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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38061

Chapter 38061 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Singh, S.; Sahai, S., 1990:
Changes in gill structure induced by BHC, lindane and endosulfan in the fresh-water teleost Puntius ticto (Ham.)

Hirzinger, V.; Bartl, E.; Weissenbacher, A.; Zornig, H.; Schiemer, F., 2002:
Changes in habitat conditions caused by anthropogenic wave wash and the potential influence on the Danube 0+ fish fauna Habitatveraenderungen durch schiffahrtsbedingten Wellenschlag und deren potentielle Auswirkung auf die Jungfischfauna in der Donau

Andryushenko, AI., 1975:
Changes in haematological indicators in breeding carp and bream in the Kremenchugcle fish farm depending on the conditions under which they are kept

Gvosdev, E.V., 1966:
Changes in helminth fauna of Lepus tolai under natural conditions in Bartog

Sakun, O.F., 1965:
Changes in hematogenesis and sexual cycle occurring in Oncorhynchus gorbuscha Walb outside their natural habitat

Bogdanov, O.P., 1956:
Changes in herpetofauna occurring under the influence of irrigation

Hoch, G.; Schafellner, C.; Henn, M.W.; Maddox, J.V.; Schopf, A., 2001:
Changes in host suitability of Lymantria dispar larvae for the endoparasitic development of the braconid Glyptapanteles liparidis by a microsporidian infection Veraenderung der Wirtsqualitaet von Lymantria dispar Larven fuer die endoparasitische Entwicklung der Braconide Glyptapanteles liparidis durch eine Mikrosporidieninfektion

Kontiokari, Seppo., 1999:
Changes in lepidoptera fauna of two drained bogs in western Finland Oa Kahden ojitetun suon perhoslajiston kehitys Etela-Pohjanmaalla

Sadkovskaya, O.D., 1958:
Changes in leucocytes formula in carps blood infected by Dactylogprus extensus solidus

Guillou, M.; Judas, A.; Quiniou, F., 1998:
Changes in life-history traits in the sea urchin Sphaerechinus granularis as a response to environmental stress Variabilite de divers parametres du developpement postmetamorphique de loursin Sphaerechinus granularis en fonction de la qualite de lenvironnement

Kontiokari, Seppo., 2001:
Changes in macrolepidopteran fauna of South Bothnia in the years 1990-1999 Etela-Pohjanmaan suurperhoslajiston muutokset vuosina 1990-1999

Afanasiev, A.V., 1964:
Changes in mammal fauna of the Tzelin land under land cultivation

Hernandez, A.; Companyo, M.; Morros, A.; Tort, L., 2002:
Changes in membrane fluidity of gilthead seabream Sparus auratus L, 1758 hepatocytes subjected to falling temperatures Cambios en la fluidez de la membrana en hepatocitos de dorada Sparus auratus L, 1758 asociados al descenso termico

Schroeder, K.; Kobialka, H., 2001:
Changes in molluscfauna in a deciduous forest located in the nature reserve Reithbruch Lower Saxony, administrative district of Osterholz Veraenderungen der Molluskenfauna im Laubwald-Komplex des NSG Reithbruch seit 1880 Niedersachsen, Landkreis Osterholz

Olejnicek, J.; Gelbic, I.; Minar, J., 2003:
Changes in mosquito diversity in the lower Morava and Dyje basin caused by catastrophic floods and global warming Zminy ve slozeni fauny komaru v dolni easti povodi Moravy a Dyje v dusledku povodni a globalniho otepleni

Kaitila, Jari-Pekka., 2006:
Changes in nature conservation in the new year - changes to conservation of moths and butterflies? Luonnonsuojeluasetus muuttui vuodenvaihteessa - Muuttuuko perhosharrastaja?

Vader, W., 1977:
Changes in northern Norway bird fauna

Lukyantchenko, A.A., 1954:
Changes in northern border of the range of Mesocricetus raddei nigriculus Nehr, 1898

Kiknadze, I.I., 1955:
Changes in nucleic acids at fertilization and development of the Cyclops egg

Kopecky, O., 2006:
Changes in number and migration of Alpine newt Triturus alpestris, Laurenti 1768 during aquatic phase study from representative localities in Usti nad Orlici district Zmeny pocetnosti a migrace colka horskeho Triturus alpestris, Laurenti 1768 ve vodni fazi studie z vybranych lokalit okresu Usti nad Orlici

Chiang, A-S.; Gadot, M.; Schal, C., 1990:
Changes in number and size of corpus allatum cells of Blattella germanica during oocyte maturation

Klis, T.; Furmankiewicz, J.; Kokurewicz, T., 2001:
Changes in number and species composition of bats hibernating in natural caves of Polom Kaczawskie Mts, W Sudetes in the years 1964 - 2001 Zmiany liczebnosci i skladu gatunkowego nietoperzy hibernujacych w jaskiniach gory Polom Gory Kaczawskie, Sudety Zachodnie w latach 1964-2001

Salek, Miroslav., 1996:
Changes in numbers and habitat choice of the redshank Tringa totanus breeding population in south Bohemia Czech Republic during the last fifty years Zmeny v pocetnosti a vyberu hnizdniho prostredi jihoceske populace vodouse rudonoheho Tringa totanus v prubehu poslednich padesati let

Pugacewicz, Eugeniusz., 1997:
Changes in numbers of birds of prey in the agricultural landscape of the Rownina Bielska plain eastern Poland in 1983-1996 Zmiany liczebnosci ptakow drapieznych w krajobrazie rolniczym Rowniny Bielskiej w latach 1983-1996

Kunstmuller, Ivan., 2005:
Changes in numbers of breeding population of water birds on Bohdalov fishponds Zdar nad Sazavou district in central area Czech Moravian Highlands Zmeny hnizdni avifauny rybniku v okoli Bohdalova okres Zdar nad Sazavou v centralni cast Ceskomoravske vysociny

Musil, Petr., 1998:
Changes in numbers of breeding populations of water birds on fishponds in the Trebon Basin in the years 1981-1997 Zmeny pocetnosti hnizdnich populaci vodnich ptaku na rybnicich Trebonske panve v letech 1981-1997

Minuthova, D.; Musil, P., 1999:
Changes in numbers of common tern Sterna hirundo in the Trebon Basin Zmeny pocetnosti rybaka obecneho Sterna hirundo na Trebonsku

D.Lust, Robert., 1998:
Changes in numbers of marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in the Krekengebied area of eastern Flanders 1977-1996 Bestandsevolutie bij de bruine kiekendief Circus aeruginosus in het Krekengebied van Oost-Vlaanderen 1977-1996

Guenther, K.; Roesner, H.-Ulrich., 2000:
Changes in numbers of staging waterbirds in the Wadden Sea of Schleswig-Holstein from 1988 to 1999 Bestandsentwicklung der im schleswig-holsteinischen Wattenmeer rastenden Wat- und Wasservoegel von 1988 bis 1999

Pilipowicz, Wlodzimierz., 1997:
Changes in numbers, names and areas of the national parks and nature reserves established in 1996 Zmiany stanu rezerwatow przyrody i parkow narodowych dokonane w 1996 r

Olempska, E., 2003:
Changes in ostracod record in the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary deposits of the Holy Cross Mountains central Poland Zapis zmian w zespolach malzoraczkowych w osadach granicy fran-famen w Gorach Swietokrzyskich

Agasi, G.M., 1964:
Changes in oxygen in the tissue of the heart muscles during the stimulation of the stomach chemo-receptors

Stankus, S., 2001 :
Changes in physiological-biochemical indices of turbot Psetta maxima L in the Lithuanian economical zone of the Baltic Sea Uoto Psetta maxima L fiziologiniu-biocheminiu rodikliu kaita Baltijos juros Lietuvos ekonomineje zonoje

Kuroli, G.; Polgar, A.; Orosz, A., 2003:
Changes in population density of Empoasca leafhoppers in potatoes Az Empoasca spp kabocafajok egyedszam-valtozasa burgonyan

Heliovaara, K.; Vaisanen, R., 1990:
Changes in population dynamics of pine insects induced by air pollution

Christen, Walter., 2000:
Changes in population size of red-backed shrikes Lanius collurio in the Aare plain west of Solothurn Switzerland Bestandsentwicklung des Neuntoeters Lanius collurio in der Aareebene westlich von Solothurn

Vladimirova, IG.; Nikol'skaya, IS., 1971:
Changes in respiration intensity during tail regeneration in axolotls of different ages

Gromadska, M., 1962:
Changes in respiration metabolism of Lumbricus castaneus Sav under influence of various constant and alternating temperatures

Gromov, V.V., 1968:
Changes in river benthos in mid course of the river Kama in the last 40 years 1925-1966

Nikitin, V.N.; Stanitzkaya, G.A., 1962:
Changes in size of liver cells under the influence of the growth hormone in animals of various ages

Diouf, M.; Brauman, A.; Rouland-Lefevre, C., 2002:
Changes in soil fungal communities by the action of several species of termites of Macrotermitinae Modifications des communautes fongiques du sol sous laction de plusiers especes de termites Macrotermitinae

Foldesi, R.; Mora, A.; Csabai, Z.; Devai, G., 2003 :
Changes in soldier fly Diptera Stratiomyidae assemblages in sedge stands of various structure and composition in a lowland marsh on the great Hungarian Plains Katonalegylarva-egyuttesek Diptera Stratiomyidae idoszakos valtozasai egy alfoldi mocsar kulonbozo osszetetelu es strukturaju sasallomanyaiban

Premjith, S., 1990:
Changes in soluble protein fractions of liver and gonads of Tilapia mossambica Peters at different stages of development

Belokopytin, YuS., 1973:
Changes in some blood indicators of Lucioperca lucioperca during the spawningperiod

Towheed, MA.; Singh, BN.; Choubey, BJ., 1990:
Changes in some haematological parameters in relation to environmental conditions of an Indian fresh water mud eel, Amphipnous Monopterus cuchia Ham

de Oliveira, J.C.rlos; Lacerda, A.K.tia Guimaraes, 2004:
Changes in species composition and longitudinal distribution of the fish fauna from the influence area of Chapeu dUvas Reservoir, Paraiba do Sul river basin MG, soon after its impoundment Alteracoes na composicao e distribuicao longitudinal da ictiofauna na area de influencia do reservatorio de Chapeu dUvas, bacia do rio Paraiba do Sul MG, pouco depois da sua implantacao

Christen, W., 2007:
Changes in spring arrival of some migratory bird species in the region of Solothurn, Switzerland Veraenderung der Erstankunft ausgewaehlter Zugvogelarten im Fruehling in der Region Solothurn

Mueller, R., 2004:
Changes in status of some families of moths Lep in the pond-region of Guttau district Bautzen in the Oberlausitz Bestandsveraenderungen bei einigen Schmetterlingsfamilien Lep im Guttauer Teichgebiet Landkreis Bautzen in der Oberlausitz

Pokudin, A.A., 1954:
Changes in sugar content in the blood of Persian lambs under fasciolasis

Krotova, L.G., 1962:
Changes in suprarenal glands and carbohydrate metabolism in Arvicola terrestris in the Spring/Summer period

Willers, Joachim., 2001:
Changes in systematics and nomenclature in the genus Paederus Fabricius s l Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Systematisch-nomenklatorische Aenderungen in der Gattung Paederus Fabricius s l Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Ignacz, Magda., 1996:
Changes in the 90Sr contents of the bone tissue of game species in the 1975-1994 period in Hungary A vadon elo allatfajok csontszovetenek 90Sr-tartalmanak valtozasa 1975-1994 Evekben

Zotin, A.I.; Milman, L.S.; Faustov, V.S., 1965:
Changes in the ATP level of sea urchin eggs due to the action of cell division inhibitors

Urones, C.; Majadas, A., 2002:
Changes in the Araneae community during the postfire succession of a Mediterranean shrub ecosystem Cambios en la comunidad de Araneae durante la sucesion postfuego en matorrales Mediterraneos de Montana

Gromov, V.V.; Demidova, V.I., 1968:
Changes in the Chironomidae fauna Diptera in Kama river, Okhanska between 1935-1961

Hollwedel, Werner., 1995:
Changes in the Cladocera fauna of Feldungelsee in the last 25 years Veranderungen der Cladocerenfauna des Feldungelsees in den letzten 25 Jahren

Eschbaum, R.; Saat, T.; Vetemaa, M.; Verliin, A.; Eero, M.; Albert, A.; Spilev, H., 2004:
Changes in the Estonian coastal fish assemblages during recent years Eesti rannikumere kalastiku muutused viimastel aastatel

Hogstad, O.; Oien, I.J.stein., 2001:
Changes in the Norwegian bird fauna - what has happened during the course of the last hundred years? Endringer i norsk fuglefauna - hva har skjedd i lopet av de siste hundre ar?

Nilsson, S.G.; Baranowski, R., 1996:
Changes in the Swedish distribution of click beetles Elateridae occurring in the boreal forest Forandringar i utbredning av den boreala skogens vedlevande knappare

Reichholf, Josef H., 2005:
Changes in the abundance of robins Erithacus rubecula in the region of Munich and possible interpretations Haeufigkeitsveraenderungen bei Rotkehlchen Erithacus rubecula in der Region Muenchen und ihre Interpretation

Seravin, L.N., 1958:
Changes in the activity of the contractile vacuole of Paramecium caudatum in relation to environmental conditions

Valeyeva, FS.; Kiknadze, LI., 1971:
Changes in the amount of DNA in the cell nuclei of the salivary gland of Chironomids during polytenization

Braun, Manfred., 1999:
Changes in the animal transport protection law of 1st March 1999 Anderungen der Tierschutztransportverordnung zum 1 Marz 1999

Staav, Roland., 1999:
Changes in the archipelago birdfauna during the twentieth century Forandringar i den svenska skargardens fagelfauna under 1900-talets senare del

Caliendo, M.F.lomena.; Fusco, L.; Milone, M., 2003:
Changes in the avian community at Volla Napoli following the implementation of the regional town planning scheme Modificazioni delle comunita ornitiche a Volla NA in seguito allattuazione del Piano Regolatore Comunale

Cabello de Alba, F., 1996:
Changes in the avian community of an oak pasture after aerial treatment with diflubenzuron Evolucion de la comunidad de aves de un encinar adehesado tras un tratamiento aereo con diflubenzuron

Wysocki, D.; Marchowski, D., 2003:
Changes in the avifauna composition of the reservoirs of wastewater from the Police chemical plant in 1990-2000 Zmiany skladu awifauny zbiornikow wod posciekowych Zakladow Chemicznych Police w latach 1990-2000

Stickroth, H., 2003:
Changes in the avifauna of Swabia Exemplary evaluations from the Augsburg area Veraenderungen in der Vogelwelt Schwabens Beispielhafte Auswertungen aus dem Augsburger Raum

Froehlich, Christoph., 1995:
Changes in the avifauna of an area of fallow vineyards in the Lahntal in 1975, 1985 and 1992 Die Veranderung der Vogelwelt in einem ehemaligen Weibaugebiet im Lahntal 1975/1985/1992

Gashev, SN., 2006:
Changes in the avifauna of the Tjumen area in the time of Steller to the present day Veraenderungen der Avifauna des Gebiets Tjumen von Stellers Zeiten bis zum heutigen Tage

Mey, E., 2005:
Changes in the avifauna of the town of Eisenach and its surroundings in western Thueringen over the last 200 years Ueber Veraenderungen in der Vogelfauna der westthueringischen Stadt Eisenach und seiner Umgebung waehrend der letzten 200 Jahre

Belz, A.; Fuhrmann, M., 1997:
Changes in the bat fauna in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district Veranderungen der Fledermausfauna im Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

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