Section 39
Chapter 38,071

Chromosomal polymorphism of the populations of Anopheles arabiensis Diptera Culicidae of Reunion Island and cross-mating with populations from continental Africa Polymorphisme chromosomique des populations dAnopheles arabiensis Diptera Culicidae de lile de La Reunion et inter-fertilite avec des populations dAfrique continentale

Girod, R.; Coetzee, M.; Salvan, M.; Hunt, RH.

Parassitologia (Rome) 43(3): 99-103


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-2951
Accession: 038070927

Cytological examination of a sample of Anopheles gambiae complex mosquitoes from Reunion island revealed the presence of An. arabiensis only. Chromosomal polymorphisms were observed only for inversion 3Ra, the standard homozygote form being predominant. Cross-mating experiments with laboratory specimens originating from continental Africa produced viable and fertile offspring with no chromosomal asynapsis observed in the Fl female progeny. There was no evidence for speciation of the Reunion island populations. The results are discussed with regard to the behaviour of the vector and its influence on the vectorial capacity of this species, and the history of malaria and malaria control in the South-West islands of the Indian Ocean and on Reunion island in particular.

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