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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38066

Chapter 38066 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Halla, M.C.istina.; Rehn,, 1996:
Characterization of hemolymph high-density lipoproteins in Macrobrachium rosenbergii Caracterizacao de lipoproteinas de alta densidade da hemolinfa de Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Bossuto, P.; Giacoma, C.; Rolando, A.; Balletto, E., 2000:
Characterization of home range in a population of Testudo hermanni Gmelin of Maremma nature park Grosseto Caratteristiche delle aree familiari in una popolazione di Testudo hermanni Gmelin del Parco Naturale della Maremma GR

Velay, F.; Baudoin, J.-Pierre.; Mergeai, G., 2001:
Characterization of indigenous traditional knowledge on insect pests of pigeonpea Cajanus cajan L Millsp in northern Uganda Caracterisation du savoir paysan sur les insectes nuisibles du pois dAngole Cajanus cajan L Millsp dans le nord de lOuganda

Aranda, D.A.dana.; Suarez, V.P.tino., 2005:
Characterization of ingestion processes and digestion of the alga C coccoides during the complete larval period of Strombus gigas Mollusca, Gastropoda Caracterizacion de los procesos de ingestion y digestion de la alga C coccoides durante todo el periodo larval de Strombus gigas Molusco, Gasteropodo, F.; Reyes, A.; Agostinelli, A.; Coiro, MI.; D.G.orgi, C.; Lamberti, F., 2005:
Characterization of longidorid nematodes by PCR-RFLP and ribosomal DNA sequencing Caratterizzazione di nematodi longidoridi mediante PCR-RFLP e sequenza del DNA ribosomiale

Abraham, E.S.; Schulz-Key, H.; Geiger, S.M., 2004:
Characterization of low molecular weight antigens of Angiostrongylus costaricensis recognized during an experimental infection in mice Caracterizacion de antigenos de bajo peso molecular de Angiostrongylus costaricensis, reconocidos durante una infeccion experimental en roedores

Aznay, M.G.erra.; Rodriguez Santa, M. del Carmen.; Quesada, A.; Pozos, M., 2004:
Characterization of microbiota present in internal organs of Clarias gariepinus in culture Caracterizacion de la microbiota presente en organos internos de Clarias gariepinus en cultivo

Nasca, P.B.; Gandini, P.A.; Frere, E., 2004:
Characterization of multispecies feeding flocks of seabirds in the Firth of Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina Caracterizacion de las asociaciones de alimentacion multiespecificas de aves marinas en la Ria Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Soares, I.M.ria Fernandes; Della Lucia, T.M.ria Castro dos Santos, A.A.adir; Nascimento, I.C.rdoso; Delabie, J.H.bert Charles, 2006:
Characterization of nest and colony size of Acromyrmex rugosus F Smith Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Attini in sandbanks at Ilheus, BA, Brazil Caracterizacao de ninhos e tamanho de Acromyrmex rugosus F Smith Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Attini em restingas de Ilheus, BA, Brasil

Araujo, M.S.lva.; Della Lucia, T.M.; Mayhe-Nunes,, 2002:
Characterization of nest and foraging activity of Trachymyrmex fuscus Emery Hymenoptera, Formicidae in Eucalyptus stand Caracterizacao de ninhos e atividade forrageadora de Trachymyrmex fuscus Emery Hymenoptera, Formicidae em plantio de eucalipto

Rincon-Diaz, M.P.tricia.; Rodriguez-Zarate, C.J.mena., 2004:
Characterization of nesting beaches and feeding areas of marine turtles at the San Bernardo Archipelago, Colombian Caribbean Caracterizacion de playas de anidacion y zonas de alimentacion de tortugas marinas en el Archipielago de San Bernardo, Caribe Colombiano

Mendel, Sylvia Miscow., 2002:
Characterization of nests and development stages of wasps Vespidae Polybiinae of a terra firme area, central Amazonia Caracterizacao de ninhos e estagios de desenvolvimento de vespas Vespidae Polybiinae de uma area de terra firme, Amazonia Central

Dhainaut-Courtois, N.; Pruvot, C., 2005:
Characterization of new indices for a more rigorous evaluation of environmental qualities and ecotoxicity of harbour sediments the marine macroendofauna indice IMEM and the IQetox IMEM + risk score Caracterisation de nouveaux indices pour une evaluation plus performante des qualites environnementales et de lecotoxicite des sediments portuaires lindice macroendofaune marine IMEM et lIQetox IMEM + score de risque

Olmos, F.; Bugoni, L.; Neves, T.; Peppes, F., 2006:
Characterization of oceanic birds and relations with longline fishing in Brazil Caracterizacao das aves oceanicas que interagem com a pesca de espinhel no Brasil

Rivals, F.; Moigne, A.-Marie.; Deniaux, B., 2005:
Characterization of paleoenvironmental variations according to the diet of goats hunted by man in the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic of Languedoc-Roussillon Caracterisation des variations paleoenvironnementales dapres lalimentation des caprines chasses par les hommes du Paleolithique inferieur et moyen en Languedoc-Roussillon

Abbassi, K.; Atay-Kadiri, Z.; Ghaout, S., 2003:
Characterization of populations of Schistocerca gregaria Forskal 1775 during the irruption of 1995 in the south of Morocco Caracterisation des populations de Schistocerca gregaria Forskal 1775, durant la recrudescence de 1995 au sud du Maroc

Ivo, C.T.ssito Correa.; Dias, A.F.rnandes. de Oliveira Botelho, E.R.berto.; Mota, de Vasconcelos, J.A.rton.; Santos de Vasconcelos, E.M.ria., 2000:
Characterization of populations of the mangrove crab, Ucides cordatus cordatus Linnaeus, 1763, caught in estuaries of northeastern Brazil Caracterizacao das populacoes de caranguejo-uca Ucides cordatus cordatus Linnaeus, 1763, capturadas em estuarios do nordeste do Brasil

Wabete, N.; Chim, L.; Lemaire, P.; Massabuau, JC., 2004:
Characterization of problems of respiratory physiology and ionic exchanges associated with handling the peneid shrimp Litopenaeus stylirostris at 20 C Caracterisation de problemes de physiologie respiratoire et dechanges ioniques associes a la manipulation chez la crevette peneide Litopenaeus stylirostris a 20 Caracterisation de problemes de physiologie respiratoire et dechanges ioniques associes a la manipulation chez la crevette peneide Litopenaeus stylirostris a 20 Caracterisation de pr

Mastrorilli, Marco., 1999:
Characterization of recoveries and breeding sites of the little owl Athene noctua in Bergamo and Cremona provinces Caratteristiche dei ricoveri e dei siti riproduttivi di civetta Athene noctua nelle province di Bergamo e Cremona

Hernandez, J.A.; Ramirez, N.; Bracho, B.; Faria, A., 1999:
Characterization of red earthworm growth Eisenia spp under warm climate conditions Caracterizacion del crecimiento de la lombriz roja Eisenia spp, bajo condiciones de clima calido

Bisset, J.A.; Rodriguez, M.M.gdalena; Diaz, C.; Alain Soca, L., 1999:
Characterization of resistance to organophosphate, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides in Culex quinquefasciatus from Miranda state, Venezuela Caracterizacion de la resistencia a insecticidas organofosforados, carbamatos y piretroides en Culex quinquefasciatus del Estado de Miranda, Venezuela

Cavallini, S.; Barbin, L.; Sbrenna, G.; Turolla, E.; Siniscalchi, A., 2002:
Characterization of serotonin release from Venus verrucosa visceral ganglion Caratterizzazione della liberazione di serotonina dal ganglio viscerale di Venus verrucosa

Kanangire, CK.; Depiereux, E.; Micha, J-C., 1999:
Characterization of some Rwandan lakes based on their fish populations Essai de caracterisation de quelques lacs de rwandais par leur peuplement piscicole

Olivares Reyes, C.Alan, 2005:
Characterization of some basic biological aspects of the land snail Helix aspersa Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stylommatophora in the IV region from Chile I Reproductive parameters Caracterizacion de algunos aspectos biologicos basicos del caracol de tierra Helix aspersa Mollusca, Gastropoda, Stylommatophora en la iv region de Chile I Parametros reproductivos

Maggioni, DE., 1996:
Characterization of some species of the genus Penaeus of the Brazilian coast by isoelectric focusing Caracterizacao de algumas especies do genero Penaeus do litoral brasileiro atraves de eletroenfoque

Menozzi, Philippe., 1997:
Characterization of strains of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius using molecular biology techniques Caracterisation de souches de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius par des techniques de biologie moleculaire

Loeb, MJ.; DeMilo, AB.; Sheppard, CA., 1990:
Characterization of testis ecdysiotropin TE from brains of Lepidoptera

Roux, A.M.rta.; Fernandez, M., 1997:
Characterization of the Argentine red shrimp Pleoticus muelleri fishing grounds in the San Jorge Gulf and Chubut coasts, Argentina Caracterizacion de los fondos de pesca del langostino patagonico Pleoticus muelleri en el golfo San Jorge y litoral de la provincia de Chubut-Argentina

Sauvion, N.; Pavis, C.; Huc, A.; Rousseau, M.; Boissot, N., 1999:
Characterization of the B biotype of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Hemiptera Aleyrodidae in Guadeloupe, French West Indies Caracterisation de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius biotype B en Guadeloupe Hemiptera Aleyrodidae

Fabio Silveira, L.; Calonge Mendez, A., 1999:
Characterization of the Brazilian forms of the genus Sicalis Passeriformes, Emberizidae Caracterizacao das formas brasileiras do genero Sicalis Passeriformes, Emberizidae

Canhedo-Lascombe, V.L.; Corseuil, E., 1996:
Characterization of the Gryllotalpidae species from Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil, with some biological and sonographic observations Caracterizacao das especies de Gryllotalpidae Orthoptera, Ensifera do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, com algumas observacoes biologicas e sonograficas

Alvarado Quesada, G.M., 2004:
Characterization of the aquatic avifauna of the lover basin of the rivers Savegre and Naranjo, Costa Rica Caracterizacion de la avifauna acuatica en la cuenca baja de los rios Savegre y Naranjo, Costa Rica

Justiniano, A.; Saavedra R., H., 2004:
Characterization of the aquatic environments of Pampagrande municipality Caracterizacion de los ambientes acuaticos del municipio de Pampagrande

Cossu, A.; Gazale, V., 1997:
Characterization of the benthic communities for setting the limits of the international marine reserve of Bocche di Bonifacio Caratterizzazione del benthos per la definizione del parco internazionale delle Bocche di Bonifacio

Mendoza Barrera, E.T.resa.; Cabrera Vazquez, M.A., 1998:
Characterization of the benthic fauna associated to lobster postlarvae collectors Panulirus argus Caracterizacion de la fauna bentonica asociada a colectores de postlarvas de langosta Panulirus argus

Camero-R., E., 2003:
Characterization of the carabid fauna Coleoptera Carabidae in an altitudinal transect of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Caracterizacion de la fauna de carabidos Coleoptera Carabidae en un perfil altitudinal de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Carneiro, M.E.isa.; Daemon, E., 2001:
Characterization of the cell types present in the hemolymph of Amblyomma cajennense Fabricius, 1787 Koch, 1844 and Haemaphysalis sp Caracterizacao dos tipos celulares presentes na hemolinfa de adultos de Amblyomma cajennense Fabricius Koch, 1844 e de Haemaphysalis sp

Bosco Isaac Junior, J.; Sabato,, 1994:
Characterization of the fauna of bats Mammalia, Chiroptera in the area of influence arround a branch of the Capitao Eduardo/Costa Lacerda railroad in the town of Caete Minas Gerais Caracterizacao da fauna de morcegos Mammalia, Chiroptera, na area de influencia da variante ferroviaria Capitao Eduardo/Costa Lacerda no municipio de Caete Minas Gerais

Bernardi, Nelson., 1990:
Characterization of the genus Carrerapyrgota Aczel, 1956 and synonymization of Anapyrgota Steyskal, 1967 Diptera, Pyrgotidae Caracterizacao do genero Carrerapyrgota Aczel, 1956 e sinonimizacao de Anapyrgota Steyskal, 1967 Diptera, Pyrgotidae

Grabarkiewicz, A., 2003:
Characterization of the ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae groupings in relation to different wheat protection programs Charakterystyka zgrupowan biegaczowatych Coleoptera, Carabidae w pszenicy objetej roznymi programami ochrony

Hued, A.Cecilia, 2002:
Characterization of the icthyofauna of the Icho Cruz - San Antonio River Cordoba, Argentina Caracterizacion de la fauna ictica del rio Icho Cruz - San Antonio Cordoba, Argentina

Rojas Ortega, J.; Reni Garcia, J., 2004:
Characterization of the icthyoplankton across the Mona Channel with an emphasis on reef fish families Caracterizacion del ictioplancton a traves del Canal de la Mona con enfasis en familias arrecifales

Gonzalez, M.; Arenas, G., 2002:
Characterization of the immune response of the north scallop Argopecten purpuratus Lamarck, 1819 Mollusca Bivalvia Caracterizacion de la respuesta inmune en el ostion del norte Argopecten purpuratus Lamarck, 1819 Mollusca Bivalvia

Torres, O.M.ria.; Leibovici, M., 2001:
Characterization of the karyotype of the red howler monkey Alouatta seniculus that inhabits Colombia Caracterizacion del cariotipo del mono aullador colorado Alouatta seniculus que habita en Colombia

Lavilla, E.O.; Laura Ponssa, M.; Saleme, S., 2000:
Characterization of the larvae of Bufo fernandezae Gallardo, 1957 and Bufo granulosus major Mueller and Hellmich, 1936 Anura Bufonidae and a key for identifying the Bufo larvae inhabiting the Argentine Chaco Caracterizacion de las larvas de Bufo fernandezae Gallardo, 1957 y Bufo granulosus major Mueller Hellmich, 1936 Anura Bufonidae y clave para la identificacion de las larvas de Bufo que habitan el Chaco Argentino

Campiolo, S.; Delabie, J.H., 2000:
Characterization of the leaf litter ant fauna of the Atlantic rain forest of southern Bahia - Brazil Caracterisation de la myrmecofaune de la litiere de la Foret Atlantique du sud de Bahia - Bresil

Rodriguez, SE.; Fernandez-Alaez, C.; Fernandez-Alaez, M.; Becares, E., 1994:
Characterization of the macroinvertebrate communities of the Cares High Basin NW Spain Caracterizacion de las comunidades de macroinvertebrados de la Cuenca Alta del Rio Cares NO Spain

Gracioli-Vitti, L.F.; Abdalla, F.C. da Cruz-Landim, C., 2004:
Characterization of the mandibular glands in different adult types of Scaptotrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera Apidae Caracterizacao das glandulas mandibulares nas diferentes classes de adultos de Scaptotrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera Apidae

de Oliveira, S.M.ria Pereira.; Loureiro, M.M.nteiro.; Leandro, Fonseca.; Giordano-Dias, C.M.ria.; Brazil, R.P.canha. d' Almeida,; Asensi, M.D.tra.; Mello, R.P.nto., 1999:
Characterization of the microbiota of the digestive tract in females of Lutzomyia longipalpis Lutz Neiva, 1912 Diptera Psychodidae fed on fructose Caracterizacao da microbiota do trato digestivo, em femeas, de Lutzomyia longipalpis Lutz Neiva, 1912 Diptera Psychodidae alimentadas com frutose

Benrejeb Jenhani, A.; Romdhane, MS., 2001:
Characterization of the phytoplankton populations of a south Tunisian lagoon Bougrara Sea Tunisia Caracterisation des peuplements phytoplanctoniques dune lagune du sud tunisien la mer de Bougrara Tunisie

Garutti, V.; Figueiredo-Garutti, M.L.cia., 1992:
Characterization of the small characoid Astyanax bimaculatus Pisces, Characidae from the campus of Jaboticabal, UNESP, SP Caracerizacao de populacoes do lambari Astyanax bimaculatus Pisces, Characidae, procedentes do campus de Jaboticabal, UNESP, SP

Carvalho, A.L.; Corseuil, E., 1996:
Characterization of the species of Mantispa Illiger occurring in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Neuroptera, Mantispidae Caracterizacao das especies de Mantispa Illiger ocorrentes no Rio Grande do Sul Neuroptera, Mantispidae

Acosta, F., 2005:
Characterization of the zooplankton of flood plain in the varzea of River Ichilo Cochabamba - Bolivia Caracterizacion del zooplancton del Lagunas en la Llanura inundable del Rio Ichilo Cochabama - Bolivia

Forrellat Barrios, A.; Martinez, A. del Monte.; Estevez Lao, T.; Boburg Castroconde, B.; Soria, H.N.lasco.; Farnes, O.C.rrillo., 2004:
Characterization of three penaeid shrimps lipases Their role in digestion Caracterizacion de lipasas en tres especies de camarones peneidos Su importancia en la digestion

Guerrini, F.; Giampaoli, S.; Bucci, S.; Ragghianti, M.; Hotz, H.; Uzzell, T.; Mancino, G., 2000:
Characterization of two families of repetitive DNA RrS1 and Rana/POL III in green frogs Caratterizzazione di due famiglie di DNA ripetuto RrS1 e Rana/POL III in rane verdi

Giorgini, M.; Baldanza, F., 2004:
Characterization of two populations of Encarsia sophia Girault Dodd Hymenoptera Aphelinidae parasitoid of the whiteflies Homoptera Aleyrodidae, native to different geographic areas Caratterizzazione di due popolazioni di Encarsia sophia Girault Dodd Hymenoptera Aphelinidae, parassitoide di aleirodidi Homoptera Aleyrodidae, originarie di aree geografiche diverse

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