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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38083

Chapter 38083 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Groombridge, B., 1990:
Comments on the rain forests of southwest India and their herpetofauna

Pawlowski, S.; Strmac, M., 2003:
Comments on the rearing of Cuora flavomarginata in the room terrarium Bemerkungen zu Nachzucht der Gelbrandscharnierschildkroete, Cuora flavomarginata, im Zimmerterrarium

Rosenow, Jan., 1996:
Comments on the rearing of cichlids from lake Tanganyika Bemerkungen zur Aufzucht von Cichliden des Tanganjikasees

Pawlowski, S., 2003:
Comments on the rearing of the European pond turtle Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 in combined terrarium and field care Bemerkungen zur Nachzucht der Europaeischen Sumpfschildkroete, Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 bei kombinierter Terrarien und Freilandhaltung

Lopez Redondo, Javier., 1992:
Comments on the road mortality rates of the wall lizard Podarcis muralis Comentarios acerca de mortalidad en carreteras de la lagartija roquera Podarcis muralis

Ebermann, Ernst., 1999:
Comments on the scutacarids of Carinthia Acari Heterostigmata Tarsonemina Scutacaridae Kommentar zu den Schildchenmilben Kaerntens Acari Heterostigmata Tarsonemina Scutacaridae

Cios, Stanislaw., 2006:
Comments on the secretion of silk glands of caddis Uwagi o wydzielinie gruczolow przednych chruscikow

Greve, Karl., 1999:
Comments on the shelduck Tadorna tadorna L and the herring gull Larus argentatus Pont at the Braunschweig sewage farm Bemerkungen uber Brandgans Tadorna tadorna L und Silbermowe Larus argentatus Pont in den Braunschweiger Rieselfeldern

Vaczi, M., 2006:
Comments on the situation of some raptor-species in northwestern Hungary Angaben zur Situation einzelner Greifvogelarten in NW-Ungarn

Kormann, Joachim., 1996:
Comments on the so called freshwater moray eels Gymnothorax spec Osteichthyes, Anguilliformes, Muraenidae from Thailand Bemerkungen zu sogenannten Susswasser-Muranen Gymnothorax spec Osteichthyes, Anguilliformes, Muraenidae aus Thailand

Menges, Hans., 2000:
Comments on the socializing of cichlids from Lake Tanganyika Bemerkungen zur Vergesellschaftung von Tanganjikasee-Cichliden

Schindler, Ingo., 2001:
Comments on the species status of Pterophyllum eimekei Ahl, 1928 Anmerkungen zur Artberechtigung von Pterophyllum eimekei Ahl, 1928

Goffart, Philippe., 1994:
Comments on the status of Cercion lindeni in Wallonia Commentaires a propos du statut de Cercion lindeni en Wallonie

Etzel, Vollrad., 1996:
Comments on the systematic classification of Epiplatys infrafasciatus, Epiplatys sexfasciatus and Epiplatys togolensis with particular consideration of the relationship to its distribution in rain forest habitat Bemerkungen zur systematischen Einordnung von Epiplatys infrafasciatus, Epiplatys sexfasciatus und Epiplatys togolensis unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Abhangigkeit ihrer Verbreitung von der Regenwaldgebieten

Helbig, A.J., 2005:
Comments on the systematics and taxonomy of birds on the new German list Anmerkungen zur Systematik und Taxonomie der Voegel Deutschlands

Muller-Motzfeld, G., 1998:
Comments on the systematics in the genus Bembidion Latreille, 1802 Col, Carabidae Bemerkungen zur Systematik in der Gattung Bembidion Latreille, 1802 Col, Carabidae

Paukstadt, U.; Paukstadt, L.H., 1999:
Comments on the taxonomic status of Actias selene seitzi Kalis 1934 and Actias selene vandenberghi Roepke 1956 stat rev and the geographic distribution of these taxa in southeast Asia Lepidoptera Saturniidae Anmerkungen zum taxonomischen Status von Actias selene seitzi Kalis 1934 und Actias selene vandenberghi Roepke 1956 stat rev sowie zur geographischen Verbreitung dieser Taxa in Suedostasien Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Robba, E., 1990:
Comments on the taxonomic structure of some Neogene molluscan communities

Knaack, Joachim., 2002:
Comments on the taxonomic value of the pelvic spine within the genus Corydoras Lacepede, 1803 Bemerkungen zum taxonomischen Wert des Pektoralstachels innerhalb der Gattung Corydoras Lacepede, 1803

Kalab, Jaroslav., 2002:
Comments on the taxonomy and distribution of three Chinese species of Carabus Coleoptera Carabidae Carabini Bemerkungen zur Taxonomie und Verbreitung von drei chinesischen Carabus-Arten Coleoptera Carabidae Carabini

Taeger, A.; Blank, S.M., 1996:
Comments on the taxonomy of Symphyta Hymenoptera Preliminary studies for a catalogue of sawflies, 1 Kommentare zur Taxonomie der Symphyta Hymenoptera Vorarbeiten zu einem Katalog der Pflanzenwespen, Teil 1

Jansen, MGM., 1998:
Comments on the taxonomy of species of the genus Scrobipalpa Janse Lepidoptera Gelechiidae of the Netherlands Bemerkungen zur Taxonomie der in den Niederlanden vorkommenden Arten der Gattung Scrobipalpa Janse Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Finke, Torsten., 1998:
Comments on the taxonomy, care and rearing of Stromatopelma calceatum griseipes Pocock, 1897 Araneae Theraphosidae Stromatopelminae Bemerkungen zur Taxonomie, Haltung und Nachzucht von Stromatopelma calceatum griseipes Pocock, 1897 Araneae Theraphosidae Stromatopelminae

Weishaar, Manfred., 1997:
Comments on the temporal occurrence of some bat species in winter quarters Bemerkungen zur zeitlichen Nachweisbarkeit einiger Fledermausarten in Winterquartieren

Busching, W., 2005:
Comments on the thrush nightingale-nightingale hybrid Luscinia luscinia x L megarhynchos Gedanken zu einem Sprosser-Nachtigallen-Hybriden Luscinia luscinia x L megarhynchos

Valcarcel, Javier P., 1997:
Comments on the toxicity of some preservation fluids of common use in entomology Comentarios sobre la toxicidad de algunos productos conservantes de uso comun en entomologia

Junck, Claudine., 1996:
Comments on the use of methods for small mammal assessments Anmerkungen zum Aufwand fur die Durchfuhrung von Kleinsaugererfassungen

Troidl, A.; Troidl, S., 2006:
Comments on the variability and habitat adaptation of Gallotia galloti palmae Boettger Mueller, 1914 Bemerkungen zur Variabilitat and Habitatanpassung von Gallotia galloti palmae Boettger Mueller, 1914

Schmidt, Gunter., 1997:
Comments on the work of H Grobmeyer Group formation in the spider Argiope bruennichi in Arachnol Mag 5 10 10-12 Kommentar zu der Arbeit von H Grobmeyer Gruppenbildung bei der Wespenspinne Argiope bruennichi in Arachnol Mag 5 10 10-12

Blaskiewitz, Bernhard., 1996:
Comments on the works by Ernst Ruhmekorf on Mammalia and zoo animals on the occasion of his 70th birthday Anmerkungen zu saugetierkundlichen und tiergartenbiologischen Arbeiten von Ernst Ruhmekorf aus Anlass seines 70 Geburtstages

Cancino A., C.; Melendez C., R., 2000:
Comments on the workshop on phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of Chilean marine fishes Comentarios sobre el seminario-taller sistematica filogenetica y biogeografia de peces marinos de Chile

de Los Angeles Gasalla, M.; Soares, L.S.tiko Hashimoto, 2001:
Comments on trophic studies of marine fish in the historical process of fisheries science and ecological modelling Comentarios sobre os estudos troficos de peixes marinhos no processo historico da ciencia pesqueira e modelagem ecologica

Hurlbert, S.H.; Bentley, P.J.; Schmidt-Nielsen, K., 1966:
Comments on Cutaneous water loss in reptiles

Turcek, I.; Spalek, L., 2000:
Comments to the avifaune of the upper part of the River Basin of Cirocha Poznamky k avifaune povodia horneho toku Cirochy

Filippova, J.A.; Alekseev, DO.; Bizikov, VA.; Khromov, DN., 1997:
Commercial and mass cephalopods of the world ocean A manual for identification

Novoa, Daniel F., 2001:
Commercial artisanal fishing around La Tortuga Island, Venezuela La pesca artesanal comercial en los alrededores de la Isla de la Tortuga, Venezuela

Elizarov, A A. ., 1996:
Commercial aspects of biology of Commander squid, Berryteuthis magister, and of fishes of slope communities in the western part of the Bering Sea scientific results of VNIRO expedition in the Bering Sea according to programme of joint Russian-Japanese research of Commander squid Berryteuthis magister in the Bering Sea

Franke, R.; Acero P., A., 1996:
Commercial bony fish from Parque Gorgona, Pacific of Colombia Osteichthyes Muraenesocidae, Hemiramphidae, Belonidae, Scorpaenidae, Triglidae, Malacanthidae, Gerreidae, Sparidae, Kyphosidae, Sphyraenidae e Istiophoridae Peces oseos comerciales del Parque Gorgona, Pacifico colombiano Osteichthyes Muraenesocidae, Hemiramphidae, Belonidae, Scorpaenidae, Triglidae, Malacanthidae, Gerreidae, Sparidae, Kyphosidae, Sphyraenidae e Istiophoridae

Passos, C.Amim di Beneditto, A.Paula Madeira, 2005:
Commercial capture of the mangrove crab, Ucides cordatus L, 1763, in the Gargau mangrove, RJ Captura comercial do caranguejo-uca, Ucides cordatus L, 1763, no Manguezal de Gargau, RJ

dos Santos, G.M.ndes.; Ferreira, E.J.rge G.; Zuanon, J.A., 2006:
Commercial fish of Manaus Peixes comerciais de Manaus

van Damme, P.; Vargas, F.; Munoz, H., 2005:
Commercial fish of the River Ichilo floodplain Cochabamba-Bolivia Los peces comerciales en la llanura de inundacion del Rio Ichilo Cochabamba-Bolivia

Kirillov, AF., 1989:
Commercial fish species of Vilyuisk Reservoir

Venglinskii, DL., 1975:
Commercial fishes of reservoirs on the Yamal Peninsula

Ishunin, G.I.; Salikhbaev, K.S., 1964:
Commercial game animals and birds of the northern slopes of the Turkestan Range

Klumov, S.K., 1960:
Commercial game animals from the Kurile Islands Measures for their protection and the enrichment of fauna

Fargeot, C., 2004:
Commercial hunting and venison trade in forest regions of Central Africa La chasse commerciale et le negoce de la venaison en Afrique Centrale forestiere

Hodzelmans, Frans. van Besauw, Hugo., 2004:
Commercial murder of butterflies Commerciele vlindermoord

Palii, N.F. ., 1988:
Commercial oceanological studies in the Atlantic and south-east Pacific

Lugovaya, TV., 1975:
Commercial significance of the pike in the Kremenchugsk reservoir

Gaino, E.; Bavestrello, G.; Cerrano, C.; Lanza, S.; Maccarone, M.; Magnino, G.; Sara, A.; Pronzato, R., 1999:
Commercial sponges from Ustica Island Le spugne commerciali dellIsola di Ustica

Perez, T.; Capo, S., 2001:
Commercial sponges of Port-Cros national park estimation of the density of two populations of Spongia officinalis Linne, 1759 Eponges commerciales du parc national de Port-Cros estimation de la densite de deux populations de Spongia officinalis Linne, 1759

Scaps, P., 2004:
Commercial trade in annelids Le commerce des annelides

Kolisnyk, BI., 1993:
Commercially hunted mammals in Tsumansk forest, Volyna Okhotniche-promyslovye zveri Tsumanskoi pushchi na Volyni

Lavov, M.A., 1962:
Commercially valuable game on Kurile Islands

Gardenfors, Ulf., 2004:
Committee for Swedish animal vernacular names set up Komittee for svenska djurnamn inrattad

Anon., 1947:
Committee on Zoological Nomenclature of the Smithsonian Institution Unesco Aid for the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Voskamp, P.; Driessen, J., 2003:
Common Goldeneye Bucephala clangula as a breeding bird in the Netherlands Population development and habitat use De Brilduiker Bucephala clangula als broedvogel in Nederland Populatieontwikkeling en habitatgebruik

de Jong, A., 2003:
Common Gull Larus canus kills Greenshank chick Tringa nebularia Fiskmas Larus canus dodar arsunge av gluttsnappa Tringa nebularia

Lovaty, Francois., 2004:
Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus and Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata population size variations in mature Oak timber forests of the Allier France Les variations des effectifs du rougequeue a front blanc Phoenicurus phoenicurus et du gobemouche gris Muscicapa striata dans des futaies de chenes ages de lAllier France

Kober, Ingo., 1998 :
Common basilisks in the terrarium Stirnlappenbasilisken im Terrarium

Pinasseau, E.; Aulagnier, S., 2001:
Common bats identification, behaviour and ecology of two sibling species Bibliographical review Les pipistrelles communes identification, comportement et ecologie de deux especes jumelles Revue bibliographique

Rossi, C.E.uardo.; Ferraz, L.C.rlos Camargo Barbosa.; Berti,; Araujo, A.C.istina Magalhaes.; Marcon, L., 2000:
Common bean Pratylenchus survey in southwest of the Sao Paulo and cultivars host reaction to Pratylenchus zeae Pratilencoses do feijoeiro levantamento de ocorrencia no sudoeste paulista e hospedabilidade de cultivares a Pratylenchus zeae

Townson, B., 1990:
Common bird census 1990

Lang, B., 2002:
Common birds census in Normandy 1990-2002 Bilan du suivi temporel des oiseaux communs en Normandie 1990-2002

Marchant, J.; Whittington, P., 1990:
Common birds census 1988-1989 index report

Julliard, R.; Lois, G.; Jarry, G.; Couvet, D., 2001:
Common birds in France Variation in abundance from 1989 to 1999, an evaluation of the STOC-capture program Oiseaux communs en France Variations dabondance entre 1989 et 1998, evaluation du programme STOC-capture

Zambian Ornithological Society., 1990:
Common birds of Zambia A first identification guide

Jiguet, F.; Julliard, R., 2003:
Common breeding birds monitoring programmes in France STOC-EPS the 2002 campaign Suivi Temporel des Oiseaux Communs Bilan des reseaux nationaux de France pour lannee 2002

Franke, E.; Franke, T., 2007:
Common buzzard breeding in a tree-lined avenue Maeusebussard bruetet in einer Strassenallee

Nyenhuis, Horst., 2005:
Common buzzard hunting bags Buteo buteo L - decrease of the species led to the protection Maeusebussardstrecken Buteo buteo L - Rueckgang der Art fuehrte zum Schutz

Fenyosi, L.; Stix, J., 1998:
Common buzzard nestlings reared by white-tailed eagle - another observation Megjegyzesek a Retisas Haliaeetus albicilla altal nevelt egereszolyv Buteo buteo fiokak cimu irashoz

Palko, Sandor., 1997:
Common buzzard nestlings reared by white-tailed eagle Retisas Haliaeetus albicilla altal nevelt egereszolyv Buteo buteo fiokak

Premzl, Matjaz., 2002:
Common buzzard Kanja Buteo buteo

Senegacnik, Katarina., 2000:
Common chiffchaff Vrbji kovacek Phylloscopus collybita

Denac, D., 2002:
Common coot and black-tailed godwit Liska Fulica atra in crnorepi kljunac Limosa limosa

Vrezec, A.; E.ersek, T., 2003:
Common crane ruff Zerjav Grus grus togotnik Philomachus pugnax

Uhl, Klaus., 1999:
Common crane Grus grus as a breeding and migrating bird in the mining region of south-west Niederlausitz, Brandenburg Vorkommen und Bestandsentwicklung des Kranichs Grus grus als Brut- und Zugvogel in der Bergbauregion der sudwestlichen Niederlausitz, Brandenburg

Bozic, L., 2003:
Common crane Zerjav Grus grus

Nellis, R.; Nellis, R.; Nellis, V., 2001:
Common cranes wintering in Saaremaa Hilised sookured Saaremaa

Kapla, A., 2004:
Common crossbill Krivokljun Loxia curvirostra

Bombek, Dominik., 2000:
Common cuckoo Kukavica Cuculus canorus

Albicker-Rippinger, P.; Hoop, RK., 1999:
Common diseases in psittacines and passerines - postmortem findings Krankheitsursachen bei Papageivoegeln Psittaciformes und Sperlingsvoegeln Passeriformes Eine Selektionsstatistik

Haggard, J.M., 1946:
Common diseases of the domestic rabbit

Bar, U.; Jochums, F., 1995:
Common eider Somateria mollissima summering and moulting in Bavaria with remarks about zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha Ubersommernde, mausernde Eiderenten Somateria mollissima in Bayern mit Anmerkungen zur Dreikantmuschel Dreissena polymorpha

Simic, Dragan V., 2002:
Common eider on the Danube at Belgrade Gavka Somateria mollissima na Dunavu kod Beograda

Ales, K., 2003:
Common goldeneye Zvonec Bucephala clangula

Mayer, Horst., 1996:
Common ground doves - curious and popular doves Sperlingstaubchen - quirlige und beliebte Kleintauben

Burkhard, Benjamin., 2002:
Common gull breeding colony at the southern Schlei fjord near Olpenitz Sturmmoewenbrutkolonie an der suedlichen Schleimuendung bei Olpenitz

van Dijk, K.; Hiemstra, D., 2004:
Common gull in Groningen more than 33 years old Ruim 33 jaar oude Stormmeeuw in Groningen

Reijnders, R.; Keijl, G., 1997:
Common gulls eat Nilssons pipefish Stormmeeuwen Larus canus eten kleine zeenaalden Sygnathus rostellatus

Schreiber, Ralf., 2001:
Common hamster in Bavaria - population trends and species protection plan Feldhamster in Bayern - Bestandstrends und geplantes Artenhilfskonzept

Bombek, D., 2003:
Common kestrel great grey shrike Postovka Falco tinnunculus veliki srakoper Lanius excubitor

Lueps, Peter., 2000:
Common kestrel Falco tinnunculus bringing a message? Turmfalke Falco tinnunculus als Ueberbringer einer Nachricht?

Kmecl, Primoz., 2001:
Common kestrel Postovka Falco tinnunculus

Mundt, Jurgen., 1998:
Common kestrels Falco tinnunculus breeding in colony of and hunting on sand martins Riparia riparia Nistplatz und Nahrungserwerb des Turmfalken Falco tinnunculus in Kolonien der Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia

Penford, N.; Francis, I., 1990:
Common land and nature conservation in England and Wales

Jansen, EA.; Buys, JC., 1997:
Common long-eared bat Plecotus auritus Linnaeus, 1758 Gewone grootoorvleermuis Plecotus auritus Linnaeus, 1758

Pena Leon, G.A.berto.; Pinto Nolla, M., 1996:
Common mammals of preceramic sites of Bogota savanna Mamiferos mas comunes en sitios preceramicos de la sabana de Bogota

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2000:
Common names of European bats in some French publications Noms vernaculaires des chiropteres dEurope dans les principaux ouvrages francophones

Coulibaly, N.Desire, 2003:
Common names of commercial fish species of the upper Volta basin in Burkina Faso Noms communs des poissons commerciaux des hauts bassins du fleuve volta au Burkina Faso

Magomna, O., 2003:
Common names of fishes of Chad in the Kim language Noms communs de poissons Tchadien en langue Kim

Mve, R.; Ondoh.; Mbega, JD., 2003:
Common names of important fish species in the Fang language, Gabon Noms communs despeces importantes de poisson en langue Fang, Gabon

Machado, A.; Morera, M., 2005:
Common names of plants and animals of the Canary Islands Nombres comunes de las plantas y los animales de Canarias

Stoetzel, MB., 1990:
Common names ESA common names approved during 1989

Meyer, S., 2006:
Common newt habitats in Upper Italy Teichmolch-Habitate in Ober-Italien

Veyrunes, Frederic., 1999:
Common nighthawk, a species new for France Un engoulevent dAmerique Chordeiles minor a Ouessant premiere mention pour la France

Ae, S.A., 1976:
Common occurrence of Hestina japonica in the city of Nagoya

Jorga, Werner., 1999:
Common otter Lutra lutra L in the Spreewald labyrinth and in the Lausitz ponds Der Fischotter Lutra lutra L im Labyrinth des Spreewaldes und der Lausitzer Teiche

Vrezec, A., 2002:
Common pheasant Fazan Phasianus colchicus f tenebrosus

Kapteyn, K., 1997:
Common pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774 Gewone dwergvleermuis Pipistrellus pipistrellus Schreber, 1774

Chlebicki, A., 2004:
Common play fungi, plants, insects - introduction Wspolna gra grzyby, rosliny, owady - wstep

Hjartarson, Gaukur., 2003:
Common quail, new for Iceland Kornhaena a Husavik

Stumberger, Borut., 2001:
Common redshank Tringa totanus Rdecenogi martinec Tringa totanus

Stumberger, B., 2002:
Common redshank Rdecenogi martinec Tringa totanus

Smole, J., 2002:
Common redshank Redecnogi martinec Tringa totanus

Podhraski, Zdravko., 2001:
Common rosefinch Skrlatec Carpodacus erythrinus

Sere, D., 2006:
Common rosefinch Skrlatec Carpodacus erythrinus

Szalai, Kornel., 2001 :
Common sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos overwintering in Budapest Billegetocanko Actitis hypoleucos attelelesi kiserlete Budapesten

Erhart, Fokko C., 1997:
Common sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos profits from nature development-projects Oeverlopers Actitis hypoleucos profiteren van natuurontwikkeling

Aulert, C.; Sylvand, B., 1997:
Common scoters Melanitta nigra and velvet scoters Melanitta fusca wintering of the coasts of Calvados relation between diet and sea macrozoobenthic populations on the littoral Les macreuses noires Melanitta nigra et brunes Melanitta fusca hivernant au large des cotes du Calvados relation entre le regime alimentaire et les peuplements macrozoobenthiques marins littoraux

Pasti, Csaba., 2003:
Common shelduck Tadorna tadorna nesting near Debrecen Butykos asolud Tadorna tadorna fezkelese Debrecen hataraban

Bordjan, D., 2003:
Common shelduck Duplinska kozarka Tadorna tadorna

Senegacnik, Katarina., 2000:
Common snipe Kozica Gallinago gallinago

Milkowski, Marek., 2000:
Common spruce Picea abies L Karst, a new host plant for the larvae of Strangalia attenuata L Coleoptera Cerambycidae Swierk pospolity Picea abies L Karst, nieznana dotychczas roslina zywicielska larw Strangalia attenuata L Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Denac, D., 2002:
Common starling Skorec Sturnus vulgaris

Gory, G.; Mougeot, F., 2005:
Common swift Apus apus leuciques in the Gard Department Observations de Martinets noirs Apus apus leuciques dans le Gard

Gauchat, Jean-Luc., 2001:
Common swift Apus apus nest boxes on Yverdon-les-Bains castle Les nichoirs a martinets noirs Apus apus du Chateau dYverdon-les-Bains

Vrezec, A., 2002:
Common swift Hudournik Apus apus

Gory, Gerard., 1997:
Common swifts Apus apus eggs laying time, size and shape Loeuf de martinet noir Apus apus Heure de ponte, dimensions et forme

Behmann, Henning., 1997:
Common tern Sterna hirundo from Baltic Sea to South America Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo von der Ostsee nach Sudamerika

Gruell, A., 2003:
Common tern Sterna hirundo hunts from a perch when exploiting bycatch from fisheries Flussseeschwalbe Sterno hirundo nutzt Beifang der Daubelfischerei in Ansitzjagd

Riezing, Norbert., 1999:
Common tern Sterna hirundo nesting in artificial environment Kuszvago cser Sterna hirundo koltese muvi kornyezetben

Denac, D., 2004:
Common tern Sterna hirundo feeding dynamics and intraspecific kleptoparasitism in the colony of Ptuj reservoir Drava river, NE Slovenia Prehranjevalna dinamika in pojav znotrajvrstnega kleptoparazitizma v koloniji navadne cigre Sterna hirundo na Ptujskem jezeru SV Slovenija

Janzekovic, F.; Stumberger, B.; Denac, D., 2003:
Common terns Sterna hirundo clutch size, egg dimensions and phenology of its arrival to the breeding site in NE Slovenia Velikost legla, velikost jajc in fenologija prihoda na gnezdisce pri navadni cigri Sterna hirundo v SV Sloveniji

Denac, D., 2003:
Common tern Navadna cigra Sterna hirundo

Vasas, Andras., 2004:
Common terns Sterna hirundo and black-headed gulls Larus ridibundus nesting in artificial environment Kuszvago cserek Sterna hirundo es dankasiralyok Larus ridibundus telepes koltese mesterseges kornyezetben

Loose, Joachim., 1998:
Common terns Sterna hirundo on rafts - a report from the inland of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ansiedlung von Flussseeschwalben Sterna hirundo auf Kunstinseln Ergebnisbericht aus dem Binnenland von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Maier, R.; Walcher, G., 2005:
Common terns in the Ulm region Return and population development of a red list species at the Danube and Riss Flussseeschalben im Grossraum Ulm Rueckkehr und Bestandsentwicklung einer Art der Roten Liste an Donau und Riss

Cuartas, Elena I., 1999:
Common terrestrial isopods from the Mar del Plata area Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscoidea Isopodos terrestres mas comunes del area marplotense Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscoidea

Skorupska, Anna., 1999:
Common vole Microtus arvalis, his food and injuries Nornik polny Microtus arvalis - jego pokarmy oraz uszkodzenia

Bajaczyk, Rafal., 1996:
Common vole, Microtus arvalis Pallas, 1779 Arvicolidae, Mammalia in the among-field habitats notes to the population cycles Nornik zwyczajny Microtus arvalis Pallas, 1779 Arvicolidae, Mammalia w srodowiskach srodpolnych uwagi na temat cykli liczebnosci populacji

Sokolov, VE.; Bashenina, NV., 1994:
Common vole the sibling species Microtus arvalis Pallas, 1779 M rossiaemeridionalis Ognev 1924

Reino, L.M.guel.; Silva, T., 1996:
Common waxbill Estrilda astrild distribution and range expansion in Portugal Distribuicao e expansao do bico-de-lacre Estrilda astrild em Portugal

Sclater, P.L., 1909:
Commoner birds in Jamaica

Chiappa, E.; Castro, R., 2006:
Communal and provisioning behavior of Protandrena evansi Ruz y Chiappa Hymenoptera Andrenidae Panurginae at Farellones, Region Metropolitana, Chile Comportamiento De Nidificacion Comunal Y De Abastecimiento De Protandrena evansi Ruz Y Chiappa Hymenoptera Andrenidae Panurginae En Farellones, Region Metropolitana, Chile

Bukacinski, D.; Bukacinska, M., 1995:
Communal brood of the lapwing Vanellus vanellus on a Vistula River island Komunalny leg czajki Vanellus vanellus na wyspie wislanej

Garcia-Marquez, M.; Lopez-Jurado, L.F.; Mateo, J.A., 1996:
Communal clutches of the gecko Ptyodactylus oudrii Puestas comunales en el geco Ptyodactylus oudrii

Smeenk, Hans., 1996:
Communal resting areas of the black-veined white Slaapgezelschappen bij groot geaderde witjes

Donazar, J.A.tonio.; Ceballos, O.; Tella,, 1995:
Communal roost sites of Egyptian vultures in Navarre and Aragon keep from receiving any official protection Los dormideros de alimoche de Navarra y Aragon siguen sin recibir proteccion oficial

Hochebner, T.; Samwald, O., 1996:
Communal roosting and roosting behaviour of the stock dove Columba oenas in Vienna, Austria Untersuchungen zu Schlafplatzverhalten und Aktionsraum der Hohltaube Columba oenas in Wien

Monaghan, P., 1990:
Communal roosting and social behaviour of choughs

Kooiker, Gerhard., 1996:
Communal roosting and time of roosting of magpies Pica pica depending on light intensity Lichtabhangigkeit der Schlafplatzfluge von Elstern Pica pica und einige Bemerkungen zum Schlafplatzverhalten

Tampion, M.; Tampion, J., 1990:
Communal roosting of heliconids

Marik, Pal., 2004:
Communal roosting of marsh harriers Circus aeruginosus Csoportosan ejszakazo barna retihejak Circus aeruginosus

Kovats, L.; Kover, Z., 1996:
Communal roosting of wrens in buildings Okorszemek Troglodytes troglodytes csapatos ejszakazasa epitmenyben

Bosch, Stefan., 2002:
Communal sunbathing of crows Corvus corone corone in a stubble field Gemeinsames Sonnenbad von Rabenkraehen Corvus corone corone auf einem Stoppelfeld

Shanks, RE.; Decker, DJ., 1990:
Communication and image in the wildlife profession a New York perspective

Poncin, P.; Huynen, MC.; Ruwet, JC., 2002:
Communication and language in animals Communication et langange chez les animaux

Celli, Giorgio., 1998:
Communication and orientation in the honeybees Comunicazione e orientamento nelle api

Blanchard, L.F., 1901:
Communication as to Trypanosome infection in Camels

Senar, J.C.rlos.; Arroyo, L., 2005:
Communication by means of plumage Comunicarse a traves del plumaje

Cederberg, B., 1977:
Communication by scent in bumblebees

Ott, Gerhard., 1998:
Communication by the VDA fish identification department Comments on Indian Botia, with emphasis on B almorhae Mitteilung VDA-Referat Fischbestimmungsstelle Anmerkungen zu indischen Botia, insbesondere B almorhae

Roland, C.; Krafft, B., 1990:
Communication chez les araignees la rencontre des sexes chez Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae

Avifaunistische Kommission., 1999:
Communication from the Avifaunistic Commission Mitteilung der Avifaunistischen Kommission

Holdobler, Bert., 1996:
Communication in ant societies Verstandigung im Ameisenstaat

Hodl, Walter., 1996:
Communication in frogs Wie verstandigen sich Frosche?

Turillazzi, Stefano., 2000:
Communication of food sources and nesting sites a comparison between social wasps and bees Comunicazione delle risorse trofiche e dei siti di nidificazione un confronto tra vespe ed api sociali

Abrard, R., 1925:
Communication sur la repartition geographique de Nummulitea planulatus C R Soc Biogeograph

Tierno de Figueroa, J.M.; Luzon-Ortega, J.M.; Lopez-Rodriguez, M.J.sus, 2006:
Communication systems of stone flies Sistemas de comunicacion entre moscas de las piedras

Fagot, Joel., 2001:
Communication, locomotion and emergent diseases Dossier communication Dossier locomotion Dossier maladies emergentes

Deledicque, R., 1997:
Communication Interesting or new records for the Belgian fauna Communication Coleopteres interessant ou nouveaux pour la faune belge

Suter, H., 1892:
Communications Conchyliologiques des Antipodes 1 LesPitys de la Nouvelle-Zelande 2 Un Ancylus de la Nouvelle-Zelande 3 Les Limacidae et Arionidae de la Nouvelle-Zelande

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Communications from the 8th Congress on Malacology Valencia, October 1990 Comunicaciones del 8 Congreso Nacional de Malacologia Valencia, Octubre de 1990

Abstracts., 2005:
Communications from the annual meeting and symposium of the 50th anniversary of the Argentinian Palaeontological Association and first symposium of palaeontology and geology of the Valdes Peninsula Puerto Madryn, Chubut, 28th, 29th and 30th November 2005 Reunion Anual de Comunicaciones y Simposio del 50o Aniversario de la Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina y Primer Simposio de Paleontologia y Geologica de la Peninsula Valdes Puerto Madryn, Chubut, 28, 29 y 30 de noviembre de 2005

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Communications of the 9th Palaeontological Conference Malaga, 28-30 October 1993 Comunicaciones de las IX Jornadas de Paleontologia Malaga, 28-30 de Octubre de 1993

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Communications par signaux chimiques chez les prosimiens

Calvo Sorando, Jose Pedro ., 1997:
Communications presented at the 21st scientific meeting of the Spanish Geology Society held at Huelva University, 29th November 1996 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 21a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana celebrada en la Universidad de Huelva el dia 29 de noviembre de 1996

Anonymous., 1997:
Communications presented at the 22nd Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Geological Society at the Basque Country University Euskal Herriko Unibertsitates, 30 May 1997 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 22a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana celebrada en la Universidad del Pais Vasco Euskal Herriko Unibertsitates el dia 30 de mayo de 1997

Calvo Sorando, Jose Pedro ., 1998:
Communications presented at the 23rd scientific meeting of the Spanish Geological Society at the Upper Technical School for Mining Engineers Madrid, 28th November 1997 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 23a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana, celebrada en la Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas de Madrid el dia 28 de noviembre de 1997

Casado, Jose Manuel Gonzalez ., 2001:
Communications presented at the 30th sceintific meeting of the Geological Society at El Enciso La Rioja, 25th May 2001 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 30a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana celebrada en El Enciso La Rioja el dia 25 de Mayo de 2001

Gonzalez Casado, J.M.nuel .; Segura Redondo, M. .; Colombo Pinol, F. ., 2003:
Communications presented at the 34th scientific meeting of the Geological Society of Spain, held at the Sciences Faculty, Basque Country University of Leioa Bilbao, 30th May 2003 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 34a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geologica de Espana celebrada en la Facultad de Ciencias Universidad del Pais Vasco Campus de Leioa Bilbao el dia 30 de Mayo de 2003

de Santiesteban, Carlos., 2004:
Communications presented at the 35th scientific meeting of the Spanish Geological Society, held at Chera Valencia, 28th November 2003 Comunicaciones presentadas en la 35a Sesion Cientifica de la Sociedad Geological de Espana, celebrada en Chera Valencia el dia 28 de Noviembre de 2003

Kroncke, Ingrid., 1998:
Communities living in the soil of Wattenmeer beach Die Lebensgemeinschaften im Wattboden

Bouchard, Mathieu., 2001:
Communities of Leiodidae as decomposers in fir forests of Gaspesie Les communautes dinsectes decomposeurs leiodides dans des sapinieres de la Gaspesie

Schluepmann, M., 2002:
Communities of Odonata of stagnant ponds in the area of the City of Hagen Number of species, determination and differentiation of dragonfly communities Zoenosen der Odonaten stehender Kleingewaesser im Hagener Raum Artenzahlen, ihre Ermittlung und die Abgrenzung von Libellengemeinschaften

Guidou, F.; Keith, P., 2002:
Communities of Umbra pygmaea De Kay, 1842 in France in the Marne basin Etat des populations de lumbre pygmee Umbra pygmaea De Kay, 1842 dans le departement de la Marne

Majzlan, Oto., 1996:
Communities of beetles Coleoptera in typical biotops of the Protected Landscape Area Ponitrie 1 Part fauna of ground traps Spolocenstva chrobakov Coleoptera charakteristickych biotopov na uzemi chranenej krajinnej oblasti Ponitrie 1 cast fauna zemnych pasci

Kulfan, M., 1990:
Communities of butterfly caterpillars Lepidoptera on leaf timber species in Little Carpathians

Wasowska, Monika., 1996:
Communities of chrysomelid beetles Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae of dry ground forests in Biala Gora Miechow highlands Zgrupowania stonkowatych Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae lasow gradowych Bialej Gory Wyzyna Miechowska

Frisch, Dagmar., 1999:
Communities of cyclopoid copepods in permanent and temporary water bodies in the Lower Oder Valley Artengemeinschaften cyclopoider Copepoden in permanenten und temporaren Restgewassern im Unteren Odertal

Sofia, S.H.; Suzuki, K.M., 2004:
Communities of euglossine males Hymenoptera Apidae in forest fragments from southern Brazil Comunidades de machos de abelhas Euglossina Hymenoptera Apidae ern fragmentos florestais no sul do Brasil

Rosenbauer, Anette., 1995:
Communities of freshwater-molluscs in differently used ponds of the Oberlausitz Susswassermolluskengesellschaft unterschiedlich genutzter Teiche in der Oberlausitz

Fortunato, L.; Ruszczyk, A., 1997:
Communities of fruit-feeding butterflies in urban and extraurban green areas of Uberlandia, MG Comunidades de lepidopteros frugivoros em areas verdes urbanas e extraurbanas de Uberlandia, MG

Halka-Wojciechowicz, Ewa., 1996:
Communities of heteropterans Heteroptera inhabiting urban lawns on selected estates in Warsaw Zgrupowania pluskwiakow roznoskrzydlych Heteroptera zasiedlajace trawniki miejskie wybranych osiedli mieszkaniowych Warszawy

Rebelo, J.M.; Garofalo, C.A., 1997:
Communities of male euglossine bees Hymenoptera Apidae in semideciduous forests from northeastern Sao Paulo State Comunidades de machos de Euglossini Hymenoptera Apidae em matas semideciduas do nordeste Estado de Sao Paulo

Centeno, L.; Bashirullah, A., 2003:
Communities of metazoan parasites in eight species of fish to the genero Haemulon FAM Haemulidae in the Gulf of Cariaco, Venezuela Comunidades de parasitos metazoos en ocho especies de peces del genero Haemulon FAM Haemulidae del Golfo de Cariaco, Venezuela

Tajovsky, Karel., 1996:
Communities of millipedes Diplopoda and terrestrial isopods Oniscidea of the Velka kotlina cirque, the Hruby Jesenik Mountains Spolecenstva mnohonozek Diplopoda a suchozemskych stejnonozcu Oniscidea Velke kotliny v Hrubem Jeseniku Ceska republika

Martinez, M.A.; Sanchez, JA., 2000:
Communities of terrestrial Lumbricidae Annelida Oligochaeta in an evergreen forest and a pasture of Sierra del Rosario, Cuba Comunidades de lombrices de tierra Annelida Oligochaeta en un bosque siempre verde y un pastizal de Sierra del Rosario, Cuba

Vician, Vladimir., 1999:
Communities of weevils Coleoptera, Curculionidae on willows Salix fragilis L and Salix cinerea L Spolocenstva nosacikovitych Coleoptera, Curculionidae na vrbach Salix fragilis L a Salix cinerea L

Fortin, C.; Doucet, G.; Jean., 2003:
Communities on small mammals along a line of electric pylon lines, situated in boreal forest Communautes de micromammiferes le long dune emprise de lignes de transport denergie electrique, situee en foret boreale

Passamani, Marcelo., 2000:
Community analyses of marsupials in the Atlantic forest of Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, Brazil Analise da comunidade de marsupiais em Mata Atlantica de Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo

Burgio, G.; Ferrari, R.; Boriani, L., 1997:
Community analysis of hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae in farms with different hedges in the Bologna province Italy Il ruolo delle siepi nellecologia del campo coltivato analisi di comunita dei Ditteri Sirfidi in aziende della provincia di Bologna

George, Kai Horst., 1999:
Community analysis of the harpacticoid fauna of the Magellan Region, as well as first comparisons with antarctic associations, basing on similarity analyses Gemeinschaftsanalytische Untersuchungen der Harpacticoidenfauna der Magellanregion, sowie erste similaritatsanalytische Vergleich mit Assoziationen aus der Antarktis

dos Anjos de Castro, R.; Leal-Zanchet, A.M.ria., 2005:
Community composition of land flatworms Platyhelminthes in areas of deciduous forest and grassland of the Central Region of Rio Grande Do Sul, Southern Brazil Composicao de comunidades de planarias terrestres Platyhelminthes em areas de floresta estacional decidual e campo na regiao central do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Baptista, V.A.; Matos, L.B.; Fick, I.A.; Leal-Zanchet, A.M., 2006:
Community composition of land planarians Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Terricola of the National Park of Aparados da Serra, Brazil Composicao das comunidades de planarias terrestres Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Terricola do Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra, Brasil

Azevedo, C.O.iveira.; Helmer, J.L.iz., 1999:
Community ecology of Bethylidae Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea from Reserva Ecologica do Roncador, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil Ecologia de comunidade de Bethylidae Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea da Reserva Ecologica do Roncador, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil

Remsen, J V.; Jr., 1990:
Community ecology of Neotropical kingfishers

Oliveira, L.G.ncalves.; Bispo, P. da Conceicao., 2001:
Community ecology of Trichoptera Kirby Insecta larvae in two first-order streams of Serra dos Pireneus, Pirenopolis, Goias, Brazil Ecologia de comunidades das larvas de Trichoptera Kirby Insecta em dois corregos de primeira ordem da Serra dos Pireneus, Pirenopolis, Goias, Brasil

Jan, R-Q.; Chang, K-H., 1990:
Community ecology of coral reef fishes

Abdallah, V.D.; D.A.evedo, R.K.; Luque, J.L., 2005:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of Cyphocharax gilbert Quoy e Gaimard, 1824 Characiformes Curimatidae from Guandu river, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecologia da comunidade de metazoarios parasitos do sairu Cyphocharax gilbert Quoy e Gaimard, 1824 Characiformes Curimatidae do Rio Guandu, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Tavares, L.E.uardo Roland.; Luque,; Botelho Neto, S.L.fego., 2001:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of big-eye Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier, 1829 Osteichthyes, Priacanthidae from the coastal zone of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecologia da comunidade de metazoarios parasitos do olho-de-cao Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier, 1829 Osteichthyes, Priacanthidae do litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Luque,; Domingos Chaves, N., 1999:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of bluefish Pomatomus saltator Linnaeus Osteichthyes, Pomatomidae from the littoral of State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecologia da comunidade de metazoarios parasitos da anchova Pomatomus saltator Linnaeus Osteichthyes, Pomatomidae do litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Oliveira da Silva, L.; Luque,; Alves, D.R.mos.; Paraguassu, A.R.drigues., 2000:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of the Atlantic cutlassfish Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus Osteichthyes, Trichiuridae from the coastal zone of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecologia da comunidade de metazoarios parasitos do peixe-espada Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus Osteichthyes, Trichiuridae do litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Alves, D.R.mos; Luque,; Paraguassu, A.R.drigues dos Santos Jorge, D.; Alves Vinas, R., 2002:
Community ecology of metazoan parasites of the Gulf hake Urophycis mystaceus Ribeiro, 1903 Osteichthyes, Phycidae from the coastal zone of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ecologia da comunidade de metazoarios parasitos da abrotea, Urophycis mystaceus Ribeiro, 1903 Osteichthyes, Phycidae, do litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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