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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38091

Chapter 38091 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

de Sousa, E.; Inacio, M.L.rdes.; E.A.try, S.; Bakry, M.; Kadiri, Z.A.ay., 2005:
Comparison of the bio-ecology and behaviour of Platypus cylindrus F Coleoptera, Platypodidae in Portuguese and Moroccan cork-oak stands Comparaison de la bio-ecologie et du comportement de Platypus cylindrus F Coleoptere, Platypodidae dans les suberaies Portugaises et Marocaines

Faivre, B.; Roche, J.; Frochot, B., 1997:
Comparison of the bird populations of the Allier and upper Loire rivers Comparaison des peuplement doiseaux de lAller et de la Loire amont

Vergara Pinzon, E.V.; Mantilla Aldana, L., 1996:
Comparison of the blood cell morphology of the shark Ginglymostoma cirratum Bonnaterre, 1788 with that of various species of fish Morfologia comparativa de las celulas sanguineas del tiburon nodriza Ginglymostoma cirratum Bonnaterre, 1788 con diversos peces

Schmid, H.; Pasinelli, G., 2002:
Comparison of the breeding bird communities along the Swiss border Vergleich der Brutvogelgemeinschaften diesseits und jensiets der Schweizer Grenze

Dornberger, Wolfgang., 2003:
Comparison of the breeding bird population of 1981 and 2001 in the Heften forest area Vergleich des Brutvogelbestandes 1981 und 2001 im Waldgebiet Heften

Fontaine, Pierre-Henry., 1997:
Comparison of the buccal cavity and the pharynx region in odontocetes and mysticetes Comparaison de la cavite buccale et de la region pharyngienne des odontocetes et des mysticetes

Halloy, M., 2005:
Comparison of the burying behavior in sand of two species of lizards of the Liolaemus nigromaculatus group with species of the Liolaemus boulengeri group Iguania Liolaemidae Comparacion del comportamiento de inmersion en arena de dos especies de lagartos del grupo Liolaemus nigromaculatus con especies del grupo Liolaemus boulengeri Iguania Liolaemidae

Dolek, M.; Radlmair, S., 1997:
Comparison of the butterfly and grasshopper fauna of mowed and grazed fens in Southern Germany Vergleich der Tagfalter- und Heuschreckenfauna extensiv beweideter und streugemahter Moorstandorte in Suddeutschland

Gauderer, M.; Gruppe, A.; Gossner, M.; Mueller, J.; Gerstmeier, R., 2006:
Comparison of the canopy fauna of silver fir Abies alba and spruce trees Picea abies Vergleich der Kronenfauna von Tanne Abies alba und Fichte Picea abies

Schmidt, G.H.; Schmidt, L.; Fischer, H., 1997:
Comparison of the captivity of singly and combined baited bark beetle pheromone traps set up in a heterogenous forest area near Hannover, Germany Vergleich der Fangigkeit von einzeln und kombiniert bestuckten Borkenkaferpheromonfallen in einem heterogenen Waldgebiet im Landkreis Hannover

Garcia, Jose Luis., 2003:
Comparison of the capture of Hymenoptera Insecta by means of four sampling methods, in the Cerros Yavi and Yutaje of the Venezuelan Pantepui Comparacion de la captura de Hymenoptera Insecta mediante cuatro metodos de muestreo, en los cerros Yavi y Yutaje del Pantepui venezolano

Sveshnikova, I.N., 1952:
Comparison of the centrosome in animal and vegetal cell

Dauphin, Y., 1997:
Comparison of the chemical composition of dentine and enamel in reptilian and mammalian teeth Comparaison de la composition chimique de la dentine et de lemail des dents de reptiles et de mammiferes actuels

Sautter, K.D.eter. dos Santos, H.R.berto.; Ribeiro, P.J.stiniano Jr., 1999:
Comparison of the communities of Entomobryidae and Isotomidae Collembola among no-tillage in three levels of fertility, conventional tillage and a natural ecosystem native grassland in Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil Comparacao das comunidades de Entomobryidae e Isotomidae Collembola entre plantio direto em tres niveis de fertilidade, plantio convencional e um ecossistema natural campo nativo em Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brasil

Sautter, K.D.eter. dos Santos, H.R.berto.; Ribeiro, P.J.stiniano Jr., 1999:
Comparison of the communities of Sminthuroidea and Onychiuridae Collembola among no-tillage in three levels of fertility, conventional tillage and a natural ecosystem native grassland in Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil Comparacao das comunidades de Sminthuroidea e Onychiuridae Collembola entre plantio direto em tres niveis de fertilidade, plantio convencional e um ecossistema natural campo nativo em Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brasil

Amezquita M., S.J.; Forsyth, A.; Lopera T., A.; Camacho M., A., 1999:
Comparison of the composition and wealth of species of lamellicorn beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in remnants of forest of the Colombian Orinoquia Comparacion de la composicion y riqueza de especies de escarabajos coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae en remanentes de bosque de la Orinoquia Colombiana

Tarasevich, M.N., 1957:
Comparison of the composition of the aquatic and terrestrial populations of mammals

Piackova, V.; Randak, T.; Svobodova, Z.; Machova, J.; Zlabek, V., 2003:
Comparison of the content of foreign substances in tissues of common carp Cyprinus carpio L and in bottom sediment of the Horusicky pond from 1991 to 2001 Porovnani obsahu cizorodych latek v tkanich kapra obecneho Cyprinus carpio L a v sedimentu dna z rybnika Horusicky v letech 1991-2001

Zlabek, V.; Svobodova, Z.; Randak, T., 2002:
Comparison of the content of foreign substances in tissues of common carp Cyprinus carpio L and in bottom sediment of the Regent Pond in 1992 and 2000 Porovnani obsahu cizorodych latek v tkanich kapra obecneho Cyprinus carpio L a v sedimentu dna z rybnika Regent v letech 1992 a 2000

Randak, T.; Svobodova, Z.; Reitinger, A., 2001:
Comparison of the content of foreign substances in tissues of common carp Cyprinus carpio L and in bottom sediments of the Buzicky Pond in 1991-1992 and 1999 Porovnani obsahu cizorodych latek v tkanich kapra obecneho Cyprinus carpio L a v sedimentu dna z rybnika Buzicky v letech 1991-1992 a 1999

Randak, T.; Svobodova, Z.; Reitinger, A., 2001:
Comparison of the content of foreign substances in tissues of common carp Cyprinus carpio L and in bottom sediments of the Dremliny Pond in 1991-1992 and 1999 Porovnani obsahu cizorodych latek v tkanich kapra obecneho Cyprinus carpio L a v sedimentu dna z rybnika Dremliny v letech 1991-1992 a 1999

Diehl, B., 2006:
Comparison of the damages caused by the horse-chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella and the brown leaf mould Guignardia aesculi, examined at the location of Saarbruecken Vergleich der von der Rosskastanienminiermotte Cameraria ohridella und dem Blattbraeunepilz Guignardia aesculi verursachten Schadbiler, untersucht am Standort Saarbruecken

Brunel, E.; Fournet, S.; Pedro, P.; Renoult, L., 1999:
Comparison of the development time at different temperatures of two Aleochara species, predator and parasitoid of the cabbage root fly Comparaison des durees de development a differentes temperatures de deux especes sympatriques dAleochara Coleoptera Staphylinidae, predateurs et parasites de la mouche du chou, Delia radicum L Diptera Anthomyiidae

Benrekaa, A.; Doumandji, S., 1997:
Comparison of the diet of Mantis religiosa Linne, 1758 and Sphodromantis viridis Forskal, 1775 in the outskirts of Algiers Comparaison des regimes alimentaires de la mante religieuse Mantis religiosa Linne, 1758 et de la mante bioculee Sphodromantis viridis Forskal, 1775 dans la banlieue dAlger

Monney, Jean-Claude., 1996:
Comparison of the diet of Vipera aspis and Vipera berus in the subalpine area of Bern Comparaison du regime alimentaire de Vipera aspis et Vipera berus dans lOberland bernois

Merdic, S.; Merdic, E., 1995:
Comparison of the diet of the barn owl and the long-eared owl in continental Croatia Usporedba ishrane sova kukuvije drijemavice, Tyto alba Scop, 1769, i sove utine, Asio otus L 1758, u kontinentalnoj hrvatskoj

Doumandji-Mitiche, B.; Doumandji, S.; Kara, FZ.; Ouchen, D.; Mehenni, M., 1996:
Comparison of the diet of the grasshopper tippet Schistocerca gregaria at Adrar and Tamanrasset Sahara, Algeria Comparaison du regime alimentaire de la sauterelle pelerin Schistocerca gregaria a Adrar et Tamanrasset Sahara, Algerie

Rene de Roland, LA., 2001:
Comparison of the diet of three species of Accipiter in the rain forest, in the north east of Madagascar Comparaison du regime alimentaire des trois especes dAccipiter dans la foret pluviale, au nord-est de Madagascar

David, J-F., 1990 :
Comparison of the diplopod communities before and after an exceptional drought in the forest of Orleans France

Iorio, Etienne., 2003:
Comparison of the ecdysis of the genera Lithobius Leach, 1814 Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae and Scolopendra Linne, 1758 Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae Comparaison des ecdysis des Genres Lithobius Leach, 1814 Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae et Scolopendra Linne, 1758 Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, Scolopendridae

Defaut, Bernard., 2000:
Comparison of the effects of managed fire and manual scrub clearing on Orthoptera at Merviel Ariege Effets compares du feu dirige et du debrousaillement manuel sur les orthopteres, a Merviel Ariege

Ribeiro, O.M.rinho; Zuanon, J., 2006:
Comparison of the efficiency of two fish collecting methods in small forest streams in Central Amazon Comparacao da eficiencia de dois metodos de coleta de peixes em igarapes de terra firme da Amazonia Central

Santos, M.; Monteiro, C.; Lasserre, G., 1996:
Comparison of the fish assemblages of two artificial reefs off Ria Formosa lagoon Portugal preliminary results Faune ichtyologique comparee de deux recifs artificiels du littoral de la Ria Formosa lagune Portugal resultats preliminaires

Bourgonje, Andre., 1997:
Comparison of the food of the hen harrier and marsh harrier in Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen during the winter Vergelijking van het voedsel van blauwe kiekendief en bruine kiekendief in de winter in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Szemethy, L.; Katona, K.; Szekely, J.; Bleier, N.; Nyeste, M.; Kovacs, V.; Olajos, T.; Terhes, A., 2004:
Comparison of the forage availability and browsing in the understory in different Hungarian forested areas A cserjeszint taplalekkinalatanak es ragottsaganak vizsgalata kulonbozo erdei elohelyeken

Cesselin, F.; Konate, S.; Merdaci, K.; Lepage, M., 1998:
Comparison of the foraging strategies in two fungus-growing termite species, Ancistrotermes cavithorax and Odontotermes sp Comparaison des strategies de recolte chex deux especes de termites champignonnistes, Ancistrotermes cavithorax et Odontotermes sp

Baumeister, Joachim G., 1999:
Comparison of the functional morphology and palaeoecology of two rhabdocidarids Echinodermata Cidaridae Vergleich der Funktionsmorphologie und Palaookologie zweier Rhabdocidariden Echinodermata Cidaridae

Kaiser, M.; Schulte, G., 1998:
Comparison of the ground beetle fauna Coleoptera, Carabidae of alternatively and conventionally managed arable land in North Rhine-Westphalia Vergleich der Laufkaferfauna Coleoptera, Carabidae alternativ und konventionell bewirtschafteter Acker in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Karaman, U.; Atambay, M.; Aycan, O.M.; Daldal, N., 2003:
Comparison of the growth potentials of Leishmania infantum and Leishmania major promastigotes in NNN Novy-Nicolle-McNeal media containing rabbit, cow, sheep and human blood Leishmania infantum ve Leishmania major promastigotlarinin tavsan, inek, koyun ve insan kanli NNN Novy-Nicolle-McNeal besiyerinde ureme potansiyellerinin karsilastirilmasi

Mitterlehner, C.; Weiss, S.; Schmutz, S., 1998:
Comparison of the growth rates of brown trout Salmo trutta, L in a crystalline stream Kleiner Kamp and a limestone stream Traisen Wachstumsvergleich zweier Bachforellenpopulationen Salmo trutta, L in einem Kristallin- und Kalkgewasser

Graack, W.; Kittel, K., 1999:
Comparison of the heath snails Helicella itala, Xerolenta obvia, Cernuella neglecta and Cernuella aginnica Gastropoda, Hygromiidae Die Heideschnecken Helicella itala, Xerolenta obvia, Cernuella neglecta und Cernuella aginnica im Vergleich Gastropoda, Hygromiidae

Preuss, F.; Wunsche, A., 1965:
Comparison of the innervation of the foot in man and ox

Koprucu, K.; Ozdemir, Y., 2003:
Comparison of the meat yield and some growth characteristics of Capoeta capoeta umbla Heckel, 1843 populations living in Keban Dam Lake and Hazar Lake, Elazig Capoeta capoeta umbla Heckel, 1843nin Keban Baraj Golu ve Hazar Golu Elazignde yasayan populasyonlarinin et verimi ve bazi buyume ozelliklerinin karsilastirilmasi

Doumandji-Mitichie, B.; Doumandji, S.; Seddik, A.; Ouchen, D., 1996:
Comparison of the morphometric indices of the grasshopper Schistocerca gregaria Forskal, 1775 at Adrar and Tamanrasset Sahara, Algeria in 1995 Comparaison des indices morphometriques de la sauterelle pelerine Schistocerca gregaria Forskal, 1775 a Adrar et a Tamanrasset Sahara, Algerie en 1995

Armbrecht, Inge., 1995:
Comparison of the myrmecofauna in forest fragments along the valley of the Cauca river, Colombia Comparacion de la mirmecofauna en fragmentos boscosos del valle geografico del Rio Cauca, Colombia

Muller, Yves., 2003:
Comparison of the nesting birds of the pine forests of the Berezinsky Belarus and North Vosges France Biosphere Reserves Comparaison de lavifaune nicheuse des pineraies des Reserves de Biosphere de Berezinsky Bielorussie et des Vosges du Nord France

Caprio, E.; Laiolo, P.; Rolando, A., 2003:
Comparison of the ornithological community of natural and anthropogenic woods Confronto tra le comunita ornitiche di boschi naturali ed antropogenici

Fusco, L.; Caliendo, M.F.; Ruggiero, R.; Milone, M., 2003:
Comparison of the ornithological community of two distinct areas of Campania Sorrentina coast and the Volla region Comparizione delle comunita ornitiche di due distinte aree campane costa sorrentina e comune di Volla

Herrera, ME.; Cousseau, MB., 1996:
Comparison of the osseous skeleton of two pinguipedid fishes Comparacion del esqueleto oseo de dos especies de peces de la familia Pinguipedidae

Nicolai, V., 2004:
Comparison of the phenology of Phyllonorycter robiniella Clemens Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae in Berlin and in Hesse, Germany Vergleiche der Phaenologie von Phyllonorycter robiniella Clemens Lepidoptera Gracillariidae in Berlin und in Hessen, Deutschland

Negro, AI. de Hoyos, C.; Aldasoro, JJ.; Vega, JC., 2000:
Comparison of the phytoplankton of two mountain ecosystems the lake and the mire of La Clara Sierra Segundera, Zamora Comparacion del fitoplancton de dos ecosistemas de montana laguna y turbera de la Clara Sierra Segundera, Zamora

Lachaud, J-P.; Lopez Mendez, JA.; Schatz, B.; D.C.rli, P.; Beugnon, G., 1996:
Comparison of the predatory impact of two ponerine ant species of the genus Ectatomma in a Neotropical agroecosystem Comparaison de limpact de predation de deux ponerines du genre Ectatomma dans un agroecosysteme neotropical

Jutzeler, D.; Lafranchis, T.; Wiemers, M., 2005:
Comparison of the preimaginal states of Kirinia roxelana Cramer, 1777 from Greece and of Esperarge climene Esper, 1783 from Iran supplemented with observations on taxonomy, ecology, distribution and recent observations of two species made in Greece Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Comparaison des etats pre-imaginaux de Kirinia roxelana Cramer, 1777 de Grece et dEsperarge climene Esper, 1783 dIran completee par des indications sur la taxinomie, lecologie et la distribution et enrichie do

Rodriguez-Romero, F.; Mendez, F.R.; Garcia-Collazo, R.; Villagran-Santa Cruz, M., 2002:
Comparison of the reproductive effort in two sibling species of the genus Sceloporus Sauria Phrynosomatidae with different reproductive modes Comparacion del esfuerzo reproductor en dos especies hermanas del genero Sceloporus Sauria Phrynosomatidae con diferente modo reproductor

Jansen, E., 2006:
Comparison of the sawfly fauna Hymenoptera Symphyta of the Kaemmereiforst near Eilenburg Saxony in the 1930s and 1990s Vergleichende Untersuchung der Blattwespenfauna Hymenoptera Symphyta des Kaemmereiforstes bei Eilenburg in den 30er und 90er Jahren des 20 Jahrhunderts

Desquesnes, M. de L.Rocque, S., 1995:
Comparison of the sensitivity of Woos test and a test for detecting antigens of Trypanosoma vivax in two sheep experimentally infected with a Guyanese strain of the parasite Comparaison de la sensibilite du test de Woo et dun test de detection des antigenes de Trypanosoma vivax chez deux moutons experimentalement infectes avec une souche guyanaise du parasite

Dujardin, L.; Duriez, T., 1996:
Comparison of the shape of hook types through a mathematical model, in Hymenolepidideae Application dun modele mathematique a la comparaison de la forme des types de crochets dHymenolepidideae

Ozpinar, Ali., 1997:
Comparison of the some biological parameters of Trichogramma evanescens Westwood on the eggs of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller and Sitotroga cerealella Olivier Ephestia kuehniella Zeller ve Sitotroga cerealella Olivier yumurtalari uzerinde Trichogramma evanescens Westwoodin bazi biyolojik ozelliklerinin karsilastirilmasi

Gogala, M.; Popov, A.V., 1997:
Comparison of the songs of the singing cicadas Cicadivetta tibialis, Cicadetta mediterranea and Tettigetta brullei Vergleich der Gesange der Singzikaden Cicadivetta tibialis, Cicadetta mediterranea und Tettigetta brullei

Schmidt, Guenter., 2000:
Comparison of the spermatheca of one of the syntypes of Chilobrachys nitelinus Karsch, 1891 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, the type species of the genus, with specimens of the species from Germany and other Chilobrachys species Vergleich der Spermathek eines der Syntypen von Chilobrachys nitelinus Karsch, 1891 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, der Typusart der Gattung, mit der von in Deutschland erhaeltlichen Exemplaren der Art und anderer Chilobrachys-Spezies

Schubert, H.; Gruppe, A.; Schulz, U.; Ammer, U., 1997:
Comparison of the spiders and lacewings in the canopy of nature and managed forests Baumkronenfauna von Natur- und Wirtschaftswaldern - Vergleich der Spinnen und Netzflugler Araneae, Neuropteroidea

Dufrene, M.; Mercatoris, N.; Lebrun, P., 1990:
Comparison of the temporal distributions of carabid communities in two different regions

Canals, M.; Iriarte-Diaz, J.; Olivares, R.; Novoa, F.; Fernando., 2001:
Comparison of the wing morphology of Tadarida brasiliensis Chiroptera Molossidae and Myotis chiloensis Chiroptera Vespertilionidae as representatives of two flight patterns Comparacion de la morfologia alar de Tadarida brasiliensis Chiroptera Molossidae y Myotis chiloensis Chiroptera Vespertilionidae, representantes de dos diferentes patrones de vuelo

Monterrosa Salinas, M.C.rolina.; Salazar Castano, M.F.rnanda.; Romero, A.J.uregui., 2004:
Comparison of three diets for raising of loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta hatchlings Linnaeus, 1758 Comparacion de tres dietas para el levante de neonatos de Caretta caretta Linnaeus, 1758

Camina, Alvaro., 1995:
Comparison of three methods of census in the red deer Cervus elaphus L population from the Iberic Mountain range Comparacion de tres tecnicas de censo en una poblacion de ciervo Cervus elaphus L de las montanas del Sistema Iberico

Zlobin, VI.; Kvetkova, EA.; Navolokin, OV.; Mansurov, PG.; Drokin, DA.; Pitsenko, ND.; Dobrikova, VYu.; Shamanin, VA.; Pletnev, AG. et al., 1990:
Comparison of three rapid methods for detection of tick-borne encephalitis virus

Gardiner, T.; Hill, J., 2006:
Comparison of three sampling techniques used to estimate the population density and assemblage diversity of Orthoptera

Sarmiento-M., Carlos E., 2000:
Comparison of three types of transects for capturing ants in two vegetation areas Comparacion de tres clases de transectos para la captura de hormigas en dos formaciones vegetales

Yu, T-C.; Lay, J-Y., 1990:
Comparison of tilapia growth rates of cultured in different salinity levels

Hilken, G., 1998:
Comparison of tracheal systems and implications on phylogenetic origins Vergleich von Tracheensystemen unter phylogenetischem Aspekt

Bellido, D.; Pujade-Villar, J., 1999:
Comparison of trophic assemblages associated to cynipid galls Hym, Cynipidae in two different environments Comparacion de cadenas troficas asociadas a agallas de cinipidos Hym Cynipidae en dos ambientes distintos

Madoery, L.; Kufner, M.; Monge, S., 1997:
Comparison of tuco-tuco Ctenomys mendocinus diets, obtained from stomach and fecal samples of two Andean populations in Argentina Comparacion de la dieta obtenida a partir de muestras estomacales y fecales del tuco-tuco, Ctenomys mendocinus, en dos poblaciones de la Precordillera de los Andes, Argentina

Kahrer, E.; Lang, C.; Sommerfeld-Stur, I., 2006:
Comparison of two blood gas analysers for measuring blood gases and electrolytes in accord with defined reference values of different ruminants Vergleich zweier Geraete zur Saeure-Basen- und Elektrolyt-Bestimmung bei Wiederkaeuern

Dia, I.; Lochouarn, L.; Diatta, M.; Sokhna, CS.; Fontenille, D., 2002:
Comparison of two collection methods for sampling Anopheles funestus Giles populations in a Sudanese savannah village Dielmo, Senegal Comparaison de deux methodes de capture pour lechantillonnage des populations dAnopheles funestus Giles dans un village de savane soudanienne Dielmo, Senegal

Szabo, K.; Liker, A.; Korsos, Z., 2000:
Comparison of two dice snake Natrix tessellata populations an example for measuring fluctuating asymmetry A fluktualo aszimmetria vizsgalata ket magyarorszagi kockas siklo Natrix tesellata populacioban

Barbier, Yvan., 1999:
Comparison of two different geographic unit for the study of biogeography of Crabronini and Sphecinae in France, Belgium and Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg Hymenoptera Sphecidae Comparaison de deux unites geographiques pour letude de la biogeographie des crabroniens et des sphecines en France, Belgique et Grand-Duche de Luxembourg Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Desbrosses, Regis., 1996:
Comparison of two different methods of censusing a population of hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia in the French Jura Comparaison de deux methodes de denombrement dune population de gelinotte des bois Bonasa bonasia dans le Jura Francais

Wollesen, R.; Schwartze, M., 2004:
Comparison of two linear adder habitat Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758 in the lowland of northwest Germany Vergleichende Betrachtungen zweier linearer Kreuzotter-Habitate Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758 in der norddeutschen Tiefebene

Perez L., E.J.anneth.; Bustillo P., A.E.; Gonzalez G., M.T.resa.; Posada F., F.J., 1995:
Comparison of two meridic diets for rearing the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Comparacion de dos dietas meridicas para la cria de la broca del cafe, Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari

Thome, H.; Geiger, G., 1997:
Comparison of two methods of age determination using teeth of known age from wild carnivores Vergleich zweier Methoden der Altersbeurteilung an Zahnen altersbekannter wildlebender Fleischfresser

Jutzeler, D.; Leestmans, R.; Dayde, S.; Lafranchis, T.; Sala, G.; Volpe, G., 2002:
Comparison of two subspecies of Erebia ottomana Herrich-Schaeffer 1848 the ssp tardenota Praviel 1941 of the southeastern Massif Central France and the ssp benacensis Dannehl 1933 of Mt Baldo Italy Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Satyrinae Comparaison de deux sous-especes dErebia ottomana Herrich-Schaeffer 1847 la ssp tardenota Praviel 1941 du sud-est du Massif central France et de la ssp benacensis Dannehl 1933 du Mt Baldo Italie Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Satyrinae

Macaya-Lizano, A.V.ctoria.; Pereira, R.; Espinoza, A.M., 1997:
Comparison of two tissue preparation methods to study the internal anatomy of the delphacid Tagosodes orizicolus with light and electron microscopy Comparacion de dos metodos de preparacion de tejido para estudiar la anatomia interna del delfacido Tagosodes orizicolus con microscopia de luz y electronica

Rogowska, M.; Szwejda, J., 2002:
Comparison of two trap types to catch of cabbage root fly adults Delia radicum L Porownanie dwoch typow pulapek do odlawiania imagines smietki kapuscianej Delia radicum L na chrzanie

Arroyo-Rodriguez, V.; Mandujano, S., 2003:
Comparison of vegetation structure between fragment occupied and non occupied by Alouatta palliata mexicana in south east Mexico Comparacion de la estructura vegetal entre fragmentos desoupados y ocupados por Alouatta palliata mexicana en el sureste de Mexico

Eck, S.; Engler, S., 2001:
Comparison on individual and geographical variation of the wing tip index in some thrushes Aves Turdidae Turdus Vergleich individueller und geographischer Variation des Handfluegelindex HI bei einigen Drosseln Aves Turdidae Turdus

Szocs, E.; Lanszki, J.; Heltai, M.; Szabo, L., 2006:
Comparison the results of scat analysis and stomach content analyis in red fox A hullatek-analizis es a gyomortartalom elemzes osszehasonlitasa voros roka taplalkozas vizsgalata soran

Padovani, L.; Sconfietti, R., 1995:
Comparisons between macroinvertebrates communities in two ox-bow ponds of the Ticino River Ecosistemi a confronto popolamenti di macroinvertebrati in due lanche di Ticino

Main, A.R., 1962:
Comparisons of breeding biology and isolating mechanisms in western Australian frogs

Johnson, A.; Rouland, C., 2002:
Comparisons of enzymatic activities of two allopatric populations of Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae Macrotermitinae Comparaisons des activites enzymatiques de deux populations allopatriques de Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae Macrotermitinae

Lutz, W.; Slamecka, J., 1997:
Comparisons of lead and cadmium concentrations in brown hares Lepus europaeus Pallas in agricultural and industrial areas of Germany and Slovakia Vergleichende Blei- und Cadmiumbelastung des Feldhasen Lepus europaeus Pallas in landwirtschaftlich und industriell genutzten Gebieten in Deutschland und der Slowakei

Weeks, Stephen C., 1995:
Comparisons of life-history traits between clonal and sexual fish poeciliopsis poeciliidae raised in monoculture and mixed treatments

Sondell, Jan., 2001:
Comparisons of population census and migration data for ospreys Jamforelse av inventerings- och strackdata for fiskgjuse

Kaitila, JP., 2006:
Comparisons of species of Hydraecia Hydraecia-lajit vertailussa

Cardoso, AM.; Ramiro, ZA.; Benatti, FV.; Ferreira, JHF.; Ferreira, A., 1997:
Comparisons of the biology and foliage consumption by Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner, 1818 Lepidoptera Noctuidae in the field and reared on an artificial diet Comparacao da biologia e do consumo foliar de lagartas de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner, 1818 Iepidoptera Comparacao da biologia e do consumo foliar de lagartas de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner, 1818 Iepidoptera Comparacao da biologia e do consumo foliar de lagartas de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner, 1818 Iepidoptera Comparacao da bio

Stewart, JG.; Dornan, AP., 1990:
Comparisons of three management schemes for Colorado beetle on early season potatoes in Prince Edward Island

Lin Kejiao.; Shen Weihua.; Zhuang Zhenpeng., 1990:
Comparisons on the protein digestibilities of feather meals and fish meals in Carassius cuvieri T ets

Decante, D. van Helden, M., 2001:
Compartmental distribution of pest cicadas in vines of Bordelais Repartition intraparcellaire des cicadelles ravageurs du vignoble bordelais

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