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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38042

Chapter 38042 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Canadian Coccidae, I

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Canadian Fish-Eggs and Larvae Ottawa Dept Naval, Service

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Canadian Fisheries Expedition, 1914-1915, Investigations in the Gulf of St Lawrence and Atlantic Waters of Canada

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Canadian Fresh-water Sponges

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Canadian Galls and their Occupants

Brodie, W., 1892:
Canadian Galls and their Occupants Eurosta solidaginis, Fitch

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Canadian Hydracarina

Harrington, W.H., 1893:
Canadian Hymenoptera

Harrington, W.H., 1894:
Canadian Hymenoptera, No 4

Harrington, W.H., 1896:
Canadian Hymenoptera, No 7

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Canadian Hymenoptera No 1

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Canadian Myriopods collected in 1882-1883 by J B Tyrrell, with additional records

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Canadian Ochodaeus, with a description of a new species Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

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Canadian Ornithological Bibliography

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Canadian Orthoptera

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Canadian Pacific fauna Protozoa Mastigophora

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Canadian Rotifera collected by the Shackleton Antarctic Expedition, 1909

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Canadian Sphaeriidae

Latchford., 1920:
Canadian Sphaoriidae

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Canadian Spiders

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Canadian Spiders and N American Attidae

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Canadian Spiders, II

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Canadian Stromatoporoids

Harrington, W.H., 1894:
Canadian Uroceridae

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Canadian Voles of the genus Phenacomys with description of two new Canadian sub-species

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Canadian Warbler in Colorado

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Canadian Wildlife Service involvment with birds of prey

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Canadian amber-a palaeontological treasure-chest

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Canadian artists series

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Canadian bees in the British Museum

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Canadian east coast marine-protected areas a review

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Canadian fauna conservation requirements in Canada Les defis de la conservation de la faune au Canada

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Canadian fossil Insects 1 The Tertiary Hemiptera of British Columbia

Scudder, S.H., 1895:
Canadian fossil Insects 2 The Coleoptera hitherto found fossil in Canada

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Canadian fossil Ostracoda some Silurian species

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Canadian fossil arthropoda eurypterida, phyilocarida and decapoda

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Canadian fossil arthropoda, ostracoda

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Canadian fossil insects Insects from the tertiary Lake deposits of the southern interior of British Columbia, collected by Mr Lawrence M Lambe in 1906

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Canadian mammals

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Canadian manuscript report of fisheries and aquatic sciences 2783 - 2007 Queen Charlotte Sound Groundfish Bottom Trawl Survey, July 5th to August 9th, 2004

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Canadian passes death traps for amphibians Los pasos canadienses trampas mortales para los anfibios

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Canadian perspectives climate change impacts on insects in northern Canada

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Canadian ranges of snapping turtle and garter suake inferred from place names

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Canadian records of the warty poacher Occa verrucosa, with notes on the standardization of plate terminology in Agonidae

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Canadian seabird research

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Canadian snails illustrated Canadian Nature Toronto March-April1942

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Canadian species of the bee genus Stelis Panz

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Canadian specimens of Gnorimella maculosa Knoch Scarabaeidae with notes on variation

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Canadian tragedy

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Canadian wild life enquiry, 1939-40

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Canadian wildlife service brief

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Canal Flats, British Columbia Map and Preliminary Account

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Canal aortico esophageano do muscalus diaphragma no Bradypus tridactylus

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Canal de Muller et ovaire maternal

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Canal deferent dHelix aspersa Differences cytologiques en hiver et au cours de lestivation artificielle

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Canales de sodio en vesiculas formadas con axolema aislado de nervios de langosta

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Canaliculus cochleae beim Affen und Hund

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Canards a doigts non palmes

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Canards et foulques a Paris en janvier et fevrier 1963

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Canards, dindons, oies, pigeons, pintades et cailles domestiques, etc

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Canarias Notas sobre omitologia de Gran Canaria

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Canariella Canariella falkneri new species Gastropoda Pulmonata Hygromiidae from La Gomera Canary Islands

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Canariella Simplicula n subgen Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Hygromiidae from the Canary Islands Canariella Simplicula n subgen Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Hygromiidae, de las Islas Canarias

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Canaries - diverse in form and colour Kanarien - vielfaltig in Form und Farbe

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Canariocoris ater sp n from the Canary Islands Heteroptera Miridae Canariocoris ater sp n von den Kanarischen Inseln Heteroptera Miridae

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Canariocoris, eine neue kanarische Miridengattung

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Canarische Insekten Blepharis mendica und Hypsicorypha juliae

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Canarische Sammelexkursionen

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Canary Island Biological Expedition 1965

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Canary Islands Lepidoptera Mariposas de Canarias

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Canary Islands butterflies

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Canary Siskin in Scotland

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Canary breeding

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Canary breeding A partial analysis of records from 1891-1909

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Canary capers

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Canary hybrids - well loved singers Kanarienmischlinge - beliebte Sanger

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Canary kurper Chetia flaviventris

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Canary The history of a family

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Canaux con dyliens anterieur et intermediaire Arch

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Canaux de Wolff et cordon vaginal des embryons de Souris

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Canberra birds a report on the first 21 years of the garden bird survey

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Cancela da As termites na paisagem da Guine

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Cancela da Breve noticia sobre algumas termites da Guine portuguesa

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Cancela da ContribuiYao para o estudo da dinamica das populaYoes de Caryedon gonagra F

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Cancela da Influence de la temperature sensible sur le developpement des insectes

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Cancellaria continued in Martini Chemnitz, Conch

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Cancellaria obtusa Desh

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Cancellaria, continued in Kusters Conch

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Cancellaria completed in, Martini Chemnitz, Conch Cab pt 346

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Cancer the edible crab

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Cancer And Heredity

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Cancer bellianus Johnson in Northern Atlantic waters Decapoda, Brachyura

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Cancer et infection renale a Coccidies chez la souris

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Cancer et psorospermies

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Cancer et tumeurs vegetales

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Cancer in beluga from the St. Lawrence estuary

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Cancer in beluga response

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Cancer pagurus L Informations sur lIntensite de la Peche et les migrations de lEspece pres des Cotes de France

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Cancer primitif du foie chez un noir porteur de kystes hydatiques

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Cancer setiferus Linnaeus, 1767 Crustacea, Decapoda validation of a neotype under the plenary powers

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Cancer setigerus Linnaeus, 1767 Crustacea, Decapoda proposed validation of neotype selection under the Plenary Powers ZN S 1617

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Cancer setosus Molina en la bahia de Mejillones del Sur Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura

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Cancer sismondai Meyer Crustacea, Decapoda from the Pliocene clays of Vignola and Marano sul Panaro Modena Cancer sismondai Meyer Crustacea, Decapoda nelle argille plioceniche di Vignola e Marano sul Panaro Modena

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Cancer with superimposed amebiasis

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Cancer, Sarcoma, and other Morbid Growths considered in Relation to the Sporozoa

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Cancera problem in the zoo, too

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Cancerilla oblonga n sp, ein cyclopoider Copepode auf Amphlura capensis Ljungman Ophiuroidea, Echinodermata

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Cancerilla tubulata Dalyell from South West AfricaCopepoda, Cyclopoida

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Cancerisation de la cellule

Sokoloff, B., 1926:
Cancerisation de la cellule II Les incorporations cellulaires et leur role dans la vie de la cellule maligne III Anarchie cellulaire

Tchakhotine, S., 1938:
Cancerisation experimentale des elements embryonnaires, obtenue sur les larves dOursins

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Cancerolytic substance of Schizotrypanum cruzi

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Cancers et metazoaires

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Cancroid crabs from the Quilon Beds Lower Miocene of Kerala, India Journal palaeont

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Candacia Dana, 1846 Crustacea, Decapoda validation and designation of a type-species under the plenary powers

Grice, G.D.; Vervoort, W., 1963:
Candacia Dana, 1846 Crustacea Copepoda proposed preservation under the Plenary Powers and designation of a type-species for the genus in accordance with common usage

Hatch, R.; McC., 1968:

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Candidates for a new experimental animal, 1 The soft-furred rat, Millardia meltada

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'Candidatus Borrelia texasensis', from the American dog tick Dermacentor variabilis

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Candido M Africa 1894-1945

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Candidose beim sudamerikanischen Halsbandpekari Tayassu tajacu

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Candidose cutanee chez un castor dEurope, Castor fiber Aspect epidemiologique et forme parasitaire de Candida albicans

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Candidose de lestomac chez un gibbon a favoris blancs - Hylobates concolor leucogenys - age de quelques heures

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Candidula gigaxii L Pfeiffer 1850 Helicidae Hellicellinae von vier neuen, hochgradig anthropogen beeinflussten Fundorten in Ost-Nedersachsen

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Candidula unifasciata Poiret 1801 found again in Schleswig-Holstein Mollusca Hygromiidae Candidula unifasciata Poiret 1801 wieder in Schleswig-Holstein Mollusca Hygromiidae

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Candiru et Bilharzie

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Candling and sighting techniques used in iaser investigations of the European pine sawfly, Neocttprion sertifer Hymenoptera Diprionidae

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Candona dichtliae nov sp, cine neue Ostracodenspezies Anz

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Candona euplectella Robertson, 1880 bildet eine selbstandige Gattung

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Candona hyalina Brady Robertson, a new Ostracod for Czechoslovakia

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Candona levanderi Hirschmann ein fur Deutsohland neuer Muschelkrebs

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Candona pubescens G O Sars, ist nicht Cypris pubescens, Koch

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Candona rostrata Brady and Norman ist nicht Candona rostrata G W Muller

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Candona szocsi n sp, eine neue Ostracoden-Art der rostrata Gruppe aus der ungarischen Brunnen-Fauna

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Cane toad

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Canegrub a menace to sugarcane crop

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Canephorula apiformis Fricse, eine Bienen-Art mit dem Beginne der Korbehonbildung aus Argentinien

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Canes sauvages a livree masculine

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Canestri, glomeruli e rosette cerebellari

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Canestrinia samsinaki sp n Acariformes, Glycyphagidae - un nouvel Acarien, vivant sous les elytres des coleopteres de la famille Tenebrionidae

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Canibalism in Naticidae Gastropoda from the Middle Miocene of Catalonia NE Spain Canibalismo en Naticidae Gastropoda del Mioceno medio catalan

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Canid communication

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Canid reintroductions and metapopulation management

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Canid remains from Pueblo Bonito and Pueblo del Arroyo

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Canid sociology - a brief overview

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Canidae in the Sultanate of Oman

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Caniden-, Feliden- und Musteliden-Funde aus dem Travertin von Weimar-Ehringsdorf

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Brinkmann, A., 1924:
Canidenstudien V Die Hunde der danischen und norvegischen Steinzeit VI Die Rassenangehorigkeit einiger nordischen Hundeformen

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Canids recently collected in East Texas, with comments on the taxonomy of the red wolf

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Canillids from Mongolia Diptera, Acalyptratae

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Canine Encephalitozoonosis - a review Encefalitozoonose Canina - revisao

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Canine Piroplasmosis

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Canine construction a guide to preparing and assembling a wolf skeleton or digitigrade designs

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Canine dimorphism and interspecific canine form in Cebus

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Canine distemper in sables, its pro-phylaxis and cure

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Canine helicops to combat poaching

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Canine leishmaniasis in the Tashkent breeding kennels

Behrman, H.R.; Kare, M.R., 1968:
Canine pancreatic secretion in response to acceptable and aversive taste stimuli

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Canine Piroplasmosis. II

Graham-Smith, G.S., 1905:
Canine Piroplasmosis: III. Morbid Anatomy

Nuttall, G.H.; Graham-Smith, G.S., 1906:
Canine Piroplasmosis: V. Further Studies on the Morphology and Life-History of the Parasite

Nuttall, G.H.; Graham-Smith, G.S., 1907:
Canine Piroplasmosis: VI. Studies on the Morphology and Life-History of the Parasite

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Canine reduction in adult M mulatta

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Canine submandibular-gland hyaluronidase. Identification and subcellular distribution

Tan, Y.H.; Bowness, J.M., 1968:
Canine submandibular-gland hyaluronidase. Purification and properties

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Canine teeth in Chital Axis axis

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Canine teeth in Chital Axis axis stags

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Canine teeth in Florida white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus seminolus Goldman Kellogg

Fooks, H., 1970:
Canine teeth in Roe

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Canine teeth in a Wisconsin white-tailed deer fawn

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Canine teeth in two Nebraska mule deer

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Canine teeth in whine-tailed deer

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Canine tracheo-bronchitis due to the Nematode worm, Oslerus osleri

Dobrolyubova, T.A., 1952:
Caninia inostranzewi Stuck, iz steshevskogho horizonta nizhnegho Karbona Pod-moskovogho Basseina Trav Inst paleont

Kormos, Tivadar., 1912:
Canis Cerdocyon petenyii n sp es egyeb erdekes leletek Baranyamegyeb?l

Paraskevaidis, I., 1953:
Canis and Equus aus Attika nebst allgemein Betrachtungen uber die fossilen Pferde

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Canis cf neschersensis Croizet de Blainville aus dem Diluviums Sudbohmens

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Canis latrans and C rufus vocalization a continuum

Fischer, Karl-Heinz., 1997:
Canis lupus L, 1758 Canidae, Carnivora, Mammalia, a wolf from the Eemian interglacial of Grobern, Grafenhainichen district/Saxony-Anhalt Canis lupus L, 1758 Canidae, Carnivora, Mammalia ein Wolf aus dem Eem-Interglazial von Grobern, Kr Grafenhainichen/Sachsen-Anhalt

Hauck, E., 1947:
Canis pallipes, der indisch-persische Wolf

Mouquet, A.; Bourdelle, E., 1929:
Canitie congenetale ehez une jeune femelle de Pseudaxis de lIndo-Chine

Fere, Ch., 1900:
Canitie precoce et longevite hereditaires

Gallwey, E., 1933:
Canker in Grass Snakes

Eliasova, Helena., 1996:
Canleria gen nov Scleractinia, Heterocoeniina, Upper Cenomanian, Czech Republic Canleria gen nov Scleractinia, Heterocoeniina Cenomanien superieur, Republique tcheque

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Canna seabird studies 2001

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Cannabalism in Gastrimargus transversus Thunb Orthoptera Acrididae

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Cannelures derosion et figures dimpact dues a des coquilles dammonites a epines Oxfordien superieur du Jura franYais

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Cannibal Spiders

Kennedy, C., 1953:
Cannibal cod in an Arctic Lake

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Cannibalism - a theme with little written about it Kanibalizmus - tema o ktorej sa takmer nepise

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Cannibalism among Argas persicus Oken 1818

Berg, C., 1893:
Cannibalism among Insects

Dethier, V.G., 1937:
Cannibalism among Lepidopterous larvae

Stevenson-Hamilton, J., 1947:
Cannibalism among Lions

Kirn, A.J., 1949:
Cannibalism among Rana pipiens berlandieri, and possibly by Rana catesbiana, near Somerset, Texas

Cukerzis, JM.S., J,A.; Tamkeviciene, E.; Mickeniene, L., 1977:
Cannibalism among crayfish

Brancelj, Anton., 2001:
Cannibalism among frogs Kanibalizem med zabami

Segura de Andrade, L.; Hayashi, C. de Souza, S.R.gina; Martins Soares, C., 2004:
Cannibalism among larvae of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans bred under different stockage densities Canibalismo entre larvas de pintado, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, cultivadas sob diferentes densidades de estocagem

Gudger, E.W., 1932:
Cannibalism among the sharks and rays

Musacchia, X.J., 1954:
Cannibalism and other observations of captive ground squirrels

Luz, R.K.nnedy.; Salaro, A.L.cia.; Souto, E.F.rri.; Zaniboni Filho, E., 2000:
Cannibalism and territorial behavior of trairao fingerlings Hoplias lacerdae evaluation Avaliacao de canibalismo e comportamento territorial de alevinos de trairao Hoplias lacerdae

Chevalier, JR., 1973:
Cannibalism as a factor in first year survival of walleye in Oneida Lake

Robinson, T.S., 1954:
Cannibalism by a Burrowing Owl

Alexander, R.D.; Otte, D., 1967:
Cannibalism during copulation in the brown bush cricket, Hapithus agitator Gryliidae

Lapage, G., 1922:
Cannibalism in Amoeba vespertilio Penard

Dinesman, LG., 1952:
Cannibalism in Amphibia

Anderson, J.D., 1960:
Cannibalism in Dicamptodon ensatus

Gupta, P.D.; Agrawal, V.C., 1968:
Cannibalism in Indian five-striped squirrel, Funambulus pennanti

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Cannibalism in Microtus californicus

Sterling, K.B., 1953:
Cannibalism in Peromyscus

Felton, C., 1969:
Cannibalism in Pirata piraticus Clerck

Bleakney, S., 1958:
Cannibalism in Rana sylvatica tadpoles a well known phenomenon

Staton, MA., 1975:
Cannibalism in Sceloporus torquatus torquatus Wiegmann Reptilia Sauria

Wall, F., 1904:
Cannibalism in Snakes

Dawson, J.A., 1929:
Cannibalism in a Ciliate, Blepharisma

Milligan, H.N., 1916:
Cannibalism in a Sea-Urchin

Groves, J.D., 1971:
Cannibalism in a captive Sceloparus undulatus hyacinthus

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Cannibalism in animals

Maxwell-Lefroy, H., 1908:
Cannibalism in caterpillars

Dawson, J.A., 1951:
Cannibalism in ciliate Protozoa

Zubakin, VA., 1975:
Cannibalism in gull-billed tern Gelochelidon nilotica Gm

Prakash, I., 1953:
Cannibalism in hedgehogs

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Cannibalism in insect and its significance Boceklerde kannibalizm ve onemi

Kudrinskaya, O.I., 1962:
Cannibalism in larvae and fry of Sazan

Anon., 1954:
Cannibalism in lizards

Wirts, Peter., 1998:
Cannibalism in mouth-brooding cardinal fish Kannibalisme bij muilbroedende kardinaalbaarzen

Richardson, C.H. jun., 1906:
Cannibalism in owls

Clevenger, GA.; Roest, AI., 1974:
Cannibalism in red tailed hawk

Ghose, R.K., 1970:
Cannibalism in the House rat, Rattus rattus rufescens Gray

Whitaker, R., 1970:
Cannibalism in the Indian rat snake Ptyasmucosus Linnaeus

Smith, H.M., 1969:
Cannibalism in the lizard Sceloporus chrysostictus

Pulliainen, E., 1965:
Cannibalism in the pheasant Phasianus colchicus L during the egg-laying period

Balda, RP.; Bateman, GC., 1976:
Cannibalism in the piiion jay

Caldwell, J.A., 1949:
Cannibalism in the rook

Daniel, P.M., 1948:
Cannibalism of the King Snake, Lampropeltis g getulus

Pfeuffer, Eberhard., 2002:
Cannibalism of the preying mantis Mantis religiosa Linnaeus, 1758 Zum Kannibalismus der Gottesanbeterin Mantis religiosa Linnaeus, 1758

Mertz, D.B.; Davies, R.B., 1968:
Cannibalism of the pupal stage by adult flour beetles: an experiment and a stochastic model

Huffman, D.M.; Olive, L.S., 1963:
Cannibalism or syngamy the engulfment process in the cellular slime molds

Walter, H., 1969:
Cannibalisme chez Anax parthenope Odonata Anaxidae

Grossu, A.V., 1968:
Cannibalisme chez Daudebardia

Walmsley, JG., 1974:
Cannibalisme chez des poussins de herons pourpres Ardea purpurea en Camargue

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2000:
Cannibalistic Phasmatoptera, especially Sipyloidea sipylus Westwood, 1859 Insecta Orthopteroidea Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment chez les Sipyloidea sipylus Westwod Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment chez les Sipyloidea sipylus Westwod Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment chez les Sipyloidea sipylus Westwod Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment chez les Sipyloidea sipylus Westwod Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment chez les Sipyloidea sipylus Westwod Des Phasmes cannibales, notamment che

Rousselet, Charles F., 1911:
Cannibalistic Rotifers

Cichocki, Jan., 1997:
Cannibalistic behaviour in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos Obserwacja kanibalizmu u krzyzowki Anas platyrhynchos

Watson, M.L.; Stuart, J.N., 2003:
Cannibalistic carrion feeding by a coachwhip Masticophis flagellum in New Mexico

McConnell, J.V., 1965:
Cannibals, chemicals, and contiguity

Bilton, L., 1954:
Cannon Hill Park Museum at Birmingham

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Cannon-bone scoops and daggers

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Cannon-nets Their use to capture birds during migration studies on the Solway Firth, Scotland

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Cannulation of the colon as an aid to the study of canine amebiasis

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Canoe and Camp Life in British Guiana

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Canoeing as a possible cause of conflict of aims in the designation of the Upper Ilz as a nature reserve Kanusport als moegliche Ursache von Zielkonflikten bei der Naturschutzgebiets-Ausweisung Obere Ilz

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Canon H B Tristram 1822-1906 A preliminary bibliography, obituaries and other biographical notes

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Canon xl, A O U Code

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Canopy birds and composition of mixed flocks in the tropical forest of Yasuni national park, Ecuador Aves de dosel y composicion de bandadas mixtas en el bosque tropical del Parque Nacional Yasuni, Ecuador

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Canopy fogging - method to investigate arboricolous communities Die Baumkronenbenebelung Eine Methode zur Erfassung arborikoler Lebensgemeinschaften

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Cans and redheads aided by restrictive hunting regulations

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Cantabrian chamois status and biology El rebeco cantabrico situacion y caracteristicas biologicas

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Cantabrian neandertals their vegetal landscape Los neandertales cantabricos su paisaje vegetal

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Cantal department Odonata the state of knowledge Les Odonates du departement du Cantal etat des connaissances

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Canterbury, Nelson, and Westland lakes

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Canthapidae Coleoptera, Cantharoidea

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Cantharidae Coleoptera Malacodermoidea

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Cantharidae Coleoptera

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Cantharididae et Lampyridae nouveaux du Congo Belge Coleopteres Malacodermes

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Cantharidides asiatiques nouveaux Coleoptera

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Cantharidides asiatiques nouveaux Coleoptera II

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Cantharis albomarginata Maerkel und Cantharis ftbulata Maerkel Col Cantharidae

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Cantharis gemina n sp Coleoptera Cantharidae

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Cantharis paradoxa Hicker 1960 in Deutschland Coleoptera Cantharidae

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Cantharis paradoxa new to the Dutch fauna Coleoptera Cantharidae Cantharis paradoxa nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Coleoptera Cantharidae

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Cantharoidea Coleoptera from Mexico 2 Lycinae of Veracruz Cantharoidea Coleoptera de Mexico 2 Lycinae de Veracruz

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Cantharoidea Coleoptera of Mexico 6 A new genus and new species of Lampyridae from Morelos state, Mexico Cantharoidea Coleoptera de Mexico 6 Un nuevo genero y una nueva especie de Lamyridae Cantharoidea Coleoptera de Mexico 6 Un nuevo genero y una nueva especie de Lamyridae Cantharoidea Coleoptera de Mexico 6 Un nuevo genero y una nueva especie de Lamyridae Cantharoidea Coleoptera de Mexico 6 Un nuevo genero y una nueva especie de Lamyridae Cantharoidea Coleoptera de

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Cantharoidea non Cantharidae

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Cantharoidea non Cantharidae Cartographic des invertebres Europeens Atlas provisoire des insectes de Belgique Cartes 889-898 Faculte des Cantharoidea non Cantharidae Cartographic des invertebres Europeens Atlas provisoire des insectes de Belgique Cartes 889-898 Faculte des

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Cantharus bentsonae new name for Cantharus cowlitzensis Turner

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Cantharus cantharus of the eastern central Atlantic

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Cantharus fusiformis Blainville, element des milieux littoraux tres abrites dans la region de Panama

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Canthaxanthin in Vogelfedern

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Canthaxantin for scarlet ibises Eudocimus ruber at Amsterdam Zoo

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Cantherhines tiki, a junior synonym of the Easter Island filefish, Cantherhines rapanui

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Canthigaster margaritatus

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Canthocamptinae nouveaux dAfriqae Occi-dentals FranYaise

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Canthocamptus grandidieri, Alona cambouei, nouveaux Entomostraca deau douce de Madagascar

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Cantholethrus peruvianus spn

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Canthonini das Antilhas Col, Scarabaeidae

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Canthophorus impressus in Belgium, in place of C dubius Heteroptera Cydnidae Canthophorus impressus in Belgie naast of in plaats van C dubius Heteroptera Cydnidae

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Canthyporus lateralis Boheman and further new Dytiscidae Coleoptera from the Cape Province of South Africa

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Canton Island shell survey

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Cantors roundleaf bat Hipposideros galeritus Cantor, 1846 an addition to chiropteran diversity of Andhra Pradesh, India

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Canu and Bassler

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Canyon wren in Nebraska Nebraska Bird

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Canyons, commitments and experiences A naturalist reflects

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Cap Tourmente Snow-goose marshes purchased by the Canadian government

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Cap cell hyperplasia of the meninges in a wildebeest

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Capability for extreme endurance in a snipe Gallinago gallinago Extremes Ausharrevermoegen einer Bekassine Gallinago gallinago

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Capable of associating The associating of crabs with other invertebrates and fish Part 2 end camouflage and partnerships Gesellschaftsfaehig Das Zusammenleben von Krebsen mit anderen Wirbellosen und Fischen Teil 2 Schluss Camouflage und Partnerschaften

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Capacidad concentradora de la vesicula biliar estudio comparado en algunas especies de vertebrados

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Capacidad de diferenciacion de tonos claros y obscuros con datos sobre la orientation geotactica en mosquitos

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Capacidad reproductivadel picudo peruano Anthonomus vestitus Bohm

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Capacidade de transporte de alimento em operarias de Polybia Myrapetra paulista Ihering, 1896 Hymenoptera-Vespidae

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Capacidade estomacal das abelhas operarias de duas subespecies de Apis mellifera L Hymenoptera, Apoidea

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Capacidade reativa especfa do antgeno com anticorpo em reaYoes de fixaYao de complemento para molestia de Chagas

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Capacidade termo-reguladora em Trigona spinipes e em algumas outras especies de abelhas sem feu - do Hymenoptera Apidae Meliponinae

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Capacita di differenziamento di ibridi di Ascidie

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Capacita di sviluppo dei primi due blastomeri dell uovo di Ascidia in condizioni die espianto

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Capacita eritropoietica dellendotelio cardiaco nella larva di Chimaera monstrosa

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Capacita rigeneration degli arti nelle larve di Anuri e condizione che ne determinano la perdita

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Capacita rigenerative del cervelletto in adulti di un teleosteo

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Capacita Secondante dopo esclusione dell epididimo realizzata con anastomosi didimo-deferenziale Richerche nel ratto

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Capacite cranienne, langage articule et definition du genre Homo

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Capacite daccession a letat imaginal des formes juveniles du Phasme Sipyloidea sipylus W, apres ablation des corpora allata

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Capacite daccumulation de certains metaux par les mollusques de la famille des Planorbides

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Capacite dinfection du sang des porteurs de gametocytes de Plasmodium falciparum pour Anopheles maculipennis v atroparvus

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Capacite de la boite cranienne et systematique chez Ursus arctos et Rupicapra rupicapra

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Capacite de liaison de la transcortine et reponse a lagression pendant la periode post-natale chez le rat

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Capacite de predatisme a la periode larvaire et adulte de Coccinella Septempunctata L

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Capacite de regulation des excedents dans lacrete neurale damphibien

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Capacite de regulation du disque mesothoracique dorsal chez Ceratitis capitata Wied Diptera Trypetidae

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Capacite migratirice et degre de reconnaissance specifique de cellules de gastrula, greffees au stade blastula, chez Pleurodeles waltlii amphibien urodele

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Capacite respective des cavites cardiaques et Pericardiques chez les mammiferes et les oiseaux Activite musculaire et fonctionnement du coeur

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Capacites thermoregulatrices dun mammifere insectivore primitif, le Tenrec; leurs variations saisonnieres

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Capacites thermoregulatrices du pangolin Manis tricuspis Rafinesque

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Capacities for language in great apes

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Capacities of nonhuman Primates for perceptual integration across sensory modalities

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Capacities thermoregulatrices du herisson en ete et en hiver en 1absence dhibernation

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Capacity of Anabas testudineus Bloch to feed on insects

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Capacity of Ascaris migratory larvae to provoke clinical symptoms

Anonymous., 2006:
Capacity of animals at Decin Zoo by 31122006 Zvirata chovana v zoo Decin k 31122006

Anonymous., 2006:
Capacity of animals at Usti nad Labem Zoo by 31122006 Zvirata chovana v zoo Usti nad Labem k 31122006

Anonymous., 2001:
Capacity of animals at Zoo Decin by 31122001 Zvirata chovana v Zoo Decin k 31122001

Anonymous., 2001:
Capacity of animals at Zoopark Chomutov at 31122001 Zvirata chovana v Zooparku Chomutov 31122001

Anonymous., 2006:
Capacity of animals at zoopark Chomutov by 31122006 Zvirata chovana v podkrusnohorskem zooparku Chomutov k 31122006

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoo Decin at 1st January 1994 Zvirata chovana v zoo Decin k 1 lednu 1994

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoo Decin at 1st January 1995 Zvirata chovana v zoo Decin k 1 lednu 1995

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoo Usti nad Labem at 1st January 1994 Zvirata chovana v ustecke zoo k 1 lednu 1994

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoo Usti nad Labem at 1st January 1995 Zvirata chovana v ustecke zoo k 1 lednu 1995

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoopark Chomutov at 1st January 1994 Zvirata chovana v zooparku Chomutov k 1 lednu 1994

Vozenilek, Petr ., 1995:
Capacity of animals kept at Zoopark Chomutov at 1st January 1995 Zvirata chovana v zooparku Chomutov k 1 lednu 1995

Tretjakov, N.P., 1947:
Capacity of birds embryo to endure protracted and deep cooling

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Capacity of conjunctive tissue in cestodes to form cuticula in pathological condition

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Capacity of different strains of Entamoeba histolytica from infected persons in Ward Siloe, Cali, Colombia to ingest and digest starches consumed by the human hosts

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Capacity of fish resources in southern Fujian-Taiwan shoal sea area

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Capacity of kidneys of some vertebrates to regulate the volume of extracellular fluid and independent solium and chlorine excretion

Macieira, Dias; Proni, E.A.arecido, 2004:
Capacity of resistance to high and low temperatures in workers of Scaptotrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera, Apidae during periods of summer and winter Capacidade de resistencia a altas e baixas temperaturas em operarias de Scaptotrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera, Apidae durante os periodos de verao e inverno

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Capacity of the different parts of the digestive tract in the brown bear

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Capaidae novae in insula Jamaica

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Capasidae stalianae secundum specimina typica redescriptae

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Capcan a subacvatica cu lumina

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Cape Barren conservation

Allen, G.A.; III., 1976 :
Cape Barren geese

Buckingham, R., 1977:
Cape Barren geese and Flinders Island

Dobinson, H.M., 1962:
Cape Clear Island bird observatory

Sharrock, J.T., 1967:
Cape Clear Observatory

Bourne, WRP., 1973:
Cape Clear and seabird studies

Hutchinson, CD., 1972:
Cape Clear bird observatory

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Cape Cod Field Notes

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Cape Cod notes

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Cape Ex-pedition, Scientific Results of the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Expedi-tion, 1941-45 The Coleoptera of the Auckland and Campbell Islands

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Cape Fur Seals find sanctuary

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Cape Galaxias

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Cape Hens on South Georgia, p 1003 figs Birds of the Southern Oceans, p 1046 figs

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Cape Hunting-Dogs Lycaon pictus in the gardens of the Royal Zoological Society of Ireland

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Cape Jack- ass Penguins, p 215 4 photos The Sooty Albatroos, p 465 4 photos Antarctic Sheathbills, p 974 3 photos

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Cape Maria land snails - northland, New Zealand

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Cape May Warbler destructive to grapes

Roberts, I.G., 1915:
Cape May Warbler eating grapes

Phillips, R.S., 1945:
Cape May Warblers capturing flying insects

Lloyd, PH., 2001:
Cape Mountain zebra conservation success an historical perspective

Gordon, DP.; Bellantine, WJ., 1976:
Cape Rodney to Okakiri Point Marine Reserve Review of Knowledge and bibliography to December 1976

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