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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38043

Chapter 38043 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Haagner, A.C., 1899:
Cape Scops owl Scops capensis in captivity

McKay, K.N.S., 1960:
Cape Teal Anas capensis on Lake Rudolf

Lowe, W.P., 1947:
Cape Teal, Anas capensis Gmelin, p 125 Specimens of Pscphotus pulcherrimus

Berrow, Simon., 2006:
Cape Verde 2006

Anonymous., 1975:
Cape bird colony hit by pollution

Millard, Victor., 1996:
Cape cones of South Africa 1 Coni dell regione sudafricana del Capo 1

Millard, Victor., 1996:
Cape cones of South Africa 2 Coni della regione sudafricana del Capo 2

Steyn, P., 1964:
Cape dabchicks eating flying termites

Harrison, A.C., 1951:
Cape dragonflies

van der Merwe, F., 1990:
Cape francolin breeding in winter

Robertson, C.R.; Stephenson, BM., 2005:
Cape gannet Sula capensis breeding at Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

Oschadleus, H.; Dieter; Brooks, M., 2006:
Cape gannet Morus capensis movements in Africa

Siegfried, WR., 1977:
Cape gannets and other seabirds off the Transkei coast

Martin, Rob., 2003:
Cape gulls perching in pine trees

Calis, J.N.; Boot, W.J.; Allsopp, M.H., 2003:
Cape honeybees crucial steps leading to social parasitism

Anonymous., 1973:
Cape hunting dogs born at the Tarouga Zoo

Harrison, A.C., 1949:
Cape may-flies

Harrison, A.C., 1951:
Cape may-fliesParts IX X

Harrison, A.C., 1952:
Cape minnows

Hustler, K., 1990:
Cape penduline tit and acacia grey tit a confirmed and new species for Hwange National Park

Simpson, K., 1969:
Cape petrel-oil victim?

Pryor, M.E., 1965:
Cape pigeon, snow petrel and Wilsons petrel on Haswell Islet

Baker, N.E.; Baker, EM., 2007:
Cape shoveler Anas smithii the first record for Tanzania

Jarvis, MJF., 1976:
Cape shoveller at Lake Mcllwaine

Siegfried, W.R., 1966:
Cape shoveller on the sea-coast

Richardson, D., 1990:
Cape sugarbird building nest in palm tree symptom of abnormal predation pressure

Richardson, D., 1990:
Cape sugarbird feeding in sisal plants during summer

Wilmot, A.J., 1971:
Cape sugarbird, Promerops cater

Buchanan, D.R.C., 1965:
Cape turtle dove Streptopelia capicola Sundevall, eating worms

Steyn, P., 1966:
Cape turtle dove, Streptopelia capicola Sundevall, eating weevils

van Niekerk, Mark., 2006:
Cape vulture records from north-eastern Cape

Ledger, J.; Mundy, P., 1976:
Cape vulture research in 1975

Ledger, J.; Mundy, P., 1977:
Cape vulture research report for 1976

Dean, W.; Richard, 2006:
Cape vultures in the Karoo, South Africa

Taylor, John., 2003:
Cape wagtail group behaviour

Brewster, C.A.; Tyler, S.J., 2002:
Cape wagtails Motacilla capensis in Botswana

Fraser, M.; McMahon, L., 1990:
Cape weaver fledgling fed by two females

Hansen, P.M., 1943:
Capelin Mal-lotus villosus

Gjosaeter, H.; Ushakov, NG., 2004:
Capelin in the Barents Sea

Corlett, J., 1968:
Capelin in the northwestern Barents Sea

Hamre, J.; Rottingen, I., 1977:
Capelin investigations in the Barents Sea in June-July 1976

Dommasnes, A.; Rottingen, I., 1977:
Capelin investigations in the Barents Sea in September-October 1976

Monstad, T.; Rottingen, I., 1977:
Capelin investigations in the Barents Sea in September-October 1977

Fossheim, M.; Tande, K.S.; Semenova, T.; Timonin, A., 2006:
Capelin larvae Mallotus villosus and community structure of zooplankton off the coast of northern Norway

Vilhjalmsson, H.; Sigurjunsson, J., 2004:
Capelin of the Iceland-east Greenland-Jan Mayen area biology, exploitation and management

Yanagawa, H.; Sakamoto, T., 1976:
Capelin, Mallotus villosus, new record from the mouth of Volcano Bay, Hokkaido

Kelm, H., 1934:
Capella gallinago faeroensis auf Helgoland

Buxton, A., 1949:

Sachot, S.; Perrin, N., 2004:
Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus in western Switzerland viability and management of an endangered grouse metapopulation

Novoa, C.; Catusse, M.; Ellison, L., 1996:
Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus summer population census comparison of counts with pointing dogs and route census Denombrement estival des grands tetras Tetrao urogallus comptage au chien darret ou battue en ligne?

Borg, Karl., 1998:
Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus and black grouse Tetrao tetrix killed by predators Rovdjursdodade tjadrar och orrar

Ryser, A.; Zanoli, M., 2002:
Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus killed by golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos Steinadler Aquila chrysaetos schlaegt Auerhahn Tetrao urogallus

Menxies, W.E., 1907:
Capercaillie and Willow Grouse in Moray

Sahlsten, J., 2007:
Capercaillie and black grouse Tjader och orre

Mockel, R.; Brozio, F.; Kraut, H., 1999:
Capercaillie and landscape transformation in the lowland of the Lausitz Auerhuhn und Landschaftswandel im Flachland der Lausitz

Miettinen, J., 2006:
Capercaillie as a tool of forest planning and as an indicator of forest environment quality

Neet, C.; Leclercq, B.; Marti, C.; Dandliker, G.; Reymond, B., 1996:
Capercaillie conservation, which strategy should we adopt? Quelle strategie adopter pour la protection du Grand tetras?

Harvie-Brown, J.A., 1908:
Capercaillie in Dee

Kortland, Kenny., 2005:
Capercaillie in Scotland - halting the decline

Krofel, M.; Zibrat, U., 2005:
Capercaillie Divji petelin Tetrao urogallus

Gladstone, Sir H., 1948:
Capercaillie Macqueens Bustard

Tschirch, Werner., 2005:
Capercaillies and infrasonic sound Auerwild und Infraschall

Klaus, S.; Andreev, A.V., 2001:
Capercaillies as landscape gardners the black-billed capercaillie in north east Siberia Raufusshuhn als Landschaftsgaertner Steinauerhuehner in Nordostsibirien

Athanasiu, I.; Dragoiu., 1913:
Capillaires aeriens des fibres musculaires chez les Insectes

Arcangeli, A., 1928:
Capillari sanguigni in epiteli

Freitas, J.F.T. de.; Lent, H., 1934:
Capillaria amarali n sp parasita de Liophis miliaris miliaris L

Dunaway, P.B.; Cosgrove, G.E.; Story, J.D., 1968:
Capillaria and Trypanosoma infestations in Microtus ochrogaster

Thomas, E.F., 1930:
Capillaria annulata in quail

Zuchowska, E., 1970:
Capillaria bilobata Bhalerao, 1933 in Antilope cervicapra Linnaeus, 1758

Krehmer, E., 1972:
Capillaria bovis Schnyder, 1906 bei Schafen

Dikmans, G., 1930:
Capillaria brevipes in cattle An Oxyurid from the deer

Freitas, J.F.; Tde.; Lent, H., 1934:
Capillaria cesarpintoi n sp, parasita de Leimadophis poecilogyrus Wiedl

Graybill, H.W., 1924:
Capillaria columbae Rud from the chicken and turkey

Mayaudon, T.H.Garcia, G.G., 1961:
Capillaria columbae Rudolphi, 1819 parasito de aves domesticas venezolanas

Gallego, J.; Mas-Coma, S., 1975:
Capillaria garfiai n sp Nematoda, Trichuridae parasito de la mucosa lingual del jabali Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758 Mammalia Artiodactyla

Canese, A., 1974:
Capillaria hepatica Bancroft, 1893 Travassos, 1915 en Didelphis azarae

Freitas, J.F.; Tde.; Lent, H., 1936:
Capillaria hepatica Bancroft, 1893 cm figado de Sciurus aestuans L

Geyer, E., 1976:
Capillaria hepatica - Infektion der Mastomys natalensis zur Entwicklung, Eiproduktion und Wirtsreaktion

Schmidt, S.; Haupt, W.; Ribbeck, R., 1998:
Capillaria hepatica - a rare causative agent of zoonoses Occurence in mice Capillaria hepatica - ein seltener Zoonose-Erreger Vorkommen bei Mausen

Vollerthun, R.; Lammler, G.; Schuster, J., 1974:
Capillaria hepatica - lnfektion der Mastomys natalensis Veranderungen der Enzymaktivitaten im Serum

Brosius, O.T.; Thomas, E.E.; Brosius, B., 1948:
Capillaria hepatica; a case report

Chitwood, B.G., 1934:
Capillaria hepatica from the liver of Castor canadensis

Ruas, J L.; Soares, MP.; Farias, NAR.; Brum, JGW., 2003:
Capillaria hepatica infection in wild carnivores Lycalopex gymnocercus e Cerdocyon thous in southern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Infeccao por Capillaria hepatica em carnivoros silvestres Lycalopex gymnocercus e Cerdocyon thous na regiao sul do Rio Grande do Sul

Meszaros, J.; Kemenes, F., 1973:
Capillaria hepatica okorta majgyulladas hodban Castor fiber

Meszaros, J.; Kemenes, F., 1973:
Capillaria hepatica okorta majgyulladis hOdban Castor fiber

Meszaros, J.; Kemenes, F., 1973:
Capillaria hepatica verursachte Hepatitis bei einem Biber Castor fiber

Vollerthun, R.; Lammler, G.; Schuster, J., 1974:
Capillaria hepatica- Infektion der Mastomys natalensis Veranderungen der Enzymaktivitaten im Serum

Meszaros, J.; Kemenes, F., 1973:
Capillaria hepatlca Hepatitis bei einem Biber Castor fiber

Morehouse, N.F., 1939:
Capillaria infection of the lower digestive tract of the common fowl Gallus domesticus

Graham, G.L., 1935:
Capillaria infections in New Jersey pheasants

Cram, E.B., 1925:
Capillaria meleagris-gallopavo from a turkey at Bethesda, Md

Gonzalez, E.; Diaz, V.; Yanez, L.; Torres, P., 1974:
Capillaria obsignata Madsen 1945 Nematoda, Trichuroidea en Gallus gallus domesticus de Chile

Borgarenko, LF., 1975:
Capillaria phalacrocoraxi sp nov - a new species of Nematoda from Phalacrocorax pygmaeus

Chitwood, M.B.; Valesquez, C.; Salazar, N.G., 1968:
Capillaria philippinensis sp. n. (Nematoda: Trichinellida), from the intestine of man in the Philippines

Freitas, J.F.T. de., 1934:
Capillaria rudolphii n sp, parasita do intestino delgado de Tinamua solitarius Vieill

PigoUrin, A.U., 1958:
Capillaria suis nov sp, new nematode parasite of wild boar

Orozz, D., 1931:
Capillaria, quistionibus anatomicis et criticis

Orozz, D., 1931:
Capillaria-Arten des Hausgeflugels

Orozz, D., 1932:
Capillaria-fajok hazi madarainkban

Perrucci, S.; Tarantino, C.; Cecchi, S.; Marconcini, A., 1999:
Capillariasis of the partridge Perdix perdix Capillariosi della starna Perdix perdix

JasiƄski, A.; Kilarski, W., 1971:
Capillaries in the rete mirabile and in the gas gland of the swim bladder in fishes, Perca fluviatilis L. and Misgurnus fossilis L. An electron microscopic study

Freitas, J.F.T. de.; Lent, H., 1935:
Capillariinae de animaes de sangue frio Nematoda Trichuroidea

Lins de Almeida, J., 1934:
Capillariose Die Avic e ornit

Anon., 1963:
Capillariose cutanee humaine Premier cas humain de dermatose parasitaire due a Capillaria cutanea

Novotny, L.; Dvorak, P., 2003:
Capillariosis in aquarium fish Kapilarioza akvarijnich ryb

Nikiforova, S.F.; Shoshenko, K.A., 1964:
Capillary Bed Of Skeletal Muscles Of Frog (Observations In Vivo)

Martin, E.G., 1930:
Capillary circulation in skeletal muscle in rest and exercise

Matyjewicz-Juszczyk, D., 1973:
Capillary networks of the ovarian follicles in Mesogobius batrachocephalus Pall and Neogobius melanostomus Pall

Voitkevich, A.A.; Dedov, I.I., 1969:
Capillary subendothelialspaces

Akmaev, I.G.Gamori, I., 1967:
Capillary ultrastructure in the neurohypophysis

Galey, F.R.; Dunn, R.F., 1971:
Capillary-tube units for individual block preparation in light and electron microscopy

Tuzet, O.; Ormieres, R., 1951:
Capillicephalus lithobii, n g, n sp, gregarine parasite de lintestin du Lithobius piceus L Koch

Moltoni, E., 1952:
Capita ancora in Italia il Chiurlattello Numenius tenuirostris Vieillot ?

Filipascu, A., 1967:
Capital trophies and selection of roebucks

Ganapati, PN.; Raman, AV., 1976:
Capitella capitat a Fabricius, 1780 Polychaeta Capitellidae = an indicator of pollution in Visakhapatnam harbour

Sunil Kumar, R., 2002:
Capitella capitata and Paraheteromastus tenuis Polychaeta Capitellidae soil dwelling biological indicators of aquatic pollution - a review

Lopez, E.; Capa, M.; Aguado, M.T.resa; Cladera, P., 2005:
Capitellidae Annelida Polychaeta from Coiba National Park, Pacific Coast of Panama, with a new species of the genus Amastigos

Hartman, O., 1959:
Capitellidae and Nereidae marine annelids from the Gulf side of Florida, with a review of freshwater Nereidae

Knowlton, G.F., 1954:
Capitophorus and Amphorophora Aphid notes

Larrain, P.; Arraya, J.E., 1995:
Capitophorus elaeagni Homoptera Aphididae in artichoke cultivated in La Platina, Santiago, Chile Capitophorus elaeagni Homoptera Aphididae en alcachofa cultivada en La Platina, Santiago, Chile

Moojen, J., 1944:

Istvan, S.; Laszlo, S., 1972:
Capljica bela, Egrelta g garzelta L u Karpatskom bazenu u periodu 1959-1968 godine

Westermann, Fulgor., 2003:
Capnia bifrons Insecta, Plecoptera as indicator-species of intermittent small streams in Rhineland-Palatinate Germany Capnia bifrons Insecta, Plecoptera als Leitart sommertrockener Baeche in Rheinland-Pfalz

Klapalek, Fr., 1909:
Capnia conica n sp

Kuusela, Kalevi., 1994:
Capnia vidua Klapalek Plecoptera, Capniidae from Kuusamosta Capnia vidua Klapalek Plecoptera, Capniidae Kuusamosta

Guidicelli, J., 1967:
Capnioneura petricola n sp, Plecoptere nouveau de Corse

Gashtarov, Victor., 2006:
Capnodis carbonaria, a new species for the Bulgarian fauna Coleoptera Buprestidae

Kock, Karl., 1910:
Capnodis tenebrionis-ein Obstschadling Dalmatiens

Hohmann, Mathias., 1996:
Capnopsis schilleri Rostock 1892 Plecoptera Capniidae found again in Saxony-Anhalt/Germany Wiederfund von Capnopsis schilleri Rostock 1892 Plecoptera Capniidae in Sachsen-Anhalt

Muranyi, D., 2004:
Capnopsis schilleri Rostock, 1892 Plecoptera Capniidae in Croatia

Meinken, H., 1957:
Capoeta hulstaerti Poll 1945, eine hubsche Neuein-fuhrung aus dem Kongo-Gebiet

Zukal, R., 1971:
Capoeta oligolepis

Zapfe, H., 1962:
Caponina leopoldi neuva esoecie de Caponiidae Araneae

Kameda, M.; Yamauchi, S., 2005 :
Capperia jozana Matsumura Pterophoridae from the Byoubusan Range, Aomori Prefecture

King, GE., 2003:
Capperia loranus Fuchs, 1895 a new species for Spain Lepidoptera Pterophoridae Capperia loranus Fuchs, 1895 especie nueva para Espana Lepidoptera Pterophoridae

Bukhsianidze, M.; Vekua, A., 2006:
Capra dalii nov sp Caprinae, Bovidae, Mammalia at the limit of Plio-Pleistocene from Dmanisi Georgia

Scawarzenbach, F.H. ., 1961:
Capra ibex L 1961 Nos 1, 2, 3

Iacob, T., 1974:
Capra neagra carpatina Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica Cont dim Parcul National Retezat, not observatii asupla modulin de trai si masuri de conservare a speciei

Thenius, E.; Hoter, F.; Freisinger, A., 1962:
Capra prisca Sickenberg und ihre Bedeutung fur die Abstammung der Hausziegen

Dimitriadis, J.N., 1937:
Capra-aegagrus-Reste auf griechischen Inseln

Shirley, TC., 1975:
Caprella andreae Mayer, 1890 Crustacea Amphipoda Caprellidae from Padre Island, Texas

O'Brien, FX., 1975:
Caprella equilibra Say 1818, first report of its occurrence in Massachusetts and its association with the stomatopod Squilla empusa Say, 1818

Faasse, Marco., 1996:
Caprella macho Platvoet EA, 1995, a new ghost shrimp Caprella macho Platvoet EA, 1995, een nieuwe spookkreeft

Guerra-Garcia, J.M.; Redondo-Gomez, S.; Espina, A.G.; Castillo, J.M.; Luque, T.; Garcia-Gomez, J.; Carlos; Figueroa, M.; Enrique, 2006:
Caprella penantis Leach, 1814 and Caprella dilatata Kroyer, 1843 Crustacea Amphipoda from the Strait of Gibraltar a molecular approach to explore intra- and interspecific variation

Krapp, T.; Lang, C.; Libertini, A.; Melzer, R.R., 2006:
Caprella scaura Templeton, 1836 sensu lato Amphipoda Caprellidae in the Mediterranean

Valter, E.D., 1967:
Caprella septentrionalis Kroyer Amphipoda, Caprellidae-intermediate host of nematodes of the genus Contracaecum Railliet et Henry, 1912

Valter, E.D., 1968:
Caprella septentrionalis Kroyet Amphipoda, Capreilidae-intermediate host of nematodes of the genus Contracaecum Railliet Henry, 1912

Aoki, M.; Takeda, M., 2006:
Caprellid amphipods from the coastal waters of Shimoda, Izu Peninsula, Central Japan

Harrison, R.J., 1944:
Caprellidae Amphipoda, Crustacea

L.Follette, R., 1914:
Caprellidae from Laguna Beach

L.Follette, R., 1915:
Caprellidae from Laguna Beach II

Arimoto, I., 1970:
Caprellidae of Japan l

Utinomi, H., 1952:
Caprellidae of Japan and adjacent waters

Mayer, Paul., 1912:
Caprellidae Die Fauna Sudwest-Australiens, hrsg von W Michaelsen u R Hartmeyer Bd 4, Lfg 1

Vassilenko, S V., 2004:
Caprellidea Amphipoda of the Laptev Sea, north-western part of the East-Siberian Sea and adjacent deep water of the Arctic Ocean

Blanc, H., 1905:
Caprellidedans le LemaN

Mayer, P., 1882:
Caprelliden, in Fauna and Flora des Golfes von Neapel Part vi

Arimoto, I., 1977:
Caprellids Amphipoda, Crustacea from Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Utinomi, H., 1969:
Caprellids from Kamae Bay, northeastern Kyusyu Amphipoda, Caprellidae

Hiro, F., 1937:
Caprellids from Tanabe Bay

Delic, S.; Kiskarolj, M.; Levi, I., 1966:
Capreocaulus capreoli in does in some regions of Bosnia and Hercegovina

Friedhoff, K.B., 1962:
Capreoli n sp beim Reh Capreolus capreolus L

Myrberget, S.; Raiby, M., 1970:
Capreolus capreolus with 5 embryos

Pfeiffer, Thekla., 1998:
Capreolus suessenbornensis Kahlke 1956 Cervidae, Mammalia from the Mosbach Sands Wiesbaden-Biebrich, Germany and the position of the genus Capreolus in the system of Pleistocene and Holocene cervids Capreolus suessenbornensis Kahlke 1956 Cervidae, Mammalia aus den Mosbach-Sanden Wiesbaden-Biebrich mit einem Beitrag zur Stellung der Rehe im System pleistozaner und holozaner Cerviden

Matschie, P., 1916:
Capreolus zedlitzi spec nov und andere europaische Arten des Rehes

Hjort, C., 2006:
Capri Bird Observatory - a brief historical overview

Rodebrand, S., 1972:
Capri fagelstation

Heude, P., 1898:
Capricornes de Moupin suite

Harvey, WG., 1976:
Caprimulgus affinis as an urban species in Indonesia

Lonnberg, E., 1915:
Caprimulgus nanta, eine auscheinend neue Art

Mazzarelli, Giuseppe., 1906:
Caprina aurantiaca, n gen, n sp di Ciliato della famiglia delle Urceolaridae, parassita delle branchie degli agoni

Cregut-Bonnoure, E., 2007:
Caprinae and Antilopinae Mammalia, Bovidae for the biostratigraphy of the Late Pliocene and the Pleistocene in Europe Apport des Caprinae et Antilopinae Mammalia, Bovidae a la biostratigraphie du Pliocene terminal et du Pleistocene dEurope

Uloth, W., 1971:
Caprini Simpson, 1945, in Ubersee

Plenicar, M., 1963:
Caprinidae and the subgenus Radiolitella Rudista from the Cretaceous strata of south-western Slovenia

Tortonese, E.; II., 1948:
Caprisco Capros apex L e le sue relazioni con gli altri Pesci Teleostei

Mather, R.N.; Sen-Sarma, P.K., 1961:
Capritermes orientalis, a new species from Burma Isoptera Termitidae Termitinae

Thor, S., 1898:
Caprobates sarsi en ny Hydrachnide fra Kap, Syd-Afrika

Katayama, M., 1975:
Caprodon unicolor, a new anthiine fish from the North Pacific Ocean

Varona, L.S., 1967:
Capromys nana, la mas pequena de las jutias de Cuba Trab Divulg Mus Felipe Poey Acad

Winter, H.A., 1955:
Capsala caballeroi sp n, parasito de Sarda orientalis, con un catalogo de los trematodos monogeneos de los peces del oceano Pacifico de las Americas

Araya, Jaime E., 2000:
Capsicum frutescens L, a new host plant for the olive black scale, Saissetia oleae Olivier Homoptera Coccidae Capsicum frutescens L, nueva planta hospedera para la cochinilla negra del olivo, Saissetia oleae Olivier Homoptera Coccidae

Kerzhner, IM., 1977:
Capsid bugs of the genus Amblytylus Fieb Heteroptera, Miridae of the European part of the USSR

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae Argentinae Kritische und neue argentinische Capsiden

Reuter, O.M., 1890:
Capsidae Sicilianae novae et minus cognitae

Reuter, O.M., 1879:
Capsidae Turkestanae Diagnoser ofver nya Capsider fran Turkestan

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae chinenses et thibetanae hactenus coganitae enumeratae novaeque species descriptae

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae duae Hemiptera-Heteroptera e Corea

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae ex Abessinia et regionibus confinibus enumeratae novaeque species descriptae

Reuter, O.M., 1907:
Capsidae in Brasilia collectae in Museo I R Vindobonensi asservatae

Reuter, O.M., 1905:
Capsidae in Venezuela n Do Dre Fr Meinert collectae enumerataae novneque species descriptae

Reuter, O.M., 1905:
Capsidae in prov Sztschwan Chinae a DD G Potanin et M Beresowski colloctae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae javanicae novae vel minus cognitae

Horvath, G., 1898:
Capsidae novae aut minus cognitae

Reuter, O.M., 1890:
Capsidae novae ex Africa boreali

Reuter, O.M., 1901:
Capsidae novae mediterraneae III

Reuter, O.M., 1902:
Capsidae novae mediterraneae IV

Reuter, O.M., 1900:
Capsidae novae mediterraneae I

Reuter, O.M., 1905:
Capsidae novae mediterraneae V

Reuter, O.M., 1908:
Capsidae novae palaearcticae

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae novae rossicae II

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae palaearctieae novae et minus cognitae

Reuter, O.M., 1904:
Capsidae persicae a Do N A Zarudny collectae, enumeratae novaeque species descriptae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae quatuor novae regionis Australicae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae quinque novae in Tombillo Chile lectae

Reuter, O.M., 1901:
Capsidae rossicae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae tres cubanae Die drei von Guerin in Ramon de la Sagras Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de lIle de Cuba beschriebenen Capsiden

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae tres novae in Brasilia a Do Dre R F Sahlberg collectae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Capsidae, mexicanae a Do Bilimek collectae in museo ir Vindobonensi asservatae

Reuter, O.M., 1875:
Capsinae ex America boreali in Museo Holmiensi asservatae, descriptae ab-

Badmin, JS., 2006:
Capsopsylla fulguralis Kuwayama Hemiptera Psyllidae reaches Tresco

Vladykov, V.D., 1936:
Capsules doeufs de Raies de lAtlantique oanadion appartenant au genre Raja

Allan, J., 1941:
Capsules or girdles ?

Arnaud, PM.; Zibrowius, H., 1973:
Capsules ovigeres de gasteropodes Turridae et corrosion du squelette des scleractiniaires bathyaux des AYores

Arnaud, PM.; Zibrowius, H., 1973:
Capsules ovigeres de gasteropodes Turridae et corrosion du squelette des scleractiniaires bathyaux des Acores

Neviani, A., 1905:
Capsulina loculicida Seg pedicellaria fossile, preteso foraminifero

Wagner, E., 1950:
Capsus Heterotoma dalmatinus n sp, eine neue Miridenart aus Dalmatian

Knight, H.H., 1926 :
Capsus simulans Stal and Labops burmeisteri Stal, recognised from the Nearctic Region Hemiptera, Miridae

Streito, Jean-Claude., 1998:
Capsus wagneri Remane, 1950 a new bug Miridae from France Heteroptera, Miridae Capsus wagneri Remane, 1950 un nouvel heteroptere Miridae pour la faune de France

Faxon, W., 1919:
Capt Thomas Browns Illustrations of American ornithology of Wilson and Bonaparte

Cain, A.J., 1971:
Capt Cyril Diver Start of nature conservancy

Nelson, T.H., 1916:
Capt J M Charlton and Lieut H V

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Capturas estivales de Avefras en Madrid, Caceres y Guadalajara

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Capturas y observaciones de fringilidos esporadicos en el alto Aragon

Anonymous., 1974:
Capturas y observaciones reiteradas de bengali amandeva Estrilda Amandava amandava en las cercanias de Madrid

Aremberg, Pierre dapos., 1910:

Sigalas, R.; Mandoul, R., 1938:
Capture a Arcachon de Zeugopterus punctatus Bloch

Brunier, B. de., 1921:
Capture a Metz de quelques coleopteres rares ou non encore signales en Lorraine

Dalmas, Cte de., 1915:
Capture a Paris dun Physocyclus Simoni femelle et description dun Harpadocrates nouveau des Alpes-Maritimes

Germain, M.; Petter, F., 1970:
Capture a Yaounde Cameroun de Colomys goslingi Rodentia, Muridae

Gruchet, H., 1977:
Capture a lIle de la Reunion dun courlis cendre

Gruchet, H., 1977:
Capture a la Reunion de petrels geants bagues, Macronectes giganteus

Mendes de Azevedo, S.J.; Eduarda de Larrazabal, M., 1999:
Capture and banding of Calidris pusilla Scolopacidae in Pernambucos coast Captura e anilhamento de Calidris pusilla Scolopacidae na costa de Pernambuco

Nielsen, F.J.hl.; Baungaard, B., 1999:
Capture and breedng of Idaea ochrata Scop Targeted research of the species revealing its life habit and its extraordinary activity period Fangst og klaekning af Idaea ochrata Scop Malrettet eftersogning af arten afslorede dens levevis og usaedvanlige aktivitetsperiode

Ramsey, R.L., 1968:
Capture and care of pileated and red-headed woodpeckers

Linford, M.B., 1937:
Capture and destruction of nematodes by Hawaiian field and garden fungi

Karsten, P., 1977:
Capture and husbandry of muskox-Calgary Zoo

Abderhalden, W.; Buchli, C.; Ratti, P.; Godli, D., 1998:
Capture and immobilization of alpine ibex Capra i ibex Einfang und Immobilisation von Alpensteinbocken Capra i ibex

Gradoz, Pierre., 1996:
Capture and ingestion possibilities for the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo Possibilites de capture et dingestion chez le grand cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo

Grant, TR.; Carrick, FN., 1974:
Capture and making of the platypus Ornithorhynchus anatinus in the wild

Montane, J.; Marco, I.; Lopez, J.; Manteca, X.; Lavin, S., 2001:
Capture and postcapture management of the roe deer Capreolus capreolus Capture y manejo postcaptura del corzo Capreolus capreolus

Vajen, Claudia., 2000:
Capture and recapture methods - suitable for determining population density of crevice-dwelling mites in the littoral zone? Fang- und Wiederfangmethoden - geeignet zur Bestimmung der Populationsdichte spaltenbewohnender Milben im Litoral?

Naves, J.; Fernandez-Gil, A.; Ruiz-Bascaran, M.; Garcia-Gaona, JF.; Del Campo, JC.; Delibes, M., 2001:
Capture and release of a free-ranging brown bear in Asturias Spain Rescate y retorno a estado salvaje de un oso pardo en Asurias Espana

Mantel, Kristian., 1998:
Capture and ringing in 1997 Fang und Beringung 1997

Ragonese, S.; D.S.efano, L.; Bianchini, ML., 2000:
Capture and selectivity of cartilaginous fishes during the red shrimp fishery in the Strait of Sicily Catture e selettivita di pesci cartilaginei nella pesca dei gamberi rossi nello Stretto di Sicilia

Tellini, G.; Sposimo, P., 1995:
Capture and standardized ringing in a Mediterranean maquis environment of central Tuscany Cattura ed inanellamento standardizzato in un ambiente a macchia mediterranea della Toscana centrale

Hernandez, A., 2001:
Capture and storing of a mole Talpa sp by a red fox Vulpes vulpes Captura y almacenamiento de un topo Talpa sp por un zorro rojo Vulpes vulpes

Lanfranchi, P.; Meneguz, P.G.useppe., 1996:
Capture and translocation of wild ruminants and health problems a bibliographical review of the Italian situation during the period 1970-1994 Cattura e trasferimento di ruminanti selvatici e relative problematiche sanitarie rassegna bibliografica sulla situazione italiana 1970-1994

Vagner, JA., 1973:
Capture and transport of animals from Africa to the Zoological Garden of Dvor Kralove NL Czechoslovakia 1967 bis 1972

Zompro, Oliver., 1997:
Capture and transport of phasmids Fang und Transport von Gespenstschrecken

Smith, MFL., 1992:
Capture and transportation of elasmobranchs, with emphasis on the grey nurse shark Carcharias taurus Capture and transportation of elasmobranchs, with emphasis on the grey nurse shark Carcharias taurus

Bortoli, L.; Cantoni, J.; Gavinelli, E.; Gavinelli, R.; Smart, M., 1965:
Capture au Cap Bon dune espece nouvelle pour lAfrique Buteo lagopus Pontoppidau

Bartoli, L.; Cantoni, J.; Gavinelli, E.; Smart, M., 1965:
Capture au Cap Bon dune espece nouvelle pour la Tunisie Accipiter brevipep Severtzow

Frete, P., 1959:
Capture au Maroc dune Sarcelle dhiver americaine Anas crecca carolinensis Gmelin CR

Bons, J.; Dakka, A., 1963:
Capture au Maroc de la vipere des Pyramides, Echis carinatus Schneider 1801

Forest, J. de Saint-Laurent, M., 1976:
Capture aux Philippines de nouveaux exemplaires de Neoglyphea inopinata Crustacea Decapoda Glypheidae

Fogden, M., 1967:
Capture by camouflage

Robert, G., 1975:
Capture d un bruant fou Emberiza cia juvenile a mesnil-leglise, Namur

Constantin, R., 1966:
Capture dAcanthocnemus nigricans Hope dans la drome Coleopt Melyridae

Viette, P., 1977:
Capture dAcentria nivea Olivier 1791 dans 1Aube et notes sur 1espece Lep Pyralidae

Mayaud, N., 1954:
Capture dAquila clanga Pallas 274 Curieux comportement dun Jean-le-blanc, Circaetus gallicus Gmelin

Thomas, M., 1929:
Capture dAraignees Dour

Ketterer, C.E., 1955:
Capture dArgiope bruennichi Aran Argiopidae aux marais de Grone Valais

Rappaz, R., 1970:
Capture dAutophila hirsuta Stdg Lap Noctuidae en Valais

Duquef, M., 1972:
Capture dHypenodes humidalis Dbld dans lAisne Noctuidae

Maneval, H., 1925:
Capture dIchneumonides nouveaux pour la faune franYaise et note biologique sur une espece de la memo famille

Tardent, P., 1959:
Capture dun Abudefduf saxatilis vaigiensis Q and G Pisces, Pomacentridae dans le Golfe de Naples

Hemery, M., 1924:
Capture dun Actiture Kousset en Bretagne

Moriseau, A., 1959:
Capture dun Aigle Criard Aquila clanga en Haute-Marne

Dupond, C., 1932:
Capture dun Aigle Dore, Aquila chr chrysaetus L en Belgique

Brascassat, M., 1926:
Capture dun Aigle aux environs de Bordeaux

Comble, J. de la., 1956:
Capture dun Aigle criard, Aquila clanga Pallas, en Saone-et-Loire 70 Cygnes, Pygargue et Macreuse brune en Saone-et-Loire 145 Le Pic noir en Saone-et-Loire 147

Audige, P., 1927:
Capture dun Alpheus ruber Edwards Decapoda macrura Alpheidae dans la baie de Seine

Durand, G., 1953:
Capture dun Balbuzard en Vendee

Lasnier, J., 1932:
Capture dun Bec-Croise Loxia curvirostra curvirostra L, jeune femelle en Seine-Inferieure ann 1930

Labitte, A., 1936:
Capture dun Becasseau platyrhynque, Limicola falcinellus falcinellus Pont 1763 en baie de Somme

Castan, R., 1964:
Capture dun Becasseau rousset Tryngites subruficollis Vieillot dans le Sud Tunisien

Delapehier, L., 1936:
Capture dun Becasseau tachete, Erolia melanotos Vieill a Sallenelles Calvados

Baudouin, M., 1932:
Capture dun Beluga Lagenorhynchus albirostris a Croix-de-Vie Vendee

Rapine, J., 1931:
Capture dun Chevalier semi-palme, Ereneutes pusillus pusillus sur les cotes du Finistere

Breton, G., 1976:
Capture dun Cimbex cf fagi Zaddach 1863, adulte male hymenopteres, Tenthredinidae, dans le pare de Valmont Seine-Maritime Bulletin trimest

Chabot, M., 1923:
Capture dun Comatibis comata au Maroc

Breistroffer, M., 1956:
Capture dun Fou de Bassan dans lIsere

Barriety, L., 1960:
Capture dun Halichoerus grypus

Leonide, J.C., 1963:
Capture dun Hymenoptere remarquable Brachymeria moerens Rusch et apercu sur sa biologie Hym Chalcididae

Ternier, L., 1914:
Capture dun Jaseur de Boheme dans le Calvados

Vigneau, P., 1908:
Capture dun Morse

Rey-Jouvin., 1928:
Capture dun Nyroca nyroca Guld, en Corse p 15 Apropos dHaliaetus L en Corse, p 16

Regnier, R., 1934:
Capture dun Ondatra en Seine-Inferieure

Isenmann, P., 1962:
Capture dun Phragmite aquatique Acrocephalus paludicola a Strasbourg

Petter, F., 1959:
Capture dun Poelagus marjorita en Oubangui

Dorst, J., 1961:
Capture dun Puffin des Anglais Puffinus p puffinus en Seine-et-Mame

Poty, P., 1953:
Capture dun Pygargue en Saone-et-Loire

Chevey, P., 1936:
Capture dun Requin-Baleine, Rhineodon typus A Smith, en Cochincaine

Texier, G., 1914:
Capture dun Rhodostethia rosea

Tarel, M.R., 1935:
Capture dun Squale bleu Squalus glaucus Linne, de ses deux Pilotes Scomber duclor L et dun Poisson volant Exocoetus volilans Bloch dans le Bassin dArcachon

Olivier, G., 1935:
Capture dun Stercorairo longicaude dans les Pyre-nees centrales p 158, Captures on Seine-Inferieure de Rouges-gorges bagues pp 158-159

Petter, F., 1970:
Capture dun Taterillus en Mauritanie

Petit, G.; Amar, R., 1946:
Capture dun Tetragonurus cuvieri Risso a Saint-Tropez Var

Postel, E., 1955:
Capture dun Trai chyptere Trachypterus cristatus Bonellen Baie de Tunis

Jolivet, P., 1944:
Capture dun Triton rare pour la faune Normandio Triton Molge marmorata Latr Uro-deles-Salamandridae

Petter, F., 1963:
Capture dun Uranomys Rongeurs, Murides dans la Republique du Togo

Brascassat, M., 1930:
Capture dun Vison dEurope Mustela lutreola L dans les environs de Bordeaux

Doneux, A., 1965:
Capture dun bruant a calotte blanche Emberiza leucocephala Gmelin

Hutchinson, R., 1977:
Capture dun couple de Celithemis elisa Hagen et breve observation de la ponte au lac Massabesic, Auburn, New Hampshire

Dupuy, A.; Gaillard, D., 1969:
Capture dun cynocephale presentant une anomalie de coloration

Tranngocloi, Nt., 1962:
Capture dun dugong au Viet-Nam

Maes, J.C.; Maes, J.P., 1969:
Capture dun ecureuil Sciurus vulgaris par une buse Buteo buteo

Duquef, M., 1975:
Capture dun examplaire intersexue dArchiearis notha Hb Geometridae

Delval, Ch., 1906:
Capture dun exemplaire dEuscorpius flavicaudis a Paris

Boosten, G., 1990:
Capture dun exemplaire de Baris cuprirostris F Curculionidae a Nieuwpoort Reserve Naturelle Ijzermonding, le 1371990 au fauchoir sur Diplotaxis tenuifolia

Mercier, L., 1930:
Capture dun exemplaire de Rat noir a Sees Orne

Gruchet, H., 1977:
Capture dun fou du Cap immature, Sula capensis Lichtenstein, pres des cotes de la Reunion

Lasnier., 1936:
Capture dun grand Corbeau male Corvus corax L

Real, P., 1947:
Capture dun gynandromorphe hybride

Berlioz, J., 1955:
Capture dun nouveau Bulweria fallax Jouanin en mer dOman

Dupuy, A.; Johnson, E.D.H., 1967:
Capture dun pinson du nord Fringilla montifringilld au Sahara

Fabre, F., 1969:
Capture dun poisson rare en Mediterranee Lagocephalus lagocephalus L

Timon-David, J., 1936:
Capture dun poisson tres rare sur les cotes de Provence le Regalec

Dubost, G., 1962:
Capture dun rateur luveur Procyon lotor L en Moselle

Fourmanoir, P., 1955:
Capture dun requinguitare du genre Rhynchobatus devant la station marine de Nosy Be

Danis, V., 1937:
Capture dun specimen male de Dryobates leucotos Bechst dans les Basses-Pyrenees

Fabre, F., 1967:
Capture dun trachyptere ruban a Bandol Var

Paque, A., 1920:
Capture dune Bernache a cou roux en Belgique

Ingband, A., 1956:
Capture dune Chettusie sociable en Vendee

Clapham, C., 1962:
Capture dune Fauvette eperviere Sylvia nisoria a Ouessant

Clapham, C., 1961:
Capture dune Fauvette orphee Sylvia hortensis a Ouessant

Sermet, E., 1960:
Capture dune Fauvette passerinette Sylvia cantillans au bord du lac de Neuchatel

Vaucher, C., 1962:
Capture dune Fauvette pitchou Sylvia undata au Fanel

Pellegrin, J., 1938 :
Capture dune Lamie long-nez dans la baie de Saint-Jean-de Luz

Dupuy, A.; Johnson, E.D.H., 1967:
Capture dune Locustelle fluviatile Locustella fluviatilis au Sahara algerien

Gelin, Henri., 1910:
Capture dune Sesia nouvelle pour la faune franYaise

Heuertz, M., 1954:
Capture dune couleuvre verte et jaune Coluber viridiflavus viridiflavus Lacep au G D de Luxembourg

Founier, O.; Jarry, G., 1965:
Capture dune des moissons de Siberia Anser fabalis rossicus Buturlin en Vendee

Quero, J-C., 1974:
Capture dune espece nouvelle pour la faune de lAtlantique nord-est Photostylus pycnopterus Beebe, 1933 poissons, Clupeiformes, alepocephalides

Ginet, R., 1957:
Capture dune especes nouvelle de Salentinella Amphipode Gammaridae dans une grotte des Pyrenees ariegeoises

Dambiermont, J.L.; Fouarge, J.; Delvaux, L., 1964:
Capture dune fauvette eperviere

Dambiermont, J.L.; Fouarge, J.; Delvaux, L., 1964:
Capture dune fauvette eperviere Sylvia nisoria Bechstein

Baudouin-Bodin, Mme., 1965:
Capture dune fauvette passerinette Sylvia cantillans a lile Dumet L-A

Anon., 1959:
Capture dune genette en Seine-et-Oise

Bouxin, J.; Bouxin, H.; Legendre, R., 1931:
Capture dune tortue luth , accompagnee de pilotes et de remoras Echeneis remora, L pres de lIle aux Moutons

Anonymous., 1925:
Capture dune tortue luth a Concarneau

Petit, G., 1951:
Capture dune tortue luth a La Nouvelle Aude

Boissieux, M., 1965:
Capture dune vipere Revue Fed franY

Pellegrin, J., 1904:
Capture duno Tortue Luth dans la Gironde

Guichard, G., 1955:
Capture dans lYonne de Outarde barbue, Otis t tarda L

Boulard, M., 1968:
Capture dans la foret de la Maboke dune cigale rarissime Musoda gigantea Distant comparaison des genitalia de la femelle avec ceux de M flavida

Smits, A., 1906:
Capture dans le departement du Nord de Chloanta polyodon perspicillaris

Fourmanoir, P., 1952:
Capture dans les eaux malgaches du Requin nourrice Ginglymostoma cirratum

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