Composition and abundance of the zooplankton of a shallow system Pomar Reservoir in the Campus of the Federal University of Lavras - Minas Gerais Composicao e abundancia do zooplancton em um sistema artificial raso Represa Pomar no Campus da Universidade Federal de Lavras - Minas Gerais

Guimaraes Landa, G.; Mourgues-Schurter,

Bios (Belo Horizonte). Dezembro; 77: 21-31


Accession: 038092624

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The present study was realized in a small and shallow reservoir (Pomar Reservoir) in the Campus of the Federal University of Lavras/MG (45deg. 00" 10 minute W and 21deg. 14" 30 minute S). The objective was to analyse the quali-quantitative composition of the zooplankton. The samples were taken biweekly, from June 1997 to May 1998, in the pelagic region, through a vertical tow of the water columm, with a cylindrical-conical net of 35 mu m. Four hundred individuals for sample were counted . The zooplankton community was represented by 50 "taxa" (28 Rotifera, 3 Cladocera, 6 Copepoda, 13 Protozoa). The dominance of the group Rotifera confirms the fact of being this group more adapted in small systems, more vulnerable to the environmental disturbance. The predominant "taxa" were: Polyarthra vulgaris, Keratella cochlearis and Brachionus falcatus.