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Identification of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Nira (Co 86032) - a new variety of sugarcane for Maharashtra
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
An assessment of water quality of river ganga at garhmukteshwar ghaziabad uttar pradesh india
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Studies on feeding of tapioca thippi (tapioca or cassava starch waste) to swine
Effects of drum rolling on yield of summer groundnut
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Influence of a decision analysis model on selection of drug therapy
Comparative performance of West Coast Tall and Lakshadweep Ordinary cultivars of coconut
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Cellars as hibernation sites for bats
Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings
The Bangla adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination (BAMSE): An instrument to assess cognitive function in illiterate and literate individuals
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Gymnosperms of Sikkim, India
The great Coalinga cricket invasion
Psoriasis: correlation between severity index (PASI) and quality of life index (DLQI) in patients assessed before and after systemic treatment
Real-time PCR assays for the specific detection of monkeypox virus West African and Congo Basin strain DNA
Classification of fermented foods: worldwide review of household fermentation techniques
The biology of human starvation: some new insights

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38074

Chapter 38074 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Circadian rhythm of the respiratory rate of Tetragonisca angustula fiebrigi Schwarz, T a angustula Latreille and Trigona spinipes Fabricius Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae Ritmo circadio da taxa respiratoria de Tetragonisca angustula fiebrigi Schwarz, T a angustula Latreille e Trigona spinipes Fabricius Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia. dezembro; 214: 987-993 (2004)

Circadian rhythmicity of type 2 thyroxine 51-deiodinase activity in the pineal gland of various rodents
, Advances in Pineal Research 4: 91-97 (1990)

Circadian rhythms of spiders Arachnida Araneae in herbaceous vegetation in the central Po Valley Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni Aracnida Ritmo circadiano di ragni A
, Pianura 10: 27-41 (1998)

Circadian rhythms formal, functional and adaptive aspects I ritmi circadiani aspetti formali, funzionali e adattativi
, Contributi del Centro Linceo Interdisciplinare 'Beniamino Segre': 99: 79-93 (1999)

Circadian variability of catch rate and size structure for shrimp and fish bycatch from Colombian Caribbean trawl fishery Variabilidad circadiana de la tasa de captura y la estructura de tallas en camarones e ictiofauna acompanante en la pesqueria de arrastre del Mar Caribe de Colombia
, Investigaciones Marinas Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. mayo; 341: 23-42 (2006)

Circadian variation of Spilotes pullatus Colubridae Variacoes circadianas em Spilotes pullatus Colubridae
, Biotemas. dezembro; 194: 49-53 (2006)

Circling flight at fast directional changes in the lesser house fly, Fannia canicularis Diptera Fanniidae Patrouillenflug mit scharfen Richtungsanderungen bei der Kleinen Stubenfliege, Fannia canicularis Diptera Fanniidae
, Entomologia Generalis 242: 137-143 (1999)

Circovirus infections in budgerigars - case reports of a complex disease Ueber Circovirus-Infektionen der Wellensittiche - Fallbeispiele einer komplexen Erkrankung
, Kleintierpraxis 47(9): 541-544; 546-548 (2002)

Circuitos las Yungas
, Nuestras Aves 22: 25-26 (1990)

Circulating immune complexes and IgA gliadin antibodies in the serum of marmosets at the German Primate Center Hohe Level zirkulierender IgA-Immunkomplexe und IgA-Gliadinantikorper bei Krallenaffen des Deutschen Primatenzentrums
, Erkrankungen der Zootiere 38: 243-251 (1997)

Circumstances of bay use by anatids Modalite dutilisation de la baie par les anatides
, Penn ar Bed (Brest). Juin; 169: 11-16 (1998)

Circus cyaneus
, Ziva 386: 280-281 (1990)

Cirl bunting Emberiza cirlus and crossbill Loxia curvirostra are new species in Obedska Bara ornithofauna Crnogrla strnadica Emberiza cirlus i krstokljun Loxia curvirostra - nove vrste u fauni ptica Obedske bare
, Ciconia (Novi Sad): 7: 128-129 (1998)

Cirl bunting Emberiza cirlus in Belgrade Crnogrla strnadica Emberiza cirlus u Beogradu
, Ciconia (Novi Sad): 7: 130-131 (1998)

Cirl bunting at Hoogerheide in March 1995 Cirlgors te Hoogerheide in maart 1995
, Dutch Birding 181: 16-17 (1996)

Cirratulidae Annelida Polychaeta of the eastern coast of Venezuela Cirratulidae Annelida Polychaeta de la costa oriental de Venezuela
, Boletin del Instituto Oceanografico de Venezuela Universidad de Oriente 43(1-2): 3-10 (2004)

Cirripedes barnacles, Crustacea from the Lower and Upper Oligocene of northern Germany Cirripedier Rankenfuesser, Crustacea im Unter- und Oberoligozaen von Norddeutschland
, Geschiebe-Sammler. Juni; 332: 59-67 (2000)

Cirripedes Pyrgomatidae actuels et fossiles dOranie Algerie
, Revue de Paleobiologie 91: 37-47 (1990)

Cirripedes of the north-west of France palaeobiological indicators in the Neogene of the Atlantic realm Les cirripedes du nord-ouest de la France marqueurs paleobiologiques du Neogene du domaine atlantique
, Geologie de la France 3: 56-59 (1996)

Cirripedia Thoracica of the American north west Atlantic
, Trudy Instituta Okeanologii Imeni P. P. Sirsova 100: 233-258 (1975)

Cirripedia Thoracica of the Seas of the USSR
, Fauna Rossii NS, 696: 1 (1957)

Cirripedia from the middle Devonian of the Southern Siberia
, CR Acad Sci URSS: 1006: 1161-1162 (1955)

Cirripedia, Thoracica in the Chesh mouth of the Barents Sea
, Trudy Murmanskogo Biologicheskogo Instituta 17: 36-48 (1968)

Cirsonella ameliae n sp, microgastropod from the Upper Pliocene bathyal communities Cirsonella ameliae n sp, microgasteropodo delle comunita batiali del Pliocene superiore Gastropoda Archaeogastropoda Skeneidae
, Quaderno di Studi e Notizie di Storia Naturale della Romagna. Dicembre; 10: 1-8 (1998)

, Astrachani Trav lab ichth 3(4): 1-28: 31-82 (1915)

Cis linearis J Sahlberg, 1901 and Cis pseudolinearis Lohse, 1965 Coleoptera Ciidae - a new to the Polish fauna beetle species Cis linearis J Sahlberg, 1901 i Cis pseudolinearis Lohse, 1965 Coleoptera Ciidae - nowe dla fauny Polski gatunki chrzaszczy
, Wiadomosci Entomologiczne 212: 97-101 (2002)

Cis lucasi Abeille de Perrin, 1874 Coleoptera Ciidae - beetle species new to the Polish fauna Cis lucasi Abeille de Perrin, 1874 - nowy dla fauny Polski gatunek chrzaszcza Coleoptera Ciidae
, Acta Entomologica Silesiana 2001- July 31; 9-10: 67-68 (2002)

Cis vestitus Mellie, 1849 Coleoptera Ciidae, new to the Polish fauna Cis vestitus Mellie, 1849 Coleoptera Ciidae, nowy dla fauny Polski
, Wiadomosci Entomologiczne 17(3-4): 197 (1999)

Cismar is located near the Baltic Sea Cismar liegt in der Nahe der Ostsee
, Club Conchylia Informationen 28(5-6): 35-39 (1996)

Cisteine proteinases in the Boophilus microplus ovary Cisteino proteinasas en el ovario de Boophilus microplus
, Acarologia (Paris). Septembre; 433: 239-247 (2003)

Cisticola floweri sp n, Cinnyris zenobia burnensis and Calandrella minor aharonii subspp n described
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 27 12-13 (1910)

Cisticola kala-hari sp n described
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 25 121-122 (1910)

Cistos de Echinococcus vogeli em figado de paca Cuniculus paca originaria do Estado do Acre, Brasil
, Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical 233: 153-155 (1990)

Cisurgus ragusae Reitter, 1906, new species for the French fauna Coleoptera, Scolytidae Cisurgus ragusae Reitter, 1906, espece nouvelle pour la faune de France Coleoptera, Scolytidae
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France 112(1): 135-139 (2007)

Citellus fulvus Licht and Lepus europaeus Pall as forestry pests in Trans-Volga region
, Zool J Moscow 30: 106-110 (1951)

Citharina infraopalina, an important index foraminifer at the base of the Middle Jurassic Citharina infraopalina, eine wichtige Leitforaminifere an der Basis des mittleren Jura
, Senckenbergiana Lethaea 84(1-2): 75-83 (2004)

Cities - a chance or a trap for peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus? Miasta - szansa czy pulapka dla sokola wedrownego Falco peregrinus?
, Przeglad Przyrodniczy 11(2-3): 149-160 (2000)

Citizen science for the rescue of a declining species observations on the purple martin in 1972 by Pierre Ducas La science citoyenne a la resousse dune espece en declin observations sur lhirondelle noire en 1972 par Pierre Ducas
, Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec). Ete; 1302: 33-36 (2006)

Citogenetic study of Alouatta palliata Cebidae Estudio citogenetico de Alouatta palliata Cebidae
, Caldasia. junio; 251: 193-198 (2003)

Citotaxonomy and chromosomic evolution in Triatominae, vectors of Chagas disease Heteroptera Reduviidae Citotaxonomia y evolucion cromosomica en Triatominae, insectos vectores de la enfermedad de chagas Heteroptera- Reduviidae
, Entomologia y Vectores. outubro-novembro-dezembro; 104: 543-550 (2003)

Citril finch Sitruunahemppo - kevaan yllattaja
, Alula 12: 100-101 (1995)

Citrine wagtail Motacilla citreola Citronasta pastirica Motacilla citreola
, Acrocephalus (Ljubljana): 27130-131: 176 (2006)

Citrine wagtail found in Oland
, Calidris 63: 114 (1977)

Citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae - adult morphological characteristic and sex ratio Miner citrusa Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae - mofoloske karakteristike imaga i odnos polova
, Poljoprivreda I Sumarstvo 49(3-4): 85-93 (2003)

Citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae - larval morphological characteristics, behaviour and movement Miner citrusa Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae - morfoloske karakteristike larve, ponasanje i kretanje
, Poljoprivreda I Sumarstvo 50(1-2): 89-104 (2004)

Citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae, a new pest in Montenegro Miner citrusa Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae, nova stetocina u Crnoj Gori
, Poljoprivreda I Sumarstvo 48(1-2): 17-44 (2002)

Citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, in Puerto Rico Minador de los citricos Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, en Puerto Rico
, Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 80(1-2): 85-86 (1996)

Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lep Gracillaridae morphobioethological aspects and interaction with host plants growth characteristics La minatrice degli agrumi Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton aspetti morfobioetologici ed interazione con lo sviluppo delle piante ospiti
, Atti della Accademia Nazionale Italiana di Entomologia Rendiconti 48: 209-220 (2001)

Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton, in Italy Lep Gracillariidae Phyllocnistinae La minatrice serpentina degli agrumi in Italia Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lep Gracillariidae Phyllocnistinae
, IF (Informatore Fitopatologico). marzo; 453: 38-41 (1995)

Citrus mites in Italy IV Family Tarsonemidae present list of tarsonemid mites species Gli acari degli agrumi in Italia IV Famiglia Tarsonemidae Lista delle specie rinvenute e chiave alle sottofamiglie, tribu, generi e sottogeneri
, Atti del Congresso Nazionale Italiano di Entomologia 192: 1337-1343 (2004)

City birds can they reproduce and/or survive? Aves da cidade podem reproduzir e/ou sobreviver?
, Atualidades Ornitologicas. Marco-Abril; 124: 7 (2005)

City ecology - so functions the city ecosystem Stadtoekologie - So funktioniert das Oekosystem Stadt
, Oeko-L: 251: 10-17 (2003)

Cladism, phylotyp and biogenetic law Cladismus, Phylotypus und biogenetische Grundregel
, Theory in Biosciences 116(4): 367-381 (1997)

Cladistic analysis and biogeography of Ochlerini Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Discocephalinae Analise cladistica e biogeografia de Ochlerini Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Discocephalinae
, Iheringia Serie Zoologia 30 junho; 962: 147-163 (2006)

Cladistic analysis and revision of Parathona Melichar Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Cicadellinae Analise cladistica e revisao de Parathona Melichar Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Cicadellinae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 143: 523-537 (1998)

Cladistic analysis of Euprepina Hull, Diptera, Bombyliidae, Bombyliinae Analise cladistica de Euprepina Hull, Diptera, Bombyliidae, Bombyliinae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia. dez; 16: 11-17 (Supl 2 (1999)

Cladistic analysis of external morphology and skeletal characters of Apteronotidae Teleostei Gymnotyiformes Analise cladistica dos caracteres de anatomia externa e esqueletica de Apteronotidae Teleostei Gymnotyiformes
, Lundiana. July-December; 62: 121-149 (2005)

Cladistic analysis of order Protura Hexapoda Analyse cladistique de lordre des Protoures Hexapoda, Protura
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France. Juin; 1082: 109-125 (2003)

Cladistic analysis of the Membracinae genera Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Membracidae Analise cladistica dos generos de Membracinae Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Membracidae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia. dez; 154: 823-846 (1998)

Cladistic analysis of the genus Acerentomon Silvestri, 1907 Protura, Acerentomidae Analyse cladistique du genre Acerentomon Silvestri, 1907 Protura, Acerentomidae
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France. Mars; 1111: 5-10 (2006)

Cladistic analysis of the genus Cnemalobus Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cnemalobini Analisis cladistico del genero Cnemalobus Coleoptera, Carabidae, Cnemalobini
, Boletin de la Sociedad de Biologia de Concepcion 66: 155-168 (1995)

Cladistic analysis of the genus Poecilopompilus Howard Hymenoptera, Pompilidae and a key to species Analisis cladistico del genero Poecilopompilus Howard Hymenoptera, Pompilidae y clave para las especies
, Insecta Mundi 12(1-2): 103-112 (1998)

Cladistic analysis of the tribe Rhopalophorini Blanchard, 1845 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Analise cladistica da tribo Rhopalophorini Blanchard, 1845 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae
, Revista Brasileira de Entomologia. Outubro-Dezembro; 474: 491-545 (2003)

Cladistic analysis, palaeoecology and extinction of the subfamily Pichipilinae Marsupialia, Caenolestidae Analisis cladistico, paleoecologia y extincion de la subfamilia Pichipilinae Marsupialia, Caenolestidae
, Estudios Geologicos (Madrid): 531-2: 55-67 (1997)

Cladistic information on a set of morphological data in lizards of the genus Liolaemus Iguania Liolaemidae La informacion cladistica de un set de datos morfologicos en lagartos del genero Liolaemus Iguania Liolaemidae
, Cuadernos de Herpetologia. Diciembre; 162: 137-150 (2002)

Cladistic relationships of the Homonota species Gekkonidae Analisis cladistico de las especies del genero Homonota Gekkonidae
, Revista Espanola de Herpetologia 12: 55-62 (1998)

Cladistic studies - a brief introduction Letude cladistique - une petite introduction
, Novapex Societe 20 octobre; 13-4: 91-111 (2000)

Cladistic study and descriptions of tribes in Pyrrhopyginae Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae Estudo cladistico e descricoes de tribos em Pyrrhopyginae Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia. Setembro; 183: 897-905 (2001)

Cladistic systematics of Acraea Lepidoptera Nymphalidae La systematique cladistique des Acraea Lepidoptera Nymphalidae
, Bulletin des Lepidopteristes Parisiens. Avril; 1327: 27-28 (2004)

Cladistics of genus Chiasognathus Stephens, 1831 with proposal of new subgenera Coleoptera Lucanidae Cladistica del genero Chiasognathus Stephens, 1831 con proposicion de subgeneros nuevos Coleoptera Lucanidae
, Elytron (Barcelona) 15: 119-128 (2002)

Cladistics of the genus Chiasognathus Stephens, 1831 and Sphaenognathus Buquet, 1838 with proposal of new subgenera Coleoptera Lucanidae Cladistica del genero Chiasognathus Stephens, 1831 y Sphaenognathus Buquet, 1838 con proposicion de subgeneros nuevos Coleoptera Lucanidae
, Revista Chilena de Entomologia 28: 79-85 (2001)

Cladistics, thirty years after Phylogenetic Systematics some recent conflicts Le cladisme, trente ans apres Phylogenetic Systematics; quelques remarques a propos de debats recents
, Vie et Milieu. Juin; 462: 115-123 (1996)

Cladistics phylogenetic reconstruction based on parsimony Cladismo la reconstruccion filogenetica basada en parsimonia
, Boletin de la SEA 31 Dec; 26: 57-84 (1999)

, Science 66(1707): Xii (1927)

, Bol Indust Animal 4(1): 162-166 (1941)

Cladocera Crustacea, Branchiopoda from the Kunana Lagoon, Sierra de Perija, Zulia State, Venezuela Cladoceros Crustacea, Branchiopoda de la laguna de Kunana, Sierra de Perija, estado Zulia, Venezuela
, Boletin del Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas Universidad del Zulia. Agosto; 382: 120-139 (2004)

Cladocera and Copepoda Crustacea from the river Lima and relationship to water quality Cladocera e Copepoda Crustacea do Rio Lima e sua relacao com a qualidade da agua
, Publicacoes do Instituto de Zoologia "Dr Augusto Nobre" Faculdade de Ciencias do Porto 237: 1-22 (1997)

Cladocera and Copepoda of River Tejo from the Pego zone Cladocera e Copepoda do Rio Tejo, na zona do Pego
, Ciencia Biologica Ecology and Systematics 16(1-2): 109-117 (1996)

Cladocera and Copepoda of the psammolittoral stands of the Sulejow water reservoir Wioslarki Cladocera i widlonogi Copepoda siedlisk psammolitoralnych Zbiornika Sulejowskiego
, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis Folia Limnologica 3: 203-224 (1988)

Cladocera and Copepoda species Crustacea in Lake Balaton A Balaton Cladocera es Copepoda rakjai
, Allattani Kozlemenyek 82: 69-80 (1997)

Cladocera of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains Wioslarki Cladocera Gor Swietokrzyskich
, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis Folia Limnologica 4: 45-75 (1991)

Cladocera of the fauna of the USSR
, Opredeliteli Faune SSSR: 88: 328 (1964)

Cladocera production in water reservoirs
, Dokl mosk Obshch Ispyt Prir (Zool Bot): 1967-1968: 67-69 (1971)

Cladoceran Crustacea from the lakes of Hokkaido Dobuts
, Zasshi Tokyo 43: 441-450 (1931)

Cladocerans in Patagonian fjords and channels, between the Penas Gulf and Strait of Magellan Cladoceros de los fiordos y canales patagonicos localizados entre el golfo de Penas y el estrecho de Magallanes
, Investigaciones Marinas Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso 311: 15-24 (2003)

Cladocerans of temporary pools from the National Park of Circeo Latium - Italy and comparison with other data of Latium Contributo alla conoscenza dei cladoceri di acque temporanee del Parco Nazionale del Circeo Lazio, Italia centrale e confronto con i dati della regione Laziale
, Rivista di Idrobiologia 37(1-3): 191-202 (1999)

Cladograms and reticulated graphs a proposal for graphic representation of cladistic structures
, Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan 45: 1-10 (1990)

Cladosporium herbarum on whiteflies Homoptera Aleyrodidae, in Venezuela Cladosporium herbarum sobre moscas blancas Homoptera Aleyrodidae, en Venezuela
, Boletin de Entomologia Venezolana. Julio; 131: 57-65 (1998)

Clambus lohsei n sp from the surroundings of Hamburg Coleoptera, Clambidae Clambus lohsei n sp aus der Umgebung von Hamburg Coleoptera, Clambidae
, Entomologische Blaetter fuer Biologie und Systematik der Kaefer 100(1): 13-18 (2004)

Clandestine introductions of Pacifastacus leniusculus in the Rhone-Alpes region Introductions clandestines de Pacifastacus leniusculus dans la region Rhone-Alpes
, L'Astaciculteur de France. Septembre; 60: 2-4 (1999)

Clanis euroa baratana, a new, western subspecies of Clanis euroa Rothschild Jordan, 1903 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Clanis euroa baratana, eine neue, westliche Unterart von Clanis euroa Rothschild Jordan, 1903 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae
, Nachrichten des Entomologischen Vereins Apollo 19(3-4): 239-246 (1998)

Clanis phalaris cottoni ssp n, a new hawkmoth from north Thailand Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Clanis phalaris cottoni ssp n, nouveau sphinx du nord de la Thailande Lepidoptera, Sphingidae
, Lepidopteres. Juillet; 24: 35-45 (2004)

Clanoptilus rufus Alivier, 1790, dans la banlieue toulousaine Col Halachiidae
, Entomologiste 46(6): 294 (1990)

Clans new location of Hydromantes Gistel for Alpes-Maritimes - France Amphibia, Plethodontidae Clans nouvelle station a Hydromantes Gistel pour les Alpes-Maritimes - France Amphibia, Plethodontidae
, Biocosme Mesogeen 132: 65-68 (1996)

Clariallabes mutsindoziensis Teleostei Clariidae, a new catfish from the Malagarasi drainage Lake Tanganyika basin, Burundi Clariallabes mutsindoziensis Teleostei Clariidae, nouveau silure du bassin de la Malagarasi bassin du lac Tanganyika, Burundi
, Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 8(3): 211-220 (1998)

Clarification and redescription of the sand bee Andrena asiatica Friese, 1921 Hymenoptera Apidae, Andreninae Klaerung und Neubeschreibung der Sandbiene Andrena asiatica Friese, 1921 Hymenoptera Apidae, Andreninae
, Beitraege zur Entomologie 511: 65-71 (2001)

Clarification concerning Francois Meurgeys article on the Odonata fauna of Pyrenees-Orientales department Martinia 222 64 Mise au point concernant la publication de Francois Meurgey sur la faune des Odonates du departement des Pyrenees-Orientales Martinia 22 2 64
, Martinia. Decembre; 224: 191-193 (2006)

Clarification concerning the article The zygopteran Odonata of Meskiana wadi Algeria First assessment of observation Martinia 15 1 22 Mise au point concernant larticle Les odonates zygopteres de loued de la Meskiana Algerie Premier bilan des observations Martinia 15 1 22
, Martinia. Decembre; 154: 121-123 (1999)

Clarification of the locality records of Vertigo geyeri in Schleswig-Holstein Zur Klaerung der Identitaet der Fundangaben von Vertigo geyeri in Schleswig-Holstein
, Schriften zur Malakozoologie aus dem Haus der Natur-Cismar 17: 63-64 (2001)

Clarification of the minimum requirements of compensatory areas in agricultural areas of the alpine Rhine valley Abklarung Mindestbedarf von naturnahen Ausgleichsflachen in landwirtschaftlichen Gunstlagen des liechtensteinischen Alpenrheintales
, Berichte der Botanisch-Zoologischen Gesellschaft Liechtenstein-Sargans-Werdenberg 24: 237-302 (1997)

Clarification of the southern limit of the distribution area of the adder Vipera nikolskii in the European part of Russia Zur Praezisierung der suedlichen Grenze des Verbreitungsareals der Waldsteppenotter Vipera nikolskii im europaeischen Teil Russlands
, Mauritiana 191: 83-85 (2004)

Clarification of the status and distribution of the willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus, the wood warbler Ph sibilatrix and Bonellis warbler Ph bonelli in Maine-et-Loire Mise au point sur le statut et la repartition en Maine-et-Loire des pouillots fitis Phylloscopus trochilus, siffleur Ph sibilatrix et de Bonelli Ph bonelli
, Crex 2: 25-35 (1997)

Clarification of the status of Neochelys zamorensis Reptilia, Chelonii, a small turtle from the Eocene of Zamora Spain Aclaraciones sobre el status de Neochelys zamorensis, pelomedusido Reptilia, Chelonii de pequena talla del Eoceno de Zamora Espana
, Studia Geologica Salmanticensia 28: 141-153 (1993)

Clarification on Nomada species described by H Lucas, 1849 from Algeria Hymenoptera Apidae Klarung der von H Lucas, 1849 aus Algerien beschriebenen Nomada-Arten Hymenoptera Apidae
, Entomofauna 30 Mai; 2013: 263-267 (1999)

Clarification on an ichneumonid species of the genus Dicaelotus Wesmael, 1845 Ichneumonidae, Alomyini, Dicaelotina Klarung einer Ichneumonidae-Art der Gattung Dicaelotus Wesmael, 1845 Ichneumonidae, Alomyini, Dicaelotina
, Entomofauna 201(6): 289-291 (1999)

Clarification on some Nomada species described by Friese in 1921 Zur Klarung einiger von Friese 1921 beschriebenen Nomada-Arten Hymenoptera Apidae
, Entomofauna 30 Juni; 209: 163-171 (1999)

Clarification on the genus Neoitamus Osten-Sacken, 1878 from western and southern Europe with description of a new species from Greece Diptera Asilidae Mise a jour du genre Neoitamus Osten-Sacken, 1878 de louest et du sud europeen avec description dune espece nouvelle de Grece Diptera Asilidae
, Bulletin de la Societe Royale Belge d'Entomologie. januari-juni; 1351-6: 91-94 (1999)

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