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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38093

Chapter 38093 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schuette, K.; Ehrmann, R., 2002:
Complete bibliography of 10 years Arthropoda Gesamtverzeichnis 10 Jahre Arthropoda

Walters, Michael., 1997:
Complete checklist birds of the world Complete checklist vogels van de wereld

Anonymous., 2005:
Complete contents index for volumes 1-10 Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis Baende 1-10/ Indices Baende 1-10

Buturlin, S.A., 1935:
Complete description of the Birds of USSR Vol i pp 1-255 20 pls, vol ii pp 1-280 22 pls

Kuntze, A.; Kuntze, O.; Brandstatter, F., 1999:
Complete extirpation of the right temporal gland musth-gland in a female Asian elephant Elephas maximus Totalexstirpation der rechten Glandula temporalis Musth-druse bei einer Asiatischen Elefantin Elephas maximus

Shokita, S.; Shikatani, N., 1990:
Complete larval development of the land-crab, Cardisoma hirtipes Dana Brachyura Gecarcinidae reared in the laboratory

Rettig, Klaus., 1994:
Complete list excepting fly-bys of the bird fauna of the wetland area BVO-Teiche/Wolthusen/Fehntjer lowland Gesamtliste ausser reinen Uberfliegern der Vogelwelt des Feuchtgebietes BVO-Teiche/Wolthusen/Fehntjer Tief

Weggler, M., 2003:
Complete on-line index of the first 99 volumes of the journal Der Ornithologische Beobachter Online-Gesamtindex der ersten 99 Baende des Ornithologischen Beobachters

Klausnitzer, B., 2004:
Complete overview of the German insect fauna Deutschlands Insektenfauna - eine Schatzkammer der Biodiversitaet

Klausnitzer, B., 2003:
Complete overview of the German insect fauna Gesamtuebersicht zur Insektenfauna Deutschlands

Barannikova, I.A., 1954:
Completion of spawning condition of autumn migrating female and male winter sturgeon after exclusion from freshwater during the spawning migration

Povz, Meta., 2002:
Completion of the list of important European fish and lampreys species Dopolnitev seznama evropsko pomembnih vrst rib in piskurjev

Grosser, C.; Nesemann, H., 2004:
Completions of Susswasserfauna von Mitteleuropa 6/2 Annelida, Clitellata Branchiobdellida, Acanthobdellea, Hirudinea Ergaenzungen zur Susswasserfauna von Mitteleuropa 6/2 Annelida, Clitellata Branchiobdellida, Acanthobdellea, Hirudinea

Prchalova, M.; Kubecka, J.; Juza, T.; Riha, M.; Jarolim, O.; Tuser, M.; Peterka, J.; Vasek, M., 2006:
Complex assessment of the fish assemblage of the Zelivka reservoir, the biggest water supply reservoir in the CR, in years 2004 and 2005 Komplexni pruzkum rybi obsadky nadrze Zelivka, nejvetsi vodarenske nadrze v CR, v letech 2004 a 2005

Bouaouda, M.-Said.; Peybernes, B.; Boutakiout, M., 2004:
Complex benthic foraminifera of the Upper Bathonian to Lower Kimmeridgian from the Moroccan Atlantic margin Agadir basin stratigraphy and paleobiogeography Foraminiferes benthiques complexes du Bathonien superieur au Kimmeridgien inferieur de la marge atlantique marocaine Bassin dAgadir stratigraphie et paleobiogeographie

Seehausen, O.; Bouton, N.; Witte, F. van Alphen, J., 1996:
Complex fish communities of Lake Victoria Coexistence and the effect of environmental changes Komplexe Fischgesellschaften des Viktoriasees Koexistenz und die Auswirkung von Umweltveranderungen

Stepanenko, PZ.; Reimov, RR.; Popov, VV.; Ershova, LK., 1990:
Complex forms of mammalian behaviour

Sapozhnikov, V V. ., 1997:
Complex studies of ecosystem of the Sea of Okhotsk

Kotenev, BN.; Sapozhnikov, VV., 1995:
Complex studies of the Bering Sea ecosystem

Sapozhnikov, V V. ., 1994:
Complex studies of the White Sea ecosystem

Rangel, Y., 2004:
Complex systems Sistemas complejos

Lauer, J., 1990:
Complexe textile 14e partie

Lauer, J., 1990:
Complexe textile 15e partie

Il'ina, TG., 1975:
Complexes of Rugosa of the Early Permian of the Urals

Krivolutzki, D.A., 1968:
Complexes of armoured mites as indicator of soil conditions

Yudin, B.S., 1975:
Complexes of insectivorous mammals Mammalia, Insectivora in the Far East

Deborin, G.A.; Shibanova, O.M., 1955:
Complexes of proteins with lipoids and their properties Influence of urea and the ultra-violet rays on the capacity of the egg albumen to form complexes with ergosterine

Kozlovskaya, LS.; Shadrina, NI., 1972:
Complexes of soil dwelling invertebrates in the marshy woodlands of the Tavda-Kuminsk interfluvium

Gilyarov, MS.; Terei, TS., 1973:
Complexes of terrestrial invertebrates in coniferous and large leafed forests of the Far East, as soil type indicators

Semenov, D.I., 1959:
Complexons in biology and medicine

Salceda, VM., 1990:
Componentes de valor adaptivo en drosophilas mexicanas 1 Drosophila simulans

Cui, Y.; Wootton, RJ., 1990:
Components of the energy budget in the European minnow, Phoxinus phoxinus L in relation to ration, body weight and temperature

Rego, MMC. de Albuquerque, PMC., 1990:
Comportamento das abelhas visitantes de murici, Byrsonima crassifolia L Kunth, Malpighiaceae

Garcia-Paris, M., 1990:
Comportamiento de acecho en Pelobates cultripes Cuvier, 1829

Schnack, JA.; Domizi, EA.; Estevez, AL., 1990:
Comportamiento reproductivo de Belostoma oxyurum Hemiptera, Belostomatidae

Romero Samper, J.; Martin Piera, F., 1990:
Comportamiento reproductor de Trox perlatus hispanicus Harold, 1872 y Trox hispidus Pontoppidan, 1763 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Arias de Reyna Martinez, L. , 1990:
Comportamiento reproductor del criado

Agbogba, C., 1990:
Comportement des ouvrieres chasseresses de la fourmi Pachycondyla caffraria en presence de nids de termites au laboratoire

Brillet, C., 1969:
Comportement territorial et hierarchic sociale chezles poissons amphibies du genre Periophthalmus Teleosteen Gobioidea

Gros, Edgard., 2004:
Comportemental notes on 23 pompilid species of the Franco-Iberin fauna Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Notes comportementales sur 23 especes de pompilides de la fauna franco-iberique Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Zoppi de Roa, E.; Vasquez, W.; Colomine, G.; Pardo, MJ., 1990:
Composicim preliminar del zooplancton del Rio Churun Auyantepuy, Venezuela

Carvajal-Chitty, HI.; Zoppi de Roa, E.; Alvarez, H.; Castillo, MM.; Colomine, G., 1990:
Composicion preliminar del fitoplancton del Auyantepui, Venezuela

Cruz, F.; Gozalbo, A.; San Feliu, JM., 1990:
Composicion, contenido calorico, crecimiento y supervivencia de juveniles de Penaeus japonicus, Bate 1888, alimentados con diferentes dietas

Gutierrez-Lamus, D.L., 2004:
Composition and abundance of Anura in two forest types natural and planted in the eastern Cordillera of Colombia Composicion y abundancia de anuros en dos tipos de bosque natural y cultivado en la Cordillera oriental Colombiana

Medi, A.I.; Paggi, A.lia C., 2004:
Composition and abundance of Chironomidae Diptera in a semiarid stream San Luis, Argentina Composicion y abundancia de Chironomidae Diptera en un rio serrano de zona semiarida San Luis, Argentina

Rodriguez, D.; Sanchez, B.; Torres, A.; Rams, A., 1994 :
Composition and abundance of birds during fall migration in Gibara, Cuba Composicion y abundancia de las aves durante la migracion otonal en Gibara, Cuba

Sanchez, B.; Navarro, N.; Oviedo, R.; Pena, C.; Hernandez, A.; Reyes, E.; Blanco, P.; Sanchez, R.; Herrera, A., 2003:
Composition and abundance of birds in three plant communities of the Altiplanicie de Nipe, Holguin, Cuba Composicion y abundancia de las aves en tres formaciones vegetales de la Altiplanicie de Nipe, Holguin, Cuba

Gonzalez-Gandara, C.; Gonzalez-Sanson, G., 1997:
Composition and abundance of coral reef fishes of Tuxpan reef, Veracruz, Mexico Composicion y abundancia de la ictiofauna del arrecife Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico

Loebmann, D.; Vieira, J.P., 2005:
Composition and abundance of fish at Lagoa do Peixe National Park, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil and comments about companion fauna of decapods crustacean Composicao e abundancia dos peixes do Parque Nacional da Lagoa do Peixe, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil e comentarios sobre a fauna acompanhante de crustaceos decapodos

Boretz, LA., 1990:
Composition and abundance of fish in bottom ichthyocenosis of a shelf of the northern Okhotsk Sea

de Castro,; Foresti, F.; Carvalho, E.D.niel, 2003:
Composition and abundance of ichthyofauna in the littoral zone of a tributary mouth area in Jurumirim reservoir Sao Paulo state, Brazil Composicao e abundancia da ictiofauna na zona litoranea de um tributario, na zona de sua desembocadura no reservatorio de Jurumirim, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Gonzalez Bencomo, Elsa J., 1996:
Composition and abundance of ichthyoplankton in northern Tablazo Bay, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Composicion y abundancia del ictioplancton en el norte de la Bahia de Tablazo, Lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela

Gonzalez Bencomo, Elsa J., 1997:
Composition and abundance of ichthyoplankton on the eastern and western coasts of the Strait of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela Composicion y abundancia del ictioplancton en las costas oriental y occidental del Estrecho del Lago Maracaibo, Venezuela

Nakagaki, J.M.koto.; Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L.cia.; Fransozo, A., 1995:
Composition and abundance of marine shrimps Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidea in Ubatuba Bay, Ubatuba SP, Brazil Composicao e abundancia de camaroes marinhos Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidea na enseada de Ubatuba, Ubatuba SP, Brasil

Gonzalez, H.; Godinez, E.; Blanco, P., 2000:
Composition and abundance of terrestrial birds community during fall migration in the Peninsula of Hicacos, Matanzas, Cuba Composicion y abundancia de la comunidad de aves terrestres durante la migracion otonal en la Peninsula de Hicacos, Matanzas, Cuba

Guimaraes Landa, G.; Mourgues-Schurter,, 1999:
Composition and abundance of the zooplankton of a shallow system Pomar Reservoir in the Campus of the Federal University of Lavras - Minas Gerais Composicao e abundancia do zooplancton em um sistema artificial raso Represa Pomar no Campus da Universidade Federal de Lavras - Minas Gerais

Ounissi, M.; Frehi, H.; Khelifi-Touhami, M., 2000:
Composition and abundance of zooplankton in eutrophication situation in a coastal sector of the Gulf of Annaba, Algeria Composition et abondance du zooplancton en situation deutrophisation dans un secteur cotier du Golfe dAnnaba Algerie

Jankauskiene, R.; Lubianskiene, V.; Skrodenyte, V., 1998:
Composition and adhesive properties of the bacteria of the intestinal tract of the roach Rutilus rutilus L from Lake Druksiai Druksiu ezero kuoju Rutilus rutilus L virskinamojo trakto bakteriju sudetis ir ju adhezines savybes

Lucero, M.M.; Brandan, Z.J.; Chani, J.M., 2005:
Composition and annual variation of the avifauna in three large parks of San Miguel de Tucuman Tucuman, Argentina Composicion y variacion anual de la avifauna de los tres grandes parques urbanos de San Miguel de Tucuman Tucuman, Argentina

Gonzalez-Ortega, Marco Antonio Altamirano., 2004:
Composition and avifaunistic importance of Sierra Limon, Chiapas, Mexico Composicion e importancia avifaunistica de Sierra Limon, Chiapas, Mexico

Domingos, P.; Huszar, V.L.; Carmouze, J.-Pierre., 1996:
Composition and biomass of the phytoplanktonic community of a tropical coastal lagoon Brazil, characterized by a fish mortality Composition et biomasse du phytoplancton dune lagune tropicale Bresil au cours dune periode marquee par une mortalite de poissons

Rodrigues, F.H.; Silveira, L.; Jacomo, A.T.; Carmignotto, A.P.ula.; Bezerra, A.M.; Coelho, D.C.nha.; Garbogini, H.; Pagnozzi, J.; Hass, A., 2002:
Composition and characterization of the mammal fauna of Emas National Park, Goias, Brasil Composicao e caracterizacao da fauna de mamiferos do Parque Nacional das Emas, Goias, Brasil

Rocha, E.C.ndido; Dalponte, J.C.sar, 2006:
Composition and characterization of the medium and large size mammal fauna in a small cerrado reserve in Mato Grosso, Brazil Composicao e caracterizacao da fauna de mamiferos de medio e grande porte em uma pequena reserva de cerrado em Mato Grosso, Brasil

Falandysz, J.; Rappe, C., 1997:
Composition and concentration of residual polychlorinated naphthalenes in cormorants Sklad i stezenie pozostalosci polichlorowanych naftalenow w kormoranach

Vidal, A.M.; Villamil, C.M.; Acosta, A., 2005:
Composition and density of juvenile corals at two deep reefs in San Andres Island, Colombian Caribbean Composicion y densidad de corales juveniles en dos arrecifes profundos de San Andres Isla, Caribe colombiano

Dabes, MBGS., 1995:
Composition and description of zooplankton of 5 five marginal lakes of San Francisco River/Pirapora/Tres Marais/Minas Gerais/Brazil Composicao e descricao do zooplancton de 5 cinco lagoas marginais do Rio Sao Francisco, Pirapora/Tres Marais/Minas Gerais/Brasil

Santos, S.; Rieger, P.J.arez.; Vieira, R.R.berto Ramos.; Barutot, R.A.aujo., 2000:
Composition and distribution of Crustacea Decapoda from Lagoa do Peixe, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Composicao e distribuicao dos Crustacea Decapoda na Lagoa do Peixe, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Kobjakova, Z.I., 1958:
Composition and distribution of Decapoda in shore of the Shikotan and Kunashir Islands

Casellato, S.; Caneva, F.; Santagiuliana, B., 1995 :
Composition and distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates in Chioggia lagoon Composizione e distribuzione dei popolamenti macrobentonici nella Laguna di Chioggia

Nucci, Paulo Ricardo. de Melo, Gustavo Augusto Schmidt., 2001:
Composition and distribution of carcinofauna of the intertidal region of beaches of Sao Sebastiaos Channel - SP Composicao e distribuicao da carcinofauna da regiao entremares de praias do canal de Sao Sebastiao - SP

Desbruyeres, D.; Olu, K.; Colaco, A.; Comtet, T.; Sarradin, P.; Biscoito, M.; Fouquet, Y., 2001:
Composition and distribution of communities associated with oceanic hydrothermalism at the Azores Triple Junction in the Mid Atlantic Composition et distribution des communautes associees a lhydrothermalisme oceanique au point triple des Acores sur la Dorsale Medio-Atlantique

Schmitter-Soto, J.J.cobo.; Gamboa-Perez, H.C., 1996:
Composition and distribution of continental fishes in southern Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Composicion y distribucion de peces continentales en el sur de Quintana Roo, Peninsula de Yucatan, Mexico

Zalevskii, SV.; Sal'nikov, NE., 1975:
Composition and distribution of fish in the region of the future Kanevsk reservoir

Tapia-Garcia, M.; Suarez Nunez, C.; Cerdenares L. de Guevara, G.; Macuitl Montes, MC.; Garcia Abad, MC., 1998:
Composition and distribution of ichthyofauna in Laguna del Mar Muerto, Mexican Pacific Composicion y distribucion de la ictiofauna en la Laguna del Mar Muerto, Pacifico mexicano

Nonnis Marzano, C.; Romanazzi, V.; Mercurio, M.; Longo, C.; Gherardi, M.; Panetta, P.; Scalera Liaci, L.; Corriero, G., 2002:
Composition and distribution of macrobenthos from Lesina Lagoon critical evaluation of literature and data updating Composizione tassonomica e distribuzione di macrobenthos della laguna di Lesina valutazione critica della bibliografia e aggiornamento dei dati

Kikuchi, R.M.yumi; Sanches Uieda, V., 2005:
Composition and distribution of macroinvertebrates in different types of substrate of a stream in the Municipal District of Itatinga, Sao Paulo, Brazil Composicao e distribuicao dos macroinvertebrados em diferentes substratos de fundo de um riacho no Municipio de Itatinga, Sao Paulo, Brasil

L.V.n Trien.; Chu Bich Que.; Ngo Tru'o'ng So'n., 1998:
Composition and distribution of termites in Lam Dong province Thanh phan loai va phan bo cua moi o Lam Dong

Oliveira, Jose Carlos., 1998:
Composition and distribution of the Neotropical freshwater ichthyofauna, especially of South America Composicao e distribuicao da ictiofauna de agua doce neotropical, especialmente a sul-americana

Grando, J.V.; Goncalves, F.A.ziliero; Zanella, N., 2004:
Composition and distribution of the anurans in the native remaining woods in a urban area in the municipality of Passo Fundo, RS Composicao e distribuicao estacional dos anuros de um remanescente de floresta nativa em area urbana no Municipio de Passo Fundo, RS

Cruscanti, M.; Aguzzi, L.; Nocciolini, S.; Caldarini, J.; Calvanella, S., 2004:
Composition and distribution of the genus Acartia Copepoda, Calanoida in North-Central Tyrrennian Sea Preliminary data Composizione e distribuzione del genere Acartia Copepoda, Calanoida nel Tirreno centro-settentrionale Dati preliminari

Lubny-Gertsik, E.A., 1959:
Composition and distribution of the zooplankton in Okhotsk Sea

Ronqui, D.C.; Lopes, J., 2006:
Composition and diversity of Scarabaeoidea Coleoptera attracted by light trap in the rural areas of Northern Parana Composicao e diversidade de Scarabaeoidea Coleoptera atraidos por armadilha de luz em area rural no norte do Parana, Brasil

Armbrecht, I.; Chacon de Ulloa, P., 1997:
Composition and diversity of ants in dry relictual forests and in the region of Valle del Cauca, Colombia Composicion y diversidad de hormigas en bosques secos relictuales y sus alrededores, en el Valle del Cauca, Colombia

de Moraes, R.A.gusto; Sawaya, R.J.; Barrella, W., 2007:
Composition and diversity of anuran amphibians in two Atlantic forest environments in southeastern Brazil, Parque Estadual Carlos Botelho, Sao Paulo, Brazil Composicao e diversidade de anfibios anuros em dois ambientes de Mata Atlantica no Parque Estadual Carlos Botelho, Sao Paulo, sudeste do Brasil

Sandulli, R.; Gallo D'Addabbo, M.; Carriglio, D.; Pentassuglia, A.; Grimaldi de Zio, S., 2003:
Composition and diversity of meiofauna along the Albanian coasts Composizione e diversita della meiofauna lungo le coste albanesi

Tischer, M.; Santos, M. do Carmo Ferrao., 2004:
Composition and diversity of the by-catch from penaeid fisheries off southern Pernambuco State, Brazil Composicao e diversidade da ictiofauna acompanhante de peneideos no litoral sul de Pernambuco

Miranda, J.M.D.; Passos, F., 2005:
Composition and dynamics of Alouatta guariba clamitans Cabrera, groups Primates, Atelidae on an Araucaria Pine Forest remnant on Parana State, Brazil Composicao a dinamica de grupos de Alouatta guariba clamitans Cabrera Primates, Atelidae em Floresta Ombrofila Mista no Estado do Parana, Brasil

Volkmar, C.; Luebke-A.H.ssein, M.; Richter, L.; Kreuter, T., 2001:
Composition and dynamics of coenoses of epigeal arthropods in herbicide tolerant and in conventional rape cultures in central Germany Zusammensetzung und Dynamik von Zoenosen epigaeischer Raubarthropoden in herbizidtoleranten bzw konventionellen Rapsbestaenden in Mitteldeutschland

Hermoso de Mendoza, A.; Perez, E.; Real, V., 1997:
Composition and evolution of the aphid fauna Homoptera, Aphidinea of the Valencian citrus Composicion y evolucion de la fauna afidica Homoptera, Aphidinea de los citricos valencianos

Arcifa, M.S.fia. M.; Castilho, M.S.ela.; Carmouze, J.-Pierre., 1996:
Composition and evolution of zooplankton in a Brazilian coastal lagoon during a period characterised by a fish kill Composition et evolution du zooplancton dans une lagune tropicale Bresil au cours dune periode marquee par une mortalite de poissons

Marinov, T., 1964:
Composition and features of the polychaetous fauna off the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Zolotov, OG.; Maksimenkov, VV.; Nikolotova, LA., 1990:
Composition and feeding of larval ichthyoplankton in the eastern Okhotsk Sea

Borutzkij, E.V., 1949:
Composition and formation of zooplancton in the Utchinsk reservoir

Medvedev, GS.; Nepesova, MG., 1990:
Composition and geographic distribution of the fauna of tenebrionid beetles Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae of Kopetdagh

de Assis, J.C.F.; Carvalho, A.L.; Nessimian, J.L.iz, 2004:
Composition and microhabitat preferences of Odonata Insecta immatures in a lowland section of the Rio Ubatiba, Marica-RJ, Brazil Composicao e preferencia por microhabitat de imaturos de Odonata Insecta em um trecho de baixada do Rio Ubatiba, Marica-RJ, Brasil

Kotarba, M.J., 2002:
Composition and origin of hydrocarbons saturating the remnants of woolly rhinoceros from Starunia the Ukrainian Carpathians Sklad i geneza weglowodorow nasycajacych szczatki nosorozca wlochatego ze Staruni Karpaty Ukrainskie

Hanane, S.; Jaziri, H.; Dakki, M., 2005:
Composition and phenology of waterbirds population of the Atlantic coastal area of Rabat-Bouznika Morocco Composition et phenologie du peuplement doiseaux deau de la zone littorale atlantique de Rabat-Bouznika Maroc

dos Santos Moraes, V.; Krul, R., 1995:
Composition and purpose of heterospecific bird groups in natural habitats of Parana and Santa Catarina Composicao e finalidades de agrupamentos heteroespecificos de aves em ambientes naturais do Parana e Santa Catarina

Konsulov, AS., 1990:
Composition and quantitative characteristics of the zooplankton of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in 1985

Savateeva, E.B. ., 1968:
Composition and quantitative development of macro-benthos in Lake Edrovo in connection with overgrowth of higher aquatic vegetation

Savateeva, E.B., 1968:
Composition and quantitative development of macrobenthos in the lake Edrovo in the Novgorod province in connection with overgrowth with higher aquatic vegetation

Tseeb, Y.Ya., 1958:
Composition and quantitative development of microbenthal fauna in the downstream of the Dnieper and in the bodies of water of the Crimea

Balanca, Gilles. de Visscher, Marie-Noel., 1997:
Composition and seasonal development of a population of birds to the north of Burkina Faso North-Yatenga Composition et evolution saisonniere dun peuplement doiseaux au nord du Burkina Faso nord-Yatenga

Dusbabek, Frantisek., 1986:
Composition and seasonal dynamics of the horse-flies fauna Tabanidae in a future flood region of Hnevkovice Dam Lake Struktura a sezonni dynamika fauny ovadu Tabanidae v planovane zatopove oblasti vodniho dila Hnevkovice

Perez, I.G.rcia.; Cabello de Alba Jurado, F., 2000:
Composition and status of the waterfowl community of the Campillos lagoons Malaga, south Spain Composicion y estatus de la comunidad de aves asociada a campillos Malaga

Cadavid C.J.G.; Roman-Valencia, C.; Gomez T.A.F., 2005:
Composition and structure of Anura Amphibia in an altitudinal transect from the Central Andes of Colombia Composicion y estructura de anfibios anuros en un transecto altitudinal de los Andes Centrales de Colombia

Kosewska, A.; Nietupski, M.; Ciepielewska, D., 2006:
Composition and structure of Carabidae Coleoptera assemblages in field coppice near Olsztyn Sklad i struktura zgrupowan Carabidae Coleoptera zasiedlajacych zadrzewienia srodpolne okolic Olsztyna

Videla, M.M.rcedes.; Bistoni, M. de los Angeles., 1999:
Composition and structure of a mountain river fish community along an elevation gradient Composicion y estructura de la comunidad ictica de un Rio Serrano a lo largo de un gradiente altitudinal

Narvaez, Z.; Soriano, P.J., 1996:
Composition and structure of the Sphingidae community Insecta Lepidoptera of an Andean cloud forest Composicion y estructura de la comunidad de Sphingidae Insecta Lepidoptera de una selva nublada Andina

Sant, S.; Prieto, A.; D.E.guezabal, E., 2003:
Composition and structure of the coral community of two localities of Cariaco Gulf, Sucre state, Venezuela Composicion y estructura de la comunidad de corales en dos localidades del Golfo de Cariaco, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Sielfeld K., W.; Vargas F., M., 1996:
Composition and structure of the demersal ichthyofauna in northern Chile Composicion y estructura de la ictiofauna demersal en la zona norte de Chile

Isaac, A.; Guidelli, G.M.rcolino de Franca, J.G.lvao; Pavanelli, G.C.zar, 2004:
Composition and structure of the endoparasite infracommunities of Gymnotus spp Pisces Gymnotidae of the Baia River, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Composicao e estrutura das infracomunidades endoparasitarias de Gymnotus spp Pisces Gymnotidae do rio Baia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

Gerson Araujo, Francisco., 1996:
Composition and structure of the fish community in the middle and lower Paraiba do Sul River, RJ Composicao e estrutura da comunidade de peixes do medio e baixo Rio Paraiba do Sul, RJ

Abilhoa, V.; Bastos, L.P.ssieldi, 2005:
Composition and structure of the ichthyofauna of the Estacao Ecologica do Caiui area influenced by Rosana Reservoir Paranapanema river, southeastern Brazil Composicao e estrutura da ictiofauna da Estacao Ecologica do Caiua, area de influencia da uhe de Rosana rio Paranapanema, sudeste do Brasil

Juncos, R. de lo Angeles Bistoni, M.; Freyer,, 2006:
Composition and structure of the icthyofauna of the Ceballos-Saldan River Cordoba, Argentina Composicion y estructura de la ictiofauna del Rio Ceballos-Saldan Cordoba, Argentina

Cunha, J.; Rego, F., 2005:
Composition and structure of the landscape its relation to the wealth of the amphibians and reptiles occuring in continental Portugal Composicao e estrutura da paisagem sua relacao com a riqueza dos anfibios e repteis que ocorrem em Portugal continental

Gianguzza, P.; Chemello, R.; Riggio, S., 2001:
Composition and structure of the malacofauna of a saltwork of western Sicily Composizione e struttura della malacofauna di una salina della Sicilia occidentale

Kuznetsov, A.P.vlovich.; Zezina, O.N.kolaevna., 2001:
Composition and structure of the marine bottom biota collected proceedings

Aguila, R.N.nez; Canamero, A.B.rro, 2003:
Composition and structure of two butterfly communities Lepidoptera Papilionoidea in Boca de Canasi, La Habana, Cuba Composicion y estructura de dos comunidades de mariposas Lepidoptera Papilionoidea en Boca de Canasi, La Habana, Cuba

Metzger, R.; Halbfass, G.; Neugebauer, H., 1990:
Composition and succession of invertebrate fauna in a stretch of the Rhine after the Sandoz accident presentation of the problem and first reports Bestandsaufnahme und Sukzession der Wirbellosenfauna von Rheinseitengewassern nach dem Sandoz-Unfall Vorstellung des Projektes und erste Ergebnisse

Tobar, M.; Piedrahita, P.; Baquero, L.; Sanchez, P.; Serrano, A., 2003:
Composition and territory of mixed flocks of the undergrowth of a tropical forest of Yasuni national park, Ecuador Composicion y territorio de bandadas mixtas de sotobosque en el bosque tropical del Parque Nacional Yasuni, Ecuador

Fochetti, R.; D.R.naldis, L.; Argano, R., 2001:
Composition and trophic relationships of the benthic community of the river Amaseno Central Italy Composizione e dinamica trofica delle zoocenosi bentoniche del fiume Amaseno Italia Centrale

Spasski, N.N., 1948:
Composition and variation of benthos of the Northern Caspian Sea in the period from 1940 till 1945

Spassky, N.N., 1948:
Composition and variations of the bentos of the Northern Caspian Sea in the period from 1940 to 1945

Petrova, M.A., 1968 :
Composition and zooplankton production in Gorkov water-reservoir

Ghyoot, M. van Impe, E.; Jangoux, M., 1990:
Composition biochimique et contenu energetique du tegument de lholothurie Neopentadactyla mixta Echinodermata

David, H.; Dauphin, Y.; Gautret, P.; Pickford, M.; Senut, B., 1999:
Composition in amino-acids of fossil mammalian bones from two Plio-Pleistocene Angolan sites Comparisons with the preservation of the mineral phase Composition en acides amines d os de mammiferes fossiles de deux sites du Plio-Pleistocene d Angola Comparaison avec la conservation de la phase minerale

Shibatta, O.A.; Cheida, C.C., 2003:
Composition in size of fishes Actinopterygii, Teleostei from streams of rio Tibagi basin, Parana, Brazil Composicao em tamanho dos peixes Actinopterygii, Teleostei de ribeiroes da bacia do rio Tibagi, Parana, Brasil

Geinrikh, A.K., 1956:
Composition of Chaetognatha and their development in the western regions of the Bering Sea

Battirola, L.D.nis; Marques, M.I.aac; Adis, J.; Delabie, J.H., 2005:
Composition of Formicidae community Insecta, Hymenoptera in the canopy of Attalea phalerata Mart Arecaceae, in the Pantanal of Pocone, Mato Grosso, Brazil Composicao da comunidade de Formicidae Insecta, Hymenoptera em copas de Attalea phalerata Mart Arecaceae, no Pantanal de Pocone, Mato Grosso, Brasil

Ramos-Cruz, Sebastian., 2000:
Composition of Litopenaeus vannamei Natantia Penaeidae in terms of length, age, and growth in the Mar Muerto lagoon, Oaxaca-Chiapas, Mexico Composicion por tallas, edad y crecimiento de Litopenaeus vannamei Natantia Penaeidae, en la laguna Mar Muerto, Oaxaca-Chiapas, Mexico

Jukema, J.; Rijpma, U., 1997:
Composition of a population of jackdaws Corvus monedula wintering in the northern Friesland Populatiesamenstelling van overwinterende kauwen Corvus monedula in Noord-Friesland

Furuya, W.M.; Barriviera Furuya, V., 2003:
Composition of amino acids of the carcass of the painted Pseudoplatystoma corruscans based on the concept of ideal protein Composicao de aminoacidos da carcaca do pintado Pseudoplatystoma corruscans baseada no conceito de proteina ideal

Dolgov, V.A.; Yudin, B.S., 1975:
Composition of and aims of research into insectivorous mammals Mammalia, Insecivora of USSR

Slovakova, Ludmila., 1998:
Composition of aphids species occurring in the plum orchards of Slovakia and their ability to transmit sharka virus Druhove zlozenie vosiek v slivkovych sadoch na slovensku a ich schopnost prenasat virus sarky sliviek

Neri, D.B.; Kotzian, C.B.; Siegloch, A.E.ilia, 2005:
Composition of aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera at the hydroelectric power station of Dona Francisca region, RS, Brazil before dam construction Composicao de Heteroptera aquaiticos e semi-aquaiticos na area de abrangencia da UHE Dona Francisca, RS, Brasil fase de pre-enchimento

Angeli, G.; Finato, S., 2004:
Composition of arboreal spiders in apple orchards under different pressure of pesticides Biodiversita araneologica Araneae in meleti sottoposti a differenti input fitosanitari

Poddubnaya, T.L., 1958:
Composition of benthos of the Rybinsk water-reservoir in 1953-1955

Zoltan, Frank., 2001:
Composition of bird fauna in artificial habitats on example of sewage water disposal at livestock farm near Ada Sastav faune ptica vestacki stvorenih stanista primer deponije otpadnih voda stocne farme kod Ade

Pudil, Martin., 1997:
Composition of bird flocks in non-breeding season Slozeni hejn ptaku v mimohnizdnim obdobi

Esberard, Carlos., 2002:
Composition of colony and reproduction of Molossus rufus E Geoffroy Chiroptera, Molossidae in roost at southeastern Brazil Composicao de colonia e reproducao de, Molossus rufus E Geoffroy Chiroptera, Molossidae em um refugio no sudeste do Brasil

Fekhaoui, M.; Baroudi, M., 1993:
Composition of communities, biotypological structure and ecological value of Oligochaeta in the assessment of the impact of Fes city on the Sebou River Composition des peuplements, structure biotypologique et importance ecologique des oligochetes dans levaluation de limpact de la ville de Fes sur lOued Sebou

Satilmis, H.H.seyin; Bat, L.; Ozdemir, Z.B.rinci; Ustin, F.; Sahin, F.; Kideys, A.E.; Erdem, Y., 2006:
Composition of eggs and larvae of fish and macrogelatinious zooplankton in Sinop Region the central Black Sea during 2002 Orta Karadenizin Sinop Bolgesinde Jelimsi Organizmalar ile Balik Yumurta ve Larvalarinin 2002 Yili Kompozisyonu

Campos, A.R.; Filho, E.B.; Lara, F.M.; Rinaldi, I.M., 1999:
Composition of entomophagous arthropods associated to different genotypes of grain sorghum in the cerrado of southeast Brazil Composicao da artropodofauna entomofoga associada a diferentes genotipos de sorgo granifero no cerrado do sudeste do Brasil

Sanchez, A.M.lpica; Barrera, T.C.stro; Trujillo, H.S.ndoval; Mejia, J.C.stro, 2004:
Composition of fat acids in three Mexican populations of Artemia franciscana from epicontinental waters Composicion del contenido de acidos grasos en tres poblaciones mexicanas de Artemia franciscana de aguas epicontinentales

Laffaille, P.; Thieulle, L.; Feunteun, E.; Lefeuvre, JC., 2001:
Composition of fish community in small anthropic estuary the Couesnon, France Composition du peuplement piscicole dun petit estuaire anthropise le Couesnon, France

Tschastij, VP., 1972:
Composition of harmful entomofauna of the pea in the Ukr SSR steppe

Ekvtimshvili, Z.S., 1953:
Composition of herds of aurochs and chamois in the Teberdinsk game reserve

Hartvich, Petr., 1996:
Composition of ichthyofauna in the Upper Luznice and the effects of pollution Slozeni ichtyofauny horni Luznice postizene znecistovanim

Eros, T.; Schmera, D.; Cser, B.; Csabai, Z.; Muranyi, D., 2005:
Composition of macroinvertebrate assemblages in two submontane streams - the influence of stream order and riffle-pool structure Makrogerinctelen egyuttesek osszetetele ket kozephegysegi patakban - a patak renduseg es a gazlo-medence szerkezet szerepe

Lipman, R.; Kh., 1961:
Composition of mierofauna of the nummulite beds of Cape Izendy-Aral on the north coast of the Aral Sea

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