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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38063

Chapter 38063 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shimmings, Paul., 1998:
Changes in use of spring staging areas by barnacle geese and the effect of increased use of agricultural areas Hvitkinngas ved rasteplasser langs norskekysten - forandringer i omradebruk medforer konflikt med jordbruksinteresser

Seravin, L.N., 1959:
Changes in various functions of Paramecium caudatum in the course of adaptation to salt solutions

Sevcik, Jan., 1998:
Changes in waterfowl numbers on Velky Tisy fishpond and surrounding fishponds in 1988-1994 Zmeny pocetnosti vodnich ptaku na rybniku Velky Tisy a okolnich rybnicich v letech 1988-1994

Berndt, RK., 1997:
Changes in wintering bird populations in Schleswig-Holstein - a review of population changes from 1970 to 1995 Schleswig-Holsteins Wintervogel im Wandel - eine Bilanz der Bestandsveranderungen 1970-1995

Shikhobalova, N.P.; Vasilkova, Z.G.; Shekhtman, Y.L.; Vinogradova, I.D., 1958:
Changes in x-ray sensitivity of eggs of some Ascaridata in relation to the stage of their embryogenesis

Spagnolo, A.; Panfili, M.; Giampieri, A.; Spegne, R.; Trovarelli, L., 2002:
Changes induced by an off-shore gas platform on the soft-bottom benthic community northern Adriatic Sea Cambiamenti indotti sulla comunita bentonica di fondo mobile da una piattaforma estrattiva off-shore Adriatico settentrionale

Polezhaev, L.V., 1958:
Changes observed in the regeneration power and immunity of anura in ontogenesis

Zotin, A.I., 1954:
Changes occur- ring in egg membranes of Acipenseridae during development

Evroneitzeva, N.V., 1954:
Changes occurring during growth in young migratory lake Salmo salar L m sebago Gir

Kusov, V.N.; Pospelova, Z.K.; Peteshev, V.M., 1960:
Changes occurring in blood and urine of animals suffering from tick-paralysis

Berlin, L.B., 1956:
Changes occurring in dermal blood-vessels caused by feeding of pasture ticks

Zamakhaev, D.F., 1957:
Changes occurring in herring during migration

Kazanski, B.N., 1954:
Changes occurring in oocytes of sturgeon during sexual maturation, following the injection of hypophysial hormone

Kipenvarlitz, A.F., 1953:
Changes occurring in soil fauna of marshes under influence of drainage

Minaev, P.F., 1954:
Changes occurring in the central nervous system under influence of X-rays

Petrushevski, G.K., 1954:
Changes occurring in the composition of parasitic fauna in the acclimatized fishes

Petrushevski, G.K., 1954:
Changes occurring in the composition of parasitic fauna of fish in connection with their acclimatization

Kayushin, L.P.; Lyudkovskaya, R.G., 1955:
Changes occurring in the nerve properties after conducting the stimulus, and their connection with the biopotentials

Studentzova, T.L., 1955:
Changes occurring in the nerves of genital organs of dog infected with Trichinella

Belyaev, G.M.; Birshtein, Y.A., 1953:
Changes occurring in the size and fatness of sevruga of the Northern Caspian in 1949 in comparison with the years 1937-1941

Sadov, I.A., 1957:
Changes occurring in the size of nuclei during growth and maturation of the oocytes in sturgeon

Garutt, V.E., 1951:
Changes occurring in the structure of carpus in Proboscidea in connection with habitat

Weyers, Hubert., 2000:
Changes of abundance for black woodpecker Dryocopus martius, green woodpecker Picus viridis and grey-headed woodpecker Picus canus in the former communal district Kreis Homburg Bestandsveraenderungen bei Schwarzspecht Dryocopus martius, Gruenspecht Picus viridis und Grauspecht Picus canus im ehemaligen Kreis Homburg

Kury, D.; Bauer-Stingelin, K., 2002:
Changes of an odonate community in the Zurlinden gravel pit in Pratteln between 1986 and 1996 Anderungen der Libellengemeinschaft in der Zurlindengrube Pratteln zwischen 1986 and 1996

Legany, A., 2003:
Changes of avifauna in lowland planted forests Avifauna valtozasok alfoldi ultetett erdokben

Postawa, T.; Zygmunt, J., 2000:
Changes of bat numbers in Czestochowska Upland caves between 1975 and 1999 Zmiany liczebnosci nietoperzy Chiroptera w jaskiniach Wyzyny Czestochowskiej w latach 1975-1999

Isabel, G.; Gourdoux, L.; Moreau, R., 2001:
Changes of biogenic amine levels in haemolymph during diapausing and non-diapausing status in Pieris brassicae L Changes of biogenic amine levels in haemolymph during diapausing and non-diapausing status in Pieris brassicae L

Zang, H., 2003:
Changes of breeding bird populations in Lower Saxony, Germany, in the 20th century Veraenderungen in der niedersaechsischen Vogelwelt im 20 Jahrhundert

Kooiker, G., 2004:
Changes of breeding bird species in Osnabrueck, Lower Saxony in the 20th century Osnabruecker Brutvoegel Bilanz der Entwicklung seit 1900

Ishii, M., 1990:
Changes of butterfly habitats in relation to human activities

Matonickin, I.; Pavletic, Z., 1966:
Changes of ecological factors in the biotope of thermal waters and their effect on development of biocenosis

Chen, W.-Guo.; Luo, Q.-Gui.; Zhang, F.; Guo, H.-Shan.; Xu, F., 2006:
Changes of fat body ultrastructure of Helicoverpa armigera infected by Ovomermis sinensis

Hartvich, P.; Kubecka, J.; Svobodova, Z., 1995:
Changes of fish health condition after passing through turbines of Lipno Dam reservoir Zmeny zdravotniho stavu ryb po uniku turbinami udolni nadrze Lipno

Kopp, R.; Hetesa, J., 2000:
Changes of haematological indices of silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val under the influence of natural populations of cyanobacterial water blooms Zmeny vybranych hematologickych ukazatelu tolstolobika bileho Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val pod vlivem prirodnich populaci vodnich kvetu sinic

Gutowski, J.M.; Krzysztofiak, L., 1995:
Changes of invertebrate fauna of forest environment as an element of ecological monitoring in the territory of north-eastern Poland Zmiany fauny bezkregowcow srodowiska lesnego jako element monitoringu ekologicznego na terenie polnocno-wschodniej Polski

Sefrova, H., 2003:
Changes of lepidopteran pests in agriculture, horticulture and in ornamental cultures during the 20th century Zmeny ve skodlivosti druhu radu Lepidoptera na polnich, zahradnich a okrasnych rostlinach v prubehu 20 stoleti

Chmura, Damian., 2004:
Changes of nature reserves and other protected areas in 2002-2003 Zmiany stanu rezerwatow przyrody oraz innych obszarow chronionych w latach 2002-2003

Yui, B-J.; Shih, SH., 1990:
Changes of photoperiod and thyroidal response in Epinephelus megachir

Komova, NI., 2002:
Changes of physiological-biochemical indices in the zope Abramis ballerus with age

Zsuga, K.; Vale, I.; Imre, A.; Pekli, J., 1998:
Changes of plankton in fish-ponds and its effects on the environment Halastavak planktonallomanyanak valtozasa es hatasa a kornyezetre

Oganesyan, N.M.; Ovsepyan, L.A.A.maganova, E.R., 1966:
Changes of some indicators of haemodynamics under experimental coarctation of the aorta

Mazeikaite, S., 1997:
Changes of species composition, formation of quantitative structure and peculiarities of development of proto- and metazooplankton under the impact of ecological factors in Lake Druksiai Proto- ir metazooplanktono rusines ir kiekybines strukturos formavimosi ir vystymosi desningumu pokyciai Druksiu ezere del ekologiniu veiksniu

Melke, A.; Gutowski, J.M., 1995:
Changes of staphylinid beetles fauna Coleoptera Staphylinidae of forest environment as an element of ecological monitoring in north-eastern Poland Zmiany fauny kusakowatych Coleoptera Staphylinidae srodowiska lesnego jako element monitoringu ekologicznego w polnocno-wschodniej Polsce

Neuimin, I.V., 1954:
Changes of temperature in the body of the tick Ornitlwdorus papillipes in process of sucking blood

Bubien, M., 1990:
Changes of the Bug and Narew phytoplankton in the Zegrzynski Reservoir

Mironov, N.P., 1952:
Changes of the areas inhabited by Citellus pygmaeus in steppes of Don and Stavropol

Nitsche, G.; Rudolph, B.-Ulrich., 2002:
Changes of the breeding bird populations in a moor complex in Upper Bavaria Veraenderungen der Brutvogelfauna in einem oberbayerischen Moorkomplex

Guti, Gabor., 1998:
Changes of the fish community in the Szigetkoz floodplain of the Danube A szigetkozi halallomany valtozasai

Socarras, A.A.; Rodriguez, M.E., 1999:
Changes of the mesofauna of soil under the influence of different charges of catlle management areas in Havana province Variacit n de la mesofauna del suelo bajo la influencia de diferentes cargas en un area de manejo ganadero con Pastoreo Racional Voisin en la provincia de La Habana

Socarras, A.A.; Rodriguez, M.E., 1999:
Changes of the mesofauna of the soil in some aforested areas in Moa, Holguin, Cuba Comportamiento de la mesofauna del suelo en areas recultivadas en la zona minera de Moa, Holguin, Cuba

Surugiu, Victor., 2000:
Changes of the population structure of polychaete annelids of Agigea in the last 30 years Des modifications survenues dans la structure des peuplements dannelides polychetes dAgigea dans les 30 dernieres annees

Davtyan, E.A.Akopyan, V.D., 1959:
Changes of vitamin A in sheep in experimentally provoked fasciolasis

Heijerman, Theodoor., 2002:
Changes to the Dutch list of weevils Simo hirticornis to be deleted and S variegatus to be added Coleoptera Curculionidae Veranderingen in de lijst van Nederlandse snuitkevers Simo hirticornis vervalt voor onze fauna en S variegatus wordt toegevoegd Coleoptera Curculionidae

Storkersen, Ved Oystein R., 2005:
Changes to the IUCN Red Data List Endringer i IUCNs rodliste

Vogrin, Nusa., 1996:
Changes to the Kras region - a reduction in biodiversity? Zarascanje Krasa - zmanjsevanje biotske raznovrstnosti?

Bringsoe, H., 1990:
Changes to the Washington Convention lists

Tammaru, T., 2003:
Changes to the list of Macrolepidoptera included in the yearly reports of noteworthy records Muutused huvitavamate suurliblikaleidude aastanimekirjades avaldatavate liikide nimestikus

Kuninishi, Y.; Imaki, Y.; Oura, R.; Miyazaki, H., 1990:
Changes with time after feeding in distribution of nirtogen in the gastrointestinal tracts of sheep fed orchardgrass hay once a day

Bloechlinger, B.; Lueps, P., 2002:
Changing proportions in M1 in the European badger, Meles meles Mammalia, Carnivora Proportionsanderungen beim M1 im Gebiss des mitteleuropaischen Dachses Meles meles Mammalia, Carnivora

Barber, AD., 1990:
Channel Islands myriapods

Adamek, Z., 1996:
Channel catfish - Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque A review Sumecek skvrnity kanlovy sumecek - Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque Prehled

Lal Mohan, RS., 1990:
Chanos fry resources of India

Bernaldez Sanchez, Eloisa., 2003:
Chaos and order in fossil rubbish Caos y orden en la paleobasura

Stone, ND., 1990:
Chaos in an individual-level predator-prey model

Judd, K., 1990:
Chaos in complex systems

Oelke, Hans., 2003:
Chaos of bird migration mortality of Knechtsand Sternidae in normal circumstances and after the passing of the tropical whirlwind Bonnie 1980 Chaos im Vogelzug Sterben von Knechtsand-Seeschwalben im Normalfall und nach Durchzug des tropischen Ex-Wirbelsturmes Bonnie 1980

de Santana, Reinaldo Ribeiro., 2001:
Characidae Os Caracideos

Braga, Liliana., 2001:
Characidium tenue and C pterostictum Characiformes, Crenuchidae first record from Argentina Primer registro para Argentina de Characidium tenue y C pterostictum Characiformes, Crenuchidae

Bork, Dieter., 1995:
Characids New finds in South America Salmler Neuheiten aus Sudamerika

Bork, Dieter., 2001:
Characins On the captive care and breeding of Odontocharacidium aphanes Der Zwergpfeilsalmler Zur Pflege und Zucht von Odontocharacidium aphanes

Arendt, Kai., 2002:
Characins Part 2 Spitzzaehne, Flussschakale und Schuppenfresser 2 Teil

Mellegers, PieterJan., 1998:
Characodon audax, the Black Prince Characodon audax, de Zwarte Prins

Brusseaux, Gerard., 2002:
Characoma nilotica Rogenhofer, 1882, a new species for Corsica Lepidoptera Noctuidae Chloephorinae Characoma nilotica Rogenhofer, 1882, espece nouvelle pour la Corse Lepidoptera Noctuidae Chloephorinae

Gaston, J.; Revilla, T., 1998:
Characoma nilotica Rogenhofer, 1882, a species new to the Iberian Peninsula Lepidoptera Noctuidae Characoma nilotica Rogenhofer, 1882 nueva especie para la Peninsula Iberica Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Freese, A.; Fiedler, K., 2004:
Character differentiations between Leptidea sinapis Linnaeus, 1758 and Leptidea reali Reissinger, 1989 Lepidoptera, Pieridae and their value for species identification Unterscheidungsmerkmale von Leptidea sinapis Linnaeus, 1758 and Leptidea reali Reissinger, 1989 Lepidoptera, Pieridae and ihre Eignung zur Artbestimmung

Wrase, D.W.; Paill, W., 1998:
Characterisation and differentiation of Harpalus rubripes Duftschmid, 1812 and H marginellus Dejean, 1829 Charakterisierung und Unterscheidung von Harpalus rubripes Duftschmid, 1812 und H marginellus Dejean, 1829

Galap, C.; Grillot, J.-Pierre., 1998:
Characterisation and seasonal variations of proteins and fatty acids during vitellogenesis in the dog cockle Glycymeris glycymeris, mollusc, bivalve Caracterisation et variations saisonnieres des acides gras et des proteines durant la vitellogenese chez lamande de mer Glycymeris glycymeris, mollusque, lamellibranche

Waechter, M.; L.R.ux, F.; Nicolas, J.-Louis.; Marissal, E.; Berthe, F., 2002:
Characterisation of Crassostrea gigas spat pathogenic bacteria Caracterisation de bacteries pathogenes de naissain dhuitre creuse Crassostrea gigas

Wisser, J.; Christoph, B.; Tataruch, F.; Steinbach, F.; Streich, J.; Achazi, R.; Froelich, K., 2001:
Characterisation of health status parameters in roe deer Capreolus capreolus from highly polluted areas cadmium, lead, and PCBs compared with areas of low pollution II Parasitation and histopathological findings Charakterisierung des gesundheitsstatus von rehen Capreolus capreolus in gebieten mit hoher schadstoffbelastung cadmium, blei und PCB im vergleich zu gering belasteten gebieten II Mitteilung Parasitenstatus und histopathologische befunde

Froelich, K.; Steinbach, F.; Klima, F.; Tataruch, F.; Streich, J.; Wisser, J.; Achazi, R., 2001:
Characterisation of health status parameters in roe deer from highly polluted areas cadmium, lead, organochlorines compared with areas of low pollution Charakterisierung des Gesundheitsstatus von Rehen Capreolus capreolus in Gebieten mit hoher Schadstoffbelastung Cadmium, Blei und PCB im Vergleich zu gering belasteten Gebieten I Mitteilung Immunologische Befunde

Berard, A.; Pelte, T.; Menthon, E.; Druart, JC.; Bourrain, X., 1998:
Characterisation of phytoplankton from two limnic systems contaminated by a herbicidal photosynthetic inhibitor The PICT method pollution-induced community tolerance application and significance Caracterisation du phytoplancton de deux systemes limniques vis-a-vis dun herbicide inhibiteur de la photosynthese La methode PICT pollution-induced community tolerance application et signification

Bedini, R.; Canali, MG.; Bedini, A., 2002:
Characterisation of the benthic biocenosis and ichthyic fauna in a stretch of sea north of the Isle of Elba Caratterizzazione delle biocenosi bentoniche e della fauna ittica in un tratto di mare a nord dellIsola dElba

Megli, F.; Roberti, M.; Loguercio Polosa, P.; Musicco, C.; Milella, F.; Cantatore, P.; Gadaleta, MN., 2001:
Characterisation of the mitochondrial DNA-binding protein mtDBP during Paracentrotus lividus embryogenesis Caratterizzazione della DNA-binding protein mitocondriale mtDBP durante lo sviluppo embrionale di Paracentrotus lividus

Hildebrandt, TB.; Fritsch, G.; Hermes, R.; Jewgenow, K.; Rohleder, M.; Rudolph, M.; Maltzan, J.; Wiesner, H.; Pratt, N.C.; Neiffer, D.; Goritz, F., 1999:
Characterisation of the sexual maturity of male elephants with ultrasonographical, morphological, endocrinological and spermatological methods of examination Charakterisierung der Pubertat mannlicher Elefanten mit Hilfe ultrasonographischer, morphologischer, endokrinologischer und spermatologischer Untersuchungsmethoden

Vegvari, Z.; Tar, J.; Szilagyi, A., 2003:
Characterisation of the staging flocks of common crane on the Hortobagy between 1995-2000 A Hortobagyi daruvonulas 1995-2000 Kozott

Bagliacca, M.; Cappuccio, I.; Paci, G.; Lisi, E.; Profumo, A.; Mani, P.; Valentini, A., 2004:
Characterisation, conservation and strengthening of local strains of the pheasant Phasianus colchicus L First results Caratterizzazione, conservazione e miglioramento dei ceppi locali di fagiano Phasianus colchicus L Primi risultati

Mattas, Michael., 2001:
Characterising egg shape Urcovani tvaru ptacich vajec

Moroz, SA.; Ermokhyna, LI., 1990:
Characteristic Early Eocene Mollusca and Brachiopoda of Baransky Formation of Common Sirt

Reitlinger, E.A., 1960:
Characteristic Ozarkian and Khovanskian deposits and their microscopic organic remains central part of the Russian Platform

Veselov, A.A.; Kraeva, E.Y.; Savenko, N.H.; Sheremeta, V.H., 1968:
Characteristic biostratigraphic section of the Oligoceiie deposits of the northern Prichernomorskaya lowlands

Lewartowski, R.; Piekarczyk, K., 1978:
Characteristic development, appearance intensity and noxiousness of more important diseases and pests of industrial plants in Poland in 1976 Characteristic development, appearance intensity and noxiousness of more important diseases and pests of industrial plants in Poland in 1976

Zaghbib-Turki, D.; Karoui-Yaakoub, N.; Rocchia, R.; Robin, E.; Belayouni, H., 2000:
Characteristic events record of the K/T boundary in the Elles section Tunisia Enregistrement des evenements remarquables de la limite Cretace-Tertiaire dans la coupe dElles Tunisie

Nouar, A.; Maurin, C., 2001:
Characteristic facies and substrates of Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus Delaroche, 1809 on the Algerian coasts Facies caracteristiques et nature du fond de Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus Delaroche, 1809 des cotes Algeriennes

Trjapitzin, VA., 1977 :
Characteristic features of adult encyrtidae morphology Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea and their importance in systematics

Lukin, E.I., 1962:
Characteristic features of the leech fauna in the Amur basin

Myl'nikov, AP., 1990:
Characteristic features of the ultrastructure of colourless flagellate Heteromita sp

Krasheninnikov, V.A. ., 1961:
Characteristic foraminiferan fauna of the Middle Miocene In Atlas of the Middle Miocene fauna of the northern Caucasus and Crimea

Lavalaye, MSS., 2000:
Characteristic macrobenthos communities of the Netherlands Continental Shelf and an analysis of the trends in macrobenthos diversity from the oyster grounds and the Frisian front Karakteristieke macrobenthos levensgemeenschappen van het NCP trendanalyse van de macrobenthos diversiteit van de oestergronden en het Friese Front 1991-1998

Kuzmin, S.A., 1969:
Characteristic of perch-pike blood in Kuronian Bay of the Baltic Sea

Senicheva, MI., 1990:
Characteristic of phytoplankton as an object of nutrition for mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam in the region of the marine farm of the Laspi Bay

Boldina, N.L., 1969:
Characteristic of seasonal variations of zooplankton in the forest water-reservoirs

Pronina, M.T., 1961:
Characteristic of the micro-fauna of Miocene deposits of Nakhichevan SSR

Mamedov, T.A., 1961:
Characteristic representatives of nummulite faunas in the Eocene deposits of Nakhichevan ASSR

Schachinger, D.; Patzner, R.A., 2004:
Characteristic species of freshwater molluscs in different types of biotopes in the province of Salzburg, Austria Charakteristische Wassermolluskenarten in verschiedenen Biotoptypen des Bundeslandes Salzburg, Osterreich

Rodriguez, Jose Antonio., 2000:
Characteristics and behaviour of Cuviers whale Rasgos y comportamiento de una ballena de Cuvier

Rauste, Visa., 1999:
Characteristics and moult of the Baltic lesser black backed gull Larus fuscus fuscus and the tundra gull L fuscus heuglini Part 1 Kennzeichen und Mauser von Baltischen Heringsmowen Larus fuscus fuscus und Tundramowen L fuscus heuglini Teil 1

Amel, N.; Amina, B., 2004:
Characteristics and susceptibility of vibrio pathogens to different antibiotics in the fish of common bass and dorado Caracteristiques et sensibilite a differents antibiotiques des vibrio pathogenes pour les poissons delevage loup et daurade

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