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Can social wasps detect alien eggs in their nests? Polistes biglumis, Hymenoptera, Vespidae

Insect Social Life, 3: 35-37

Can social wasps detect alien eggs in their nests? Polistes biglumis, Hymenoptera, Vespidae

Colony recognition processes have been studied in details in social wasps, but brood recognition is still in part unknown. In the experiment presented here Polistes biglumis eggs were introduced into alien conspecific nests in order to evaluate the ability of foundresses to discriminate between their own and alien eggs. The experiment was performed in the laboratory, switching eggs between combs of Brent, unrelated, foundresses. P. biglumis females destroyed more alien eggs than their own eggs, indicating that their are able to discriminate between eggs.

Accession: 038040687

Related references

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