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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38078

Chapter 38078 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Soderberg, K.; Forsgren, G.; Appelberg, M., 2004:
Co-ordinated program for monitoring of the coastal fish fauna in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Archipelago of Stockholm Samordnat program for overvakning av kustfisk i Bottniska viken och Stockholms skargard - utveckling av undersokningstyp och indikatorer

Ivanov, I., 1957:
Co-ordination of scientific investigations on pisciculture in the republics of Middle Asia and Kazakh SSR

Bludorov, A.P.; Tuzova, L.S., 1956:
Coal Measures of the Lower Carboniferous of Tartary

Larinova, E.N.; Safonova, T.P., 1955:
Coal deposits at the town of Sovetska, Vyatka elevation

Larionova, E.N.; Safonova', T.P., 1955:
Coal deposits of the town of Sovetska and the Vyatka Plateau

Saunier, Alain., 2001:
Coal tits Parus ater hunting seeds like flycatchers hunt insects Des mesanges noires Parus ater chassent a la maniere des gobemouches

Krams, Indrikis A., 1998:
Coal tits imitate the calls of other tits in winter Kohlameisen ahmen im Winter die Rufe anderer Meisen nach

Anja, Widdig., 1997:
Coalition forming among male barbary macaques Macaca sylvanus L, 1758 Koalitionsbildungen zwischen mannlichen Berberaffen Macaca sylvanus L, 1758

Salamon, M., 2003:
Coarse clastic basin sediments olisthostromes of the Upper Middle Devonian in the Lahn-Dill area - testament to active rift tectonics Grobklastische Beckensedimente Olisthostrome des Oberen Mitteldevons im Lahn-Dill-Gebiet-Zuegen einer aktiven Rift-Tektonik

Andaloro, F.; Sunseri, G.; Vivona, P., 1998:
Coastal area management of northern coast of Sicily La gestione integrata della fascia costiera della Sicilia settentrionale

Camphuysen, CJ.; Leopold, MF., 1998:
Coastal birds, sea birds and common porpoises in the area of the Dutch coast Kustvogels, zeevogels en bruinvissen in het Hollandse kustgebied

Keijl, G.O.; Brenninkmeijer, A.; Schepers, F.J.; Brasseur, R.E.; Ndiaye, A.; Stienen, E.W.; Veen, J., 2000:
Coastal breeding birds in Sine-Saloum National Park and Langue de Barbarie National Park, Senegal, 1998 Oiseaux nicheurs sur les cotes du Parc National Langue de Barbarie et du Parc National du Sine-Saloum, Senegal, 1998

Arts, F.A.; Graveland, J.; Meininger, P.L., 2000:
Coastal breeding birds, vegetation succession and man-made habitats implications for future management of coastal areas Kustbroedvogels, vegetatiesuccessie en natuurontwikkeling implicaties voor toekomstig beheer van kustgebieden

Koehler, H., 1999:
Coastal dunes from a soil-zoological perspective Kuestenduenen bodenzoologische Einsichten

Kogan, V.D.; Andreyeva, V.I.; Kolomiyets, Y.I., 1968:
Coastal facies of the Bakhmut Sea and Schwagerina

Guidetti, P.; Bussoti, S.; Molinari, A.; Tunesi, L.; Cattaneo-Vietti, R., 2006:
Coastal fish assemblages and Marine Protected Areas keys for interpreting patterns at 5 Italian MPA Popolamenti ittici costieri ed Aree Marine Protette chiavi di lettura dei risultalti rilevati in 5 AMP Italiane

Falcon, JM.; Garcia-Charton, JA.; Brito, A.; Bacallado, JJ., 2001:
Coastal fish of the Salvage Islands Peces litorales de las Islas Salvajes

Svedang, H.; Oresland, V.; Cardinale, M.; Hallback, H.; Jakobsson, P., 2002:
Coastal fish stocks development and their current status on the west coast of Sweden Synopsis of Cod project stage I-III De kustnara fiskbestandens utveckling och nuvarande status vid svenska vastkusten Synopsis av Torskprojektet steg I-III

Cillaurren, E.; David, G.; Grandperrin, R., 2001:
Coastal fisheries Atlas of Vanuatu a 10-year development assessment Atlas des pecheries cotieres de Vanuatu un bilan decennal pour le developpement

Chereshnev, IA., 2001:
Coastal fishes of the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk Pribrezhnye ryby severnoi chasti Okhotskogo Morya

Binet, Denis., 1999:
Coastal fishing from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel to the bay of Bourgneuf in the 19th century Les peches cotieres de la baie du Mont-Saint-Michel a la baie de Bourgneuf au 19e siecle

Hutomo, M.; Mudjiono., 1990:
Coastal habitat of Tanjung Jati, Jepara with emphasis on the effect of sedimentation on the coral reef community

Brito, A.; Perez-Ruzafa, A.; Bacallado, J.J., 1996:
Coastal ichthyofauna of the Galapagos Islands composition and structure of a rocky bottom population Ictiofauna costera de las islas Galapagos composicion y estructura del poblamiento de los fondos rocosos

Sonina, M.A., 1957:
Coastal industry in Murman 1953-1954

Chou, L M. ., 1990:
Coastal living resources of Singapore Proceedings of a symposium on the assessment of living resources in the coastal areas of Singapore, 3 April 1989, Singapore

Klumov, S.K., 1957:
Coastal localities of Callorhinus ursinus and Enhydra lutris at the Kurile islands, and a tentative determination of their respective number

Solustri, C.; Morello, EB.; Vitali, C.; Froglia, C., 2005:
Coastal malacofauna of the proposed MPA Parco Marino del Piceno in the central Adriatic Sea Malacofauna dellarea costiera proposta per listituzione del Parco Marino del Piceno Adriatico centrale

Fagoonee, I., 1990:
Coastal marine ecosystems of Mauritius

Piotrowski, S.; Dubicka, J., 1994:
Coastal shell banks of the Szczecin Bay NW Poland Part 2 Biometric analysis of shells Brzegowe odsypy muszlowe Zalewu Szczecinskiego Czesc 2 Analiza biometryczna muszli

Marsh, R.; Marsh, K., 1990:
Coastal waders wildfowl 1990

Baal, FLJ., 1990:
Coastal wetlands conservation in Suriname

Bek, TA., 1990:
Coastal zone in ecosystem of the White Sea

Berovides A., V.; Comas G., A., 1997:
Coat colour variation in the hutia conga Capromys pilorides Rodentia, Capromyidae Variaciones de la coloracion del pelaje en la jutia conga Capromys pilorides Rodentia, Capromyidae

Sels, Tannia., 2001:
Coat off for the camera Jasje uit voor de camera

Bordjan, D., 2003:
Coat tit Meniscek Parus ater

Odinetz, R.N.; Valuiski, P.P., 1959:
Cobalt requirements of milk cows

Bosellini, F.; Panini, F.; Vescogni, A., 2003:
Cobbles and boulders of reefal origin in the basal conglomerates of the Colombacci Formation Messinian, lower Secchia valley, northern Apennines Ciottoli e blocchi di origine recifale nei conglomerati basali della formazione a Colombacci Messiniano, bassa val Secchia, Appennino settentrionale

Rybnicfan, Ruda., 2006:
Cobitis taenia Linnaeus, 1758 the spined loach Cobitis taenia Linnaeus, 1758 de kleine modderkruiper

Dmitriev, VD., 1973:

Krienitz, L., 1990:
Coccale Grunalgen der mittleren Elbe

Yakimov, V.L.; Jakimov, V.; Gusev, V.F.; Susko, S.F., 1945:
Cocci dia of birds and mammals of Tadjikistan

Prendes Ayala, C.; Lorenzo Bethencourt, CD., 2001:
Coccidae presents on the broom Spartocytisus supranubius L Webb et Berth at Teides National Park Coccidos presentes sobre la retama Spartocytisus supranubius L Webb et Berth, en el Parque Nacional del Teide

Svanbaev, S.K., 1960:
Coccidia from sousliks of Alma-Ata Province

Cerna, xD.; Daniel, M., 1956:
Coccidia from the rodents of the family Muridae and insectivores of the family Soricidae in South Moravia

Svanbaev, S.K., 1963:
Coccidia in Marmota menzbieri Kaschkarov 1925 Parasites in wild animals of Kazakhstan, Acad Sci Kazakh

Modry, D.; Necas, P.; Koudela, B., 2000:
Coccidia infection in Chamaeleo calyptratus A problem of an unproblematic species in terraria? Kokzidieninfektionen bei Chamaeleo calyptratus Ein Problem der problemlosen Art im Terrarium?

Perrucci, S.; Tarantino, C.; Cecchi, S.; Mani, P.; Macchioni, G.; Marconcini, A., 1998:
Coccidia isolated from partridge Perdix perdix and from rock partridge Alectoris graeca Coccidi isolati dalla starna Perdix perdix e dalla coturnice Alectoris graeca

Stasaev, M.A.; Yeisov, A.M., 1959:
Coccidia ocearing in Dyromys nitedule in Azerbaidian

Veisov, A.M., 1963:
Coccidia of Microtus arvalis in Azerbaidjan

Osmanov, S.O., 1965:
Coccidia of carp in Uzbekistan

Anikanova, VS., 1994:
Coccidia of case-bred rabbits, minks and polar foxes systematics, biology, ecology

Zolotarev, N.A., 1937:
Coccidia of cranes

Nukerbaeva, KK.; Umurzakov, MD.; Tleppaeva, AM., 1990:
Coccidia of freshwater fish in Alma-Ata region

Zolotarev, N.A., 1937:
Coccidia of fur-bearing animals

Mlisaev, M.A.; Veisov, A.M., 1959:
Coccidia of muriform rodents of Azerbaidzhan

Svanbaev, S.K., 1960:
Coccidia of silver-black foxes in Alma-Ata Province

Litvenkova, E.A., 1971:
Coccidia of some vertebrates in the north eastern regions of Belorussia

Litvenkova, E.A., 1975:
Coccidia of the genus Isospora of some wild birds and mammals

Litvenikova, E.A., 1975:
Coccidia of the genus Isospora of some wild mammals and birds

Musaev, M.A.Alieva, F.K., 1965:
Coccidia of turkeys in Kuba-Khachmass zone of Azerbaidjan

Arnastauskene, T., 1975:
Coccidia of wild Artiodactyla in Lithuania

Arnastaukiene, T., 1975:
Coccidia of wild Artiodactyla of Lithuania

Svanbaev, S.K., 1965:
Coccidia of wild mammals in Kazakhstan

Martinez, F.A.; Troiano, J.C.rlos.; Anasco, L.G.una.; Rearte, R.; Jara, D., 2002:
Coccidian infection in captive wild carnivores from Argentina Infeccion por coccidios en carnivoros silvestres de cautiverio de Argentina

Mesnil, Felix., 1907:
Coccidie de la rainette

Orlov, N.P., 1958:
Coccidioses of farm animals

Pellerdy, L., 1962:
Coccidiosia of guinea fowl, Eimeria numidae n sp

Goksu, K., 1956:
Coccidiosis among cattle in the vicinity of Ankara

Kozloff, P.G., 1930:
Coccidiosis in Turkestan ruminants

Arcay-de-Peraza, L., 1967:
Coccidiosis in monkeys and their comparison with human isosporosis, with a description of a new species of Isospora in Cacajao rubicundus Uakari or mono chucuto

Bezpalii, I.G., 1959:
Coccidiosis of carp in Ukrainian fish farms

Bespalis, I.I., 1957:
Coccidiosis of carp in fish farms in Ukraine

Mar?enko, G.F., 1937:
Coccidiosis of domestic animals in Northern Caucasus

Yakimov, V.L.; Senyushkina, V.P.; Machulskij, S.N., 1940:
Coccidiosis of guineapigs in USSR

Zolotarev, N.A., 1937:
Coccidiosis of livestock in Dagestan

Yakimoff, W.L.; Matschoulsky, S.N., 1937:
Coccidiosis of wild animate in USSR

Nel, J.; Brusseaux, G., 1997:
Coccidiphila rungsella n sp Momphidae Notes on the distribution of some Gelechioidea Lepidoptera Coccidiphila rungsella n sp Momphidae Notes sur la repartition de quelques Gelechioidea Lepidoptera

Fantham, H.B., 1909:
Coccidium tenellum vel avium in the alimentary canal of grouse

Anpilogova, NV., 1972:
Coccids infesting domestic ducks in Tadzhikistan

Canovai, R., 2001:
Coccinellidae Coleoptera collected in northern Corsica in the summer of 1999 Coccinellidi Coleoptera Coccinellidae raccolti nella Corsica settentrionale nel Corso dellestate 1999

Fursch, Helmut., 1997:
Coccinellidae Coleoptera from Rwanda Coccinellidae Coleoptera aus Rwanda

Coutanceau, Jean-Pierre., 1996:
Coccinellidae of Ile-de-France Faunistics and provisional cartography Les coccinelles dIle-de-France Faunistique et cartographie provisoire

Kuznetsov, VN., 1993:
Coccinellidae of the Russian Far East Part 1 Zhuki-koktsinellidy Coleoptera, Coccinellidae Dalnego Vostoka Rossi Chast 1

Kuznetsov, VN., 1993:
Coccinellidae of the Russian Far East Part 2 Zhuki-koktsinellidy Coleoptera, Coccinellidae Dalnego Vostoka Rossi Chast 2

Aguilera P., A.; Rebolledo R., R.; Klein K., C., 2003:
Coccinellina ancoralis Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Coccinellidae in the IX Region of La Araucania, Chile Coccinellina ancoralis Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Coccinellidae en la IX Region de La Araucania

Bazarov, BB.; Shmelev, GP., 1971:
Coccoidea from Tadzhikistan and neighbouring regions in central Asia

Tereznikova, EM., 1975:
Coccoidea Laminated, giant and mealy bugs Ortheziidae, Margarodidae, Pseudococcidae

Molina, Eustoquio., 2004:
Coccolithophores and calcareous nannofossils Cocolitoforidos y otros nanofosiles calcareos

Bona, J., 1964:
Coccolithophoriden-untersuchungen in der neogenen schichtenfolge des Meosekgebirges

Busson, G.; Noel, D.; Cornee, A., 1997:
Coccolithophorids as main contributors of calcareous fraction of marine Middle-Upper Jurassic sediments the contrast between the coccolith assemblages in limestones and marls Les coccolithophoridees, contributeurs essentiels de la fraction calcaire des sediments marins du Jurassique moyen-superieur contraste entre les populations des calcaires et des marnes

Lima, P.C.; Lima, R. de Cassia F. dos Santos, S.S., 2004:
Coccyzus americanus Linne, 1758 from the area of the indigo macaw Anodorhynchus leari Bonaparte, 1856 first record for the Bahia area, Brazil Coccyzus americanus Linne, 1758 na Patria da Arara-azul-de-lear Anodorhynchus leari Bonaparte, 1856 primeiro registro para a Caatinga na Bahia, Brasil

Matile-Ferrero, D.; Etienne, J., 2006:
Cochineal insects from French Antilles and some other Caribbean islands Hemiptera, Coccoidea Cochenilles des Antilles francaises et de quelques autres iles des Caraibes Hemiptera, Coccoidea

Salgado Alves Correa, L.M.uricio; Sequeira Fernandes, A.C.rlos, 2002:
Cochlichnus lagartensis Muniz, 1980 a kind of sinuous mud crack Cochlichnus lagartensis Muniz, 1980 um caso de gretas de contracao senoidais

Gofas, S.; Backeljau, T., 1994:
Cochlostoma gigas spec nov Gastropoda Cyclophoroidea of the Pyrenees Cochlostoma gigas spec nov Gastropoda Cyclophoroidea de los Pirineos

Kullberg, Jaakko., 2003 :
Cochylis atricapitana Stephens, 1852 and Salebriopsis albicilla Herrich-Schaeffer, 1849 - Microlepidoptera new for Finland Cochylis atricapitana Stephens, 1852 ja Salebriopsis albicilla Herrich-Schaeffer, 1849 - Suomelle uudet mikroperhoslajit

Hegelbach, Johann., 1998:
Cock-feathered female common redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus breeds successfully Hahnenfedriges Weibchen des Gartenrotschwanzes Phoenicurus phoenicurus brutet erfolgreich

Reinschmidt, Matthias., 2002:
Cockatoo breeding in Loro Parque, Tenerife Inkakakadu-Zucht im Loro Parque auf Teneriffa

Cate, PC., 2004:
Cockchafer flights in Austria 1949-2000 - first preliminary evaluations Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolontha melolontha L and M hippocastani F Maikaeferfluge in Oesterreich 1949-2000 - Erste vorlaeufige Auswertungen Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolontha melolontha L and M hippocastani F

Vidlicka, Lubomir., 1999:
Cockroaches Blattaria in bird nests Svaby Blattaria v hniezdach vtakov

Hauschild, Andree., 1999:
Cockroaches Blattoptera World rulers? Schaben Blattoptera Herrscher der Welt?

Koehler, G.; Renker, C., 2005:
Cockroaches Insecta Blattoptera in Thuringia, Germany - a comprehensive survey Schaben Insecta Blattoptera in Thueringen - eine faunistische Zusammenschau

Pospischill, R., 2004:
Cockroaches - Blattodea An example for introduction and establishment of insects in Europe Schaben - Blattodea Ein Beispiel fuer die Einschleppung and Einbuergerung von Insekten in Europa

Ziesmann, S.; Kroniger, M., 2006:
Cockroaches - better than their reputation Schaben - besser als ihr Ruf

Greve, L.; Jordan, P., 2002 :
Cockroaches and us Kakerlakkene og vi

Haschemi, H., 1996:
Cockroaches in pigsties A new successful method Schwaben in Schweinestallen Eine neue Methode bringt Erfolg

Rasker, M., 2005:
Cockroaches versus crickets Kakkerlakken versus krekels

Johnsen, P., 1976:
Cockroaches, grasshoppers and earwigs on Anholt Blattodea, Orthoptera, Dermaptera

Chiamolera, L. de Bortolli; Cavichioli, R.R.miro, 2004:
Cocoelidia DeLong description of a new species from north of Brazil Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Neocoelidiinae Cocoelidia DeLong descricao de uma nova especie do norte do Brasil Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Neocoelidiinae

Elvira, C.; Sampedro, L.; Iglesias Briones, M.; Jesus., 1998:
Cocoon and hatchlings characterization of some earthworm species Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae Caracterizacion de los capullos y de los recien nacidos de varias especies de lombrices de tierra Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae

Bosch, Guillaume., 2002:
Cocoons, photoperiod, temperature and other mysteries Cocons, photoperiode, temperature et autres mysteres

Omnes, Marie-Helene., 2002:
Cod Gadus morhua biology, fisheries, market and rearing potential La morue Gadus morhua biologie, peche, marche et potential aquacole

Lamotte, Guy., 2006:
Cod Gadus morhua, species seriously in danger Le cabillaud Gadus morhua, une espece gravement menaces

Mendes, B.; Fonseca, P.; Campos, A., 2004:
Cod end selectivity for six fish species of the Portuguese southwest coast Selectividade em sacos de redes de arrasto para seis especies de peixes, na costa sudoeste Portuguesa

Nordeide, Jarle Tryti., 2000:
Cod spawning - playing or promiscuous group sex? Torskegyting - leik eller promiskuos gruppesex?

Anonymous., 1999:
Code of honour for malacological field work carried out by the German Malacozoological Society Ehrenkodex fur malakologische Feldarbeit der Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft

Anonymous., 1994:
Code of honour of entomological fieldwork Ehrenkodex der entomologischen Feldarbeit

Canas, C.; Garrido, H.; Calderon, J., 2004:
Codifying of readable markers at a distance Codificacion de marcas de lectura a distancia

Miskolczi, M.; Devai, G.; Kertesz, G.; Bajza, A., 1997:
Coding list of Hungarian settlements according to a 10x10 km scale grid map of UTM system A magyarorszagi helysegek kodjegyzeke az UTM rendszeru, 10x10 km beosztasu haloterkep szerint

di Carlo, EA., 1990:
Codirossone Monticola saxatilis nidificante in centri abitati

Musaev, M.A.; Veisov, A.M., 1963:
Coecidia occurring in Apodemus sylvaticus in Azerbaidjan

Smith, Susan., 2004:
Coelacanths in public aquaria? Kvastfeningar i akvarier?

Combes, Claude., 1999:
Coelacanths Metapopulation or clade? Coelacanthes Metapopulation ou clade?

Berti, N.; Mariau, D., 2000:
Coelaenomenodera lameensis n sp, of the oil palm tree pest Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Coelaenomenodera lameensis n sp, ravageur du palmier a huile Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Queney, Pierre., 1996:
Coelambus nigrolineatus Steven, a new species for France Col Dytiscidae Coelambus nigrolineatus Steven, espece nouvelle pour la France Col Dytiscidae

Stephenson, T.A., 1918:
Coelenterata, Part 1- Actiniaria BM NH British Antarctic Terra Nova

Stephenson, L.W., 1916:
Coelenterata Systematic palaeontology Maryland Geological Survey Upper Cretaceous

Chiamolera, L.D.B.rtolli.; Cavichioli, R.R., 2000:
Coelidiana ferruginea sp n Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Neocoelidiinae from Mato Grosso, Brazil Coelidiana ferruginea sp n Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Neocoelidiinae de Mato Grosso, Brasil

Voith, Johannes., 1997:
Coelioxys mandibularis Nyl as a cuckoo bee of Osmia villosa Schck Hymenoptera, Apiformes, Megachilidae Coelioxys mandibularis Nyl als Kuckucksbiene von Osmia villosa Schck Hymenoptera, Apiformes, Megachilidae

Nolf, D.; Girone, A., 2000:
Coelorinchus stellaris n sp Macrouridae fish of the late Oligocene of Aquitaine and its paleobiogeographical significance Coelorinchus stellaris n sp poisson macrouride de lOligocene terminal dAquitaine et son interet paleobiogeographique

D.C.stro, A.; Ferrandez, MA., 1998:
Coelotes terrestris Wider, 1834 Araneae Agelenidae new species for the Iberian fauna Coelotes terrestris Wider, 1834 Araneae Agelenidae nueva especie para la fauna iberica

Courel, L.; Demathieu, G.R., 2000:
Coeluroausaurichnus grancieri, a new ichnospecies from the Upper Triassic of Ardeche, France Une nouvelle ichnoespece Coelurosaurichnus grancieri du Trias superieur de lArdeche, France

Leroy, T., 2006:
Coenagrion lunulatum Charpentier, 1825 in France distribution, abundance, elements of ecology and conservation Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae Coenagrion lunulatum Charpentier, 1825 en France repartition, abondance, elements d ecologie et de conservation Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae

Leroy, T., 2003:
Coenagrion lunulatum Charpentier, 1840 and Coenagrion hastulatum Charpentier, 1825 two new species for Aveyron Department Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae Coenagrion lunulatum Charpentier, 1840 et Coenagrion hastulatum Charpentier, 1825 especes nouvelles pour le departement de lAveyron Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae

Muller, Jochen M., 2000:
Coenagrion lunulatum in the prealpine region of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Odonata Coenagrionidae Coenagrion lunulatum in einem oberschwabischen Moorgebiet Odonata Coenagrionidae

Bal, Bernard., 1996:
Coenagrion mercuriale in Haute-Savoie, the return Agrion de mercure en Haute-Savoie, le retour

Burbach, K.; Faltin, I.; Konigsdorfer, M.; Krach, E.; Winterholler, M., 1996:
Coenagrion ornatum Selys in Bavaria, Germany Zygoptera, Coenagrionide Coenagrion ornatum Selys in Bayern Zygoptera Coenagrionidae

Hoess, Rene., 2007:
Coenagrion scitulum Rambur, 1842 Odonata Coenagrionidae, formerly a indigenous species to Switzerland? War Coenagrion scitulum Rambur, 1842 Odonata Coenagrionidae einst in der Schweiz heimisch?

Schumacher, Heinz., 2001:
Coenobia rufa Haworth, 1809 new for the lepidoptera fauna of the Bergisches Land Coenobia rufa Haworth, 1809 neu fuer die Lepidopterenfauna des Bergischen Landes Lep, Noctuidae

Lange, Eva Marie., 2000:
Coenobita clypeatus Land crabs Coenobita clypeatus Landeinsiedlerkrebse

Kotelnikov, GA.; Kotelnikov, GA., 1974 :
Coenogenetic organisation in cestodes of the Hymenolepididae family

Kotelnikov, G.A., 1971:
Coenogenetic organisation in cestodes ofthe family Hymenolepididae

Horvath, G.; Matics, R.; Tolgyesi, M.; Trocsanyi, B., 1996:
Coenological study of small mammals in a forest in the plain region along River Drava Kisemlosok conologiai vizsgalata egy erdei vegetacioban a Dravamenti siksag teruleten

Paulus, U.; Paulus, H.F., 1997:
Coenology of spiders of the Hornkees glacier retreat zone in the Zillertal Alps in Tyrol Austria Arachnida, Araneae Zur Zonologie von Spinnen auf dem Gletschervorfeld des Hornkees in den Zillertaler Alpen in Tirol Osterreich Arachnidae, Araneae

Vigna Taglianti, A.; Cerretti, P., 1997:
Coenomyia ferruginea, a forgotten Diptera species Diptera Xylophagomorpha Coenomyia ferruginea, un dittero dimenticato Diptera Xylophagomorpha

Stuke, J., 2004:
Coenomyidae, Xylophagidae and Scenopinidae Diptera from Lower Saxony and Bremen Germany Die Coenomyidae, Xylophagidae and Scenopinidae Diptera Niedersachsens and Bremens

Hanus, J., 2007:
Coenonympha superspecies gardetta darwiniana Staudinger, 1871 in Vercors Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae Coenonympha superspecies gardetta darwiniana Staudinger, 1871 en Vercors Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae

Boillat, H., 1990:
Coenonympha superspecies gardetta orientalis Rebel Mise au point taxinomique Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae

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