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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38064

Chapter 38064 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heggland, A., 2004:
Characteristics at two territories of the white-backed woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos in Telemark Karakteristika ved to territorier for hvitryggspett Dendrocopos leucotos i Telemark

Barreau, D.; Rocher, A.; Aulagnier, S., 1991:
Characteristics for the identification of skulls of rodents from Morocco Elements didentification des cranes des rongeurs du Maroc

Malozemova, LA., 1977:
Characteristics in the behaviour of the ants Formica lugubris during transport of loads 230-232

Dange, N.O.; Dmitrieva, E.N.; Peseredi, N.E.; Islamgaziea, R.B., 1977:
Characteristics in the development of Teleostei fry from the river ral

Malerbo-Souza, D.T.resinha; Nogueira-Couto, R.H.lena; Almeida Couto, L., 2002:
Characteristics of African honeybee colonies Apis mellifera L in nature, in Jaboticabal - SP Caracteristicas das colonias de abelhas africanizadas Apis mellifera L, coletadas de alojamentos naturais em Jaboticabal, Estado de Sao Paulo

Strekalova, I.I., 1966:
Characteristics of Oncorhynchus gorhuscha Walb and summer chum Oncorhynchus keta Walb during spawning in the My River

Daricheva, MA.; Sviridov, AV., 1973:
Characteristics of Sphingidae Lepidoptera from Turkmenia

Daricheva, M.A.; Sviridov, A.V., 1977:
Characteristics of Splingidae Lepidoptera in Turkmenistan

Shultz, R.S.; Kadenatzi, A.N., 1954:
Characteristics of Trichostrongilids, Spizulopteragia alcit parasites of elk and roe-buck

Kurek, P., 2006:
Characteristics of Triturus cristatus habitats in the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park and its environs Charakterystyka miejsc rozrodu traszki grzebieniastej Triturus cristatus w Parku Krajobrazowym Orlich Gniazd i jego otulinie

Cato, PS., 1990:
Characteristics of a collection of fluid-preserved mammals and implications for collection management

Mennesson-Boisneau, C.; Aprahamian, MW.; Sabatie, MR.; Cassou-Leins, JJ., 2000:
Characteristics of adults Caracteristiques des adultes

Vachon, J.; Lavallee, B.F.; Chapleau, F., 2005:
Characteristics of an introduced population of the northern pike, Esox lucius, in lake Ramsay, Gatineau Park, Quebec Characteristiques dune population introduit du Grand brochet, Esox lucius, dans le lac Ramsay, Parc de la Gatineau, Quebec, et impact sur l ichtyofaune

Littig, KS.; Stojanovich, CJ., 1990:
Characteristics of anophelines and culicines

Quenec'Hdu, S.L.D.ean.; Triplet, P.; Maheo, R., 2007:
Characteristics of avocet overwintering sites in France results of the 2002 survey Caracteristiques des sites dhivernage de lavocette elegante Recurvirostra avosetta en France resultats de lenquete 2002

do Linh San, E., 2003:
Characteristics of badger Meles meles and red fox Vulpes vulpes dens on the south shore of Lake Neuchatel a preliminary analysis Characteristiques des terriers de blaireaux Meles meles et de renards Vulpes vulpes sur la rive sud du lac de Neuchatel

Gruber, S.; Nehls, G., 2003 :
Characteristics of bird migration while autumn 2001 and spring 2002, made by radar studies from ship westerly the island Sylt German bight Charakterisierung des offshore Vogelzuges vor Sylt mittels schiffsgestuetzter Radaruntersuchungen

Kuzmin, S.A., 1969:
Characteristics of blood plasma of perch-pike in Kuronian Bay of the Baltic

Bocca, M.; Falcone, U.G., 1999:
Characteristics of breeding sites of the black woodpecker Dryocopus martius in a valley of the Graie Alps Mont Avic nature reserve, Valle dAosta Caratteristiche dei siti riproduttivi del picchio nero Dryocopus martius in una valle delle Alpi Graie Parco Naturale del Mont Avic, Valle dAosta

Chekchak, T.; Courtois, R.; Ouellet, J.-Pierre.; Breton, L.; St-Onge, S., 1998:
Characteristics of calving sites of the moose Alces alces Caracteristiques des sites de mise bas de lorignal Alces alces

Takai, A.; Ojima, Y., 1990:
Characteristics of chromosomes and electrophoretic patterns of muscle proteins and lactate dehydrogenase in fish of genus Carassius Cypriniformes

Michelat, D.; Quere, J.-Pierre.; Giraudoux, P., 2001:
Characteristics of dens used by stone marten Martes foina, Erxleben, 1777 in the Haut-Doubs Caracteristiques des gites utilises par la fouine Martes foina, Erxleben, 1777 dans le Haut-Doubs

Mikavica, D.; Dizdarevic, F., 1990:
Characteristics of digestive system in some fish species in the genus Chondrostoma

Boyd, D.K.; Pletscher, D.H., 1999:
Characteristics of dispersal in a colonizing wolf population in the central Rocky Mountains

Lyapin, EN.; Katkov, AE.; Gusev, DI.; Nechaev, LN., 1971:
Characteristics of distribution of some radionuclids in the fish body after moving it from polluted to unpolluted water

Vdovin, AN.; Shvydky, GV.; Gomelyuk, VE., 1990:
Characteristics of distribution of the southern Atka mackerel during the summer-autumn period in Peter the Great Gulf

Buchholz, L.; Ossowska, M., 1998:
Characteristics of elateroid communities Insecta Coleoptera in natural and forestry-shaped lime-hornbeam forest of the Bialowieza Forest Charakterystyka zgrupowan Elateroidea Insecta Coleoptera w naturalnych i przeksztalconych gospodarka lesna gradach Puszczy Bialowieskiej, S.; L.C.mpion-Alsumard, T.; Romano, J.-Claude., 1998:
Characteristics of epilithic and endolithic algal turf exposed to different levels of bioerosion in French Polynesian coral reefs Caracteristiques du feutrage algal des recifs coralliens de Polynesie francaise soumis a differentes intensites de bioerosion

Avakyan, A.A., 1957:
Characteristics of etiology, epidemiology and clinical course of amoebiasis

Zozulya, SS., 1977:
Characteristics of first generation Bythotrephes developing from resting eggs Informatzionnyi Byull

Neviadomskaya, P.S.; Gladkii, G.U.; Orlovskii, A.F., 1968:
Characteristics of fish fry population in the coastal zone of lake Narotsh

Rnbenkov, A.A., 1970:
Characteristics of foetal haemoglobin in cattle

Dumont, A.; Ouellet, J.-Pierre.; Crete, M.; Huot, J., 1998:
Characteristics of forest habitats populated by the white-tailed deer in winter at the northern limit of its distribution Caracteristiques des peuplements forestiers recherches par le cerf Virginie en hiver a la limite nord de son aire de repartition

Vaidova, SM., 1972:
Characteristics of helminth fauna of birds in the ecological areas of Azerbaidjan

Delyamure, S.L., 1953:
Characteristics of helminthological fauna of pinnipeds and cetaceans in connection with their ecology and phytogeny

Zhuk, EYu., 1990:
Characteristics of infection by Mallophaga of passerine birds in Byelorussia

Daniyarov, YuR.; Ibragimov, IF., 1973:
Characteristics of invertebrates from cultivated fields in Samgar massive Tadzhikistan

Sechan, Y.; Tetuanui, A., 2001:
Characteristics of larval development in Simulium buissoni Roubaud, 1906 and S sechani Craig and Fossati, 1995 Diptera Simuliidae in the Marquesas archipelago French Polynesia Caracteristiques du developpement larvaire de Simulium buissoni Roubaud, 1906 et de S sechani Craig et Fossati, 1995 Diptera Simuliidae dans larchipel des Marquises Polynesie Francaise

Rios Garaizar, J., 2005:
Characteristics of lithic production at the end of the Middle Paleolithic in the Basque Country The case of Level B of Axlor Dima, Biscay Caracteristicas de la produccion litica al final del Paleolitico Medio en el Pais Vasco El caso del Nivel B de Axlor Dima, Bizkaia

Zlinska, A., 2004:
Characteristics of lithostratigraphical units from the Neogene of the Eastern Slovakian plain based on the example of Foraminifera Charakteristika litostratigrafickych jednotiek neogenu Vychodoslovenskej panvy na zaklade foraminifer

Denac, Katarina., 2000:
Characteristics of nest-sites chosen by house martin Delichon urbica at Kozjansko Park Znacilnosti gnezdisc mestne lastovke Delichon urbica v Kozjanskem Parku

Selinger-Looten, Rachel., 1995:
Characteristics of nesting and foraging sites for the Montagues harrier Circus pygargus in Lorraine 1993-1994 Caracterisation des sites de nidification et dalimentation du busard cendre Circus pygargus en Lorraine 1993-1994

V.Q.ang Con.; Khuat Dang Long., 1997:
Characteristics of ovogenesis and ovisorption of rice bug Leptocorisa acuta Thunb Hemiptera, Coreidae Dac diem sinh trung va tai hap thu trung cua bo xit dai hai lua Leptocorisa acuta Thunb Hemiptera, Coreidae

Marquez-Souza, A.C.rlos; Miranda, I.P.ula de Andrade; Moura, C. de Oliveira; Rabelo, A.; Barbosa, E.M.rques, 2002:
Characteristics of pollen collected by five species of meliponid bees of central Amazonia Caracteristicas morfologicas e bioquimicas do polen coletado por cinco especies de meliponineos da Amazonia central

Matrai, K.; Szemethy, L., 2000:
Characteristics of red deer seasonal diet in different areas of Hungary A gimszarvas szezonalis taplalekanak jellegzetessegei Magyarorszag kulonbozo elohelyein

Santos Valencia, J.; R.R.gis, M.C.istina.; Gonzalez y de la Rosa, M.E.ena.; Seca Escalant, M., 1998:
Characteristics of reproduction in Anchoa hepsetus Linnaeus, 1758, Pisces Engraulidae in Seybaplaya, Campeche, Mexico Caracteristicas de la reproduccion de Anchoa hepsetus Linnaeus, 1758, Pisces Engraulidae en Seybaplaya, Campeche, Mexico

Michelat, D.; Giraudoux, P., 1999:
Characteristics of rough-legged buzzard Buteo lagopus overwintering habitat in Doubs NE France Caracteristiques des zones de stationnement de la buse pattue Buteo lagopus dans le Departement du Doubs

Maric, Drago., 2002:
Characteristics of scales of goldfish Carassius auratus gibelio Bloch in Skadar Lake Kkarakteristike krljusti srebrnog karasa Carassius auratus gibelio Bloch u Skadarskom jezeru

Balluet, P.; Faure, R., 2004:
Characteristics of sites occupied by Eurasian eagle-owls Bubo bubo in the northeast of the Massif Central Loire Department - France Typologies des sites occupes par le Grand-duc dEurope Bubo bubo dans le nord-est du Massif Central department de la Loire

Klimenko, A.Z.; Klimenko, O.I., 1963:
Characteristics of some bacterial infections of rodents in the steppes of Transbaikal

Esinenko-Maritz, N.M., 1968 :
Characteristics of some basic economic fishes in Dubossarsk water-reservoir in connection with the regulation of the flow of the river Dnestr

Jiang Jinchang.; X.M.ling.; Chen Hao., 1990:
Characteristics of song in cricket Laxoblemmus doenitizi Stein and effects of call in black cicada C atrata Fabricius

Grauman, G.B., 1966:
Characteristics of spawning and conditions of breeding of cod Gadus morhua callarias L in the southern Baltic Sea

Herroelen, P., 2001:
Characteristics of subspecies in jackdaw Corvus monedula Kenmerken van odersoorten bij kauw Corvus monedula

Zemski, V.A., 1953:
Characteristics of the Antarctic shoal of fin whales

Krasinski, Z.A.; Bunevich, A.N.; Krasinska, M., 1994:
Characteristics of the European bison populations in the Polish and Belarussian parts of the Bialowieza Forest Charakterystyka populacji zubra nizinnego w polskiej i bialoruskiej czesci Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Bignot, G.; Bellier, J.-Pierre.; Janin, M.-Christine.; Randriamanantenasoa, A., 1998:
Characteristics of the K/T boundary in the vicinity of Mahajanga Madagascar W Modalites du passage K/T dans la region de Mahajanga Madagascar W

Nieto Nafria, Juan M., 1999:
Characteristics of the aphid fauna Hemiptera Aphididae from Los Monegros La peculiaridad de la fauna de pulgones Hemiptera Asphididae de Los Monegros

Jimz-Quiroz, M. del Carmen; Marquez-Millan, R.; Diaz-Flores, J.; Leo-Peredo, A.S., 2004:
Characteristics of the arribazones of the Kemps ridley in Rancho Nuevo Tamaulipas, Mexico Caracteristicas de las arribazones de la tortuga marina lora en Rancho Nuevo Tamaulipas, Mexico

Itina, N., 1943 :
Characteristics of the autonomous innervation of the musculature of fishes

Kelm, M.; Fostiak, I.; Kaczmarzyk, M.; Klukowski, Z., 2003:
Characteristics of the bees Apoidea guild visiting winter oilseed rape crops Charakterystyka zgrupowania pszczol Apoidea na uprawach rzepaku ozimego

Kuczynska-Kippen, N.; Messyasz, B.; Nagengast, B., 1998:
Characteristics of the biological conditions of Lubaskie Duze lake observed over a 5 year period Wieloletnia charakterystyka stanu biologicznego wod jeziora Lubaskiego Duzego

Gruttke, H., 1990:
Characteristics of the carabid fauna of a ruderal parkland in the centre of Berlin

Pavlinin, V.N., 1959:
Characteristics of the coat of the Tobolsk sable in connection with the results obtained on releasing the eastern sables into the Sverdlosk Province

Ortiz, M.; Lalana, R.; Varela, C., 2004:
Characteristics of the collection of marine organisms of the Centre for Marine Research of the Havana University Caracteristicas de la coleccion de organismos marinos del Centro de Investigaciones Marinas de la Universidad de La Habana

D.S., R.O.; Lavilla, EO., 1996:
Characteristics of the cranial ossification of Phyllomedusa boliviana Anura Hylidae Caracteristicas de la osificacion craneal en Phyllomedusa boliviana Anura Hylidae

Arzamasov, IT.; Kraevskaya, LI.; Labetskaya, AG., 1977:
Characteristics of the ectoparasite fauna of mouse-like rodents living in bracken-covered areas in the central part of the Byelorussian Polesie

Bayer, K.; Moelck, G.; Petersen, G.; Wyss, U., 2001:
Characteristics of the female sex pheromone of the aphid parasitoid Aphidius uzbekistanicus and its significance in mate finding Eigenschaften des weiblichen Sexualpheromons des Blattlausparasitoiden Aphidius uzbekistanicus und seine Bedeutung fuer die Partnerfindung

Neronov, V.M., 1964:
Characteristics of the formation of rodent populations in fields of grain crops in Gorno-Altaisk

Hordowski, Jozef., 1995:
Characteristics of the great spotted woodpecker Picoides major anvils in mixed forests of the Pogorze Przemyskie Plateau Charakterystyka kuzni dzielciola duzego Dendrocopos major w lasach mieszanych Pogorza Przemyskiego

Kosco, J.; Hospodarova, R., 1997:
Characteristics of the ichthyocenosis of the Laborec river in the region of Michalovce Charateristik ichtyocenoz useku Laborca v Michalovskom okrese

Gadalin, Y.I.; Gershkovich, N.L.; Gorchakovskaya, N.N.L.vit, A.B., 1957:
Characteristics of the natural foci of the tick encephalitis in the zone of Knibishev GES and some results obtained in four years of control of Ixodes persulcatus P Sch

Rizaeva, SM., 1976:
Characteristics of the nematode fauna from the soil of vegetable and melon fields before sowing and after harvesting in Kalinin district of Tashkent region

Vasilev, O.P.; Sherstnev, A.I., 1969:
Characteristics of the redblood in European, Senegal, Mauritius and Argentinian Merluccius

Dauphin, Yannicke., 2001:
Characteristics of the soluble organic matrices of the aragonitic shells of the three modern cephalopod genera Caracteristiques de la phase organique soluble des tests aragonitiques de trois genres de Cephalopodes actuels

Davies, PE.; Sloane, RD., 1987:
Characteristics of the spawning migrations of brown trout, Salmo trutta L, and rainbow trout, S gairdneri Richardson, in Great Lake, Tasmania Characteristics of the spawning migrations of brown trout, Salmo trutta L, and rainbow trout, S gairdneri Richardson, in Great Lake, Tasmania

Shchepot'ev, n v.; Spirsyn, N.A., 1964:
Characteristics of the station distribution of the bank vole Clethrionomys glareolus in the Southern limits of its range in the lower Nizhnoe Povolzhe

Bognibova, R.T.; Shcheglov, A.P., 1970:
Characteristics of the trilobite associations on the Early and Middle Cambrian boundary in the Altai-Sayan region

Perez-Santigosa, N.; Diaz-Paniagua, C.; Hidalgo-Vila, J.; Marco, A.; Andreu, A.; Portheault, A., 2006:
Characteristics of two reproductive populations of the red-eared turtle, Trachemys scripta elegans, in southwestern Spain Caracteristicas de nos poblaciones reproductoras del galapago de Florida, Trachemys scripta elegans, en el suroeste de Espana

Gibeaux, Christian A., 1999:
Characteristics of unpublished taxa in the family Tortricidae Lepidoptera Caracterisation de taxa inedits dans la famille des Tortricidae Lepidoptera

Rosenfeld, E.L., 1953:
Characteristics of various glycogenes and of their compounds with albumens

Fernandez, F.M.; Saad, S.; Calvo, M.; Canedi, A.; Hernandez, M., 1998:
Characteristics of vicugnas Mammalia, Camelidae milk Caracteristicas de la leche de vicuna Mammalia, Camelidae

Belen Camacho, D.R.; Moreno Alvarez,; Garcia, D.; Medina, C.; Sidorovas, A., 2007:
Characterizacion of a hydrolyzed enzymatic protein obtained from the caribe coloured fish Pygocentrus cariba Humboldt, 1821 Caracterizacion de un hidrolizado proteico enzimatico obtenido del pez caribe Colorado Pygocentrus cariba Humboldt, 1821

Arribas, Oscar J., 1999:
Characterizacion of physiographical, geological and climatic factors in the distribucion area of Pyrenean high montane populations Iberolacerta Arribas 1997; subgen Pyrenesaura Arribas 1999 and other lizards of the alpine slopes of the Pyrenees Caracterizacion de los factores fisiograficos, geologicos y climaticos del area de distribucion de las lagartijas de alta montana de los Pirineos Iberolacerta Arribas 1997; subgen Pyrenesaura Arribas 1999 y otros lacertidos del piso alpino de los

Aguilar O., D.; Salas M., S.; Cabrera V., MA., 1999 :
Characterizacion of settlement zones of postlarvae of the lobster, Panulirus argus, of the northeast Yucatan coast Caracterizacion de las zonas de asentamiento de postlarvas de langosta, Panulirus argus, en la costa noreste de Yucatan

Egea-Serrano, A.; Oliva-Paterna, F.J.; Torralva, M., 2006:
Characterizacion of the altitudinal distribution of the amphibian community of the Murcia region SE Iberian Peninsula Caracterizacion de la distribucion altitudinal de la comunidad de anibios de la region de Murcia SE Peninsula Iberica

Cardona, C.A.istizabal.; Cardenas, E.A.dres.; Mendieta Giraldo, L.; Castano, D.F.lipe.; Obando, J.C.rlos.; Salazar, A.M.ria.; Fernandez, Y., 2005:
Characterizacion of the avifauna and identification and prioritization of conservation objectives at Vereda la Antioquena, Resguardo Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria de la Montana Riosucio - Caldas Caracterizacion de Avifauna e identificacion y priorizacion de objetos de conservacion de la Vereda la Antioquena, Resguardo Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria de la Montana Riosucio - Caldas

Lessa, G.; Goncalves, P.R.; Morais, M.M.; Junior.; Costa, F.M.; Pereira, R.F.; Paglia, A.P., 1999:
Characterization and accompanying of the terrestrial small mammal fauna in a secondary forest fragment in Vicosa, Minas Gerais Caracterizacao e monitoramento da fauna de pequenos mamiferos terrestres de um fragmento de mata secundaria em Vicosa, Minas Gerais

Quinn, JM.; Hickey, CW., 1990:
Characterization and classification of benthic invertebrate communities in 88 New Zealand rivers in relation to environmental factors

Khoo, HW., 1990:
Characterization and classification of soft-bottom benthic communities from coastal waters and estuaries of Singapore using TWINSPAN, a dichotomized ordination analysis programme

Ullmann, M.; Walochnik, J.; Hassl, A.; Picher, O.; Aspock, H., 1998:
Characterization and differentiation of Acanthamoeba-species by means of isoelectric focusing Charakterisierung und Differenzierung von Acanthamoeba-Spezies mittels isoelektrischer Fokussierung

Broadway, RM., 1989:
Characterization and ecological implications of midgut proteolytic activity in larval Pieris rapae and Trichoplusia ni Characterization and ecological implications of midgut proteolytic activity in larval Pieris rapae and Trichoplusia ni

Letizia Petesse, M.; Carosi, A.; Giovinazzo, G.; Romagnoli, F.; Nearelli, M.; Lorenzoni, M., 1999:
Characterization and evolution of fish communities of a recently formed reservoir-lake Montedogilo reservoir Toscana, Italy Caratterizzazione ed evoluzione del popolamento ittico in un invaso di recente formazione linvaso di Montedoglio Toscana

Lima Medina, I.; Bauer Gomes, C.; Rossi, C.; Gomes Carneiro, R.M., 2006:
Characterization and identification of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp from fig trees in Rio Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo States of Brazil Caracterizacao e Identificacao de Populacoes de Nematoides de Galhas Provenientes de Figueiras Ficus carica L do Rio Grande do Sul e de Sao Paulo

Araujo, E.L.; Zucchi, R.A.; Canal D., N.A., 1996:
Characterization and occurrence of Anastrepha zenildae Zucchi Diptera Tephritidae and its parasitoids Hymenoptera Braconidae from a new host plant, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Caracterizacao e ocorrencia de Anastrepha zenildae Zucchi Diptera Tephritidae e seus parasitoides Hymenoptera Braconidae numa nova planta hospedeira, no Rio Grande do Norte

Nguyen Quoc Khang., 1995:
Characterization and perspective of exploitation of lectins from marine bioresources of Vietnam Mot vai dac trung va kha nang khai thac lactin tu sinh vat bien Viet Nam

Wolff, V.S.; Teixeira, I., 2002:
Characterization and record of Aulacaspis rosae Bouche, 1833 Hemiptera, Diaspididae on Rubus sp Rosaceae, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Caracterizacao e registro de Aulacaspis rosae Bouche, 1833 Hemiptera, Diaspididae em Rubus sp Rosaceae, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Vanden Broeck, J.; Smet, H.; Fias, E. de Loof, A., 1990:
Characterization and sequence determination of locust brain cDNA clones selected by antisera raised against vertebrate peptide hormones

Parra, O.; Valdovinos, C.; Urrutia, R.; Cisternas, M.; Habit, E.; Mardones, M., 2003:
Characterization and trophic state of five coastal lakes of central Chile Caracterizacion y tendencias troficas de cinco lagos costeros de Chile Central

Morales-Rozo, A.; De la Zerda, S., 2004:
Characterization and use of the habitat of Apolinars wren Cistothorus apolinari Troglodytidae in wetlands of the eastern Andes of Colombia Caracterizacion y uso de habitat del cucarachero de pantano Cistothorus apolinari Troglodytidae en humedales de la Cordillera oriental de Colombia

Roche, H.; Buet, A.; Ramade, F., 2003:
Characterization and validation of ecotoxicological biomarkers in an ell population exposed to persistent organic pollutants in the Vaccares Lake, French National Reserve of Camargue Mise en evidence et validation de biomarqueurs ecotoxicologiques dans la population danguilles dun etang de la Reserve Naturelle Nationale de Camargue, le Vaccares, exposee a des polluants organiques persistants

Fernandez, I.; Moyano, FJ.; Diaz, M.; Martinez, TF., 2002:
Characterization of -amilasa activity in five Mediterranean sparids Caracterizacion de la actividad -amilasa en algunos esparidos mediterraneos

Araujo, M.S.; Della Lucia, T.M., 1997:
Characterization of Acromyrmex laticeps nigrosetosus Forel nests in Eucalyptus stands in Paraopeba, MG Caracterizacao de ninhos de Acromyrmex laticeps nigrosetosus Forel, em povoamento de eucalipto em Paraopeba, MG

Paracuellos, M.; Ona, JA.; Lopez-Martos, JM.; Matamala, JJ.; Salas, G.; Nevado, JC., 1994:
Characterization of Almerias wetlands bases on their provincial importance for the aquatic birds Caracterizacion de los humedales almerienses en funcion de su importancia provincial para las aves acuaticas

Arrebola, J.R.; Porras, A.I.; Carcaba, A.; Ruiz, A., 2004:
Characterization of Andalusian helicicola sector the gathering of terrestrial snails in West Andalusia Caracterizacion del sector helicicola andaluz la captura de caracoles terrestres en Andalucia occidental

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