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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38090

Chapter 38090 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Reauz, B.; Scope, A.; Hauska, H.; Vasicek, L., 1999:
Comparison of haematological examination methods in birds Vergleich haematologischer Untersuchungsmethoden bei Voegeln

Mackenzie, D.D.S., 1969:
Comparison of in vivo and in vitro accumulation of organic acids by renal tissue of Flounder Pseudopleuronectes americanus

Van Baaren, Joan., 1999:
Comparison of interattraction in a lineage of Zetoborinae cockroaches Comparaison de l interattraction chez les blattes Zetoborinae Blattaria Blaberidae

Schutte, C.; Ott, C.; Hunken, A., 1999:
Comparison of larval development of Calopteryx splendens Harris, 1782 and Calopteryx virgo L, 1758 Odonata Calopterygidae in two running waters in Niedersachsen, Germany Vergleich der Larvalentwicklung von Calopteryx splendens Harris, 1782 und Calopteryx virgo L, 1758 Odonata Calopterygidae in zwei Fliessgewassern in Niedersachsen

Kuznetzova, K.I., 1964:
Comparison of late Jurassic deposits from the Russian Platform and Poland from foraminifera

Jahn, W.; Dembinski, M., 2000:
Comparison of macrozoobenthos and river morphology in two rivers according to number and extent of necessary suggestions for river restauration District Luneburger Heide and Wendland; Lower Saxony, Germany Vergleich von Makrozoobenthos und Gewasserstruktur in zwei Fliessgewassern im Hinblick auf den Umfang erforderlicher Massnahmen zur naturnahen Umgestaltung naturraumliche Region Luneburger Heide und Wendland; nordostliches Niedersachsen

Letourneur, Y.; Kulbicki, M.; Galzin, R.; Harmelin-Vivien, M., 1997:
Comparison of marine ichthyofaunas of fringing reefs of three oceanic islands of the Indo-Pacific region Reunion, Moorea and New Caledonia Comparaison des peuplements de poissons marins des recifs frangeants de trois iles oceaniques de lIndo-Pacifique La Reunion, Moorea et la Nouvelle-Caledonie

Vera S., R.; Pequeno R., G., 2001:
Comparison of meristics and morfometrics character among clingfishes of the genus Sicyases from Juan Fernandez archipelago, Valparaiso and Valdivia, Chile Osteichthyes Gobiesocidae Comparacion de caracteres meristicos y morfometricos entre peces del genero Sicyases del archipielago de Juan Fernandez, Valparaiso y Valdivia Osteichthyes Gobiesocidae

Mazgajski, T.D.; Kedra, A.H.; Tykarski, P., 1997:
Comparison of methods for establishing interspecific number relations in winter concentrations of corvids Porownanie metod oceny miedzygatunkowych stosunkow liczebnosci w zimowych zgrupowaniach ptakow krukowatych

Medernach, L.; Gremare, A., 1999:
Comparison of methods to estimate the secondary production of a population of the polychaete Ditrupa arietina OF Muller Comparaison de methodes d evaluation de la production secondaire d une population de l annelide polychete Ditrupa arietina OF Muller

Fernandez, I.; Isacc, M.; Oliva, M., 1997:
Comparison of mineral concentration in different tissues of Penaeus schmitti in culture and in the wild Comparaison de la concentration de la teneur en mineraux dans different tissus de Penaeus schmitti pendent lintermue en elevage et dans le milieu naturel

Bouvier, M.; Tsang, S.M., 1990:
Comparison of muscle weight and force ratios in New and Old World monkeys

Kucheruk, V.V.; Kartushin, P.A.; Sfailov, I.A., 1964:
Comparison of muskrat extermination by poisoned grain and vegetable bait

Hanak, Frantisek., 1999:
Comparison of nesting ornithocenoses of small protected areas in the district of Prerov Srovnani hnizdnich ornitocenoz maloplosnych chranenych uzemi okresu Prerov

Gaibani, G.; Csermely, D.; Korpimaki, E., 1999 :
Comparison of parental behaviour of some Italian and Finnish pairs of the kestrel Falco tinnunculus Confronto tra il comportamento parentale di alcune coppie italiane e finlandesi di gheppio Falco tinnunculus

Imrei, Z.; Toth, M.; Voros, G.; Szarukan, I.; Gazdag, T.; Szeredi, A., 2002:
Comparison of performance of different trap types for monitoring of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera A kukoricabogar Diabrotica virgifera virgifera, Coleoptera Chrysomelidae rajzaskovetesere hasznalt csapdatipusok teljesitmenyenek ertekelese

Negro, AI. de Hoyos, C. del Rio, A.;, R., 1994:
Comparison of phytoplankton communities in two recently constructed reservoirs Riano and Valparaiso Spain Comparacion de las comunidades fitoplanctonicas en dos embalses de reciente creacion Riano y Valparaiso Espana

Kasap, H.; Kasap, M.; Alptekin, D.; Demirhan, O.; Luleyap, U.; Pazarbasi, A., 1996:
Comparison of population density and nocturnal activity of Culicinae sampled by different methods in Tarsus, Cukurova Turkiye Cesitli ornekleme yontemleri ile Tarsus Cukurova yoresinde mayis-ekim aylarinda gece toplanan sivrisineklerin yogunluk ve aktivitelerinin karsilastirilmasi

Weggler, M.; Widmer, M., 2001:
Comparison of population sizes of breeding birds in the Canton of Zurich in 1986-1988 and in 1999 Changes in near-natural woodland habitats Vergleich der Brutvogelbestaende im Kanton Zuerich 1986-1988 und 1999 III Wie gross sind die Veraenderungen im naturnahen Oekosystem Wald?

Weggler, M.; Widmer, M., 2000:
Comparison of population sizes of breeding birds in the Canton of Zurich in 1986-1988 and in 1999 Urbanisation and its effects on breeding birds Vergleich der Brutvogelbestaende im Kanton Zurich 1986-1988 und 1999 II Verstaedterung der Siedlungsraeume und ihre Folgen fuer die Brutvogelwelt

Weggler, M.; Widmer, M., 2000:
Comparison of population sizes of breeding birds in the canton of Zurich in 1986-1988 and in 1999 How effective are ecological compensation measures on agricultural land? Vergleich der Brutvogelbestande im Kanton Zurich 1986-1988 und 1999 1 Was hat der okologische Ausgleich in der Kulturlandschaft bewirkt?

Doucet, ME.; Lax, P.; D.R.enzo, J.; Pinochet, J., 1997:
Comparison of populations and isolates of Pratylenchus vulnus Allen et Jensen, 1951 Nematoda Tylenchida based on the analysis of morphometric characters Comparacion entre poblaciones y aislados de Pratylenchus vulnus Allen et Jensen, 1951 Nematoda Tylenchida en base al analisis de caracteres morfometricos

Palitot Pereira, A.Z.lanis; Fernando Pereira, L.; Lobo Elifio, S., 2003:
Comparison of proteic profile and in vitro biological activity of Bothrops Serpentes Viperidae snake venoms Comparacao do perfil proteico e atividade biologica in vitro de venenos de serpentes do genero Bothrops Serpentes Viperidae, F.; Visicchio, R.; Mori, A.; Grasso, D.A.; Castracani, C., 2004:
Comparison of raids conducted by Polyergus rufescens in the field and in the laboratory Confronto dellattivita di razzia di Polyergus rufescens in natura e in laboratorio

Goyal, A.; Lilley, RMcC., 1990:
Comparison of rate of synthesis and content of lipid glycerol and total glycerol in Dunaliella tertiolecta and its salt-sensitive mutant, HL 25/28

Pinto, A. de S.; Parra, J.R. de Oliveira, H.N.; Arrigoni, E.D., 2003:
Comparison of release techniques of Trichogramma galloi Zucchi Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae to control Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius Lepidoptera Crambidae Comparacao de tecnicas de liberacao de Trichogramma galloi Zucchi Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae para o controle de Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius Lepidoptera Crambidae

Sanchez, JA.; Lacasa, A.; Gutierrez, L.; Contreras, J., 1998:
Comparison of sampling methods of Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande Thys Thripidae and Orius spp Wolff Hemip Anthocoridae on sweet pepper Comparacion de procedimientos de muestreo de Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande Thys Thripidae y Orius spp Wolff Hemip Anthocoridae en pimiento

Gomide, E.V.; Vilela, E.F.; Picanco, M., 2001:
Comparison of sampling procedures for Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae in tomato crop Comparacao de procedimentos de amostragem de Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae em tomateiro estaqueado

Gyenge, JE.; Edelstein, JD.; Trumper, EV., 1997:
Comparison of sampling techniques of pest arthropods in alfalfa and the effect of environmental factors on abundance estimates Comparacion de tecnicas de muestreo de artropodos depredadores en alfalfa y efecto de factores ambientales sobre sus estimaciones de abundancia

Tykarski, P.; Kucharski, D.; Garbalinska, P.; Byk, A., 2004:
Comparison of saproxylic beetle fauna of urban and primary areas forest reserves of Warsaw and Bialowieza Forest Porownanie fauny chrzaszczy saproksylicznych terenow zurbanizowanych i pierwotnych na przykladzie rezerwatow warszawskich i Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Tshibwabwa, S.M.; Teugels, G.G., 1996:
Comparison of scale morphology in two African species of the genus Labeo Teleostei, Cyprinidae Comparaison de la morphologie des ecailles chez deux especes Africaines du genre Labeo Teleostei, Cyprinidae

Atici, T.; Obali, O., 2002:
Comparison of seasonal variation of phytoplankton and chlorophyll-a values of Abant and Yedigoller Lakes Yedigoller ve Abant Golu Bolu fitoplanktonunun mevsimsel degisimi ve klorofil-a degerlerinin karsilastirilmasi

Bruns, Y.P.; Yakobson, K.E., 1963:
Comparison of sections and a general scheme of dissection of the Ordovician Strata of Volin and Podoli European USSR

Gekker, R.F., 1954:
Comparison of sections of the western and eastern halves of the main Devonian field with the ecology of its fauna and flora

Gekker, R.F., 1954:
Comparison of sections of western and eastern halves of the main Devonian field with tho ecology of its fauna and flora

Garcia, M.S.; Parra, J.R., 1999:
Comparison of several artificial diets with different protein sources for massal rearing of Ecdytolopha aurantiana Lima Lepidoptera Tortricidae Comparacao de dietas artificiais, com fontes proteicas variaveis, para criacao de Ecdytolopha aurantiana Lima Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Bouchery, Y.; Givord, L.; Monestiez, P., 1990:
Comparison of short- and long-feed transmission of the cauliflower mosaic virus Cabb-S strain and SII hybrid by two species of aphid Myzus persicae Sulzer and Brevicoryne brassicae L

Penin, X.; Baylac, M., 1999:
Comparison of skulls of Pan and Pongo using tridimensional procruste superimpositions Comparaison tridimensionnelle des cranes de Pan et Pongo par superpositions procrusteennes

de Matos, J.Z.rur.; Yamanaka, C.N.riko.; Castellani, T.T.rabini.; Lopes, B.C.rtes., 1995:
Comparison of soil ants of Pinus elliottii plantation areas, with different levels of structural complexity Florianopolis, SC Comparacao da fauna de formigas de solo em areas de plantio de Pinus elliottii, com diferentes graus de complexidade estrutural Florianopolis, SC

Romanowsky, T.; Tobias, M., 1999:
Comparison of soil arthropod aktivity density in the agrarian landscape, with special consideration of ground beetles Carabidae An investigation to the general food supply of a common spadefoot population Pelobates fuscus Laurenti, 1768 Vergleich der Aktivitatsdichten von Bodenarthropoden insbesondere Laufkafern, Carabidae in zwei agrarisch gepragten Lebensraumen Untersuchung zum Nahrungspotential einer Population der Knoblauchkrote Pelobates fuscus Laurenti, 1768

Cutz-Pool, L.Q.; P.lcios-V.rgs, J.G.; V.zquez, M.M.gdlen, 2003:
Comparison of some ecological aspects of Collembola in four vegetal associations of Noh-Bec, Quintana Roo, Mexico Comparacion de algunos aspectos ecologicos de Collembola en cuatro asociaciones vegetales de Noh-Bec, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Doannio, J M.C.; Dossou-Yovo, J.; Diarrassouba, S.; Rakotondraibe, ME.C.auvancy, G.; Riviere, F., 2006:
Comparison of specific composition and mosquitoes population dynamics in two villages of the centre of Cote-dIvoire, with and without irrigated rice growing area Comparaison de la composition specifique et de la dynamique des populations de moustiques dans deux villages du centre de la Cote-dIvoire, avec et sans perimetre de riziculture irriguee

Engel, Kerstin., 2001:
Comparison of spiders Araneae and harvestmen Opiliones of 6 spruce and beech stands in Bavaria Vergleich der Webspinnen Araneae und Weberknechte Opiliones in 6 Buchen- und Fichtenbestaenden Bayerns

Schiejok, Herbert., 1996:
Comparison of spiders and insects Gegenuberstellung von Spinnentieren und Insekten

Huruk, S., 2006:
Comparison of structure of carabid Coleoptera Carabidae communities of hay meadows and adjacent cultivated fields Porownanie struktur zgrupowan biegaczowatych Coleoptera Carabidae lak kosnych oraz przylegajacych do nich pol uprawnych

Kermarrec, A.; Mauleon, H.; Marival, D., 1990:
Comparison of susceptibility of Acromyrmex octospinosus Reich Attini, Formicidae to two insect parasitic nematodes of the genera Heterorhabditis and Neoaplectana Rhabditina, Nematoda

Trabalon, M.; Plateaux-Quenu, C.; Plateaux, L., 1996:
Comparison of the Dufour gland secretions of different populations of closely related Halictine bee species Evylaeus albipes F, Evylaeus calceatus Scop Comparaison des secretions de la glande de Dufour chez differentes populations despeces proches parentes dabeilles halictines Evylaeus albipes F, Evylaeus calceatus Scop

Gruppe, A., 2006:
Comparison of the Neuroptera coenoses on fir and spruce trees in Bavaria Neuropteridae Rhaphidioptera, Neuroptera Vergleich der Neuroptera-Zoenosen auf Tanne und Fichte in Bayern Neuropteridae Rhaphidioptera, Neuroptera

Otsuka, Y., 1954:
Comparison of the Shizukawa and Kakegawa beds