Ciliates Hysterocinetidae of the genera Amieta and Thurstonia description of four species, three of them are new, endocommensal of the oligochaete worm Alma nilotica Cilies Hysterocinetidae des genres Amieta et Thurstonia description de 4 especes, dont 3 nouvelles, endocommensales de loligochete Alma nilotica

Ngassam, P.; Grain, J.

Annales des Sciences Naturelles Zoologie et Biologie Animale. avril-juin; 192: 73-79


Accession: 038072691

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The four described species of Ciliates Hysterocinetidae are commensal of the digestive tract of Alma nilotica (Oligochaete Glossoscolecidae, from Cameroons). They have in common a sucker with two posterior lips separated by a space in which anterior extremities of a few somatic kinetics enter. The sucker is devoid of cytoskeletal fibers. Three species are new, two of which belong to the new genus Amieta (A. prolifera, A. rotundus); the third belongs to the genus Thurstonia (T. almae). The species T. kaczanowskii is redescribed. The genus Amieta differs from Thurstonia in its ovoid shape, symmetrical aspect of the sucker and transversal position of the macronucleus.