Section 39
Chapter 38,091

Comparisons of enzymatic activities of two allopatric populations of Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae Macrotermitinae Comparaisons des activites enzymatiques de deux populations allopatriques de Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae Macrotermitinae

Johnson, A.; Rouland, C.

Insect Science and its Application. July-September; 223: 193-198


Accession: 038090866

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The termite species Macrotermes bellicosus has a vast geographical distribution, which can produce genetic divergence in populations that evolve in its different environments. Experiments carried out on digestive oxidases in two populations of M. bellicosus originating from Chad and from Cote d'Ivoire showed differences in the rate of their enzymatic activities. Populations from Cote d'Ivoire showed significantly higher degradation activity against fresh vegetal matter than populations from Chad.

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