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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38068

Chapter 38068 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bonin, F.; Devaux, B.; Dupre, A., 1996:
Chelonia of the world Toutes les tortues du monde

Scaravelli, D.; Gavanelli, G., 1996:
Chelonian in the Civic Museum of Imola Reptilia, Chelonidae I cheloni dei Civici Musei di Imola Reptilia, Chelonidae

Anonymous., 2000:
Chelonian portraits Schildkrotenportraits

Jimenez Fuentes, E., 2003:
Chelonian predation by crocodiles A Neochelys Pelomedusidae, from the Eocene of Zamora, injured by an Asiatosuchus Predacion crocodiliana a quelonios Un Neochelys Pelomedusidae, del Eoceno de Zamoro, lisiado por un Asiatosuchus

Arganaraz, B.; Pina, C.I.nacio, 2000:
Chelonians from the Ituzaingo Formation Mio-Pliocene, in Villa Urquiza, Entre Rios, Argentina Quelonios de la formacion Ituzaingo Mioceno superior-Plioceno, en Villa Urquiza, Entre Rios, Argentina

Jiminez, E.; Montoya, P., 2002:
Chelonians of the Upper Miocene of Crevillente 2 Alicante, Spain Quelonios del Mioceno superior de Crevillente 2 Alicante, Espana

De la Fuente, M.S., 2005:
Chelonoidis santafecina Agnolin, 2004 synonomous objective of Testudo praestans Rovereto, 1914 Chelonoidis santafecina Agnolin, 2004 sinonimo objetivo de Testudo praestans Rovereto, 1914

Hoffmann, Anita., 1999:
Chelytid mites from Mexico Prostigmata Cheyletidae Acaros queiletidos de Mexico Prostigmata Cheyletidae

Cirerol, B.; Infante, F.; Castillo, A., 2002:
Chemical analysis of a new meridic diet for Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Coleoptera Scolytidae, with biological notes on its development on this substratum Analisis quimico de la nueva dieta meridica para Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Coleoptera Scolytidae, con notas biologicas de su desarrollo en este substrato

Bergstrom, G., 1977:
Chemical analysis of scent components

Tschuch, G.; Brothers, D.J., 2001:
Chemical and acoustic defensive signals in mutillid wasps Hymenoptera Chemische und akustische Abwehrsignale bei Mutilliden Hymenoptera

Leclercq, L.; Rosillon, F.; Vander Borght, P., 1996:
Chemical and biological quality of the Belgian Semois basin Qualite chimique et biologique du bassin de la Semois partie belge

Zsuga, K.; Bancsi, I.; Vegvari, P., 1998:
Chemical and biological state of areas covered with macrophytes Novenyzettel boritott vizterek kemiai es biologiai allapota

Hess, N.; Haertling, J.W., 2001:
Chemical and biological water quality of the Upper Schiltach Chemische und biologische Gewaesserguete der Oberen Schiltach

Hilker, Monika., 1996:
Chemical and ecological studies on leaf beetles Chemisch-okologische Untersuchungen an Blattkafern

Bulyginskaya, M.A., 1969:
Chemical and irradiation sterilization of harmful insects

Bulkley, R.V., 1975:
Chemical and physical effects on the centrarchid basses

Rostas, M.; Dippel, C.; Hilker, M., 1997:
Chemical and physical signals mediating the parasitisation of European spruce sawfly cocoons by Dahlbominus fuscipennis Zett Zur Bedeutung chemischer und physikalischer Signale bei der Parasitierung von Kokons der Buschhornblattwespe Gilpinia hercyniae Hym, Diprionidae durch die Erzwespe Dahlbominus fuscipennis Hym, Eulophidae

Talarico, F.F.; Bonacci, T.; Dalpozzo, R.;, A.;, E.; Giglio, A.; Sindona, G.; Tagarelli, A.; Zetto Brandmayr, T., 2004:
Chemical camuflage in Siagona europaea Dejean Coleoptera Carabidae Ipotesi di camuffamento chimico in un Coleottero Carabide Sigona europaea Dejean, predatore il Imenotteri Formicidi

Meneguz, P.G.useppe.; Mari, F.; D.M.neghi, D.; Rossi, L., 1996:
Chemical capture of Alpine ibex a field trial on the use of xylazine and medetomidine antagonised by atipamezole Limpiego di xilazina e medetomidina antagonizzati con atipamezolo per la cattura di stambecchi confronto su campo in situazione standardizzata

Soares, G.L.; Isaias, R.M.; Goncalves, S.J.R.; Christiano, J.C., 2000:
Chemical changes induced by gall forming coccids Coccoidea, Brachyscelidae in leaves of Rollinia laurifolia Schdtl Annonaceae Alteracoes quimicas induzidas por coccideos galhadores Coccoidea, Brachyscelidae em folhas de Rollinia laurifolia Schdtl Annonaceae

Lizcano, D.J.; Cavelier, J., 2004:
Chemical characteristics of salt licks and feeding habits of mountain tapir Tapirus pinchaque in the Central Andes of Colombia Caracteristicas quimicas de salados y habitos alimentacios de la danta de montana Tapirus pinchaque Roulin, 1829 en los Andes centrales de Colombia

Arnaud, L.; Lognay, G.; Gaspar, C.; Haubruge, E., 2000:
Chemical communication in Tribolium castaneum Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae knowledge and perspectives La communication chimique chez Tribolium castaneum Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae connaissances et perspectives

Grasso, D.A.; Mori, A.; Visicchio, R.; Castracani, C.;, F., 2004:
Chemical communication in ants recent data on social parasites and free-living species La comunicazione chimica nelle formiche recenti acquisizioni su specie parassite e a vita libera

Dani, F.R.mana.; Turillazzi, S., 1998:
Chemical communication in social insects and nestmate recognition in Polistes wasps La comunicazione chimca negli insetti sociali ed il riconoscimento dei compagni di nido nelle vespe del genere Polistes

Briguera, V.; Chiaraviglio, M.; Gutierrez, M., 1994:
Chemical communication in the Argentine rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria alvarezi, Serpentes, Boidae Comunicacion quimica en la boa arco iris Epicrates cenchria alvarezi, Serpentes, Boidae

Ecole, C.C.; Picanco, M.; Moreira, M.D.; Magalhaes, S.T., 2000:
Chemical components associated with resistance of Lycopersicon hirsutum f typicum to Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Componentes quimicos associados a resistencia de Lycopersicon hirsutum f typicum a Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Dzhumagulov, I.K., 1977:
Chemical composition of camels milk and the study of its components interspecific hybridisation

Levanidov, I.P.; Zakharova, V.P., 1968:
Chemical composition of economic molluscs and echinoderms in the Sakhalin region Izv tikhookean, nauchno issled

de Oliveira Melo, L.C.sar.; Monteiro da Cruz, M.A.elia Oliveira.; Fernandes,, 1997:
Chemical composition of exudates explored by Callithrix jacchus and its relation with the scent marking behavior Composicao quimica de exsudados explorados por Callithrix jacchus e sua relacao com a marcacao de cheiro

Majzon, L., 1964:
Chemical composition of foraminiferal shells

Stepanova, GM., 1974:
Chemical composition of lower crustaceans from Moldavian reservoirs

Castro-Gonzalez, M.I.abel.; Silencio Barrita,; Juarez Silva, M.E.genia.; Montano Benavides, S.; Perez-Gil Romo, F., 1998:
Chemical composition of shrimp by-catch fauna in Veracruz Golfo de Mexico Composicion quimica de la fauna de acompanamiento del camaron de Veracruz Golfo de Mexico

Dauphin, Y.; Lange-Badre, B., 1997:
Chemical composition of some fossil mammals from a phosphate continental environment Aubrelong I, Lot, France, Lower Oligocene Composition chimique de quelques mammiferes fossiles dun milieu continental phosphate Aubrelong I, Lot, France, Oligocene inferieur

Vlasova, GB.; Spebnitzkaya, LK., 1972:
Chemical composition of the muscles of some fish from the carp family

Gupta, DK.; Joshi, BD., 1990:
Chemical constituents of gonads during different phases of Clarias batrachus Linn

Fleckseder, Hellmut., 1994:
Chemical content of phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and zinc in the Danube in Austria Interpretation of data between 1957-1989 Phosphor und Stickstoff sowie Schwermetalle Blei, Cadmium, Quecksilber und Zink in der Donau in Osterreich Interpretation von Daten fur den Zeitraum 1957-1989

Kamenski, I.V., 1967:
Chemical control of molluscs, intermediate hosts of fish helminths

Tschuch, G.; Kiessling, G.; Engel, C.; Lindemann, P.; Moritz, G., 2004:
Chemical defense in Thysanoptera Chemische Abwehr bei Thysanopteren

Carrell, JE., 1990:
Chemical defense in the pill milliped Glomeris marginata

Errard, C.; D'Ettorre, P., 1998:
Chemical disguise by the queen of the slave-making ant Polyergus rufescens during colony foundation Camouflage chimique chez la reine de Polyergus rufescens lors de la fondation

Gonzalez, F.; Zoppi de Roa, E., 1999:
Chemical disturbance of the phytoplankton structure in an artificial pond Guaicaipuro, Edo Miranda, Venezuela Perturbacion quimica sobre la estructura del fitoplancton en un estanque artificial Guaicaipuro, Edo Miranda, Venezuela

Zagatti, P.; Rochat, D.; Ramirez-Lucas, P.; Malosse, C.; Descoins, C., 1997:
Chemical ecology of palm weevils Coleoptera Curculionidae Ecologie chimique des charancons des palmiers Coleoptera Curculionidae

Chaves-Fonnegra, A.; Lopez-Victoria, M.; Parra-Vela, F.; Zea, S., 2005:
Chemical ecology of the excavating sponges Cliona aprica, C caribbaea, C delitrix and C tenuis Ecologia quimica de las esponjas excavadoras Cliona aprica, C caribbaea, C delitrix y C tenuis

Gladysheva, L.E.; Kasparyantz, L.R.; Mamedniyazov, O.N., 1968:
Chemical fractioning of polyhedrons in the Chinese silkworm moth, marked with P32

Gentile, L.; Roth, H.; Boscagli, G.; Mari, F., 1996:
Chemical immobilisation of brown bears in the Abruzzo National Park Immobilizzazione chimica di orsi bruni Ursus arctos marsicanus e Ursus arctos nel Parco Nazionale dAbruzzo

Gentile, L.; Mari, F.;, G., 1996:
Chemical immobilization of fallow deer Dama dama Immobilizzazione chimica del daino Dama dama nella Riserva Naturale WWF Bosco di San Silvestro, Caserta

Morato, R.G.; Moura, CA.; Crawshaw, P.G.; Jr, 2002:
Chemical immobilization of free roaming jaguars with a combination of tiletamin and zolazepam Inmovilizacion quimica de jagrares libres con una combinacion de tiletamina y zolazepam

Fortes, C.C.; Gilbert, B.; Rosa, M.N.; Seabra, A.P., 1971:
Chemical investigation of the Ieafcutting ant Atta sexdens rubropilosa

Arnold, Gerard., 1996:
Chemical marking characteristic of bee fraternities Signature chimique carateristique de la fratrie chez labeille

Arauco A., R.; Iannacone O., J.; Edwards, D.; Yu, D., 2006:
Chemical mediation between Allomerus demerarae Wheeler, 1935 Hymenoptera Formicidae and Cordia nodosa Lam Boraginaceae Mediacion quimica entre Allomerus demerarae Wheeler, 1935 Hymenoptera Formicidae y Cordia nodosa Lam Boraginaceae

Villani, Guido., 1991:
Chemical mediators in inter and intra-specific communications of Mediterranean opistobranchs molluscs Mediatori chimici nelle comunicazioni inter ed intra-specifiche di molluschi opistobranchi del Mediterraneo

Pigeot, J.; Miramand, P.; Budzinsky, H.; Bustamante, P.; Guyot, T.; Fichet, D., 2005:
Chemical micropollutants in intertidal benthic molluscs of the Marennes-Oleron basin Atlantic coasts of France Les micropollutants chimiques dans les mollusques benthiques intertidaux du bassin de Marennes-Oleron cotes atlantiques de la France

Benite-Ribeiro, S.Aparecida, 2001:
Chemical modulation of aggressiveness in Nile tilapia juveniles conspecifics released factors Modulacao quimica da agressividade em juvenis de tilapia-do-nilo por fatores liberados por co-especificos

Turillazzi, S., 2004:
Chemical passwords and identity cards in insect societies Lasciapassare e carte di identita nelle societa degli insetti

Sapokhinikov, GN.; Bidos, VS.; Kravtsova, NI.; Seleznev, VF., 1976:
Chemical pesticides and their effect on the vertebrate population

Marchand, M.; Kantin, R., 2000:
Chemical pollutants in aquatic environments Third part some typical cases Contaminants chimiques en milieux aquatiques Troisieme partie Presentation de quelques exemples caracteristiques

Dorfman, V.A., 1957:
Chemical pro-morphology of egg

Sazonov, Y.I., 1964:
Chemical prophylaxis in piroplasmosis and babesiellosis fransaiellosis in cattle

Areshnikov, B.A.; Rogochaya, L.G.; Feshchin, D.M., 1971:
Chemical protection of wheat crops from shield bugs

Ramos-Elorduy, J.; Pino Moreno, J.M.nuel.; Morales de Leon, J., 2002:
Chemical proximal, vitamins and inorganic nutriments analysis of edible insects in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico Analisis quimico proximal, vitaminas y nutrimentos inorganicos de insectos consumidos en el estado de Hidalgo, Mexico

Guedes, A.G.briel Pereira; Natalini, C.C.rrea; Pereira, M.E.isa; Cechin, S.Z.nini, 2002:
Chemical restraint of porcupines Sphiggurus spp with the association of xylazine and ketamine Contencao farmacologica de ouricos-cacheiros Sphiggurus spp pela associacao de xilazina e cetamina

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