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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38075

Chapter 38075 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schol, Tino., 2001:
Classics from Lake Malawi Sciaenochromis fryeri und Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus Klassiker aus dem Malawisee Sciaenochromis fryeri und Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus

Eikin, E.A.; Gratsianova, R.T.A.exeeva, R.E.; Cherkesova, S.V., 1968:
Classification and Correlation of the Lower Devonian of Siberia

Palladino, S.; Mecozzi, M., 1997:
Classification and characterization of morphological parameters of Helicolenus d dactylopterus Delaroche by multivariate statistic techniques Classificazione e caratterizzazione di parametri morfometrici di Helicolenus d dactylopterus Delaroche mediante tecniche di analisi statistica multivariata

Almodovar, A.; Elvira, B., 2000:
Classification and conservation of high mountain lakes in Spain according to their ichthyofauna Clasificacion y conservacion de los lagos de alta montana de Espana segun su ictiofauna

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2000:
Classification and distribution of scorpions of France Arachnida Scorpiones Classification et repartition des Scorpions de France Arachnida Scorpiones

Naves, J.; Palomero, G., 1993:
Classification and environmental characteristics of day beds in the Cantabrian Mountains Tipologia y caracteristicas ambientales de los encames diarios de oso en la Cordillera Cantabrica

Obut, A.M., 1957:
Classification and index of the genera of graptolites

Roux, Michel., 1998 :
Classification and ontogeny in Crinoidea necessity of a revision of characters hierarchy Classification et ontogenese chez les crinoides une revision necessaire de la hierarchie des caracteres

Rozovskaja, S.E., 1948:
Classification and systematic characters of genus Triticites

Arriaga, I.; Baquero, B., 1997:
Classification criteria for age groups and reproductive state in the chachalaca Ortalis ruficauda in Cojedes State Criterios para la clasificacion de grupos por edad y aspectos reproductivos en la guacharaca Ortalis ruficauda en el Estado Cojedes

Pauly, A., 1990:
Classification des Nomiinae africains Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae

Dzassokhov, G.S., 1963:
Classification epizootologique des maladies a protozoaires des animaux Protozoal diseases of domestic animals

de la Riva, C.; Miranda, R.; Escala, M.C.; Campos, F., 1996:
Classification key of pharyngeal teeth of species of Cyprinidae of Navarra Clave de clasificacion de los dientes faringeos de especies de la familia Cyprinidae en Navarra

Krivosheina, N.P.Mamaev, B.M., 1967:
Classification key to larvae of arboricolous dipteran insects

Pauly, Alain., 1999:
Classification of African Nomiinae The genus Trinomia Pauly Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae Classification des Nomiinae africains Le genre Trinomia Pauly Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae

Pauly, A., 2003:
Classification of African Nomiinae the genus Nubenomia Pauly Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae Classification des Nomiinae africains le genre Nubenomia Pauly Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae

Chvala, Milan., 1986:
Classification of Brachycera Diptera with regard to the superfamily Empidoidea, an evidence of validity of Eremoneura Klasifikace podradu Brachycera Diptera se zretelem k nadceledi Empidoidea, a potvrzeni opravnenosti skupiny Eremoneura

Menet, Dominique., 1997:
Classification of French Coleoptera of the Curculionidae sensu Hoffmann 1950-1958 Clarification of the present situation La classification des coleopteres francais de la famille des Curculionidae sensu Hoffmann 1950-1958 Le point sur la situation actuelle

Pauly, Alain., 1999:
Classification of Halictini of the Afrotropical region Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae Classification des Halictini de la Region Afrotropicale Hymenoptera Apoidea Halictidae

Spasski, A.A., 1954:
Classification of Hymcnolepidida occurring in mammals

Galindo-Gonzalez, J., 2004:
Classification of bats of the region of Tuxtlas, Veracruz, in relation to responses to habitat fragmentation Clasificacion de los murcielagos de la region de los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, respecto a su respuesta a la fragmentacion del habitat

Lee, K-T.; Liao, C-H.; Wu, L-J.; Shih, W-H., 1990:
Classification of fish species by processing the hydroacoustic signal and canonical discriminant analysis

Steffek, J., 1990:
Classification of molluscs of Slovakia from the point of view of their exposure to danger

Beklemishev, V.N., 1955:
Classification of natural vectors of transmissive diseases of man Incl protozoa

Lapini, L.; Tellini Florenzano, G., 2001:
Classification of nesting bird populations in an agrarian mosaic in Tuscany Classificazione dei popolamenti di uccelli nidificanti in un mosaico agrario della Toscana

Shumakovich, E.E.; Rizhikov, K.M., 1954 :
Classification of reservoir parasitism in helminths

Henry, Jean-Louis., 1996:
Classification of some Ordovician Calymenina Trilobita Calymenidae or Homalonotidae? Classification de quelques Calymenina Trilobita Ordoviciens Calymenidae ou Homalonotidae ?

Pauly, Alain., 2000:
Classification of the African Nomiinae The genus Leuconomia Pauly, 1980 Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae Classification des Nomiinae africains Le genre Leuconomia Pauly, 1980 Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae

Nicholson, H.A., 1878:
Classification of the Animal Kingdom

Krantz, GS., 1980:
Classification of the broken hill skull

Ashmead, W.H., 1906:
Classification of the foraging and driver ants, or family Dorylidae, with a description of the genus Ctenopyga Ashm

Stortz, Jean-Noel., 2000:
Classification of the genus Harpa Classification du genre Harpa

Krasnoperov, N.P., 1954:
Classification of the reactions caused by onchocerciasis of the withers in horses and their clinical characteristics

Zhedenov, V.N., 1950:
Classification of the types of lungs in mammals

Zauner, G.; Eberstaller, J., 1999:
Classification scheme of the Austrian fish fauna in consideration of their habitat requirements Klassifizierungsschema der osterreichischen Flussfischfauna in bezug auf deren Lebensraumanspruche

Varga, Lajos., 1996:
Classifications and sequences in recent ornithology Rendszer es sorrend a mai ornitologiaban

Ikin, H., 1990:
Classified records Invertebrates Odonata

Ikin, H., 1990:
Classified records Odonata

Ivanov, A.V., 1955:
Classis Pogonophora as a new type Brachiata A Ivanov, Phylum nov

Darge, Philippe., 2006:
Claude Herbulot 19 February 1908-19 January 2006 Claude Herbulot 19 fevrier 1908-19 janvier 2006

Orhant, Georges ERJ., 2006:
Claude Herbulot 19th February 1908 - 19th January 2006 Claude Herbulot 19 fevrier 1908- 19 janvier 2006

Minet, J.; Thiaucourt, P., 2005:
Claude Lemaire 21 February 1921 - 5 February 2004 Claude Lemaire 21 fevrier 1921 - fevrier 2004

Colombel, P.; Cugny, P., 1990:
Claude Torossian 1930-1989

Pericart, Jean., 2000:
Claude Van de Walle 1928-1994 - a leading entomologist Claude Van de Walle 1928-1994 un esthete de lentomologie

Jungbluth, Juergen H., 2006:
Claus Meier-Brook 70 28th April 1934 Claus Meier-Brook 70 - Jahre 28 April 1934

Edlinger, K.; Fischer, W., 1997 :
Clausilia dubia bucculenta Klemm, 1960 - statistical information on a subspecies Clausilia dubia bucculenta Klemm, 1960 - Zur statistischen Realitat einer Unterart

Edlinger, K., 2003:
Clausilia dubia kaeufeli Klemm 1960 Gastropoda Clausiliidae, a subspecies with disjunct distribution Clausilia dubia kaeufeli Klemm 1960 Gastropoda Clausiliidae, eine Subspecies mit disjunkter Verbreitung

Edlinger, Karl., 2002:
Clausilia dubia runensis Tschapeck 1883 - a subspecies with disjunct distribution? Clausilia dubia runensis Tschapeck 1883 - Eine Subspecies mit disjunkter Verbreitung?

Edlinger, Karl., 2000:
Clausilia dubia steinbergensis n ssp A new subspecies of Clausilia dubia Draparnaud 1805 from the eastern part of Austria Clausilia dubia steinbergensis n ssp Eine neue Unterart von Clausilia dubia Draparnaud 1805 aus dem oestlichen Oesterreich

Steffek, J., 2005:
Clausilia rugosa parvula in the Stiavnicke vrchy Mts and the history of the Stiavnicky Ostrov area Slovakia Clausilia rugosa parvula v Stiavnickych vrchoch a historia vyskumu Stiavnickeho Ostrova

Druga, R.; Rokyta, R.; Benes, V., 1990:
Claustro-neocortical projections in the rhesus monkey (projections to area 6)

Cottard, N.; Breton, G., 1999:
Clavagellidae? Mollusca, Bivalvia tubes from the chalks of Normandy France Tubes de Clavagellidae? Mollusca, Bivalvia de la craie de Normandie France

Ardovini, Roberto., 2004:
Clavatula cossignanii sp n Gastropoda, Turridae from Senegal, west Africa Clavatula cossignanii sp n Gastropoda, Turridae dal Senegal, west Africa

Ocana, A., 1990:
Clave de identificacion de las especies de nematodos dulceacuicolas de la Peninsula Iberica Cordenes Monhysterida, Araeolaimida, Chromadorida y Enoplida

Andrade-C., G., 1990:
Clave para las familias y subfamilias de Lepidoptera Rhopalocera de Colombia

Chiappa T., E.; Rojas G.-L., M.; Toro G., H., 1990:
Clave para los generos de abejas de Chile Hymenoptera Apoidea

Roman Valencia, C., 1990:
Clave taxonomica para la determinacion de peces nativos del departamento de Quindio, subsistema alto rio Cauca, Colombia

Rivosecchi, Leo., 1996:
Claves on Conopidae Diptera of Italian fauna Chiavi analitiche illustrate sui Conopidae Diptera della fauna Italiana

Nieto, JM.; Mier, MP., 1977:
Claves para la identificacion de los pulgones Hom Aphidinea de la Macaronesia

Rodriguez-Perez, MA.; Reyes-Villanueva, F., 1990:
Claves y comentarios adicionales para los generos de la familia Encyrtidae Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea en el Estado de Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Voisin, J., 2004:
Clavicle shoulder architecture and thoughts about the systematic of neanderthals Clavicule approche architecturale de lepaule et reflexions sur le statut systematique des neandertaliens

Grouvelle, A., 1923:
Clavicornes africains du Musee dHistoire Naturelle de Luxembourg recoltes par M Ed Luja de Luxembourg Ges Luxemb Naturfreunde Festschrift zur Feier des 25-jahrigen Bestehens 1890-1915

Levi, C., 1990:
Claviscopulia furcillata n sp et autres Hexactinellida Porifera des mers indonesiennes

Mees, Klaus., 2000:
Claw marks on nesting walls of the sand martin Kratzspuren an Brutwandern der Uferschwalben

Nathansen, O., 1990:
Clawed frog Xenopus laevis

Kunz, Kriton., 2003:
Clawed frogs, dwarf clawed frogs and tongueless frogs Pipidae in nature and husbandry Krallenfroesche Zwergkrallensfroesche Wabenkroeten Pipidae in Natur und Menschenhand

Jouquet, P.; Tessier, D.; Lepage, M., 2002:
Clay as a key element in nest stability of Macrotermes bellisosus Largile comme facteur clef de la stabilite des nids de Macrotermes bellisosus

Rossa, Georg., 1998:
Clay quarries of Bensheim and Heppenheim Resaturation by help of technology Tongruben von Bensheim und Heppenheim Wiedervernassung mit Hilfe der Technik

Teodorescu, I., 1981:
Cleaner antenna structure of the Ceraphronoidea and Proctotrupoidea

Wirtz, Peter., 1996:
Cleaner shrimps Lysmata grabhami and Lysmata amboinensis are simultaneaous hermaphrodites Putzergarnelen Lysmata grabhami und Lysmata amboinensis sind Simultanhermaphroditen

Velte, Frank., 1996:
Cleaning behaviour in grey wrasse Symphodus cinereus Labridae, Teleostei Putzverhalten beim Grauen Lippfisch Symphodus cinereus Labridae, Teleostei

Scarton, F.; Scattolin, M.; Valle, R., 2001:
Cleaning of beaches and conservation of breeding Kentish plovers and little terns an example from the Venice Lagoon Interventi di pulizia degli arenili e conservazione delle popolazioni nidificanti di fratino Charadrius alexandrinus Linnaeus, 1758 e fraticello Sterna albifrons Pallas, 1764 un esempio nei litorali Veneziani

Wolf, Heinrich., 2006:
Cleaning of nest holes by Heriades truncorum Linnaeus 1758 Loecherbienen Heriades truncorum Linnaeus 1758 putzen Nistgaenge

Ophof, A.J.; Langeveld, D.W., 1967:
Cleaning of the island of Noord-Beveland in the province of Zeeland

Stutterheim, CJ., 1980:
Cleaning symbiosis involving pied crows and white rhino Cleaning symbiosis involving pied crows and white rhino

Raberg, Marta., 2005:
Clear Island, Ireland Clear Island, Irland

Dolmen, D., 2003:
Clearing up of a couple of freshwater pear mussel localities - mapping data must be quality assured Oppklaring av et elvemuslinglokaliteter - kartlegginsdata ma kvalitetssikres

Duelli, P.; Obrist, M.K., 1999:
Clearing windthrows? Faunistic biodiversity on cleared and uncleared alpine windthrow areas in Switzerland Raumen oder belassen? Die Entwicklung der faunistischen Biodiversitat auf Windwurfflachen im schweizerischen Alpenraum

Predovnik, Z., 2003:
Clearwing moths Lepidoptera Sesiidae in the Central Lepidoptera collection of the Slovenian Museum of the Natural History Steklokrilci Lepidoptera Sesiidae Centralne zbirke metuljev prirodoslovnega Muzeja Slovenije

Bakowski, M.; Holowinski, M., 1997:
Clearwing moths Lepidoptera Sesiidae of the south-eastern part of Polesie Lubelskie region E Poland Przezierniki Lepidoptera Sesiidae poludniowo-wschodniej czesci Polesia Lubelskiego

Lastuvka, Zdenek., 2000:
Clearwing moths of southern Moravia - distribution, communities and degree of threat Lepidoptera, Sesiidae Die Glasfluegler Suedmaehrens - Verbreitung, Gemeinschaften und Gefaehrdung Lepidoptera, Seseiidae

Shumkina, O.B., 1951:
Cleavage of egg in Hirudo medicinalis

Greening, M., 1990:
Cleeve Hill - birds - 8 April

Buturlin, S.A., 1933:
Clefs pour determiner les oiseaux-object de chasse

Couturier, G.; Faivovich, J., 1996:
Clelia bicolor Peracca in Santa Fe province Clelia bicolor Peracca en la provincia de Santa Fe

Christie, Miguel I., 1998:
Clelia rustica Colubridae in the south of Neuquen, Argentina Clelia rustica Colubridae en el sur del Neuquen, Argentina

Hummel, F., 1999:
Clemmydopsis turnauensis Meyer, 1847 - fossil chelonians in East Styria, Austria Clemmydopsis turnauensis Meyer, 1847 - fossile Schildkroetenfunde in der Oststeiermark

Bystrowski, C., 2003:
Cleonice nitidiusculata Zetterstedt, 1859 a species new to the Polish fauna of tachinid flies Diptera, Tachinidae Cleonice nitidiusculata Zetterstedt, 1859 - nowy dla fauny Polski przedstawiciel raczycowatych Diptera, Tachinidae

Hausenblas, D., 2007:
Clepsis dumicolana Zeller, 1847 - a new tortricid moth for the fauna of Germany Lepidoptera Tortricidae Clepsis dumicolana Zeller, 1847 - ein neuer Wickler fuer die Fauna Deutschlands Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Soria, S., 1997:
Clepsis laetitiae sp n, a new species of the genus Clepsis Guenee, 1845 Lep Tortricidae from Aranjuez Spain Clepsis laetitiae sp n, una nueva especie del genero Clepsis, Guenee, 1845 Lep Tortricidae en Aranjuez Espana

B.sson, B.A., 2004:
Clepsis nybomi Hackman, 1950 found in Sweden Tortricidae, Lepidoptera En ny vecklarart, Clepsis nybomi Hackman 1950, funnen i Sverige Tortricidae, Lepidoptera

von der Heide, Andreas., 1996:
Cleptes semicyaneus Tournier new for Germany Cleptes semicyaneus Tournier neu fur Deutschland

Gomez-Tejedor, Hugo., 1998:
Cleptoparasitic behaviour of the red kite Milvus milvus at a refuse dump Comportamiento cleptoparasito del milano real Milvus milvus en un vertedero

Henaut, Y.; Lachaud, J.-Paul., 1999:
Cleptoparasitic spiders host selection by its web Araignees cleptoparasites selection de lhote par sa toile

Grimm, Herbert., 1999:
Cleptoparasitism of a kestrel Falco tinnunculus against a goshawk Accipiter gentilis Turmfalke Falco tinnunculus schmarotzt beim Habicht Accipiter gentilis

Glutz von Blotzheim, Urs N., 2000:
Cleptoparasitism of chaffinches on hawfinches Kleptoparasitismus von Buchfinken beim Kernbeisser

Hinkel, A., 2002:
Clergy man, pomologist and ornithologist Johann Baptist Hofinger 1768-1858, inventor of artificial nestboxes Pfarrer, Pomologe und Ornithologe Johann Baptist Hofinger 1768-1858, Erfinder der kuenstlichen Nisthilfen

Neid, Jacques., 1999:
Clerid beetles of the French fauna 1st note nomenclature and classification Coleopteres Cleridae de la faune Francaise 1re note nomenclature et classification

Troukens, Willy., 1999:
Cleridae at the westside of Brussels town Coleoptera Mierkevers aan de westrand van Brussel Coleoptera Cleridae

Bahillo de la Puebla, P.; Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio., 1999:
Cleridae from Aragon Coleoptera Cleridos de Aragon Coleoptera, Cleridae

Kolibac, J.; Majer, K.; Svihla, V., 2005:
Cleroidea beetles of the superfamily Cleroidea in the Czech and Slovak republics and neighbouring areas Cleroidea brouci nadceledi Cleroidea Ceska, Slovenska a sousednich oblasti

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2005:
Clever crows Klyftiga krakor

Pesarini, Carlo., 1997:
Click beetles Coleoptera Elateridae from Monte Barro Italy, Lombardy, Lecco Gli Elateridi Coleoptera Elateridae del Monte Barro Italia, Lombardia, Lecco

Pedroni, G., 2006:
Click beetles in the mountains of Val di Genova - Adamello-Brenta Natural Park Ecological and biogeographical considerations Coleoptera Elateridae La comunita a Coleotteri Elateridi del piano montano nella Val di Genova - Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta Considerazioni ecologiche e biogeografiche Coleoptera Elateridae

Sigut, R., 2005:
Click beetles of the genus Zorochus Coleoptera Elateridae Negastriinae of the Ostravice river gravel benches at Paskov Kovarici rodu Zorochus Coleoptera Elateridae Negastriinae sterkovych lavic reky Ostravice u Paskova

Pawlega, Krzysztof., 2002:
Click-beetle species Coleoptera Elateridae new to the Lublin Uplands and Sandomierz Lowlands Nowe dla Wyzyny Lubelskiej i Niziny Sandomierskiej gatunki sprezykowatych Coleoptera Elateridae

Gaulke, Maren., 2004:
Clicking, whistling, ringing and shooting - the frogs of Panay Klicken, Pfeifen, Klingeln und Schiessen - die Froesche von Panay

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2007:
Cliff breeding bird species on Bornholm island Felsbruetende Vogelarten auf der Insel Bornholm

Vorontsov, NN.; Lyapunova, EA., 1976:
Cliff drawings of the upper reaches of Zeravshan

Ball, G.H.; Dobell, C., 1950:
Clifford Dobell, F.R.S.: 1886-1949

Anon., 1950:
Clifford Dobell, MA, ScD Camb, FRS

Herzer, M.K.thrin.; Hofrichter, R., 2003:
Cliffs in the breakers Life in the tidal zone of the cliff coast of the Mediterranean Sea Felsen in der Brandung Das Leben in der Gezeitenzone der Felskuesten des Mittelmeeres

Gardiner, BG., 1990:
Clift, Darwin, Owen and the Dinosauria

Mathews, G.M., 1910:
Climacteris rufa obscura subsp n and Cinclosoma alisteri sp n described

Loeng, Harald., 2001:
Climate and fish - what do we know and what do we believe? Klima og fisk - hva vet vi og hva tror vi

Ulrichs, C.; Hopper, K.R.; Mewis, I., 2004:
Climate and habitat site matching for beneficial insect introductions Klima- und Habitatvergleiche zur Einburgerung von Nuetzlingen

Garcia-Barros, Enrique., 2000:
Climate and size in butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Clima y tamano en mariposas diurnas Lepidoptera Papilionoidea

Glasser, C.M.reno.; Gomes, A. de Castro., 2002:
Climate and the superimposed distribution of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus on infestation of Sao Paulo State, Brazil Clima e sobreposicao da distribuicao de Aedes aegypti e Aedes albopictus na infestacao do Estado de Sao Paulo

Salewski, Volker., 2005:
Climate change and birds - a literature review Klimaveraenderung und Voegel - eine Literaturuebersicht

Schmidt, Eberhard G., 2004:
Climate change and dragonfly fauna in North Rhine-Westphalia - divergent examples Klimaerwaermung und Libellenfauna in Nordrhein-Westfalen - divergente Fallbeispiele

Bylund, Helena., 1999:
Climate change and outbreaks of geometrid moths in the north Temperaturforandringar och utbrott av matarfjarilar i norr

Kooiker, Gerhard., 2005:
Climate change and the birds of Osnabrueck are the time changing? Klimawandel und die Voegel von Osnabrueck Aendern sich die Zeiten?

Persson, T.; Lindberg, N., 1999:
Climate effects on springtails and mites in forest soil Klimaeffekter pa hoppstjartar och kvalster i skogsmark

Reichholf, J.H., 2006:
Climate warming reactions of thermophilic breeding bird species in Bavaria Klimaerwaermung Wie reagierten waermeliebende Vogelarten in Bayern?

de Leeuw, N.; Floor, P., 2003:
Climates 7 The desert terrarium Klimaten 7 Het woestijnterrarium

Cabioch, G.; Recy, J.; Jouannic, C.; Turpin, L., 1996:
Climatic and tectonic controls on late Quaternary reef growth in New Caledonia Controle climatique et tectonique de ledification recifale en Nouvelle-Caledonie au cours du Quaternaire terminal

Vilanova, R.; Silva Junior, J. de Sousa e; Grelle, C.E.uardo Viveiros; Marroig, G.; Cerqueira, R., 2005:
Climatic and vegetation limitations on the distribution of the capuchin monkeys Cebus nigritus and Cebus robustus Cebinae, Platyrrhini Limites climaticos e vegetacionais das distribuicoes de Cebus nigritus e Cebus robustus Cebinae, Platyrrhini

Woodin, S., 1990 :
Climatic change and nature conservation

Bruneau de Mire, Philippe., 2002:
Climatic changes and distribution variation Some examples from insects of Ile de France Changements climatiques et variations chorologiques Quelques exemples chez les insectes en Ile-de-France

Dreves, L., 2003:
Climatic changes on marine ecosystems example of the recruitment of intertidal barnacles from the west coast of Cotentin Effets climatiques sur les ecosystemes marins exemple du recrutement des crustaces cirripedes sur la cote ouest du Cotentin

Vostryakov, A.V.; Mizinov, I.V.; Moskvitin, A.I.; Chiguryaeva, A.A., 1955:
Climatic conditions of the Akchagil, based on lithological and micropaleontological investigations in the Southern Trans-Volga territory

Wassmann, P.; Slagstad, D., 1998:
Climatic effects of productivity in the Barents Sea Klimatisk pavirkning av produktivitet i Barentshavet