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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38057

Chapter 38057 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Feldman, D.F., 1966:
Cell synchrony and DNA synthesis during early development of the sea urchin egg

Mendelsohn, E., 1963:
Cell theory and the development of general physiology

Cullis, CA., 1971:
Cell transformation in Paramecium

Hild, W., 1966:
Cell types and neuronal connections in cultures of mammalian central nervous tissue

Pinheiro, U. dos Santos; Hajdu, E.; Custodio,, 2004:
Cell types as taxonomic characters in Aplysina Aplysinidae, Verongida

Young, B.A., 1968:
Cell types in the mammalian thyroid gland

Iida, T.T., 1940:
Cell volume of Paramecium

Forster, R.P.; Hannafin, J.A.; Shifrin, J.B., 1977:
Cell volume regulation by skate heart

Iida, T.T., 1940:
Cell volume vs cell dry weight relation in Paramecium

Spencer., 1898:

Pfeiffer, H.H., 1937:
Cell-arrangement in the mitotic spindle under mechanical influence

Murray, BA., 1990:
Cell-cell adhesion molecules in vertebrate development

Hill, M.D., 1894:

Calkins, Gary N., 1911:
Cell-division and cell-regeneration I Uronychia transfuga

Izbirak, Afife., 1996:
Cell-free immunity and antibacterial peptides in insects Boceklerdeki humoral bagisiklik ve antibakteriyel peptidler

Chesters, J.K., 1968:
Cell-free protein synthesis by rumen protozoa

Mulcahy, M.F.; O'Leary, A., 1970:
Cell-free transmission of lymphosarcoma in the northern pike Esox lucius L. (Pisces: Esocidae)

Wilson, E.B., 1899:
Cell-lineage and ancestral reminiscence

Harris, JF., 1976:
Cell-specific activities of glycogen synthetase and glycogen phosphorylase during development of Dictyostelium discoideum

Akeret, Beat., 2006:
Cellar terraria Kellerschachtterrarien

Opinion 949., 1971:
Cellaria Ellis Solander, 1786 Bryozoa use of the Plenary Powers to stabilize the generic name and three species

Ryland, J.S., 1968:
Cellaria Ellis Solander, 1786 Polyzoa its type, and the names of three species ZN S 1814

Bruge, H., 1957:
Celle qui luit la nuit

Lecointre, G., 1933:
Cellepores, Gastropodes et Pagures

Del Vecchio, G., 1940:
Celletta per losservazione di ninfe viventi di Anofelini

Opinion 874., 1969:
Cellia errabunda Swellengrebel, 1925 Insecta, Diptera suppressed under the plenary powers

Swellengrebel, N.H., 1925:
Cellia errabunda n sp, een nieuwe Anopheline voor Nederlandsch-Indie

Vasilev, I.V., 1913:
Cellia pulcherrima Theob Anophcles bifurcatus L Cellia pulcherrima Theob dans lAsie centrale et sa biologie

Ventrillon, E., 1906:
Cellia tananavirieiensis, Culicide nouveau de Madagascar, 9e genre de la sousfamille des Anophelina

Bodecker, C.; Francis., 1908:
Celloidin-Entkalkungs- und Entkicselungs-Methode

Wagstaffe, R., 1938:
Cellophane and bird-skins, Mus

Conn, H.W., 1888:
Cells and Protoplasm

Work, T.S., 1960:
Cells and their reproduction

Micklem, H.S.; Asa, C., 1971:
Cells carrying receptors for self constituents their possible significance in the evolution of the vertebrate immune system

Anonymous., 1970:
Cells modified

Sanborn, R.C.; Haskell, J.A.; Fisher, F.M. jr., 1959:
Cells of Limulus polyphemus in tissue culture

Speidel, C.C., 1952:
Cells of retina and brain from frog and rat cultivated in vitro

Zarnescu, Otilia., 1997:
Cellular and molecular characteristics of vitellogenesis in lower vertebrates fish and amphibians Caracterizarea celulara si moleculara a vitelogenezei la vertebratele inferioare pesti si amfibieni

Green, DG., 1990:
Cellular automata models of crown-of-thorns outbreaks

Fortier, B.; Coignard-Chatain, C.; Soete, M.; Dubremetz, J.-Francois., 1996:
Cellular biology of Toxoplasma gondii bradyzoites Structure et biologie des bradyzoites de Toxoplasma gondii

Subbotin, M.Y., 1952 :
Cellular borders in the mesothelium and endothelium

Noble-Nesbitt, J., 1990:
Cellular differentiation in relation to water vapour absorption in the rectal complex of the mealworm, Tenebrio molitor

Storelli, MM.; Gallo, M.; Giacominelli-Stuffler, R.; Ceci, E.; D'Addabbo, R.; Marcotrigiano, GO., 2003:
Cellular distribution of metals Zn, Cu and Cd in liver and kidney of sea turtles Distribuzione cellulare di metalli Zn, Cu e Cd nel fegato e rene di tartarughe marine

Smith, D.S.; Compher, K.; Janners, M.; Lipton, C.W.ttle, L.W., 1969:
Cellular organization and ferritin uptake in the mid-gut epithelium of a moth, Ephestia kYhniella

Geilenkirchen, WLM., 1975:
Cellular regulation and development

Dondu, A K. ., 1990:
Cellular reproduction and the processes of differentiation

Torgan, L.C.rvalho.; Becker, V.; Rodrigues, S.C.rrea., 1998:
Cellular volume of phytoplanktonic species from Patos Lagoon, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Volume celular de especies fitoplanctonicas da Laguna dos Patos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Mignot, J.-Pierre.; Affa'a, F.M.rie.; Domingos D.S.lva Neto, I.; Vigues, B., 1998:
Cellularization Are the opalinids an attempt to realize a pluricellular organism? Cellularisation les opalines illustrent-elles une tentative de constitution dun etre pluricellulaire?

Skambracks, D.; Topp, W., 1998:
Cellulase activity in the gut of detritivorous earthworms exogenous or endogenous origin? Zellulaseaktivitat im Darm detritivorer Regenwurmer Exogene oder endogene Herkunft?

Soshkina, E.D., 1953:
Cenogenetic Adaptations in Certain Devonian Rugose Corals

Tabakovic-Tosic, Mara., 1988:
Cenological investigations of Carabidae Coleoptera, Insecta in the locality Dvorista at Mount Jahorina Cenoloska istrazivanja Carabidae Coleoptera, Insecta na lokalitetu Dvorista planine Jahorine

Provenzano, Giuseppe., 1998:
Cenomanian Cephalopoda from Caltavuturo Palermo Cefalopodi Cenomaniani di Caltavuturo Palermo

Maczynska, S.S., 1958:
Cenomanian and Turonian echinoids of genus Discoidea from the vicinity of Krakow, Miechow and Wolbrom

Alizade, A.A., 1967:
Cenomanian belemnites from Azerbaidjan

Talev, B., 1964:
Cenomanische orbitolinen aus dem gebiet von Kotel

Carames, A.; Malumian, N., 2000:
Cenozoic benthic Foraminifera from the Estrella x-1 borehole Colorado Basin, Argentine continental shelf Foraminiferos bentonicos del Cenozoico del pozo Estrella x-1, Cuenca del Colorado, plataforma continental argentina

Vavra, N., 2005:
Cenozoic bryozoan fauna of Austria Kaenozoische Bryozoenfaunen Oesterreichs

Guerstein, G.; Raquel.; Junciel, G.L., 2001:
Cenozoic dinoflagellate cysts from the Colorado Basin, Argentina Quistes de dinoflagelados del Cenozoico de la Cuenca del Colorado, Argentina

Petrulevicius, Julian F., 1999:
Cenozoic insects from Argentina Insectos del Cenozoico de la Argentina

Martinez Vilalta, A., 1990:
Cens dardeids nidificants al Delta de lEbre 1990

Martinez Vilalta, A., 1990:
Cens daus aquatiques del Delta de lEbre, 10-14 de gener de 1990

Gutierrez, R.; Santaeufemia, FJ., 1990:
Cens i distribucio de les aus aquatiques nidificants al Delta del Llobregat anys 1988 i 1989

Bonnin, J., 2004:
Census and breeding parameters of Eleonoras falcon Falco eleonorae in the Balearic islands in 2004 Recompte i parametres reproductors de la poblacio balear del falco mari Falco eleonorae a lany 2004

Leal, L.C.rolina Nobre.; Bemvenuti, M. de Azevedo., 2006:
Census and characterization of the most frequent fish on the public market of Rio Grande Levantamento e caracterizacao dos peixes mais frequentes no mercado publico do Rio Grande

Mascara, Rosario., 2006:
Census and data on breeding biology of the starling Corvus corax nesting in the province of Caltanissetta Sicily Censimento e dati sulla biologia riproduttiva del corvo imperiale Corvus corax nidificante nella Provincia di Caltanissetta Sicilia

Herrero, J.; Garcia-Serrano, A.; Garin, I., 1996:
Census and distribution of the alpine marmot Marmota marmota in Navarre Censo y distribucion de la marmota alpina Marmota marmota en Navarra

Zwijacz-Kozica, Tomasz., 2002:
Census and distribution of winter burrows of marmot Marmota marmota L in eastern part of the Tatra National Park Liczebnosc i rozmieszczenie zimowych nor swistaka Marmota marmota L we wschodniej czesci Tatrzanskiego Parku Narodowego

Munoz, A.; Riera, J., 2000:
Census and monitoring of the breeding population in Mallorca of the red kite Milvus milvus, year 2000 Cens i seguiment de la poblacio nidificant de milana Milvus milvus a Mallorca, any 2000

Lamotte, M.; Roy, R., 2003:
Census and originality of the animal community in the Nimba altitude grassland Inventaire et originalite du peuplement animal de la prairie daltitude du Nimba

Soccini, C., 2002:
Census and rescue of Bufo bufo on the road along the eastern shore of Lake Idro I-Brescia during the spring of 1997 Conteggio e salvataggio di Bufo bufo lungo la strada orientale del Lago dIdro Eridio, in Provincia di Brescia, nella primavera del 1997

Kamsteeg, M.; Vald, W.; Booijink, C., 2000:
Census data up for discussion? You can count on it Inventarisatiegegevens ter discussie? Reken maar

Radestock, Klaus., 1998:
Census for stag beetles, screech owls co Species recording in the Brandenburg Forest Volkszahlung fur Hirschkafer, Kauz Co Artenerfassung im brandenburgischen Wald

Safarov, M.A., 1960:
Census method for wild boar in Azerbaidjan

Henriksen, Keld., 1999:
Census methods for breeding black-necked grebes Podiceps nigricollis Metoder til optaelling af ynglende sorthalset lappedykker Podiceps nigricollis

Teplov, V.P., 1952:
Census methods for otter, sable, marten and smaller mustelids Kucheruk, V V Methods of calculating the number and geographical distribution of terrestrial vertebrates

Antinori, F.; Castelli, S., 2002:
Census of Kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinus and Little tern Sterna albifrons nesting on Venetian littorals year 2000 Censimento di fratino Charadrius alexandrinus b Fraticello Sterna albifrons nidificanti sui litorali Veneziani Anno 2000

Mourgaud, Gilles., 1998:
Census of Laridae of Maine-et-Loire, December 1996 Recensement des larides en Maine-et-Loire en decembre 1996

Sanchez Eguialde, Daniel., 2001:
Census of Lepidoptera from Soria Province Castilla y Leon Censo de los lepidopteros de la provincia de Soria Castilla y Leon

Espinosa G., Luis A., 1997:
Census of Neotropical waterbirds 1996 Censo Neotropical de aves acuaticas 1996

Espinosa G., Luis A., 1998:
Census of Neotropical waterbirds 1997 Censo Neotropical de aves acuaticas 1997

Espinosa G., Luis A., 1999:
Census of Neotropical waterbirds 1998 Censo neotropical de aves acuaticas 1998

Iannacone, J.; Ayala, L., 2004:
Census of Ornithodoros amblus Chamberlin Acarina Argasidae in Mazorca Island, Lima, Peru Censo de Ornithodoros amblus Chamberlin Acarina Argasidae en la isla Mazorca, Lima, Peru

D.P.tti, C.; Calandra, V., 2004:
Census of Sicilian palaeontological patrimony Il censimento del patrimonio paleontologico siciliano

Bergmann, H.-Heiner.; Kramer, J.; Teepe, V., 1999:
Census of a breeding shelduck population Tadorna tadorna on the East Frisian island Baltrum Erfassung einer Teilpopulation brutender Brandenten Tadorna tadorna auf der Ostfriesischen Insel Baltrum

Espinosa, G., 2000:
Census of aquatic birds in 1999, Chile Censo de aves acuaticas 1999, Chile

Castro Roman, J.C.rlos.; Torres Esquivias, J.A.tonio., 1997:
Census of aquatic birds in the wetlands of Morocco April-96/October-97 Censos de aves acuaticas en humedales de Marruecos Abril-96/Octubre-97

Soler, J.Caballero, 2003:
Census of aquatic inconspicuous birds by tape recordings at listening stations in the region of Murcia 1996 Censo de aves inconspicuas mediante estaciones de escucha con reclamos sonoros en la region de murcia 1996

Paquet, G.; Antoniazza, M., 1997:
Census of batracians in two areas of the south coast of the Lake of Neuchatel Switzerland Denombrement des populations de batraciens de deux regions de la Rive Sud du lac de Neuchatel

Brazaitis, G.; Kurlavicius, P., 2003:
Census of bird communities in small forest fragments Pauksciu bendriju inventorizavimas nedideliuose misko fragmentuose

Mauvais, Geoffroy., 1998:
Census of bird species in the Bois de Boulogne in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso during the rain season Recensement des especes doiseaux du Bois de Boulogne a Ouagadougou Burkina Faso en saison des pluies

Loison, Luc., 1999:
Census of birds killed on the roads Recensement doiseaux victimes de la circulation routiere

Aguayo-Lobo, A.; Acevedo, J.; Valenzuela, C.; Venegas, C., 2001:
Census of black-browed albatross Diomedea melanophris Temmink 1828 in Ildefonso Island, and comments on its breeding in Evout Island Censo de albatros de ceja negra Diomedea melanophris Temmink 1828 en las islas Ildefonso y comentarios sobre su nidificacion en isla Evout

Barbalat, A.; Posse, B., 2005:
Census of black-headed gulls Larus ridibundus on Lake Geneva, 22 January 2005 Comptage des Mouettes rieuses Larus ridibundus sur le Leman - 22 janvier 2005

Robellet, Pierre., 1998:
Census of breeding birds in the park of the hospital at Rouffach Haut-Rhin Denombrement de lavifaune nicheuse du parc du Centre Hospitalier de Rouffach Haut-Rhin

Matovic, C.; Sekeres, O., 2002:
Census of breeding pairs of roller in northeastern Backa and northern Banat Popis gnezdecih parova zlatovrane Coracias garrulus u severoistocnoj Backoj i severnom Banatu

Landazuria Association., 1996:
Census of breeding pairs of white stork Ciconia ciconia in Navarra northern Spain 1995 and 1996 Censos de parejas nidificantes de ciguena blanca Ciconia ciconia en Navarra, 1995 y 1996

Grimm, Herbert., 1996:
Census of breeding redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus in 1996 in the town of Erfurt Der Brutbestand des Gartenrotschwanzes Phoenicurus phoenicurus 1996 im Stadtgebiet von Erfurt

Velasco, T.; Sanz-Zuasti, J.; Soto-Largo, E., 1998:
Census of breeding waterfowl in the wetlands of Navarre Year 1996 Censo de aves acuaticas nidificantes en zonas humedas de Navarra Ano 1996

Gurel, R., 1998:
Census of breeding white stork Ciconia ciconia in Navarra northern Spain 1998 Censo de ciguena blanca Ciconia ciconia nidificante en Navarra Ano 98

Fossier, P., 1993:
Census of buzzard Circus sp populations in Eure et Loir during the reproductive season Suivi des populations de busards Circus sp en Eure et Loir pendant la saison de reproduction

Associazione Faunisti Veneti., 1999:
Census of colonies of nesting Ardeidae in Veneto 1998 Censimento delle colonie di ardeidi nidificanti in Veneto Anno 1998

Farcy, Ludovic., 1995:
Census of dead birds on the north coast - Pas-de-Calais end of February 1992 Recensements des oiseaux morts sur le littoral du Nord - Pas-de-Calais fin fevrier 1992

Dombrovski, Valeri., 1998:
Census of diurnal raptors in the southern part of the Northern Vosges Biosphere Reserve Denombrement des rapaces diurnes dans la partie sud de la Reserve de Biosphere des Vosges du Nord

Ekestubbe, K.; Dannelid, E.; Rosen, C.; Wenngren, J., 2003:
Census of dragonflies in Stockholm county in the years 2000-2001 Inventering av trollslandor i Stockholms lan aren 2000-2001

Semenov, B.T., 1956:
Census of elk from tracks and aeroplanes

Mascara, Rosario., 2004:
Census of kestrel, Falco tinnunculus, breeding on high power electric pylons in the area of Piana di Gela Sicily Censimento di gheppio, Falco tinnunculus, nidificante su tralicci dellalta tensione nellarea della Piana di Gela Sicilia

Mogavero, Francesca., 1998:
Census of overwintering aquatic birds in the Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve Lombardy, northern Italy - Winter 1997/98 Censimento degli uccelli acquatici svernanti nella Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Lombardia, Italia settentrionale - Inverno 1997/98

Mogavero, Francesca., 1997:
Census of overwintering aquatic birds in the Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve Lombardy, northern Italy - winter 1996/7 Censimento degli uccelli acquatici svernanti nella riserva naturale Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Lombardia, Italia settentrionale - inverno 1996-7

Mogavero, Francesca., 1999:
Census of overwintering aquatic birds in the Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve Lombardy, northern Italy - winter 1998/99 Censimento degli uccelli acquatici svernanti nella Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Lombardia, Italia settentrionale - inverno 1998/99

Corti, W.; Mogavero, F., 1998:
Census of overwintering aquatic birds in the Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola nature reserve Lombardy, northern Italy from Lodoletta ringing centre in 1997 Uccelli inanellati nella Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Lombardia, Italia settentrionale dal Centro di Inanellamento Lodoletta nel 1997

Mogavero, Francesca., 1997:
Census of overwintering ducks in the Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Nature Reserve Lombardy, northern Italy - winter 1995/96 Censimento degli Anatidi svernanti nella Riserva Naturale Pian di Spagna - Lago di Mezzola Lombardia, Italia settentrionale - inverno 1995/96

Fehlberg, Ulrich HW., 1998:
Census of partridge populations in Schleswig-Holstein Erfassung der Rebhuhnbesatze in Schleswig-Holstein

Mazzeo, G.; Longo, S.; Bella, S., 2004:
Census of pollinators on minor crops in eastern Sicily I pronubi rilevati su colture minori in Sicilia orientale

Cantone, G., 1997:
Census of polychaetes in the Italian seas Arabellidae Hartman, 1944 and Oenonidae Kinberg, 1865 Censimento dei policheti dei mari italiani Arabellidae Hartman, 1944, Oenonidae Kinberg, 1865

Fassari, G., 1999:
Census of polychaetes in the Italian seas Opheliidae Malmgren, 1867 Censimento de policheti dei mari italiani Opheliidae Malmgren, 1867

Mollica, E., 1996:
Census of polychaetes in the Italian seas Sphaerodoridae Malmgren, 1867 Censimento dei policheti dei mari italiani Sphaerodoridae Malmgren, 1867

Martinelli, M.; Santoni, M.; Castelli, A., 1999:
Census of polychaetes of the Italian seas Ampharetidae Malmgren, 1867 Censimento dei policheti dei mari italiani Ampharetidae Malmgren, 1867

Castelli, A.; Valentini, A., 1996:
Census of polychaetes of the Italian seas Pectinariidae Quatrefages, 1865 Censimento dei policheti dei mari italiani Pectinariidae Quatrefages, 1865

Adolf, T.A., 1952:
Census of saiga in Astrakhan steppes Kucheruk, V V Methods of calculating the number and geographical distribution of terrestrial vertebrates

Noel, Franck., 2006 :
Census of sand martin in the Loire river basin in 2004 LHirondelle de rivage Riparia riparia dans le bassin de la Loire en 2004

Telino, W.R.; Jr. de Azevedo, S.M.; Jr. de Lyra-Neves, R.M., 2003:
Census of shorebirds and seabirds Charadriidae, Scolopacidae and Laridae in the Coroa do Aviao, Igarassu, Pernambuco State, Brazil Censo de aves migratorias Charadriidae, Scolopacidae e Laridae na Coroa do Aviao, Igarassu, Pernambuco, Brasil

Tatin, D.; Saatkamp, A., 2003:
Census of singing males of the European eagle owl Bubo bubo of Calanques Recensement des males chanteurs de Grand-duc dEurope Bubo bubo dans les Calanques

Tomasovic, G., 2003:
Census of the Asilidae of Corsica Diptera Brachycera Recensement des Asilidae de Corse Diptere Brachycere

Comolet-Tirman, J.; Senecal, D., 2001:
Census of the Dartford warbler Sylvia undata in the Trois Pignons Massif Recensement de la fauvette pitchou Sylvia undata dans le Massif des Trois Pignons

Gustin, M., 2004:
Census of the Italian nesting population of the white stork Ciconia ciconia An international project Censimento della popolazione italiana nidificante di Cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia Un progetto internazionale

Vlietinck, Kristof., 2000:
Census of the Odonata fauna of the Boerenven in 1999 in the Kalmthoutse Heide Monitoring van de libellenfauna van het Boerenven in de Kalmthoutste Heide in 1999

Meister, F.; Schmit, P., 2004:
Census of the Saturniidae in El Rey national park, Salta province in the north west of Argentina Lepidoptera, Saturniidae Bestandsaufnahme der Saturniidae im Nationalpark El Rey, Provinz Salta im Nordwesten von Argentinien Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Vrezec, Al., 2000:
Census of the Ural owl Strix uralensis at Ljublanski vrh Popis kozace Strix uralensis na Ljublanskem vrhu

Presern, J.; Kohek, K., 2001:
Census of the Ural owl Strix uralensis macroura at Javorniki in Central Slovenia Popis kozace Strix uralensis macroura na Javornikih

Mascara, Rosario., 1999:
Census of the avifauna nesting in the graveyard areas of Caltagirone, Gela and Niscemi Sicily Censimento dellavifauna nidificante nelle aree cimiteriali di Caltagrione, Gela e Niscemi Sicilia

Foundation for the conservation of the bearded vulture., 1996:
Census of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Navarra, 95-96 winter Seguimento del quebrantahuesos Gypaetus barbatus en Navarra, invierno 95-96

de Coninck, Herman., 1998:
Census of the birds of cemeteries of Brussels and Schaarbeek near Evere compared with the Scheutbos at Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Inventarisatie van de vogels van de kerkhoven van Brussel en Schaarbeek te Evere vergeleken met het Scheutbos te Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

Lekuona, J.M.; Artazcoz, A., 2001:
Census of the breeding waterfowl population in the wetlands of Navarre northern Spain Year 1999 Censo de aves acuaticas nidificantes en las zonas Humedas de Navarra Ano 1999

Borgo, Antonio., 1999:
Census of the communities of Accipitriformes, Falconiformes and Strigiformes in a sector of the Veneto-Carniche Pre-Alps and preliminary data on their environmental preferences Censimento della comunita di Accipitriformi, Falconiformi e Strigiformi di un settore delle Prealpi Veneto-Carniche e dati preliminari sulle preferenze ambientali

Trontelj, Peter., 1995:
Census of the corn crake Crex crex in Slovenia in 1992-93 Popis kosca Crex crex v Sloveniji v letih 1992-93

Gottardo, E.; Luise, R.; Zorzenon, T.; Ota, D.; D.G.llo, M.; Facchin, G.; Florit, F., 2003:
Census of the corncrake Crex crex in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the years 2001 and 2002 Il censimento del Re di quaglie Crex crex in Friuli Venezia Giulia negli anni 2001 e 2002

Basso, E.; Martignago, G.; Silveri, G.; Mezzavilla, F., 1999:
Census of the corncrake Crex crex in the eastern Venetian Pre Alps Years 1994-1998 Censimenti del re di quaglie Crex crex nelle Prealpi Venete Orientali Anni 1994-1998

Illig, K.; Schonert, P., 2004:
Census of the crested lark Galerida cristata in the old district of Luckau Bestandserfassung der Haubenlerche Galerida cristata im Altkreis Luckau

Bionda, R., 2003:
Census of the eagle owl Bubo bubo of Verbano Cusio Ossola province Censimento di Gufo reale Bubo bubo nella provincia del Verbano Cusio Ossola

Bionda, R., 2003:
Census of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos of Verbano Cusio Ossola province Censimento di Aquila reale Aquila chrysaetos nella provincia del Verbano Cusio Ossola

Werner, Sabine., 1998:
Census of the grasshopper fauna on the Rainberg escarpment Erhebung der Heuschreckenfauna auf dem Steppenhang des Rainberges

Proess, R.; Baden, R., 2000:
Census of the grasshopper species Barbitistes serricauda Fabricius, 1798, Leptophyes punctatissima Bosc, 1792, Meconema thalassinum De Geer, 1773 and Nemobius sylvestris Bosc, 1792 in Luxembourg Insecta, Saltatoria Erfassung der Heuschreckenarten Barbitistes serricauda Fabricius, 1798, Leptophyes punctatissima Bosc, 1792, Meconema thalassinum De Geer, 1773 und Nemobius sylvestris Bosc, 1792 in Luxemburg Insecta, Saltatoria

Schultz, R.; Cartellieri, M., 1997:
Census of the ground beetle fauna Coleoptera Carabidae of the south coast area of the body of water near Altwarp Erfassung der Laufkaeferfauna Coleoptera Carabidae im Bereich der Suedkueste des Kleinen Haffs bei Altwarp

Tannert, Rudolf F., 2003:
Census of the insect fauna in the Nuremberg forest at Fischbach Brunn area, 2002 and 2003 Erfassung der Insektenfauna im Nuernberger Reichswald bei Fischbach - Brunn 2002 und 2003

Tannert, Rudolf Friedrich. von der Dunk, Klaus., 2004:
Census of the insect fauna in the current nature reserve Tennenloher Forst east of Tennenlohe at Erlangen/central Franconia former US training site of Tennenlohe, TK 25, No 6432 Part 2 Lepidoptera, comments and discussion of results Erfassung der Insektenfauna im jetzigen NSG Tennenloher Forst oestlich Tennenlohe bei Erlangen/Mittelfranken frueherer US-Standort-Uebungsplatz Tennenlohe, TK 25, Nr 6432 Teil 2 Lepidoptera, Kommentare und Diskussion der Ergebnisse

Barthelemy, E.; Bertrand, P., 1997:
Census of the little owl Athene noctua population of the Garlaban mountain Bouches-du-Rhone Recensement de la cheveche dathena Athene noctua dans le massif du Garlaban Bouches-du-Rhone

Salio, C.; Giacoma, C.; Marzona, E.; Zugolaro, C., 2000:
Census of the main migration zones of amphibians across roads in Torino province Censimento delle principali zone di migrazione di anfibi che comportano attraversamenti stradali in provincia di Torino

Persson, Olof., 1996:
Census of the marsh harrier in Scania in 1995 Inventering av brun karrhok i Skane 1995

Gauquie, Benoit., 1999:
Census of the middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in western Hainaut Recensement du pic mar Dendrocopos medius en Hainaut occidental

Quaglierini, Alessio., 2002:
Census of the nesting aquatic avifauna of the Massaciuccoli lake marsh Lucca-Pisa Censimento dellavifauna acquatica nidificante nella palude del Lago di Massaciuccoli Lucca-Pisa

Dessy, E.; Pronzato, R.; Spano, S.; Truffi, G., 1996:
Census of the population of mallard released in the streams of Genoa District Liguria, NW Italy Censimento delle popolazioni di germano reale Anas platyrhynchos presenti in seguito a immissioni nella Provincia di Genova

Beaudoin, Jean-Claude., 1997:
Census of the shrikes report on 1993 and 1994 Enquete pies-grieches compte rendu du suivi realise en 1993 et 1994

Lehmann, R.; Otto, W.; Witt, K., 2005:
Census of the the crow Corvus corone cornix and magpie Pica pica in 2003 in Berlin Erfassung von Nebelkaehe Corvus corone cornix und Elster Pica pica 2003 in Berlin

Dronneau, C.; Centre d'Etudes Ornithologique d'Alsace., 1996:
Census of the waterfowl summering on the French-German Rhine river Le statut estival des oiseaux deau sur le Rhin alsacien un premier bilan

Senecal, Didier., 2000:
Census of the wood lark in the Fontainebleau Massif Recensement de lalouette lulu dans le Massif de Fontainebleau

Moreno-Arroyo, B.; Esquivias, J.A.tonio Torres.; Borron, A.A.cala-Zamora., 2003:
Census of water birds, during the period 1990-2002 in the reserves and natural areas of the wetland zones of south Cordoba Censos de aves acuaticas, durante el periodo 1990-2002 en las reservas y parajes naturales de las zonas humedas del sur de Cordoba

Castro Roman, J.C.rlos.; Torres Esquivias, J.A.tonio., 1994:
Census of water fowl from the marshes of north Marruecos Censo de aves acuaticas de humedales del norte de Marruecos

Pedrocchi Renault, Cesar., 1996:
Census of white stork Ciconia ciconia in 1996 in Huesca province El censo de ciguenas comunes Ciconia ciconia de 1996 en la provincia de Huesca

Semenov-Tyan-Shanski, O.I., 1955:
Census of wild reindeer in Lapland game reserve Kucheruk, V V Methods of calculating the number and geographical distribution of terrestrial vertebrates

Caffi, Mario., 1999:
Census of wintering birds of a marsh of Brescia plain 1988-1998 Censimento degli uccelli svernanti in una marcita della pianura bresciana 1988-1998

Vagvari, Z.; Konyhas, S., 2003:
Census of wintering long-eared owls Asio otus and short-eared owls Asio flammeus in selected municipalities of the Hortobagy between 1996-1998 Az erdei fulesbaglyok Asio otus es reti fulesbaglyok Asio flammeus telelo allomanyanak felmerese nehany Hortobagy kornyeki telepulesen 1996-998 kozott

Prades i Bataller, R.; Ortiz Olmos, J.V.e, 2004:
Census of wintering marine birds in Castellon province, 2003-2004 Censo de aves marinas invernantes de la Provincia de Castellon 2003-2004

Insektenwerkgroep van de KNNV, afdeling Arnhem Insektenwerkgroep van de KNNV, afdeling Arnhem., 1993:
Census report from Stikke Trui Nature Reserve 1990-1993 insects, herpetofauna Inventarisatieverslag van de Stikke Trui 1990-1993 insekten herpetofauna

Deboulonne, A., 2007:
Census summary for 2006 corvid traps Bilan 2006 de lenquete cages-pieges a corvides

Gariboldi, Armando., 1997:
Census techniques Tecniche di censimento

Puchstein, K., 1999:
Census work gone astray? The reed bunting as an example Siedlungsdichte auf Abwegen? Mit einem Beispiel der Rohrammer Emberiza schoeniclus

Xavier do Nascimento, J.L.iz; Koch, M.; Amorim Efe, M.; Barbosa Scherer, S., 2005:
Census, banding and recovery of two ducks in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Censos, anilhamentos e recuperacoes de duas marrecas no Rio Grande do Sul

Quaglierini, Alessio., 2003:
Census, density and environmental preferences of the marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus nesting in some coastal wetland zones of Tuscany Censimento, densita e preferenze ambientali del Falco di palude Circus aeruginosus nidificante in alcune zone umide costiere della Toscana

Alava, J.Jose, 2005:
Census, distribution and conservation status of roseate spoonbill Platalea ajaja in the Guayaquil Gulf Estuary, Ecuador Censo, distribucion y estado de conservacion de la espatula rosada Platalea ajaja en el estuario del Golfo de Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ramos, Juan Jose., 2003:
Census, distribution and population status of yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans on La Palma, Canary Islands Aves, Laridae Censo, distribucion y evolucion de la poblacion de gaviota patiamarilla Larus cachinnans en La Palma, islas Canarias Aves, Laridae

Bianucci, G.; Landini, W.; Masoni, M., 2004:
Census, evaluation and valorization of the paleontological sites an example for the Province of Pisa Censimento e valutazione dei siti paleontologici paleositi un esempio per la Provincia di Pisa

Guzzon, C.; Utmar, P., 1999:
Census, habitat range and population density of the marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus nesting in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Censimento, scelta dellhabitat e densita della popolazione di falco di palude Circus aeruginosus nidificante in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Walinder, G.; Karlsson, L., 2004:
Censuses and supervision of avocet breeding at Hamnvagen in Skanor in 2003 Inventering och overvakning av skarflackornas hackning vid Hamnvagen i Skanor 2003

Maillard, M.; Raboin, D., 2001:
Censuses at roosts of little egret summary 1983-2000 Recensements aux dortoires des aigrettes garzettes synthese 1983-2000

Sigurdsson, B.; Mockleby, N., 1999:
Censuses in Kemeri National Park, Latvia Inventering av Kemeri Nationalpark, Lettland

Verschoore, Koen., 2000:
Censuses no 2 Tellingen 2

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2001:
Censuses of Scanian and Southern Swedish sea harbours Skansk och Sydsvensk hamninventering 2001

Andersson, G.; Nilsson, T.; Tagtstrom, I., 1990:
Censuses of lake populations in the Blekinge Province 1989-1990

Giguere, M.; Brulotte, S.; Duluc, C.; Hazel, F.; Pereira, S.; Gaudet, M., 2007:
Censuses of the American oyster Crassostrea virginica in Bassin aux Huitres and Clarke Bay, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec Recensements de Ihuitre americaine Crassostrea virginica dans le bassin aux Huitres et la baie Clarke aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec

Calvario, E.; Sarrocco, S., 1997:
Censuses of the breeding comunities in the grassland of Lazio central Italy Censimenti delle comunita ornitiche degli ambienti a vegetazione erbacea del Lazio Italia centrale

Anonymous., 1998:
Censuses of the lesser kestrel in Extremadura and Aragon show that many of the colonies are unprotected Censos de primilla en Extremadura y Aragon muestran que muchas colonias estan desprotegidas

Meissner, W.; Bzoma, S., 2001:
Censuses of waterfowl on the Bay of Gdansk in May 1999- April 2000 Wyniki liczen ptakow wodnych na Zatoce Gdanskiej, maj 1999 - kwiecien 2000

Bon, M.; Scarton, F., 2001:
Censuses of waterfowl wintering in the Po delta results for the 1997-2001 years I censimenti degli uccelli acquatici svernanti nel delta del Po provincia di Rovigo anni 1997-2001

Bon, M.; Cherubini, G., 1999:
Censuses of waterfowl wintering in the lagoon of Venice management implications I censimenti degli uccelli acquatici svernanti in Laguna de Venezia risvolti gestionali

Dean, Juan I., 1996:
Censuses of wintering and breeding kestrel Falco tinnunculus in Navarra Censos invernal y primaveral de cernicalo vulgar Falco tinnunculus en Navarra

Toffoli, R.; Mangini, V., 1999:
Censuses of wintering aquatic birds of Avigliana Lakes Nature Reserve I censimenti degli uccelli acquatici svernanti nel Parco Naturale dei Laghi di Avigliana

Arca, G.; Brunelli, M.; Calvario, E.; Gustin, M.; Sarrocco, S., 1997 :
Censuses of wintering waterfowl in Latium central Italy 1993-1995 Censimenti dellavifauna acquatica svernante nel Lazio 1993-95

Lindstrom, A.; Svensson, S., 2002:
Censusing a standard route Inventera en standardrutt

Borgo, A.; Genero, F.; Favalli, M., 2001:
Censusing and environmental preference of the corncrake Crex crex in the Giulian Prealps reserve Censimento e preferenze ambientali del re di quaglie Crex crex nel Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie

Achterkamp, Gerben., 2001:
Censusing bats in the winter? Icily efficient Vleermuizen tellen in de winter? Ijskoud efficient

de Heij, M.; Vahl, W.; Bakker, C., 2001:
Censusing hoverflies, same place, same time? Zweefvliegen inventariseren; zelfde plaats, zelfde tijd?

Carrai, V.; Congiu, A.; Serra, G.; Bulgarini, F., 2001:
Censusing of Eleonoras falcon Falco eleonorae of Orosei Gulf central-eastern Sardinia Censimento del Falco eleonorae nel Golfo di Orosei Sardegna centro-orientale

Tomasovic, G., 1997:
Censusing of Holopogon nigripennis Meigen, 1820 Diptera, Asilidae in Belgium Recensement dHolopogon nigripennis Meigen, 1820 Diptera, Asilidae en Belgique

Consani, P.; Tellini Florenzano, G., 2001:
Censusing of a population of the nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus in central Tuscany Censimento di una popolazione di succiacapre Caprimulgus europaeus in Toscana centrale

Maranini, N.; Parodi, M., 2002:
Censusing of nests of the swallow Hirundo rustica and the house martin Delichon urbica in the urban area of the city of Genoa Biennial period 1998-1999 Censimento di nidi di Rondine Hirundo rustica e di Balestruccio Delichon urbica nellarea urbana della citta di Genova Biennio 1998-1999

Facchini, R.; Toffoli, R.; Unterthiner, S.; Oreiller, P.; Domeneghetti, L., 2001:
Censusing of nocturnal raptors of Aosta Valley Censimento dei rapaci notturni in Valle dAosta

Iorio, Etienne., 2003:
Censusing of the different species of Chilopoda present in Moselle 57 Recensement des differentes especes de Chilopodes presentes en Moselle 57

Randler, Christoph., 2002:
Censusing the urban mallard Anas platyrhynchos population in Stuttgart Bestandsveraenderungen bei Parkpopulationen der Stockente Anas platyrhynchos

Not given., 1933:
Centenary meetings of the Royal Entomological Society of London

Tikhomirov, V.V.; Sofiano, T.A., 1955:
Centenary of A O Michalski

Anon., 1955:
Centenary of the birth of A P Pavlov

Nomura, Hitoshi., 2003:
Centenary of the birth of Hermano Ribeiro da Silva, an expert on the remote interior of Brazil 1903-2003 Centenario de nascimento do sertanista Hermano Ribeiro da Silva 1903-2003

Miglietta, Anna Maria., 2004:
Centenary of the birth of Pietro Parenzan Centario della nascita di Pietro Parenzan

Lisenko, T.D., 1956:
Centenary of the eminent scientist and biologist I V Michurin

Gines, Angel ., 2005:
Centenary of the finding of Typhlocirolana moraguesi in the Drac caves, Mallorca, September 2004 XIII SEDECK scientific meeting Centenaria de la troballa de Typhlocirolana moraguesi a les coves del Drac, Mallorca, Setembre 2004 XIII Jornadas Cientificas de la SEDECK

Anon., 1959:
Centenary, of Humboldts death

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