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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38094

Chapter 38094 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maldonado-Coelho, M.; Marini, M.A.gelo., 2003:
Composition of mixed flocks of birds in Atlantic forest fragments of south east Brazil Composicao de bandos mistos de aves em fragmentos de mata Atlantica no sudeste do Brasil

Ghizoni, I.R.hling-Jr; Guimaraes Azevedo, M.A.tonio, 2006:
Composition of mixed flocks of understory forest birds in a reas of the Atlantic coast and lowlands of Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil Composicao de bandos mistos de aves florestais de sub-bosque em areas de encosta e planicie da Floresta Atlantica de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil

Gorbatenko, KM., 1990:
Composition of planktonic community of epipelagial of the Okhotsk Sea in summer

Kara, MH.; Derbal, F.; Labed, S., 1996:
Composition of seminal fluid in Sparus aurata during seasonal spermiation Composition du liquide seminal de Sparus aurata au cours dune saison de spermiation

Ushakova, G.V., 1960:
Composition of species and distribution of Ixodes in the region of lower Ili

dos Santos, S.B.rbosa.; Monteiro, D.P.drosa., 2001:
Composition of terrestrial gastropods in two areas of the Center to Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development CEADS, Vila Dois Rios, Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A preliminary study Composicao de gastropodes terrestres em duas areas do Centro de Estudos Ambientais e Desenvolvimento Sustentado CEADS, Vila Dois Rios, Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Um estudo-piloto

Raichev, I., 1990:
Composition of the Quedius Stephens, 1832 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae in Bulgaria

Geiser, Elisabeth., 1996:
Composition of the Salzburg beetle fauna - preliminary zoogeographic report Die Zusammensetzung der Kaferfauna Salzburgs - ein tiergeographischer Vorbericht

Wagner, Thomas., 1996:
Composition of the arthropod fauna of woods of Central Africa notes on the fogging method and on dealing with morphotypes Zusammensetzung der baumbewohnenden Arthropodenfauna in Waldern Zentralafrikas; mit Anmerkungen zur Nebelmethode und zum Morphotypen-Verfahren

Santos, Marcos Persio Dantas., 2001:
Composition of the avifauna in the environmental protection areas of the Serra da Tabatinga and Chapada das Mangabeiras, Brazil Composicao da avifauna nas areas de protecao ambiental Serra da Tabatinga e Chapada das Mangabeiras, Brasil

Genghini, M.; Gellini, S.; Gustin, M.; Ceccarelli, P. de Berardinis, A., 2001:
Composition of the avifauna of hill areas of Emilia-Romagna with diverse agrarian landscape Composizione dellavifauna in ambienti collinari dellEmilia-Romagna a diverso paessagio agrario

Zawadzka, D.; Zawadzki, J.; Skubis, L., 2002:
Composition of the common buzzard Buteo buteo diet in forestage gradient in the Suwalki region Sklad pokarmu myszolowa Buteo buteo w gradiencie lesistosci na Suwalszczyznie

Bernal Ramirez, J.H.; Cala, P., 1997:
Composition of the diet in the characid fish Brycon siebenthalae Pisces Characidae in the middle part of the River Guayabero, upper River Guaviare system, Colombia Composicion de la dieta alimenticia del yamu, Brycon siebenthalae Pisces Characidae en la parte media del Rio Guayabero, sistema del alto rio Guaviare, Colombia

Palma, A.; Figueroa, R.; Ruiz, V.H.; Araya, E.; Berrios, P., 2002:
Composition of the diet of Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum 1792 Pisces Salmonidae in a river system of low antropogenic action nonguen stream, VIII region, Chile Composition de la dieta de Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum 1792 Pisces Salmonidae en un sistema fluvial de Baja intervencion antropica estero nonguen, VIII region, Chile

Hernandez-Tellez, M.; Romero-Sanchez, M.E.rique; Aguilar-Valdez, B.C.cilia; Ibarra-Zimbron, S.; Crosby-Galvan, M.M.gdalena; Mendoza-Martinez, G.D.vid, 2004 :
Composition of the diet of the Montezuma quail Cyrtonyx montezumae in northwestern State of Mexico Composicion de la dieta de la codorniz Moctezuma Cyrtonyx montezumae en municipios del noroeste del Estado de Mexico

Andreata, J.V.; Meurer, B.C.; Baptista, M.G.; Manzano, F.V.; Teixeira, D.E.; Longo, M.M.; Freret, N.V., 2002:
Composition of the fish assenblage of Baia da Ribeira, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Composicao da assembleia de peixes da Baia da Ribeira, Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mendonca, P.; Araujo, F.G.rson., 2002:
Composition of the flatfish population Osteichthyes, Pleuronectiformes in the Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Composicao das populacoes de linguados Osteichthyes, Pleuronectiformes da Baia de Sepetiba, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Teixeira, R.L.; Almeida, G.I., 1998:
Composition of the ichthyofauna occupying the inner surf-zone of sandy beaches of Maceio-AL, northeastern Brazil Composicao da ictiofauna de tres praias arenosas de Maceio, AL - Brasil

Diaz, IInocente.; Oviedo, M.; Alvarez, R., 1997:
Composition of the vegetal community in a visceral leishmania endemic area and its association with phlebotomic vectors Composicion de la flora de una area de leishmaniasis visceral y su asociacion con los flebotomos vectores

Grigelis, A.I., 1962:
Composition of the zoomacro-benthos and its distribution in the biotopes in the lakes Disna, Disinkslitis and Luodis

Vieira, N.; Santinha, M., 1996:
Composition of the zooplankton community of a semi-intensive culture of dorado Sparus aurata Composicao da comunidade zooplanctonica numa cultura semi-intensiva de dourada Sparus aurata

Ferrara, O.; Margaritora, FG., 1999:
Composition of the zooplanktonic biocoenosis of Monterosi Lake during the years 1994/95 Composizione delle biocenosi zooplanctoniche del Lago di Monterosi Lazio negli anni 1994-1995

Lasso, C.A.; Lasso-Alcala, O.M.; Pombo, C.; Smith, M., 2004:
Composition, abundance and biomass of benthic ichthyofauna in the Gulf of Paria and Orinoco Delta Composicion, abundancia y biomasa de la ictiofauna bentica del golfo de Paria y delta del Orinoco

Ruiz, L.J.; Mendez de E., E.; Torres de J., A.; Prieto-A., A.; Marin, B.; Farina, A., 2003:
Composition, abundance and diversity of coral reef fishes at two sites in Mochima National Park, Venezuela Composicion, abundancia y diversidad de peces arrecifales en dos localidades del Parque Nacional Mochima, Venezuela

Palacios, R.; Martinez-Ferrer, M.T.resa.; Cerda, X., 1999:
Composition, abundance and phenology of ants Hymenoptera Formicidae in citrus orchards in Tarragon Composicion, abundancia y fenologia de las hormigas Hymenoptera Formicidae en campos de citricos de Tarragona

Afanaseva, E.L., 1977:
Composition, abundance and production of zooplankton 1961-1974

Gonzalez, H.; Alvarez, M.; Hernandez, J.; Blanco, P., 2001:
Composition, abundance and structural niche of the bird communities in diferent habitats of Sierra del Rosario, Pinar del Rio Composicion, abundancia y subnicho estructural de las comunidades de aves en diferentes habitat de la Sierra del Rosario, Pinar del Rio

Schoemaker, NJ.; Beynen, AC., 2001:
Composition, and in particular the iron content, of commercial feeds for mynah birds De samenstelling van commercieele beovoerders met bijzondere aandacht voor het ijzergehalte

Nunez-Lara, E.; Arias Gonzalez, JE., 1998:
Composition, biomass and trophic structure of reef fish communities in three areas of south Mexican Caribbean Composicion, biomasa y estructura trofica de la comunidad de peces arrecifales en tres areas del sur del Caribe Mexicano

Pena, V.; Pinilla, G.A., 2002:
Composition, distribution and abundance of the Utria inlet phytoplankton community, Colombian Pacific Composicion, distribucion y abundancia de la comunidad fitoplanctonica de la ensenada de Utria, Pacifico colombiano

Ferreira, Efrem Jorge Gondim., 1995:
Composition, distribution and ecological aspects of the fish fauna of a section of the Trombetas River, in an area influenced by the future UHE Cachoeira Porteira, State of Para, Brazil Composicao, distribuicao e aspectos ecologicos da ictiofauna de um trecho do Rio Trombetas, na area de influencia da futura UHE Cachoeira Porteira, Estado do Para, Brasil

Palma G., S.; Rosales G., S., 1995:
Composition, distribution and seasonal abundance of macroplankton in Valparaiso Bay Composicion, distribucion y abundancia estacional del macroplancton de la bahia de Valparaiso

Birindelli, Olivan; Garavello, J.C.sar, 2005:
Composition, distribution and seasonality of the ichthyofauna of Araras Stream, upper Rio Parana drainage, Sao Paulo, Brazil Composicao, distribuicao e sazonalidade da ictiofauna do Ribeirao das Araras, bacia do alto Rio Parana, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Oliva Rivera, J.; D.J.sus Navarrete, A., 2000:
Composition, distribution, and abundance of gastropod mollusk larvae in the south of Quintana Roo, Mexico, and the north of Belize Composicion, distribucion y abundancia de larvas de moluscos gastropodos en el sur de Quintana Roo, Mexico y forte de Belice

Banon Diaz, R.; Cervino, S.; Campelos, JM., 2001:
Composition, distribution, and description of myctophids Pisces Myctophidae found on the Flemish Cap, Northwest Atlantic, during summer 1998 Composicion, distribucion y descripcion de mictofidos Pisces, Myctophidae encontrados en Flemish Cap Atlantico noroeste en verano de 1998

Pavlovski, Trajce., 1991:
Composition, dynamics and distribution of the larva fauna of the Trichoptera from the River Babuna Sostav, dinamika i distributsija na larvenata fauna na Trichoptera vo rekata Babuna

Lasso, C.A.; Meri, J.A.; Lasso-Alcala, O.M., 2004:
Composition, ecological aspects and use of the fish resource in the Bloque Delta Centro, Orinoco Delta, Venezuela Composicion, aspectos ecologicos y uso del recurso ictico en el Bloque Delta Centro, delta del Orinoco, Venezuela

de Mendonca-Lima, A.; Fontana, C.S.ertegaray., 2000:
Composition, frequency and biological aspects of avifauna at the Porto Alegre Country Club, Rio Grande do Sul Composicao, frequencia e aspectos biologicos da avifauna no Porto Alegre Country Clube, Rio Grande do Sul

Hernandez, M.U.riola.; Pena, J.C.brera.; Quesada, M.P.otti., 2004:
Composition, growth and condition index for a population of Poecilia reticulata Pisces Poeciliidae, in a pond in Heredia, Costa Rica Composicion, crecimiento e indice de condicion de una poblacion de Poecilia reticulata Pisces Poeciliidae, en un estanque en Heredia, Costa Rica

Pandourski, Ivan., 1997:
Composition, origin and formation of the stygobite Cyclopidae fauna of Bulgaria and definition of the kieferi species group of the genus Acanthocyclops Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida Composition, origine et formation de la faune cyclopidienne stygobie de Bulgarie et definition du groupe despeces kieferi du genere Acanthocyclops Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida

Andreata, J.V.nderli; Pinet, J.A.ntoni Xavier; Marca, A.G. de Oliveira, L.O.avio Varela, 2004:
Composition, spacial distribution and relative abundance of fish species in marginal regions of Ilha da Madeira, Cora Grande and Itacuruca - Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Composicao, distribuicao espacial e abundancia relativa dos peixes nas regioes marginais da ilha da Madeira, Coroa Grande e Itacuruca - Baia de Sepetiba, rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Andreata, J.V.nderli; Teixeira, D.E.dras, 2002:
Composition, spatial and seazonal distribution of ichthyoplankton in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Distribuicao espacial e sazonal do ictioplancton da Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Ponce, M.A.; Brandin, J.; Ponce, M.E., 1996:
Composition, spatial distribution and seasonal variation on birdfauna at Southeastern Plains of the Guarico State, Venezuela Composicion, distribucion espacial y variacion estacional de la avifauna de los Llanos Surorientales del estado Guarico, Venezuela

Scarlato, O.A. others., 1967:
Composition, structure and distribution of bottom biocoenoses in the coastal waters of the Possjet Bay Sea of Japan

Scarlato, O.A.; Golikov, A.N.V.ssilenko, S.V.; Tzvetkova, N.L.; Grusov, E.N.N.sis, K.N., 1967:
Composition, structure and distribution of bottom biocoenoses in the coastal waters of the Possjet Bay the Sea of Japan Issled

Sellanes, J.; Neira, C.; Quiroga, E., 2003:
Composition, structure and energy flux of the meiobenthos off central Chile Composicion, estructura y flujo energetico del meiobentos frente a Chile central

Letourneur, Yves., 1998:
Composition, structures and trophic networks of the fish communities of the windward coast of Reunion Island Composition, structures et reseaux trophiques des peuplements de poissons de la cote au vent de lile de la Reunion

Dulepova, EP.; Borets, LA., 1990:
Composition, trophic structure and productivity of bottom communities in a shelf of the Okhotsk Sea

Brager, S.; Dernedde, T., 1995:
Compositions of breeding bird communities in the fen Ramstedter Moor differ with plant communities Die Vogelgemeinschaften des Ramstedter Moores Schwabstedter Westerkooges in Abhangigkeit von Vegetationseinheiten

Ricci Lucchi, F., 1969:
Composizione e morfometria di un conglom-erato risedimentato nel flysch miocenico romagnolo Fontanelice, Bologna G

Armenteros, M.; Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Lalana, R., 2003:
Compostion and abundance of meiobenthos in a sublitorral sector of Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba Composicion y abundancia del meiobentos en un setor sublitoral de Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba

Rosca, D.A.; Wittenkerger, C.; Rusdea, D., 1958:
Compotement aux variations de salinite XLV Recherches sur losmoregulation et sur le role du Systeme nerveaux dans le phenomene dosmoregulation chez Hirudo medicinalis

Land, MF., 1980:
Compound eyes old and new optical mechanisms Compound eyes old and new optical mechanisms

Round, JSK., 1990:
Compound feeds for deer

Neto de Carvalho, C.; Pesoa e Costa, N., 2001:
Compound forms of Asterosoma ludwigae Schlirf, 2000 in the Jurassic of the Lusitanian Basin Portugal ichnotaxonomic analysis Formas compuestos de Asterosoma ludwigae Schlirf, 2000 en el Jurasico de la Cuenca Lusitanica Portugal analisis ichnotaxonomico

Garateix, A.; Garcia, T.; Salceda, E.; Soto, E., 2003:
Compounds from marine sources as tools to study the nervous system Compuestos de origen marino como instrumentos para el estudio del sistema nervioso

Orousset, J., 1995:
Comprehensive analysis of records of Carabus nitens L in France Le point sur les captures de Carabus nitens L en France

Ivanov, A.V.; Polyanskii, Y.I.; Stretkov, A.A., 1958:
Comprehensive practical zoology of invertebrates Phylum Protozoa

Forti, M., 2003:
Compsocephalus horsfieldianus czeppeli n ssp from Eritrea Coleoptera, Cetonidae, Cetoninae Compsocephalus horsfieldianus czeppeli n ssp dellEritrea Coleoptera, Cetonidae, Cetoninae

Zernov, S.A., 1909:
Compte rendu de lexpedition pour lexploration faunistique de la partie N-W de la mer Noire

Vasicek, M., 1951:
Compte rendu des recherches micropaleontolo-giques

Nasonov, N.V., 1910:
Compte rendu du Musee Zoologique de lAcademie Imperiale des Sciences pour lannee 1909

Nasonov, N.V., 1913:
Compte rendu du Musee Zoologique de lAcademie Imperiale des Sciences pour lannee 1912

Nasonov, N.V., 1914:
Compte rendu du Musee Zoologique de lAcademie Imperiale des Sciences pour lannee 1913

Nasonov, N.V., 1915:
Compte rendu du Musee Zoologique de lAcademie Imperiale des Sciences pour lannee 1914

Pokomy, V., 1950:
Compte rendu du leve geologique et microstrati-graphique execute dans les environs de Sharkov u Brna

Berg, L.S., 1915:
Compte rendu preliminaire sur les harengs collectionnes dans la mer Caspienne par lExpedition Caspienne de lannee 1913

Salenski, V.V., 1910:
Compte rendu sur ses travaux scien tifiques pendant la mission de 1909-1910

Jagodovsky, K.P., 1909:
Compte-rendu des travaux executes pres des cotes SO de la Mer Noire durant les mois de juin et de juillet 1908

Nasonov, N.V., 1909:
Compte-rendu du Musee Zoo-logique de lAcademie Imperiale de St Petersbourg pour lannee 1908

Zarudnyj, N.A., 1915:
Compterendu dune excursion aux bords du lac Aral en ete 1914 Les reptiles et amphibies du lac Aral

Dobrovlianskij, V.V., 1915:
Compterendu des travaux de la section entomologique de la Station pour la lutte avec les animaux nuisibles aux plantes a Kiev

Aleksandrov, A., 1915:
Compterendu preliminaire de lexpedition dans la mer Noire et la mer dAzov

Ferreira, F.M.; Augusto, A.Q.; Werner, P.R.; Franco, J.H.; Minguetti, G., 1998:
Computed tomography in veterinary medicine - a brief description of the method and its clinical aplications A tomografia computadorizada em medicina veterinaria Uma breve descricao do metodo e suas aplicacoes clinicas

Streich, W.J.rgen.; Beckmann, H.; Schneeweiss, N.; Jewgenow, K., 1997:
Computer based pattern identification in fire-bellied toads Bombina bombina Computergestutzte Bildanalyse von Fleckenmustern der Rotbauchunke Bombina bombina

Anonymous., 1996:
Computer demonstrations Demonstrations informatiques

Doenni, W.; Enz, C., 2001:
Computer modeling in fish ecology just for the specialists? Computersimulationen in der Fischoekologie nur etwas fuer Spezialisten?

Sturm, R., 2006:
Computer simulation model of egg laying of the house cricket Acheta domesticus L, 1758 Insecta, Ensifera Computermodell zur Simulation der Eiablage des Heimchens Acheta domesticus L, 1758 Insecta, Ensifera

Raven, CP.; Bezem, JJ., 1977:
Computer simulation of embryonal development

Lyakh, AM.; Bryantseva, YuV., 2001:
Computers program for the calculation of basic phytoplankton parameters

Floris, I.; Satta, A.; Ruiu, L., 2004:
Computer-assisted study of the morphometric variability of Apis mellifera L populations Studio della variabilita morfometrica di popolazioni di Apis mellifera L con lausilio di strumenti informatici

Moritz, G., 2005:
Computer-supported identification - an update of dichotomous determination keys or more? - Example Thripse Insecta Thysanoptera, Thripse Computergestuetzte Identifikation - ein Update dichotomer Bestimmungsschluessel oder doch mehr? - Beispiel Fransenfluegler Insecta Thysanoptera, Thripse

Nickel, M.; Lott, C.; Brummer, F., 1999 :
Computerised x-ray-tomography analysis and faunistic of a Mediterranean coralligenous structure Rontgen-Computertomographie-Analyse und Faunistik einer mediterranen Coralligene-Struktur

Lampe, K., 2001:
Computerization of entomological collections in a research museum Computerisierung entomologischer Sammlungen in einem Forschungsmuseum

Bessat, F.; Boiseau, M.; Juillet-Leclerc, A.; Buigues, D.; Salvat, B., 1997:
Computerized tomography and oxygen stable isotopic composition of Porites lutea skeleton at Mururoa French Polynesia application to the study of solar radiation influence on annual coral growth Tomodensimetrie et mesures du rapport isotopique 18O/16O sur Porites lutea a Mururoa Polynesie francaise une nouvelle approche pour apprehender linfluence du rayonnement sur la croissance corallienne annuelle

Sneary, M., 1990:
Computers in bird recording

Germain, J.-Francois.; Matile-Ferrero, D., 2006:
Comstockiella sabalis Comstock, Crisicoccus pini Kuwana and Phenacoccus defectus Ferris, new coccids for France Hem, Diaspididae Pseudococcidae Comstockiella sabalis Comstock, Crisicoccus pini Kuwana et Phenacoccus defectus Ferris, cochenilles nouvelles pour la France Hem, Diaspididae et Pseudococcidae

Anonymous., 1990:
Comunicaciones presentadas en la 8a Sesion Cientifica celebrada en la Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas, Madrid, 27 de octubre de 1989

Anonymous., 1990:
Comunicaciones presentadas en la 9a Sesion Cientifica celebrada en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Zaragoza el dia 23 de febrero de 1990

Miranda, PTC.; Gurgel, FFG.; Liberato, MAF. de Oliveira, MT. de Arruda, TLB., 1990:
Comunidades bentonicas em raizes de Rhizophora mangle Linnaeus, no manguezal do Rio Ceara Ceara-Brasil

Salinas, PJ.; Ortega, FJ., 1990:
Comunidades de artropodos en la maleza Pteridium aquilinum L Kuhn en los Andes venezolanos y primer hallazgo de Acyrthosiphon cyatheae Holman Homoptera Aphididae en Sur America

Winemiller, KO.; Morales, NE., 1990:
Comunidades de peces del Parque Nacional Corcovado luego del cese de las actividades mineras

Vostryakov, A.V., 1953:
Con-tribution to the problem of the more recent crustal movements in the Lower Transvolga

Bridge, T.W.; Haddon, A.C., 1889:
Conbributions to the Anatomy of Fishes I The Air-bladder and Weberian Ossicles in the Siluridae

Osuna, F.P.ez.; Mascareno, E.I.; Bojorquez., 2002:
Concentration and distribution of heavy metals in tissues of the shrimps Litopenaeus vannamei and L stylirostris of the south east of the Gulf of California Concentracion y distribucion de metales pesadod en los tejidos de los camarones Litopenaeus vannamei y L stylirostris del Sureste del golfo de California

Kovaleski, A.; Botton, M.; Nakano, O.; Vilela, E.F.; Eiras, A.E., 2003:
Concentration and duration of the synthetic sex pheromone of Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae in an apple orchard Concentracao e Tempo de Liberacao do Feromonio Sexual Sintetico de Bonagota cranaodes Meyrick Lepidoptera Tortricidae na Cultura da Macieira

Falandysz, Jerzy., 1995:
Concentration and food chain relations of metal and organochlorines between sprat and plankton from the Gulf of Gdansk Stezenie i relacje troficzne metali oraz zwiazkow polichlorowych miedzy szprotem a planktonem w Zatoce Gdanskiej

Tasso Callil, C.; Junk, W.J.hanes., 1999:
Concentration and incorporation of mercury by mollusc bivalves Anodontites trapesialis Lamarck, 1819 and Castalia ambigua Lamarck, 1819 in Pantanal of Pocone - MT, Brasil Concentracao e incorporacao de mercurio por moluscos bivalves Anodontites trapesialis Lamarck, 1819 e Castalia ambigua Lamarck, 1819 do Pantanal de Pocone - MT, Brasil

Strandberg, L.; Falandysz, J.; Strandberg, B.; Bergqvist, P.-Anders.; Florek, A.; Rappe, C., 1996 :
Concentration and spatial distribution of chlordanes in stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus from the Gulf of Gdansk Stezenie i rozmieszczenie przestrzenne chlordanu w ciernikach Gasterosteus aculeatus z Zatoki Gdanskiej

Landaeta, M.F.; Castro, L.R., 2004:
Concentration areas of ichthyoplankton around Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile Zonas concentracion de ictioplancton en el Archipelago de Juan Fernandez, Chile

Roy, D., 1990:
Concentration en mercure des salmonides de la region de lembouchure de La Grande Riviere

Subrahmanyam, MNV., 1990:
Concentration of Mn, Cu, Cd and Co and toxicity of Mn and Ni in zooplankton from Visakhapatnam Harbour Bay of Bengal

Munguia-Vega, A.; Reyes-Bonilla, H., 1999:
Concentration of chlorophyll a in Pocillopora verrucosa Scleractina colonies during the 1997 Gulf of California, Mexico, coral bleaching SPA Concentracion de clorofila a en colonias de Pocillopora verrucosa Scleractina durante un blanqueamiento coralino en el Golfo de California, Mexico 1997

BenMessaoud, F.; Kourradi, R.; Menioui, M.; Stambouli, A., 2001:
Concentration of heavy metals in the carpet shell clam Venerupis decussata L in a Moroccan estuary oued Bou-Regreg, Rabat Concentration des metaux lourds chez la palourde Venerupis decussata L dans un estuaire marocain loued Bou-Regreg, Rabat

Falandysz, J.; Piotrowska, M.; Lukaszewska, D., 1995:
Concentration of mercury in muscle tissue of eelpout Zoarces viviparus Stezenie rteci w tkance miesniowej wegorzycy Zoarces viviparus

Caroff, B.; Avranche, P.; Miegeville, M., 1996:
Concentration of microsporidia spores applied to cell culture essays and scanning electron microscopy Application de la concentration des spores de microsporidies aux essais de culture cellulaire et a letude en microscopie electronique a balayage

Segers, M., 2005:
Concentration of migrating lapwings Vanellus vanellus at city boundary Stuwing van Kieviten Vanellus vanellus op trek aan de stadsrand

Mertin, D.; Suvegova, K.; Flak, P.; Polacikova, M.; Szeleszcuk, O., 2002:
Concentration of some mineral elements in blood of nutrias Myocastor coypus Koncentracia niektorych mineralnych prvkov v krvi nutrii Myocastor coypus

Kurth, H.; Kurth, D., 1996:
Concentration of song birds at Ellenbogen, List, Sylt Konzentration von Singvogeln auf dem Ellenbogen von List auf Sylt

Parchevski, V.P., 1964:
Concentration of the mixture of fission products in some BlackfSea organisms

Wieczorek, Leszek., 2004:
Concentrations of breeding birds on fish ponds in Bzura River valley Zgrupowania ptakow legowych stawow rybnych doliny Bzury

Voigt, Heinz-Rudolf., 2002:
Concentrations of cadmium in flounder Platichthys flesus L in the Aland Islands, SW Finland Kadmiumkoncentrationer i muskulatur, lever, njure, mjalte, galla och gonader hos alandsk flundra Platichthys flesus L

Yang Meilan.; Jia Xiaoping.; L.C.aohua., 1990:
Concentrations of heavy metals in fishes from Beibu Gulf

Petkevich, T.A., 1971:
Concentrations of microelements in various invertebrates of the Black Sea

Caro, S.; Perez-Lorente, F., 1997:
Concept and evaluation of the paleoichnological dinosaur footprints heritage of La Rioja, Spain Concepto y valoracion del patrimonio paleoicnologico pisadas de dinosaurio de La Rioja Espana

Ernst, P.; Muller, H.; Dahm, E.; Gabriel, O., 2000:
Concept of a more selective and conservative utilization of cod stocks in the western Baltic Konzept fur eine bestandsschonendere Nutzung der Dorschvorkommen in der westlichen Ostsee

Solarz, W.; Zajac, T., 1998:
Concept of sink-source populations and nature conservation Populacje w ukladzie zrodlo-ujscie a ochrona przyrody

Mulhauser, Blaise., 2003:
Concept on the study of the biology of the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia Example of research conducted in the canton of Neuchatel Switzerland Concept de letude sur la biologie de la gelinotte des bois Bonasa bonasia Exemple de la recherche menee dans le canton de Neuchatel Suisse

Fievet, E.; Roux, AL.; Redaud, L.; Serandour, JM., 2001:
Conception of passage facilities for the amphidromous biota freshwater shrimps and fishes of the West Indies A review Conception des dispositifs de franchissements pour la faune amphidrome crevettes et poissons des cours deau antillais Une revue

Glandt, D.; Beike, S., 2003:
Conception, equipping and running of a conservation centre according to the Washington Species Protection Agreement - experiences and perspectives after nearly two decades Konzeption, Ausstattung und Betrieb eines Schutzzentrums nach dem Washingtoner Artenschutzuebereinkommen - Erfahrungen und Perspektiven nach fast zwei Jahrzehnten

Schiel, F.-Josef.; Buchwald, R., 2001:
Conception, implementation and results of the LIFE nature project endangered dragonfly species in SW Germany part Leucorrhinia pectoralis, Charp 1825 Anisoptera Libellulidae Die grosse Moosjungfer in Suedwest-Deutschland Konzeption, Durchfuehrung und Ergebnisse des LIFE-Natur-Projekts fuer gefaehrdete Libellenarten am Beispiel von Leucorrhinia pectoralis

Graf, Kurt., 1999:
Conceptional reflections on landscape ecology in Switzerland Konzeptionelle Uberlegungen zur Landschaftsokologie in der Schweiz

Koleff, P., 2005:
Concepts and measurements of beta diversity Conceptos y medidas de la diversidad beta

Baier, H.; Spiess, H.-Juergen., 2001:
Concepts for species monitoring in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Vorstellungen fuer ein Artenmonitoring im Bundesland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Rumiz, D.I.; Townsend, W.R., 2004:
Concepts, criteria, and mindsets needed to develop sustainable wildlife management in Bolivia Conceptos, criterios, y enfoques necesarios para desarrollar el manejo sostenible defauna silvestre en Bolivia

Pepperberg, IM., 1990:
Conceptual abilities of some nonprimate species, with an emphasis on an African grey parrot

Tudorancea, C.; Tudorancea, M.-Monica., 2003:
Conceptual and methodological principals associated with river monitoring and impact studies Principii conceptuale si metodologice in monitorizarea ecologica a raurilor si in studile de impact

Hecq, J., 2003:
Conceptual and numerical modelling of an oceanic planktonic ecosystem Modelisation conceptuelle et numerique de lecosysteme planctonique oceanique

Buitrago V., F., 2006:
Conceptual aspects on connectivity in Mesoamerica Aspectos conceptuales de la conectividad en Mesoamerica

Cortes-Perez, F.; Leon-Sicard, T.E.rique, 2003:
Conceptual model of the ecologic role of leaf-cutting ant Atta laevigata in seasonal savanna ecosistems Vichada, Colombia Modelo conceptual del papel ecologico de la hormiga arriera Atta laevigata en los ecosistemas de sabana estacional Vichida, Colombia

Didier, LS.; Tity, L., 1995:
Conceptualization of data bases based on Linnean systematics Conceptualisation des banques de donnees basees sur la systematique linneenne

Perret, Jean-Luc., 1999:
Concerning Rana bibroni Hallowell, 1845 Amphibia, Ranidae, Ptychadeninae and its implications A propos de Rana bibroni Hallowell, 1845 Amphibia, Ranidae, Ptychadeninae et ses implications

Lipayeva, L.I., 1956:
Concerning T D Lysenkos views on the Vitality of vegetable and animal organisms

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1997:
Concerning an ancient quotation of the Dr Francesco Espanol on the presence of Ochodaeus inermis Reitter, 1893 from Cataluna Coleoptera, Ochodaeidae Recuperacion de un antiguo registro del Dr Francese Espanol sobre la presencia del Ochodaeus inermis Reitter, 1893 en Cataluna Coleoptera, Ochodaeidae

Lange, A.B., 1948:
Concerning certain Laelaps s str Acarina, Parasitiformes parasites of the subfamily Murinae

Egorova, L.I.; Shabanov, Y.Y., 1967:
Concerning finds of the trilobite genus Condylopyge in the Middle Cambrian of Siberia

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