 1972:
Caecum digitulum Hedley

Kisch, B.S., 1959:
Caecum folini nom nov

Benisch, J., 1958:
Caedax 547, eine neues Einbettungs-mittel fur Plankton-Organismen

Ferrer, Julio., 2002:
Caedius Mulsant and Cyptus Gerstaecker from the Afrotropical region Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Opatrini Les Caedius Mulsant et Cyptus Gerstaecker de la region afrotropicale Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Opatrini

Ng, H.H.e; Kottelat, M., 2005:
Caelatoglanis zonatus, a new genus and species of the Erethistidae Teleostei Siluriformes from Myanmar, with comments on the nomenclature of Laguvia and Hara species

Mayer, P.; Heider, A.; Von., 1893:
Caelenterata Bericht uber 1893

Badih, A.; Pascual, F., 1998:
Caelifera Insecta, Orthoptera from the Rif and lower Moulouya Basin northern Morocco Los Caelifera Insecta, Orthoptera del norte de Marruecos Rif y depresion baja del Muluya

Ciplak, B.; Demirsoy, A.; Bozcuk, A.N.hat., 1996:
Caelifera fauna of Orthoptera, Insecta Malatya District Malatya ve civari Caelifera Orthoptera, Insecta faunasi

Xu, I., 1962:
Caelocrinus-a new genus of sea lily from the mid-Silurian of the province of Szechwan

Weise, J., 1894:
Caelopterus armeniacus

O'Connor, JP., 2003:
Caenacis lauta Walker Hym, Pteromalidae, new to Ireland

Ocioszynska-Wolska, J., 1937:
Caenestheria tadei n sp eine neue Phyllopodenart aus der Umgebung von Saratov in der Sowjetunion

Stoicescu, Aureliu., 2004:
Caenestheriella variabilis Daday Conchostraca Crustacea, a species new to the faune of Romania and its validity Caenestheriella variabilis Daday Conchostraca Crustacea espece nouvelle pour la faune de Roumaine et sa validite

Sziraki, Gyorgy., 2000:
Caenis beskidensis Sowa, 1973 Ephemeroptera Caenidae and Elipsocus nuptialis Roesler, 1954 Psocoptera Elipsocidae, insect species, new to the fauna of Hungary Magyarorszag faunajara uj rovarfajok Caenis beskidensis Sowa, 1973 Ephemeroptera Caenidae es Elipsocus nuptialis Roesler, 1954 Psocoptera Elipsocidae

Froehlich, C.G., 1969:
Caenis cuniana spn, a parthenogenetic mayfly

Bruggen, A.C. van., 1954:
Caenis demoulini, a new Ephemeropteron from Thailand

Braasch, D.; Michels, U.; Grundler, B., 1998:
Caenis rivulorum Eaton, 1884 Ephemeroptera - new for the Land of Brandenburg Caenis rivulorum Eaton, 1884 Ephemeroptera - neu fur das Land Brandenburg

Hamalainen, Heikki., 1995:
Caenis robusta Eaton Ephemeroptera, Caenidae in the Siikalahti Wetland Nature Reserve, SE Finland

Donisthorpe, H., 1918:
Caenocara subglobosa a species of Coleoptera new to Britain

Bradley, J.C., 1905:
Caenocephus in America

Genaro, JA.; Peck, S.B., 1995:
Caenocholax fenyesi in Cuba Strepsiptera Myrmecolacidae Caenocholax fenyesi en Cuba Strepsiptera Myrmecolacidae

Buitron, BE., 1975:
Caenocidaris cf C cucumifera Agassiz equinoide del Jurasico superior de Chihuahua

Okada, T., 1975:
Caenogenesis versus palaeogenesis in view of the character continuities

Giard, A., 1902:
Caenomorphisme et caenodynamisme

Tutt, J.W., 1904:
Caenonympha mathewi, n sp

Read, RWJ., 1976:
Caenopsis fissirostris Col Curculionidae in Cumbria

Alonso-Zarazaga, MA.; Ugarte San Vicente, I., 2001:
Caenopsis larraldei Perris, 1857, first record of the species for the Iberian Fauna Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae Caenopsis larraldei Perris, 1857, especie nueva para la fauna iberica Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae

Beaucournu, JC.; Gil Collado, J., 1975:
Caenopsylla laptevi relicta ssp nova Siphonaptera, Leptosyllidae parasite de lapin en France et en Espagne

Nickle, W.R.; Ayre, G.L., 1966:
Caenorhabditis dolichura A scheider, 1866 Dougherty Rhabditidae, Nematoda in the head glands of the ants Camponotus herculeanus L and Acanthomyops daviger Roger in Ontario

Allen, A.A., 1970:
Caenoscelis subdeplanata Bris Col, Cryptophagidae in Berks, and again at Blackheath, SE

Johnson, C., 1966:
Caenoscelis subdeplanata Bris Col, Cryptophagidae a beetle new to Britain

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Caenozoic Amphineura, Gastropoda, Lamelli-branchiata, Scaphopoda Rijksmuseum Geol Misc

Lindsay, J.M., 1970:
Caenozoic Foraminifera and stratigraphy of the Adelaide Plains Sub-Basin, South Australia

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Caenozoic fauna of the central Kazakhstan steppes

Lyneborg, L., 1976:
Caenozona Krdber, 1912, and Reinigiellum Enderlein, 1933, two new synonyms of Thereva Latreille, 1796, and Thereva freidbergi, nom nov for T arcuata Krdber, 1912 nec Loew, 1847 Diptera Therevidae

Lan Xin.; Wang Shumei., 1977:
Caeonozoic fossil lamellibranchs from Jiangsu Province Memoirs Nanjing Inst

Batson, R., 1949:
Caesarean birth of a brood of Natrix sipedon sipedon

Vandeventer, TL.; Schmidt, M., 1977:
Caesarean section on a western gaboon viper Bids gabonica rhinoceros

Vorhies, C.T., 1921:
Caesarian operation on Lepus alleni, and notes on the young

Anon., 1967:
Caesarian operation on hyaena

Pauly, A.; Strauss, G., 2002:
Caesarian section of a golden-headed lion tamarin Leontopithecus chrysomelas with development of a mummified foetus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leonthopithecus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leonthopithecus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leonthopithecus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leonthopithecus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leonthopithecus Kaiserschnitt bei einem Goldkopfloewenaeffchen Leontho

Metz, A., 1967:
Caesarian section on chinchillas

Colosi, G., 1916:
Caesaromysides Liguriae n gen, n sp

Narayanan, N.; Eapen, J., 1971:
Caesium-137 in tissues of the lizard, Hemidactylus leschenaulti

Glassberg, J.; Robbins, R.K., 2005:
Cafe con leche in a Mexican forest a rare hairstreak makes a guest appearance in Mexico

Caputo, C., 1967:
Caffeine- and potassium-induced contractures in frog striated muscle fibers in hypertonic solutions

Sandow, A.; Brunst, M., 1966:
Caffine potentiation of twitch tension in frog sartorius muscle

Moore, I., 1974:
Cafius sulcicollis LeConte from the Gulf of California Coleoptera Staphylinidae Coleopterists

Meade-waldo, E.G.B., 1905:
Cage birds in Frankfurt Zoological Gardens

Kemp, R., 1903:
Cage birds in Sierra Leone

Nelson, R., 1972:
Cage breeding Senegal parrots yellow bellied

Pagan-Font, FA., 1975:
Cage culture as a mechanical method for controlling reproduction of Tilapia aurea Steindachner

Anonymous., 1971:
Cage culture in White Oak Lake

Holt, R.; Strawn, K., 1977:
Cage culture of seven fish species in a power plant effluent characterized by wide salinity fluctuations

Lhoste, J., 1946:
Cage delevage

Chance, MRA., 1976:
Cage design for simultaneous breeding and group behavioural studies

Wallace, M.E., 1963:
Cage design principles, practice and cost

Webb, PD.; Rice, MJ.; Dunlop, P., 1976:
Cage for herbivorous insects

Shatoury, H.H., 1968:
Cage for use in feeding experiments with insects

Kazama, T., 1974:
Cage observation of wounded Ural owls and their egg-laying in captivity

Neumann, C.P.; Klopfer, P.H., 1969:
Cage size and discrimination tests in birds a methodological caution

Ades, D.; Lemaitre, R., 1990:
Cages et modules delevage pour chenilles

Jacobs, J.M. van Heukelem, W.F.; Gieseker, C.; Harrell, R.M., 2004:
Caging Atlantic Menhaden collection, husbandry, and in situ bioassays with a sensitive estuarine species

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Caging systems and colony design features at the Regional Primate Research Centre, University of Washington

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Cahiers de Paleontologie VI Embranchements des Arthropodes

Chaix, Christian., 1999:
Cahuzacopsammia meandrinoides nov gen et sp, dendrophylliid scleractinian coral from the Upper Oligocene of Aquitaine France Cahuzacopsammia meandrinoides nov gen et sp, scleractiniaire dendrophylliide de lOligocene superieur dAquitaine France

Heinzelin, J. de., 1965:
Cailloutis de wissant, capture de Marquise et percee de Warcove

Oliver, J.A., 1951:
Caiman Lizarda Reptile Rarity

Ashok.; Misra, SB., 1990:
Caiman breeding in captivity at Kukrail

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Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis Medem 1955 im Terrarium

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Caiman latirostrie from the Pleistocene of Argentina and a Summary of South American Cenozoio Crocodilia

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Caiman latirostris Daudin broad-snouted Caiman

Yanosky, AA.; Mercolli, C., 1995:
Caiman latirostris and Caiman yacare in the Ecological Reserve El Bagual Formosa, Argentina Caiman latirostris y Caiman yacare en la Reserva Ecologica El Bagual Formosa, Argentina

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Caimanoidea visheri a new Crocodilian from the Oligocene of South Dakota

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Caimans and crocodiles in the narrative of Humboldt Caimanes y babas en la narrativa de Humboldt

Viggiani, Giuseppe., 2001:
Cainism and exceptionally late fledgeing flight of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos of the southern Apennines Cainismo ed involo eccezionalmente ritardati di aquila reale Aquila chrysaetos nellAppennino meridionale

Schnizler, Alexandra., 1999:
Cainism in kittiwakes Kainismus bei Dreizehenmowen

Haraszthy, L.; Bagyura, J.; Szitta, T., 1996:
Cainism in the lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina and its prevention Zum Kainismus des Schreiadlers Aquila pomarina und seiner Verhinderung

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Cainotroposes-one of the chief directions of evolutionary process

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Cainozoic fossils from Oamaru

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Cainozoic fossils of Queensland Publs

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Cainozoic geology of the Mallee and other Victorian bores

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Cainozoic history of Mowbray Swamp and other areas of North-Western Tasmania

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Cairns N Queensland Notes

Knight, BJ., 1973:
Cairns curiosities

Chagneaux, R., 1964:
Caisson de compression pour techniques microelectrophysiologiques

Roebuck, W.D., 1918:
Caithness slugs

Puttmans, A., 1923:
Caixinhas para criacao e observacao de pequenos l animaes

Gaal, S., 1999:
Cajetan and Rufold Felder, two important lepidopterists of the 19th century Cajetan und Rudolf Felder, zwei bedeutende Lepidopterologen des 19 Jahrhunderts

Cimatti, Emanuele., 2003:
Calabaria reinhardtii African burrowing python

Stefani, Tde., 1954:
Calabriano del territorio compreso fra Gela, Niscemi, Caltagirone e Vittoria

Rausch, H.; Aspoeck, H.; Aspoeck, U., 2004:
Calabroraphidia renate n gen, n sp - a new species and a new genus of the family Raphidiidae from southern Italy Neuropterida Raphidioptera Calabroraphidia renate n gen, n sp - eine neue Spezies und ein neues Genus der Familie Raphidiidae aus Sueditalien Neuropterida, Raphidioptera

Maia, A.C.D.; Schlindwein, C., 2006:
Caladium bicolor (Araceae) and Cyclocephala celata (Coleoptera, Dynastinae): a well-established pollination system in the Northern Atlantic rainforest of Pernambuco, Brazil

Serventy, D.L., 1937:
Calamanthus forms in the Sharks Bay district, Western Australia

Holtzinger-Tenever, H., 1916:
Calamaria borneensis Blkr nov subsp

Duges, A., 1896:
Calamarides du groupe des Conopsis ou Oxyrhina

Van Ooststroom, S.J., 1968:
Calameuta filiformis Eversm, een vergeten halmwesp Hym, Cephid

Michalcewicz, Jakub., 2003:
Calamobius filum Rossi, 1790 Coleoptera Cerambycidae erroneously reported from Poland verification of literature data Calamobius filum Rossi, 1790 Coleoptera Cerambycidae omylkowo wykazany z Polski - weryfikacja danych z pismiennictwa

Thome, Claude., 1998:
Calamobius filum Rossi in Brittany Col Cerambycidae Calamobius filum Rossi en Bretagne Col Cerambycidae

Agassiz, A., 1893:
Calamocrinus diomedae, a new stalked Crinoid, with notes on the Apical System and the Homologies of Echinoderms being No 1 of Reports on an exploration by the US ss Albatross, during 1891

Agassiz, A., 1891:
Calamocrinus diomedoe

Carreira, S., 2006:
Calamodontophis paucidens Amaral 1935

Pellinkhof, J.H., 1919:
Calamodus aquatica Gmelin broedvogel langs do oevers van het Meppelerdiep

Schenk, Jakab., 1907:
Calamodus melanopogon Temm mint utanzo

Bayly, IAE., 1973:
Calamoecia expansa Sars 1912 a name to replace the junior homonym Calamoecia australica Searle 1911 Copepoda Calanoida

Chapman, A., 1973:
Calamoecia lucasi Copepoda, Calanoida and other Zooplankters in two Rotorua, New Zealand, lakes

Purser, G.L., 1929:
Calamoichthyx calabaricusJ A Smith Part I The alimentary ami respiratory systems

Reichenow, A., 1901:
Calamonastes stierlingi, n sp

O'Connor, JP.; Ismay, JW., 2005:
Calamoncosis glyceriae Nartshuk Dipt, Chloropidae, new to Ireland

Luquet, GC., 1974:
Calamotropha aureliella FR dans Ilsere Lepidoptera Crambidae

Nemes, I., 1974:
Calamotropha olarui nova species Lepidoptera en Roumanie

Fairclough, R., 1976:
Calamotropha paludella Hubner in Surrey

Rommel, Rolf-Peter., 1998:
Calamotropha paludella Hbn Lep, Pyralidae A new record for Thuringia Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Calamatropha Cala

Bretherton, RF., 1975:
Calamotropha paludella Hubner Lep Pyralidae in Surrey

Arwidsson, I., 1932:
Calamyzas amphictenicola, ein ektoparasitischer Vecwandter der Sylhden

Perna, E., 1959:
Calanchi nelle marne eoceniche della Val di Non Trentino

Erdos, L., 1950:
Calander-Lark, a new species in the Hungarian fauna

Teichmann, E.; Andres, A., 1919:
Calandra granaria L, und Calandra oryzae L als Getreideschadlinge

Degnan, LJ., 2005:
Calandra lark - a new bird for Spurn

Sharpe, Chris., 2002:
Calandra lark - the first Manx record

Hovinga, R., 2006:
Calandra lark at Eemshaven in May 2005 Kalanderleeuwerik in Eemshaven in mei 2005

Flitti, A., 2004:
Calandra lark in France Oiseau de France Lalouette calandre Melanocorypha calandra

Sugizaki, K., 1959:
Calandrella cinerea at Sakawa River, Kanagawa

Griffith, A.P., 1926:
Calandrella minor kukunoorensis nr Brighton and Calidis acuminata in Kent

Kumerloeve, H., 1963:
Calandrella rufescens niethammeri, eine neue Stummellerchenform aus Inneranatolien Turkei

Chevrolat, A., 1885:
Calandrides nouveaux genres et nouvelles especes, observations, synonymies, doubles emplois de noms de genres et despeces, c 2e partie

Chevrolat, A., 1882:
Calandrides Nouveaux genres et nouvelles especes, observations, synonymies, doubles emplois de noms des genres et despeces 1iere partie

Kortunova, TA.; Burlyaeva, LF.; Yargyna, LN., 1975:
Calanipeda in the Aral Sea

Esterly, Calvin O., 1911:
Calanoid Copepoda from the Bermuda Islands

Pinney, K.G., 1933:
Calanoid Copepoda of Bermuda

Engel, Marcus., 2005:
Calanoid copepod resting eggs - a safeguard against adverse environmental conditions in the German Bight and the Kara Sea?

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Calanoid copepods from midwater trawl collections made in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean

Morris, B., 1970:
Calanoid copepods from midwater trawls in the North Pacific along 160E

Cole, G.A., 1963:
Calanoid copepods from some old Arizona collections

Grice, G.D., 1969:
Calanoid copepods from the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico 1 New species and new records from midwater trawl samples

Park, T.S., 1970:
Calanoid copepods from the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico 2 New species and new records from plankton samples

Park, T.S., 1968:
Calanoid copepods from the central North Pacific Ocean

Kasahara, S.; Onbe, T.; Kamigaki, M., 1975:
Calanoid copepods in sea-bottom muds 3 Effects of temperature, salinity and other factors on the hatching of resting eggs of Tortanus forcipatus

Greenwood, JG., 1977:
Calanoid copepods of Moreton Bay Queensland 2 Families Calocalanidae to Centropagidae

Park, T., 1975:
Calanoid copepods of the genera Gaetanus and Gaidus from the Gulf of Mexico

Dankaer, DM., 1973:
Calanoid copepods ofthe genera Spinocalanus and Mimocalanus from the central Arctic Ocean, with a review of the Spinocalanidae

Damian-Georgescu, A., 1966:
Calanoida forme de apa dulce

Brodskii, K.A., 1967:
Calanoida of the Far Eastern Seas and Polar Basin of the USSR

Brodski, K.A., 1950:
Calanoida of the Far Eastern and polar seas of the USSR Tabl anal

Brehm, V., 1956:
Calanoide Kope-poden und Cladoceren aus Kreta

Petit, D.; Courties, C., 1976:
Calanoides carinatus copepode pelagique sur le plateau continental congolais 1 AperYu sur la repartition bathymetrique, geographique et biometrique des stades generations durant la saison froide 1974

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