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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38069

Chapter 38069 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pavlov, D S. ., 1989:
Chemical signals in fish biology

Boddi, G.; Rosi, M.C.; Angeli, S.; Petacchi, R.; Sacchetti, P., 2004:
Chemical stimuli involved in interactions among individuals of Ceratomegilla undecimnotata Schneider Coleoptera Coccinellidae in aggregations Stimoli chimici nelle interazioni tra individui di Ceratomegilla undecimnotata Schneider Coleoptera Coccinellidae in fase di aggregazione

Kolosova, M.O.; Chalaya, L.E.; Voronina, Z.K., 1961:
Chemical structure and triohomonieidal action of thiazolo and benzethiazole derivatives

Kuznetzova, I.I., 1958:
Chemical theory of fish migration

Drigo, E., 1944:
Chemical theory of nervous excitation and activity of the electric organ of fishes

Slonim, A.D., 1959:
Chemical thermoregulation in ontogenesis, and in the adult animal

Berlin, T.S.; Khabakov, A.V., 1966:
Chemical-analytical determinations of the calcium and magnesium ratio in the rostra of bellemnoids as a method of estimating the habitation environmental temperatures in the seas of the Cretaceous period in USSR

Veit, U.; Klumpp, A.; Fomin, A., 2000:
Chemical-analytical tests of the effect of ozone on ant pheromones Chemisch-analytische Untersuchungen zur Wirkung von Ozon auf Ameisenpheromone

Grbatchek, Y., 1953:
Chemicals as stimulants to dispersing larvae of Bufo bufo and Rutilus rutilus

Kuwahara, Y., 1990:
Chemicals controlling the behavior of Acaroidea

Streit, Bruno., 1990:
Chemicals in the water experiments and models of bioaccumulation in freshwater animals Chemikalien im Wasser Experimente und Modelle zur Bioakkumulation bei Susswassertieren

Rybkina, A.D., 1964:
Chemioprophylaxis of babesiellosis in cattle by means of azidine and some problems of pharmacodynamics of these preparations

Arifjanov, K.A., 1964:
Chemioprophylaxis of piroplasmosis and fransaillosis by means of azidine Veterinariya

Dettner, K., 1990:
Chemische Abwehr bei der ursprunglichen Kaferfamilie der Amphizoidae - ein Beitrag zur Evolution der Pygidialdruse der Hydradephaga

Prochazkova, L.; Blazka, P., 1999:
Chemistry and biology of the Bohemian Forest lakes in the early 1960s Chemismus a oziveni sumavskych jezer na pocatku 60-tych let

Trevisan, A.; Hepp, L.U.iratan, 2007:
Chemistry compound dynamic of leaf-litter and fauna associated with breakdown process of arboreous species in a stream from North of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Dinamica de componentes quimicos vegetais e fauna associada ao processo de decomposicao de especies arboreas em um riacho do norte do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Nagasawa, H.; Kataoka, H.; Suzuki, A., 1990:
Chemistry of Bombyx prothoracicotropic hormone and bombyxin

Palacios-Fest, M.R.; Park, L.E.; Gonzalez-Porta, J.; Palacios-Fest, M.R.; Dix, G.R., 2003:
Chemistry of ostracode valves an alternative to evaluate metal contamination in aquatic systems Qumica de conchas de ostracodos una alternativa para medir la contaminacion por metales en sistemas acuaticos

Fowler, Scott ., 1998:
Chemistry of the marine environment Committee session Chimie de lenvironnement marin Session du comite

Cossmann, M., 1956:
Chemnitzia angulata Rigaux Sauvage 1868

Cossmann, M., 1956:
Chemnitzia canaliculate Rigaux Sauvage 1868

Perotti, A.; Brasesco, M.J., 1997:
Chemo-orientation of Macrocheles muscaedomesticae Acari Macrochelidae and detection of distant eggs of Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae and Calliphora vicina Diptera Calliphoridae Orientacion quimica de Macrocheles muscaedomesticae Acari Macrochelidae y percepcion a distancia de posturas de Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae y Calliphora vicina Diptera Calliphoridae

Svanbaev, S.K., 1960:
Chemoprophylaxis of turkey coccidiosis

Elizarow, JA., 1972:
Chemoreception in insects and adaptation of behavioural forms

Bannikova, OM., 1975:
Chemoreceptors of the maxillary palps of the flea Xenopsylla cheopis Roths

Pandey, SD., 1990:
Chemosignals and reproductive behaviours in mammals

Bulyginskaya, M.A., 1971:
Chemosterilants, hormones, pheromones and insect sterilization

Romanchenko, A.A., 1969:
Chemosterilization of insects

de Oliveira, L.C.rlos Veiga; Duarte, L.V.tor; Perilli, N.; Rodrigues, R.; Lemos, V.B., 2005:
Chemostratigraphy TOC, 13C, 18O and calcareous nannofossil around the Pliensbachian-Toarcian boundary in the reference section of Peniche, Lusitanian Basin, Portugal preliminary results Estratigrafia quimica COT, 13C, 18O e nannofosseis calcarios na Passagem Pliensbaquiano-Toarciano no perfil de Peniche Portugal resultados preliminares

Armijos, RX.; Thomas-Soccol, V.; Lanotte, G.; Racines, J.; Pratlong, F.; Rioux, JA., 1995:
Chemotaxonomic analysis of twenty-two Leishmania strains isolated in north-west Ecuador Analyse chimotaxonomique de vingt-deux souches de Leishmania isolees au nord-ouest de lEquateur

van der Meer, RK.; Lofgren, CS., 1990:
Chemotaxonomy applied to fire ant systematics in the United States and South America

Seidel, B.; Wunsch, U.; Knaus, B-U.; Valentin, A.; Schroder, H-D., 1997:
Chemotherapy of pododermatitis chronica suppurativa using an antineoplastic agent in an Asian elephant - case report Zum Einsatz eines Zytostatikums bei Hufkrebs eines Asiatischen Elefanten - Fallbericht

Cossmann, M., 1956:
Chenopus bouchardi Rigaux Sauvage 1868

Buistrov, A.P., 1957:
Cherep Pareiazavra

Ryabinin, A.N., 1948:
Cherepakha iz Yurui Kara-Tau

Flyagina, IA., 1975:
Chermesids - numerous pests of Korean cedar seedlings

Henderickx, H.; Vets, V., 1999:
Chernes hahni, a new pseudoscorpion for Belgium and Luxemburg Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones Chernes hahni, een nieuwe pseudoschorpioen voor Belgie en Luxemburg Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones

Balzan, Aloys., 1888:
Chernetidae nonnullae sud Americanae Pt III

Horrill, AD.; Lowe, VPW.; Howson, G., 1988:
Chernobyl fallout in Great Britain Chernobyl fallout in Great Britain

Weisert, F. ., 1999:
Chernobyl Lecture by Prof Wladimir Dolin Kiev, given on 27th February, on the occasion of the Vienna entomology meeting 1999 summary Tschernobyl Vortrag von Prof Dr Wladimir Dolin Kiew, gehalten am 27 Februar 1999, anlasslich der Wiener Entomologentagung 1999 Auszug

Marangon, S.; D.A.geli, A., 1997:
Cherpiocarcinus, a new genus of Brachyura Decapoda from Oligocene of northen Italy Cherpiocarcinus, nuovo genere di brachiuro Decapoda dellOligocene del Bacino Ligure-Piemontese Italia settentrionale

Krenn, H.W.; Pernstich, A.; Messner, T.; Hannappel, U.; Paulus, H.F., 2002:
Cherries as a food source for the male stage beetle, Lucanus cervus Linnaeus 1758 Lucanidae Coleoptera Kirschen als Nahrung des maennlichen Hirschkaefers, Lucanus cervus Linnaeus 1758 Lucanidae Coleoptera

Smit, J T., 2005:
Cherry laurel a useful entomological tool Laurierkers een handig entomologisch hulpmiddel

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1997:
Chersotis studies 1 - Revision of the transiens-stridula group southern Urals and Central Asia with the descriptions of cortifera sp n, altajensis sp n and altajensis uralica ssp n Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Chersotis-Studien 1 - Revision der transiens-stridula-Gruppe Sud-Ural und Mittelasien mit der Beschreibung von sp n cortifera und altajensis sowie ssp n uralica Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1999 :
Chersotis studies 2 Chersotis ocellina pyrenaellina sspn from the Pyrenees Lepidoptera Noctuidae Chersotis-Studien 2 Chersotis ocellina pyrenaellina sspn aus den Pyrenaen Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Ellison, N.F., 1953:
Cheshire bird notes

Melika, G.; Brussino, G.; Bosio, G.; Csoka, G., 2003:
Chestnut gall wasp Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu 1951 - Hymenoptera Cynipidae, a new pest of chestnuts in Europe Szelidgesztenye-gubacsdarazs Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu 1951 - Hymenoptera Cynipidae, a szelidgesztenye uj kartevoje Europaban

Robinson, L., 1990:
Chestnut-breasted cuckoo near Cairns, north Queensland

Pedler, L., 1990:
Chestnut-breasted whiteface study

Griffith, A.F., 1910:
Chettusia gregaria and Aedon familiaris in Sussex

Rizhikov, K.M., 1962:
Chevreuxia cireli n sp of nematode occurring in Cinclus pallasi Trud Gel-mintol

Brum, JGW.; Valente, AL.; Paulsen, RMM.; Mueller, G., 2003:
Chewing lice as parasites of some wild animals in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Malofagos parasitos de alguns animais silvestres no estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Zimmerman, JL., 1990:
Cheyenne Bottoms Wetland in jeopardy

Spada, G. della Beffa, G., 1990:
Chiave di determinazione per le specie mediterranee viventi dei generi Plagiocardium Cossmann, 1886 e Parvicardium Monterosato, 1884 Bivalvia, Cardiidae

Lungu, V., 1963:
Chicken coccidiosis, its treatment and prophylaxy

Cossignani, Tiziano., 2004:
Chicoreus Chicoreus exuberans sp n Gastropoda, Muricidae from Vietnam Chicoreus Chicoreus exuberans sp n Gastropoda, Muricidae dal Viet Nam

Bozzetti, Luigi., 2001:
Chicoreus monicae sp n Gastropoda, Muricidae of southern Madagascar Chicoreus monicae sp n Gastropoda, Muricidae dal Madagascar meridionale

Nilsson, L.G.; Bensch, S.; Nothagen, P.; Olsson, P., 2001:
Chiffchaff with a mixed song of chiffchaff and willow warbler Gransangare med blandad sang av gransangare och lovsangare

Fritz, O.; Hernborg, K., 1990:
Chiffchaff x willow warbler hybrid?

Thorner, Ann Mari., 1996:
Chiffchaffs have arrived - valley of bird song in 1996 Gransangaren ar kommen - Fagelsangdalen 1996

Dubois, P.J.; Yesou, P.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1995:
Chiffchaffs showing the characters of tristis/fulvescens in France Les pouillots veloces Phylloscopus collybita de type tristis/fulvescens en France statut et criteres dacceptation par le CHN

Tamiya, T., 1959:
Chigger mites infesting man in Japan, with remarks on the transmission of R orientalis by Trombicula scutellaris

Busse, Klaus., 1999:
Chilean Brachygalaxias and other Galaxiidae Von chilenischen Brachygalaxias und anderen Galaxiiden

Abstracts., 1999:
Chilean Meeting on Antarctic Research Reunion Chilena de Investigacion Antarctica

Arias Tobar, Elizabeth., 2000:
Chilean beetles Coleopteros de Chile

Sagvolden, Bjorn A., 2005:
Chilean longicorn beetles hatched in Rollag Chilenske trebukker klekket i Rollag

Valdovinos Zarges, Claudio., 1999:
Chilean mollusks biodiversity taxonomic and distributional data base Biodiversidad de moluscos chilenos base de datos taxonomica y distribucional

Covarrubias, R.; Mellado, I., 1998:
Chilean oribatids Acarina Oribatida 2 Species associated to aquatic plants Oribatidos de Chile Acarina Oribatida 2 Especies asociados a plantas acuaticas

Martinez, RI.; Casanueva, ME., 1995:
Chilean oribatological fauna new records of edaphic species from VIII and IX regions Acari, Oribatida Fauna oribatologica de Chile nuevo registro de especies humicolas en las regiones VIII y IX Acari, Oribatida

Schuerer, U.; Sliwa, A., 2002:
Chilean pudus Pudu pudu in zoos Suedpudus Pudu pudu in zoologischen Gaerten

Aguilera, M.A.; Casanueva, M.E., 2005:
Chilean spiders current state of knowledge and key to the Araneomorphae families Aranas Chilenas estado actual del conocimiento y clave para las familias de Araneomorphae

Cereceda, Hugo Campos., 1996:
Chilean terrestrial mammals identification guide Second edition Mamiferos terrestres de Chile guia de reconocimiento Segunda edicion

Herrera, Z.A.gelica.; Salas,; Giolitti, J.A., 1998:
Chilidiopsoidea Brachiopoda from the Lower Devonian, Argentine Precordillera Chilidiopsoidea Brachiopoda de Devonico Inferior de la Precordillera Argentina

Lanzer, Rosane., 1997:
Chilina Basommatophora, Chilinidae in the coastal lakes of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil shell, radula, habitat and distribution Chilina Basommatophora, Chilinidae nas lagoas costeiras do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil concha, radula, habitat e distribuicao

Odintsov, VS.; Pletnev, VV., 1975:
Chilo tadjiciellus Ger - the main predator of sugar cane in south Uzbekistan

Schmidt, G.; Huber, S., 1996:
Chilobrachys huahini sp n Araneida Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, a bird spider from Thailand Chilobrachys huahini sp n Araneida Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, eine Vogelspinne aus Thailand

Duverger, Christian., 1991:
Chilocorinae Coleoptera Coccinellidae from metropolitan France and Corsica Chilocorinae Coleoptera Coccinellidae de France metropolitaine et de Corse

Murashevskaya, Z.S., 1969:
Chilocorus beetles

Schmidt, Gunter., 1999:
Chilocosmia peerboomi n sp, a new Theraphosidae Negros - Philippines Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae Chilocosmia peerboomi n sp, une nouvelle Theraphosidae Negros - Philippines Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae

Bauer, O.N.Nikolskaja, N.P., 1957:
Chilodonella cyprini Moroff, 1902, ihre Biologie und epizooto-logische Bedeutung

Beznalii, I.G., 1957:
Chilodonellosis of fish in fish farms

Pocock, R.I., 1895:
Chilopoda, Symphyla, and Diplopoda of the Malay Archipelago, in Max Webers Zoologisch Ergebnisse einer Reise in Niederlandisch Ost-Indien, iv

Zapparoli, M., 1990:
Chilopodi di ambienti urbani e suburbani della citta di Roma

Krupp, F.; Bussing, WA., 1995:
Chimaeras Quimeras

Suarez, M.E.; Lamilla, J.; Marquardt, C., 2004:
Chimaeroid fishes Chondrichthyes, Holocephali from the Neogene of Bahia Inglesa Formation Atacama, Chile Peces Chimaeriformes Chondrichthyes, Holocephali del Neogeno de la Formacion Bahia Inglesa Region de Atacama, Chile

Houillon, Charles., 1999:
Chimeras of urodele amphibians 1 Morphological study Les urodeles chimeres 1 Etude morphologique

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