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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38073

Chapter 38073 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gaudemer, Bruno., 2000:
Chronology of prenuptial migration of game waterbirds in Maine-et-Loire in the 1987-1997 period Chronologie de la migration prenuptiale des oiseaux deau chassables en Maine-et-Loire sur la periode 1987-1997

Lopez Cancelo, L.; Vidal Romani, JR., 2000:
Chronology of the Holocene transgression in the Ria de Foz, Lugo, Galicia, Spain Cronologia de la transgresion holocena en la Ria de Foz, Lugo, Galicia, Espana

Ginsburg, Leonard., 2000:
Chronology of the Miocene deposits of Blesois to Brittany Chronologie des depots miocenes du Blesois a la Bretagne

Terzea, Elena., 1995:
Chronology of the Pleistocene mammals of the north west of Romania and evolution of Lagurini Rodentia Chronologie des faunes de mammiferes Pleistocenes du nord-ouest de la Roumanie et evolution des Lagurines Rodentia

Quintana, J.; Bover, P.; Ramis, D.; Alcover, J.A.toni., 2003:
Chronology of the disappearance of Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 in Menorca Cronologia de la desaparicio de Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 a Menorca

Hidalgo, S.; Escribese, M.; Herva, ME.; Garcia, I.; Abad, S., 2000:
Chronology of the evolution of cetacean diet Cronica evolutiva de la dieta en cetaceos

Michel, A.A.; Teisaire, E.S., 1996:
Chronology of the normal embryo development of Baeacris punctulatus Thunberg Orthoptera Acrididae Cronologia del desarrollo embrionario normal de Baeacris punctulatus Thunberg Orthoptera Acrididae

Kurths, Joachim., 2002:
Chronology of the ornithological associations in Magdeburg 1923-1962 Part 1 Chronik der ornithologischen Vereine in Magdeburg 1923-1962 Teil I

Schwarze, Eckart., 2003:
Chronology of the resettlement of the central Elbe area by the crane Grus grus Chronik der Wiederbesiedlung des mittleren Mittelelbegebietes durch den Graukranich - Grus grus

Rosas, A.; Carbonell, E.; Cuenca, G.; Garcia, N.; Fernandez Jalvo, Y. van der Made, J.; Olle, A.; Pares, J.M.; Perez Gonzalez, A.; Sanchez Marco, A.; Sanchez Chillon, B.; Vallverdu, J., 1998:
Chronology, biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the Middle Pleistocene from Galeria Sierra de Atapuerca, Spain Cronologia, bioestratigrafia y paleoecologia del Pleistoceno medio de Galeria Sierra de Atapuerca, Espana

Garcia, M.A.elia Calonge.; Olalla, M.A.tonia Andrade., 1996:
Chronostratigraphic precisions on the Cenomanian formations of the southern Catalanian Ranges Precisiones cronoestratigraficas de las formaciones del Cenomaniense del sur de las Catalanides

Paris, F.; Boumendjel, K.; Morzadec, P.; Plusquellec, Y., 1997:
Chronostratigraphic synthesis of the Devonian of the Ougarta area western Sahara, Algeria Synthese chronostratigraphique du Devonien de lOugarta Sahara Occidental, Algerie

Malez, M.; Sliskovic, T., 1989:
Chronostratigraphical and morphometric significance of the cave bear Ursus spelaeus Rosenm Heinroth from Megara in the vicinity of Bjelasnica Kronostratigrafske i morfometrijske znacajke spiljskog medvjeda Ursus spelaeus Rosenm Heinroth iz Megare na Bjelasnici

Atay, G.; Tunoglu, C., 2004:
Chronostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental interpretation of Canakkale Formation in based on the Ostracoda fauna Kilitbahir/Eceabat/Canakkale Canakkale formasyonunun Ostrakod faunasina bagli kronostratigrafisi ve Eskiortam Yorumu Kilitbahir/Eceabat/Canakkale

Narkiewicz, K., 2006:
Chronostratigraphy of the Middle Devonian and the standard and alternative conodont zonations Chronostratygrafia dewonu srodkowego a standardowe i alternatywne podzialy konodontowe

Kiryanova, E.S., 1951:
Chrysan-themum disease caused by nematodes and methods of control

Palermo, S.; Marzachi, C.; Arzone, A.; Bosco, D., 2004:
Chrysanthemum yellows CY and its leafhopper vectors an experimental model to study phytoplasma-leafhopper relationships Il giallume della margherita CY e i cicadellidi vettori un sistema sperimentale modello per lo studio delle relazioni fitoplasma-vettore

Hernandez-Ruiz, J.A.; Perez-Lopez, F.; Javier., 1999:
Chrysanthia viridissima Linnaeus, 1758 first record to the southern Iberian Peninsula Primera cita de Chrysanthia viridissima Linnaeus, 1758 para la mitad sur peninsular Coleoptera, Oedemeridae

Angelo Cerignoni, J.; Berti Filho, E., 1997:
Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Chrysauginae, a defoliator of Zeyheria tuberculosa Vell Bur Bignoniaceae and its natural enemies Chrysauge jonesalis Schaus Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Chrysauginae, especie desfolhadora do ipe-felpudo, Zeyheria tuberculosa Vell Bur Bignoniaceae e seus inimigos naturais

Ouellette, M., 2006:
Chrysemys picta Schneider, 1783 note on the delayed emergence of neonates in Quebec Chrysemys picta Schneider, 1783 note sur lemergence retardee des nouveau-nes au Quebec

Lukas, J.; Tyrner, P., 2000:
Chrysidid wasps Hymenoptera Chrysididae of the Devinska Kobyla State Nature Reserve Zlatenky Hymenoptera Chrysididae Statni prirodni rezervace Devinska Kobyla

Wickl, Karl-Heinz., 2001:
Chrysidid wasps from Oberpfalz Hymenoptera Chrysididae Goldwespen der Oberpfalz Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Rosa, Paolo., 2005:
Chrysididae Hymenoptera, Chrysididae of Romagna Current state of knowledge I Crisidi Hymenoptera, Chrysididae della Romagna Stato attuale delle conoscenze

Hazet, Georges., 2001:
Chrysididae, Hymenoptera of the marsh of Blonville sur Mer 14 and of Martot plain 27, Eure Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenopteres Chrysidae Les Hymenop

Strumia, F., 2006:
Chrysis cupratoides Bohart, 1990, a junior synonym of Chrysis cuprata Dahlbom, 1854 Chrysis cupratoides Bohart, 1990, sinonimo di Chrysis cuprata Dahlbom, 1854

Smit, J.; Megens, P., 2001:
Chrysis inaequalis new for the Dutch fauna Hymenoptera Chrysididae Chrysis inaequalis nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Kletecka, Z.; Kuban, V., 2006:
Chrysobothris Chrysobothris leonhardi leonhardi Buprestidae, Coleoptera in Bohemia Chrysobothris Chrysobothris leonhardi leonhardi Buprestidae, Coleoptera v Cechach

Niehuis, M.; Gottwald, S., 1999:
Chrysobothris grancanariae n sp - a new jewel beetle from the Canary Islands Coleoptera Buprestidae Chrysobothris grancanariae n sp - ein neuer Prachtkafer von den Kanarischen Inseln Coleoptera Buprestidae

Tamsier, Jean-Philippe., 1995:
Chrysocarabus auronitens F in Charente Chrysocarabus auronitens F en Charente

Reisdorf, Philippe., 2002:
Chrysocarabus auronitens, sex and hemimelanisation Chrysocarabus auronitens, sexe et hemimelanisation

Bontems, Christian., 1999:
Chrysochloa peneaui David, a mythical insect? Chrysochloa peneaui David, insecte mythique? Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Bontems, Christian., 2002:
Chrysochloa peneaui David the end of a myth Col, Chrysomelidae Chrysochloa peneaui David la fin dun mythe Col, Chrysomelidae

Matocq, Armand., 2001:
Chrysochnoodes bolognai Carapezza, 1994 species and genus new for France Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae Chrysochnoodes bolognai Carapezza, 1994 espece et genre nouveaux pour la France Heteroptera, Miridae, Phylinae

Tami, F.; Tirello, P.; Fontana, P., 2005:
Chrysochraon dispar dispar Germar, 1835, Chorthippus montanus Charpentier, 1825 and Glyptobothrus pullus Philippi, 1830 in Italy Orthoptera Acrididae Chrysochraon dispar dispar Germar, 1835, Chorthippus montanus Charpentier, 1825 e Glyptobothrus pullus Philippi, 1830 in Italia Orthoptera Acrididae

Diaz, MM.; Lorenzo, LE., 1990:
Chrysochromulina parva Lackey Prymnesiophyceae new for South America

Napiorkowska-Kowalik, J.; Gawlowska, J., 2006:
Chrysodeixis chalcites Esper 1789 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Plusiinae a new pest on tomatoes in glasshouses in Poland Chrysodeixis chalcites Esper 1789 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Plusiinae nowy szkodnik pomidorow uprawianych w szklarniach

Schedl, Wolfgang., 2004:
Chrysodeixis-caterpillars as injurious insects in greenhouses of the botanical garden at Innsbruck Insecta Lepidoptera Noctuidae Chrsyodeixis-Raupen als Schaedlinge in Gewaechshaeusern des Botanischen Gartens in Innsbruck Insecta Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Cantot, Pierre., 2000:
Chrysolina Hypericia didymata Scriba in Brenne Chrysolina Hypericia didymata Scriba en Brenne

Bourdonne, Jean-Claude., 1996:
Chrysolina Mimophaedon pourtoyi, new subgenus and new pyrenean endemic species Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Chrysolina Mimophaedon pourtoyi nouveau sous-genre et nouvelle espece, endemique pyreneen Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Kippenberg, H., 2004:
Chrysolina Taeniosticha petitpierrei n sp from the Pyrenees Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Chrysolina Taeniosticha petitpierrei n sp aus den Pyrenaeen Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Kippenberg, Horst., 2003:
Chrysolina atrovirens Frivaldszky - minckwitzi Apfelbeck Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Chrysolina atrovirens Frivaldszky - minckwitzi Apfelbeck Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Bourdonne, Jean-Claude., 2006:
Chrysomela gebleri Dejean? Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae Quest-ce que Chrysomela gebleri Dejean? Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae

Rose, Louis., 1995:
Chrysomela haemoptera Linnaeus Coleoptera Phytophagoidea Chrysomelidae - an invasive coleopteran Chrysomela haemoptera Linnaeus Coleoptera Phytophagoidea Chrysomelidae - un coleoptere envahissant

Seeno, T.; Smith, EH., 1990:
Chrysomela mailing list January 1991

Urban, J., 1997:
Chrysomela vigintipunctata Scop hitherto a little known pest of willows Mandelinka dvacetitecna Chrysomela vigintipunctata Scop - dosud malo Znamy skudce vrb

Bourdonne, Jean-Claude., 1999:
Chrysomelas types of Suffrian belonging to sub-genus Maenadochrysa Bechyne 1950 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Les types de Chrysomela de Suffrian appartenant au sous-genre Maenadochrysa Bechyne 1950 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Rose, Louis., 2002:
Chrysomelid Coleoptera a private collection of Belgian and European species Les coleopteres chrysomelides une collection privee despeces belges et europeennes

Fritz-Kohler, Waltraud., 1996:
Chrysomelid and curculionid beetles associated with arable weeds, their ecology and biogeography in Central Europe, and a study on crop margins not treated with agrochemicals Blatt und Russelkafer an Ackerunkrautern Okologie und Biogeographie in Mitteleuropa und Untersuchungen an ungespritzten Ackerrandstreifen

Scibior, Radoslaw., 2004:
Chrysomelid beetles Coleoptera Chrysomelidae of coniferous forest communities of the Lasy Janowskie Landscape Park Stonkowate Coleoptera Chrysomelidae zbiorowisk borowych Parku Krajobrazowego Lasy Janowskie

Vives i Noguera, E.; Gonzalez Pena, C.F.o., 1999:
Chrysomelid beetles in the Espanol Auque collection part two Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Coleopteros crisomelidos de la coleccion Espanol Auque 2a parte Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Dolezal, Zdenek., 1993:
Chrysomelid beetles of the genus Cryptocephalus in western Bohemia Mandelinky rodu Cryptocephalus v zapadnich Cechach

Gomez-Zurita, J.; Sacares, A.; Petitpierre, E., 1996:
Chrysomelidae Coleoptera from sa Dragonera Chrysomelidae Coleoptera de sa Dragonera

Scibior, Radoslaw., 1999:
Chrysomelidae Coleoptera new to the Lublin Upland and Sandomierz Lowland Stonkowate Coleoptera Chrysomelidae nowe dla Wyzyny Lubelskiej i Niziny Sandomierskiej

Muransky, Peter., 1999:
Chrysomelidae Coleoptera of the inundaceous area of River Danube Liskavky Coleoptera Chrysomelidae inundacneho pasma Dunaja

Mariau, Dominique., 1999:
Chrysomelidae Coleoptera living off oil palm and coconut, and their parasitoids Les coleopteres Chrysomelidae infeodes au palmier a huile et au cocotier et leurs parasitoides

Cantot, P.; Pelletier, J., 2004:
Chrysomelidae and Curculionidae Coleoptera new or rare to the department of Vendee Coleopteres Chrysomelidae et Curculionidae nouveaux ou rares pour le departement de la Vendee

Cabrera, N.; Roig-Junent, S., 1998:
Chrysomelidae and Megalopodidae Chrysomelidae y Megalopodidae

Czerniakowski, Z.W., 2002:
Chrysomelidae beetles on basket willow Salix americana Hoedt plantations Chrzaszcze stonkowate Col, Chrysomelidae na plantacjacj wikliny amerykanki Salix americana Hoedt

Jolivet, P., 1990:
Chrysomelidae feeding on fungi, algae, lichens or bacteria

Sprecher-Uebersax, Eva., 1996:
Chrysomelidae from Nepal in collections of the National Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart Chrysomelidae aus Nepal in den Sammlungen des Staatlichen Museums fur Naturkunde Stuttgart

Baselga, A.; Novoa, F., 2000:
Chrysomelidae of Sierra de Ancares, north-west of Spain Coleoptera Los Chrysomelidae de la Sierra de Ancares, noroeste de la Espana Coleoptera

Warchalowski, Andrzej., 1998:
Chrysomelidae Chrysomelid beetles Insecta Coleoptera Part 6 subfamily Halticinae genera Hermaeophaga - Dibolia Chrysomelidae Stonkowate Insecta Coleoptera Czesc 6 podrodzina Halticinae rodzaje Hermaeophaga - Dibolia

Warchalowski, Andrzej., 2000:
Chrysomelidae Leaf beetles Insecta Coleoptera Part VII subfamilies Halticinae - conclusion, Hispinae and Cassidinae Chrysomelidae Stonkowate Insecta Coleoptera Czesc VII podrodziny Halticinae - zakonczenie, Hispinae i Cassidinae

Weise, J., 1903:
Chrysomeliden und Coccinelliden aus Afrika

Petitpierre, E.; Bastazo, G.; Blasco-Zumeta, J., 2000:
Chrysomelids Coleoptera Chrysomelidae from a Juniperus thurifera L forest in Los Monegros Zaragoza, NE Spain Crisomelidos Coleoptera Chrysomelidae de un sabinar de Juniperus thurifera L en Los Monegros Zaragoza, NE Espana

Garcia-Ocejo, A.; Gurrea, P., 1995:
Chrysomelids Coleoptera Chrysomelidae of Sierra de Guadarrama Central Spain Biogeographic analysis Los crisomelidos Coleoptera Chrysomelidae de la Sierra de Guadarrama Espana Central Analisis biogeografico

Wasowska, Monika., 2001:
Chrysomelids Coleoptera Chrysomelidae of the Bialowieza Forest - the current state of knowledge Stonkowate Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Puszczy Bialowieskiej - stan poznania

Bergeal, M.; Doguet, S.; Ponel, P., 2005:
Chrysomelids of Redon pond Flassans-sur-Issole, Var Chaetocnema scheffleri Kutschera, 1864, a new species for the fauna of France Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelides de letang Redon Flassans-sur-Issole, Var Chaetocnema scheffleri Kutschera, 1864, espece nouvelle pour la faune de France Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Ilie, Aurelian Leonardo., 2002:
Chrysomelids of uncertain status in the Romanian fauna Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelides avec un statut incertain dans la faune de la Roumanie Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Anaya Rosales, Socorro., 1989:
Chrysomelinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae from North and Central America and its associated hosts Crisomelinos Coleoptera Chrysomelidae de Norte y Centroamerica y sus hospederos asociados

Reymond, O.; Straub, F.; Preisig, H.R.dolf., 1998:
Chrysonebula holmesii Lund Chrysophyceae, a species new to Switzerland Chrysonebula holmesii Lund Algue Chrysophyceae, premiere mention pour la Suisse

de Freitas, Sergio., 2003:
Chrysoperla Steinmann, 1964 Neuroptera, Chrysopidae description of a new species from Brazil Chrysoperla Steinmann, 1964 Neuroptera, Chrysopidae descricao de uma nova especie do Brasil

Ziegler, Joachim., 2000:
Chrysoperla carnea - the first insect of the year Die Gruene Florfliege - das erste Insekt des Jahres

Troeger, Ernst Joachim., 2000:
Chrysoperla lucasina Lacroix 1912 - sister species of the lacewing Chrysoperla carnea Stephens 1836 - in south Germany Neuroptera Chrysopidae Chrysoperla lucasina Lacroix 1912 - Schwesterart der Gemeinen Florfliege Chrysoperla carnea Stephens 1836 - in Sueddereutschland Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Canard, Michel., 2003:
Chrysoperla mutata McLachlan, 1898, a new species for Crete and Chios Island, Greece Neuroptera, Chrysopidae Chrysoperla mutata McLachlan, 1898, une espece nouvelle pour la Crete et lile de Chios, Grece Neuropt, Chrysopidae

Pessoa, LGA. de Freitas, S.; Gardim, S.; Rodrigues, KC., 2004:
Chrysoperla raimundoi Freitas Penny Neuroptera Chrysopidae adult reproductive potential in function of the larval alimentation Potencial reprodutivo de adultos de Chrysoperla raimundoi Freitas Penny Neuroptera Chrysopidae em funcao da alimentacao larval

Kristiansen, J.; Vigna, M.S.sana., 2002:
Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Chrysophyceae y Synurophyceae de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Holzel, H.; Ohm, P.; Stelzl, M., 1997:
Chrysopidae from Namibia Neuroptera, Chrysopinae Chrysopidae von Namibia Neuroptera, Chrysopinae

Allashnknrova, H.; Yu., 1970:
Chrysopidae in the orchards of Surkhandarin region

Voicu, MC.; Nagler, K., 1987:
Chrysopidae, Coccinellidae and Syrphidae predation on colonies of Schizaphis graminum Rond damaging wheat cultures in Moldavia

Alexis, Robert., 1995:
Chrysopotosia drumonti, a new cetoniid species from China Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Cetoniidae Chrysopotosia drumonti, nouvelle espece de Cetoniidae de Chine Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Cetoniidae

Quentin, Rene-Michel., 2000:
Chrysops matilei, a new species from Malagassy Diptera, Tabanidae, Chrysopsinae Chrysops matilei, espece nouvelle de Maladagascar Diptera, Tabanidae, Chrysopsinae

Putz, A., 2000:
Chrysosimplocaria jaegeri sp n - the fourteenth species of the genus Chrysosimplocaria Paulus from Nepal Coleoptera Byrrhidae Chrysosimplocaria jaegeri sp n - die vierzehnte Art der Gattung Chrysosimplocaria Paulus aus Nepal Coleoptera Byrrhidae

Theunert, Reiner., 2006:
Chrysura hybrida Lepeletier 1806, Chrysididae - once in Lower Saxony? Chrysura hybrida Lepeletier 1806, Chrysididae, einst in Niedersachsen?

Wickl, Karl-Heinz., 2004:
Chrysura radians Harris, 1776, parasite of Osmia leaiana Kirby, 1802 Hymenoptera Chrysididae, Apidae Chrysura radians Harris, 1776 Parasitoid bei Osmia leaiana Kirby, 1802 Hymenoptera Chrysididae, Apidae

Muster, C.; Lippold, K., 2003:
Chthonius Chthonius alpicola new for Germany Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones Chthonius Chthonius alpicola neu fuer Deutschland Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones

Muster, C., 2004:
Chthonius Ephippiochthonius nidicola - new to Germany Ein Endemit auf Abwegen Chthonius Ephippiochthonius nidicola neu fuer Deutschland Pseudoscorpiones, Chthoniidae

Iorio, Etienne., 2003:
Chthonius Ephippiochthonius tetrachelatus Preyssler, 1790 observed at Liocourt Moselle - 57 Pseudoscorpiones, Epiocheirata, Chthonioidea, Chthoniidae Chthonius Ephippiochthonius tetrachelatus Preyssler, 1790 observe a Liocourt Moselle - 57 Pseudoscorpiones, Epiocheirata, Chthonioidea, Chthoniidae

Amard, Bertrand., 1997:
Chuaria pendjariensis sp n, acritarch from the Volta Basin, Benin and Burkina-Faso, West Africa a new Early Cambrian taxon Chuaria pendjariensis n sp, acritarche du bassin des Volta, Benin et Burkina-Faso, Afrique de lOuest un taxon nouveau du Cambrien inferieur

Teyssedre, B., 2003:
Chuaria, Tawuia, Longfengshania Three classes of Precambrian fossils for the same taxon Chuaria, Tawuia, Longfengshania Trois classes de fossiles precambriens pour un meme taxon

Perrotta, R.G.; Vinas, M.D.; Madirolas, A.O.; Reta, R.; Akselman, R.; Castro Machadol, F.J.; Garciarena, A.; David; Macchi, G.J.; Moriondo Danovaro, P.; Llanos, V.; Urteaga, J.R., 2003 :
Chub mackerel Scomber japonicus distribution in El Rincon area 39 40-41 30 S of the Argentine Sea in relation to environmental conditions September 2000 La caballa Scomber japonicus y las condiciones del ambiente en el area El Rincon 39 40-41 30 S del Mar Argentino Septiembre, 2000

Wolfel, Harry., 1999:
Chuckwallas The genus Sauromalus and care and breeding of Sauromalus obesus Chuckwallas Die Gattung Sauromalus sowie Haltung und Vermehrung von Sauromalus obesus

Turdakov, F.A.; Piskarev, K.V., 1955:
Chuisk gudgeon

Smole, Jakob., 2002:
Chukar Turska kotorna Alectoris chukar

Sun, Y.C.Chang, W.T., 1937:
Chungyang Yenchiu tichih Yenchiuso Tsung Kan No 6 1937

Hartung, Bernd., 2002:
Churchgoers - a programme for Saxony Kirchgaenger - ein saechsisches Programm

Smirnov, N.N., 1971:
Chydoridae of the world fauna 1-531, 658 figs

Withers, P.; Allemand, R., 1998:
Chymomyza amoena Loew, a new drosophilid for France Diptera, Drosophilidae Chymomyza amoena Loew, drosophile nouvelle pour la France Diptera Drosophilidae

Ohst, T.; Ploetner, J.; Mutschmann, F.; Graeser, Y., 2006:
Chytridiomycosis - does an infectious disease cause global amphibian decline? Chytridiomykose - eine Infektionskrankheit als Ursache des globalen Amphibiensterbens? Dr sc Rainer Guenther zu seinem 65 Geburtstag gewidmet

Mutschmann, F.; Berger, L.; Zwart, P.; Gaedicke, C., 2000:
Chytridiomycosis on amphibians - first report from Europe Chytridiomykose bei Amphibien - erstmaliger Nachweis fuer Europa

Oevermann, A.; Schildger, B.; Feldman, S.; Robert, N., 2005:
Chytridiomykosis in amphibians Dyscophus antongilii in Switzerland Chytridiomykose bei Tomatenfroeschen Dyscophus antongilii in der Schweiz

Gacsi, M.; Banfalvi, G., 2001:
Cianide detoxification based on the survival of fishes Cianid meregtelenites hatasanak merese halakon

Bajrjamova, VK., 1990:
Cicada Insecta, Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha from Vitosa

Terradas, Ignasi., 1999:
Cicada and the rhythm of being Symbolism of cicadas of the Andaman islands India with a comparison focused on the Mediterranean countries Les cigales et le rythme des jours La symbolique cicadeenne des iles Andaman Inde avec une comparison centree sur celle des Pays mediterraneens

Genov, P.V.; Massei, G., 1997:
Cicada larvae Cicada orni in the diet of the wild boar Sus scrofa preliminary observations Larve di cicala Cicada orni nella dieta del cinghiale Sus scrofa dati preliminari

Frohlich, W., 1996:
Cicada records from the Neusiedler Lake area Austria, Burgenland and surrounding areas Insecta Auchenorrhyncha Zikaden-Nachweise aus dem Gebiet des Neusiedler Sees Osterreich, Burgenland und aus angrenzenden Gebieten Insecta Auchenorrhyncha

Sueur, Jerome., 2002:
Cicada sound production History of pioneering studies Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Cicadidae Les manifestations sonores des cigales Historique des etudes pionnieres Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Cicadidae

Greve, L., 1971:
Cicada- Issus coleoptratus for the first time from Westland

Boulard, M., 2006:
Cicadalna takensis, n gen, n sp discovered in northwestern Thailand Rhynchota, Cicadidae Cicadalna takensis, nouvelle espece dun genre nouveau decouverte en Thailande du Nord Rhynchota, Cicadidae

Hildebrandt, Joern., 1999:
Cicadas Auchenorrhyncha in reed beds of a brackish area - an example from the Weser estuary Einswarder area, south of Bremerhaven, north west Germany Zikaden Auchenorrhyncha in Schilfroehrichten des Brackwasserbereichs - ein Beispiel aus der Wesermuendung Einswarder Plate, suedlich Bremerhaven, Nordwestdeutschland

Cloos, T.; Remane, R., 2006:
Cicadas Auchenorrhyncha of Halberg, Neumorschen North Hesse, Fulda Valley Die Zikaden Auchenorrhyncha des Halberg bei Neumorschen Nordhessen, Fuldatal

Jansky, Vladimir., 2001:
Cicadas Auchenorrhyncha of the Nature Reserve Rojkovske raselinisko peatbog Cikady Auchenorrhyncha Prirodnej rezervacie Rojkovske raselinisko

Okali, I.; Jansky, V., 1998:
Cicadas Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadidae of Slovakia Cikadovite Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadidae Slovenska

Martinelli, N.M.; Zucchi, R.A., 1997:
Cicadas Hemiptera Cicadidae Tibicinidae on coffee plants distribution, hosts and key to species Cigarras Hemiptera Cicadidae Tibicinidae associadas ao cafeeiro distribuicao, hospedeiros e chave para as especies

Thues, Holger., 2002:
Cicadas Homoptera/Auchenorrrhyncha in the City of Mainz Zikaden Homoptera/Auchenorrhyncha im Mainzer Stadtgebiet

Sivtsev, VV., 2002:
Cicadas Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha of Yakutia Tsikadovye Homoptera, Auchenorrhynch Iakutii

Achtziger, R.; Nickel, H., 1997:
Cicadas as bioindicators for conservation success controls in wet meadowland Zikaden als Bioindikatoren fur naturschutzfachliche Erfolgskontrollen im Feuchtgrunland

Kysela, E., 2002:
Cicadas as jewellery and as a part of costume in Roman Imperial and Migration Period Zikaden als Schmuck- und Trachtbestandteil in Roemischer Kaiserzeit und Voelkerwanderungszeit

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Cicadas harmful to agriculture 1st part Les cicadelles nuisibles a lagriculture 1ere partie

Boitier, E.; Brugel, E., 2006:
Cicadas in Auvergne data summary Hemiptera Cicadidae Les cigales en Auvergne un essai de synthese des connaissances Hemiptera Cicadidae

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Cicadas in mythology, art and folklore Zikaden in Mythologie, Kunst und Folklore

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Cicadas in the culture of Vietnam from biology to culinary, medicinal and symbolic usage Les cigales dans la culture vietnamienne de la biologie aux usages culinaires, medicinaux et symboliques

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Cicadas of the Burgenland Austria Insecta Homoptera, Cicadoidea Die Singzikaden des Burgenlandes Oesterreich Insecta Homoptera, Cicadoidea

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Cicadas studies and observations Zikaden kennenlernen - beobachten

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Cicadelinae on citrus plants affected by CVC in the Argentine Republic Insecta Homoptera Cicadellidae Cicadelinos asociados a citrus afectados por clorosis variegada CVC en la Republica Argentina Insecta Homoptera Cicadellidae

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Cicadellidae Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha associated to citrus infected by the variegated chlorosis virus of citrus CVC in Montecarlo, Misiones province, Republic Argentina Cicadelidos asociados a citrus afectados por la clorosis variegada de los citrus CVC en Montecarlo, Misiones, Republica Argentina Hemiptera Auchenorryncha

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Cicadellidae Homoptera reported from Peru 2 Iassinae, Gyponinae and Cicadellinae Cicadellidae Homoptera registrados para el Peru 2 Iassinae, Gyponinae y Cicadellinae

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Cicadellidae from the Lebanon Description of two new species Laminacutus n g libanensis n sp and Nanosius alisonae n sp Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Cicadellidae Cicadellidae du Liban Description de deux nouveaux taxons Laminacutus n g libanensis n sp et Nanosius alisonae n sp Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Cicadellidae

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Cicadellidae of the forests of Etna Hemiptera, Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha

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Cicadellidae type specimens preserved in the collection of the Museum National dHistoire Naturelle, Paris Hemiptera Especimenes tipo de Cicadellidae en la coleccion del Museum National dHistoire Naturelle, Paris Hemiptera

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Cicadellids of the Proconiini tribe Homoptera Cicadellidae associated with citrus in Tamaulipas, Mexico Chicharritas de la tribu proconiini Homoptera Cicadellidae asociadas a citricos en Tamaulipas, Mexico

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Cicades of Germany identification keys for all species Die Zikaden Deutschlands Bestimmungstafeln fuer alle Arten

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Cicadetta cerdaniensis, the twin species of Cicadetta montana as deduced by acoustics Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadidae, Tibicininae Cicadetta cerdaniensis, espece jumelle de Cicadetta montana decryptee par lacoustique Auchenorhyncha Cicadetta cerdaniensis, espece jumelle de Cicadetta montana decryptee par lacoustique Auchenorhyncha Cicadetta cerdaniensis, espece jumelle de Cicadetta montana decryptee par lacoustique Auchenorhyncha Cicadetta cerdaniensis, espece jumelle de Cicadetta montan

Niehuis, M.; Weitzel, M., 1996:
Cicadetta montana in Rhineland-Palatinate Insecta Homoptera Cicadina Die Bergzikade Cicadetta montana in Rheinland-Pfalz Insecta Homoptera Cicadina

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Cicadidae Homoptera-Auchenorrhyncha from the region of a future accumulation lake at the Iron Gates

Cantoreanu, M., 1968:
Cicadidae species Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha new for the Romanian fauna

Korolevskaya, LL., 1974:
Cicadoidea of the family Dictyopharidae from Tadzhikistan

Duborsku, GK.; Turgunov, M., 1973:
Cicedas of Zaamin mountain forest reserve

Teuscher, Jens., 2001:
Cichla temensis - no worries about large fish Cichla temensis - keine Angst vor grossen Fischen

Rican, O.; Novak, J., 2003:
Cichlasoma Cichlasoma and Heroina imports of South American cichlids - Cichlidae 14 Cichlasoma Cichlasoma a Heroina importy kanciku poctvrte - kancici 14

Blom, Ilona., 2002:
Cichlasoma Amphilophus festae, the beautiful destroyer Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma Amphilophus festea Cichlasoma

Werner, Uwe., 1997:
Cichlasoma beani A little known cichlid from the Pacific coast of Mexico Cichlasoma beani Ein wenig bekannter Buntbarsch von der pazifischen Seite Mexikos

Sesselmann, Uwe., 1995:
Cichlasoma cf guttulatum Vieja cf guttulata, a gentle large cichlid from Guatemala Cichlasoma cf guttulatum Vieja cf guttulata, ein sanfter Grosscichlide aus Guatemala

Sesselmann, Uwe., 1995:
Cichlasoma loisellei Bussing, 1989 - in fashion again? Cichlasoma loisellei Bussing, 1989 - schon wieder aus der Mode?

Rieke, Rene., 1994:
Cichlasoma managuense - an outsider in the aquarium? Cichlasoma managuense - ein Aussenseiter in der Aquaristik?

Urriola Hernandez, M.L.; Cabrera Pena, J., 1998:
Cichlasoma managuense and Oreochromis niloticus Pisces Cichlidae in Anton Valley, Cocle Province, Panama Cichlasoma managuense y Oreochromis niloticus Pisces Cichlidae en el Valle de Anton, provincia Cocle, Panama

Werner, Uwe., 1996:
Cichlasoma minckleyi Comments on species status, ecology and care in aquaria Cichlasoma minckleyi Anmerkungen zum Artstatus, zur Okologie und zur Aquarienpflege

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Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum and its colour forms Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum und seine Farbformen

Tobler, Michi., 2001:
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum A cichlid conquers the world Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum Ein Buntbarsch erobert die Welt

Nieder, J.; Nieder, M., 2001:
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum Is it worth the effort? Comments on parental investment of the Central American zebra or green finned cichlid Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum Lohnt sich der Aufwand? Anmerkungen zum Elterninvestment beim mittelamerikanischen Zebra- oder Gruenflossenbuntbarsch

Keijman, MCW., 2001:
Cichlasoma nourissati, an interesting geophagist from Central America Cichlasoma nourissati, een interessante aardeter uit Midden-Amerika

Courvoisier-Clement, Freddy., 2005:
Cichlasoma octofasciatum, the Jack Dempsey Cichlasoma octofasciatum, le Jack Dempsey

Casciotta, J.; Koerber, S.; Stawikowski, R., 2003:
Cichlasoma tembe A cichlid new to the aquarium, from Misiones Cichlasoma tembe Ein aquaristisch neuer Chanchito aus Misiones

Krahnefeld, L.; Schindler, I., 2005:
Cichlasoma, Amphilophus or Astatheros? Cichlasoma, Amphilophus oder Astatheros?

Buchhauser, Peter., 2000:
Cichlid biotopes in South Mexico Cichlidenbiotope in Suedmexiko

Seehausen, Ole. van der Bijl, Henk., 1999:
Cichlid diversity threatened by eutrophication which influences partner choice Cichliden-diversiteit bedreigd door eutrofiering die partnerkeuze beinvloedt

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Cichlid pairs Paare bei Cichliden

de Santana, Reinaldo Ribeiro., 2000:
Cichlidae Os ciclideos

Rican, O.; Novak, J., 2002:
Cichlids 2 Kancici 2

Rican, O.; Novak, J., 2002:
Cichlids 3 Kancici 3

Rican, O.; Novak, J., 2003:
Cichlids 7 Kancici 7

Van der Jeught, Walter., 2005:
Cichlids for beginners Cichliden voor beginners

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2006:
Cichlids from A to Z Geophagus winemilleri Lopez-Fernandez Taphorn, 2004 Cichliden von A bis Z Geophagus winemilleri Lopez-Fernandez Taphorn, 2004

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Cichlids from Lake Victoria Haplochromis sp red breast Cichliden aus dem Viktoriasee Haplochromis sp Rotbrust

Riexinger, Sibet., 1995:
Cichlids from Lake Victoria Is sponsorship a significant action? Buntbarsche des Viktoriasees Ist eine Patenschaftsaktion sinnvoll?

Kaufman, L.; Seehausen, O., 1995:
Cichlids from other lakes in Lake Victoria basin Cichliden aus anderen Seen des Viktoriasee-Beckens

Seehausen, Ole., 1995:
Cichlids from the Tanzanian coast of Lake Victoria Cichliden von der tansanischen Viktoriasee-Kuste

Kaufman, L.; Seehausen, O., 1995:
Cichlids from the Ugandan and Kenyan coast of Lake Victoria Cichliden von den ugandischen und der kenianischen Viktoriaseekuste

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Cichlids from the depths of Lake Tanganyika Cichliden aus der Tiefe des Tanganjikasees

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Cichlids in Lake Malawi Explosive development of species in the evolutionary laboratory Siklidene i Malawisjoen Eksplosiv artdannelse i et evolusjonens laboratorium

Buescher, Heinz H., 2002:
Cichlids in Lake Tanganyika what do they naturally eat? Final part Cichliden im Tanganjikasee was fressen sie in der Natur? Schluss

Buescher, Heinz H., 2002:
Cichlids in Lake Tanganyika what is their natural diet? Part 1 Cichliden im Tanganyikasee was fressen sie in der Natur? Teil 1

Suttner, Rudolf., 1995:
Cichlids in a community tank Cichliden im Gesellschaftsbecken

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Cichlids in science and their systematics Les Cichlides dans la Science et leur systematique

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Cichlids of the biosphere reservation of Dimonika Mayombe, Congo, with description of two new Chromidotilapia species Teleostei, Perciformes Zur Cichlidenfauna des Biospharenreservats von Dimonika Mayombe, Kongo, mit Beschreibung zweier neuer Chromidotilapia-Arten Teleostei, Perciformes

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Cichlids of the genus Dimidiochromis Les cichlides du genre Dimidiochromis

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Cichlids of the genus Julidochromis with special reference to Julidochromis marlieri 2 Cichlidky rodu Julidochromis se zvlastnim zretelem k Julidochromis marlieri 2

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Cichlids that time left behind 11 Ryby, ktere odval cas 11

Schmida, Gunther., 1998:
Cichlids they are not The grunts of Australia Cichliden sind sie nicht die Grunzbarsche Australiens

Meyer, Manfred K., 1997:
Cichlids Lithophilous species of the genus Aulonocara Kaiserbuntbarsche Lithophile Arten der Gattung Aulonocara

Deutschen Cichliden-Gesellschaft Deutschen Cichliden-Gesellschaft., 1995 :
Cichlids Commemorative publication for the 25 year jubilee of the DCG Cichliden Festschrift zum 25jahrigen Jubilaum der DCG

Mocek, Bohuslav., 1995:
Cicindela arenaria Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cicindelini, second record in eastern Czech Republic Vyskyt sviznika Cicindela arenaria Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cicindelini na druhotnem stanovisti ve vychodnich Cechach

Richoux, P.; Dheurle, C.; Vaucel, G., 1997:
Cicindela sylvicola, species always present in eastern France Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Cicindela sylvicola Dejean, 1822, une espece bien etablie dans lest de la France Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

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Cicindelid beetles Coleoptera Cicindelidae from Guinea-Bissau faunistics, ecology and distribution Coleopteres cicindellides Coleoptera Cicindelidae de Guinee-Bissau faunistique, ecologie et distribution

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Cicindelidae and the coast biogeography and conservation studies on Cicindela, CXIX Le cicindele e le coste biogeografia e conservazione Studi sui Cicindelidi, CXIX

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Cicindelids Coleoptera Cicindelidae from Alicante Province Las cicindelas Coleoptera Cicindelidae de la provincia de Alicante

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Ciclo biologico de Premnotrypes latithorax, bajo condiciones de laboratorio, en el Cusco

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Ciclo biologico y habitos de Agrotis deprivata Walker

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Ciclo de vida de Saccocoelioides tarpazensis n sp Trematoda Haploporidae

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Ciclo reproductivo del murcielago Carollia perspicillata en el campo

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Ciclo reproductivo gonadal de una poblacion de trucha arco iris, Oncorhynchus mykiss, de la zona central de Chile

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Ciclos biologicos de celenterados litorales 4 La validez de Obelia longissima Pallas 1766 Leptomedusae Campanulariidae

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Cicodas of vegetable and fruit cultivations in central Tadzhikistan

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Cicodid pests of cultivations in south Uzbekistan

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Cicodinea fauna from Khorezma and Karakalpak

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Ciconia ciconia at the zoo in Olomouc

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Ciconia ciconia in the east part of Western Bieszczady Mts and Sanocko-Turczanskie Mts in 1980-1995 Bocian bialy Ciconia ciconia we wschodniej czesci Bieszczadow Zachodnich i Gor Sanocko-Turczanskich w latach 1980-1995

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Ciconia inventory and index of the volumes 15 to 24 1991-2000 Ciconia repertoire et index des volumes 15 a 24 1991-2000

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Ciconiiform birds breeding in Bhavnagar City, Gujarat a study of their nesting and plea for conservation

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Ciconiiformes in the Louny region Brodivi ptaci na okrese Louny

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Cicurina japonica Araneae - a dictynid spider introduced into Central Europe Cicurina japonica Araneae Dictynidae - eine nach Mitteleuropa eingeschleppte Kraeuselspinnenart

Leseigneur, Lucien., 2004:
Cidnopus marginellus Perris, 1864 Coleoptera, Elateridae, a new species for the French fauna Cidnopus marginellus subsp brusteli nov Cidnopus marginellus Perris, 1864 Coleoptera, Elateridae, espece nouvelle pour la faune de France Cidnopus marginellus subsp brusteli nov

Borowiec, Lech., 1997:
Cidnopus ruzenae Laibner, 1977 Coleoptera Elateridae, new to the Polish fauna Cidnopus ruzenae Laibner, 1977 Coleoptera Elateridae, gatunek nowy dla fauny Polski

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Ciguatera - when a fish meal becomes dangerous Ciguatera - wenn eine Fischmahlzeit gefaehrlich wird

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Cikadas Auchenorrhyncha as the objects of insect distribution mapping Cikades Auchenorrhyncha ka kukainu izplates kartesanas objekti

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Cilantro dwarf; a new disease caused by the nematode Rotylenchulus reniformis O nanismo do coentro, uma nova doenca causada pelo nematoide Rotylenchulus reniformis

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Ciliary responses of Paramecium to the external application of various chemicals under different ionic conditions

Rustige, Karl Heinz., 1998:
Ciliate and macrozoobenthos colonization of the river Johannis and Aa with various sparobic loading East Westphalia Ciliaten- und Makrozoenbesiedlung bei unterschiedlicher saprobieller Belastung im Johannisbach und in der Aa Ostwestfalen

Elloumi, J.; Ayadi, H.; Carrias, J.-Francois; Sime-Ngando, T.; Bouain, A.; Boukhris, M., 2004:
Ciliate protozoan dynamics in two contrasting basins of Sfax salt marsh Tunisia Dynamique des protozoares cilies dans deux bassins contrastes de la Saline de Sfax Tunisie

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Ciliate protozoans from the digestive system of some herbivores Protozoaires cilies du systeme digestif de quelques herbivores

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Ciliate protozoans in the salt marsh of Sfax Tunisia importance of the microbial loop in the trophic chains of this ecosystem Les protozoaires cilies dans la saline de Sfax Tunisie importance de la boucle microbienne dans les chaines trophiques de cet ecosysteme

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Ciliated Protozoa Ciliophora in dead arm of Danube in Cicov Slovakia Nalevniky Ciliophora mrtveho ramena Dunaja v Cicove

Tirjako, E., 2001:
Ciliated Protozoa Ciliophora of some localities in the High Tatras Mts Slovakia Nalevniky Ciliophora niektorych lokalit vo Vysokych Tatrach

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Ciliatenfauna im Humus einiger ungarischen Laubund Nadelholzwalder

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Ciliates Ciliophora from the dry mosses of Bratislava Slovakia Nalevniky Ciliophora suchych machov Bratislavy

Andelova, K.; Tirjakova, E., 2000:
Ciliates Ciliophora of the underlying moss-covered stratum on the region of Bratislava city Nalevniky Ciliophora podlozia machovych zarastov na Uzemi Bratislavy

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Ciliates Protista Ciliophora in gills of Artemesia longinaris and Pleoticus muelleri Crustacea, Decapoda Ciliados Protista Ciliophora en branquias de Artemesia longinaris y Pleoticus muelleri Crustacea Decapoda

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Ciliates Protozoa in primary dunes Ciliaten Protozoa in Primardunen

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Ciliates stentors from the waters of the Palatinate Trompetentiere Stentoren aus pfalzischen Gewassern

Ngassam, P.; Grain, J., 1998:
Ciliates Hysterocinetidae of the genera Amieta and Thurstonia description of four species, three of them are new, endocommensal of the oligochaete worm Alma nilotica Cilies Hysterocinetidae des genres Amieta et Thurstonia description de 4 especes, dont 3 nouvelles, endocommensales de loligochete Alma nilotica

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Ciliates building cases on Gammarus and Asellus species Gehausebildende Ciliaten auf Gammarus- und Asellus-Arten

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Ciliates diversity comparison in biodiscs reactors fed with industrial wastewaters Comparacion de la diversidad de ciliados en reactores de biodiscos que depuran aguas residuales industriales

Blatterer, Hubert., 1994:
Ciliates from flowing waters in Upper Austria with special consideration of southern Inn-Zubringer Die Ciliaten oberosterreichischer Fliessgewasser mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der sudlichen Inn-Zubringer

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Ciliates from sea-urchins in the region of Yantai and the geographical distribution of ciliates from Pacific sea-urchins

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Ciliates of the areas of reduced salinity in White Sea

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Ciliates present in the stomach chambers of bovines Ciliados nas cavidades do estomago de bovinos

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Ciliellopsis oglasae, a new hygromid from Montecristo Island Tuscan Archipelago, Italy Pulmonata Helicoidea

Ax, P., 1952:
Ciliopharyngiella inter-media nov gen now spec, Reprasen-tant einer neuen Turbellarien-Familie des marinen Mesopsammon

Valer, Rita Maria., 1999:
Ciliophora Protista in soils from Rio Grande do Sul morfological , taxonomical and ecological features of Class Polyhymenophora Ocorrencia de onze especies de protistas Ciliophora-Polyhymenophora em solos do Rio Grande do Sul aspectos morfologicos, taxonomicos e ecologicos

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Ciliophora in the database of Slovak fauna Nalevniky Ciliophora v databanke fauny Slovenska

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Ciliophora of the National Nature Reserve Rozsutec National Park Mala Fatra Mountains Nalevniky Ciliophora NPR Rozsutec NP Mala Fatra

Tirjakova, Eva., 1997:
Ciliophora of the spring area below the Velky Javornik Nalevniky Ciliophora prameniska pod Velkym Javornikom

Perez De-Gregorio, J.J.aquin.; Rondos Casas, M., 2004:
Cilix hispanica Perez De-Gregorio, Jeremias, Requena, Rondos Vallhonrat, 2002, a new species of Drepanidae from the Asturias fauna Lepidoptera Drepanidae Drepaninae Cilix hispanica Perez De-Gregorio, Jeremias, Requena, Rondos Vallhonrat, 2002, Drepanidae nuevo para la fauna asturiana Lepidoptera Drepanidae Drepaninae

Mazel, R.; Ylla, J.; Macia, R., 2002:
Cilix hispanica Perez de-Gregorio et al, 2002, a notable morphocryptic species new for the fauna of France Lepidoptera, Drepanidae Cilix hispanica Perez de-Gregorio et al, 2002 remarquable espece morphocryptique nouvelle pour la faune de France Lepidoptera, Drepanidae

Perez De-Gregorio, J.J.aquin.; Jeremias Torruella, X.; Requena Miret, E.; Rondos Casas, M.; Vallhonrat i Figueras, F., 2002:
Cilix hispanica sp n, a new species of Drepanidae from the Ibero-balearic fauna Lepidoptera Drepanidae Drepaninae Cilix hispanica sp n, nuevo Drepanidae para la fauna Ibero-balear Lepidoptera Drepanidae Drepaninae

Schwarz, M., 2000:
Cimbicidae Hymenoptera, Symphyta of Upper Austria Austria Die Keulhornblattwespen Oberosterreichs Osterreich Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Cimbicidae

Calzada, Sebastian., 1997:
Cimolitopsis, a new genus of Cretaceous gastropods Cimolitopsis, nuevo genero de gasteropodo cretacico

Scheurer, S.; Funke, M.; Waurick, M., 2004:
Cinara curvipes PATCH Sternorrhyncha, Lachnidae - new results on morphs and biology of this bark aphid species that feeds mostly on Abies grandis and A concolor in Central Europe Cinara curvipes PATCH Sternorrhyncha, Lachnidae - neue Erkenntnisse ueber Morphen und Biologie dieser in Mitteleuropa vorwiegend auf Abies grandis und A concolor saugenden Rindenlaus

Thaler, E.; Stabinger, S., 1997:
Cinclus cinclus cinclus in the Alpenzoo Innsbruck Part 1 Wasseramseln im Alpenzoo Innsbruck 1 Teil

Thaler, E.; Stabinger, S., 1997:
Cinclus cinclus cinclus in the Alpenzoo, Innsbruck Wasseramseln in Alpenzoo Innsbruck Cinclus cinclus cinclus

Blick, T.; Kleinhenz, A.; Buchs, W., 1994:
Cinetata gradata Araneae Linyphiidae from a field in north Germany - with details on distribution Cinetata gradata Araneae Linyphiidae auf einem Acker in Norddeutschland - mit Angaben zur Verbreitung

Adams, KJ., 1990:
Circadian clock control of an ultradian rhythm in Euglena gracilis

Lin, K.-Lung.; Huang, B.-Quey., 1998:
Circadian locomotor activity and behavioural responses to amino acids in juvenile Japanese croaker, Argyrosomus japonicus Circadian locomotor activity and behavioural responses to amino acids in juvenile Japanese croaker, Argyrosomus japonicus

Kumar, A.; Pandey, BN.; Kamara, A.; Perween, R., 1990:
Circadian rhythm in biochemical composition of a siluroid fish Clarias batrachus Linn

Fuchs, Manfred., 1996:
Circadian rhythm of cockroaches Observations facilitate identification Tagesrhythmik bei Schaben Beobachtungen erleichtern die Zuordnung

Nowinszky, L.; Puskas, J.; Toth, G., 2000:
Circadian rhythm of light trapping of turnip moth Scotia segetum Schiff and fall webworm moth Hyphantria cunea Drury A vetesi bagolylepke Scotia segetum Schiff es az amerikai feher medvelepke Hyphantria cunea Drury fenyre repulesenek cirkadian ritmusa

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