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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38054

Chapter 38054 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dupont, J., 1977:
Catalytic properties of two phospholipases A from cobra (Naja nigricollis) venom

Butlin, RK.; Monk, KA., 1990:
Catantopine grasshoppers of Sulawesi

Duges, Alfredo., 1870:
Cataogo de animales vertebrados observados en la Republica Mexicana

Markham, JC., 1977:
Cataphryxus Shiino, 1936 Crustacea, Isopoda, proposed conservation under the plenary powers ZN S 2217

Schott, Claude., 1998:
Catapion koestlini Dieckmann, 1989 in Alsace and Moselle Catapion koestlini Dieckmann, 1989 en Alsace et en Moselle

Peiffer, R.L.; Gelatt, K.N., 1976:
Cataract in a wooly monkey

Allison, L.N., 1963:
Cataract in hatchery lake trout

Williams, L.W.; Peiffer, R.L.; Gelatt, K.N., 1977:
Cataract resorption in a young wolf

Sardari, K.; Emami, MR.; Alavi Tabatabaee, A.; Ashkiani, A., 2007:
Cataract surgery in an African lion Panthera leo with anterior lens luxation

Paget, O.E., 1953:
Cataracta hereditaria subcapsularis; ein neues, dominantes allel bei der Hausmaus

Pickford, M.; Kunimatsu, Y., 2005:
Catarrhines from the Middle Miocene ca 145 Ma of Kipsaraman, Tugen Hills, Kenya

Agenjo, R., 1959:
Catascia dognini Thierry-Mieg, 1910, especie nueva para la Pennsula Iberica Lep Geom

Meier-Brook, C.; Bargues, M.D., 2002:
Catascopia, a new genus for three Nearctic and one Palaearctic stagnicoline species Gastropoda Lymnaeidae

Bover, X.; Macia, R.; Ylla, J., 1998:
Catastia marginea Denis Schiffermuller, 1775, a new genus and species for the Iberian Peninsula Lepidoptera Pyralidae Catastia marginea Denis Schiffermuller, 1775, nou genere i especie per a la peninsula Iberica Lepidoptera Pyralidae

Brabant, Ronald., 1999:
Catasticta ludovici Eitschberger Racheli, 1998 from rain forests of Ecuador Lepidoptera, Pieridae A propos de Catasticta ludovici Eitschberger Racheli, 1998 des forets pluviales equatoriennes Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Colusi, A.D.; Martnez, J.A.; Garbini, J.D., 1968:
Catastro epizootiologico de enfermedades aviares en los anos 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 en la Republica Argentina

Taapken, J., 1955:
Catastrophale sterfte van Apus apus L, Hirundo rustica L en Delichon urbica L gedurende de periode van eind Mei tot begin Juni 1953, veroorzaakt door abnormale lage temperaturen en voedselgebrek

Chaney, E., 1971:
Catastrophe brewing in quiet waters

Kopelke, J.-Peter.; Amendt, J., 2001:
Catastrophe or fortunate incident? Impact of floods on gall inducing insects of meadows Katastrophe oder Gluecksfall? Auswirkungen von Ueberschwemmungen auf gallenerzeugende Insekten der Weiden

Zeeman, Christopher., 2005:
Catastrophe theory applied to Darwinian evolution

Williams, AJ.; Ward, VL., 2002:
Catastrophic cholera coverage, causes, context, conservation and concern

L.M.rca, E.; Lips, K.R.; Lotters, S.; Puschendorf, R.; Ibanez, R.; Rueda-Almonacid, J.V.cente.; Schulte, R.; Marty, C.; Castro, F.; Manzanilla-Puppo, J.; Garcia-Perez, J.E.ias.; Bolanos, F.; Chaves, G.; Pounds, J.; Alan.; Toral, E.; Young, B.E., 2005:
Catastrophic population declines and extinctions in Neotropical harlequin frogs Bufonidae Atelopus

Gunter, G., 1949:
Catastrophism in the sea and its paleontological signifi-cance, etc

Agenjo, R., 1946:
Catatogo ordenador de los Lepidopteros de Espana

Clement, H., 1963:
Catatonia in a captive specimen of Varanus bengalensis

Kolpakov, VG., 1990:
Catatonia in animals genetics, neurophysiology, neurochemistry

Bayssade-Dufour, C.; Albaret, J.-Louis.; Fermet-Quinet, H.; Farhati, K., 1996:
Catatropis lagunae n sp, Trematoda, Notocotylidae, parasite of sea birds Catatropis lagunae n sp, Trematoda, Notocotylidae, parasite doiseaux de mer

Singh, K.S., 1956:
Catatropis rauschi n sp Family Notocotylidae Luhe, Trematoda from the pintail, Dafila acuta from India

Elias, H.; Allara, E.; Elias, M.P.; Murty, A.S.K., 1963:
Catatteristiche ultrastrutturali delle cellule connet-tivali della papilla renale

James, R.C., 1972:

Groskin, H., 1945:
Catbird at least six years old, p 106 An eight-year-old Purple Grackle, p 144

Blackbill, H., 1942:
Catbird wintering in Maryland

Freeman, F.J., 1949:
Catbirds defence behaviorism

Sooter, C.A., 1943:
Catbirds nestingon the Malheur Refuge in south-easternOregon

Atz, J.W., 1948:
Catch em little, grow em big 1

Girard, M.; Lorance, P.; Biseau, A., 2000:
Catch Per Unit Effort of deep-sea species off the continental slope to the west of British Isles Captures Par Unite dEffort des especes profondes du talus continental a louest des Iles britanniques

Anon., 1963:
Catch Reports 1962/63

Buszko, J.; Nowacki, J., 1990:
Catch activity of noctuid moths Lepidoptera, Noctuidae on light and sugar attractant in relation to the temperature and air humidity

Chang, K-H.; Wu, W-L., 1977:
Catch analysis of the spotted mackerel Scomber australasicus from the waters off Taiwan

Avila-Da-Silva, A.O.into.; Vaz-Dos-Santos, A.M.rtins., 2000:
Catch analysis of tunas and related species based on the pole and line and trolling fishing of the RV Malacostraca from 1980 to 1991 Analise das capturas de atuns e afins pelos metodos de vara e isca viva e corrico realizadas pelo N/Pq Malacostraca De 1980 A 1991

Karakulak, FS., 2003:
Catch and effort of the bluefin tuna purse seine fishing in Turkish waters

Matsumoto, W.M. ., 1968:
Catch and effort statistics for the eastern Pacific tuna fishery

Smith, J.E., 1970:
Catch and effort statistics of the British Columbia trawl fishery in 1969

Uchida, R.N., 1968:
Catch and estimates of fishing effort and apparent abundance in the fishery for skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis in Hawaiian waters, 1952-62

Hooft, JJ.; Ramos, F., 1974:
Catch and fishing effort in the Venezuelan tuna fishery between 1960 and 1970

Pettit, D., 1973:
Catch and release idaho Wildl

Musa, C.; Duryea, R.; Duckworth, T., 2002:
Catch basins a new frontier for Warren County

Serena, F.; Baino, R.; Rey, J.; Papacostantinou, C.; Relini, G., 2006:
Catch composition and abundance of deep-sea elasmobranchs based on the MEDITS1 trawl surveys

McAuley, R.; Simpfendorfer, C., 2003:
Catch composition of the Western Australian temperate demersal gillnet and demersal longline fisheries, 1994 to 1999

Verna, Thomas N., 2004:
Catch efficacy of the Fay-Prince black light trap when supplemented with carbon dioxide and octenol baits

Sagadin, I.M.; Gorla, D.E., 2002:
Catch efficiency of adult Lepidoptera pests of corn Zea mays and soybean Glicine max using mercury vapour and blacklight traps in the central region of Cordoba Province Argentina Eficiencia de captura de adultos de Lepidoptera plagas de maiz Zea mays y de soja Glicine max en trampas de luz de vapor de mercurio y de luz negra en la region central de la provincia de Cordoba Argentina

Anon., 1953:
Catch in the Antarctic in the season 1951/52 and in fields outside the Antarctic in 1952

Gladkij, G.V.; Schevtsova, T.M.; Shabanov, A.G., 1976:
Catch intensity, numbers and population growth in the pike of Lake Myadel Vestsi

Clemens, H.B., 1955:
Catch localities for Pacific albacore Thunnus germo landed in California, 1951 through 1953

Kubo, I., 1935:
Catch of Octopods in relation to precipitation and air-temperature in Inland Sea of Japan

Iehisa, S., 1939:
Catch of Tunny in the seas south of Kyusyu

Geisler, Jens., 2002:
Catch of a sea trout Salmo trutta morpha trutta in the Kirnitzsch near Bad Schandau Upper Elbe region Teleostei Salmoniformes Salmonidae Fang einer Meerforelle Salmo trutta morpha trutta in der Kirnitzsch bei Bad Schandau Obere Elbe Teleostei Salmoniformes Salmonidae

Kunjipalu, K.K.; George Mathai, P., 1976:
Catch of a whale shark, Rhincodon typus Smith, off north-west coast of India Veraval

Quero, J.-Claude.; Vayne, J.-Jaques., 2001:
Catch of an undescribed Bathyraja sp in western Scotland north-eastern Atlantic Capture dune Bathyraja sp non decrite a louest de lEcosse Atlantique Nord - Est

Kapel, F.O., 1977:
Catch of belugas, narwhals and harbour porpoises in Greenland, 1954-75, by year, month and region

Ohsumi, S., 1977:
Catch of minke whales in the coastal water of Japan

Ostby, H., 1958:
Catch of small whales 1957

Ostby, H., 1959:
Catch of small whales 1958

Nishiwaki, M.; Oguro, N., 1972:
Catch of the Cuviers beaked whales off Japan in recent years Scientific Rep Whales Res

Narisawa, F., 1938:
Catch of the Squid off Tazima

Hayashi, S.; Tadokoro, A., 1962:
Catch of the Taiwan ainoko in the anchovy fishing area around Japan

Dornheim, Holger., 1997:
Catch options for the most important fish stocks for 1997/1998 Fangoptionen fur die wichtigsten Fischbestande 1997/1998

Maeda, H.; Nakada, Y., 1936:
Catch pattern of squids under lamp, in relation to quantity of catch

Allen, KR., 1973:
Catch per effort estimates of northwest Atlantic fin whale stocks

Malvestuto, SP.; Sonski, BJ., 1990:
Catch rate and stock structure a comparison of daytime versus night-time electric fishing on West Point Reservoir, Georgia, Alabama

Lemos Duarte, A.C.; Jorge, I.; Sobral, M.P.eciosa.; Rebordao, F.R.i.; Martins, R.; Carneiro, M., 2003:
Catch rate of a large fyke net used to catch lamprey in the Mondego River estuary Rendimento do botirao usado na captura da lampreia Petromyzon marinus L 1758 no estuario do Rio Mondego

Herald, E.S., 1960:
Catch records for seventeen shark derbies at Elkhorn Slough, Monterey Bay, California

Anon., 1964:
Catch reports

Anon., 1967:
Catch reports, Antarctic season 1966/67

Anon., 1963:
Catch reports The summer season 1962

Anon., 1967:
Catch reports The summer season 1966

Anon., 1948:
Catch statistics

Anon., 1946:
Catch statistics for the Antarctic seasons 1939/40-1945/46 and subsequent summer seasons

Anon., 1946:
Catch statistics for the Antarotio seasons 1939/40-1945/46 and subsequent summer seasons Antarctio pelagic whaling in the season 1939/40

Hart, J.L., 1933:
Catch statistics of the British Columbia pilchard

Anon., 1949:
Catch statistics summer season 1947

Lear, W.H., 1970:
Catch statistics, length and age composition of Greenland halibut in the Newfoundland area

Anon., 1950:
Catch statistics-Antarctic pelagic whaling in the season 1948/49

Anon., 1950:
Catch statistics-the summer season 1948 cont

Anon., 1952:
Catch statistics-the summer season 1950continued

Anon., 1950:
Catch statistics Antarctic whaling in the season 1948/49 cont

Anon., 1953:
Catch statistics Antarctic whaling in the season 1951/52

Anon., 1948:
Catch statistics Antarctic-pelagic whaling Season 1946/47

Yamaguchi, Y.; Kobayashi, H., 1968:
Catch tendency of tuna long lines fishery in ocean and its consideration

Campana, S.E.; Marks, L.; Joyce, W.; Kohler, N., 2005:
Catch, by-catch and indices of population status of blue shark Prionace glauca in the Canadian Atlantic

Ostevdt, O.J., 1963:
Catch, effort and composition of the Norwegian winter herring fishery

Funk, FC.; Sandone, GJ., 1990:
Catch-age analysis of Prince William Sound, Alaska, herring, 1973-1988

Williams, RB., 1975:
Catch-tentacles in sea anemones occurrence in Haliplanella luciae Verill and a review of current knowledge

Allen, G.H., 1969:
Catch-to-escapement ratio of fin marked 1950-brood Puget Sound coho salmon

Bize, P.; Metcalfe, NB.; Roulin, A., 2006:
Catch-up growth strategies differ between body structures interactions between age and structure-specific growth in wild nestling Alpine swifts

Sagawa, S.; Kayaba, Y.; Minagawa, T.; Kawaguchi, Y., 2006:
Catchability of six fish species by electrofishing in an experimental stream

Monteiro-Filho, E.L.ite de Araujo; Abe, A.S.inya, 1999:
Catchability of the white-eared opossum, Didelphis albiventris, in a disturbed area of southeastern Brazil

Yearbook of fishery statistics., 1965:
Catches and landings 1965

Chelkowski, Z.; Chelkowska, B., 1996:
Catches and protection of the Atlantic salmon in the Drawa River after World War 2 Polowy i ochrona lososi w Drawie po drugiej wojnie swiatowej

Anon., 1963:
Catches in North Atlantic

Anon., 1963:
Catches in North-East Atlantic, 1962

Anon., 1965:
Catches in the North Atlantic, 1963

Anon., 1966:
Catches in the North Atlantic, 1964

Castriota, L.; Campagnuolo, S.; Sunseri, G., 2000:
Catches of Apterichthus anguiformis Peters, 1877 Osteichthyes Ophichthidae in the Ustica Island Sulla cattura di quattro esemplari di Apterichthus anguiformis Peters, 1877 Osteichthyes Ophichthidae in un fondale dellisola Ustica

Ruud, J.T., 1952:
Catches of Bryde-Whale off French Equatorial Africa

Lempke, B.J., 1977:
Catches of Cato cala sponsa Linnaeus in the west Netherlands in 1976 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

D.Marzo, Luigi., 1994:
Catches of Chrysididae Hymenoptera on spontaneous orchids by a glue trap Catture di crisidi Hymenoptera su orchidee spontanee mediante una trappola viscosa

Williams, F., 1954:
Catches of Coryphaena hippurus L in the western Indian Ocean

Fedorov, V.V.; Kulikov, M.; Yu., 1964:
Catches of Larnpanyctus jordani Gilbert in the southeast part of the Bering Sea

Kristiansen, H.E., 1974:
Catches of Lepidoptera from Greenland

Locatelli, D.P.; Limonta, L., 2004:
Catches of Psocoptera in Lombardia Raccolte di Psocotteri i Lombardia

de B.; Lyon, D.J., 1968:
Catches of Spodoptera littoralis Boisd in a light trap at Samaru

Campo, D.; Campagnuolo, S.; Castriota, L.; Falautano, M.; Finoia, MG.; Sinopoli, M.; Andaloro, F., 2002:
Catches of Xyrichthys novacula L 1758 in two areas of central Mediterranean Sea Sulla cattura di Xyrichthys novacula L 1758 in due aree del Mediterraneo centrale

Srivatsa, K.R., 1953:
Catches of a Japanese trawler in Saurashtra waters

Limonta, L., 2001:
Catches of aphids in Valtellina Catture di afidi in Valtellina

Hida, T.S. ., 1968:
Catches of bigeye and yellowfin tunas in the Hawaiian longline fishery

Clausager Rasmussen, Peter., 2005:
Catches of larvae/juveniles of thick-lipped grey mullet Chelon labrosus, Risso in Denmark Fund af larver/yngel af Tyklaebet Multe Chelon labrosus, Risso i Danmark

Reike, H-P., 2001:
Catches of latridiids Coleoptera Latridiidae in bark beetle pheromone traps Moderkaefer Col, Latridiidae aus Borkenkaeferpheromonfallen

Allen, W.E., 1928:
Catches of marine diatoms and dinoflagellates taken by boat in Southern California waters in 1926

Faccoli, Massimo., 2002:
Catches of non-target Coleoptera by Ips typographus L trap-trees Catture di Coleotteri non-target mediante alberi esca allestiti contro Ips typographus L Coleoptera Scolytidae

Kangur, Andu., 2000:
Catches of pikeperch in Lake Peipsi and its influence to ichthyocenosis of the lake Kohasaakide dunaaamikast Peipsis ja tema mojust jarve kalakooslusele

Fredin, RA.; Worlund, DD., 1974:
Catches of sockeye salmon of Bristol Bay origin by the Japanese mothership salmon fishery, 1956-70

St.; Ivanov, L.; Ivanova, G.N., 1998:
Catches of the Black Sea sprat Sprattus sprattus L with Bulgarian ocean fishing trawlers

Sposimo, P.; Colligiani, L.; Corsi, I.; Giunti, M.; Rossi, F., 1999:
Catches of the red munia Amandava amandava in Fucecchio Marshes Tuscany Catture di bengalino comune Amandava amandava nel Padule di Fucecchio Toscana

Banon Diaz, R.; Casas Sanchez, JM.; Pineiro Alvarez, CG.; Covelo, M., 1998:
Catches of tropical fish species in Galician Atlantic waters north-west Iberian Peninsula Capturas de peces de afinidades tropicales en aguas atlanticas de Galicia noroeste de la peninsula Iberica

Paiva, MP.; L.G.ll, J-Y., 1975:
Catches of tunas and tuna like fishes in the longline fishery areas off the coast of Brazil Arquivos cienc

Monteath, J., 1923:
Catching Crocodiles

Speek, B.J., 1970:
Catching Meadow pipits with a tape recorder

Dudok van Heel, W.H., 1962:
Catching Phocaena phocaena for scientific purposes

van Eeden, P.H., 2005:
Catching Sabota larks Mirafra sabota with a hand-net and spotlight in the Nylsvley Nature Reserve, Limpopo province

Visser, J., 1967:
Catching South African fur seals

Gee, E.P., 1952:
Catching a bride for Mohan-how the Rhinoceros is trapped and transported in Assam

Savidge, J.M., 1965:
Catching and carting white rhino in Uganda

Ilune, A.M.S., 1946:
Catching and marking Noctules 1946

Litzbarski, H.; Naacke, J., 1973:
Catching and marking of geese in the GDR

Cahalane, V.H., 1942:
Catching and recovery of food by the Western Fox Squirrel

van Eeden, P.H., 2005:
Catching and retrapping of rufouscheeked nightjar Caprimulgus rufigena at Nylsvei Nature Reserve, Limpopo province

Kawai, M., 1967:
Catching behavior observed in the Koshima troop-a case of newly acquired behavior

Kang, K.W., 1969:
Catching birds at night by spotlight and handnet

Denton, S.W., 1889:
Catching butterflies by means of decoys

Pownall, P.C. ., 1967:
Catching crays in Br Honduras

Koike, A., 1977:
Catching efficiency of masu-ami with different coloured bag-nets 2 Effect of different coloured and shaded bag-nets on catch Journal Tokyo

Moller, J., 1967:
Catching elephants with a helicopter

Hora, S.L., 1950:
Catching Fishes with the Hand in India

Gudger, E.W., 1948:
Catching fishes with the hand I In the two Americas 1699-1912

van der Kley, W., 1966:
Catching gnat larvae

Moll, E., 1962:
Catching impala

Anonymous., 1971:
Catching mice

Voisin, JF.; Shaughnessy, PD.; Williams, AJ., 1977:
Catching nellies in South West Africa

Postnikov, S.A., 1958:
Catching of Mallard drakes with a tent net

L.Hardy D.Beaulieu, Francois., 2000:
Catching of a mole Talpa europaea by a sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus Capture dune taupe Talpa europaea par un epervier Accipiter nisus

Busse, P., 1967:
Catching of great tits specimen with a distinctive marks of Parus major minor group

Cockburn, RHA., 1975:
Catching roe deer alive in long nets

Romanov, V.P., 1961:
Catching tarantula

Chen, TY.; Chu, CC.; Henneberry, TJ.; Natwick, ET., 2004:
Catching thrips Thysanoptera Thripidae with various traps

Ngamba,., 1932:
Catching turtles with Sucker-fish

Whitehead, K., 1948:
Catching up Park Deer

Moreau, JP., 1996:
Catching vectors of Poaceae viruses Javesella pellucida and Psammotettix alienus in suction traps Captures au piege agraphid de cicadelles vectrices de virus persistants nuisibles aux poacees

Knorre, E.P. ., 1954:
Catching, breeding and training of elks

da Silva Cruz, M.A.; Goncalves, T., 1977:
Catdlogo sistemdtico dos macrolepidbpteros de Portugal

de Porta, J., 1969 :
Catdlogo sistemratico y estratigrafico de los pectinidos del Nebgeno del NE de Espana excepto Baleares

Baumgarten, H.G.; Braak, H., 1968:
Catechoiamine im Gehirn der Eidechse Lacerta viridis und Lacerta muralis

Baenninger, R., 1968:
Catechol amines and social relations in Siamese fighting fish

Loh, YP.; Jacklet, JW., 1977:
Catecholamine protein synthesis in the eyes of Aplysia californica

Juorio, AV.; Barlow, JJ., 1974:
Catecholamine levels in the vertical lobes of Octopus vulgaris and other cephalopods and the effect of experimental degeneration

Paparo, A.; Finch, C.E., 1972:
Catecholamine localization, content, and metabolism in the gill of two lamellibranch molluscs

Brandenburger Brown, E.A.; Trams, E.G., 1967:
Catecholamine metabolism in shark interrenal body

Glaizner, B., 1968:
Catecholamine receptors on the neurones of Helix aspersa

Elofsson, R.; Kauri, T.; Nielson, S. o.; Stromberg, J.O., 1968:
Catecholamine-containing nerve fibres in the hind-gut of the crayfish Astacus astacus L Crustacea, Decapoda

Manukhin, B.N.; Pustovoitova, Z.E.; Vyaz'mina, N.M., 1969:
Catecholamines and DOPA in the tissues of chick embryos and chicks

Motavkin, P.A.; Pigolkin, Y.I.; Lomakin, A.V.; Deridovich, I.I., 1990 :
Catecholamines and indolalkylamines of the pia mater and spinal cord in vertebrates

Czapla, TH.; Hopkins, TL.; Kramer, KJ., 1990:
Catecholamines and related -diphenols in cockroach hemolymph and cuticle during sclerotization and melanization comparative studies on the order Dictyoptera Catecholamines and related -diphenols in cockroach hemolymph and cuticle during sclerotization and melanization comparative studies on the order Dictyoptera

Marcu-Lapadat, Mihaela., 2003:
Catecholamines and thyroid function in reptiles II Effects of noradrenaline administration cold season Catecolaminele si functia tiroidiana la reptile II Actiunea noradrenalinei iarna

Krokhina, E.M., 1969:
Catecholamines in cardiac neurons during postnatal development of animals

Kobayashi, S., 1969:
Catecholamines in the avian carotid body

Callingham, B.A.; Cass, R., 1966:
Catecholamines in the chick

Hiripi, L., 1972:
Catecholamines in the different tissues of fresh water mussel Anodonta cygnea L, Pelecypoda analysed by thin-layer chromatographic and fluorimetric methods

Rude, S., 1969:
Catecholamines in the ventral nerve cord of Lumbricus terrestris

Marcuzzi, G., 1964:
Categorie corologiche nella fauna dellIstria e Venezia Giulia

Hennen, Ulrich., 2001:
Categories of the Red List Die Kategorien der Roten Liste

Niculescu, EV., 1972:
Categorille taxonomice circumspecifice la Lepidoptere

de S.O.ero, M.P.lar.; Gonzalez Porto, A.V.; Diaz Losada, E., 2001:
Categorised relation of the species of Galician flora NW Spain harvested by Apis mellifera L as source of the pollen Relacion categorizada de especies de la flora gallega NO de Espana que Apis mellifera L utiliza como fuente de polen

Maneyro, R.; Langone, J.A., 2001:
Categorization of the amphibians of Uruguay Categorizacion de los anfibios del Uruguay

Lawson, P.A.; Collins, M.D.; Falsen, E.; Foster, G., 2006:
Catellicoccus marimammalium gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel Gram-positive, catalase-negative, coccus-shaped bacterium from porpoise and grey seal

Ureta Rojas, E., 1963:
Catelogo de Lepidopteros de Chile

Gaertner, A., 1962:
Catenaria anguillulae Sorokin als Parasit in den Embryonen von Daphnia magna Strauss nebst Beobachtungen zur Entwicklung, zur Morphologie und zum Substratverhalten des Pilzes

Dogiel, Valentin., 1908:
Catenata, eine neue Mesozoengruppe

Kepner, W.A.; Carter, J.S., 1930:
Catenula Virginia n sp

Gerlach, S.A., 1969:
Cateria submersa sp n, ein cryptorhager Kinorhynch aus dem sublitoralen Mesopsammal der Nordsee

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 2004:
Caterpillar and pupa types in Cameroonian Euphaedra Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Limenitinae Types de chenilles et de nymphes chez les Euphaedra du Cameroun Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Limenitinae

Kasargode, R.S., 1912:
Caterpillar pest on cotton in Khandesh

Sokolowski, J., 1949:
Caterpillar plagues and protection of the Starling English summary p 87

Froggatt, W.W., 1901:
Caterpillar plagues with an account of the potato-pests at Windsor

Holm, E., 1977:
Caterpillars and small cabbage white

Eliot, I.M.; Soule, C.G., 1902:
Caterpillars and their moths

Blatter, E., 1908:
Caterpillars as ants pets

Forbes, W.T.M., 1958:
Caterpillars as botanists

Davis, W.T., 1904:
Caterpillars attacked by Histers

Vallenduuk, Henk., 1998:
Caterpillars in pond habitats Rupsen in de vijver

Allen, T.J.; Brock, J.P.; Glassberg, J., 2005:
Caterpillars in the field and garden a field guide to the butterfly caterpillars of North America

Fric, Z.; Klimova, M.; Hula, V.; Konvicka, M., 2005:
Caterpillars of Argynnis aglaja Linnaeus, 1758 feeding on Bistorta major Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Dantart, Jordi., 2003:
Caterpillars of Inachis io Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae preyed upon by Picromerus bidens Heteroptera Pentatomidae, Asopinae Erugues dInachis io Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae depredades per Picromerus bidens Heteroptera Pentatomidae, Asopinae

Merzheevskaya, O.I., 1967:
Caterpillars of Noctuidae, their biology and morphology Keys

Wagner, David L., 2005:
Caterpillars of eastern North America a guide to identification and natural history

Pospelov, S.M., 1969:
Caterpillars of moths

McAtee, W.L., 1945:
Catesbys tropic-bird, pp 137-139 Wherein lies the economic value of birds ? pp 149-151 Dayton Stoner

Ionesou, M.A., 1933:
Cateva animate rare din fauna Romaniei

Bogoescu, C., 1933:
Cateva consideratiuni asupra pontei la Ephemeroptere

Protescu, O., 1915:
Cateva date relative la Varsta unor unitati stratigrafice ce tin de panza marnelor rosii senoniene din regiunea sotrile-brebu-breaza Jud Prahova

Iacob, D., 1950:
Cateva forme de brachiopode noi pentru fauna de la Godinesti Jud Hunedoara

Dobreanu, E., 1941 :
Cateva insecte miniere recoltate in Dobrogea de Sud

Morosan, N.N., 1938:
Cateva observa?iuni geologice ?e hidrogeologice de pe valea Nistrului, aval de Tighina

Huzum, J.V., 1938:
Cateva specii de Aranee din sudul Moldovei

Finley, Lee., 2006:
Catfish corner Breeding Ancistrus catfish, part one

Suvorov, Petr., 2003:
Catfish of the genus Kryptopterus Sumci rodu Kryptopterus

Spinage, C.A., 1970:
Catfish on the move

Santaniello, Neil., 2005:
Catfish species hasnt hurt native fish as feared

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Catfish stings and the venom apparatus of the Mexican catfish Galeichthys felis Lin-naeus

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Catfishes from Sao Paulo Aquarist loricariids are not only found in Amazonia Harnischwelse aus Sao Paulo Aquarientaugliche Loricariiden gibt es nicht nur in Amazonien

Seegers, Lothar., 2006:
Catfishes from the Congo or Zaire catchment Welse aus dem Kongo- oder Zaire -Einzug

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Catfishes of the genus Auchenipterichthys Osteichthyes Siluriformes Auchenipteridae; a revisionary study

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Catfishes of the genus Helicophagua Blecker

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Catfishes of the genus Sturisoma Part 1 Sturisoma-panamense-group Sturisoma Stoerwelse Teil 1 Sturisoma-panamense-Gruppe

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Catfishes Captive care and breeding of Rineloricaria-species Hexenwelse Zur Pflege und Zucht von Rineloricaria-Arten

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Catfishes Cleaners and walrus moustaches in the aquarium Panzerwelse Saubermaenner und Schnauzbaerte im Aquarium

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Catfishes Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps, some relations and biotope cohabitants Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Welse Glyptopterichthys Wels

Schraml, Erwin., 2001:
Catfishes Identification of some L/LDA numbers by comparisons with type material in Vienna Natural History Museum Harnischwelse Identifizierung einiger L bzw LDA-Nummern durch Vergleiche mit dem Typenmaterial im Naturhistorischen Museum Wien

Wendenburg, Helmut., 2001:
Catfishes Part 1 comments on L-numbers from the northern part of French Guiana Harnischwelse Teil 1 Anmerkungen zu L-Nummern aus dem noerdlichen Teil von Franzoesisch Guyana

Seidel, Ingo., 2002:
Catfishes Stoerwelse

Farooqui, H.U., 1960:
Cathaemaisioides caballeroi n sp Cathaemasiidae-Trematoda from an Indian Stork, Xenorhynchus asiatkus Latham

Teixeira de Freitas, J.F., 1941:
Cathaemasioides callis ng, nsp, trematodeo parasito de Euxenura galeata Molin

Odhner, N.H., 1963:
Cathaica Pseudiberus chitralensis n sp

Silva e Silva, R.; Olmos, F.; Lima, P.C.rqueira, 2002:
Catharacta chilensis Bonaparte, 1857 in Brazil Catharacta chilensis Bonaparte, 1857 no Brasil

Heurn, W.; Cvan., 1914:
Catharista atrata Bartr

Ashlock, P.D.; O'Brien, C.W., 1964:
Catharosia lustrans, a Tachinid parasite of some Dryminae Lygaeidae Diptera and Hemiptera-Heteroptera

Harvey, M.C., 2007:
Catharosia pygmaea Fallen, 1815 Diptera, Tachinidae in Buckinghamshire

Parry, J., 1975:
CathartusAhasverusadvena Waltl from haystack refuse in Kent

Madsen, D.B.; Schmitt, D.N.; Shaver, M.W.; III., 2000:
Cathedral Cave test excavations

Korb, Judith., 2001:
Cathedrals of the savanna Termites and their nests Kathedralen der Savanne Termiten und ihre Nester

Fernandez-Calienes Valdes, A.; Meniola Martinez, J.; Hernandez Alvarez, H.; Finlay Villalvilla, C.M., 1999:
Cathepsin L activity in the haemolyph of fully fed females of Boophilus microplus Actividad semejante a catepsina L en la hemolinfa de hembras repletas de Boophilus microplus

Watanabe, M.; Fujii, S.; Hinuma, H.; Sumida, M., 2004:
Cathepsin activities in the silk gland of the domesticated silkworm, Bombyx mori, the wild silkmoths, Samia cynthia ricini and Antheraea pernyi during the fifth instar larval development

Griffitt, R.J.; Chandler, G.T.; Greig, T.W.; Quattro, J.M., 2006:
Cathepsin B and glutathione peroxidase show differing transcriptional responses in the grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio following exposure to three xenobiotics

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Cathepsin-type proteolytic activity in the developing eggs of the migratory locust Locusta migratoria migratorioides R F

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Catheptic endopeptidases and protein digestion in the horse clam Tresus capax (Gould)

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Catheterisme des veines sus-hepatiques chez la carpe commune

Regidor-Higuera, I.; Garcia-Garmilla, F.; Elorza, J., 2002:
Cathodoluminescence and diagenesis in rudist shells Bivalvia from the Upper Cretaceous of Gredilla de Sedano northern Burgos, Spain Catodoluminiscencia y diagenesis en conchas de rudistas Bivalvia del Cretacico Superior de Gredilla de Sedano Norte de Burgos, Espana

Morris, MG., 2007:
Cathormiocerus britannicus Blair myrmecophilus Seidlitz Curculionidae recorded in error from Dorset

Holyoak, D.T.; Holyoak, G.A., 2004:
Catinella arenaria Succineidae living in Brittany, NW France

Baker, R.E., 1965:
Catinella arenaria Bouchard Chantereux at the Braunton Burrows National Nature Reserve, Devon

Hughes, MR.; Blackman, JG., 1973:
Cation content of salt gland secretion and tears in the brolga, Grus rubicundus Perry Aves Gruidae

Green, J.W., 1959:
Cation exchange in the erythrocytes of the mackerel, Scomber scombrus

Sjodin, R.A., 1960:
Cation permeability in muscle

Robin, E.D.; Murdaugh, H.V.; Cross, C.E.; Smith, J.; Theodore, J., 1971:
Cation transport and energy metabolism in the high Na+, low K+ erythrocyte of the harbor seal, Phoca vitulina

Allen, D.W., 1967:
Cation transport in duck erythrocytes

Murdaugh, H.V.; Robin, E.D.; Packer, B.S.; Linta, J.; Cross, C.E., 1967:
Cation transport in the erythrocyte of the harbor seal Phoca vitulina

Li, L.; Wang, J.; Kang, C.; Zhao, X.; Xiang, J.-Hai, 2003:
Cationic and anionic antimicrobial peptides in the shrimp innate immunity

Perez, JH., 1990:
Catita chiriri Brotogeris versicolurus en Capital Federal

Anonymous., 1977:
Catlins State Forest Park

Maubeuge, P.L., 1967:
Catlogue des ammonites du Jurassique inferieur et moyen Hettangien a Bathonien du Musee cantonal de Bale-Campagne

Stichel, H., 1908:
Catoblepia berecynthia midas, eine neue Brassolide

Faltstrom, J., 2003:
Catocala Ephesia fulminea Scopoli, 1763 - a moth new to Sweden Lep Noctuidae Gult ordensfly Catocala Ephesia fulminea - ny art for landet Noctuidae, Lepidoptera

Ishizuka, Katsumi., 2005:
Catocala Lepidoptera, Noctuidae of the world

Vincent., 1912:
Catocala dAndalousie, nomenclature

Gillmer, M., 1909:
Catocala electa Borkh ab suffusa Gillmer n ab

Poulsen, Jens Bjerring., 2000:
Catocala elocata Esp - new for Denmark An example of this long-awaited species was found in a light trap on Bornholm Catocala elocata Esp - ny for Danmark Et exsemplar af denne forventede ugle fundet i lysfaelde pa Bornholm

Sheppard, D.A., 1977:
Catocala fraxini L in Northumberland

Cockayne, E.A.; Hawkins, C.N., 1937:
Catocala fraxini L a new British record of breeding and capture

Cockayne, E.A., 1938:
Catocala fraxini, L; a new British record of capture and breeding

Fischer, E., 1909:
Catocala fulminea Scop

Strecker, H., 1897 :
Catocala jair new species from Florida

Heinicke, Wolfgang., 1997:
Catocala nymphaea Esper, 1787 also found in Thuringia Lep, Noctuidae Catocala nymphaea Esper, 1787 auch in Thuringen gefunden Lep, Noctuidae

Rothke, Max., 1912:
Catocala relicta Walker und ihre Formen Nebst einer vergleichenden Betrachtung zwischen diesen und Catocala fraxini L und ihren Formen

Dodge, G.M., 1900:
Catocala titania, n sp

Rummel, C., 1919:
Catocala tristis and gracilis on High-Bush Blueberry

Peslier, Serge., 1997:
Catocalinae of Jujols nature reserve Pyr Or Lepidoptera - Noctuidae Catocalinae de la Reserve Naturelle de Jujols Pyr Or Lepidoptera - Noctuidae

Grote, A.R., 1893:
Catocaline Moths from Georgia

Penz, C.M.; DeVries, P., 2004:
Catocyclotis aemulius adelina Riodinidae revisited it aint necessarily so

Fiske, W.F., 1905:
Catogenus rufus, a Coleopterous parasite

Marcuzzi, G.D.; Aguilar, J., 1971:
Catolgue raisonne des insectes des Antilles franraises 3 Coleopteres Tenebrionidae

Rice, T.C., 1965:
Catolog of dealers prices for marine shells

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Catologo de los Reptiles y Aufbios observados en Espana, Portugal, e Islas Baleares

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Catologo degli Acalefi del golfo di Napoli

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Catologo delle Formiche esistenti nelle collezioni del Museo Civico di Genova Parte terza, Formiche della regione Indo-Malese e dell Australia

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Catologo di Coleotteri Friulani

Miranda Ribeiro, Pde., 1962:
Catologo dos Peixes do Museo Nacional X-XI

Bolivar, I., 1897:
Catologo sinoptico de los Ortopteros de la fauna Iberica

Wittmer, W., 1944:
Catologue des Drilidae E Oliv Coleoptera-Malacodermata

Szymczakowski, W., 1957:
Catopidae Coleoptera des grottes dans les Sokole Gory pres de Czestochowo

Szymczakowski, W., 1963:
Catopidae Coleoptera recoltes au Bresil par J

Szymczakowski, W., 1972:
Catopidae Coleoptera recoltes au Vietnam par Gy Topal

Szymczakowski, W., 1975:
Catopidae Coleoptera recoltes dans le sud de llnde par lexpedition du Muselum dHistoire Naturelle de Geneve en 1972

Laibner, S., 1976:
Catopidae a Silphidae Coleoptera okresu Usti nad Orlici

Szymczakowsky, W.; Plath, D., 1976:
Catopidae aus dem Nepal-Himalaya Insecta Coleoptera

Szymczakowski, W., 1972:
Catopidae et Colonidae Coleoptera de Ceylan Resultats du voyage entomologique du Museum dHistoire Naturelle de Geneve en 1970

Hayashi, Y., 1969:
Catopidae from Amami-Ohshima island, Japan Col

Coiffait, H.; Ueno, S.I.hi., 1955:
Catopides des grottes du Japon Description dun nouveau Nemadus

Coiffait, H., 1954:
Catopides recoltes en Andalousie Description de trois formes nouvelles

Welch, R.C., 1964:
Catopidius depresses Murray Col Anisotomidae in large numbers in a rabbit warren in Berkshire

Morgan, MJ., 1972:
Catops longulus Kell Col Cholevidae - new record for Wales

Donisthorpe, H.; S.J.K., 1912:
Catops montivagus Heer, abritish insect

Sokolowilski, K., 1935:
Catops nigrita Er und var nigriclavis Gerh der Coll Gebhardt Col Silph

Champion, G.C., 1904:
Catops sericatus Chaud, a British insect

Schweiger, H., 1949:
Catops westi Krog, ein fur Niederosterreich neuer Kafer Col Silphidae

Perez Padron F., 1977:
Catopsilia flare/la Fab 1775 Lep, Pieridae

Shimonoya, Toyokazu., 2005:
Catopsilia pomona Fabricius Pieridae, Lepidoptera found in Wakasa-cho, Fukui Prefecture

Martin, L., 1924:
Catopsilia pyranthe, L Eine Pieridenstudie als Baustein fur eine Spatere Ausgabe des Seitzschen Werkes

Morishita, K., 1970:
Catopsilia scylla found in Borneo

Otero Rodriguez, M. de Armas, L.F.; Fernandez de Arcila, R., 1997:
Catopsis sp Bromeliaceae plant host of the larva of Uranophora chalybea Lepidoptera Arctiidae Catopsis sp Bromeliaceae planta hospedante de la larva de Uranophora chalybea Lepidoptera Arctiidae

Jackh, E., 1953:
Catoptria Sema-sia heringiana n sp Eucosmidae

Burmann, K., 1975:
Catoptria luctiferella Hb nov ssp meridialpina Lepidoptera, Crambidae

Lichtenberger, F., 1990:
Catoptria osthelderi de Lattin, 1950 auch in Oberosterreich Leidoptera, Crambinae

Brusseaux, G., 1990:
Catoptria osthelderi G de Lattin, 1950, pyrale nouvelle pour la France lepidoptere Crambidae Crambinae

Kullberg, J.; Junnilainen, J., 2002:
Catoptria verella Zincken, 1817 Lepidoptera Pyralidae new to Finland Catoptria verella Zincken, 1817 Lepidoptera Pyralidae Suomelle uusi koisalaji

Regnell, G., 1955:
Catopygus Echinoidea ala Geschiebe im Quartar Schonens

Moestafa, S.H.; McConnaughey, B.H., 1966:
Catostylus ouwensi Rhizostomeae, Catostylidae, a new jellyfish from Irian New Guinea and Ouwensia catostyli n gen, n sp, parasitic in C ouwensi

Gopesch, A.; Prakash, S.; Jasiwal, U., 2002:
Catrotid labyrinth and associated pseudobranchial neurosecretory system in two marine catfish species Plotosus canius and Osteogeneiosus militaris

Peteshev, VM.; Galuzo, IG.; Polomoshnov, AP., 1974:
Cats - definite hosts of Besnoitia Besnoitia besnoiti

Shoemaker, A.H., 1977:
Cats and problems from studbooks

Holm, E., 1977:
Cats and their skeletons

Lorincz, F., 1933:
Cats as vectors of hydatid

Brady, B.; Huelsman, J.; Maruska, E., 1990:
Cats in context Cincinnati Zoo cat exhibit

Henderson, G.N., 1967:
Cats in transit

Matson, J.R., 1948:
Cats kill Deer

Denis, A., 1964:
Cats of the world World Wildlife series No 1

Arnemo, J.M., 2004:
Cats purr, but lions roar Katten maler, men loven broler

Anonymous., 1970:
Cats that grow up with stripes before their eyes,

Scott, C., 1947:
Cats company

Zietz, F.R., 1920:
Cattalogue of Australian Lizards

Haverschmidt, Fr., 1947:
Cattle Egret Pintail in Surinam Dutch Guiana

Freeland, David B., 2004:
Cattle Egret consumption of dead birds and use of wings to climb for fresh water

Wolfe, L.R., 1961:
Cattle Egret in Mexico

Austin, C.N., 1962:
Cattle Egret in Southwest Victoria

Schmidt, E.; Sterbetz, I., 1962:
Cattle Egret in the Saser Bird Sanctuary

Fowler, R.S., 1960:
Cattle Egret nesting in New Jersey

Brockner, W.W., 1960:
Cattle Egret reaches Western New York

Puleston, D., 1957:
Cattle Egrets on Long Island

Sevang, A., 1964:
Cattle artificial insemination in Turkey and the developmental possibilities

Mayol, J.; Sargatal, J., 1995:
Cattle as an instrument of conservation in marshland El ganado como instrumento de conservacion en los humedales

Wilson, S.G., 1943:
Cattle breeding in Nyasaland

Kasambe, RM., 2003:
Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis attempting to feed on brown rock chat Cercomela fusca chick

Hadarics, Tibor., 1999:
Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis near Lake Ferto Pasztorgem Bubulcus ibis elofordulasa a Ferto mellett

Hudecek, J.J.; Stolarczyk, J.; Slamjak, P., 2004:
Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis, a new species in avifauna of Silesia Volavka rusohlava Bubulcus ibis, novy druh v avifaune Slezska

Catley, SJ., 2003:
Cattle egret - third for Suffolk

Seedikkoya, K.; Azeez, PA.; Shukkur, EAA., 2005:
Cattle egret Bubulcus ibis habitat use and association with cattle

Eckert, J., 1973:
Cattle egret and other species on Flinders lsland

Strubbe, E.H., 1970:
Cattle egret at Frog Lake, Stevens County

Rauzon, M.J.; Drigot, D.; Tanino, L., 2004:
Cattle egret black-crowned night-heron observations associated with mangrove removal at Nuupia Ponds WMA Kaneohe Bay, marine corps base Hawaii in 1996-2000

Swanepoel, D.; Brook, M., 2006:
Cattle egret falls prey to sub-Antarctic skua

Edwards, M.H., 1965:
Cattle egret in Guerrero, Mexico

Wiltraut, RE., 1977:
Cattle egret in Lehigh county

Grant, P., 1964:
Cattle egret near Greymouth

Boeson, B.W., 1964:
Cattle egret near Masterton

Vander Velde, N., 2004:
Cattle egret on Majuro Atoll

Cooper, RP., 1973:
Cattle egret on Wilson s Promontory

Olioso, G., 2002:
Cattle egret pirating kestrel Heron gardeboeufs Bubulcus ibis parasitant un faucon crecerelle Falco tinnunculus

Hopkins, M N.; Jr., 1972:
Cattle egret recoveries from south Georgia nesting colonies

Layton, John K., 2004:
Cattle egret takes red-bowed finch

Ciaccio, Andrea., 2004:
Cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis, and glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus, breeding species new for Italy Airone guardabuoi, Bubulcus ibis, e Mignattaio, Plegadis falcinellus, nidificanti in Sicilia

Velatta, F.; Bencivenga, G., 2002:
Cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis, breeding at Lake Trasimeno central Italy Nidificazione di airone guardabuoi, Bubulcus ibis al Lago Trasimeno Perugia-Umbria

Turbott, E.G.; Brathwaite, D.H.W.lkin, F.W., 1963:
Cattle egret a new bird for New Zealand

Disher, P., 1975:
Cattle egrets Ardeola ibis breeding in Murray valley

Courtens, Wouter., 1996:
Cattle egrets Bubulcus ibis at the Kleine Blankaart in Woumen West-Flanders in May 1995 Een nieuwe waarneming van pleisterende koereigers Bubulcus ibis in het Blankaartgebied te Woumen in mei 1995

Melville, DS., 1990:
Cattle egrets and Chinese pond herons feeding in trees

Nilsson, Lennart., 2000:
Cattle egrets are getting closer Kohagern rycker narmare

Tyson, RM., 1974:
Cattle egrets at Cressy, northern Tasmania

Heintzelman, D.S., 1970:
Cattle egrets feed on frogs

Kaellgren, A.K., 1968:
Cattle egrets in Algoma District, Ontario

Nelson, LK., 1974:
Cattle egrets in Henderson County

Belton, W., 1974:
Cattle egrets in Rio Grande do Sul Brazil

Chenaux-Repond, R., 1974:
Cattle egrets mob swimming puff adder

Findlay, J., 1954:
Cattle for the Northlands

Ibsen, H.L., 1933:
Cattle inheritance i Colour

Piotrowski, F., 1967:
Cattle lice in the Poznan Province

Ortega-S., J.; Alfonso.; Bryant, F.C., 2005:
Cattle management to enhance wildlife habitat in South Texas

Anon., 1964:
Cattle of Britain London

Whitehead, G.K., 1952:
Cattle of Chillingham park

Hayman, R.W., 1957:
Cattle of the world

Saenz, J.C.; Carrillo, E., 2002:
Cattle predation by jaguars in Costa Rica a problem without solution? Jaguares depredadores de ganado en Costa Rica un problema sin solucion?

Tella, Jose Luis., 1995:
Cattle ranches, carcass pits and carrion birds Ganaderia, muladares y aves carroneras

von den Driesch, Angela., 1998:
Cattle rearing, hunting and fishing in the Bronze Age settlement of Shimal near Ras al-Khaimah/UAE Viehhaltung, Jagd und Fischfang in der bronzezeitlichen Siedlung von Shimal bei Ras al-Khaimah/UAE

Anon., 1961:
Cattle tick control policy to aim at prevention of spread Extended research to investigate possibilities of eradication programme

Dutton, J.E.; Todd, J.L.; Kinghorn, A., 1907:
Cattle trypanosomiasis in the Congo Free State

Abusalimov, N.S., 1958:
Cattle, pigs, wild sheep and jackal as hosts of Hyalornma aegyptium

Thorpe, R.J.; Walker, P., 1963:
Cattle-tick control in Northern Nigeria a field study of BHC, sevin, toxaphene and ronnel used as sprays

Chigi, F., 1912:
Cattura del Larus fuscus affinis Reinhardt presso Roma

Bentivoglio, T., 1910:
Cattura della Lindenia tetraphylla a Lucca

Giol, A., 1957:
Cattura di Bulweria fallax, Jouanin

Riggio, G., 1894:
Cattura di Carcharodon rondeletii nelle acque di Capo Gallo e di Isola delle femine

Angelini, G., 1911:
Cattura di Coccystes glandarius L nel Romano

Leporati, L., 1951:
Cattura di Gal-lina prataiola

Zanandrea, G., 1962:
Cattura di Lampetra planeri nel versante adriatica dItalia

Moltoni, E., 1935:
Cattura di Otarde Otis tarda in Italia nel 1933-34

Moltoni, E., 1955:
Cattura di Pellicano riccio-Pelecanus crispus Bruchnelle Marche

Whitaker, G.I.S., 1910:
Cattura di Pterocles senegallus in Sicilia

Crisafi, P., 1965:
Cattura di Ranzania laevis laevis Pennant nello Stretto di Messina

Ariola, V., 1913:
Cattura di Squali nel golfo di Genova

Tortonese, E., 1958:
Cattura di Trachypterus cristatus Bon e note sui Trachypteridae del Mare Ligure

Falconieri D.Carpegna, G., 1902:
Cattura di due Cosmonettae histrionicae per la prima volta in Italia

Despott, G., 1930:
Cattura di due esemplari di Chelone mydas Schw

Reallni, G., 1970:
Cattura di oca lombardella minore nel Pavese

Meli, T.C., 1930:
Cattura di on esemplare del Rusignolo dAfrica Agrobatta galactodes Temm a Malta

Franciscolo, M.E., 1957:
Cattura di quattro specie di Dytiscidae interessanti per la fauna italiana Note sul Dytiscidae italiani-V

Cartolabi, G., 1902:
Cattura di specie rare ad avventizie

Realini, G., 1972:
Cattura di sterna codalunga Sterna macrura - Naumann

Stefani, T. de., 1923:
Cattura di uccelli rari in Sicilia

Ralb, G., 1975:
Cattura di ucelli rari o poco frequenti nella provincia di Venezia

Falconieri, Princ G. de C., 1916:
Cattura di un Acrocephalus, palustris

Orlando, C., 1958:
Cattura di un Albatro urlatore Diomedea exulans L in Sicilia

Despott, G., 1932:
Cattura di un Biancone Circaetus gallicus Gm a Gozo nell Ottobre 1931

Facciola, L., 1894:
Cattura di un Carcharodon rondeletii, M H, nel Mare di Messina

Bosa, G., 1953:
Cattura di un Cuculo dal ciuffo Clamator glandarius nella laguna veneta

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