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Chapter 38,045

Carbohydrases of the digestive gland and the crystalline style of the Atlantic deep-sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus, gmelin)

Wojtowicz, M.B.

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. A Comparative Physiology 43(1): 131-141


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-9629
PMID: 4404569
DOI: 10.1016/0300-9629(72)90475-6
Accession: 038044756

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1.The digestive gland of the scallopPlacopecten magellanicus contains an -glucosidase (pH optimum 4·0, molecular weight 75,000), ß-glucosidases (pH optimum 4·5, MW 60,000 and > 200,000), ß-galactosidases (pH optimum 4·0, MW 56,000 and > 200,000), laminarinase (pH optimum 5·5) chitobiase (pH optimum 4·5, MW 70,000) and -amylase of very low activity.2.The crystalline style contains relatively high -amylase activity (pH optimum 6·5, MW 39,000) and laminarinase activity (pH optimum 5·5).3.The amylase of the crystalline style was isolated in an electrophoretically pure state.4.No chitinase activity was found in the crystalline style or digestive gland.5.The distribution of enzymes indicates that in scallops the digestion of many carbohydrates is probably an intracellular process.

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