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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38070

Chapter 38070 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Trevoux, Y.; Trevoux, J.-Pierre., 2007:
Chimney swift, new to France Premiere mention francaise du martinet ramoneur Chaetura pelagica

Crockford, Catherine., 2000:
Chimpanzees of Tai national park - do they use referential or symbolic signals? Les chimpanzes du Parc National du Tai utilisent-ils des signaux referentiels ou symboliques?

Fernandez-Carriba, S., 2000:
Chimpanzees which crush food an example of food transformation in non human primates Los chimpances que trituran la comida un ejemplo de transformacion del alimento en primates no humanos

Guillen-Salazar, F.; Corte Cortazzo, S., 2001:
Chimpanzees, culture and zoological investigations Los chimpances, la cultura y la investigacion en los zoologicos

Thiesmeier, B.; Hornberg, C., 2000:
China is always good for a surprise The mystery of the genus Pachytriton China ist immer fur eine Uberraschung gut Das Ratsel der Kurzfussmolche Gattung Pachytriton

Chiamolera, L. de Bortolli.; Cavichioli, R.R., 2002:
Chinaia Bruner Metcalf description of two new species from Brazil, with key to males Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Neocoelidiinae Chinaia Bruner Metcalf descricao de duas novas especies do Brasil, com chave para machos Hemiptera, Auchenorryncha, Neocoelidiinae

Lenski, Gisela., 2002:
Chinchilla - cage equipping Tubes and branches for a natural cage atmosphere Chinchilla - Kaefiggestaltung Roehren und Aeste fuer eine natuerliche Kaefigatmosphaere

Hryz, V., 1970:
Chinchilla laniger Mol

Orga, Stefano., 1997:
Chinchillas Zoological study I Cincilla Studio zoologico

Kramarz, A.G., 2002:
Chinchilloid rodents Hystricognathi from the Pinturas Formation, early-middle Miocene of the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina Roedores chinchilloideos Hystricognathi de la Formacion Pinturas, Mioceno temprano-medio de la provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina

Deuve, T.; Mourzine, S., 2001:
Chinese Carabus L, and Cychrus F of the montane confines of Sichuan and Gansu Coleoptera, Carabidae Carabus L, et Cychrus F chinois des confins montagneux du Sichuan et du Gansu Coleoptera, Carabidae

Viohl, Gunter., 1997:
Chinese birds in the Jura Museum Chinesische Vogel im Jura-Museum

Lin, D.; Chan, T., 1962:
Chinese loess

Rabitsch, W.; Schiemer, F., 2003:
Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinsensis recorded in the Austrian Danube Chinesiche Wollhandkrabbe Eriocheir sinensis in der oesterreichischen Donau festgestellt

Eneman, E., 1996:
Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis H Milne Edwards, 1854 in the harbour area of Ostend Chinese wolhandkrab Eriocheir sinensis H Milne Edwards, 1854 in Oostends havengebied

Kunze, Andreas., 1999:
Chinese mitten crabs Wollhandkrabben

Kuznetsov, VN., 2005:
Chinese wax bee Apis cerana cerana F Hymenoptera, Apidae in the Russian Far East

Kuznetsov, VN.; Proshchalykin, MYu., 2004:
Chinese wax bee Apis cerana cerana F Hymenoptera, Apidae in the south of the Russian Far East

Dorogostajskij, V. xC., 1913:
Chinesischer Schwan Cygnus davidi Swinh in Sibirien

Depaquit, J.; Leger, N.; Beales, P., 2006:
Chinius barbazani n sp from Thailand Diptera Psychodidae Chinius barbazani n sp de Thailande Diptera Psychodidae

Bruge, Hubert., 2006:
Chionea = Niphadobata belgica Becker, 1912 of Lembeekbos, Halle Diptera Limoniidae Chionea = Niphadobata belgica Becker, 1912 au Lembeekbos a Halle Diptera Limoniidae

Barndt, D., 2004:
Chionea lutescens Diptera Limoniidae is recorded as new for the region of Brandenburg Chionea Sphaeconophilus lutescens lutescens Lundstroem 1907 Diptera Limoniidae - Erstnachweis einer Schneemueckenart fuer Brandenburg

Luquet, G.C.r.; Gibeaux, C.A., 2002:
Chionodes continuella Zeller, 1839, a new species for French fauna discovered in the Ile-de-France, in the Trois-Pignons massif Seine-et-Marne Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Gelechiinae Chionodes continuella Zeller, 1839, espece nouvelle pour la faune frank aise, decouverte en Ile-de-France, dans le massif des Trois-Pignons Seine-et-Marne Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Gelechiinae

Landeck, I., 1998:
Chionodes lugubrella Fabricius, 1794 Lep, Gelechiidae in the Lower Lusatia Chionodes lugubrella Fabricius, 1794 Lep, Gelechiidae in der Niederlausitz - eine bisher ubersehene Art?

Hermida, R.J., 2001:
Chionomys nivalis Martins, 1842, a new species for the Xistral sierra Chionomys nivalis Martins, 1842, una nueva especie para la Sierra del Xistral

Salazar E., Julian A., 2004:
Chirajara 128 years on Chirajara 128 anos despues

Tomey, WA., 1997:
Chirocephalus diaphanus Dybowski, 1860; a branchiopod crustacean from a freshwater habitat Chirocephalus diaphanus Dybowski, 1860; een kieuwpootkreeftje uit zoetwater

Soucek, Z., 1990:
Chirocephalus grubei in Podebradech

Melloni, L., 2003:
Chironitis furcifer Rossi, 1792, in the coleopterological collection by O Pirazzoli, Museo Civico of Imola Bologna Province First record for Romagna Chironitis furcifer Rossi, 1792 nella collezione coleotterologica O Pirazzoli presso il Museo Civico di Imola BO Prima segnalazione per la Romagna Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Reiss, F., 1996:
Chironomid Diptera biology and systematics - literature for native Chironomidae Biologie und Systematik der Chironomidae Diptera Bestimmungsliteratur fur einheimische Chironomiden

Samietz, Rainer., 2000:
Chironomid emergence Diptera Nematocera from the Vesser in 1984 and a comparison with the results from 1983 Gotha emergence studies in the Vessertal Biosphere Nature Reserve No 31 Die Chironomiden-Emergenz Diptera Nematocera der Vesser 1984 und Vergleich mit den Ergebnissen des Jahres 1983 Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biosphaerenreservat Vessertal Nr 31

Samietz, Rainer., 1998:
Chironomid emergence in the Vesser 1983 Diptera Nematocera Chironomidae Gotha emergence studies in the Vesser valley reserve no 25 Die Chironomiden-Emergenz der Vesser 1983 Diptera Nematocera Chironomidae Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biospharenreservat Vessertal Nr 25

Tokeshi, M., 1990:
Chironomid fauna of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland Diptera Chironomidae

Dillon, PM., 1985:
Chironomid larval size and case presence influence on capture success achieved by dragonfly larvae Chironomid larval size and case presence influence on capture success achieved by dragonfly larvae

Velle, Gaute., 2007:
Chironomid midges and climate research Fjaermygg og klimaforskning

Dominiak, Patrycja., 2004:
Chironomid midges of the tribe Tanytarsini Diptera Chironomidae from above the area of the Radunia Lakes Ochotkowate z plemienia Tanytarsini Diptera Chironomidae znad Jezior Radunskich

Edwards, F.W., 1931:

Trivinho-Strixino, S.; Strixino, G., 1998:
Chironomidae Diptera associated with submerged trunks Chironomidae Diptera associados a troncos de arvores submersos

Buso Dornfeld, C.; Fonseca-Gessner, A.A., 2005:
Chironomidae Diptera fauna associated to Salvinia sp and Myriophyllum sp in a Corrego do Espraiado reservoir, Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brasil Fauna de Chironomidae Diptera associada a Salvinia sp e Myriophyllum sp num reservatorio do corrego do espraiado, Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Nessimian, J.L.iz.; Amorim, R.M.rtins.; Henriques-Oliveira, A.L.cia.; Sanseverino, A.M.nzolillo., 2003:
Chironomidae Diptera from Rio de Janeiro State A survey of the genera and habitats of occurrence Chironomidae Diptera dos estado Rio de Janeiro levantamento dos generos e habitats de ocorrencia

Trivinho-Strixino, S.; Strixino, G., 2005:
Chironomidae Diptera in Rio Ribeira border between the States of Sao Paulo and Parana in an Environmental faunistic evaluation Chironomidae Diptera do Rio Ribeira divisa dos estados de Sao Paulo e Parananuma avaliacao ambiental faunistica

Moller Pillot, HKM.; Buskens, RFM., 1990:
Chironomidae Diptera larvae from The Netherlands Part C Autoecology and distribution

Akil, A.; Ayvaz, Y.; Sen, D., 1996:
Chironomidae Diptera larvae in Cip Dam Lake Elazig Cip Baraj Golu Elazig Chironomidae Diptera larvalari

Ozkan, N.; Kirgiz, T., 1995:
Chironomidae Diptera larvae of Edirne Province and their distribution Edirne bolgesi Chironomidae Diptera larvalari ve yayilislari

Gendron, J-M.; Laville, H., 1997:
Chironomidae Diptera of the Aude, a mediterranean river from eastern Pyrenees biocoenotical and typological study Les chironomides Diptera de lAude, riviere mediterraneenne des Pyrenees orientales etude biocenotique et typologique

da Silva Correia, L.C.lia.; Trivinho-Strixino, S., 2005:
Chironomidae Diptera on artificial substrates within a small reservoir Represa do Monjolinho Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brasil Chironomidae Diptera em substratos artificiais num pequeno reservatorio represa do Monjolinho, Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brasil

dos Anjos, A.F.lix; Takeda, A.M.chiyo, 2005:
Chironomidae Diptera Insecta colonization in different types of artificial substrates Colonizacao de Chironomidae Diptera Insecta em diferentes tipos de substratos artificiais

Wiedenbrug, Sofia., 2006:
Chironomidae Insecta, Diptera from springs and springbrooks of the carbonate fen complex Benninger Ried, Bavaria, Germany Chironomidae Insecta, Diptera aus Quellen und Quellenbaechen im Kalkquellmoor Benninger Ried, Bayern

Higuti, J.; Pessanha Zviejkovski, luli.; Avelar Takahashi, M.; Goncalves Dias, V., 2005:
Chironomidae as an indicator of the trophic state of reservoirs Chironomidae Indicadora do Estado Trofico em Reservatorios

Paggi, Analia C., 1999:
Chironomidae as quality indicators of freshwater environments Los Chironomidae como indicadores de calidad de ambientes dulceacuicolas

Pegado Abilio,; Fonseca-Gessner, A.A.; Watanabe, T.; Lunguinho Leite, R., 2005:
Chironomidae fauna and anothers aquatic insects of dams from Paraiban semi-arid, Brazil Fauna de Chironomidae e outros insetos aquaticos de acudes do semi-arido Paraibano, Brasil

Albu, P., 1966:
Chironomidae from the Roumanian Carpatian Mountains I

Moller Pillot, Henk., 1999:
Chironomidae in newly created nature reserves Dansmuggen in natuurontwikkelingsprojecten Chironomidae

Albu, P., 1968:
Chironomidae in the Romanian Carpathians 3

Albu, P., 1967:
Chironomidae in the Roumanian Carpatian mountains II

Kangur, Kulli., 2000:
Chironomidae in the macrozoobenthos of two large lakes of Estonia Surusaasklased Diptera Chironomidae kahes Eesti suurjarves

Makarchenko, EA., 1976:
Chironomidae larvae Diptera in the reservoirs of Chukotsk Peninsula

Michiyo Takeda, A. de Menezes Butakka, C.M.rcia.; Sayuri Fujita, D.; Harumi Fujita, R.; Rambeli Bibian, J.P.ulo., 2005:
Chironomidae larvae in the block of reservoirs of Rio Iguacu PR Larvas de Chironomidae em Cascata de Reservatorios no Rio Iguacu PR

Zvereva, O.S., 1966:
Chironomidae larvae in the peripheral waters of the Usa river basin

Vala, J.-Claude.; Moubayed, J.; Langton, P.H., 2000:
Chironomidae of rice fields in Camargue France, faunal and ecological data Diptera Chironomidae des rizieres de Camargue, donnees faunistiques et ecologiques Diptera

Linevitch, A.A., 1971:
Chironomidae of the Baikal Lake

Kieffer, J.J., 1919:
Chironomides dEurope oonserves au Musee national Hongrois de Budapest

Kieffer, J.J., 1921:
Chironomides de Courlande

Cobo, F.; Blasco-Zumeta, J., 2001:
Chironomids Diptera Chironomidae from the subdesert steppe of Los Monegros Saragossa, Spain Quironomidos Diptera Chironomidae de la estepa subdesertica de Los Monegros Zaragoza, Espana

Ferrarese, Uberto., 2003:
Chironomids Diptera Chironomidae of some streams, lakes and peat bogs of the Trentino Region northern Italy Chironomidi Diptera Chironomidae di alcuni torrenti, laghi e zone umide del Trentino, con segnalazione di specie nuove per lItalia

Illesova, D., 2001:
Chironomids in reed stands of southwestern Slovakia Pakomare Chironomidae Diptera trstovych zarastov juhozapadneho Slovenska

Linevich, AA.; Makarchenko, EA.; Aleksandrov, VN., 2002:
Chironomids of Baikal and Pribaikalye Podonominae, Tanypodinae, Diamesinae, Prodiamesinae, Orthocladiinae index of species and forms

Pasini, M.; Ferrarese, U., 1998:
Chironomids of north-eastern Italian rice-fields keys for the identification of larvae, pupae and adults I chironomidi delle risaie dellItalia nord-orientale chiavi per il riconoscimento di larve, pupe e adulti

Schnabel, S.; Dettinger-Klemm, P.-Martin Andreas., 2000:
Chironomids of temporary ponds in the Lahnaue area - faunistic-ecological aspects Chironomiden temporaerer Tuempel im Bereich der Lahnaue - faunistisch-oekologische Aspekte

Lencioni, Valeria., 1998:
Chironomids important ecological indicators I chironomidi importanti sentinelle ecologiche

Iannacone, J.A.; Alvarino, L., 2001:
Chironomus calligraphus Goeldi and Moina macrocopa Sars as ecotoxicological tools to evaluate lindane and chlorpyrifos Chironomus calligraphus Goeldi y Moina macrocopa Sars como herramientas ecotoxicologicas para la evaluacion del lindano y clorpirifos

Pegado Abilio,; Fonseca-Gessner, A.A.; Watanabe, T.; Lunguinho Leite, R., 2005:
Chironomus gr decorus Diptera Chironomidae and anothers aquatic insects in a temporary dam from Paraiban semi-arid, Brazil Chironomus gr decorus Diptera Chironomidae e outros insetos aquaticos de um acude temporario do semi-arido Paraibano, Brasil

Kangur, Kulli., 2003:
Chironomus plumosus L as a dominant species in the bottom fauna of L Vortsjarv and main food for benthophagous fishes Chironomus plumosus L kui Vortsjarve pohjaloomastiku domineeriv liik ja bentosetoiduliste kalade pohitoit

Cime Pool, J.A.; Chable-Santos, J.B.; Sosa-Escalante, J.E.; Hernandez-Betancourt, S.F., 2006:
Chiroptera and small rodents of Ria Celestun biosphere reserve, Yucatan, Mexico Quiropteros y pequenos roedores de la Reserva de la Biosfera Ria Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

Fornasari, L.; Bani, L.; D.C.rli, E.; Zava, B.; Uggeri, A.; Pianezza, F., 1999:
Chiroptera in the calcareous mountain Campo dei Fiori Lombardy I Chirotteri nel sistema carsico del Monte Campo dei Fiori Lombardia

Varela, E.A.; Vaccaro, O.B.; Tremouilles, E.R., 2004:
Chiroptera of Buenos Aires City and Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Part II Quiropteros de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina Parte II

Vaccaro, O.B.atriz.; Varela, E.A.alia., 2001:
Chiroptera of Buenos Aires City and Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Quiropteros de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y de la provinica de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courtois, J.-Yves.; Faggio, G.; Salotti, M., 1992:
Chiroptera of Corsica Update of distribution maps and revision of the status of troglophilic species Chiropteres de Corse Actualisation des cartes de repartition et revision du statut des especes troglophiles

Tupinier, Y.; Martelli, J., 2003:
Chiroptera of Lyon Natural History Museum Les chiropteres actuels du Museum dhistoire Naturelle-Lyon

Brosset, Andre., 2003:
Chiroptera of Mount Nimba Les Chiropteres du mont Nimba

Fornasari, L.; Cantini, M.; Cutri, V.; Farina, F.; Martinoli, A.; Zava, B., 1999:
Chiroptera of the Elba Island Tuscany, Italy I Chirotteri dellIsola dElba

Tiunov, MP., 1997:
Chiroptera of the Far East of Russia

Rui, A.M.ria.; Fabian, M.E., 1997:
Chiroptera of the family Phyllostomidae Mammalia, Chiroptera in forests of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil Quiropteros de la familia Phyllostomiade Mammalia, Chiroptera en Selvas del Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Albuja Viteri, L.; Mena Valenzuela, P., 2004:
Chiroptera of the humid forests of west Ecuador Quiropteros de los bosques humedos del occidente del Ecuador

Kulzer, Erwin ., 2005:
Chiroptera volume 3 Biology Chiroptera volume 3 Biologie

Martino G., A.; Aranguren, J.; Arends, A., 1997:
Chiropterans associated to Piedra Honda cave Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela its importance as biological reserve Los quiropteros asociados a la cueva de Piedra Honda Peninsula de Paraguana, Venezuela su importancia como reserva biologica

Peterson, RL.; Eger, JL.; Mitchell, L., 1995:
Chiropterans Chiropteres

Abstracts., 2006 :
Chiropterological Seminar 2006 Chiropterologicky seminar 2006

Mortier, Mylene., 2004:
Chiropterological census at buildings on the perriphery of the Bassee nature reserve, Seine Marne Prospection chiropterologique des batiments en peripherie de la Reserve Naturelle Nationale de la Bassee, Seine Marne

Leclercq, Joseph., 2007:
Chiropterological research at Cornesse Pepinster Recherches chiropterologiques a Cornesse Pepinster

Parisot, Christophe., 2002:
Chiropterological study of the public buildings of the French Gatine regional park Prospection chiropterologique des batiments publics du Parc naturel regional du Gatinais francais

Parisot, Christophe., 2001:
Chiropterology survey in the city of Montereau-Fault-Yvonne Seine et Marne and surrounding area and observations of horseshoe bats, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Prospection chiropterologiques dans la ville de Montereau-Fault-Yvonne Seine et Marne et proches environs et observations de Grands Rhinolophes, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum

Hutzu, Marina., 1997:
Chiropturopoda cavernicola n sp a new cave living uropodid species Anactinotrichida Uropodina Chiropturopoda cavernicola n sp, eine neue Hohlenbewohnende uropodiden-art Anactinotrichida Uropodina

Carrillo, P.M.; Rojas.; Yada, L.F.; Sasso., 2005:
Chirostoma species El pescado blanco

Haubold, H.; Klein, H., 2002:
Chirotherians and grallatorids from Lower through Upper Triassic deposits in Central Europe and the origin of dinosaurs Chirotherien und Grallatoriden aus der Unteren bis Oberen Trias Mitteleuropas und die Entstehung der Dinosauria

Osti, F.; Valentini, S., 2004:
Chitinous predators and carabid coleopterans Carabidae Carabinae present in some biotopes of Trentino Chitinosi predatori I Coleotteri Carabidi Carabidae Carabinae presenti in alcune Biotopi del Trentino

Martin, F., 1969:
Chitinozoaires de lArenig superieur-Llandvirn inferieur en Condroz Belgique

Schwabe, Enrico., 2000:
Chiton nigrovirescens de Blainville 1825 Mollusca Polyplacophora Chitonidae - a well known brood caring species from South Africa Chiton nigrovirescens de Blainville 1825 Mollusca Polyplacophora Chitonidae - eine gut bekannte brutpflegende Art von Sud-Afrika

de la Rosa, J.; Vazquez, X.A., 2006:
Chitona suturalis Olivier, 1811 in central Iberian Peninsula Coleoptera Oedemeridae Chitona suturalis Olivier, 1811 en el centro de la Peninsula Iberica Coleoptera Oedemeridae

Poutiers, JM., 1995:
Chitons amphineurids, loricates and polyplacophorans Quitones anfineuros, loricados, poliplacoforos

Anonymous., 1994:
Chitons I chitoni

Kasahara, S., 1990:
Chlaenius junceus Andrewes Coleoptera, Carabidae new to the fauna of Taiwan

Schnitter, P.; Trost, M., 2003:
Chlaenius spoliatus Rossi, 1790 re-recorded in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Chlaenius spoliatus Rossi, 1790 wieder in Sachsen-Anhalt Col, Carabidae

Vins, Theo., 1996:
Chlamydiosis - psittacosis/ornithosis Chlamydiose - Psittakose/Ornithose

Gopner, I.; Eulenberger, K.; Bernhard, A.; Schulz, U.; Neubert, A., 1999:
Chlamydiosis in alpacas Lama guanaco f pacos Chlamydiose bei Alpakas Lama guanaco f pacos

Sabisch, Joern., 2004:
Chlamydogobius eremius - a goby to be desired Chlamydogobius eremius - eine Grundel zum Gernhaben

Tomey, WA., 1998:
Chlamydogobius eremius, Zietz 1896 More information on problems and tips on rearing Chlamydogobius eremius, Zietz 1896 Meer over problemen en tips bij de opfok

Areste, M.; Farriols, JL., 2000:
Chlamydosaurus kingii, the frilled lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii, Kragenechse

Stead, D.G., 1907:
Chlamydoselachus in New South Wales

Damarco, Piero., 1996:
Chlamys Manupecten pesfelis Linnaeus, 1758 of the Piedmontese Pliocene Chlamys Manupecten pesfelis Linnaeus, 1758 del Pliocene piemontese

Skalkin, VA., 1975:
Chlamys albidus Dall near the island of Onekotan Kuril ridge Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pectinidae

Entrop, B., 1977:
Chlamys circularis Sowerby and its borer Gastrochaena ovata Sowerby

Onoratini, G.; Carenco, P.; Arnaud, P.M., 2002:
Chlamys islandica, arctic immigrant marker of the upper Pleistocene in the western Mediterranean basin Chlamys islandica, immigrant arctique marqueur du Pleistocene superieur dans le Bassin mediterraneen occidental

Zolotarenko, G S. ., 1990:
Chlenistonogie i gelminty sbornik nauchnykh trudov

Strandberg, L.; Falandysz, J.; Strandberg, B.; Bergqvist, P.-Anders.; Florek, A.; Rappe, C.; Mizera, T., 1996:
Chlordanes in white-tailed sea eagles Haliaeetus albicilla from Poland Zwiazki z grupy chlordanu w bielikach Haliaeetus albicilla z terenu Polski

Ismailov, MG., 1972:
Chloridaea obsoleta in Azerbaidzhan

Bruhn, Regina., 1997:
Chlorinated contaminants in harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena distribution, accumulation metabolism relation to chemical structure Chlorierte Schadstoffe in Schweinswalen Phocoena phocoena Verteilung, Akkumulation und Metabolismus in Abhangigkeit von der Struktur

Kurpios, M.; Kolodziej, M., 1998:
Chlorinated hydrocarbon derivative residues in perirenal fat of roe deer from Szczecin Province Pozostalosci pochodnych chlorowych weglowodorow w tluszczu okolo nerkowym saren pozyskanych w wojewodztwie szczecinskim

Kurpios, M.; Nowosielski, A., 1999:
Chlorinated hydrocarbon derivative residues in the organism of three fish species from the Szczecin Bay Pozostalosci chlorowych pochodnych weglowodorow w organizmach trzech gatunkow ryb z Zalewu Szczecinskiego

Schmidt, Erwin., 2002:
Chlorinated hydrocarbons and heavy metals in eggs of red kite Milvus milvus, black kite M migrans, and common buzzard Buteo buteo from the Thueringen Basin Chlorkohlenwasserstoffe und Schwermetalle in Eiern von Rotmilan Milvus milvus, Schwarzmilan M migrans und Maeusebussard Buteo buteo aus dem Thueringer Becken

Marsili, L.; Focardi, S., 2001:
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in blubber biopsies of Mediterranean striped dolphins Stenella coeruleoalba and fin whales Balaenoptera physalus Idorcarburi clorurati in biopsie di grasso sottocutaneo di stenella striata Stenella coeruleoalba e balenottera comune Balaenoptera physalus del Mar Mediterraneo

Focardi, S.; Corsolini, S.; Bianchi, I.; Giuliani, S.; Aurigi, S., 1997:
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in the blue shark, Prionace glauca, of the Adriatic Sea Idrocarburi clorurati in Prionace glauca del Mar Adriatico

Kleivane, L.; Skare, JU.; Wiig, O., 1994:
Chlorinated organic environmental toxins in the polar bear - occurrence, level and possible effects Klorerte organiske miljogifter i isbjorn - forekomst, niva og mulige effekter

Erdmann, Rhoda., 1917:
Chlormyxum leydigi und seine Bezichungen zu anderen Myxosporidien

Matthiessen, J.; Brenner, W., 1996:
Chlorococcalean algae and dinoflagellate cysts in recent sediments from Greifswald Bay southern Baltic Sea Chlorococcalalgen und Dinoflagellaten-Zysten in rezenten Sedimenten des Greifswalder Boddens sudliche Ostsee

Stock, Kunibert., 2001:
Chlorophorus annularis F, 1787 Col, Cerambycidae - also imported in the Rhineland Chlorophorus annularis F, 1787 Col, Cerambycidae - auch im Rheinland importiert

Phillips, JA., 1990:
Chlorophyta and Euglenophyta

Evyagintsev, ES., 1973:
Chloropicrin - a weapon against the pouched marmot

Kubik, S., 1998:
Chloropidae Diptera in the Sumava Mountains Czech side Chloropidae Diptera ceske strany Sumavy

Rocha Zanol, Keti Maria., 2001:
Chlorotettix Van Duzee Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae descriptions of two new species Chlorotettix Van Duzee Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae descricoes de duas novas especies

Kokoscha, Michael., 2001:
Chocolate gouramis Schokoladenguramis

Eitschberger, U.; Zolotuhin, V., 1997:
Choerocampa suellus sibirica nom nov and comb nov for Pergesa porcellus porca O Bang-Haas, 1927 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Choerocampa suellus sibirica nom nov et comb nov pro Pergesa porcellus porca O Bang-Haas, 1927 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Fenner, Robert., 2003 :
Choerodon fasciatus The harlequin tuskfish is an eye-catcher in the aquarium Choerodon fasciatus Der Harlekin-Lippfisch ist ein Blickfang im Fischaquarium

Ravussin, P.-Alain.; Trolliet, D.; Willenegger, L.; Beguin, D.; Matalon, G., 2001:
Choice of breeding site by Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus effects of nesting boxes Choix du site de nidification chez la chouette de Tengmalm Aegolius funereus influence des nichoirs

Plowright, C.; Cantin-Plante, N., 1997:
Choice of direction of flight paths between flowers by foraging bumblebees Bombus Le choix de la direction des trajets entre fleurs des bourdons Bombus butineurs

Ahlbom, B., 1975:
Choice of food in migrating Tengmalms and pygmy owls

Pettersson, Bengt., 2002:
Choice of nesting site among marhs harriers before and after its restoration Karrhokars boplatsval i Hornborgasjon fore och efter restaureringen

L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S.; Chepeau, Y.; Maheo, R., 1999:
Choice of nocturnal feeding sites by avocets Recurvirostra avosetta on the Guerande peninsula Choix des sites dalimentation nocturne par lavocette elegante Recurvirostra avosetta dans la presquile Guerandaise

Jonasson, Lars., 2000:
Choice of prey in the pygmy owl Notes from the invasion winter of 1999/2000 Sparvugglans bytesval Noteringer fran invasionsvintern 1999/2000

Nijland, W., 2005:
Choice of shell in the hermit crab species Diogenes pugilator Schelpvoorkeur van het boksertje Diogenes pugilator

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1999:
Choice of spawning sites by the common toad Bufo bufo bufo Linnaeus, 1758/Bufo bufo spinosus Daudin, 1803 in Portugal Zur Laichplatzwahl der Erdkrote Bufo bufo bufo Linnaeus, 1758/Bufo bufo spinosus Daudin, 1803 in Portugal

Mizura, Jozef., 1998:
Choiced characteristics of the reproduction of the northern pike Esox lucius L 1758 in the hydromelioration canals at Hran Ondava basin Vybrane reprodukcne charakteristiky stuky severnej Esox lucius L 1758 v hydromelioracnych kanaloch pri Hrani povodie Ondavy

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